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Chief Executive Officer

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Founded in 1973, Genesis Development is a private, 501(c)(3) rehabilitation
organization that provides support for people with disabilities. Throughout Iowa,
residential, employment, mental health, crisis intervention, transitional living services
and more are provided to over 4,300 people by nearly 500 staff members.

Genesis Development
Creates opportunities, choices and support
for people with disabilities.

Genesis Development is recognized as a dynamic leader, providing progressive and
diverse services responsive to the needs of the people served.

Integrity – Inspiring a passion for excellence by being honest and instilling trust
Teamwork – Building a culture of cooperative effort toward individual
Caring – Dedicated to an atmosphere of respect, compassion and support
Open-Mindedness – Encouraging the opinions of others, and a spirit of creativity and

Providing Services for People with Disabilities since 1973

Genesis Development programs include services in residential living, employment
and mental health.


• Socialization Skills • Domestic Skills Training
• Symptom & Behavior Management • Work Performance Skills
• Communication/Language Skills • Work Place Etiquette
• Crisis Prevention & Intervention • Employment Seeking Skills
• Use of Public Transportation • Job Retention Skills
• Financial Training & Assistance • Safety Skills Training
• Payee Services • Transition from School to Work

Supported Community Living services
are tailored to individual needs to
enable people to live in their own home
as independently as possible. Individual
or group home living options are also
offered with daily and hourly supported
community living. Group homes exist in
almost every area that a Genesis office
is located. Group homes house three to
five individuals and offer an
independent lifestyle providing
experiences in independent living while assisting individuals to achieve their
maximum potential. Hourly community living services allow individuals to live in their
own homes or apartment as independently as possible. Services are provided on an
individual basis and can work to provide training and assistance with medical, social,
daily living and financial goals.

The Discovery Program is an Genesis Employment Services is a job
opportunity for individuals to socialize placement service that specialized in
with others. Activities are available to matching people with disabilities to
provide meaningful leisure experiences employment opportunities in the
which encourage individuals to community. The objective is to identify
integrate and interact socially within vocational interests, strengths and
the community. barriers, learn job-seeking skills,
Day program develop a support network of family,
Personal growth & independence friends, and professionals, and to find
Community social integration and keep a job in the community. Staff
Community awareness assist each person in obtaining
Recreation & leisure opportunities employment matching their interests,
abilities, and needs.
EXPLORERS DAY CAMP Community employment services
The Explorer’s Day Camp for children Worksite assessments
ages 3-19 is a summer camp created Job development
to provide an organized program for Job coaching
children with disabilities during the Student transitioning services
summer months when they are not in School-to-Work vocational program

Genesis Development Behavioral Health Services provides professional and quality
mental health services including evaluation, treatment and information to assist in
achieving and maintaining optimal wellness. Comprehensive professional services

• Assessment & evaluation services • Emergency services

• Outpatient psychotherapy & • Crisis stabilization
counseling • Transitional recovery services
• Psychiatric services • Community consultation & education

The Hope Wellness Center is a safe place for individuals who may be experiencing a
mental health crisis. The Hope Wellness Crisis Center is available for individuals who
typically stay less than one week. During that time, they are connected to a network
of appropriate community resources to assist in their recovery. The Hope Wellness
Transitional Living Center provides short-term (2-3 months) housing for an individual
coming out of a placement or hospitalization who needs to redevelop skills to be
successful in the community. Individuals who are living with mental health or
disabilities are paired with a wide variety of service providers to assist them to reach
their highest levels of independence.

The Mobile Crisis Response Team provides emergency crisis assessment and
intervention services to residents in Audubon, Dallas, Greene and Guthrie counties. In
conjunction with law enforcement, the MCRT provides short-term crisis assessment
and intervention to individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Genesis Development
Transition Services offer
assistance to high schools
in their efforts to
transition students to
adult services. Genesis acts
as a resource for those
accessing adult services
through informational
presentations and by
attending individualized
educational plan meetings.

Genesis Development operates production facilities to employ its members in the
Employment Services Program. The programs address each person’s need to be
productive and gainfully employed.

Custom Boxes Online

Since 1985, custom-made corrugated boxes have been produced in Jefferson, Iowa.
The facility specializes in short runs and customizing boxes to the customer’s needs.

Commercial Textile Services

In 2006, a commercial laundry operation was opened in Indianola. The operation
focuses on the laundry service needs of the healthcare and hospitality industries. The
state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to process 3.5 million pounds of laundry per
shift per year. Clients include Des Moines Marriott Downtown, the Iowa City VA
Hospital, the Centerville Hospital and the Pella Regional Health Center.

Services Provided FY2018

Supported Community Living 308
Group Living 159
Employment Services 262
Discovery 262
Crisis Intervention 78
Transitional Living Services 31
Peer Support Center 32
Mental Health Therapy/Clinic 3,584
*Mental Health ER 52
Boone Explorers Summer Camp 12
TOTAL 4,780
*Dallas County Hospital began providing telehealth
services in the ER during this fiscal year.

Residential Locations
 Genesis Development operates 31 group homes
throughout central Iowa in Boone, Buena Vista,
Dallas, Greene, Guthrie, Madison, Pocahontas,
Poweshiek, Tama and Warren counties. Genesis
owns one home in Boone and one in Panora.
The rest are leased from local landlords.
 Genesis Development operates the Hope
Wellness Center in Woodward, IA.
 8 bed crisis intervention services with ability to do medical clearances.
Voluntary participants can stay for 3-5 days
 7 bed transitional living services. Voluntary participants can stay for 3-6 months.
 Genesis Development provides hourly Supported Community Living in Benton,
Boone, Buena Vista, Dallas, Greene, Guthrie, Madison, Pocahontas, Poweshiek,
Tama and Warren counties.

Non-Residential Locations
 Genesis Development owns a building with a warehouse in Jefferson, IA
 Administrative Offices, Employment Services, Day Habilitation, Technology,
Custom Boxes Online and Greene County Recycling are based here.
 Other buildings are leased by Genesis Development
 Adel – Administrative Offices, Employment Services and Drop-In Center
 Ames – Administrative Offices, Conference Room
 Belle Plaine – Administrative Offices
 Boone – Business Offices, Administrative Offices, Development Offices,
Employment Services, Day Habilitation
 Grinnell – Administrative Offices, Employment Services, Day Habilitation
 Guthrie Center – Administrative Offices, Employment Services, Day Habilitation
 Indianola – Administrative Offices, Employment Services, Day Habilitation,
Genesis Development Textiles
 Perry – Administrative Offices, Mental Health Services Offices
 Pocahontas – Administrative Offices
 Storm Lake – Administrative Offices, Employment Services, Day Habilitation
 Toledo – Administrative Offices, Day Habilitation
 Winterset – Administrative Offices, Employment Services, Day Habilitation

Adel, IA Belle Plaine, IA Boone, IA Jefferson, IA

Genesis Development also works with many school districts with various vocational

 AC/GC High School  Greene County High School  Pocahontas High School
 Alta-Aurelia High School  Indianola High School  Norwalk High School
 Ames High School  Panorama High School  Storm Lake High School
 Audubon High School  Paton/Churdan High School  West Central High School
 Boone High School  Perry High School  Winterset High School

Genesis Development is recognized as a dynamic leader,

providing progressive and diverse services responsive to
the needs of the people we serve.

GENESIS DEVELOPMENT - Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer will provide vision, strategic direction and operational
leadership for the organization. He or she will collaborate with the Board and
Management Team to ensure healthy department functioning, organizational
impact, and competitive advantage in the marketplace. The Chief Executive
motivates, establishes and sustains a healthy culture, mentors and develops
organizational leaders, and aligns the organization toward growth, innovation, and
the fulfillment of the Genesis Development mission.

