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Alpha Omega: The Beginning and the End

created and written by Earl Fischl and David Carter

Special thanks for helping make the impossible possible:

Aileen Bradbury, Matt Bradbury, Bill Barrett,
Ed Barrett, Josh Barrett, Gaston J Belanger, Marc Ermenc,
Lesley Fischl, David MacGillivray, Jessica McLaughlin,
David Carter and Earl Fischl Sam Royama Thomas McLaughlin, Ardith McLaughlin, Dr. Wayne
McLaughlin, Nelson Carter, Jim Mock, Leah Panagos, Aaron
Panagos, Krista Royama, Sam Royama and Yoko Sumida.

Mind Storm Labs wishes to extend a very special thanks to the

AO Community especially to Robert J. Pontious and Richard
Sam Royama Gaston J Belanger, Uri Bivens,
Brownell for their incredible assistance and support in produc-
Bret Craig-Browne, Matthew Clarke,
ing this corrected edition.
A.J. Dingledine, Luc Desjardins,
Jorge Duarte, Mark Ermenc, Jeff Evans,
Join the Alpha Omega Community at:
Lesley Fischl, David Gordon, Alan Hill,
Matt Holland, John Jarvis, Ben Kolls,
David Carter, Earl Fischl and
Stephane Lacroix, David MacGillivray, Visit us online at:
Sam Royama
Thomas McLaughlin, Elizabeth Nicholson, www.mindstormlabs.com
David Porter, Reiner Schaefer,
Nicholas Scott, Tracy Scott, Royama Design can be found at:
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Robert Warren and Les Wong Copyright © 2008 Mind Storm Labs LLC. All rights reserved.

Alpha Omega: The Beginning and the End and the 6-6 System
are used under license from Necrosi Labs LLC. Reproduction
Matt Bradbury David Carter, Earl Fischl and of this work in any manner without written consent from the
Thomas McLaughlin publisher is forbidden.

Alpha Omega: The Beginning and the End and the 6-6 System
and their respective logos are trademarks of Necrosi Labs LLC
in the U.S.A. and other countries.
Matt Bradbury, Aaron Panagos and David Carter, Earl Fischl and
Jonathan Standing Thomas McLaughlin
This is a work of fiction and is intended for entertainment
purposes only. Any similarity to persons, organizations, places
or events is purely coincidental.

Jonathan Cohen, Iain Harnish, Aaron Panagos Corrected version. First printing: December 2007
David MacGillivray, David Carter, ISBN-13: 978-0-9798422-0-7 ISBN-10: 0-9798422-0-4
Earl Fischl and Thomas McLaughlin
~ Thank you ~

M any people have helped us to create Alpha Omega and I would like to thank them
all for their efforts. I would especially like to thank my parents for their support,
encouragement and understanding for not hearing from me as much during the past year.
I ’m very lucky to have been introduced to roleplaying games while I was young. I’ll always
remember flipping through the old manuals my friend’s uncle had given him, completely
unaware of the fantastic journey they would take us on and the role these wonderful games
I’d like to thank my girlfriend Yoko for her patience, love, support and for going to sleep would play in our lives.
alone on many, many nights. Thanks to my dog Emma for lying beside me while I was writ-
ing and for understanding that I couldn’t always play when she wanted to. I’m also very lucky to have had parents who always nurtured creativity and imagination,
and who were happy to have their son and his friends spend their weekends in the basement
I would like to thank Earl for sharing the ideas that were the foundation that Alpha Omega playing roleplaying games all night, and it is to them that I owe the greatest thanks. Of
was built upon; without your talent and imagination, this world and game would not exist course, without my friends I would never have experienced the magic of roleplaying games
and without your trust, I would not have had the privilege to work on this project. Thank or understood their importance and I owe them all thanks for the many adventures.
you for being such a positive, excited, and dedicated co-author. You made every minute of
working on this game fun and I am excited for our next project. What would become Alpha Omega had its start way back in 1995. At the time my friends
and I were playing a number of different games and although I enjoyed them all, I wanted
I would like to thank Tom McLaughlin for his hard work, dedication, and willingness to nothing more than to create a game of my own - the kind my friends and I would love.
handle the previously thankless job of dealing with the challenges of day-to-day business. I Thankfully it didn’t quite work out.
am thankful for the opportunity to add a business partnership to our ten years of friendship
and I am ecstatic to be facing this challenge together. Years passed and work on the game was painfully slow. It wasn’t until I met Dave in 2005,
and we started talking about our mutual love for games that things picked up. It was obvi-
I would like to thank Sami Royama for his amazing design work. Your talent, creativity ous from the start that we would be able to take the game to an entirely new level. Truly if it
and patience are second-to-none and although we’ve been friends for over twenty years, were not for Dave’s incredible drive and talent Alpha Omega would still be mounds of scat-
I’m astounded at the level of quality you bring to your profession. I’d like to thank Aaron tered notes and files. So to Dave I owe huge thanks for being the force that keeps us moving.
Panagos and Matt Bradbury for their incredible talent and hard work. You both went above It was also Dave who introduced me to Tom who would quickly become an integral part
and beyond our expectations and vividly illustrated the world we had in our heads. of bringing Alpha Omega to life. While Dave and I landed the sweet jobs of creators, Tom
ground it out behind the scenes with the thankless (until now) responsibility of managing
I would also like to thank Gaston Belanger, Mark Ermenc, and David MacGillivray for the business side of the project. I owe him thanks for all of his hard work and the trust he’s
spearheading the testing and review of this game. Although they were humbling experi- placed in Dave and I.
ences, our review sessions were brutally honest and invaluable. Thank you for embracing
our game and providing your intelligence, experience and effort. The game is stronger from Finally, the last year has been crazy beyond belief and I owe no one more thanks for their
your counsel, as am I. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you in the future. incredible support, tolerance, love and understanding than my wife and son. Without them
I would most certainly be living in an empty apartment, unwashed, unfed, awake and glued
Thanks again to everyone who helped us in any way; we are in your debt. to a computer even more hours a day than I already am.

~ David Carter ~ Earl Fischl

David Carter | Earl Fischl

Alpha Omega Core Rulebook

i Table of Contents

1 Welcome to Alpha Omega 3.8.6 Bio-engineered Persons 5.1.19 The Seekers

3.9 The Evolutionary War 5.1.20 Synth Lejun
1.1 The Role-playing Game 5.1.21 The Taskmaster
1.2 Using This Book 4 Locations 5.1.22 Tomas Vanderlai
1.3 Section Guide 5.1.23 Van Mantra
1.4 Getting Started 4.1 North America 5.1.24 Vex Damarveil
4.1.1 The Great Wastes 5.1.25 Vortog Sultak
1.5 Modes of Play 4.1.2 Los Angeles 5.1.26 Vul
1.6 Running a Game Session 4.1.3 Loth Foundry 5.1.27 Xavier Lund
1.6.1 Beginning the Game Session 4.1.4 New York 5.2 Organizations
1.6.2 Ending a Game Session 4.1.5 Sanctuarium 5.2.1 Artificial Intelligence Android Army 12
4.1.6 Valux Corporate Arcology 5.2.2 Axiom
2 The Visions of Ethan Haas 4.1.7 Vancouver 5.2.3 Mezin
4.2 Central & South America 5.2.4 The Ordained
4.2.1 Ciudad-5 5.2.5 Triton Enterprises
3 Setting: The World Remade 4.2.2 Greater Mexico City 5.2.6 Vidal Corporation
3.1 Lingo 4.2.3 The Island City of Divinus 5.2.7 111
3.2 City-States 4.2.4 The Pirate Islands
3.2.1 Conventional Cities 4.2.5
Sao Paulo
Terranova City
6 Character Creation
3.2.2 Walled Cities 6 The Model and Your Imagination
3.2.3 Arcologies 4.3 Europe & Africa
3.2.4 City-State Politics 4.3.1 Arcon-C-Hell 6.1 Step1: Get Started
3.2.5 Inter-City War 4.3.2 Lavana Free City 6.2 Step 2: Choose Your Species
3.2.6 Resources and the City 4.3.3 Città Santa 6.2.1 Human
4.3.4 The Ranch 6.2.2 Necrosi
3.3 Freezones
4.4 Asia and Oceania 6.2.3 Remnant
3.3.1 Freezone Communities
4.4.1 Hong Kong 6.2.4 Bio-Engineered
3.3.2 Crime and Violence in the Freezones
4.4.2 Triton Island 6.2.5 Nephilim
4.4.3 Oderon City 6.2.6 Lesser Nephilim
3.4 Life In and In Between the Cities 6.2.7 Grigori
3.4.1 What’s in Your Pockets? 4.4.4 Wlavos Communal Cooperative
4.5 The Rest of the World 6.2.8 Lesser Grigori
3.4.2 Citizens and Freemen 6.2.9 Anunnaki
3.4.3 Language 4.5.1 The Divides
1.0 4.5.2 Venlu Island 6.2.10 Artificial Intelligence
3.4.4 Food
1.1 3.4.5 Finance 6.3 Core Qualities
6.3.1 Modifying Core Quality Scores
3.4.6 The Net and Computers 5 Personalities & Organizations
1.2 3.4.7 Getting Around 6.4 Secondary Qualities
3.4.8 Entertainment 5.1 Personalities 6.5 Tertiary Qualities
1.3 5.1.1 Aducssus and Avanna
3.4.9 Medicine 6.6 Health Pool
1.4 3.5 Creatures 5.1.2 Alexa Petronas
5.1.3 Dalusien 6.7 Abilities and Drawbacks
1.5 3.6 You Were Never Alone 5.1.4 Dax Ogan 6.7.1 Abilities
3.6.1 First Contact 5.1.5 Dregs 6.7.2 Drawbacks
1.6 3.6.2 The Evolutionaries Emerge 5.1.6 Dur-Koss 6.7.3 Grigori State-Shifting
3.6.3 The Hierarchy of Being 5.1.7 Eramus Dunne 6.8 Genetic Deviations
3.7 The Wielding Cosmology 5.1.8 Jet Matheson 6.8.1 Terran Genetic Deviations
3.7.1 Innate Wielding 5.1.9 Kai’Tron 6.8.2 Elim Genetic Deviations
3.7.2 The Arcane Path 5.1.10 Kal-Orn 6.9 Skills
3.7.3 The Spiritualist Devotion 5.1.11 Karnas Dreisen 6.9.1 Mental Skill Descriptions
3.8 The New World’s Technology 5.1.12 Kas-Thalus 6.9.2 Physical Skill Descriptions
3.8.1 Science Wins Again 5.1.13 Little Yoshida
3.8.2 The New World Science and Engineering 5.1.14 Lothan Hunt
6.10 Wielding
5.1.15 Dr. Marius Lieben 6.10.1 Wielding Types
3.8.3 Soft Technology 5.1.16 Max Hogan 6.10.2 The Wielding Cosmology
3.8.4 Humanity Remade 5.1.17 Naera’Kull 6.11 Equip Your Character and Conserve CDP
3.8.5 Artificial Intelligence 5.1.18 Naslund Joegun 6.12 Appearance

Alpha Omega
Table of Contents I

6.13 Name, Languages, Personality and 7.9.8 Damage Reduction at Extended Range 8.3.2 Evolutionary Bounds
Background 7.10 Melee Combat 8.4 Ascension
7.10.1 Melee Combat Stance Modifiers
7 Game Mechanics 7.10.2 Target’s Disposition 9 Gear and the Marvels of Science
7.10.3 Rates of Attack
7 Using the Rules 7.10.4 Special Attacks and Grappling 9.1 The Cost of Living
7 Game Mechanics Lingo 7.10.5 Critical Rolls During Attack Attempts 9.1.1 Housing
7.1 Quality Scores and Dice Pools 7.10.6 Multiple Weapon Use 9.1.2 Food
7.1.1 Dice Pool Steps 7.11 Damage, Dying, Death and Endurance 9.1.3 Clothing and Accessories
7.1.2 Success Checks 7.11.1 Damage 9.1.4 Entertainment
7.1.3 Difficulty Ratings 7.11.2 Damage Types 9.1.5 Travel
7.1.4 Unopposed Versus Opposed Success Checks 7.11.3 Improvised Weapons 9.1.6 Medical Services
7.1.5 Types of Success Checks 7.11.4 Damage Threshold 9.1.7 Miscellaneous Goods and Services
7.1.6 Critical Rolls 7.11.5 Damage Resistances 9.2 Encumbrance
7.2 Time, Stances and Movement 7.11.6 Armor 9.3 Non-Combat Equipment
7.2.1 Time 7.11.7 Armor Penetration 9.3.1 Adventuring and Exploration
7.2.2 Stances 7.11.8 Shields 9.3.2 Covert Ops
7.2.3 Movement Rate 7.11.9 Destroying Objects and Materials 9.3.3 Electronics
7.2.4 Movement on a Diagonal 7.11.10 Bleeding 9.3.4 Medical
7.2.5 Character Facing 7.11.11 Dying and Death 9.3.5 Chemicals, Gases, Pathogens and Toxins
7.3 Character or Creature State 7.11.12 Healing
7.11.13 Resuscitation
9.4 Combat Equipment
7.4 Skills 7.11.14 Endurance
9.4.1 Combat Support
7.4.1 Field and Skill Ranks 9.4.2 Armor and Protective Equipment
7.4.2 Skill Checks 7.12 Real Concerns for an Imagined World
7.12.1 Vision and Lighting
9.5 Weapons
7.4.3 Skill Combinations 9.5.1 Material of Melee Weapons and Ranged
7.4.4 Skill Cooperation 7.12.2 Darkness and Its Effects
Weapon Melee Attachments
7.4.5 Skill Use in Time 7.12.3 Drugs and Addiction
7.12.4 Poison and Disease 9.5.2 Weapon Parameter Definitions
7.5 The Combat System 7.12.5 Falling Damage 9.5.3 Melee Weapons
7.5.1 Combat Cycles and Segments 7.12.6 Sleep Deprivation 9.5.4 Ranged Weapons
7.5.2 The Cycle 6-6 Rule 7.12.7 Holding Your Breath 9.5.5 Ranged Weapon Melee Attachments
7.6 Combat Process 7.12.8 The Effects of Extreme Heat and Cold 9.5.6 Ammunition and Power Sources
7.6.1 Reaction Check 9.5.7 Grenades
7.13 Use of Vehicles 9.5.8 Explosives 1.0
7.6.2 Confirm Active Segments 7.13.1 Vehicle Velocity
7.6.3 Replenish Dice Marker Pool 9.5.9 Weapon, Armor, and Gear Enchantments or 1.1
7.13.2 Vehicle Acceleration/Deceleration Superior Craftsmanship
7.6.4 Game Moderator Initiates Segment 1 7.13.3 Maneuvering and Handling
7.6.5 Repeat Steps 3 and 4 Until Combat is Resolved 9.6 Augmentations 1.2
7.13.4 Shooting From a Moving Vehicle
7.7 Turns 9.6.1 Impurity Rating
7.14 Wielding 9.6.2 Biological Augmentations 1.3
7.7.1 Perform an Action 7.14.1 Wielding Sources
7.7.2 Delay Action 9.6.3 Cybernetic Augmentations 1.4
7.14.2 Wielding Intentions 9.6.4 MESH
7.7.3 Enter Active Defense Mode 7.14.3 Effects and the Mechanics of Wielding
7.7.4 Pass Turn 9.6.5 Necrotic Augmentations 1.5
7.14.4 Wield Checks
7.8 Attack and Defense Basics 7.14.5 Sample Wielding Effects 9.7 Vehicles 1.6
7.8.1 Defense Rating
7.8.2 Active Defense Mode 8 Character Development 10 Playing the Game
7.8.3 Making an Attack
7.8.4 Line of Sight 8.1 Gaining Additional CDP 10.1 Playing Characters
7.9 Ranged Combat 8.2 Spending Earned CDP 10.2 Game Moderating
8.2.1 Modifying Core Qualities 10.2.1 Creating Stories and Story Arcs
7.9.1 Range
8.2.2 Adding Abilities 10.2.2 Running Stories
7.9.2 Cover
7.9.3 Ranged Combat Stance Modifiers 8.2.3 Adding Drawbacks 10.3 Supporting Cast
7.9.4 Rates of Fire 8.2.4 Adding Genetic Deviations 10.3.1 Creating Great NPCs
7.9.5 Types of Fire 8.2.5 Increasing Field, Skill and Wielding Ranks 10.3.2 Sample NPCs
7.9.6 Hitting Multiple Targets in a Single Segment 8.3 Evolution
7.9.7 Called Shots 8.3.1 Genetic Deviation 11 Index

Core RuleBook
The Role-Playing Game 1.1

Using This Book 1.2

Section Guide 1.3

Getting Started 1.4

Modes of PLay 1.5

Running a Game Session 1.6 lpha Omega is a world of imagination, adventure,

Welcome to
fantasy, and limitless possibility. It is a world where
the normal rules of daily life no longer apply—heroes,

Alpha Omega
villains, monsters, and terrors of every sort lie waiting
for you. It is a world wiped clean, returned to a state of

primal nature where only the strong survive.
Humans have regrouped in the safety of cities alongside a whole new
range of intelligent species. Inside the cities, they have pushed the
limits of science and engineering, ensuring survival and the eventual
1.0 reclamation of Earth. It is a dangerous, untamed frontier world, ready
1.1 again to be explored. It is a world where the bravest and strongest can
1.2 be whatever they want, and where those willing to risk it all can achieve
greatness. Finally, it is a world ready for you to make your own.
1.4 We built Alpha Omega as a platform for the imagination—the begin-
1.5 ning of a new world ready to take shape. In our minds, this book does
1.6 little more than scratch the surface of the Alpha Omega world; it has
been written to lay the foundation for you. It is yours to build upon, to
expand, to populate, and to shape any way you like.

Have fun, tell great stories, and enjoy the action.

Using This Book 1.2

The Role-playing Game Using This Book

1.1 1.2
Alpha Omega is a role-playing game—a collaborative storytell- The Alpha Omega Core Rule Book is divided into ten sections, each
ing game in which players assume the roles of central characters in a story led by dealing with a specific element of the game. The book is designed for easy naviga-
the Game Moderator (GM). Alpha Omega is best played by two to six players, with tion, with features to help you find your way around.
one acting as the GM to direct the action.

The GM is responsible for creating—or at least overseeing—the story, describing NavBar

the world and the action as it unfolds around the players. The GM also assumes
Along the outside edge of each page, you will notice a vertical navigation bar, or
the role of the story’s supporting cast—the monsters, villains, and background
NavBar, for short. The top of the NavBar includes a set of eleven icons, each rep-
characters with whom the Player Characters (PCs) interact. In movie terms, the
GM can be thought of as the writer-director. resenting one of the book’s primary sections, with the final icon representing the
book’s index and appendices. The highlighted icon indicates which section you
The players create, control, and assume the roles of the story’s central characters, are currently reading. Below these icons you will find a series of topic numbers.
battling adversaries, solving puzzles and, most importantly, contributing to the The NavBar enables you to locate and reference different sections and topics
development of a great story. Again in movie terms, the players can be thought of quickly by flipping through the pages.
as the actors.

As with most other role-playing games, there are no winners or losers in Alpha Folio Numbering
Omega—it is a game of imagination and fantasy without boundaries.
Folio numbers and topic titles are displayed on the top left and right corners of
The most rewarding aspect of Alpha Omega is building on the world presented each two page spread. The left folio number and topic title tell you which topic is 1.0
here, watching it—and your characters—grow. being discussed on the left page, while the right folio number and topic title tell 1.1
you which topic is being discussed on the right page. These are useful when topic 1.2
Alpha Omega is governed by a set of game mechanics (or rules) that guide your
explanations run across several pages and you arrive somewhere in the middle of 1.3
game, ensuring that everyone is engaged and understands what is happening. The
a particular topic while flipping pages. 1.4
normal laws of nature still apply; the sun rises in the east, time marches on, grav-
ity keeps us on the ground, and Earth, for the most part, remains intact. The rules 1.5
enable your characters to wield great power, perform great acts of heroism, save Table and Diagram Numbers 1.6
the world, and engage in an otherworldly war that has raged for millennia. The
This book includes a number of tables and diagrams, all of which are numbered
rules have been developed to function as the basic mechanics of the Alpha Omega
sequentially within each section for easy reference. Furthermore, the most impor-
world; your world of adventure will evolve from these rules.
tant tables are presented together at the back of the book for quick access.
Alpha Omega is about having fun, telling great stories with your friends, and
opening doors to creativity and imagination in an exciting and fantastic world.

