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Work independently - as well as in a team.

University first

Ownership for actions to deliver first PoC solutions in nominated


Technical and operational knowledge

Script to process large data

One particular day earlier in the year produced a situation

Provide a specific example that demonstrates your skills and

capability to perform the duties for this role based on one or more of
the Position Description domain specific accountabilities.


In the Workspace Computing domain, I was tasked with an

additional project to collate and contact multiple years’ worth of
users licensed to a particular software to advise them about
upcoming license renewals/removals. The scope of this project was
larger than anticipated because of inconsistent data entry, and
privilege limitations (e.g. limited AD exchange privileges). This
required me to write a script to regularise data to account for
inconsistencies, and cross reference Active Directory to produce a
mail-merge friendly format for bulk communication. This script is
now re-usable for future retrieval functions.

This entire process was undertaken while simultaneously ensuring

support for Digital Collaboration and Delivery (LSS) was maintained
via answering calls, maintaining the LSS queue, and ensuring my
colleagues were available to support LSS calls.
A sample of calls supported also included requests for assistance
pertaining to Security and Access Control Support (accessing locked
lecture theatres), and Maintenance (triaging with Campus Services
to assist with electrical issues in a classroom and providing a re-
allocation of the class to another location to preserve maximal
teaching time).
This example demonstrates an ability to perform additional problem
solving-based projects while still maintaining core domain
functionalities. This was undertaken over the course of a single day.