1. Provides leadership and management to ensure that the mission, core values,
effective leadership culture, and service models of the organization are put into
a) Models healthy and positive behavior consistent with the organizational
b) Promotes a culture that reflects the organization’s values and guiding
principles, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity,
innovation, adherence to internal and external customer service principles, and
effective interpersonal abilities.
c) Stays abreast of how Genesis Development sites and affiliates experience the
organizational culture, and implements action plans, as needed, to repair and
enhance how the culture is experienced by staff or external stakeholders.
d) Creates and maintains an organizational culture that values trust, transparency,
respect, and professional growth among employees and leadership.

2. Collaborates with the Board of Genesis Development and ensures a strong,

trusting partnership with internal stakeholders.
a) Helps the Board articulate its own role and accountabilities and that of its
b) Works with the Genesis Development Board Chair to focus the Boards
attention on long-range strategic issues.
c) Keeps the Board fully informed of strategic efforts, organizational risks,
expansion opportunities, human service and not-for-profit business and service
trends, funding shifts, philanthropy development, and progress or issues with
sites and affiliates.
d) With the CFO, keeps the Board abreast of the organization’s financial position,
including providing updates related to material changes.

e) Invests time to recruit, interview, and recommend volunteers to participate on
the Board(s) and its committees.
f) Evaluates organization’s adherence to board by-laws for Genesis Development
board and makes recommendations for changes as appropriate.
g) Attends all Board meetings and committee meetings of the Genesis
Development board; coordinates the changes to committee chairs as needed.
h) Ensures the successful onboarding of board members by having quality
orientation training.

3. Responsible for driving the organization to achieve and surpass business and
service goal and objectives.
a) Collaborates with Management Team to develop and implement plans for the
operational infrastructure of systems, processes and personnel to
accommodate the service and growth objectives of the organization.
b) Directs, plans and implements policies, objectives and activities of the
organization to ensure continuing operations, to maximize returns on
investments and to increase impact and successful outcomes.
c) Spearheads the development, communication and implementation of effective
growth strategies and processes; identifies acquisition/merger or partnership
opportunities and directs implementation activities.
d) Approves the selection of sites, added services, construction of buildings, and
provision of equipment and supplies to meet company objectives.
e) Stays abreast of and reports service and funding trends that are likely to have
an impact on the organizations services and implement strategic plans to shift
service and business models to meet future needs.
f) Establishes and reinforces business and treatment service models that
demonstrates the organization is a premier provider and first choice for
partners, customers, and employees according to the services that we provide.

4. Direct and coordinate the organization’s financial and budget activities in order
to fund operations, maximize investments, maintain positive outcomes, and
increase efficiency.
a) Directs the preparation of budgets for approval by the Board, including those
for funding and implementation of programs, and manages expenditures and
costs to meet budgeted expectations.
b) Working with the CFO, optimizes the organizations banking relationships and
initiates appropriate strategies to enhance cash position.
c) Develops and monitors strategies for ensuring the long-term financial viability
of the organization.

d) Demonstrates sound knowledge of the organization’s funding streams, payer
processes, cost reporting, and government funding and reports to the board
and other stakeholders; manages the organization’s business models to meet
fiscal restraints and opportunities.

5. Motivate and lead a high-performance management team; attract, recruit and

retain required members of the Senior Leadership team; provide mentoring to
ensure the development of future executive leadership of the organization.
a) Fosters a success-oriented, trustworthy, and accountable environment within
the organization.
b) Maintains organizational commitment to training and developing leaders to be
effective and support the implementation of organizational succession
c) Continually assesses and evaluates human resource needs to meet
organizational growth and changes in service delivery and implement
structural changes to meet organizational capacity needs.
d) Provides direct supervision and evaluates work performance annually and as

6. Represent, promote and protect the reputation of the organization and its
a) Exhibits behavior in public and private that reflects the values and mission of
the organization.
b) Represents the organization and its value through various venues, including
but not limited to public speaking, participation in community organizations
and events, visiting Genesis Development sites and affiliates, and meeting with
national and local stakeholders.
c) Develops professional connections and networks with other providers and
leaders that will position the organization as a partner and service leader at a
local, regional, and national level.