Core RuleBook
1.3 Section Guide

Section Guide Getting Started

1.3 1.4
Section 1—Welcome to Alpha Omega introduces the game, explains how to use As with most other role-playing games, there are a few requirements
this book, and outlines what you need in order to start playing. for playing Alpha Omega:
Section 2—The Visions of Ethan Haas contains a sample of the eccentric and
tortured visions of Ethan Haas, the prophetic madman who foresaw the world of What You Need to Play
Alpha Omega.
1 At least one copy of the Alpha Omega Character Sheet for each player
Section 3—Setting—The World Remade opens with an overview of slang 2 Some scrap paper
and other colloquialisms common in 2280 and introduces the world of Alpha
3 A pencil for each player
Omega, providing an overview of the changes that occurred between the years
2049 and 2280. 4 An eraser

Section 4—Locations discusses a few key locations in the Alpha Omega world. 5 A calculator (helpful but not necessary)
6 At least one of each of the following die types (two to three of each is
Section 5—Personalities and Organizations introduces a few important people ideal):
and groups waiting for you in 2280.
a 4-sided (d4)
Section 6—Character Creation explains how to create your own unique char-
b 6-sided (d6)
acters for the Alpha Omega game.
1.0 c 8-sided (d8)
1.1 Section 7—Game Mechanics introduces and explains the rules of Alpha Omega.
d 10-sided (d10)
Section 8—Character Development explains how to develop your character as e 12-sided (d12)
the game progresses.
1.4 f 20-sided (d20)
1.5 Section 9—Gear and the Marvels of Science contains a detailed look at some There are also a few optional pieces of kit your group might decide to incorporate
1.6 fantastic equipment available to characters in the Alpha Omega world, including
into your game, depending on which mode of play you choose:
any special rules relevant to their use.
1 Alpha Omega Game Moderator Screen
Section 10—Playing the Game discusses the ins and outs of planning, running,
and participating in an Alpha Omega game. 2 Gridded playing surface for drawing maps or representing parts of the
game world
3 Miniatures or models for characters, creatures, etc.
4 Miniatures or models of terrain, buildings, etc.
5 A tape measure

Alpha Omega
Modes of PLay 1.5

Your group might also come up with helpful aids, such as random number genera-
tors, digital maps, and electronic character sheets. Modes of Play
Now that you have everything you need to play, it is time to get started. First 1.5
things first: everyone playing in your game should be familiar with the game
mechanics and the setting. Alternatively, your first game session can be arranged There are three basic methods or modes for playing Alpha Omega.
to teach everyone the rules and introduce them to the Alpha Omega world. GMs Understanding them so that you can select appropriately for your group is espe-
should make sure they are completely comfortable with the mechanics. cially important when combat or intense action features heavily in your games.
You and your group should feel free to mix and match these modes as you see fit:
Decide if players will create their characters before the game session or as part of
the session. Depending on how your group plays, it can be a time-saver to have
players create their characters before getting together. However, if creating a com- Imagined Combat
plementary team of characters is a priority for your group, creating them together In this scenario, the GM describes the action of combat to the players, possibly
during the first game session can be a lot of fun. using a drawing to illustrate the location of characters and NPCs. This is a sub-
jective style of play suitable for groups unconcerned with the intricate details of
The work (and fun) for GMs usually begins well before the first game session, combat, preferring the fun and speed of role-playing as scenarios unfold.
as they plan an adventure, or even a complex story arc consisting of a series of
adventures designed to span numerous game sessions. In either case, planning In this case, Range is determined by the GM, who tells players how far away they
are from their targets. Generally, this distance is presented in meters.
is the key to running a great game of Alpha Omega, and GMs should start their
planning by thinking about what they and their players will enjoy. Will the story
revolve around the exploration of the wilderness? Perhaps the PCs will be hired to Model and Game Grid Combat
protect a VIP over the course of their visit to an important city. Maybe the player’s With Game Grid Combat, all combat situations are recreated with models and a
characters are up-and-comers in the underworld, hired to pull a series of upscale large gaming grid. Although gaming grids can be comprised of squares or hexa- 1.0
burglaries. The possibilities for exciting stories are limitless. gons, the important thing to remember is that each square or hexagon represents 1.1
roughly 1m2 in the game world.
For more on planning and playing Alpha Omega, see section 10—Playing the Game.
This style of play is great for players who enjoy the visual excitement of combat 1.3
action and want more realism without investing too much time in measurements 1.4
and sophisticated terrain. 1.5

In this case, Range is determined by counting the number of grid squares or hexa- 1.6
gons between the attacker and his/her target.

Model and Terrain Combat

In this scenario, the players and GM create three-dimensional models of par-
ticular areas of the game world. Models are also used to represent characters and
NPCs. However, there is generally no grid to act as a reference for distance.

In this case, Range is determined by measuring the distance between models to

the nearest inch. One inch on the table equals one meter in the game world.

Core RuleBook
1.6 Running a Game Session

Running a
Game Session A typical session might begin as follows:

1.6 GM—“Welcome everyone. Tonight we will be running the first in a series of adven-
tures in the story arc I call ‘Trust is Earned, Not Given.’ Our story begins in the
dark underworld of Oderon City’s lower levels where your crew has come together
A game session is where all the planning and preparation comes in the hopes of making a name for itself as a legitimate power player in the
together in a few hours of fun and excitement. By default, GMs generally assume Underworld. Since everyone knows each other and you created your characters as a
responsibility for running game sessions, although that is not required. team, we’ll assume your characters go way back, have known each other for a long
time, and are familiar with each other’s background stories. A closely knit team
A typical game is played around a table large enough for you and the other par- will be important if you hope to survive and make it big on the mean streets of the
ticipants to lay out maps and other playing aids, move miniatures around, and roll Oderon arcology’s depths.
dice. However, a table is not critical, and your group should feel free to play wher-
ever it is most comfortable. Here is a little background on Oderon City and its underworld your characters
would already know, including a few of the city’s major players…
Game sessions should be organized like a good novel or movie; they should have
an introduction or recap of the previous session, and should progress through a Any questions before we get started?
pre-planned plot on the way to an exciting climax, leaving everyone excited for With that, let’s begin.”
the next session.
And so, the GM would jump right into the story.

The bulk of a game session is spent advancing through the story and building
1.0 Beginning the Game Session toward the climax. The GM will organize and lead the action, instructing every-
one when it is their turn to act.
1.1 1.6.1
1.2 There are a few important things for all players to keep in mind during a game
Every game session should begin by ensuring everyone at the table session:
knows each other. This is also a good time to make sure that everyone has a char-
1.4 acter ready for the game and is comfortable with the house rules. 1 You are a team—everyone at the table, including the GM, is there to
1.5 work together and have fun creating a great story. Unless everyone
1.6 The GM generally begins the session by setting the scene and laying the ground- agrees otherwise, work together and protect your teammates.
work for the game. S/he can offer a simple introduction to the story, explain the
2 Be helpful—the GM has a tough job, and any help experienced players
characters’ roles in the plot, and even introduce some of the other important
can offer new players will be greatly appreciated.
characters, often referred to as non-player characters or NPCs. Some GMs even
go so far as to prepare a written synopsis of the story, maps, and a list of impor- 3 Keep everyone involved—do your best to plan your character’s action
tant personalities and locations which they distribute to their players in advance in advance so that when your turn comes, you can execute it quickly,
of the first game. This is a great tool for GMs and really helps to get players excited keep the game moving, and make sure everyone is active.
about the game. 4 Respect the GM and your fellow players—Alpha Omega is a game,
and like all games there will be times when you disagree with others.
Always respect the decisions of the GM and your fellow players. Do not

Alpha Omega
Ending a Game Session 1.6.2

interrupt the game to challenge others and do not get bogged down in
arguments which disrupt everyone’s fun. Discuss rules and strategy
after the game. Feel free to modify or create new rules as you and your
group see fit for the next session.
5 Keep unnecessary chat to a minimum—have fun and make sure
others have fun, but do not be disruptive, especially when it is not your
turn to act.

Ending a Game Session

The end of a game session is critically important. Your story should either
wrap up or be left as a cliffhanger, with everyone looking forward to the next

If the story is complete, GMs should award characters Character Development

Points (CDPs), which players can spend to further develop their characters.

Time can also be set aside at the end of a game session to discuss any issues which
arose during game play. This is also a great time to discuss what your characters
should do next. 1.0
GMs—Be sure to listen to your players and take advantage of their story and char- 1.1
acter ideas. If you do this, your next session will be even more fun. 1.2

Core RuleBook
I n Paris, in the middle of the 19th century, an
unknown writer named Ethan Haas published a tiny
book of fiction called, The Wheel and Other Stories.
The work received very little attention, except within
some unusual circles in Eastern Europe. Some philoso-
phers and mystics of the time hailed the book as the
prophetic visions of a gifted man who had somehow
seen the truth of Earth’s origins, end, and rebirth.

The Visions of However, Haas disappeared shortly after the book was
published. Only a handful of copies survived through

Ethan Haas the years, carefully protected by a few collectors who

quietly held to the belief that Haas was a prophet.
It was not until 2049 that it became clear Haas’ book was not fiction,
but indeed prophesy. Several excerpts follow...

...in the millennium to come, the skies were pierced by the gleam-
ing towers of man, filled as London and Paris, with the movements of
men, women and children. And the gods saw these marvels and knew
their children may one day surpass them, but they knew their children
well and knew their wars would destroy them. And the gods knew that
Earth would be cast again from the red glow before they could return,
and that this new world would be as it was when the gods had first
walked upon it when their children were too few and scattered to know
the gods were among them.
...and the towers climbed up, away from the dangers of the
ground below. The towers were as markers of safety and triumph. And
they were as homes to men and women who knew they were not of this
world as they had hoped and that it was in their choosing that they had roused
the disfavor of the natural world and its spirit. The Earth and the elemental forces
from which it was cast were as forces even the gods themselves could not fight. And
the elemental world waged its war on the world of men and women as a savage
would wage war upon the enemy, and the elemental world cleansed itself and a
new face of the Earth could be seen by the gods who watched their children gather
into the towers and into the cities in hiding, afraid.
...while the towers climbed and the earth was remade, the stars came down
as in a rain of fire. The rain continued unto several years, punishing the surface of
the Earth and making it ready for the return of the gods.
...war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the star’s rain of fire. The
world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming of the sun upon the Earth.
The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided. Among them
walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the
marvels, but to the End and the destruction of the Earth and to the fires from which
nothing could escape. And it would be that from those fires and the glowing of the
sun that the misshapen and burnt would emerge. And the war of the sun would last
for one year and in that year the children of the gods would diminish their numbers
so that the gods would see the elemental was once again as it had been. The world
would again be green and with the life of all things. The children of the gods would
be safe in their towers and welcome the gods as fathers and mothers upon their cities 2.0
and into their towers. The gods would need time to prepare their war.
...and it was that at the passing of many thousand years, the first of the gods
would return to the world, and the gods were of two forms, those who sprang from
the skies in a beam of light, and those who appeared from the earth in a torrent of
fire. The gods made their way to the cities and towers of men and women and sat as
kings and as monsters upon their announcing, and said that they were at war and
that their war would not be with the men and women but with each other and that It is believed that the majority of The Wheel and Other Stories was first
they would be upon the earth as they had been before and that they were pleased to recorded by Haas in his personal journal, which reportedly went miss-
be upon the earth once again. ing, along with Haas, sometime in 1889. Copies of Haas’ journal have
...the men and women joined the gods in their war with each other and were circulated over the years, although their authenticity has never been
as allies with their gods who had sought their aid, for the gods knew and saw that proven. Some researchers claim Haas’ journal includes several entries
their children were powerful in their towers and in their cities, and that the Dark in which he claims a “demon” watches over him, “whispering visions of
Ones and the Remade and the Machines were powerful as well and that they may what will come”.
also join with the gods in their war. And the war of the gods would be upon the Madness or not, as you will see in the following pages, Haas’
earth for many years. writing indeed foretold of the changes that would reshape the world.
Lingo 3.1

City States 3.2

Freezones 3.3

Life In and In Between the Cities 3.4

Creatures 3.5

You Were Never Alone 3.6 elcome to Alpha Omega. You are about to
The Wielding Cosmology 3.7
enter a world entirely unlike your own, built by vision-
The New World’s Technology 3.8

The Evolutionary War 3.9

aries who pushed the limits of human ingenuity and

stood fast in the face of Mother Nature’s vengeful
reclamation of the Earth. It is an exciting world, full

The World
of energy, home to countless adventures, epic heroes,
vile villains, and unimaginable monsters. It welcomes

you and urges you to use your imagination to push it

3.2 Earth is at the center of an ancient war—a battle between two
3.3 alien species, the Seraph and the Ophanum. It is a war which predates
3.4 humanity—its combatants seemingly immortal—returning to Earth
3.5 every 10,000 years to continue their epic struggle. Those native to Earth
3.6 do not know the truth of the war’s origins or the reasons for their plan-
et’s pivotal role. Rumors abound that the Seraph and Ophanum once
shared the same home world, but an unforgivable transgression was
committed by the Ophanum, resulting in banishment from their home
world. It is unknown by those native to Earth why their planet is the
battleground upon which the Seraph and Ophanum satisfy their need
to shed each other’s blood to avenge their past.
3 Setting—The World Remade

Regardless of the reasons behind it, their war globe. Crops failed and droughts spread. It seemed unleashed upon enemies, real or imagined. The world
has had an indelible impact on our civilization. Not the Earth itself had turned on humanity. was dragged into a vicious war as nation-states fell
only did ancient humans bear witness to the clash Forced to fight for survival in a world unrav- into chaos. The Earth endured the ravages of nuclear
between Seraph and Ophanum forces, but with each eling around them, humans lashed out at the only and biological terror, bringing humanity to the
visit they left behind a small number of operatives enemy in sight—each other. Terror spread around brink of extinction. Then, as the dust settled, all eyes
to serve as spies and make preparations for the next the world, fueled by the attacks of several doomsday looked to the heavens as a massive comet emerged.
war. With the spread of civiliza- Scientists did their best
tion, some of those who remained in the chaos of reconstruction to
on Earth chose to mix with early forecast the comet’s path, assur-
humans. Some remained hid- ing everyone it would pass near
den, while others attempted to the Earth but posed no threat.
influence or control the budding Then, as though the Universe
human race in order to tailor the itself had decided to punish the
field of battle. Still others aban- Earth, the comet’s deadly cargo
doned their commitment to their was unleashed as fragments broke
home world and chose to create free and fell toward the planet.
their own destinies on Earth. Meteors tore through the atmo-
Eons passed and humans sphere and pounded the Earth for
spread, dominating the planet. months. It became clear that this
The Seraph and Ophanum faded comet was just the first of many
into myth, their numbers few that would bombard the planet’s
and purposefully reclusive. Those surface for the next six years.
remaining behind did what they Plants, animals, and
3.0 could to avoid the prying eyes of a humans began to mutate and
3.1 human world ferocious in its appe- change. Biological and nuclear
3.2 tite for dominion and knowledge. weapons were blamed for twist-
However, human supremacy on ing much of the life on Earth, but
Earth would not last. some claimed the meteors had
Beginning in 2049, Mother carried with them alien microor-
3.5 Nature exacted her revenge on ganisms and mutagenic viruses
3.6 humanity, wiping the Earth’s made more ferocious by radioac-
3.7 surface clean and devastating the tive fallout. Political and religious
3.8 world through a decade of violent natural disasters. cults eager to tip the scales further towards chaos. leaders scrambled to explain what was happening
Volcanoes erupted, spewing ash and fumes into the Tensions rose between nations until war erupted. and control the hysteria. It seemed as though the
atmosphere and the Earth’s surface was torn open by Plagues spread, tearing through even the most devel- Apocalypse had begun and that the end was truly
massive earthquakes. Tsunamis scoured many of the oped countries, some the products of biological near. Chaos and panic spread. Terror clawed at the
world’s coasts, forcing inhabitants many kilometers weapons wielded by terrorists and doomsday cults. world from every side as it spun wildly out of control.
inland. Storms of never-before-seen power swept the Politicians and the global elite could no longer Seeking protection from a world rapidly
maintain control and our deadliest weapons were descending into primal savagery, humans retreated

Alpha Omega
Setting—The World Remade 3

into nearby cities in increasing numbers. Outside barons of a new global economy fought for control. with the existence of these new species and their own
the cities, chaos reigned and the wilderness again Arcologies climbed higher. The city-states began to place on the evolutionary ladder. As time passed, cit-
became raw and deadly. The cities fortified and rein- reach out, exploring the countryside around them ies grew, the arcologies climbed and in some places
forced their boundaries, climbing higher, attempting and seizing territory to supply the city’s population. Evolutionaries were accepted. In other areas, human-
to lock out the ferocious, diseased, and mutated Finally the cities reconnected and established trade, ity’s bigotry and fear kept Evolutionaries on the
world surrounding them. Some cities became con- all in an attempt to return to life as it had been in the fringes of society at best. However, in even less toler-
tinuous buildings with towers reaching thousands of 21st century. ant communities, Evolutionaries were prosecuted,
meters into the sky. Nation-states continued to fall In 2099, a mysterious individual named Van forced out, killed, and in some cases, legally hunted.
and were replaced by city-states. Corporations and Mantra began to appear in the media. He claimed And so our story begins…
the few governments remaining solidified their posi- the arrival of two ancient warring species, the Seraph
tions of power and began to build walled cities and and Ophanum, was imminent. Referring to these It is 2280. Nearly two centuries has passed since the
arcologies. Borders were tightened to protect against two species as the Elim, he claimed that Earth had first Evolutionaries emerged. The world has become
been their battleground for millennia. Precise cos- a flavorful blend of intelligent species, and although
the spread of illnesses and mutation. Those unable
mic alignments, he explained, enabled the Elim to most species are native to Earth, tension hangs
or unwilling to make their way to a city suffered the
travel to Earth. Van went on to suggest the Elim heavy. It is a dangerous world, reclaimed by the pri-
greatest exposure to radiation, poison and disease.
would be surprised by the progress humanity had mal forces from which it sprang. The city-states have
Conflicts over resources and control of agricultur-
made since their last war and that humans must become massive power centers of human ingenuity,
ally valuable land erupted around the world. Armies
organize in defense of their world. Van also revealed secretly controlled by organizations spawned from
emerged to protect assets like the cities themselves,
the truth that he was an Evolutionary half-breed and the corporations, criminal syndicates, and secret
the people and infrastructure that powered them and
that there were others like him, spawned from the societies of the 21st century, all with their roots deep
the nearby land that supplied them.
union of Elim and humans, known as the Nephilim. in the political and economic fabric of the world.
Decades passed and the city-states rose.
He went on to explain that there were other species, Science and technology have enjoyed two hundred
Outside, the broken remnants of the 21st century
one engineered by the Elim as servants and sol- years of development reaching fantastic new heights
were consumed by a savage wilderness, primal and
diers, known as the Grigori. Both the Nephilim and within the protection of the cities. A sophisticated 3.0
deadly, mutated and twisted by radiation and the
Grigori had spawned additional half-breeds, diluting satellite network links the cities, supplying global 3.1
remnants of biological weapons. Animals mutated
their Evolutionary blood further, creating the Lesser communications. The race is on for control of valu-
beyond recognition and nightmarish creatures 3.2
Nephilim, Lesser Grigori and Anunnaki over the cen- able resources and exploration is common but
prowled the wilds, claiming a world almost com- 3.3
turies. Van explained that these Evolutionaries lived dangerous. The wilderness is home to all manner of
pletely devoid of human life. bandits, marauders, slavers and rogue armies as well 3.4
veiled in secrecy, some still loyally serving the Seraph
Humanity was scattered and locked in the as scattered communities, mostly lawless and usually 3.5
or Ophanum, others operating in an ancient under-
cities, venturing forth only far enough to acquire built upon the ruins of 21st century cities.
world, manipulating the world of humans, amassing 3.6
defendable agricultural land and valuable natu- Now, it is time to venture forth, to explore
wealth and power for themselves. Most people wrote 3.7
ral resources. Cities were forced into isolation and the dangers beyond the cities, to fight for control of
Van Mantra off as just another crackpot trying to 3.8
decades passed with very little communication resources, to bridge the gaps between human settle-
spread chaos until more Evolutionaries revealed
between them. Global communication systems were ments and reclaim the world. 3.9
themselves, some forced from secrecy others doing
slowly reestablished, offering humans an opportunity
so willingly. Welcome once again.
to reorganize and cast off the shackles of terror and
Over 150 years, Evolutionaries continued to
slowly explore the world.
reveal themselves, many seeking to be openly inte-
By 2090, life in the cities began to stabilize.
grated into the world of humans. Humanity struggled
Science and technology once again flourished. The

Core RuleBook
3.1 Lingo

Lingo Chrome—Common term referring to obvious

cybernetic augmentations or fashion items designed
corporations. Corptowns were the predecessor to the
city-states of 2280, which are entirely free of singular

3.1 for the Cyberculture niche. Outside the Cyberculture

movement, the term is considered derogatory,
corporate control.

referring to substandard or cheap augmentation Cyberculture—Heavily influenced by the

purchased due to limited resources. old world’s cyberpunk and cybergoth movements,
AI—Short for Artificial Intelligence
Cyberculture in 2280 is an underground movement
AR—See Augmented Reality Comp-grid—Comp-grids are the shared computer denoted by the unorthodox combinations of clothes
and network resources of an area. They eliminate worn by its followers.
Arcology—A massive self-contained city, usually the need for personal computers by enabling data
within one hyper-structure Cy—Anyone overtly into Cyberculture,
usually demonstrated through the indi-
Augmented Reality (AR)—The vidual’s choice of fashion and hangouts
layering of digitally processed informa-
tion over the real-world through a variety Direct Neural Interface
of display and sensory devices (DNI)—A common cybernetic implant
that allows the user to interact with
Automat—A fast-food-style restaurant compatible electronics and access the Net
that serves food through an array of vend- by thought alone and experience the most
ing machines immersive virtual reality experience pos-
sible by transmitting sensory data directly
Bio-Engineered—Biologically engi- to the brain.
neered men and women
Doc Trader—One who deals in forged
3.0 Bio-implant—Short for Biological and stolen documentation and data, usu-
3.1 Implant, a form of Augmentation ally in the form of IDs
Bot—A derogatory term for AI Elim—A word commonly used by the
Seraph and Ophanum to refer to one
3.4 Central Financial Authority another respectfully. It is considered a
3.5 (CFA)—The only widely recognized inter- neutral title, suggesting one’s equal. It is
3.6 national banking service in 2280, it holds also slowly becoming a part of everyday
all personal and corporate wealth in Trust, continu- terminals and any other net-enabled device to use the speech, referring to the Seraph and Ophanum.
ously monitoring all financial transactions grid which itself continuously engages a plethora of
networked computational devices. Comp-grids are Evolutionary—Refers to the Seraph, Ophanum,
3.9 City-state—Usually, massive, densely populated Grigori, Anunnaki, and Nephilim. It is occasionally
almost all linked by the Net. They also bus the vast
cities that have replaced nation-states used to refer to Lesser Grigori and Lesser Nephilim.
majority of local P-Comm traffic.
CFA—See Central Financial Authority Freezone(s)—Any area outside the immediate
Corptown—Either a city-state or urban area com-
pletely controlled by a single or small group of allied control of a city-state; also: Wilds

Alpha Omega
Lingo 3.1

Face—A word commonly used in the underworld to organization cannot be associated or legally perform, assisting the governing bodies of city-states
refer to skilled negotiators or those who rely on their but which need doing accordingly
appearance and social graces to get them through life.
Matrix—General term for the complex comput- Operator—A career criminal who makes a living
Flesh Bot—A derogatory term for Bio-Engineered. ing and storage hardware which serve as the “brain” in the underworld; also: Player
for AI. “Matrix” is also occasionally used to refer to
GAAMI—See Global Accord on Artificial and immersive virtual net worlds. Organics—A term used to describe biological,
Machine Intelligence sentient Species
Med—General term for a private practice doctor or
Global Accord on Artificial and surgeon, usually offering services for Trust, no ques- P-Comm—P-Comms are the smart phones of 2280,
Machine Intelligence (GAAMI)—A technical tions asked lightweight devices capable of handling voice calls,
agreement signed by the city-states in 2256, prevent- text and multimedia messaging as well as serving as
ing Loaded AI from moving freely through the Net Mover—A general term for smuggler their owner’s personal gateway to the Net. P-Comms
and from using shared computational resources to are available in many different shapes and sizes, from
augment their own processing power Narco—Someone who makes frequent use of hand-held devices with conventional keyboards to
chemical stimulants to improve physical and mental implanted cybernetics with direct neural links which
Glow Stone—Meteor debris, usually in the form performance or alter mood. Narcos are also fre- enable their user to surf the Net, conduct voice calls,
of fist-sized rocks, often imbued with unusual char- quently known as Poppers. and operate software applications by thought alone.
acteristics or carrying mutagenetic viruses. While
most “glow stones” do not actually glow, many that Net—The Internet Personal Information Device (PID)—
did glow were discovered during the years of meteor Functions as a person’s I.D., credit card, passport,
showers. Since then, meteor debris has become NetBar—A nightclub in which a variety of virtual
and medical record. PIDs provide basic types of
highly prized. reality and multiplayer Net games are played
Net access, including: voice, text, and limited
NetOp—An online, usually a criminal, activity video services. Net services require one other piece 3.0
Gopher—One who smuggles people and animals in
undertaken by a hacker or Netster of equipment, such as a retinal display, eyeglass 3.1
and out of cities
VidScreen, or ear piece and microphone. PIDs are 3.2
Handler—Someone who represents underworld Netster—A hacker often a small piece of metal or plastic, about one 3.3
professionals, serving as their manager and agent quarter the size of a credit card. However, they can
NetHead—Someone addicted to life online, usu- 3.4
be as small as a grain of rice and be inserted under
Hitclub—See Hitspot ally in the form of Virtual Net Worlds and other 3.5
the skin.
forms of online entertainment 3.6
Hitspot—Common term for popular nightclubs; PID—See Personal Information Device 3.7
also: Hitclub Netwire—A common hardware device to facilitate
Net connectivity in other devices Player—See Operator
Holoscreen—Holographic display, usually in 3.9
table-top form New World—Occasionally used to refer to Earth Popper—See Narco
after Mother Nature’s Revenge and the War.
Line—Someone employed by a legitimate organi- Salaryman—Anyone with what would tradition-
zation to liaise with underworld elements, usually The New World Wielding Commission—A ally be considered a “white-collar” job. Salaryman is
seeking criminals to perform tasks with which the quasi-official body established to research Wielding, used most often to refer to corporate employees.

Core RuleBook
3.1 Lingo

Score—A criminal job, usually in the form of a PIDs and P-Comms, Taps are among the most com- VidScreen—Considered by most to be archaic
break and entry or theft of some sort mon information and communications devices in the relics, VidScreens are little more than televisions. As
New World. thin and flexible as paper and available in almost any
Scrubber—A crew or drone—or combination of size, they connect wirelessly to any source, displaying
both—which enters the Wilds to clean radioactive Terran—A general term used to describe anything images and video in standard 2D.
or toxic environments, facilitating the gathering of native to Earth, often referring to intelligent species
resources or city expansion from the planet VidStar—Traditional video is obsolete, and inter-
active, or at least immersive, VidNet is the norm.
State Passport—Proof of citizenship, usu- Temporary Passport (T Pass)—Usually issued
VidStars are the modern equivalent of movie stars,
ally carried as encrypted data on one’s PID. State to those working for a city-state without full citizen-
characterized by an ability to draw audiences into an
Passports are almost always necessary for gaining ship. T Passes are frequently issued to mercenaries,
entry into city-states. resource gathering expeditions, and explorers oper-
ating outside the walls of the cities.
ViNeW—See Virtual Net World
Swarm—The backbone of the Net—a massive array
of small, cheap, and easily deployed satellites that Tox Field—An area of toxic wilderness, usually the
VirtScreen—Short for Virtual Screen.
carry the vast majority of the world’s Net traffic. result of The War or the accidental release of toxic
The Swarm links every major city-state and most materials Virtual Net World (ViNeW)—A form of highly
urban areas through hundreds of thousands of small immersive entertainment that comes in many forms;
T Pass—See Temporary Passport
ground stations scattered worldwide. some are highly detailed theme worlds, carefully
Trust—Synonymous with “money.” Almost all developed by corporate design firms with massive
Swarm Hop—Tiny satellite ground stations that budgets; others are amalgamations of user-created
personal wealth is held in Trust by the CFA. One’s
link a local area’s communications network or comp- personal financial status and available Trust is car- content. In all cases, users can assume an avatar form
grid to the Swarm. Most Swarm Hops are roof-top ried on a PID. through which they explore and interact with the
3.0 devices, resembling overturned hemispheres. virtual world. ViNeWs are well-known and criticized
3.1 Trust Notes—Bearer bonds carried on PIDs in for their addictive characteristics.
Syndicates—Short for “criminal syndicates,” the form of an encrypted text string and linked to a
3.2 Syndicates refers to any group, gang, or secret Trust account held by the CFA. Anonymity of owner- Virtual Screen (VirtScreen)—Display func-
3.3 organization with ties—no matter how tenuous—to ship is maintained through the encryption string, tionality found on devices to make AR visible to only
3.4 organized crime. Syndicates are continuously at war enabling cash-like transactions. Trust Notes can one individual. Examples include cybernetic eyes and
3.5 for control of city-states. Even city-states with demo- change hands many times before they are redeemed; Taps.
cratically elected governing bodies are subject to the however, their amount cannot be altered. Once
influence of the Syndicates. redeemed, the Trust is moved from the requestor’s The War—Refers to the global war of 2060–2062,
account to the redeemer’s account. No transaction which was largely characterized by the large-scale
3.8 Tap—A term for any number of easily available neu- details are maintained by the CFA, with the excep- use of nuclear and biological weapons.
3.9 ral interface devices worn on the head or implanted tion of the use of a Trust Note.
under the scalp. A Tap sends and receives data from Wielder—Someone who can harness and direct
any compatible source directly to and from the user’s Trust Notes were created to enable financial trans- matter and energy in a supernatural way
brain, enabling one to vividly experience sensory actions in locations with limited direct electronic
input, and interface with computer and communica- access to the CFA. However, Trust Notes are now Wilds—Any area outside the immediate control of
tions equipment at the speed of thought. Along with used more frequently for illicit transactions. a city-state; also: Freezone

Alpha Omega
Conventional Cities 3.2.1

The Alpha Omega world is built
around a stark divide between the intensely urban
city-states, and the dangerous, primal Freezones,
commonly known as the Wilds.
The city-states, colossal urban complexes, are
home to the vast majority of Earth’s population. They
have become nations unto themselves, often wrapped
in protective walls and sophisticated defenses built
over many decades to protect their inhabitants from
war, plague, and other dangers of the outside world.
Like the Greek city-states of ancient times, their gov-
erning bodies are among the most powerful in the
world, and their security forces are a testament to
each city’s power and ingenuity.
There are three types of city-states: conven-
tional cities, walled cities, and arcologies.


Conventional Cities 3.1

3.2.1 3.2
Conventional cities are no different from 3.4
cities of the 21st century. Most are huge, sprawling
urban expanses; some are 21st century cities unaf- The largest conventional cities are Old borders. There is an enormous amount of wealth 3.6
fected by the years of disaster and war; others are New York, Hong Kong, Greater Mexico City and and power to be gained by allowing people to enter
newly established in previously undeveloped regions; 3.7
Vancouver. and leave a city freely. Corporations, wealthy orga-
still others are built upon the ruins of their former Several conventional cities have begun to 3.8
nizations, and individuals have rushed to establish
grandeur. In spite of their size, conventional cities open their borders, allowing free passage to any- 3.9
themselves in Open Cities. In these cities, interested
are home to only a small percentage of the Earth’s one. Known as Open Cities, they offer previously
total population. These cities survive either by alli- unavailable business and entertainment opportuni- parties can conduct business freely, associate with
ances, declared neutrality, the sophistication of their ties—along with dangers not found in other kinds of people they would typically not have access to, and
security forces, simple luck, or a combination of cities. In fact, these opportunities—legitimate or oth- solve problems in ways they cannot while under the
these factors. erwise—are the primary reasons for opening a city’s watchful eye of their native city’s security.

Core RuleBook
Arcologies 3.2.3

Anyone can call these Open Cities home. Although not as eclectic as conventional cities, In 2035, several corporations worked together
Of course the price is often high and inhabitants walled cities offer their citizens an appealing balance to create the first truly massive arcology project—a
are usually responsible for their own protection. of variety and security in every aspect of life. Walled self-contained city in California for their employees.
The risks of living in an Open City are high, but the cities continue to attract and retain huge numbers of Max-plex was composed of 3 massive towers, 500 m
rewards are worth it for those who can cut it. people escaping the dangers of the Freezones and are (546.8 yd) in diameter; each reached an astonishing
Most Open Cities are controlled by some type a common form of city-state in 2280.
1.1 km (0.7 mi) into the sky. The towers were linked
of governing council, usually comprised of landown- at several points by crisscrossing bridges, through
ers or those who hold positions of power in the city.
which monorails traveled. A network of high-speed
Citizenship is usually only granted to those who own
Arcologies elevators carried people up and down the structure.
land in the city or who can pay a periodic citizen- 3.2.3 The city quickly became home to 950,000 people.
ship fee.
Arcologies are almost completely self-con- Dozens of suburbs, commercial districts, and parks
tained super-cities, massive towering complexes and sprang up around the base of the towers. Plans for
expansion were put into action almost immediately
Walled Cities home to the most advanced technologies available in
2280. Most arcologies rely only slightly on surround- after completion, as hundreds of thousands flocked
3.2.2 ing territories for resources and food, producing to the corporate city to be part of the new phenom-
As chaos and conflict spread, many cit- most of what they need internally through genetic enon. It did not take long for other corporations to
engineering and sophisticated hydroponic farming. notice the incredible influx of human capital to Max-
ies returned to old notions of fortification to ensure
However, almost every arcology is surrounded by plex and begin plans for their own city complexes.
their security forces had the best possible advantage
at least some measure of urban development, some
when defending the city. Walled cities evolved from The rise of the city-states was underway, and before
by a simple conventional city which has sprung up
conventional cities, around which protective border too long, the arcology towers disappeared into the
since construction on the arcology began; others by
structures were built. As illness spread and fall- clouds.
large walled city complexes that predate the arcology
out from weapons of war drifted, walls and security More than 200 years after its construc- 3.0
itself. In 2280, there are numerous true arcologies,
check points became essential to ensure city popula- tion, the urban area surrounding Max-plex has 3.1
each home to tens of millions of people and countless
tions were safe. Later, walls and defense structures forms of industry. The arcologies stand as humanity’s itself grown into a massive city and is protected by a 3.2
served to protect against raids and dangerous preda- crowning achievement in design, construction, and sophisticated wall. Max-plex is the smallest arcology 3.3
tors encroaching upon the city’s edges. cooperation. on Earth, and is now considered by many to be little 3.4
The walls of the cities were signs of safety, The arcologies of the New World are based more than a large building inside a walled city. 3.5
and they attracted millions of hopeful residents upon visionary architect Paolo Soleri’s fusion of The largest arcologies on Earth are Oderon 3.6
eager to find protection from a world falling apart. architectural design with ecology in the form of City, Valux Corporate Arcology, and Ciudad-5, 3.7
Inside, population density soared. This prompted large hyper-structures, self-contained cities built
controls on citizenship and initiated construc- each towering several kilometers, and each home to 3.8
vertically to minimize impact on the surrounding
tion efforts to build upwards rather than outwards. tens of millions of people. These stand as markers
environment. Many thinkers and designers embraced 3.9
As technology continued to evolve, so too did the the notion of arcologies, especially as the incred- of humanity’s incredible ingenuity and the quest to
defenses of the walled cities. Human sentries were ible efficiency of the arcology model was understood. unlock even more powerful technologies and master
reinforced with drones, and early building materials Corporations were quick to realize the potential of the world through science and engineering.
such as concrete and steel were replaced with signifi- these hyper-structures as a potent blend of business For details on these city-states and more loca-
cantly improved materials. efficiency and human comfort. tions, see section 4—Locations.

Core RuleBook
3.2.4 City-State Politics

Power is the currency of intricate hierarchy beneath them. In spite of such

inter-city politics and comes in similarities, each Syndicate is different. Some focus
many forms: access to natural on end goals, some focus on geographic regions, and
resources, advanced technology, others still are united by ethnicity. Some Syndicates
influential personalities, a large are known for their ruthlessness or chaotic behavior,
security force, or the presence of whereas others are nearly indistinguishable from a
powerful Evolutionaries. corporation. However, the one objective that char-
The battle for resources acterizes all Syndicates is power; they all have an
is fierce. It is this competition unrelenting drive to gain more of it for their leaders.
that fuels most of the conflict
between cities. Almost every city
has resource acquisition pro-
grams and will pay handsomely Inter-City War
for assistance with explora- 3.2.5
tion and extraction operations. There is a tenuous peace in place between
Additionally, most cities have the city-states. Few cities even have the military
espionage and secret police ser- resources to mount a significant attack on another
vices designed to protect state city while continuing to defend their own borders.
secrets and to obtain those of Furthermore it has been agreed by all city-states that
other cities. A high price is often any attack on an arcology or walled city shall be con-
paid for information, and free- sidered an attack on all city-states. Should such an
lance information gatherers do attack take place, the aggressor will have to face the
quite well—assuming they live combined force of all other city-states, who will set
3.0 long enough to enjoy their new aside their differences and unite to destroy whomever
3.1 wealth. dares to attack one of the few remaining outposts for
3.2 In spite of the critical humanity. This pact is formally known as the Inter
importance of resource gather-
City-State Politics ing and information control, the real power brokers
City-state Alliance. Its terms and a list of its sig-
natories are held in Lavana Free City. The pact has
3.2.4 in many of the city-states are the Syndicates. Crime recently been expanded to include a clause regarding
3.5 does not always pay well or necessarily for very long, extradition of criminals between states and includes
3.6 Every city-state has its own political and but the Syndicates have their hands in everything the proposed foundation for the creation of an inter-
3.7 cultural systems. Most arcologies evolved from their from the street level drug trade to the highest levels national investigative body.
3.8 corporate origins into pseudo-democracies, with gov- of city-state leadership. Furthermore, it is not always Although open warfare between city-states
erning councils made up of the city’s elite, elected, or easy to tell who is truly a criminal and who is a politi- is forbidden and large conflict is virtually unheard
appointed. Some cities are dictatorships, run by the cian or businessman. The Syndicates are numerous of, tensions are high, and small-scale conflict over
head of the security force or by a Syndicate. Some, and well-organized, and even form occasional alli- resource-rich areas is common in the Freezones,
like the island city of Divinus, are monarchies; others ances when their purposes suit each other. especially in areas with high concentrations of
Most Syndicates are run by an individual or meteor debris and metals. In spite of the best efforts
are true democracies, while a few appear to have no
by a small body of senior members with an often of diplomats, trade negotiators and the architects of
ruling body whatsoever.

Alpha Omega
Resources and the City 3.2.6

the Inter City-state Alliance, the threat of open war as the primary food sources. Resource-locating and wars. However, as the Syndicates get involved in the
hangs heavy. extraction expeditions into the Wilds have become arms and technology races, things are changing dra-
Each city-state has a security force of some commonplace, and are one of the most lucrative matically. Already, the Syndicates have kidnapped
kind. Some city-states have simple defense forces but dangerous enterprises in 2280. Greater risks numerous high-profile scientists and either ran-
comprised mainly of automated weaponry and are continually taken to find and secure the land somed them back or forced them to work on projects
drones, while others have highly trained and extraor- and resources necessary to meet the city’s need for underway within the Syndicate.
dinarily well-equipped forces with the latest drone expansion.
and Artificial Intelligence (AI) support. A few city- The greatest dangers to resource gatherers
states are even fortunate enough to have Nephilim are not the terrors stalking the Wilds, but the com-
and Grigori among their defenders. In fact, many petition from other cities and their resource firms.
non-human species are paid handsomely and are Violence and espionage among resource gathering
aggressively recruited to be part of a city’s security firms is common and small-scale conflicts in the
force. Mercenaries do well to ply their trade in the Wilds occur on a daily basis. Major players have vast
defense of a city-state, and when the job is complete security forces and considerable
and they have been paid, the mercenaries are free to sway in the highest circles of city-
switch sides and do it all over again. state administration, where they
Espionage is common between city-states, routinely push for the acquisi-
even among allies. The skills of information gathering, tion of valuable territory through
assassination, and sabotage are highly sought-after. It force.
is this constant state of small-scale conflict, espio- Warfare among private
nage, and power wrangling that drives what is known and state-sponsored armies is a
as the Urban Arms Race, a burgeoning effort by the way of life in the Wilds. The ruins
corporations and others to push the limits of weapon of the 21st century’s largest urban
and equipment design. The race is not to hoard weap- centers are a hotbed of conflict as 3.0
ons or even to threaten equals with mutually assured salvage operations and resource 3.1
destruction. It is to build the best weapons—capable extraction crews pick through the 3.2
of tipping the scales of conflict wherever it erupts— bones of the old world. More than 3.3
and many of the world’s greatest minds have devoted a few regional conflicts have been
their energies to the race. financed by resource firms with
an interest in controlling valuable 3.5
territory. 3.6
There is a battle already
Resources and the City
underway for control of the 3.8
3.2.6 world’s best scientists, engineers,
and doctors, those required to
With their extremely dense populations and
exploit resources and create new
sophisticated infrastructures, city-states are huge
marvels of technology. The battles
consumers of resources. Vast solar and wind farms
for the best and brightest are usu-
gather energy to power the cities. Large hydroponic
ally nothing more than bidding
farms have long since replaced conventional farming

Core RuleBook
3.3 Freezones

Outside the security of the cities lay the
Freezones. These are areas of vast, reclaimed wilder-
ness largely untouched by humans for nearly two
centuries—once again primal and savage, ruled only
by the law of nature.
The Wilds are home to an unimaginable vari-
ety of plant and animal life, a staggering amount of
which has been dramatically altered by radiation,
the multitude of volatile elements that rained down
during the years of war, and by meteor showers. All
of these pollutants, contaminants, and meteor debris
have given rise to what are now known as Tox Fields,
areas of complete desolation and contamination.
The remnants of the old world dot the land-
scape like misplaced toys in an overgrown lawn. The
savage nature of the forces which reshaped the Earth’s
surface only 200 years ago can be seen in chasms left
by earthquakes, mountains laid flat by volcanic erup-
tions, shores wiped clean by tsunamis, and the wild
re-growth of vegetation as it reclaims land once held
3.2 by now-ruined cities and roadways. The shadow of
3.3 what once was has been obscured, though not entirely
3.4 concealed by the new world’s wilderness.
3.5 Tox Fields, great wastes, deserts, irradi- defend claimed land in the face of aggression from outside the city-states. Some Freezone communities
ated blast craters and twisted areas of mutated others, including creatures that may regard an area as are communal compounds established by those dis-
plants and animals can be found on every continent. their own. satisfied with life inside the cities. Some are colonies
They are some of the most dangerous areas in the established by city-states themselves as resource
3.8 already-deadly wilderness, and only the hardiest and gathering centers, trading hubs, or even strategic
3.9 best-equipped travelers dare cross them. outposts for defense of the primary city. Still other
City-states often claim ownership or con- Freezone Communities Freezone communities are havens for marauders,
trol over some parts of the Freezones, usually where 3.3.1 outcasts, and others who are not welcome in the
they have discovered resources worth harvesting or cities.
land suitable for settlements. However, only force is The Freezones are not devoid of human life. In Like the city-states themselves, each Freezone
respected in the Freezones, and one must be able to fact, there are many small communities to be found community is unique, and each has its own system of

Alpha Omega
3.3.1 Freezone Communities

law and order. Sometimes the rule of law is obvious

and a community is well-organized and defended. Life In and In the exploration of the New World begins, the city-
states realize the importance of their relationships

Between the
At other times, a community might be without rule with each other. Each of them must reach out, take
or security. In all cases, communities in the Wilds advantage of each other’s strengths, and exploit each

should be approached with caution. other’s weaknesses, while ensuring they can main-
tain their base of power and protect their elites.

