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Poy Fox Rothschild uw» 2000 Market Steet, 20th For Phiadeiphis, a 19103-3222 7. 215,299,2000 F: 216.209.2150 BETIL, WEISSER Dyest te 2153992892 Emil Besson com November 21, 2018 VIA CERTIFIED MAIL/RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED Nicole Brambila Karin Simpson, Esquire ‘The Reading Eagle Pennsylvania Department of Health 345 Penn Street 625 Forster Street Reading, PA 19603, 825 Health and Welfare Building Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701 Skyline Healtheare LLC 505 Marlboro Road Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075 Re: Golden Gate National Senior Care Center v. Nicole Brambila, et al. Dear Sir/Madam: ‘This firm represents Golden Gate National Senior Care Center, d/b/a Golden Living. Enclosed for service upon you is a copy of a Petition for Review that Golden Living has filed on this date with the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. Sincerely, Beth L. Weisser BLW/icj Enclosure cc: Kelly Isenberg, Esquire (w/enclosure, via certified mail) Jacqueline Carolan, Esquire California Colowado Connecticut Delaware Distict of Cobia ‘Ferd Minas Minnesota Nevada New Jersey New York Pennsyvania Texas Washington ACTIVEN?8769711 vL-L/20/18, IN THE COMMONWEALTH COURT OF PENNSYLYANIA. GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL SENIOR CARE CENTER, d/b/a GOLDEN : LIVING, Petitioner, ¥ NICOLE BRAMBILA AND THE READING EAGLE, and PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, and SKYLINE HEALTHCARE, LLC, Respondents. PET JON FOR REVIE’ W Petitioner, Golden Gate National Senior Care Center, d/b/a Golden Living (“Golden ") hereby submits this Petition for Review of the October 25, 2018 Final Determination issued by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records (*OOR") in dn The Matier of Nicole Brambila and The Reading Eagle v. Pennsylvania Dep't. of Health and Golden Gate National Senior Care, LLC, d/bia Golden Living and Skyline Healthcare, LLC; Docket No. AP 2018-1208. In support of this Petition, Golden Living states as follows: ACTIVESTTS79949.91-L12118 TATEME! OF JURISDICTION 1. This Honorable Court has jurisdiction to hear this case pursuant to 42 PaC.S.A. § 763 and, in accordance with Rule 1511 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Appellate Procedure, as the Final Determination of the OOR is a final determination by a governmental unit. A copy of the October 25, 2018 Final Determination is attached to this Petition for Review. PARTY OR PERSON SEEKING REVIEW The name of the party seeking review before this Honorable Court is Golden Gate National Senior Care Center, d/b/a Golden Living, 3. Golden Livi 1 Was a direct interest participant in the underlying proceeding and is now the Petitioner in connection with this Petition for Review. 4. Nicole Brambila represents herself and the Reading Eagle. Ms. Brambila is a reporter Who sought to compel the Pennsylvania Department of Health (~DOH") to produce documents related to Skyline Healtheare LLC's (“Skyline”) li nsing and certification of several former Golden Living nursing facil jes pursuant to the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law. 5. The DOH is represented by Karin Simpson, Esquire. 6. Skyline submitted a request to participate in the underlying proceeding but did not make a submission on appeal to the OOR, Asa result it is unknown who represents Skyline in these proceedings. NAME OF THE GOVERNMENTAL UNIT 7. The name of the governmental unit that made the Final Determination for which Golden Living is seeking review is the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. ACTIVESTTA70049.01-11 2018