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Filing # 82707232 E-Filed 01/01/2019 09:43:11 PM a TST Race MPIO-138 [se dees wom | FEN Rane (tas, Fist Ai EW ELL WILLIAM | ia ‘esi Aenean E oh NONE. jr Chee POC. Caaoa 7 as sd ‘Sie Viton Nome [ Nila of Sct (ORD) 0.02208) eras eee Wc aN” CI Dyonane Vo Ta CT onder ow Art : rent ane rman 05-2019-CF-010028-AXXX-2X. SSCS Nit TW TNTORCERTERT ——DTTNDANTS COR aa AGENCY NAME: MELBOURNE POLICE DEPARTMENT BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA. NARRATIVE Continaation Page 2 0f2 AGENCY Fi 19-138 (ast, First, Middle) ‘OBTSNO, DEFENDANT/JUVENILE: SULLWEL1, WILLNM RIAN ‘Caras Desc Tose] BE | Sa Vobia nae] Wome at Soa {USE OF FIRE SKAFIN COMMISSION OF FELON : Bt | sooma (OD) Aa Taman Toad Aru] Coa bee a NWA 8 Capit Tin PAT Ccaatin | Dae bea Wri ad CI Danse Vor my Clonierar | charosaie SS ase] BS] See Witten intr] Vion acon] ‘CHILD ABUSE : | serasane) ORD) | ats | ae bee [ammunition | Coot per Seo io BO ee saa Ne pes pC Cicer DIAC CBW CA Cle Chie Pi CiGistin | fit Rae Twa at Ciieesite vet ig Clouser | On January 1, 2018, the defendant drove tol esidence in Melbourne, Florida. He was armed w 9226 omim semi-automatic pistol (serial number U435314). This was an unannounced, unplanned vist to |[Mlloefendant has been briefly separated trom [Mince Friday, December 28,2018, due ta the defendant's work- [ebsted stressors and other domes related :suesetne et vt, MMII tne defendant | to leave, after the defendant entered the fenced in backyard without permission, The defendant said, “Fuck you, you son: of-a-bitch,” and immediately fired and struck in his lower left groin house for safety and help. Upon hearing the gunshot, second victim, exited the | residence and was shot two times by the defendant, in the same area of the yar was shot. She was struck | in the left elbow and abdomen. The defendant was stating, ” fucking bitches and whores, take that.” The third victim, | of defendant, called 911 and stated IIMvas shot. Inthe background of the call you can heat | the defendant and kids screaming. The defendant sald, “Fuck you, fucking whore.” Defendant tells the screaming children | he loves them. You then clearly hear two gunshots and screaming, She was struck in the left kneecap rendering her | immobile. The children scream out ro, | don’t want anyone to die.” MI vells out to to run. The | child says, “Please don’t shoot The phone appears to have been put down as there is no conversation between | the dispatcher and the victim. The rest of the background we hear is the defendant telling to shoot him in the head and he loves RII e never stopped cating MIM fucking whore. Two myear eidren were exposed | | and/or directly witnessed the shooting of NM anc subsequently resulting in extreme fear | which could be clearly heard during the 911 call placed by the third victim, Jetreated to neighbor's The firearm used by the defendant was located during a consent to search of the residence by homeowners (victim 1 and 2). The firearm was recovered in the living room by a couch It should be noted that the defendant made numerous spontaneous utterances that he fucked up, INNNNNIs a whore and he saw her cheating on him having sex with his best friend on a recorded video on her phone. Probable cause exists for Attempted Murder (3 counts), Armed Burglary, Use of a Firearm while in the Commission of @ | | | | | Felony, and Child Abuse (2 counts) | Opmengs Signatat™ ” Officer's Name PRINTED: ho 0 325g | fhe MONEY Yairi SReCORDS FA TAWENTORCERANT ~ CO BOREF RIG OOO I