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self illumination & lifestyle design
by the light of the moon

4 Notes From The Creators
6 How to Use this Calendar
7 How to Track Your Menstrual Cycle
8 Menstrual Cycle Phases
11 Pregnancy Phases
28 The Eight Lunar Phases
32 Partner Calendar
33 Hormones & Your Cycle
34 Four Seasons of a Woman’s Cycle
39 Philosophy of the Partner Guide
12 Menopause Phases 40 Creating the Partner Guide
13 Your Cycle & The Moon 41 Communication & Expectation
14 Astrological Importance of The Moon 42 Inner Seasons Visual Map

15 Your Moon Sign

16 Aries Moon 22 Libra Moon
17 Taurus Moon
23 Scorpio Moon
18 Gemini Moon
24 Sagittarius Moon
19 Cancer Moon
25 Capricorn Moon
20 Leo Moon 26 Aquarius Moon
21 Virgo Moon 27 Pisces Moon
43 Herbal Guide (Usnea, Forsythia) 56 Nutritional Support
59 Deep Healing
44 Balm of Gilead, Witch Hazel, 60 Abortion
Hellebore, Cedar Tips
61 Miscarriage
45 Nettle, Cherry Blosson,
Horsetail, Elderflower 62 Nutrition for Abortion,
Miscarriage, Postpartum
46 Mint, St.John’s Wort, Bull Kelp, Rose
47 Reishi, Borage, Yarrow, Red Clover
63 Menopause & The Crone Phase
48 Oregon Grape Root, Chanterelle,
Devil’s Club, Hawthorn Berries 65 Moving Forward
49 Licorice Fern, Rosehips,
Premenstrual Syndrome
50 Cramps, Hot Flashes

51 Fatigue, Mood Swings
52 Irregular Cycles, Acne
53 Anxiety, Sleep
54 Fertility
55 Blood Builders
a note from the creator notes among the pages. As you may already know, the act
of writing with pen to paper is a powerful process and can
greatly enhance your moon calendar experience.

We invite you to join us in the Rising Woman Community

where you can ask questions, connect with other conscious
I am so glad you’re here and have chosen to accept this women, and find extra tips on how to implement and use
initiation - taking your first steps into a world of ancient, this wisdom.
sacred knowledge.
For many years I personally ignored, avoided, and resented A WOMAN OF THE WILD MOON.
my cycle. Battling acne I was told to go on a high dose
anti-acne birth control pill. Years later my intuition told
me it was time to stop and return to my natural rythm as a

At that same time I met Sheleana Aiyana, who was also on a

path of hormonal healing and cycle tracking.

In 2015, a stroke of creative insight led me to publish the

first iteration of the Mystic Moon Guide & Calendar.

Years later, the Mystic Moon Guide & Calendar became a

sacred collaboration between Sheleana and myself as we
partner within Rising Woman.
Heather Pennell
The pages of this guide are packed with information for Creator of The Mystic Moon Guide & Calendar
times when you feel lost in life, or if you are wondering how Co-Founder of Rising Woman
the current lunar activity could be impacting you.

I recommended that you get creative with your calendar

and guide. Highlight the pieces that stand out for you, make
a note from our co-author
Hello, dear woman. It’s an absolute honor to share this passage. Angela Willard, a dear friend of mine, Clinical
guide with you. My connection with the moon has existed Herbalist and Co-Owner of Harmonic Arts, collaborated
for as long as I can remember. with me on creating the Herbal Guide and the monthly
herbs you see in the calendar portion of this offering.
I began tracking my own cycle nearly a decade ago. Since
then, I have spent years embracing the ancient wisdom of It has long been a passion of mine to re-connect girls
indigenous cultures and ancestral knowledge surrounding and women to their cycles in an empowering way. I truly
this sacred time of the month. When Heather and I met, believe that our first experience with menstruation can
it was the sharing of this wisdom that instantly connected shape our beliefs about our bodies, our self-esteem and our
us. relationships for the rest of our lives. By reclaiming this
knowledge and developing a new relationship to our cycles,
While I had my own plans for a calendar and partner we are able to step out into the world as self-aware, wise and
calendar, Heather began to create this gorgeous offering powerful women.
for you. As we join forces with Rising Woman, it only made
sense for us to upgrade and co-create this new edition of
the Mystic Moon Guide.

Throughout my 20’s I consumed countless books on

the history, anthropology, and ancient wisdom of
menstruation. The Mystic Moon Calendar that Heather
created is a gorgeous encapsulation of astrology & cycle
tracking with a sacred twist. I’m thrilled to complete this
guide with my knowledge on seasonal wisdom, fertility,
herbs, nutrition and the Partner Calendar or Personal
Guide to Your Inner Seasons.

My personal approach to the moon cycle has been Sheleana Aiyana

influenced by building relationships with plants and
Founder of Rising Woman
medicinal foods and a deep respect for birth as a rites of
Co-creator of The Mystic Moon Guide & Calendar 5
How to use this calendar
The Mystic Moon Calendar is an extremely powerful tool
for building self awareness and designing your life in a
way that works specifically for you. In order to get the
most out of your experience, it is recommended that you
begin tracking your menstrual cycle and the emotional/
energetic impact it has upon your life. For the ladies who
are postmenopausal, you can still take full advantage of
this calendar. Reference the section “Menopause and the
Moon” in the guide below for instructions.

The information within this guide will help you to design Your "moon" sign is the position the moon was in at your
your life in a way that nurtures and flows with your time of birth.
emotional and energetic body. Over time, as you become
familiar with your body and its phases, tracking and making If you’re not sure what your moon sign is, we recommend
appropriate adjustments to your schedule will become easy visiting this site and entering your birth information to find
and enjoyable. out: Free chart (This is a Western astrological viewpoint;
there are also Vedic perspectives. Explore both to see what
As an added way to improve your lifestyle, you’ll learn about resonates, and how the two may even correspond.)
your unique relationship to the moon via your "moon" sign.
When you use this information in tandem with your own
When you were born, each planet was at a specific spot in menstrual cycle, you’ll notice huge shifts in the way you
the sky that is associated with an astrological sign. experience the world around you.

Your main astrological sign, the one you've likely seen listed Read on to dive deep into all that this life changing calendar
in the newspaper, is your "sun" sign. The position the sun has to offer you.
was in when you were born.

HOW TO TRACK YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE: All women go through changes in their menstrual cycle. It
is not uncommon for the length of your cycles and phases
Day 1 is the first day of your period; it is also the first day of to vary from month to month.
your Crone phase.
Every day you’ll have the opportunity to track your physical
Say if your period arrives on September 13th - you would and emotional states using symbols that you hand print
note that day as the beginning of your Crone phase. onto your calendar. This is important, as it will signify how
long each phase is lasting for you.
Each phase lasts approximately 5-9 days. As a phase comes
to a close you will notice your energy levels and mood Emotional and physical state symbols can be created on the
change. back of your calendar, or feel free to use suggested symbols
found on the example calendar seen below.


Menstrual Cycle Phases

is an important time of introspection and intuition. You Maiden is the representation of the fertile, sexual, vibrant
will be invited to open yourself to the wisdom of your soul. woman. She is whole, complete, and fully empowered.
Your spiritual purpose will speak loudly to you during this This is the woman ready and willing to step out into the
time, and call your forth onto your path. You will have the world with a certain boldness and dynamism that attracts
ability to access information regarding the steps you must attention from others. Communications, social events, and
take in order to achieve peace and harmony in your life. connections are made with ease during this time.
This is also a time of releasing and letting go. You are both
physically and metaphorically cleansing yourself. This is Be willing to step outward here - both literally and
your opportunity to let go of old beliefs, patterns and ways figuratively. Reach out to friends and new contacts as your
of being that no longer serve you. Allow your inner Crone energy will be received more openly during the Maiden
to act as both a destructive and creative force; it will undo phase.
the patterns that bind you, and create pathways to free you KEYWORDS: Concentration. Focus. Research, Connection.
from yourself. This is the emptiness of seeding time, open Social. Outward. Extroverted. Dynamic. Independence.
your womb, your heart, and nurture your dreams. Stamina. Endurance. Expansion. Energy. Physical. Strong.
KEYWORDS: Introverted. Creative. Research. Review. YOUR ENERGY: During this phase your energetic field
Release. Newness. Rest. Renewal. Nurturance. Inward. begins its expansion. You have more energy for outward
Potent. Insightful. tasks. Your estrogen and testosterone levels rise, creating a
YOUR ENERGY: This is the start of your period. Your energy more upbeat mood and physical state.
is inwardly collected and about to begin its expansion phase
once again. All three of your sex hormones are at their Written by Creator
Heather Pennell

EMPRESS: EXPRESSIVE PHASE (APPROX DAYS 14-20): The Empress phase can be likened to the fertile egg
at the time of ovulation: it is ready, open, and willing to both give and receive. During this phase we have the
energy to really take care of ourselves, nurture our ideas, and expand our creative endeavors. And yet, just like
a powerful mother knows, it is always in everyone’s highest good to seek support from those we trust. Whether
you are calling in on friends, mentors, or spiritual guides, be sure to reach out so that your energy can be
tenfold in its power.

During ovulation you will notice a certain kind of magnetism in your energy. People will see and desire you
more. This is an opportune time to ask for that which you want, as it is very unlikely you’ll be hearing “no" very
often. As people and opportunities are drawn towards you now, be conscious about stepping up to receive.
Your hormones are calling for a partner, and that same energy can fall forth your highest desires. Let go and
trust in your dynamism. You are worthy, and this phase is on your side.

After ovulation, be aware of a shift to a more contracted energy. Also note that you may ovulate early
(during the maiden phase.) As you begin to familiarize yourself with your cycle, you will more effectively be
able to track which phase you are currently in. Always keep in mind that the days noted with the cycles are
approximations. It is up to you to get to know your cycle intimately so you can plan accordingly, and this
calendar will help you do just that.

KEYWORDS: Magnetism. Teamwork. Communication. Connection. Empathy. Dynamism. Fertility. Co-

Creation. Expansive. Attractive. Outward. Extroverted.

YOUR ENERGY: Testosterone and estrogen decrease as progesterone rises. This shift in hormones will have a
soothing effect on your mood as your intuition heightens.
PRIESTESS: CREATIVE PHASE (APPROX DAYS 21-28): The gift of the Priestess energy allows us to shift from
an outward energy in the world to a more inward and reflective one. We are given the opportunity to assess
the ‘work’ that we’ve done in the past few phases and see how it has impacted our lives and the lives of those
around us. As you become more reflective, as well as generally sensitive to your inner space, you may notice a
need for more alone time in order to process what you’re encountering. Allow yourself this time and you will
be rewarded with deep insights and understandings.

