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In a sentence outline, all elements are written as ________; in a topic outline, elements are written as

complete topic phrases/partial topic phrases

complete sentences/single words or phrases

complete paragraphs/singular nouns

2. For a short, timed essay, you should consider using what type of outline and why?

an informal outline, to help you stay focused on the topic and avoid rambling

a formal outline, to show the instructor you know how to do an outline

no outline is necessary to organize information; write as ideas come to mind

3. Complete this statement: Creating an outline BEFORE you begin writing ________

helps you organize your research and create a logical flow to your writing.

helps you see problems and correct them before you spend too much time writing.

Both a and b

At the top of the Venn Diagram, put Fiction, Non-Fiction, and both over the middle. Using the Venn
Diagram circles, sort the following genres into the correct categories: mystery, autobiography, realistic
fiction, poetry, science fiction, biography, fantasy, historical fiction, fable, myth, folktale, reference,
diary, romance, comic, horror. Each genre fits in one section. Use your judgment if the genre is

Write the following phases on the correct place on the Venn diagram. Use "Physical Change" and
"Chemical Change" for headings.

no change in chemical composition, creates one or more new substances, ice melting, substance may
look different, rusting iron nail, dissolving salt in water, cooking a cake, steam forms from boiling water,

The Three Branches of Government

The three branches of the federal government are the executive (you left this answer blank), legislative
(you left this answer blank), and the judicial (you left this answer blank) branches.
The executive branch is responsible for enforcing (you left this answer blank) laws. The head of the
executive branch is The President (you left this answer blank). The President is the chief law enforcer
(you left this answer blank) of the United States. The President is also the head of the armed forces (you
left this answer blank).

The legislative branch makes (you left this answer blank) laws. The legislative branch is known as
Congress (you left this answer blank). Congress consists of two houses, known as the Senate (you left
this answer blank) and the House of Representatives (you left this answer blank).

The judicial branch interprets (you left this answer blank) laws. The Judicial branch is headed by the
Supreme Court (you left this answer blank). The Judicial branches decides if laws are constitutional (you
left this answer blank).