7. Direct the negotiation and approval of contracts and agreements with suppliers,
distributors, federal and state agencies, and other service and customer entities.
a) Ensures the establishment of controls to effectively honor and manage
b) Oversees, as needed, the establishment of new service contracts and/or
renegotiating service contracts to meet outcome expectations and fiscal

8. Ensure all appropriate licensures and accreditations are achieved and maintained
throughout the organization and that the quality of service provided to clients
leads the industry.
a) Creates and maintains a culture of continuous quality improvement and the
demonstration of successful outcomes.

9. Direct the development of promotional and fundraising activities for the

a) Provides oversight to staff involved in fund development and the
implementation of fundraising plans that support the long-term mission of the
b) Designs and ensures that appropriate systems and processes are in place for
the organization to respond to grant applications and progress reports for
c) Builds a philanthropic culture by making personal contacts in the community,
responding to donors, attending special events, and widening Genesis
Development’s outreach.
d) Models a philanthropic spirit by giving back to the organization through time
and other resources and by recruiting volunteers who will commit to giving
time and other resources to the betterment of the organization.

The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board of Directors of Genesis Development.
Positions reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer are the Chief Financial
Officer, Director of Services-North Region, Director of Services-Central Region,
Director of Services-East Region, Director of Services-South Region, Director of
Services-Behavioral Health, Human Resources Director, IT Director and Development

The CEO will be thoroughly committed to Genesis’s mission with proven leadership,
coaching and relationship management experience. Concrete demonstrable
experience and other qualifications include:

Essential Qualifications
• Minimum of 10+ years of experience in progressively responsible leadership
positions in developing and operationalizing strategies which advanced a human
services or healthcare organization to the next stage of growth.

• A high level of skill in coaching and managing staff and high-performance teams,
setting objectives and building accountability and commitment and developing
others to build capacity. Skilled in assessing and retaining talent.
• Experience in building organizational cultures with a high level of employee
engagement, as well as taking organizations through change.
• Skills in working with a Board of Directors and other constituents with a high
ability to cultivate relationships.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills. Effective influence skills and
passionate communicator with well-developed interpersonal skills.
• Exhibits a high degree of ethical conduct, integrity, confidentiality, and
professional behavior.
• Bachelor’s Degree in the human service, administration, business management or
related field. Master’s Degree preferred.

Leadership Characteristics
• Inspires and motivates others; presents a clear vision for the organization;
champions a collaborative style of incorporating staff in planning, decision-
making, facilitating and process improvement.
• Demonstrates willingness to make decisions, exhibits sound and accurate
judgment, and makes timely decisions; handles emergency or crisis situations by
taking appropriate actions consistent with Genesis Development policy and
• Exhibits clear, professional, respectful and effective communication when
interfacing with board members, clients, youth, staff, families and external
stakeholders shares knowledge, information and resources appropriately.
• Exhibits a high degree of ethical conduct, integrity, confidentiality, and
professional behavior.
• Delegates work assignments, gives authority to work independently, sets
expectations and monitors delegated activities.
• Interacts with and appreciates people from diverse backgrounds and
promotes/supports the principles of diversity throughout the organization.
• Supports the mission of Genesis Development by exemplifying the Values and the
Genesis Development Guiding Principles in all interactions with internal and
external customers, and in all work performed on behalf of the organization.

The compensation package for this position is highly attractive and includes
participation in the organization’s benefits plan.