It is recommended that you do not make many promises or commitments during this phase. It’s likely you may
even feel resentful at other’s requests for your time and energy. You need space right now, so create it. Your
intuition is opening immensely, and the quietness of this time will allow you to fully hear its whispers.

The ‘veil’ between the worlds begins to thin, and you will gain access to hidden and unseen realms. Use this
space to be creative, and daydream! Do some visioning exercises, get clear on your desires, and meditate. Allow
yourself to step into the creative vortex and you will feel fulfilled.

KEYWORDS: Dreams. Transformation. Intuition. Inspiration. Problem Solving. Inward. Creative.

Power. Meditate.

YOUR ENERGY: Your body is beginning its journey towards the Crone phase. Therefore your energy and
attention begin moving inward. All sex hormones will begin to drop and your sensitivity will be at its peak.
This is ‘me’ time, and can also be associated with ‘PMS’ symptoms. Be gentle with yourself.

“Lunar information is reflective and intuitive. It comes to us in our dreams, our emotions, and our hungers. It
comes under cover of darkness. When we routinely block the information that is coming to us in the second
half of our menstrual cycles, it has no choice but to come back as PMS or menopausal madness, in the same
way that our other feelings and bodily symptoms, if ignored, often result in illness.” - Caroline Myss, P.H.D

Pregnancy Phases

FIRST PHASE: This is the Empress phase. As you are

ovulating and fertile, your energy is expanded at the time
of conception.

SECOND PHASE: As the fertilized egg takes hold, you will

develop new energy fields - the energy of the placenta
and the energy of the baby. In order for the baby to begin
to form, its energy will fuse with yours, creating a kind
of expanding vortex through which nourishment can
be siphoned to fuel its development and growth. The
statement, “you’re glowing” is a result of both your own
energy and the baby’s being so outward and expansive at
this time. You may notice during this phase that you are
more sensitive and open to empathic wisdom. You also have
the opportunity to turn your attention inward and open
to the energy of ‘the other side’, as your baby is still deeply
connected to this realm.

THIRD PHASE: As labour starts, your energy field will

contract, pulling inward in order to conserve resources for
the birthing process.

FINAL PHASE: At birth, similar to the crone phase, your

energy will be largely inward in order to heal and replenish.
Menopause & The Moon

You may be wondering how this calendar applies when There is magic in becoming the wise woman, the elder, the
you’re about to enter, or have passed into, the stage of mentor, the woman that maidens can come to and learn
Menopause. First, do not be fooled, you still will experience from. Menopause invites you to step into this role, and
cycles of energy after menopause has taken place. These stand in your power and wisdom as a woman of the dark
cycles will differentiate from the ones you have become moon. Always remember - the moon in itself is a circle,
familiar with up until now, but they are still present and with a series of cycles; nothing about it is linear. Just as it
worth tracking. returns to fullness, so will you.

Menopause is also known as the initiation into the MENOPAUSE PHASES:

‘Dark Goddess’, represented by the new moon. It’s a
time of leaning into the mysteries of life, from death to Follow the moon. You may no longer bleed, but you are still
regeneration and beyond. This unknown place can be in touch with the changing phases of the moon. Maintain
quite frightening for society at large, as it reminds us the practice of tracking your energy and moods. You may
that life as we know it will one day end. The fear of death even notice that your shifts remain quite similar to how
can permeate our lives if we are unwilling to explore the they have been in the past. Over time, you will notice
teachings it holds for us. We have forgotten the great patterns and rhythms arise, which will allow you to leverage
cycle of life - from birth and blossoming, to death and those forces through intelligent scheduling that will
regeneration - that is hidden within the phases of the moon enhance your life.
itself. Much like growing old, or the moon changing phases, This is a time of self discovery as your body begins to
menopause is unstoppable. It will come, and we have to change once again. Be open to exploring these new phases
decide how we will relate to and manage this new stage of your body, energy and life. Magic is waiting for you here
of life. Will you resist, trying to return to a more youthful - and yes, it is a mysterious time - but it's wisdom will reveal
time, or will you embrace the gift of the Dark Goddess and itself to you if you remain present, aware, and open.
enter into a realm of great power and mystery?

Your Cycle & The Moon
The phases of the moon and of your body’s cycles are
inherently connected. The nature of these phases reflect
the constant change that we as women are a part of. MALE AND FEMALE, SUN AND MOON.”
Embracing these changes, and having a healthy menstrual
cycle, is connected to your ability to relax and ease into your ~YOGI BHAJAN
rhythms. When we release the stress created by trying to
control our cycles, and lean into what they are attempting to
teach us, we can find our cycles to be quite enjoyable.

There is a specific power and gift that each phase brings us.
Learning and integrating these gifts can allow us to step
into our full potential as empowered women. For example,
ancient wisdom teaches us that during our period, or ‘moon
time’, the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest. At
that time we have a unique ability to dive deeply into our
soul’s guidance and tap into forces of divine wisdom. The
intensity and sensitivity of this time are ideal for healing and

THE ASTROLOGICAL IMPORTANCE OF THE MOON Astrologically speaking, the Moon represents many
things. Think of the part of the day where the
There are two luminaries in our heavens: the Sun Moon presides over our lives - at night. As the Sun
and the Moon. These are the primary lights that have represents the conscious mind, so the Moon rules
been the basis for our calendars and organization of the subconscious mind. If you observe closely, you
time since human civilizations began on Earth. The will notice that your mind operates differently during
Sun represents illumination, warmth, generosity, the day than it does at night. The night is often when
vitality, the masculine force, and the conscious mind. our subconscious behaviors, our habitual patterns,
The Moon is the receptive body in the sky which and our hidden longings emerge. Here we have space
reflects the light of the Sun. As a receptive body, from the routines and rhythms of our day to examine
the Moon is considered to be feminine. She moves who we are on a deeper level.
through continuous, observable cycles of expansion
and contraction. The Moon is our friend; our The Moon also represents the Mother, home, family,
companion in the dark. She is the Queen of memories, habits, emotions, intuition, security,
the Night. comfort, needs, our deepest urges, and feelings of
For some, the night is when we retreat into our
homes, have dinner with our families, brush our Another interesting thing to consider: crystals and
teeth and go to bed. For others, the night is when stones have been known to absorb history and
we go out and party or acquaint ourselves with the information over time. These ‘Library Stones’ are
creative urges that seem to drive us from within. The quite different from everyday rocks you might find
night can also bring with it the fear of darkness or of on the ground. Energy workers, psychics, and other
the unknown, which is often a reflection of our fear sensitives have used these powerful stones to access
of death and/or our fear of looking deeply within the Akashic Records and other hidden wisdom
ourselves. All of these experiences, and lessons, are teachings, and knowledge for centuries.
that which the Moon calls us forth to discover.
The Moon can be seen as such a stone, endlessly
absorbing and storing consciousness as the light from
the Sun shines on her surface.

your moon sign
As you work with The Mystic Moon Calendar Also consider researching your Sun, Moon and
we advise that you discover your personal Moon Rising sign. You may relate to more than one sign
sign. This is the sign the Moon was in at the below because you have different signs impacting
moment of your birth. Knowing your Moon sign your chart. However, we do recommend that for the
can be enormously helpful in self-discovery and purposes of this calendar, and cycle exploration, you
understanding. first put your attention on the Moon.

Though the Moon sign is important, it is just one For women who are no longer menstruating: the
facet of a whole. Keep in mind that a birth chart is Moon descriptions below remain applicable. Event
a snapshot of where the heavenly bodies were in without menstruation, we are still living inside
relationship to Earth at the moment of your birth. natural cycles. Observe your energy levels along
Think of the birth chart as a fingerprint. By isolating with other body and mood changes throughout the
the Moon for study, we are zooming in on one months to learn more about the personal cycles you
small part of the fingerprint rather than seeing the are currently in. Each Moon sign contains excellent
synthesized whole. If you don’t resonate with your recommendations that can help you feel balanced,
Moon sign description, it is probable that there are regardless of whether or not you continue to bleed
other components in your birth chart that would monthly.
alter the interpretation. A personal astrologer can
help you to learn more!


If your moon is in Aries, you have the soul of a warrior, a Created in collaboration with
leader, a pioneer. A Cardinal Fire sign, you know what you Astrologer Virgina Rosenberg
want and when you want it. You are first in line, bringing
something new to this Earth. You are a passionate, colorful,
strong, and straightforward individual. Your gift is in
bringing youthful vigor and action. Your needs are simple HEAL YOUR CYCLE
and direct. When something impacts you emotionally, your
instinct is to react - to do something, and fast. Somewhat of Aries is a quick-burning active energy that tends to run
a spitfire, your reactive nature may guide you to challenge, on willful exertion. Be conscious of not using force, and
fight, or compete with others. Moon in Aries is strongly include adequate rest into your lifestyle; a match cannot
self-identified. Challenge yourself to see situations from burn without any fuel. Experiment with surrender and
more than one angle. Use diplomacy, awareness, and tact. trust, understanding that with clear intention, thy will
With your Moon in a fire sign, anger and defiance can be shall be done. Simultaneously, strive to keep passion
common emotions. Your feelings flare up and out quickly. alive in your life, whether it’s a sexual or creative pursuit.
They can energize you or cause rapid burn out. Reach for Consider embracing leadership roles that allow you to share
balance and be wild, but learn to tame your urges. Don’t go your passions and interests. Just be sure to balance your
all the way right away - this will keep the flame alive. Taking extension toward the world with considerable self care. In
up physical activities will greatly support your emotional this pleasurable dance you’ll find your cycle in its natural
health. Endeavors that strengthen you towards personal rhythms.
achievement are best. 16

If your Moon is in Taurus, you have the soul of a builder,
an owner, an artisan. Your emotional needs are simple
and pure: primarily, you want peace. This makes you a
solid, steady, reliable, and loyal person who tends towards
companionship. You possess patience and perseverance that
allow you to achieve great material gain. You consolidate
your resources in order to create a home and an emotional
climate that is stable, abundant, familiar, and comfortable.
You are a sensual person in love with the body and its
gifts of taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell. You long for
pleasure and tranquility. Taurus Moon can be indulgent.
Fatty foods and items of quality and worth particularly
catch your attention. Many Taurus Moons are collectors
- some are hoarders. One of the hardest lessons you must
learn is how to let go. Also, how to change. Your steadfast
perseverance is a gift, but it can degenerate into stagnation,
complacency, and laziness. Make sure that your life keeps
moving forward, even if it is at your naturally slow pace.
Shake things up now and then! You are a fertile person,
emotionally rich. Value yourself. In terms of emotion, you
are usually even-keeled, but when your peace is disrupted
your feelings linger. Learn to communicate your needs to
others. Make quality investments in relationships with a
sure return.

