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Please complete as much of this form as possible as we will use this

information to design your experiments. (Note: for items left blank, we will LC Sciences Use Only
insert information based on our successful experiences. No experiments
will begin prior to your approval.) LC Sciences Project #:      
Detailed information about your sample is critical for a successful assay. Date Received:      
Email this form to sales@lcsciences.com. We will contact you to finalize
details of the experiment(s).

Name:       Phone:      

Institution:       Email:      

[Part 1 – Objectives]

Describe the main objective(s) of the project:      

[Part 2 - Peptide Microarray Design & Contents]

Source of Sequences:       Accession #:      

Format (Check One): Tiling (AA Increment      )

Customer Design (See Below)

Other Describe:      

Maximum Length of peptides:      

(standard up to 8mer):
Design Instructions (if applicable):      

Exceptions (exclusions of synthesis):      

[Part 3 - Analyte/Sample Description & Assay Conditions]

Sample Name:       Accession #:       Mw (kDa):      

Type of Molecule: Protein Antibody DNA RNA

Enzyme Cell Lysate Serum Other      

Sample Source (organism, isolation      

Sample Description (if applicable): Length (AA)       Isoelectric Point:       Dissoc. Constant (Kd):      

Functional Tags (e.g. His, GST, Fluor      

Dye, tec.):

* Alternate Blocking Buffer: Components:       pH:       Fold Dilution Required:      

Dilution Buffer: Components:       pH:       Fold Dilution Required:      

Binding Buffer: Components:       pH:       Fold Dilution Required:      

Analyte/Sample Concentration (ng/ml):      

(standard up to 8mer):
Binding Reaction: Time:       Temperature:      

* Alternate Washing Buffer: Components:       pH:       Fold Dilution Required:      

Washing: Time:       Temperature:       Volume:      

Additional Remarks:      

* We will use LC Sciences proprietary blocking buffer and washing buffer unless you suggest an alternate.

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Peptide Microarray Service – Project Description Form

[Part 4 - Detection]

Method of Detection: Direct detection (dye labeled sample) Dye Molecule :      

Through dye labeled analyte/protein-specific antibody

Through primary antibody and dye labeled secondary antibody

Analyte/Protein-Specific Antibody (if applicable)

Antibody Name:       Accession #:       Mw (kDa):      

Antibody Type (e.g. IgG, IgM, etc):      

Antibody Immunotype (e.g. anti-GST):      

Antibody Raised From (e.g. rabbit):      

Antibody Specific For: Polyclonal Monoclonal

FAb Single-chain

Antibody Binding Constant (Kd):      

Dye Molecule (if applicable):      

Secondary Antibody (if applicable)

Suggested Secondary Antibody:      

Secondary Antibody Specific for what      


Dye Molecule: