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Quirino Elementary School

Second Summative Test in EPP 6

1st Quarter

A.Encircle the letter of the correct answer

1. These are goods or services that people desire or wish to have.
a. needs b. wants c. demands d. social needs
2. These are the things needed to survive such s food, water and shelter
a. social needs b. security needs esteem needs d. psychological needs
3. This involves all communication between the buyer and the seller that aim to induce behavioral change
a. marketing b. demands c. self-actualization d. hierarchy of needs
4. The amount of interest to a given product that consumers are willing to buy at given price and period
a. wants b. meeds c. esteem d. demands
5. This is the need fot personal awareness and has less concern with the opinion of others.
Esteem needs b. security nedds c. self-actualization d. physiological needs

B. Give (5) five products or services that the current needs or demands in your school or community






C. Label the pyramid of Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of needs (11-15)





D. Write AGREE on the line if the statement is correct and DISAGREE of the statement is incorrect

___________16. Buyers are persons who agree to purchases finished product or services.
___________17. Sellers should not provide warranty for the products that they will sell.
___________18. Seller are persons who transfer goods and provide services in exchange for money.
___________19. Sellers should make business fairly with buyers.
___________20. Providing warranty to butyers is a right of all the sellers.

E. Analyze and Solve ( 5 points )

Compute for all the expenses acquired in making the product

Total Cost of materials 88.00

Labor cost + 30.00
Subtotal ________

Compute for the markup price

Subtotal ________
Markup (15%) X 0.15
Markup price ________

Add Computed markup price on the total of expenses

Subtotal _________
Markup price _________
Selling Price _________
1st Quarter
Table of Specification

Objectives Number of Items Place of Items

Buying and selling products based on needs 15 1-15

and demands in school and community
Identifying buyers and sellers 5 16-20

Costing and computing for the selling price 5 21-25


RUBRICS (4 is the highest and 1 is the lowest rate)

CRITERIA 4 3 2 1
The student
identify the needs
and demands of
The students were
able to identify the
needs and
demands in school
or community
Student were able
compute and
solve for the
selling price of a