Honor your Moontime by lavishing yourself in creature

comforts when you feel most sensitive. Lay your body on
the Earth. Do some gardening. Familiarize yourself with
the natural rhythms of nature. Get a massage. Rub oil all
over your body. Share sensual time with a trusted partner.
Eat chocolate. Smell the flowers. Take a long, slow walk and
enjoy the sunset. Listen to birds singing in the trees. Take in
as much beauty as you possibly can, and rest well into the
bliss that is your own keen awareness of Heaven on Earth.

If your Moon is in Gemini, you have the soul of a

messenger, a teacher, a shapeshifter. You are a gifted
inspirer in this world, able to adapt to any environment.
Like a dragonfly, your natural behaviors are quick,
lighthearted, and uplifting. You are talented in many areas,
and especially gifted in understanding how to communicate
so others can absorb information. You feel at home on
the mental plane. With your Moon in a Mutable Air Sign,
your emotions are an ever changing whirlwind. You are
not emotional in a “feely” way - rather, your feelings tend
to stem from your logical mind. Or perhaps the way you
relate to feelings is by attempting to rationalize them and
place them in a conceptual order you can understand.
One thing’s for sure: it really helps for you to talk, write,
and communicate your emotions in any way that you can.
Call a friend! Those with the Gemini Moon are inherently
intelligent, social creatures. Learning is something you will
forever pursue. Genuinely curious, you are a networker
and an eternal student. Allow yourself to be stimulated
by variety, and also acknowledge the restless part of your
nature. You can be a multidimensional person, but it
would also serve you to see projects through to the end.
Completing experiences give you the real knowledge
you seek.

Information-overload can lead to anxiety, nervousness, and

feeling scattered. Nervine tonics such as Motherwort can
benefit your natural constitution - consult an herbalist you
trust. Take regular time in silence, away from sources of
information/over-stimulation. This is especially important
during the last week before your moontime arrives and in
the first few days of bleeding. Plan to disconnect from the
internet as much as possible during this time, and cozy in
with a book or a couple of close friends instead. Journaling
or creative writing is an excellent project for you to develop
during Moontime, as you may have access to an extra
dose of imagination. Most of all, S L O W D O W N.
Quiet your mind, engage in embodiment practices, and see
if there are any emotions present within you that have
been overlooked.

If your Moon is in Cancer, you have the soul of a nurturer,

a protector, a therapist. Cancer is home sign to the Moon,
archetype of the primordial Mother. You have a lovely
benefit of being intimately related with the Moon - her
cycles are extra important to your life in particular. You
and the Moon are the ‘Changing Woman,’ reflecting
and affecting your family, friends, lovers, and personal
environment. Emotions rule in your world. On the plus side,
you have a keen intuition for understanding how others feel. HEAL YOUR CYCLE
This gives you a powerful natural ability to heal others, to
nurture children, plants, pets, your homespace. You are a Learn as much as you can about the Moon in your own birth
sensitive, compassionate, sentimental, and insightful person chart. Track the transiting Moon closely. Know what phase
who listens deeply and makes others feel held. Emotions she is in, what sign she is in, whether or not she is void of
are wonderful indicators, but don’t allow them to rule you. course, and what aspects she is making to other heavenly
It would be beneficial to take meditative time every day bodies. Around your Moontime, take time in a secure and
to still your heart, feeling yourself within a calm, peaceful familiar space to use your imagination, sift through arising
emotional body. Begin to familiarize yourself with the memories, and let emotions flow however they wish. If
person you are deep inside, beneath the changing emotional you’d like to take this a step further consult an astrologer to
plane. Your home is your sanctuary. Make it a beautiful discover where your progressed Moon is by sign and house -
place of food, laughter, devotion, and loved ones. You are this will give you great insight on major inner shifts you will
naturally domestic, and it’s a beautiful endearment. feel every two or two-and-a-half years.

If your Moon is in Leo, you have the soul of a noble, a

performer, a magical child. Leo is ruled by the Sun. Like the
Sun, those with Leo Moon are warm, radiant, generous,
vitalizing, central, and prominent. You bring the light.
You are loyal-hearted, charismatic, entertaining, and fun!
Leo Moons need to be seen. You need attention, affection,
and recognition in order to feel full. Some view this as a HEAL YOUR CYCLE
negative characteristic - but imagine if the Sun burning in
the sky above was not seen or celebrated. You give a lot. Leo Moon is colorful and dramatic. Notice whether you
Your creative self-expression is an immensely powerful tend to create excitement or drama in your life and if so,
and wonderful source of life. Others can bask in your at what point in your cycle does it most occur? You feel
presence and be reminded of who they really are. When your best when you are in touch with your own life-force,
you are wholly yourself, you give others permission to be so optimize your time around ovulation. The thing about
themselves. Leo Moons are excellent entrepreneurs and a Leo Moon is you desire to continually shine. But as a
consultants as well as dramatists and creative artists. Like cycling woman, sometimes you’re a lot dimmer inside than
the Lion, you can easily take charge with oversight. Also others. Make peace with this. It could be helpful to fabricate
like the Lion, you can be found lounging exquisitely in your more of a cycle for yourself. Every month, when your cycle
domain. Leo Moon is emotionally self-identified. It may be is waning (just before bleeding and the first couple days
difficult to empathize with experiences outside of your own. of bleeding especially), consciously take time out of the
Be open-minded and make a real effort to listen and accept limelight to rest and restore your creative energies. You will
others with care. shine ever brighter as you emerge from your den.
If your Moon is in Virgo, you have the soul of a guide,
a mentor, a servant. You truly desire to help others in
practical, quantifiable ways. You are the one who shows
up for a friend in need and without a word, does the
laundry and bakes a casserole, expecting nothing in return.
Your own needs are simple and down-to-earth. Security
comes from having supportive daily routines, healthful
diet, adequate exercise, and rest. Virgo is the sign of the
Virgin. To be Virginal means to be free and natural; whole
unto yourself. You have an inherent relationship with the HEAL YOUR CYCLE
Goddess of the Earth, who possesses ancient lost knowledge
around natural sexuality. Explore this. Having a Virgo Moon Virgo is a hard-working, busy bee task-doer. It’s a great
gives you a strong body-mind connection and awareness, idea to prepare for your Moontime ahead of time, making
which is excellent for observing and maintaining health. your favorite foods and things to have on hand so when
Your nervous system is keen and refined. You can help Moontime comes you are able to sink in, stop working, and
to guide others to be more knowledgeable about natural enjoy it. Ask for someone else to wait on you for a change.
healing methods. But our gifts are also our challenges. Nourishing teas and tonics are an excellent support for
Virgo strives for purification and cleanliness inside and out, you: consult an herbalist for the proper recommendations.
sometimes to an extreme. Yes, it is important to eliminate Before and during your Moontime, you may notice
toxins from your body and environment, but it is even irritability as your sensitivity heightens even more than
more important to clear your mind. When the mind is usual. Allow your methods during this time to be as natural
full of perfectionist worries, it is in a disturbed state that and simplistic as possible. Avoid chemicals and scented
can create illness. Honor your daily routines, and also give products at all costs. Using natural cloth pads is an excellent
yourself the chance to go with the flow - if only by adjusting idea as well as a great opportunity to connect with a
your attitude to being as relaxed as you can. cleaning ritual that brings you closer to your womb.


With so much focus and affection on others, it is easy to
You have the soul of a lover, a diplomat, a mediator. You lose sight of yourself. Who are you when you are apart
desire to be around others - one special other in particular. from your relationships? Around your cycle is a great time
Whether it’s a best friend or a lover, companionship is what to get to know yourself more deeply. If you experience
really feeds your heart. Balance, beauty, and harmony in premenstrual symptoms (or menopausal symptoms), take
relationships are most important. You are geared towards close notation around thoughts and emotions that arise.
the finer things in life: art, culture, theater, museums and Consider them seriously - more than likely, your womb is
fine foods. In general, pleasure attracts you as you long for communicating to you about things that are out of balance.
a gourmet life experience. People, concepts, and society Libra Moons love to keep the peace - but sometimes
are of interest. Your intuition is keenly honed around what restoring true harmony and depth of relating comes
others think, what is socially acceptable, and what is fair. through addressing conflict and temporarily upsetting the
You easily notice when and where things are out of balance balance. It is your task to trust yourself and learn to be
- especially in relationships, politics, and other people’s decisive and direct. When you do take alone time, practice
behavior. You have a knack for giving advice. With a strong being your own lover. Take yourself out on dates. Give
concern for tact, you can adapt yourself easily in the yourself a tender massage. Cook yourself a beautiful dinner.
presence of others in order to be likeable and accepted. You are capable of finding a companion anywhere, in
anything. Learn this art. It is the art of wholeness.

If your Moon is in Scorpio, you have the soul of an

alchemist, a researcher, a shaman. Still waters run deep.
You have a passionate and penetrating nature. Scorpio
Moon craves intensity. Whereas others are content to
exist on the surface of life, your needs drive you onward
and inward, direct to the core. You have a keen awareness HEAL YOUR CYCLE
of all that exists beneath the surface. Hidden emotions,
manipulations, and power exchanges never escape you. Coordinating with your Moontime is especially rich
Your intuition is an incredible force of perception. You for your lifelong task of deep inner discovery. If you are
inherently know the root of an issue. What you really crave postmenopausal, you are in the lucky phase of life where
is intimacy: the feeling of being so incredibly close to the your energies are naturally directed inward. Around
source of life and death that you experience it completely. bleeding and in postmenopause you become even more
Complete union with another individual is a driving aware of the subtle sexual magic that permeates life. These
force in your life. Satisfy your hunger through learning are incredibly potent times for shamanic work, medial
about mysteries and uncovering inherited patterns within journeying between worlds, and connecting directly with
yourself. Allow life to transform you. You are challenged in lifeforce. Allow yourself to go into the dark and meet the
this life to let go of things you have an essential emotional richness that lies there. Unite with the greatest communion
connection with. These events guide you more deeply of all - the one beyond words, time, space, mind, and all
towards discovering true self-empowerment. that is.

If your Moon is in Sagittarius, you have the soul of a gypsy,

a pilgrim, a philosopher. You need to be free. Sagittarius
Moons continually seeks new frontiers and new territory -
physically, mentally, and spiritually. Expansion and personal
growth nourish you. Sagittarius Moons can be found living
abroad in a foreign country, attending college and higher
education courses, or associating themselves with systems
of belief that give their lives meaning. You may identify as
a priestess or a visionary. Setting out on adventures helps
you to open your mind. You have a special connection to
fire, especially campfire, and it would be beneficial to find
friends with whom you can talk, sing, share stories, and
dance as our ancestors gathered before us. Gatherings
nourish your soul - particularly gatherings with fellow
creatives, free-spirits, or those who share your religion/
life philosophy. On the bright side, you can be boisterous,
fun, larger-than-life, colorful, truthful, and able to elevate
people’s perception. In the shadow, Sagittarius Moon can
be overly restless, extremist, dogmatic, loud, and polarizing.
Teach, share, and experience life in the fullest. Seek the
middle ground in your own matters and activities.