About Jefferson, Iowa
Jefferson is the county seat of Greene County. The population is 4,345 in the 2010
census. The city was incorporated in 1872 and was designated a Main Street
Community in 2012. Since 2012, Main Street has invested over $4 million to assist in 79
building projects to maintain and revitalize downtown Jefferson.

Jefferson will break ground on a new high school in 2019. The state-of-the-art facility
will include a regional career academy for community college level classes in several
strands closely related to today’s Greene County economy: advanced manufacturing,
agricultural technology, health care, hospitality and service employment, and
software development (information technology).

Pillar Technology, a software development company, is opening their first rural

community office in Jefferson which is estimated to bring 25-30 full-time jobs. It will
also incorporate a training program with the school district.

Jefferson is the home of the Mahanay Memorial Bell Tower which

is 168 feet tall. After a successful community fund drive, the tower
now has a complete set of bells to make it a fully functioning
carillon. The tower has music playing daily on the square.

The Racoon River Valley Trail is an 89-mile paved bike trail with a
72-mile interior loop. It starts at the Jefferson Milwaukee Depot
on the Old Lincoln Highway. Hop on the trail and pass through
the towns of Cooper, Herndon, Yale, Panora, Linden, Redfield,
Ade, Waukee, Perry, Jamaica, Dawson, Dallas Center and

Jefferson offers small town community and comfort while still boasting all the
needed amenities. Including: a hospital, two medical clinics, multiple dining options, a
recreation center, city pool, golf course, two grocery stores, retail stores and
entertainment venues.

About Ames, Iowa
With a population of more than 65,000, Ames
serves as a regional hub for central Iowa. Ames
offers cultural, recreational, educational,
business, and entertainment amenities more
common in bigger metros. Located approximately
30 miles north of Des Moines, the community
features more than three dozen parks and more
than 50 miles of hard-surface shared use trails.

Home to Iowa State University, Ames not only

educates students from around the world, but
has become a player in developing the world's
bio-economic future. The campus boasts large
expanses of green space, attractive buildings,
and more than 36,000 students. The University
brings excitement and vitality to the city and
provides cultural and entertainment options
typically found only in larger cities.

Other area employers include a 3M manufacturing plant; hydraulics manufacturer

Danfoss Power Solutions; Barilla pasta; Ball canning jars; Renewable Energy Group,
America’s largest producer of biomass-based diesel; and the National Farmers
About Boone, Iowa
Near the geographical center of Iowa, Boone is located along the colorful Des Moines
River and is the county seat of Boone County. The city was named in honor of Captain
Nathan Boone, the youngest son of Daniel Boone, who made an expedition through
the territory in 1835. The 2010 population of the city was 12,661.

Coal mining played an important part in the

settlement of Boone. By 1849, blacksmiths
mined coal from the banks of Honey Creek.
Because of the mining, the Chicago and
North Western railroad station was built
there. Commercial mining grew when
Canfield and Taylor opened a mine in 1867
which was mined into the early 1900s. Today, Boone is served by the mainline of the
Union Pacific Railroad which purchased the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad in 1995.
Pufferbilly Days, the annual event
celebrating Boone’s railroad
heritage, is held the week after
Labor Day. It is one of Iowa’s top
five community festivals with over
30,000 attendees.

The Fareway grocery chain is headquartered in Boone. Casey's General Stores

originated in Boone. Other businesses located in Boone include CDS Global,
Patterson Dental, Union Pacific Railroad, Besser Quinn Machine & Foundry and Mid
States Steel. Boone is also home to the Farm Progress Show in even years.

https://www.cityofjeffersoniowa.org/ https://www.cityofames.org/ https://www.boonegov.com


For additional information and to apply for the position, please contact:

Bob Schoenbaum Marcia Ballinger, PhD

Partner Of Counsel Co-Founder/Principal
612-280-1368 651-341-4840
bob@ballingerleafblad.com marcia@ballingerleafblad.com


Genesis Development is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer