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Rosario National High School

Sto. Rosario, Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija
School Year 2016 - 2017

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Grade 10 English 50
Grade 10 – LUNA March 8, 2017
I. SEQUENCING: Arrange the following events from “Federigo’s Falcon” to its chronological order by labelling it 1-5.

(5 points : 1 point each)
______ 1. Monna’s son had gotten ill and asked for Federigo’s Falcon.
______ 2. Federigo spent all of his money to win Monna’s affection.
______ 3. Federigo and Monna got married and lived happily for the remainder of their lives.
______ 4. Monna and her son move to their country home which happens to be close by to Federigo's home.
______ 5. Federigo became poor and all he had left was a farm and a falcon.
II. MATCHING TYPE: Match the descriptions in Column A to the characters in Column B from “The Hunchback of the Notre
Dame”. (5 points : 1 point each)
Column A Column B
6. Elected as the Pope of Fools a. Pierre
7. Leader of the King’s Archers b. La Esmeralda
8. A struggling poet and philosopher c. Quasimodo
9. A gypsy street dancer d. Frollo
10. Admires the graceful beauty of La Esmeralda e. Phoebus
III. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Read the following questions from “The Three Musketeers” carefully. Encirle the letter of the best
answer. (10 points : 1 point each)
11. Why did d'Artagnan go to Paris?
a. He applies for the royal guards.
b. He didn't like his family or where he lived.
c. He wanted to become a clerk for a bank.
d. He wanted to see the Duke of Buckingham.
12. Who were the Three Musketeers?
a. De Tréville, Richelieu, and Louis.
b. Winter, Planchet, Athos.
c. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.
d. Planchet, Grimaud, and Mousqueton.
13. Why did Queen give Duke Buckingham her diamonds?
a. She felt sorry for the Duke.
b. The Duke threatened her for them.
c. She loved the Duke.
d. The Duke asked for them to remember the conversation they had.
14. Why were d'Artagnan and the three musketeers sent to England?
a. The king wanted her to wear the diamond tags he gave her for a ball, but the tags were in England
b. the musketeers didn't have anything else to do.
c. They were going to save Milady from Lord Winter
d. They were going to warn Duke Buckingham about his planned assassination
15. Who's idea was it to have the queen wear the tags to the ball and why would he have the king do that?
a. The Cardinal, because he wanted to get the queen in trouble and expose Buckingham for assassination
b. The Cardinal because he thought the queen would look nice for a ball with them on.
c. D'Artagnan because he loved the queen and thought the tags would look beautiful.
d. Athos because he loved her and wanted the king to divorce her so Athos could have her as his new wife.
16. Was the Cardinal angry when the tags were retrieved?
a. Yes
b. No
c. The book didn't say
d. He was not sure what to feel
17. Who was the English woman that d'Artagnan met that he saw early in the story?
a. Madame Bonecieux
b. Lady Capulet
c. Milady
d. Anne of Austria
18. Why did Athos threaten Milady?
a. He wanted to kill her for being a criminal
b. He wanted the papers she signed to assassinate Duke Buckingham
c. He wanted the papers she signed to kill d'Artagnan
d. Both a and b
19. What happens to Milady on the way to England?
a. She is captured by Lord Winter
b. Her boat sinks
c. She is captured by Buckingham
d. She is captured by Felton
20. What happened to d'Artagnan after taken prisoner before the Cardinal?
a. He was sentenced to death
b. He told him the events and was promoted
c. He had a life sentence in prison
d. He told the cardinal the events and was pardoned
IV. Vocabulary: Here are statements from “A Day in The Country”. Using these statements as clues, find out the meaning of
the double underlined words. Put a check on the parenthesis of your choice. (10 points : 1 point each)
21. In Spring, before one is weary of the warmth and the monotonous green of the fields…
( ) lacks energy ( ) fascinate
22. They could wander about the world endlessly.
( ) to stop ( ) to move
23. They do not notice the frail little beggar-girl tripping after them.
( ) fragile ( ) strong
24. “As for the thunder, don’t be frightened, little orphan.
( ) terrified ( ) reassured
25. Terenty stumbles over more and more rapidly.
( ) rise ( ) trip
26. The children go for the night to a deserted barn.
( ) claimed ( ) unoccupied
27. “Don’t touch it, you might disturb them.
( ) settle ( ) interrupt
28. “The sparrow doesn’t matter; he’s a bad, spiteful bird.”
( ) nasty ( ) loving
29. They bend over the ant-heap. The insects are agitated trying to carry away their drowned companions.
( ) distressed ( ) composed
30. The dark menacing cloud has gone far away and taken the storm with it.
( ) safe ( ) hazardous
V. CASES OF PRONOUNS: Underline the correct case of pronoun in each sentence below. (5 points : 1 point each)
31. Maria and (her, she) laughed and talked well into the night.
32. (Him, He) and I just don’t seem to get along very well these days.
33. It was (her, she) who used the computer for three hours.
34. Cora handed Tom and (I, me) the employment applications.
35. Between you and (I, me), cases of pronouns can be very confusing.
VI. ESSAY: Put yourself on the shoes of each character. Choose one character that you can relate yourself into. What would
you do if you were in their situation? Your answer should be at least 3 sentences. (5pts)
 Dr. Bernard Rieux- his wife died because of the plague but continued to help others.
 Raymond Rambert- he devices a plan to escape the city to meet his lover in Paris, but became sympathetic to others and
decided to stay.
 Father Paneloux- he was a priest who used the plague to advance his stature in the town by suggesting that the plague was a
punishment from God.
 Jean Tarrou- only a vacationer on the Town but decided to help treat patients affected by the plague in their homes and in the
 Othon- his beloved son also died because of the plague, but even after his quarantine ended, he elected to stay in the camp for
it makes him feel less separated to his dead son.

VII. FILL IN THE BLANKS: Complete the lyrics of the song “What a Wonderful World”. (10 points : 1 point each)


I see trees of ________, red roses too The colors of the ________ so pretty in the sky
I see them ________for me and you Are also on the faces of ________ going by
And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I see friends shaking ________ saying how do you do
But they're really saying I love you.
I see skies of ________ and clouds of white
The bright ________ day, the dark sacred night I hear baby's ________, and I watched them grow
And I think to myself what a wonderful world. They'll ________ much more than I'll ever know
And I think to myself what a ________ world.
Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world.

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Grade 10 English Practice Teacher Grade 10 English Teacher
Sto. Rosario National High School
Sto. Rosario, Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija
School Year 2016 - 2017

Name: ________________________
Grade 8 English 50
Grade 8 – ___________ March 14, 2017

I. FACT OR OPINION: Analyse each statement carefully. Write F if the statement is a fact and write O if
the statement is an opinion. (5 points : 1 point each) 50
_____1. A calculator is a tool for performing math functions.
_____2. Chocolate pudding tastes great!
_____3. April is a month with 30 days.
_____4. Earth's largest Ocean is Pacific Ocean.
_____5. Blue is an attractive color.

II. MATCHING TYPE: Here are the characters of “Arabian Nights” particularly of “Alibaba and the Forty
Thieves. Match the descriptions on Column A to the characters in Column B. Write the letter of the
correct answer before each number. (5 points : 1 point each)

6. The Persian King who begins to marry a a. Baba Mustafa
succession of virgins only to execute each b. Cassim
one the next morning? c. Shahryar
7. The vizier's daughter, who offers herself d. Morgianna
as the next bride of the King. e. Scheherezade
8. The rich and greedy brother of Alibaba.
9. The Tailor who stitched the pieces of
Cassim's body back together.
10. The loyal slave of Ali Baba who saved him
many times.

III. ENUMERATION (8 points : 1 point each)

Give the four (4) attempts of the thieves Give the four (4) qualities Arabians should possess to
be to kill Alibaba. respected.
11. ______________________________ 15. ________________________________
12. ______________________________ 16. ________________________________
13. ______________________________ 17. ________________________________
14. ______________________________ 18. ________________________________

IV. FILL IN THE BLANKS: Complete the lines of the poem “On Falatism”. (5 points : 1 point each)

Not always 19. _________, not always force Nor want, nor 22._________ still conspires
A splendid 20. _________ commands; To bind us to a sordid state;
The lordly vulture gnaws the corpse The fly that with a touch expires
That 21.________ upon yon barren sands. Sips honey from the23. __________ plate.

V. TRUE OR FALSE: Write JELAICA if the statement is true and write JANINE if the statement is false.
(7 points : 1 point each)
__________24. A panel discussion is an example of an informative talk.
__________25. You do not have to consider your audience in informative speaking.
__________26. Educational level is under Attitudinal analysis.
__________27. Demographic analysis involves age, gender, culture, and religion.
__________28. It is not important to consider the environment of the audience if you have good voice
__________29. Using facial or other gestures is useful to indicate a wish to take a turn.
__________30. Adding to something the speaker said is not bad.

VI. IDENTIFICATION: Identify what propaganda devices are used in the following advertisements.
(5 points : 1 point each)

Card-stacking Plain Folks Soft Soap

Name-calling Glittering Generalities

__________31. No true Filipino would vote to take away our rights by outlawing hunting.
__________32. Maria Clara needs you to fight all the bullies in the world!
__________33. A brand of snack food is loaded with sugar (and calories). The commercial boasts that the product is
low in fat, which implies that it is also low in calories.
__________34. Buy Coca cola now in new King size bottle!
__________35. "Don't let those bunny huggers take away our right to hunt."

VII. CONDITIONALS: Write the correct verb to complete the following sentences. (5 points : 1 point each)
36. If you send this letter now, she (receive) _________________ it tomorrow.
37. We would help you if we (know) __________________ how.
38. If you (ask) ________________ me, I would have helped you.
39. Peggy will go shopping if she (have) _______________ time in the afternoon.
40. I would invite all my friends if we (have) _______________ a house by the beach.

IX. SEQUENCING: Arrange the following events from “The Story of Ruth” to its chronological order by labelling it 1-
5. (5 points : 1 point each)

______41. Boaz, notices Ruth and asked his workers to be kind to her and leave plenty of grain for her and her
______42.Naomi’s two sons died leaving her two daughters-in-law widows.
______43. Ruth chose to stay with Naomi and return to Bethlehem together.
______44. Ruth and Boaz got married and became the grandparents of David.
______45. Boaz helped Ruth regarding the matter of her land.

X. COMPOUND AND COMPOUND-COMPLEX SENTENCES: Underline the independent clause and double
underline the dependent clause. Identify if the sentence is complex or compound complex.
(2 points each)
_____________________46. Though Bob didn't have much money, he bought the extremely expensive car.

_____________________47. I take a walk every day while the sun sets, but it was raining today.

_____________________48. If it rains a lot, I put the chairs on the patio in the garage.

_____________________49. She likes to sleep but she can get up early if she has work.

_____________________50. We visited the museum before it closed.

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Grade 8 English Practice Teacher Grade 8 English Teacher