The cities offer everything one needs to

Crime and Violence in survive: food, shelter, security, and entertainment.

However, some cities are more successful than others
the Freezones The city-states are home to the vast
in meeting these needs. Most citizens are considered
3.3.2 “middle class” and enjoy a reasonably comfortable
majority of the Earth’s population, human and non-
life inside the protection of the city. Abject poverty
Thievery is a common profession in the human alike. They contain the most diverse and is rare in the major arcologies, as their sophisticated
Freezones. Bandits frequent trade routes and rou- eclectic hubs of activity ever seen on Earth. infrastructure and burgeoning economies require a
tinely attack convoys. Raiders plunder vulnerable Nearly 250 years after the development of steady stream of human, and non-human, resources.
communities and pirates scour the waterways. Many the first corporately-held arcology, a great deal The walled and conventional cities hold closer to
Freezone criminals have made quite a successful has changed about life in the cities. For the most their ancient roots and the divide between rich and
living for themselves. Pirates and raiders are also fre- part, the once-deep roots of corporate rule have poor is often extremely obvious. Nevertheless, life
quently involved in the burgeoning slave trade and withered. For the last century, the need to attract within such cities is usually better than a life outside.
have been known to sell survivors of their attacks valuable and talented human capital has weighed For the most part, life in cities goes on as it
and kidnapping victims to slave traders or force them heavily on the corporations, and the competition always has. People report to jobs they probably hate,
into servitude. for human resources has forced almost every city- crime rises as population density increases, chil-
Many Freezone criminals have raised the ire state to institute policies that make them appealing dren go to schools they would rather not attend, and
3.0 of Syndicates and the ruling bodies of city-states, to the New World’s best and brightest. Corporate entertainment remains the great escape from daily
3.1 resulting in bounties on their heads, particularly rule was further challenged when city-states began routine.
3.2 when someone of note or value has been taken hos- to open the lines of communication with other cit- There are numerous reasons why someone
3.3 tage in the Wilds. There are even a few who have ies. Opportunities to relocate to a more desirable would want to leave the safety of the cities, but the
3.4 risen to achieve some measure of legend. Some city, even if it was made extremely difficult or illegal, most common are: business, entertainment, adven-
became famous for capturing a shipment or per- became possible and the need for the cities to remain ture and religion. No one city meets every need in
haps even a person of considerable value; some have attractive was amplified. Furthermore, as business every area. With the resurgence of global commu-
simply operated in a region for so long that they have dealings and trade became more common, oppor- nication, one can easily see what other cities have to
3.7 become infamous. tunities within the cities became numerous. New offer, getting a glimpse of what one has been missing,
3.8 Of course, every time a bounty is levied on the corporations were formed and established offices in good or bad.
3.9 head of a criminal, another is tipped off to a shipment new cities, hired staff, and became entwined in the A complex economy still exists in 2280.
or expedition worth hitting. Bandits of every sort fabric of life. Corporations are constantly securing trade deals,
often find opportunities coming their way through Throughout their evolution, the city-states expanding operations beyond their home city-state,
those eager to put a dent in their competition and struggled to build strong communities capable of recruiting top talent, and battling for market share.
have become a valuable weapon for the corporations supporting and protecting themselves. Now in 2280, City-state governments are also continuously ensur-
and Syndicates to use against each other. as the cities re-emerge from their forced isolation, as ing access to resources, expanding trade agreements,

Alpha Omega
What’s in Your Pockets 3.4.1

and jostling for position on the international stage. Personal Information Devices accessed using any number of readily available data
When it comes to entertainment, few city-states Personal Information Devices (PIDs) are the digital terminals and handheld communication devices.
have absolutely everything it takes to satisfy their wallets of the New World, enabling easy access to Changes made by officials are always marked with an
populations. Travel, including adventure travel into one’s Trust account and facilitating financial transac- encrypted string to ensure the integrity of the PID
the Freezones, is becoming big business in the New tions, like the credit cards of old. PIDs also serve as system.
World as more curious and courageous people ven- identification, medical records, and passports, carry- The portion of memory devoted to the PID’s
ture out to see other cities or the Wilds every day. ing vital information about one’s citizenship as well owner is usually used for personal information, like
Finally, religion draws people out from addresses and P-Comm numbers. This portion can
the shell of the cities. The most fre- also be used to buffer and cache data if the user’s PID
quent pilgrimage is to Città Santa, the is linked to a netwire.
great holy city, which has become home
to the heads of all of the world’s major Personal Communications
religions. It is a city that stands as both Almost all personal communications are carried over
a beacon to the world’s faithful and a satellite personal communicators commonly referred
reminder of the dangers of intolerance. to as P-Comms. P-Comms are very much like the
Nevertheless, it is visited by countless smart phones of old, capable of handling every
millions every year. common media form from plain text to data-heavy
The New World’s economy is virtual reality transmissions. They come in an aston-
extremely strong, driven by the city- ishing array of forms ranging from archaic handheld
states’ never-ending desire for resources. models with conventional keyboards to cybernetic
Even cities founded by small groups implants with a direct neural interface.
of corporations have branched out, P-Comms are capable of direct satellite com-
enabling businesses of all types, includ- munication, making use of the Swarm, or linking to
ing competitors, to set up shop within 3.0
an area’s comp-grid during localized use. All modern
their walls. Free enterprise is the law of P-Comms can also act as a data terminal, and can be 3.1
the land. Ambition, ingenuity, and greed connected to any number of auxiliary devices like 3.2
drive the gears of the New World. VidScreens, keyboards, cameras, etc. 3.3
as genetic and medical information necessary for Personal Protection
What’s in Your
travel and medical services. Personal protection is big business in 2280, perhaps
Pockets? Most city-states implant every citizen with a
PID, either at birth or when citizenship is granted.
the biggest business. Every community has different
laws regarding the possession and use of weap- 3.7
3.4.1 Most PIDs are smaller than a grain of rice and are 3.8
ons and armor. For the most part, common sense
It may not seem like a very significant question, implanted beneath the skin’s surface,—usually in the rules, and access to weapons is controlled in every 3.9
but you can learn a great deal about how someone underarm, at the base of the neck or in the shoulder. major center. Personal armor is generally permit-
lives by knowing what they carry with them through- PIDs can receive, transmit, and store all ted, although heavy or obvious armor will certainly
out the day. 2280 is no different, and there are a few kinds of information. There two types of memory in attract the attention of security forces.
key items almost everyone either carries or is inti- every PID, one that can only be altered by city-state In the cities, few regular citizens are with-
mately familiar with. officials and one for the PID’s owner. PIDs can be out some measure of personal protection. The most

Core RuleBook
3.4.1 What’s in Your Pockets?

common devices are palm-sized pistols and tasers.

Lightweight body armor and protective clothing are
To begin with, a citizen’s identity and identi-
fication are guaranteed by their home city-state. This
also common among those who need protection.
makes travel between city-states and dealing with
Of course, there is no accounting for what security forces significantly easier, assuming the citi- Although dialects, accents, and slang
criminal elements may be packing in terms of weap- zen is not breaking any laws. It also makes opening vary greatly between regions and communities,
ons and armor, and security forces in every major city an account or additional accounts with the Central English remains the most common language in
routinely grapple with criminals better-armed than Financial Authority significantly easier. Citizens use in 2280. Numerous other languages are spoken
themselves. receive the benefits of city life: access to some mea- worldwide, and in fact, in some Freezone communi-
Outside the cities, personal protection is an sure of medical care, education, stable employment ties absolutely no English is spoken; however these
entirely different matter. Few Freezone communities are rare. Aside from a few regional services, the Net
opportunities, and a relatively safe environment.
consistently enforce laws regarding the ownership is completely dominated by English, as is the world of
Most city-states have agreed that travel
and use of weapons. For the most part, anything business, giving it a veritable cultural stranglehold on
between cities is generally good for business and
goes, until someone better armed than you says language.
the health of every city. There are a few closed cities
which have not bought into this ideal and there are
always running rivalries and disagreements between
city-states which cause them to close their borders Food
Citizens and Freemen to citizens from rival cities, but these are generally 3.4.4
3.4.2 short-lived. Surprisingly, food and food production
Freemen have no recognized citizenship. have not really changed a great deal over the last
Citizens are those men and women who
That is not to say they are all from some backwater 200 years. The only exception can be found in the
have been granted citizenship by one of the city-
Freezone community in the middle of nowhere—only arcologies, where limited space and easy access to
states. Citizens have numerous rights non-citizens or
that their community does not offer a mark of citi- impressive technology have pushed the limits of soil-
3.0 Freemen do not have.
zenship accepted by major city-states. less farming, genetically-altered foods and soy-based
3.1 City-state citizenship is an extremely valuable
Freemen are not always able to enter city- alternatives. Inside arcology towers, numerous floors
3.2 commodity, as most cities only bestow it upon those
states; therefore, they rarely have high-paying, stable are devoted to food production and house facilities,
3.3 born within their walls or those individuals they are ranging from massive hydroponic centers to simple
keen to convince to join their population. Citizenship employment. Even the largest Freezone Communities
3.4 cannot compete with most city-states in terms of traditional gardens reserved for growing fruit and
is demonstrated through the possession of a valid vegetables for the city’s elite. Inside some extremely
3.5 wealth and services and Freemen are forced to live
city-state passport, usually in the form of encrypted large cities, fresh fruit, vegetables, and real meat are
3.6 data carried in a PID. Without a passport, inter-city what most citizens would consider a less than desir-
often expensive and sometimes even difficult to find.
3.7 travel is almost impossible. Only open cities are with- able life. Additionally, most Freemen have a tough
Daily diet is determined by budget and location.
3.8 out tight security controls on who and what enters time acquiring an account with the Central Financial Some of the best and cheapest food can actually be
3.9 and leaves their borders. All other cities generally Authority and must provide a DNA sample when found in Freezone communities, where organic farm-
require proof of identity, and even then there are usu- doing so. ing and wild game are common.
ally special conditions placed on visitors. Temporary Of course, all the controls on citizenship and Almost every city-state is fed by a handful of
passports, or T Passes, are frequently issued to travel, combined with the rising desire to venture hugely powerful food production corporations that
visitors, including individuals employed within the out, have fueled a rampant underground trade in usually own, or at least control, most of the terri-
city-state but who are without full citizenship. people-smuggling as well as in forged and stolen IDs. tory surrounding the city. Most of these corporations

