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Madeline DeMarco, Alicia Kalsi, Grace Lo, Nicole Pippard, Shuji Tsuda

Background Program Goals

Oakland County has the 2nd highest number of senior accidental fall Mission Statement
Promote healthy aging in older adults
hospitalizations in Michigan.1 Studies show that adults 65+ years old are
susceptible to malnutrition due to decreased intake and absorption of
Decrease levels of calcium and vitamin D deficiency in older adults by
essential nutrients, making them more at-risk of accidental falls and poor
promoting bone health through diet and exercise
bone health. Calcium in particular has been singled out as a major public
health concern, as national surveys suggest that the average calcium intake Objectives

for older adults is far below recommended levels.3 Similar surveys report that By June of 2021...
Screening & Outcome Evaluation
78% of people aged 70 or older maintain vitamin D levels far below optimal ● Have 60% of program participants eating at least two servings of

levels. 4 DXA bone screen food rich in calcium and vitamin D each day
● Have 75% of program participants that are prescribed to do so
Insufficient Ca Serum vitamin D levels consuming vitamin D and calcium supplements each day
& Vit D levels +
Poor bone Increased Increased risk
● Have 60% of program participants spend an average of a half hour
Sedentary health risk of falls of fractures FFQ and lifestyle survey
lifestyles per day outside in conjunction with physical activity

These outcomes place significant burdens on the health care system as

the older adult population continues to increase in size. Therefore,
interventions must be implemented to maintain the financial integrity of the
health system and promote the maintenance of health, functional ability and
quality of life for older adults. Nutrition Exercise
● Monthly cooking classes ● Non-traditional workout locations
focused on calcium & vitamin D ● Tailored strength & aerobic
rich foods exercise classes
Community Partners ● Community cookbooks ● Mall walking groups
● Community garden ● Peer leadership & competitive
workout logs

● Risk-based calcium & vitamin D supplement
● Low-cost supplements provision
● Daily text reminders
1. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Population Estimates by Local Health Department - Michigan 2016 2. Shlisky J, Bloom DE, Beaudreault AR, et al. Nutritional Considerations for Healthy Aging and Reduction in Age-Related Chronic Disease. Advances in Nutrition. 2017;8(1):17-26.
3. Office of the Surgeon General (US). Bone Health and Osteoporosis: A Report of the Surgeon General. Rockville (MD): Office of the Surgeon General (US); 2004. 6, Determinants of Bone Health. 4. Dawson-Hughes, B.B., & Josse, R.G. (2009). Vitamin D Status in North America.