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Post Secondary College/University Pathway

Level 1 (50-59%) Level 2 (60-69%) Level 3 (70-79%) Level 4 (80-100%)

Needs Work Satisfactory Good – Very Good Excellent
Understanding of Lesson Content (Knowledge)
Research submitted supports a
Research explores a Little research submitted that Limited research submitted Research submitted supports an
thorough analysis of Post secondary
variety of Post supports an analysis of Post that supports an analysis of analysis of Post secondary or
or career options
Secondary Options secondary or career options Post secondary or career career options
and Careers options
Analysis is thorough, thoughtful and
that demonstrates Much more information and Analysis is thoughtful and
supports authentic consideration of
authentic analysis needed that More analysis needed that supports authentic consideration
options/requirements and career
consideration of demonstrates authentic demonstrates authentic of options/requirements and
options/requirements consideration of options/ consideration of options/ career possibilities
and career requirements and career requirements and career
possibilities possibilities possibilities

Writing conventions - Grammar, Spelling, Sentence structure (Communication)

Little care given to writing the
Consistently uses Refined writing skills demonstrated.
report. Many errors which Several writing errors Few errors throughout the report.
proper writing Very few errors.
effects the ability to read and throughout the report. Report easy to read and follow
conventions Report very easy to read.
follow the report. Needs to proof-read before information
throughout the report Information professionally
Needs to proof-read before submission
Teacher Comments: