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E C ,E C ♦J 10, 2019

Church Growth Principles Learned from Chick-Fil-A

Like most civic organizations, the Montgomery Sunrise Rotary Club that I attend
has a guest speaker to inspire those gathered every week. Recently, we were
blessed to have Gary Soriano. Gary is the owner of the River Region Chick-Fil-A
restaurants. He gave an awesome testimony of how this great company instructs
their employees. As I heard Chick-Fil-A’s successful business strategy, I couldn’t
help but see leadership similarities in how we should work to grow the church.
Let’s analyze Gary’s three-point message:
1. Operational Excellence. Gary stated that their organization demands A+
Neal Hughes excellence in their daily operations. They cook the chicken a certain way. Every
Director of Missions employee is taught to say the famous phrase “it is my pleasure.” There is
mouthwash in the restrooms and a smile in the parking lot. All operations are attempted to be done
better than anyone else. That’s what makes Chick-Fil-A so successful (check the lines out at meal time).
Similarly, we need to run what we do at church with operational excellence. This is the Lord’s house.
He shouldn’t get our leftovers. We need to have the best trained people, the best greeters, the best
nursery and preschool, the best grounds, the best (you fill in the blank). Take a strong look at what you
do every Sunday. Is it the very best? If you were a visitor, would you come back? Does what you do
bring honor to the Lord? Does it leave a lasting impression in the neighborhood?
2. Second Mile Service. Gary stated that their employees are taught the fundamental core value of
going the “second mile.” How many times at Chick-Fil-A have you been treated to a second cold drink
(or third), and didn’t have to get up to get it yourself? Get the point? These men and women serve you
with a smile, a positive attitude and a winsome “my pleasure.” Gary even commented that many
employees come in an hour early just to get a jump on the day. No wonder they have been rated by
Americans as the number one fast food chain year after year. Similarly, we believers have been taught
by Jesus to go the second mile (Matthew 5:41). Is this the culture you are reflecting at church? Or are
you saying, “I don’t do windows”? Whatever the demand, let’s go the second mile, and do it with a
smile along with a “my pleasure.”
3. Emotional Connections Marketing. Gary stated they teach their employees that every customer has
a valued story. It is their assignment to discover what the person’s story is and attempt to respond to
their felt needs. They call this strategy “emotional connections marketing.” Truett Cathy used to say
that if you treat your customer right, they will do the marketing for you. From the perspective of church,
how well do you know the people in your neighborhood? Are you responding to their felt need? Are
they your friends? Do the neighbors speak well of your church? Connect with your community. They all
have a story.
As you begin the new year, my prayer for
each of you is that God will “knock your
socks off” with His wondrous blessings in
2019. Learn from the principles above and
apply as needed. Let Jesus be Jesus in you,
so Jesus can be Jesus through you. Know
that you are the bride of Christ. Every
MBA church is pulling for your success.
Your MBA team stands ready to serve
you. Let us know how we can help you
Mary and I are blessed to live our life on
mission with you in the River Region.
Together We Can!
Contact: Mel Johnson at 334.365.7802 / mjohnson@autaugabaptist.org

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