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Curriculum development is a complex undertaking that involves many kinds of decisions. Decisions must be made
bout the general aims which the school is to pursue and about the more specific objectives of instruction. The
major subjects of the curriculum must be selected, as well as the specific content to be covered in each. Decisions
must be made about the choice of the type of learning experiences with which to implement both the content
understanding and other objectives. There must be an evaluation of what learners are achieving and the
effectiveness of the curriculum in attaining the desired objectives and ends.

 Discuss in a broader sense the important considerations in curriculum planning.
 Describe and compare the different models for the curriculum development.
 Consider every aspect of curriculum development to make the curriculum more relevant to the needs of
the learner and society.

1. It is the process wgereby the advance arrangement of learning opportunities for a particular population
of learners is created.
a. Curriculum planning
b. Subject-centered curriculum
c. Chold-centered curriculum
2. It is an indispensable characteristic in those who plan the curriculum.
a. Hardworking
b. Open-minded
c. Patient
3. It is an organization in which the school subjects constitute the school experiences of learners.

4. It is also called social functions areas –of – living.

a. Subject curriculum
b. Correlated curriculum
c. Broad – field curriculum
5. It is one that places emphasis on the immediate felt interests and felt needs of the learner and not on the
antivipated needs and interest.
a. Subject curriculum
b. Correlated curriculum
c. Broad – field curriculum


A. Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning as we have defined in the first module is the process whereby the advance arrangement of
learning opportunities for a particular population of learner is created. The trend in approaches to curriculum
planning is to give as wide as possible a participation in planning by all persons professionals and lay who are
affected. Decision in the curriculum are made on several different levels. Some decisions about what content to
include in the curriculum are made by state legislations , such as requirements to teach the new constitution.
Still this emanate from the department of education and culture. Others are made by the school regions or
district. Many decisions which shape the functioning curriculum are made by local schools and by teachers, either
in groups or individually.

Open-mindedness is an indispensable characteristics in those who plan the curriculum. An understanding of the
values of the past practices and of school and community traditions is important. Adherence to traditional
practices gives stability and continuity to the school program: curriculum leaders, however need constantly to
analyze and evaluate all aspects of the program of schools to make certain that only the best program is
provided , and to avoid inhibiting the acceptance of new ideas.


1. The expression of public opinion through communication to the school personnel and board are very
important for data curriculum planners.
2. Well-criticism on the curriculum and education must be listened by curriculum planners.
3. Curriculum leaders should study critically and thoroughly educational practices in either countries of the
world, seeking to find plans, methods and programs that will be useful in improving the curriculum of the

There is wisdom in adopting relevant foreign educational practices in the Philippines so tat we as a
people are not to become a close society that resists change and experimentation.

4. Research affects curriculum decisions in many ways. Sound proposals presented for considerations by
curriculum planning groups are based on research or they are hypotheses to be tested by actual tryout in
the school program.

It is worth mentioning that most of the recent significant research which has helped to shape the
curriculum has come out of colleges and universities. The educational profession is itself a force which
affects curriculum planning since the tendencies of the professionals to develop possible limitation on
curriculum development.

5. Testing program and standardized test data have to be considered by curriculum planners along with
many other types.

Curriculum planners certainly need data about pupil achievement in making their decisions as to
curriculum needs and achievements.