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ee oR Ee Stock No. 203480 F ROO cas ted) HAVE A LITTLE TALK WITH MYSELF Words and Music by RAY STEVENS Verse 1 lively as sung by the Dealer's Choice Tenor! Arrangement by GARY PARKER L Lead ke = ® Late-ly 1 have girl who loves me no-ticed all r me, and that up and said oj ? J 104, ee uh joj 2 ) = rt ee <= ¢ == eee a My whole world is com-in' a-part and fall-in’ in on me, and T wet 1 1969, Renewed 1997 FA, SS Ahab Music Company, Inc/BMI (Adminstered by EverGreen Copyrights) ‘AIL Rights Reserved Used by Permission Have a Little Talk with Myself guess deep down 1 een mr Late-ly I've been livin’ for___ no - bod-y else___— butt aja) oz a Tf Tt ft et my self - ish 2 i 1d ator ee eels eer v giv - in’ in to pride and van - i - ty, od) Gi Late -ly I've been and 1 Have a Little Talk with Myself 3 ber ae ta) a 30 nee N N 3 _—— 2 ae > = y ¥ T vvt hand. 1 let it get the up-per eet td dd de DD Dd SSS SS = - hand, 35 Chorus 1 a-bout time to pee And 1 think it's just r” J] oy dds Ze = = Oh) pone to : havea lit-tle talk with my = self, ot eee eeeer ney : —= oe Pee have, ARs havea lit-tle talk with my - a el) i Jd op oD eS have a_lit- tle talk with my —- self, PI a ——— have. a lit- te self,