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Grades 1 to 12 School SANHS-SHS Grade Level 12

Teaching Dates and Time Week 4 Quarter 1ST Quarter

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

The learner understands the components, operations, effects and networks of globalization in his/her daily life.
A. Content Standards

The learner locates on a map the different geographical origins of the various components/elements of an industrial/technological/agricultural product and writes a reflection essay on the insights
B. Performance Standards gathered from the exercise.
The learner locates on a map the workplaces of the OFWs in their community and writes a reflection paper on the effects of labor migration to their community.

C. Learning Competencies/ Give examples of various Explain the comprehensive effects Show the interconnectedness of Explain and demonstrate the benefits of collaboration and cooperation.
Objectives activities in one’s daily life that of globalization peoples and nations HUMSS_MCT12If-g-4
Write the LC code for each show the concrete effects of HUMSS_MCT12-If-g-2 HUMSS-MCT12-If-g-3
Networking: Interconnectedness of
Effects of globalization The benefits of collaboration and cooperation in global networks
II. CONTENT Examples of globalization peoples and nations


A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Materials pages
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource (LR)
B. Other Learning Resources www.edu.gov.mb.ca>socstud>blms https://nabfamily.sas.upenn.edu> www.mutualresponsibility.org/cultur https://www.imf.org>
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A. Reviewing previous lesson Review: Strips of cartolina will be Picture Analysis: The teacher will show a picture of The learners will put together a picture puzzle showing the connection of the
or presenting the new posted on the board containing Picture showing daily activities UN members in an assembly. people and the nation.
lesson particular problem in the affected by globalization. Ask: What can you say about the Is the people relevant to nation? Is the nation relevant to people? Why?
community let the students give picture?
solutions using intuitive thinking (2-3 minutes)


B. Establishing a purpose for Picture Analysis: Video presentation showing Group Activity: The class will be Group Activity:
the lesson 1. Person who use different effects of globalization in grouped into four and they will They will make a tower out of 10 pieces bond paper. The tower should not easily
technology/gadgets/internet. labor and migration. unscramble group of word to form fall.
2. Industrial this phrase “A nation’s culture
3. Education Processing Question: resides in the heart and in the soul
4. Agricultural product What can you infer from the video of its people.” by Mahatma Gandhi
Processing Question: presented? Ask: Can you analyze the phrase?
What can you infer from the given What does the phrase mean?
How are these related to each The teacher will state the
other? objectives of the day.

The teacher will state the

objectives of the day.
C. Presenting The teacher will post a world map Using a meta-strips identify the The teacher will post a picture. What made your tower stronger or weaker over the other towers?
examples/instances of the on the board and let the students effects of globalization shown in
new lesson identify the countries that produce the video.
the said technology.
The teacher will discuss some
places where these gadgets were

See attachment for the world map

Ask:What can you say about
the picture?
Why do you think the
children surround the globe?

D. Discussing new concepts Presentation of the output. Define globalization The teacher will discuss: The teacher will
and practicing new skills #1 Processing question: Making a concept map showing 1. Definition of 1. Define/Discuss:
1. How often do you use these the comprehensive effects of a. Nation a. Collaboration
technology? globalization; economic, social, b. People b. Cooperation
2. What benefits do you get from and political. c. Interconnection 2. How cooperation and collaboration help in the development of our country?
using these technology? d. Network
Effects of
globalization 2. What is the condition of Filipinos
going abroad to work?
economic social political 3. Do they help in the development
of our country?
E. Discussing new concepts
and practicing new skills #2
F. Developing mastery (leads The teacher will discuss daily The teacher will discuss: Ask: What are the characteristics Group Activity (10mins)
to Formative Assessment 3) activities that show effects of 1. Factors of globalization: of nations and peoples? Make a Concept Map stating the benefits of Collaboration and Cooperation.
globalization such as: a. Economic Can the nation stand without The students will discuss their work.
a. Listening to the songs of Kanye b. Political people?
West c. Social Can the people exist without
b. Buying goods On-line 2. Positive and Negative effects of nation?
c. Eating in a Fast food globalization Defend you answer.
d. Using the Internet in
researching Processing Question:
Which among the following factors
of globalization can be observed
G. Finding practical As a Senior High School student The European Union is against How will you stay connected to Ask: How collaboration and cooperation help you as a student in finishing a given
applications of concepts how does globalization affect the Extra Judicial Killings in our your loved ones? activity or project?
and skills in daily living you? country. What will you feel if the
donations and aids that the Union
is giving us will be stopped? Why?
H. Making generalizations and What are the concrete effects of What are the comprehensive How is interconnectedness of How is cooperation and collaboration seen in the global network?
abstractions about the globalization? effects of globalization people and nation make us one?
lesson economically, socially, and
I. Evaluating learning Formative Assessment (1-5) Group Activity: Group Activity: Group Activity: Role Play (10-15mins)
Write Yes if the statement shows The class will be grouped into 3. Through a drawing, show the Group A: Farmers Planting Rice
effect of globalization and No if Each group will present a news interconnection of people and Group B: Ants Collecting Food
not.(10mins) cast simulation reporting about nation. Group C: Students making a toy robot out of plastic bottles
___1. Internet Surfing the progress of the countries See attachment for the rubrics. See attachment for the rubrics
___2. Extracting money from the assigned to them focusing on the
ATM positive effects of globalization.
___3. Playing Piko
___4. Walking to school See attachment for the rubrics.
___5. Recording a Role Play
using cellphone.
J. Additional activities for
application or remediation


No. of learners who earned 80% in

the evaluation
No. of learners who require
additional activities for remediation
Did the remedial lessons work? No.
of learners who have caught up with
the lesson
No. of learners who continue to
require remediation
Which of my teaching strategies
worked well? Why did these work?
What difficulties did I encounter
which my principal or supervisor can
help me solve?
What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover which I
wish to share with other teachers?