Your Moon really responds to time in nature. Go for hikes

and excursions to feed your soul. Read books on spirituality,
philosophy, and ethics. Make a monthly pilgrimage to
somewhere new and perform a ritual of intention. As a
restless fire sign, similar to Aries and Leo Moons, it benefits
you to carve out rest for yourself to moderate your energy.
Your type can be overly active and end up burning the
candle at both ends. Give yourself time every month where
you refrain from being social. In times of bleeding or lower
energy, sit still and breathe. Bask in the truth that is the
present moment and feel freedom vibrating through every
cell. You are alive. There is nothing to seek in this moment.
You are already and always free.

If your moon is in Capricorn, you have the soul of a hermit,

a manager, a wise woman. You belong on the top of the
mountain. Perhaps the mountain is a business that you
create or run. Perhaps it’s an actual rocky peak, with your
cave or tiny house situated nearby. Either way, you spend
your life in pursuit of this achievement: to make it to the Capricorn Moon can be prone to depression. This happens
top. Moon in Capricorn is practical, industrious, and hard- due to your seriousness. Allow yourself to lighten up. Make
wired for success. A key word for you is responsibility. sure you accompany work and responsibility with equal
Structure and integrity are very important to your amounts of play. Play is useful in that it supports your
personality and your life. You can always be found in a ability to do a good job. You put a lot of pressure on yourself
position of usefulness, in purposeful behavior. Others see - more than you need to. You are acutely aware of your
all the things you are able to accomplish and admire you weaknesses and points of lack. Rather than let this get you
immensely. You understand that hard work and effort can down, realize that you have the focus and the wherewithal
produce results. You were born to create something solid; to face and overcome any challenge. Organize your life
you are here to become a master and an elder. Emotions to support yourself with alone time as you need it. Like
don’t come easy - you are more well-versed in the physical all Earth signs, it is especially beneficial for you to retreat
world. It takes time and dedication for you to mature into into nature regularly to reconnect with yourself. Notice:
the ease of having and expressing human emotions. nature never rushes, never hurries, never stresses, and yet,
everything is done.

If your Moon is in Aquarius, you have the soul of a

humanitarian, an inventor, a revolutionary. Aquarius is a
Fixed Air sign, concerned with ideas and concepts. You are HEAL YOUR CYCLE
here on Earth to bring in the future. Moon in Aquarius is
an intelligent observer. You are detached enough to see Aquarius Moon is unpredictable. There exists a wildness
patterns at work: Aquarius rules science, technologies, and and weirdness unique to you. The Moon naturally prefers
astrology. Very independent, you may feel like an outsider to be moist and cyclic, yet Aquarius is cold and erratic. It
no matter what group you find yourself associating with. is helpful for Aquarius women to get into their bodies.
You are gifted. Naturally attuned to progress, there is Dancing is especially therapeutic. Bellydance and other
something of a creative genius to your intuitive nature. embodiments with rhythmic, circular, trance-like qualities
There is a fine line between genius and insanity. Aquarius can help to generate an easier environment for your Moon.
Moon tends to be unemotional, dealing primarily with Aquarius Moon can easily get caught in the mental plane,
logic. It is important for you to learn the “science” of causing energies to rise upwards away from the womb.
emotion and other unfamiliar human behavior in order Nourish your womb with hip circles and moistening
to have fulfilling relationships. Ever the skeptic, your processes such as hip baths/yoni steams at regular intervals
perspective is absolutely necessary to help people awaken throughout your cycle. This works for women of all ages
to the truth of higher planes of consciousness. You easily and stages. Dance is recommended most during ovulation
reveal perspectives that have never been considered. This is or full moon, and hip bath or yoni steams during waning
one of your primary functions. phase just before New Moon or bleeding.

If your Moon is in Pisces, you have the soul of a mystic,

a dreamer, a musician. Pisces is a spiraling water sign,
likened to ever-shifting waters of the ocean. You are deep, HEAL YOUR CYCLE
soulful and sensitive, desiring to drift and flow your way
through the world. You are boundless with empathy Pisces Moon needs lots of rest and adequate time to escape.
and compassion, with natural psychic abilities. Moon in The world can be harsh to someone so sensitive. Retreat
Pisces is very emotional and soft-hearted. Oneness and regularly. Meditate. Receive healing. Take time to be alone
spirituality are important to you. Animals and defenseless every month. This will help you to familiarize yourself with
creatures have a special place in your heart. Music, art, and your own energy. As you come to know and feel yourself
meditation feed your soul more than anything else. You are more, you learn to protect against the porousness of your
incredibly imaginative. You have the power to bring great nature. Your emotions become more clear to you when you
tenderness into the world. On the challenging side, it can can understand that you tend to absorb the thoughts and
be difficult to verbalize your emotions. Feelings change feelings of those in your environment. Be discerning. Let
quickly and may become a source of confusion for you. Your your moontime be a time of regular rejuvenation. Bathe
heart is so open that you run the risk of becoming a victim your feet and otherwise celebrate water. Visit the ocean.
to others and the world. Deceit comes your way because Honor your intuition when it asks you to recharge. If you
you often assume everyone’s intentions are as harmless as feel soppy or bogged down, it’s a good indicator to hole up
your own. Learning boundaries, spiritual protection, and with some sage and perhaps a couple of singing bowls. Feel
becoming solid in yourself are your life’s lessons. your heart opening more to your own self.
The Eight Lunar Phases and Keywords
Just as we shift and change every day, so does the moon. Each moon phase provides us with a
new gift. Follow along below to see how the moon is impacting you today.


When we enter a New Moon or ‘Dark Moon’, the Sun and The Crescent Moon forms as a wink, the first smile of
Moon are aligned in the same astrological sign. Be sure to consciousness appearing after the Dark Moon. The moon
take note of the extra powerful energy that this will hold holds a youthful energy; it’s time to peek out from the dark
relative to whichever sign both bodies are in. Generally, new and curiously explore possible futures. Like waking up from
moons represent the beginning of a cycle. This is a fertile a nap, we now have the energy to take our first bold action
time for ‘planting seeds’ and spending time doing inward steps towards growth.
reflection. The Dark Moon produces silence and deep inner
contact. Quiet your mind, settle your heart, and discover IN BUSINESS: The Crescent Moon is the perfect time to
where your soul rests now in order to bear fruit later in move forward with your new ideas and intentions that were
the cycle. set during the New Moon. While it’s normal to feel some
resistance arise as your light begins to shine, continue to
IN BUSINESS: During this phase, it’s time to set your trust in this part of your cycle. Initiate and assert yourself.
intentions for the month, and for your life. Consider the As you remain fully present and invested in your vision, use
mark you’d like to make on the world, and begin to create this time to announce your intentions and wishes for the
a plan. In this way, the Dark Moon is like a blank canvas: month. You can also write them down to keep your wishes
it provides the space for your inner vision to come to life. in a sacred place, like an altar. Revisit these intentions
Take time to retreat, gather your thoughts, set intentions, during the Full Moon.
plan your campaign, and get ready for sharing your vision
with the world as the crescent moon arises.
The Gibbous Moon is fast approaching the full moon,
The First Quarter Moons contain the energy of a square, or what we like to call ‘a full reflection of the sun or the
or 90 degree aspect between Sun and Moon. The square conscious mind’. As such, we tend to start receiving a good
denotes dynamic or challenging energy. We may feel a deal of information. Take it in. Analyze and adjust in order
tensional pull between our heart and soul and our current to best suit your desires. Use the power and potential of this
self-manifestation. Under an opening Quarter Moon, it is moon to bring things to fullness.
common to feel struggle between wants and needs. This
presents us with a choice point - don’t be afraid to choose IN BUSINESS: The Gibbous Moon phase is all about
boldly. accomplishing your goals. Cross those t’s and dot those
i’s, because now is the time to get things done. Make sure
IN BUSINESS: It is time to accomplish something that you amplify your personal strengths during this time,
important. This Moon can provide you with the impetus to and delegate the tasks that are bettered suited to your
prove yourself. Take action and meet challenges that arise. team. Focus your efforts clearly and you will be rewarded.
Build structures. Put effort towards your goals. Continue However, keep in mind that sometimes things don’t always
to move forward. Honor your needs and desires even if look the way you imagined they would. Do not fret; this is
they clash. And take time to find the place where you exist all a part of the growth process. Be willing to edit, refine,
beyond the clashing elements. Act first, then also make and shift as needed in order to continue moving your
space for peace and inner harmony. energy forward.
This phase represents a time of growth. It is a time to build
structures for yourself and your community. This is an
important time to put all your efforts towards your goals;
do not be afraid of devotion. This is a time for action,
action, action! You may meet challenges that you had not
prepared for, but now more than ever you can overcome
them with your clear strength of will. Do not delay moving
forward now.
The Full Moon is the culmination of your efforts and
experiences. When the soul (Moon) reflects the conscious The fullness of the moon has begun to wane. What was
mind (Sun), the two luminaries are in opposition to one illuminated during the full moon phase gets distributed.
another. This can create a ping-pong effect as we swing The Disseminating Moon, from a metaphorical standpoint,
between two polarities. The Full Moon allows us to is the come down after the climax of a dance party. The
experience the strongest essence of both signs involved. energy flows within you and around you in soundness and
Tides are high. This is a wet, wild time of celebration, peace. This phase is all about sharing your inner wisdom.
essence, and coming out. You have learned so much on your journey and have likely
had some major insights over the full moon, so now is
IN BUSINESS: This phase is all about stepping up and out the perfect time to share that with others. Continue your
into the light of your efforts. Your influence on others, and practice of gratitude during this time, and keep your mind
the influence they have on you, will be in the forefront of clear of naysaying and doubts. Stay positive and in a space
your experience. During certain Full Moons you may feel of love as your share your dreams with the world.
like a light is shining on all of your insecurities - use that
power to make changes in the way you choose to show up IN BUSINESS: Now is a wonderful time to share your
in the world. If you’re feeling empowered by the light of insights, wisdom, and teachings with the world. This is a
the Full Moon, then sign those contracts, confirm those fantastic time for content creation, which ideally can be
proposals, and be ready to step up. This is a time for you set up for automated distribution during the latter half of
to embody your power, and know that you are fully worthy the moon phases. Inspire your followers, employees, and
of being seen, heard and loved. Trust that the universe is team members with the insights you have received. Allow
working with you to bring your desires into fruition, and gratitude to pour forth for all those who are impacting
trust the messages that the full moon brings. This is a great your life in beautiful ways. (Thank you letters to your past
time to do a ceremony of gratitude for all that is and all that clients, co-workers or team members? Excellent idea!)
is to come. The light of the moon will guide you now. Do
not look back.

This phase can be likened to the ‘Tower’ card in the tarot. This phase of the moon represents the pinnacle of the
What once was a strong tower may need to fall down. reflective and introspective process, as it taps the depths
Outdated beliefs and resistance will be called forth to be of the inner realms of our being. You may feel a bit
released. It’s time to shed the old to make way for the new. ‘disconnected’ from the outside world, but not to worry;
Your practice of gratitude and shining is likely to bring up this is a great time to reflect and adjust your forward
these old ways of being. Thank them for arising, and trust movement. Give yourself plenty of space to just ‘be’ during
that you are on your way to being the highest version of this time. No need to rush and be in full action mode.
yourself. Move with care as you continue to connect with your
mission and purpose in the world. This is a great time for
Let go, practice forgiveness, release anything that you are meditation and self-care routines to be taken up a notch.
holding on to that is not serving you any longer. Empty Notice how your intuitive nature is amplified by this phase.
yourself of past hurts and trust that the universe is helping
you to move forward with love. IN BUSINESS: Allow yourself the space to be in creative
mode. Spend time dancing, painting, writing, creating
Embrace the introverted part of this cycle; no action is content, and engaging in visualization for the future. You
needed at this time other than being kind to yourself, and may even want to work on a mood board or vision board
giving yourself the space you need to release. that represents your desires moving forward. Remember,
IN BUSINESS: Have you set up systems that allow you to
this is a dreamy time as you are on your way to the new
‘step away’ from your business or work life? If so, now is moon. Your psychic abilities will begin to heighten; use
the time to set them in motion. Automation is a big part of them to access your inner wisdom. And, do not be afraid
creating a healthy life/work balance. If you need to reach to ask for guidance for the future. Enjoy the energetic
out to receive support on this, do so. A virtual assistant or space that is made available to you during the energy of the
project manager can really take this to the next level. Let go Balsamic Moon.
of the need to control how things go during this time. Be
still, trust and allow.
partner calendar
Written by Sheleana Aiyana, Creator of Rising Woman

When I was in my teens and early 20’s, moontime was a The partner calendar was created out of sheer necessity
very erratic time of the month for me. Surges of anger, for my own relationship - it is a “how-to guide” to
viciously painful cramps that left me unable to go to empower my partner in offering me the support, love
work, and erratic mood swings were the hallmark of my and nurturance I crave, while also encouraging me to
cycle. Uninformed about my own body, I was unable step into my power and claim myself fully. Knowing
to properly care for or nourish myself into a better what we want and need, and asking for those needs
state, and this greatly impacted my relationships with to be met with grace, is a sign of a truly integrated
partners who also had no understanding of women’s woman. I gift you this template and process for creating
bodies or the cycles we go through. your own partner calendar from the heart - as I deeply
understand the challenges we women face along the
In my 20’s I began learning about my cycle from way of becoming attuned to our own seasons and
a hormonal perspective first, and later, a spiritual monthly cycles.
perspective that catapulted me into the rich, divinely
feminine and mysterious world of women’s wisdom. For I invite you to use the information in this guide in
nearly a decade I have carefully tracked my own cycle, whatever way feels true for you. Welcoming you
as well as researched and gathered wisdom from as as you blossom into a new phase of wise and aware
many sources on the topic of menstruation, hormones, womanhood.
birth and loss, fertility and menopause as I could get my
hands on.

Hormones & Your Cycle
During your monthly cycle, the body goes through a series After a longer period of stress like a divorce, breakup,
of hormonal shifts which affect your mood, hunger, sleep miscarriage, car accident, job loss or a death, you may
and more. In the first half of your cycle, your estrogen and find yourself struggling with fatigue, acne, weight
progesterone are both at their lowest peaks. As you enter gain or mood imbalances. Overtime, and through
the first week of your cycle (the first day of your cycle is the this guide, you’ll have access to stress management
day you start to bleed), your estrogen begins to rise. As you and hormone balancing suggestions that will support
move into the second half of your cycle, your progesterone you in gently nourishing yourself back into hormonal
levels rise to a peak. As they taper down, you then begin to harmony. Reference the herbal guide for suggested
bleed. herbs, flowers and plants to work with on your
Think of estrogen and progesterone as your sex and beauty
hormones. These hormones, along with others, are the
leaders of the beauty and comfort department. In other
words, they’re responsible for feeling good in your skin,
keeping your breasts supple and plump, your skin clear, and
your moods balanced.

Stress hormones like cortisol are also important for

maintaining energy and getting things done, however
when you’re under stress for long periods of time your
body may begin producing more cortisol than it should.
Under stress, the body may respond as though it’s under
threat. In response, progesterone can convert to cortisol
because survival overrides the body's need for beauty. Our
bodies rationalize that it is better to survive and be in a
bad mood than it is to have clear skin and be dead. The
endocrine system is intelligent and yet rather unfair in that
progesterone can convert to cortisol, but has no reverse
function. 33
The Four Seasons of a Woman’s Cycle

With seasonal charting, we reference each week of the I’m going to share each of the four seasons with you
cycle with one of the four seasons. Winter time is when and the characteristics of that season in a similar way
you’re bleeding, the week after you’ve finished bleeding the Archetypes are referenced. You can adopt both
you enter Spring, Summer is the week of ovulation, and of these frames as a reference to your own cycle, or
Fall is your premenstrual week. As our inner seasons shift, choose one that resonates most with you. I tend to
so do our emotions, moods, cravings and desires. I think vacillate between the archetypes and the seasons, with
one of the most exciting benefits of understanding our the seasons holding a special place in my heart.
personal monthly cycles is that we no longer find ourselves
unintentionally operating outside of our monthly design.

When I was younger, if I was in my summer phase

(ovulation time) and feeling quite flirty and playful, I would
schedule an outing for one or two weeks ahead with friends
and plan to do something more extroverted. When the time
would roll around, I would already be in my fall or winter
phase and didn’t feel like being out or around people at
all! This was frustrating for me, and yet I hadn’t yet made

the connection between my own inner seasons and what
was happening. Once I began tracking my cycle, these
frustrations came to a close. Now, my social calendar along

with my work and relationships are all structured around
my cycle. Having this wisdom is liberating! Knowing our
cycle strengthens our ability to trust our decisions and
honor our commitments to ourselves and others.

Winter, or the Crone/Wise Woman phase, begins on menstrual huts or tents to renew and tune in to the
Day 1 of your moon time. This is the first day you begin spirit world.
bleeding, and it’s week one of your cycle.
As a woman moves into her inner winter, she might
Winter is a time of inward reflection, a time of find it irritating when family members, partners or
metaphorical death. friends are asking her to “do things” for them during
this phase. Winter is not a time to give to others, but to
The bleeding phase of your cycle is the time where ourselves. Learning to be self-loving during this time is
your energy and hormones are at an all time low. Most the healthiest behavior we can adopt for ourselves and
women when left to their own devices will take more our families. I like taking baths, having movie nights
rest on the first few days of their moon time. at home with my partner, spending the days alone
Hibernation and rest are two qualities that accurately creating or writing/reading in bed, sleeping, and being
characterize what this phase is about for a woman, but in nature.
there’s also a spiritual element woven in. According to KEYWORDS / PHRASES: INWARD, PEACE AND QUIET,
ancient women’s wisdom, the winter phase, or wise REST, COMFORT, CEREMONY, NURTURANCE, SPACE,
woman/crone phase is a time when the veil between SAFE AND COZY, SELF-CARE, SENSITIVITY, WISDOM,
worlds becomes thinner. A woman on her moon is said CREATIVITY, LETTING GO.
to be more powerful and have deeper access to her own
wisdom. In more ancient times, women would separate
from the men during their bleeding time to gather in

Ahhh spring phase! This also represents the Maiden or KEYWORDS/PHRASES: REBIRTH, RENEWAL, FRESH-
Goddess Archetype. Spring is the second week of your START, PRODUCTIVE, FOCUSED, INDEPENDENT,
Think rebirth, renew, fresh-start, cleansed, energized
and happy. As a woman moves into her inner Spring
phase, she’s ready to get back into the world slowly and
take on new projects, start planning and organizing
her month. Inner Spring is a re-emerging after a period
of hibernation from the world. During this phase, the
hormone estradiol (an estrogen) is rising and energy
levels start making a come back. This is an optimal
time to dedicate focused time to projects, reading and
researching, learning, and performing physical tasks. You
might find this is the best time to move, or to take on
a challenge. I personally find myself wanting to spend
more time alone working during this time so I can get
into the zone.

Summer phase is when things begin to heat up –
literally and metaphorically. Represented by the
Empress/Mother, this is third week of the menstrual
cycle, where ovulation occurs.

A woman with a 29.5 day cycle may ovulate on the 14th

day, though some will ovulate a bit earlier or later. I KEYWORDS/PHRASES: OUTWARD AND EXPRESSIVE,
ovulate on day 17 for example, and my cycle varies from FLIRTY, CREATIVE, PLAYFUL, COMMUNITY-FOCUSED,
29.5 to 33 days. During the summer phase or mother
phase, a woman’s energy is more expressive and outward. SPACE FOR OTHERS.
She may feel more social, and this is a great time to focus
on community building, nurturing relationships, hosting,
cooking or being of service for others. Summer week
is the most enjoyable time for taking care of children,
offering friends support and having lots of delicious sex
with your partner, with caution of course, because while
pleasure is heightened at this time, so is your fertility. Oh
and by the way, some research suggests that ovulation is
the best time to ask for what you want – whether that be
from your partner, or asking for a raise at work.

Fall is the fourth week of your cycle where things Choosing consciously to acknowledge this inward phase
start winding down. This phase is represented by the is a courageous act of self-love. When a woman listens
Priestess archetype. to her body during the Fall or Wild Woman/Priestess
phase, she may be full to the brim with inspiration,
A woman might notice herself feeling more inward and find herself more inclined to dedicate her waning
at this time. She may become agitated by excessive energy towards pursuing creative ideas. This is a
demands placed upon her, craving more spaciousness wonderful time to nurture one’s own creative insights,
and time alone. As an entrepreneur, I schedule my life write poetry, draw, come up with strategic ideas for
according to my cycle. I purposefully schedule days off your business or career, and assert yourself.
leading up to my cycle, dedicating time to my self-care.
I encourage the women I coach and mentor to do the KEYWORDS/PHRASES: LOWER ENERGY, HORMONES
same. If we disown our own needs, PMS may intensify ARE DIPPING, NEED MORE SPACE, ASK LESS OF
and wreak havoc in our lives. ME, I DON’T WANT TO GIVE RIGHT NOW, MOODY,
There are many practitioners of women’s health CREATE, LESS COORDINATED, MENTALLY CREATIVE,
who propose that PMS is symptomatic of our times. LESS PHYSICALLY ACTIVE, HEIGHTENED CREATIVITY,
While we can attempt to ignore our body's needs, our
body talk often gets louder as a result and manifests
as extreme irritability and fatigue, among other

Philosophy of the Partner Guide
We all seek to be understood, and yet at THE FIRST EDITION OF MY OWN “VISUAL MAP”
times we may assume our partners should
understand us without us having to explain
anything! We’ve all caught ourselves saying
“you should have known!” If our romantic
partners are men, they are very removed
from the experience of being a woman with
a drastically different hormonal system.
While our cycle changes week by week, the
variances in the male hormonal cycle is ever
so slight - with testosterone being at the
wheel for most of their adult years.

Historically, my partners have been curious

about my cycle. My current partner is an
active participant who has learned my cycle
so well he can almost name what phase
I’m in based on whether or not I find his
jokes particularly funny or offensive that When I presented my Beloved with this creative
particular day. visual map, he suggested it would be especially
helpful to have a more linear guide. Given his more
While not all partners will be as masculine approach to life, that made perfect
enthusiastic as this, it’s fair to say that sense to me. Depending on your partner, you may
without taking the first step to involve choose to make a creative map of your cycle for
them, they may not know they’re welcome pleasure purposes, and offer a more linear guide
to participate at all! for your partner in list format.

Creating the Partner Guide
Making a partner guide can be fun during our bleeding time If you find you’re not quite sure what you want to give
when all we feel like doing is being in bed and moving some and receive each week of your cycle, that’s perfectly fine.
creative energy. In this case, you want to start by going into observation
mode by using the Mystic Moon Calendar over the next few
Creating this guide to my personal seasons challenged me cycles and recording your thoughts and feelings. Do you
to think about what feels truly nourishing and supportive feel like cozying up and watching movies around the same
to receive each week of my cycle, and also set boundaries time every month? When do you feel energetic and active?
around what doesn’t work for me during others. For example, Are there times of the month you become more sensitive
I put “being rushed” as a “dislike” under every week of my to criticism or crave gentleness, while other times of the
cycle as a comedic hint to my partner. month you enjoy it when your partner is more aggressive in
a playful way? These are all good things to notice!

WEEK 1: Winter WEEK 2: Spring WEEK 3: Summer WEEK 4: Fall

What I’m feeling: Tired, What I’m feeling: focused, What I’m feeling: playful, What I’m feeling: scattered,
introverted, cuddly creative, connected flirty, giving impatient, inward

What I need: What I need: What I need: What I need:

What I want: What I want: What I want: What I want:

Self-care ideas: Self-care ideas: Self-care ideas: Self-care ideas:

Communication run me a bath during my winter phase”, or “When you plan
a romantic date night for us during my Summer phase, I feel
& so special!” Incentivizing our partners by telling them how
their actions make us feel rather than simply asking them to

Expectation meet a need makes them feel useful.

If you’re in partnership with a man, feeling useful is usually

a very important incentive. Men are much less likely to do
something, if they don’t understand how it’s going to fix,
solve, or help something/someone.
Asking for what we want can be scary and
confronting. It’s not possible to have all of our needs Along with communication, accepting that our desires
met by our partners, and at times, clarifying what should not be tied to expectations will save us from a lot
our needs are can give us a greater picture of what of heartache. We most often feel let down when we had an
we need to set up for ourselves in terms of self-care. expectation that a need would be met and then wasn’t.
When asking our partner to meet our needs, we Let your partner show up for you in the ways you’ve
also have to accept that sometimes they won’t be requested in their own time and their own way. Allow
able to, or maybe they won’t want to meet those yourself to sink into these moments with gratitude without
specific needs. Employing graceful strategies for keeping score. Clarify your desires, and then create a self-
expressing our needs clearly and gently is a skill care plan that creates space for you to nourish, honor and
worth cultivating in relationship. care for yourself.
It’s amazing what happens when you learn how Anytime our partners aren’t able or willing to meet a certain
to ask for what you want in a way that inspires need for love or affection, it’s an opportunity for us to gently
someone to meet your needs! Communicating your mother ourselves, and to connect with our inner-child.
needs and desires from a place of non-attachment
will allow your partner to choose what feels good
for them to give, without feeling pressured or
experiencing your request as a demand.

Statements such as “I feel so loved when you offer to

Inner Seasons Visual Map
by Heather Pennell

Art and healing go hand in hand. Taking time to create a

HEATHER'S VISUAL MAP visual map of your cycle is both a personal healing process,
and an informative one. Remember, you don't need a partner
to do this process. To start, it's all about you.

Begin by tracking your cycle using the Mystic Moon Calendar.

From there you'll notice your own unique personal cycles and
rhythms that repeat themselves every month.

I recommend that you create this map at a point in your cycle

when your creative energy is high. I drew mine on Day 9
during my Maiden/Spring/Pre-Ovulation phase.

Allow yourself to get messy with this! As you'll notice,

Sheleana's visual map and mine are very different in style and
energy. There is no 'correct' way to create this work of art.
What's most important is that you enjoy the process.

Begin with a circle - this represents the cyclical nature of both

life and our womb phases.

Segment off four sections for each of the four phases. Write
down the approximate length of each phase, the key words,
and specific feelings and or desires you have during that time.

Remember, this can look however you want it to. If you want
to add color, more keywords, or visual representations of your
cycle, go for it!
Written by Angela Willard, Clinical Herbalist
and Owner at Harmonic Arts Herbal
herbal guide
In this herbal guide, you’ll find resources and suggestions have an effect. With dedication and commitment, I have
for natural herbal remedies to some of the most common personally eliminated symptoms such as PMS and fatigue
symptoms in relation to your cycle. *Please use herbs with with herbs like Ashwagandha and Vitex and high-fat grass-
great caution, be sure to consult a physician prior to taking fed animal foods.
on a new protocol, and be extra cautious if you are on any
Each of these plants/herbs and flowers correlate with
pharmaceutical medications.*
the seasons of the moon. We selected these herbs based
Plants are medicine, and should be taken with great care on how their properties and availability interact with
and intention. Herbal medicine varies in effect from the seasons of the calendar. You’ll notice the drawings in
person to person, so working closely with an herbalist may each month of the Mystic Moon Calendar include one
be supportive in finding which herbs work well for you or both of the herbs for each month. You may choose to
individually. interact with these herbs by drinking them in a tea, taking
the tincture if the properties align with your needs, or by
Unlike quick fixes, herbs may take 3-6 months to truly simply foraging some and placing a twig, leaf or flower on
your altar. The intention with these herbs and flowers is to
bring nature into union with the moon. - Sheleana Aiyana
USNEA: Deep earth energetics and protective
medicine are bound within this old, slow growth
lichen. It is used and celebrated for its strength in
protection against pathogens.
FORSYTHIA: Brings bright yellow cheer to your soul
during the coldest and darkest winter months.
Bring a fresh bouquet into your home and let
these flowers light you up from within.
BALM OF GILEAD: The poplar bud is warming and
soothing to painful bruises, cuts, and toothaches.
It’s familiar scent will have you celebrating it’s
return year after year.

WITCH HAZEL: This tree’s astringent properties

keep damp, weeping conditions dry, and tonifies
loose tissues. Use it's gifts to lift leaky energy up
and back to your center.

HELLEBORE: The name denotes it's ability to uplift
spirits from darker depths, blooming during winter
months when the beauty of flowers is so greatly

CEDAR TIPS: Helps to keep our lungs clean and

clear by simply taking a walk through the forest
and breathing in it’s medicine, or using the tips in
a warm cup of tea.

NETTLE: Deep nourishment comes with these
mineral-rich plants, something our bodies greatly
need after nature’s natural time of famine. Feasting
on this plant will surely be followed by a grounded

CHERRY BLOSSOM: Light, fresh, and full of

sweetness - these blooms bring a renewed sense
of hope and wonder, marking spring's incubation
period of young, new life.

HORSETAIL: This plant belongs to an ancient class
of botanicals that are among the oldest on earth.
It seems appropriate that it is one of our best
plant infusions to build bones, as its silica content
is a key mineral for dense, healthy bones.

ELDERFLOWER: The cluster of tiny and delicate,

soft, white flowers brings with them dreams of
fairy worlds and mystical places. Use this flower as
a gateway to your sacred internal world.

MINT: The flavour and scent this plant gives brings
a sense of uplifted wellness in all areas of mind,
body, and spirit. It grows in abundance to share it’s
medicine, brightening life’s perspective.

ST.JOHN’S WORT: Soothes frayed nerves,

emotionally and physically - ahhh! This plant
captures the sunshine really well, so preserving
it to save for winter months makes for a valuable
seasonal ally.

BULL KELP: Fluid and flexible, the high mineral
content found in this seaweed will help share
these properties with you and your body. Choosing
kelp as a part of your diet is one of the best things
you can add in nutritionally for good health.

ROSE: Light, fresh, and full of sweetness; these

blooms bring a renewed sense of hope and
wonder, marking spring's incubation period of
young, new life.
REISHI: This medicinal mushroom plugs your
nervous system into the rhythm of mother earth
herself. Soothing, calming, grounding, and centering
are the virtues Reishi imbues.

BORAGE: This flower is like stardust, illuminating

hopes, dreams, and everything in between! Call on
borage to shine light on your path of purpose.

YARROW: Bittersweet flavours work to keep the
digestive tract on-track, while building strength of
body and spirit. Yarrow sheds that which does not
serve us, and helps absorb that which does.

RED CLOVER: Round, succulent, nectar-filled

flowers share their sensual essence with women
that are in their reproductive years and beyond.
This flower will help to nourish the seed of your
creative heart.

OREGON GRAPE ROOT: Protects the body from
external pathogens, while strengthening the body’s
ability to remove undesirable elements through it’s
fortifying actions on the liver.

CHANTERELLE: Fall’s forest flowers are revealed

through the mushroom kingdom, and the Chanterelle
is their Queen! She provides an eloquent expression
of nourishing all of her loved ones that come to
appreciate her annual appearance, scrumptious
texture, and delicious flavour.
DEVIL’S CLUB: Strong, sovereign, and self sufficient,
this kingly plant provides a rock for your feminine
nature to lean on. It nourishes overactive adrenals,
energizes one’s whole being, and brings balance to
misaligned health choices.

HAWTHORN BERRIES: Open-hearted medicine,

encouraging vulnerable choices and ways of
showing up in the world that merit rewards
returned manifold - this is just the dose of
courage we need.
LICORICE FERN: Warming and dispersing to the
channel of the lungs, this plant helps light the fire
within to resolve states of grief often held deeply
over winter months.

ROSEHIPS: Sweet and tart, these hips hold the seeds

of rose-love power that can conquer the greatest
of fears. Plant rosehips in your intentions, in your
body, and in the earth, to overcome the enduring
challenges we face during these times.

Premenstrual Syndrome
Liver support is key in minimizing premenstrual discomfort. Focus on herbs that help the body
cleanse itself of environmental toxins and build liver health such as dandelion, burdock, oregon
grape, medicinal mushrooms, and kelp. Also ensure your body is receiving the optimal amounts of
magnesium and B vitamins.

As premenstruation is a natural time in one’s cycle to go in and slow down, nervine herbs are also
great allies to soothe the emotions and calm the body. Passionflower, lemon Balm, lavender, and
valerian are both soothing and have a lovely aroma to be enjoyed in tea.

Try making a hot infusion with your chosen herbs to incorporate a sense of slowing down and
taking the time to enjoy the ritual of communing with a cup of tea. You can do this by steeping the
dried herbs in just boiled water for 5-10 minutes, strain, and sip!
Two primary factors to minimize cramping is to keep inflammation at bay, and
encourage energy flow through the feminine matrix of the womb with uterine tonics.
An anti-inflammatory diet, along with anti-inflammatory herbs such as tumeric and
balm of gilead are two of such tonics. Yarrow is an anti-inflammatory herb that is
also a uterine tonic, a great choice for addressing chronic menstrual cramping. Both
cinnamon and ginger reduce inflammation while increasing blood flow and oxygen to
the uterus.

Try adding 1-2 tsp of Turmeric daily to your meals to benefit from its anti-
inflammatory effects. Ginger and cinnamon make delicious teas and you may like to
consider taking yarrow in tincture form due to its strong, bitter flavour.

Hot Flashes
Phytosterols found in hops and red clover can Black cohosh, ideally used in tincture form, is also
offer support to the hormonal shifts that happen an effective choice for minimizing hot flashes. You
in women during the transition from reproductive can also create a spritzer to have on hand when hot
to elder years. They are helpful in balancing flashes do arise, to help cool things down in the
out the peaks and valleys hormones go through moment.
during menopausal transition that contribute to
potentially uncomfortable hot flashes. Add a 8-10 drops of cooling essential oils such as
mint, rosemary, or clary sage to a spritzer bottle full
Both hops and red clover make wonderful of distilled water. Alternatively, adding mint tea
infusions, which you can let infuse for longer to the bottle can work too (the shelf life of the tea
periods of 8-10 hours. If you prefer your drinks hot, spritzer will last about a week if stored in the fridge).
gently reheat after straining to enjoy as a tea. You Spray the spritzer on your face and around your
can also use the liquid as a base for cold drinks, head when experiencing hot flashes.
smoothies and soups.
It is important to be aware of any potential eleuthero, and fo-ti work to energize the body,
underlying infections, food sensitivities, or maintain hormonal balance, aid with physical
environmental toxins when addressing fatigue recovery, and deeply nourish the body.
issues. Given that the possibility of such
offending issues has been addressed, there are Using one of these herbs on it’s own, or a blend
herbs that can help energize our bodies and lift of them on a regular daily basis, over at least a
our spirits. full moon cycle helps create noticeable and long-
lasting benefits. I prefer to use these herbs in
Adaptogens, a class of herbs that nourish the powdered form, so that I am inspired daily to add
adrenals and help stabilize energy levels, help to them in smoothies, soups and sauces, or simply
address long-term low fatigue. Rhodiola, maca, mixed into a mug of boiled water.

Mood Swings
When there is challenge in maintaining stable Balancing blood sugar is another important factor in
moods, supplementing with B6 and Magnesium mood swings. In addition to blood sugar stabilizing
can help establish a greater sense of well being. diets (high fiber, protein, fat, and low sugar)
Using Vitex on its own in tincture form at 1 tsp cinnamon and devil’s club are great blood sugar
daily can help many feel more balanced with their stabilizers. Add cinnamon regularly to your meals
moods. It generally has a very positive effect on and tea, or use devil’s club tincture before meals.
stabilizing moods.

It is important to know, however, that Vitex can

have a depressing effect on a small percentage of
people, so if you do find that when taking Vitex you
feel worse, discontinue use.

Irregular Cycles
When working with regulating your cycle,
rhythmic living plays a strong role. Living in
rhythm with the seasons of the sun and moon
provides the body a framework in which to
reflect its own processes. Acne
Some herbs that help to promote rhythm within
are vitex, motherwort, schisandra, and white What the skin reveals is a window into how our
peony. They are all greatly feminine, promoting bodies are doing.
female hormonal health and harmony to the
cyclical beings that we are. Yellow dock and dandelion can help with the liver
and digestive support that is required to help the
Try working with one of these herbs, body keep an equilibrium of health.
incorporating it into your daily rhythm for a
period of 3 months to optimize its regulating Rosemary helps to emulsify, process, and absorb
impact in your body. Take them in tincture form good fats.
so that you are able to conveniently use this
Licorice works to balance hormones and keep
medicine each day.
inflammation down. Try blending these herbs dried
and using this for tea.

Seaweeds used both topically and internally offer

the body mineralized nourishment and skin
cleansing properties. Try applying a mask made of
powdered seaweed mixed with clay and water to
cleanse and feed your skin.

Feelings of anxiousness need to be grounded
down with a sufficient amount of minerals.
Nutritive herbs are high in minerals, providing
the nervous system with the factors it needs to
function properly.
Nettles, oat tops, alfalfa, and red clover are all
highly nutritive herbal options. With nutritive To help your body relax after a day that keeps your
herbs, it is best to take as an infusion, pouring wheels turning late into the night, hops, valerian,
boiled water over the herbs and letting sit and chamomile teas can be turned into a relaxing
overnight, then straining out the herbs before bedtime ritual.
During the day, taking milk thistle, dandelion, and
Nervines can soothe the sensitive response that turmeric can all help to ease digestion, and detoxify
provokes anxiety. Skullcap, valerian, hops, and your liver. Taking care of your liver can greatly
lemon balm are compassionate plant friends enhance your quality of sleep, as well as keep you
that calm body and mind. from waking up throughout the night.

A woman's fertility is influenced by an intricate Female uterine tonics and hormone-balancing
mix of bodily and spiritual components. When herbs that contribute to healthy reproductive
looking to enhance fertility, there are some systems are shatavari, vitex, white peony, and
key elements to explore. For example, food schisandra. There are more specific herbs that
sensitivities, tissues blocking the reproductive would be chosen for specific fertility concerns;
channel (such as an endometrial scar), and however, the above list are great choices for overall
exposure to endocrine disruptors can prevent fertility health.
Creating a tea blend with these herbs can be a
If you have been trying to conceive for a year wonderful way to ritualize a daily rhythm of tuning
or more, it is recommended that you work in and slowing down to allow your body to get into
alongside a fertility specialist (wholistic or a receptive state.
conventional, depending on your preference)
to address any underlying issues that are
preventing conception.

The most important factor when first trying to

conceive is in allowing a level of surrender to the
process. The more planning that is fixed on the
process, the harder it becomes on the body to be
in it's relaxed, natural state that allows nature to
take its course.

Blood Builders
Some signs that may indicate the need for Keep in mind that using food as medicine is the
blood builders are: hair loss, restless fatigue, first approach to healing health issues. Be mindful
irritability, dizziness, numb hands and feet, of incorporating low glycemic whole foods,
palpitations, or prickly skin and scalp. The most sufficient high quality proteins, healthy fats, lots
commonly used herb to help tonify and build of fiber, plant based, locally-sourced, non GMO,
the blood is Angelica, also known as dong quai, heirloom sources, mineral-rich meals, with as
and is effective in either tea or tincture form. much hand and heart into preparing it as you can
bring in!
In order to build iron levels, yellow dock and
nettles are our best herbal options, along with * These suggestions do not replace the direct
chlorella. An infusion of these herbs is best. guidance of a skilled and qualified health
Chlorella comes in the form of chewable tablets practitioner.
or dissolvable powder.

Eating nori seaweed is also a great choice to

nourish the blood.

Written by Sheleana Aiyana,
Creator of Rising Woman
Nutritional Support
Hormonal Balance
Hormonal harmony greatly depends on the quality of our
nutrition and supplementation. Our moods, energy levels, • 1-2 HANDFULS OF GREENS LIKE
skin, health, libido, and fertility are all governed by our COLLARD GREENS, CHARD OR KALE
endocrine system. COOKED IN 1 TBSP. COCONUT OIL, GHEE,
Whenever a woman is struggling with her cycle, the first • OPTION TO ADD 1 TBSP. SEAWEED
place to look is diet. Healthy fats are the most common BLEND LIKE THE SEA VEGGIE BLEND
missing link for women who are experiencing hormonal FROM HARMONICARTS.CA
imbalance or irregularities. • 2 EGGS, SOFT POACHED
Fat and cholesterol are needed to support the proper • 1 TBSP. SAUERKRAUT
production of hormones that keep us in optimal health. I like
to follow the 80/20 rule - with the majority of my diet being (FOR THOSE WITH ADRENAL FATIGUE, YOU
made up of healthy fats, proteins and carbs, and the other
20% is flexible.
Many women report feeling a lot better when they eliminate
gluten from their diets entirely. Dairy can also contribute
Try consuming breakfast before having any
to inflammation in the body unless it’s coming from a raw,
stimulants like green tea or coffee.
unpasteurized source with the exception of organic, grass-
fed butter. The idea here is to crowd out the “bad foods” with
the good foods.

Healthy Options

• Good fats from grass-fed meats, butter, ghee or
• Sugar
coconut oil, avocado and nuts/seeds
• Dyes
• Daily cooked greens. It’s important to cook your
dark leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables as their • Gluten
raw components can put stress on your thyroid and
digestive system. • Dairy (especially if you’ve never tried elminiating it
before and you’re having uncomfortable symptoms
• Lots of veggies with your cycle)
• Honey, maple syrup, dates or stevia as sweetener • Grain-fed meats
• Excessive caffeine
• Drinking enough purified water (try to avoid tap
water if possible) • Eating late (less than 2 hours before bedtime)

• Tea instead of coffee later in the day • Whenever I’ve faced the task of overcoming adrenal
fatigue or hormonal imbalance, I start by optimizing
• Having healthy snacks on hand my breakfast. The recipe on the previous page is a
great example of a healthy breakfast option.
• Identifying which herbs or supplements may be
supportive to you at this time

Balancing Foods
Overall, these are some of the most supportive foods and supplements to be consuming
to nourish your cycle into harmony. These all contribute to healthier, clear skin, more
balanced hormones, and healthier detox pathways.

Collagen protein

Cooked leafy greens/cruciferous veggies


Egg yolks (pastured/cage-free)

Bone broth
Oil Cycling
Liquid mineral supplementation
Oil cycling is a way to influence your body's hormone
Fats from cold-water fish, grass-fed meat production. Fish oils work with estrogen production in
Grass-fed butter, ghee and avocados. the first half of your cycle while borage/primrose work
with progesterone production in the second half of
Grass-fed meats your cycle.

Probiotics Approx. Day 1-14 Follicular Phase: Fish Oils

Approx. Day 15-29 Luteal Phase: Borage/Primrose Oil

Deep Healing
Every woman will experience an abortion or miscarriage wrong or unacceptable to remember or have feelings
in her own way. There’s no right or wrong way to feel about a loss, long after the fact. It’s perfectly healthy,
before, during or after a loss whether it was planned or normal and ok to remember your loss forever - that was a
unexpected. During an experience of loss, you deserve to life you carried in your body. Ceremony is a way to close
be cared for and nourished on every level. the event and honor the memory, while allowing ourselves
to let go of the painful emotions and transform the
We sometimes forget that even after a loss, there is still a experience into something that feels safe to remember.
postpartum period. A loss is still a birth event, mirroring
a full-term birth in more ways than not. In addition to Postpartum depression and feeling stuck in grief can
nourishment through foods, herbs and supplementation, sometimes be a result of feeling unsupported through a
it’s especially important to have support from people in loss. Finding people to talk to, or connecting with a full-
your community who will honor your experience free spectrum doula and holding some sort of completion
from judgement or pressure to conform to how others ceremony can be immensely healing for the psyche.
believe you “should feel”.

Gentleness and self-love are required in high-doses to

navigate a loss, and resources along with a good support
system make a world of difference postpartum. For
myself, and many other women, having a completion
ceremony is a beautiful way to pay homage to the deep
"There’s no right or
and memorable experience of loss. Giving ourselves
permission to store the memory of our loss in our hearts wrong way to feel"
frees us from the usual expectation that we should
forget about our loss, or hold onto the memory like a
dark secret. I find it rather striking how many women
have been programmed to believe that it’s somehow
Women have been managing their fertility since the dawn of time. Through our culture, we
have been trained to feel guilt and shame surrounding a planned loss. However, as a full-
spectrum doula, and having experienced abortion in my own life, I believe it's important
to recognize these events as normal - albeit difficult - parts of the fertility journey. In my
training with midwife Molly-Dutton Kenny, she emphasized that abortion is not unlike
miscarriage, in fact they are the exact same physiological process in the body. Another term
for miscarriage is “spontaneous abortion." While one is planned and another is unplanned,
the physical experience as well as the emotions that follow can be often be very similar.

While medical and surgical abortion are new, managing our fertility through herbs and
other means is not. Abortion can be traced back to 4,000 years ago. I found this timeline
4,000 years for choice to be quite fascinating. There need be no excuse for why you
chose to have an abortion - simply not wanting to be pregnant is reason enough. While
some women will experience deep sadness and grief throughout their abortion, others
may simply feel relieved or even feel their experience was beautiful.

As an advocate for gentle birth, my desire is for women to be informed of their options
to experience loss in the safe setting of their home, supported by loved ones without
unnecessary medical intervention.

Please connect with Sheleana Aiyana if you’re in need of

support at any stage before or after your abortion.

Miscarriage can be an incredibly emotionally painful and stressful time for many. For some
women, it may be a relief. As with all matters of fertility, there is no right way to feel about a
loss. Feelings of guilt and shame or questioning what we “did wrong” may overwhelm us in
the initial stage of our miscarriage if the pregnancy was wanted. However, during the first
month of pregnancy the baby isn’t impacted by what you consume/eat or drink. This is an
important note for any woman who might be feeling guilty about what she did before she
found out she was pregnant. Miscarriage can happen for a variety of reasons, such as an issue
with the formation of the placenta, or a genetic abnormality.

While miscarriage is often depicted as rapid and dangerous, the reality is miscarriage can
often be a slow process, and safely managed at home without intervention.

Resources we highly recommend for further miscarriage and postpartum support:

Molly Dutton-Kenny

Jessica Austin of BirthTakesaVillage

or Contact Sheleana Aiyana directly

Nutrition for Abortion, Miscarriage, Postpartum
by Angela Willard

During this time, the female body needs support an infusion of these herbs is ideal so that the
in rebuilding and regaining it's strength. We minerals have enough time to absorb into the
work with uterine tonics, nutritives, nervines, water over a period of 8-10 hours.
and blood builders to nourish her body back to
Cramp bark is an important herb to have on hand
to help with any uterine discomfort and cramping
Motherwort is a favoured choice, as it is both that may occur. Keep a tincture close by when
calming to the nervous system and uterotonic. It your moon time is approaching to help reduce
does not have a palatable taste in tea, so using it pain.
as a tincture is usually the preferred choice.
Chamomile tea is a simple and effective nervine
Raspberry leaf is a great nutritive and uterine to calm the nervous system throughout a stressful
tonic. Nettle combines well with raspberry time. Sometimes the most gentle herbs offer the
leaf for its nutritive properties, and drinking greatest strength.

Seaweeds are a great choice to lift your mood, as wort works with optimal neurotransmitter levels,
their combination of dense nutrients along with hawthorne with the happiness and health of the
the iodine for thyroid support helps to boost heart, and rhodiola with the body’s resilience. Try
momentum in the body, thus helping to move working with one at a time based on what you feel,
emotion. or combine them to have a more rounded approach.

St. John’s wort, hawthorne, and rhodiola can all Increasing regular, swift movement helps to move
contribute to a sense of contentedness. St. John’s stuck feelings that add to the weight of sadness.

Menopause & The Crone Phase
Menopause is the final stage of a woman’s fertility A woman could not be a shaman until she was past
journey. Over centuries, this sacred phase of life has menopause in these cultures.” - Christiane Northrup,
been misrepresented and demonized. Society has long Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
adopted beliefs about menopause, casting a woman
in her menopausal years in the role of the evil witch, All of this is not to discount the severity of symptoms
the angry old hag and so on. How far we have strayed many women experience during the transition into
from the true beauty of menopause! In truth, the Wise menopause, nor to deny the obvious discomfort these
Woman or Crone years of a woman’s life are rich with hormonal shifts can produce. Armed with a deeper
mystery and discovery. understanding of what this phase represents and proper
self-care practices and holistic therapies, a woman
Author of the Wisdom of Menopause, Christiane will have a better chance of blossoming into her Wise
Northrup, describes menopause as a long-awaited Woman years rather than thrashing through them for a
opportunity to become self-focused. Our hormonal decade or longer.
landscape has shifted from driving us to constantly be
prioritizing the needs of children and family first, to The Wise Woman or Crone Phase represents a true
allowing us the freedom internally to relax into ourselves coming home to oneself. Entering a stage of life that
on a deeper level than previous phases of our lives as is self-focused, new hobbies, skills or dreams once
women. abandoned are now on the altar of choice.

“The role of the postmenopausal woman is to go forth

and reseed the community with her concentrated KEYWORDS:
kernel of truth and wisdom. In some native cultures, SELF-CARE, SELF-FOCUSED, NEW HOBBIES, INWARD, WISDOM,
menopausal women were felt to retain their ‘wise
blood’, rather than shed it cyclically, and were therefore RE-EXAMINING, ALIGNMENT WITH TRUTH
considered more powerful than menstruating women.

Menopause & The Crone Phase
Some spiritual practitioners believe menopause is a time To move through this phase more gracefully, it may
of realignment. A metaphorical flashlight shining light look like saying no a lot more than your loved ones are
on the areas of our lives that may need adjustment in used to. This in itself is a sticky part of the transition
order for us to live out the rest of our lives in harmony that makes menopause a trying time for others in
with our greatest truth. our lives as well. However, taking space is paramount
to feeling more grounded and at peace while these
For some women this looks like getting a divorce from
powerful internal shifts occur.
a soul-sucking marriage, for others it looks like finally
committing with both feet, or taking on a new volunteer Within the herbal guide and the resources mentioned
position that never made sense before due to time below, are ways to ease the symptoms of menopause
commitments and children, or writing a book. Whatever while embracing the medicine this honorable phase of
it is, seize the day. Menopause is not a time where life is life has to bring for a woman entering the Wise Woman
ending, but beginning in a whole new, self-focused way! years.

To honor this phase, we need to set clear boundaries

with those around us - our partners, our children,
and our colleagues. It’s no longer an option to “push RESOURCES:
through” or give more than we feel able to, as our bodies
and hormones are asking us to halt this behavior in a • HERBAL GUIDE - THE MYSTIC MOON GUIDE (PAGE
rather drastic fashion. 43)

Moving Forward
Working with the wisdom of your womb is a lifelong We invite you to join us in both deepening the
journey with no particular end point or destination. understanding of your cycle and in the sharing of your
personal experience.
Women like you have been tracking their cycles and
exploring the mysteries of their wombs for thousands of Join us today:
The Rising Woman Community
You are keeping alive an ancient tradition.
Find us on Instagram
If you choose to fully embody and embrace the teachings
you have discovered in this guide, you will inevitably Work 1 on 1 with Heather or Sheleana
find a depth of connection to your center that is Read more of our Women's Wisdom

Your boundaries will strengthen, and a new sense of ease

will be infused into your daily life.

One of the most beautiful parts of this feminine journey

is that you needn't do it alone. Every woman around you
has a story and a relationship to her cycle - be it a loving
or challenging one.

Now that you have uncovered ways to befriend your

own body, when you meet a woman who is suffering,
this is a wisdom teaching that you can pass along.

Supportive and safe communities are integral in the

health of women's lives. Love Heather & Sheleana
self illumination & lifestyle design
by the light of the moon


Forsythia & Usnea
2018 january
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Balm of Gilead & Witch Hazel
2018 february
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Hellebore & Cedar Tips
2018 march
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Cherry Blossom & Nettle
2018 april
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Horsetail & Elderflower
2018 may
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St.John’s Wort & Mint
2018 june
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Bulk Kelp & Rose
2018 july
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Reishi & Borage
2018 august
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Red Clover & Yarrow
2018 september

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october - HUNTERS MOON -
Chanterelle & Oregon Grape Root
2018 october
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november - BEAVER MOON -
Devil’s Club & Hawthorn Berry
2018 november
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december - COLD MOON -
Licorice Fern & Rosehips
2018 december
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17 18 19 20 21 22 23

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 MON 31

new blood (day 1) angry depressed

crescent crone | winter social passionate

first quarter maiden | spring introspective sexual

gibbious empress | summer creative tired

full priestess | fall sensitive energized

disseminating happy fearful cramps

last quarter sad anxious sore

balsamic calm loving migraine