Alpha Omega
The Net and Computers 3.4.6

employ hundreds, sometimes thousands certificates which guarantee that a pre-

of drones, which work the land, plant- determined amount of Trust is held in an
ing and cultivating crops with precision. account for redemption at any time.
Commercial fishing is also big business, Trust Notes are the “cash” of 2280.
and thousands of massive fishing drones They usually come in the form of a small
are always at work around the globe. data chip or a tiny file which can be car-
Thankfully, even in the largest urban cen- ried on a PID and transferred. Once a
ters, very little food has been relegated to Trust Note is issued, its value cannot be
paste form or modified soy products of altered—it can only be redeemed and
one sort or another. It is often joked about deposited into an existing account or
that Mother Nature’s Revenge may have handed off to a new owner, presumably as
been the best thing to happen to food pro- payment for something. Any data terminal
duction in a long time. can read the value of a Trust Note, but no
other information can be gleaned with-
out incredibly sophisticated decryption

Finance capabilities.

With the collapse of global finan- The Net and
cial markets in 2063, currencies quickly
became worthless. For years barter Computers
became the most efficient means of trade. 3.4.6
Banks struggled to maintain their rel- The Net is the core of the New 3.0
evance, investing almost exclusively in World’s telecommunications and enter-
the corporations behind the rise of the 3.1
tainment infrastructure, evolving from
city-states. As governments crumbled, the decimated remnants of the 21st 3.2
hard currency became meaningless. Central Financial Authority 3.3
Century’s global telecommunications
Personal incomes began to be paid in network. 3.4
“credit dollars” held in trust by a bank able personal, corporate, or otherwise. A constitution Satellites serve as the backbone of 3.5
to guarantee the value of the trust by way of its own was drawn up, outlining the framework under which the Net, wirelessly linking the globe in an orbiting
investments and resource holdings. Over time, the 3.6
the CFA would operate and the system by which its web known as the Swarm. Those destroyed dur-
word “trust” became synonymous with “money” and 3.7
board of directors would be chosen. In 2195, the CFA ing the years of meteor impacts have been replaced
“credit.” Trust accounts became the standard system was officially formed and headquartered in Lavana with vastly improved models, and new technology 3.8
for holding and tracking wealth and “credit dollars” Free City. is deployed continuously. Satellite technology and 3.9
became known simply as Trust. Today, every electronic financial transac- control over Net traffic have become indispensable
In 2193, the world’s largest corporations tion passes through the CFA’s central headquarters benchmarks for the corporations and city-states.
came together with the heads of several city-states where every Trust account in the world is held and Cities are dotted by thousands of tiny ground
and created the Central Financial Authority (CFA), monitored. The CFA does not produce any hard stations sometimes referred to as Swarm Hops,
a singular global bank to handle all Trust accounts, currency, instead issuing Trust Notes, electronic

Core RuleBook
usually found atop buildings, on street lights, or scat- outside of the cities are ferociously defended by the usually a VidScreen. Netwire-enabled Taps allow
tered on the exterior of an arcology. Most ground corporations or communities who own them. users to access the Net using thought alone, and
stations are nothing more than a hand-sized satellite Every thing from voice conversations and current models provide their user with a complete
3.8 dish or small dome linked to a wireless array and a financial transactions to VidNet broadcasts and vir- immersive virtual reality experience of whatever it is
3.9 power source, but they are linchpins, linking busi- tual reality services are carried over the Net. To most they seek on the Net.
nesses and residents to the rest of the wireless world. people, it has become a completely transparent part The evolution of computing technology and
In the Wilds, ground stations are often much larger of daily life. The vast majority of users access the Net computers themselves has become intertwined
and designed for durability rather than concealment. through Netwire-enabled devices, including Taps. with the New World’s penchant for sleek, utilitar-
They are also rare and generally built to service trade Visual information like text, images, and flat video ian design and organic technology. Computers in the
routes or large communities. Those that do exist are transmitted by the Netwire to a viewing device, New World are almost invisible devices, built into

Alpha Omega
Getting Around 3.4.7

the walls of homes, embedded in jewelry, or even homes are equipped with touch and voice-sensitive toward more immersive AR experiences bordering
implanted directly into the owner’s body. displays that can pull a variety of information from on virtual reality.
Standalone personal computers are a thing of the Net, including recipes, cooking tips, and the
the past. In 2280, most cities have powerful comp- day’s weather. These devices can also send informa-
grids, invisible arrays of shared computational and
information resources linked to the global Net. In
tion, including grocery orders and email. Clothing
can contain flexible displays and a netwire, enabling Getting Around
essence, comp-grids combine personal comput- a jacket sleeve to also serve as a data terminal, com- 3.4.7
ers and the Net. Comp-grids are accessible by any plete with virtual keyboard, all linked to wearer’s There are two types of travel in 2280: travel
Netwire-enabled device, be it a traditional data display glasses. City comp-grids can provide maps inside the cities and travel outside of the cities, both
terminal with a keyboard and display, or the direct vastly different experiences.
neural interface of a Tap. Inside the cities, includ-
Nearly all software applications are housed on ing most arcologies, automobiles
and pulled from the Net by users. As it has been for and motorcycles are still the
the last 250 years, software and computing technolo- most common form of personal
gies are big business, with numerous corporations transport. There are numerous
producing virtual machines, software applications, manufacturers of vehicles spread
games, and all manner of Net-based products. Many across the globe, catering to every
of these corporations have launched their own comp- automotive taste, from simple,
grids, accessible by their customers for specific tasks single-passenger electric com-
and subscription services. muter cars to high-performance
sports cars with the latest electro-
Augmented Reality magnetic drive systems.
Augmented Reality (AR) involves layering digitally Every city has its own
processed information over tangible reality through 3.0
licensing guidelines, but for the
devices such as VidScreens, holographic projections, most part, anyone over the age of 3.1
and cybernetic eyes. AR is actually based on the old 16 can easily be licensed to drive. 3.2
concept that computer graphics could be overlaid Before driving in a new city, you 3.3
on an individual’s field of view, either upon already should make sure your driving 3.4
existing visual information—like that displayed on credentials are accepted.
and directory information to such personal display 3.5
a television or computer monitor—or by wearable Public transportation is heavily used in large
computers and displays embedded into such things devices as cybernetic eyes, P-Comms and wearable centers, with buses and high-speed magnetic trains 3.6
as eye glasses, windshields, and shop windows, sus- displays. Of course, advertisements of all types are serving as the backbone of these systems. Most 3.7
pending information seemingly in the air in for the found everywhere, from simple text messages sent to arcologies have extremely well-developed systems 3.8
viewer. listening P-Comms to elaborate video ads displaying of mass transit, including high-speed elevators 3.9
In 2280, AR is present in most surfaces, on walls. while roadways are often narrow, cramped and in
including clothing. Linked to the Net, this display AR is most commonly audio and visual some arcologies, reserved for emergency vehicles
technology continuously sends and receives data, information, although recent developments in cyber- only. So far, only the Galvanus City arcology, on the
providing users with an array of information ser- netics and wearable electronics have seen a move East coast of what was formerly known as Canada,
vices. For example, kitchen counters in most modern has completely outlawed personal automobiles and

Core RuleBook
3.4.7 Getting Around

motorcycles, but many other arcologies are currently

considering it.
Outside the cities, transportation is a com-
pletely different beast. Travel through the Wilds is
dangerous, and safe routes between cities are rare.
Only rugged or armored ground transportation is
used outside the cities. Aircraft are slowly being used
to move people and relatively small amounts of cargo
between cities, but even the skies are not entirely
safe. Armored caravans are commonly used to move
large shipments between cities, and providing pro-
tection for shipping firms is a lucrative enterprise.
Explorers, resource-gatherers, and corporate VIPs
routinely pay for inter-city ground transportation
protection from those with armored vehicles and suf-
ficient firepower to fend off marauders, raiders, and
the more–than-occasional creature deciding to make
a meal of travelers.
Electromagnetic drive systems have largely
replaced the liquid-fueled engines of previous cen-
turies and fossil-fuel-driven vehicles are almost
completely obsolete, except in some Freezone com-
munities. Small vehicles are generally fed directly
3.0 from city power grids, recharging as needed by plug-
3.1 ging in for an hour or so. Large vehicles designed
3.2 for inter-city travel are most often fueled by some
3.3 combination of solar, compact nuclear, or chemically
3.4 stored electric power system. The newest inter-city-
capable vehicles also include an emergency internal
combustion engine that runs on a number of differ-
3.6 ent possible fuels.
It is true that a society can be judged by its
entertainment. In 2280, entertainment takes many
forms, some no different than those of the 21st

Alpha Omega
Entertainment 3.4.8

century, albeit more attuned to the science and tech-

nology of the New World.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) can be enjoyed in many forms
in 2280. One can use archaic eyephones from the
previous century or the latest in direct neural inter-
face technology to delve into any number of virtual
worlds. The Net is the largest facilitator of virtual
interaction. Numerous service providers offer their
customers customizable, immersive environments,
sophisticated gaming experiences, and massive
online communities. In fact, many people have
become so immersed that they essentially forfeit
their real world lives in favor of a virtual one.
For those with a Netwire-enabled Tap, the
experience of VR is almost indistinguishable from
the real world. Digital signals from the Net are sent
directly through the Tap to the user’s brain, where
they are processed. Likewise, signals from the user’s
brain are returned to the Net, enabling the individual
to experience and interact with the virtual world of
the Net as though it were real.
Of course, the Net is distinguishable from the
real world. Navigating the Net with a Tap is really no 3.1
different than navigating it with a wearable display 3.2
and data terminal, except displays are not required, 3.3
as visual data is simply seen, and all interaction is Most viewers access these programs through a Tap, and art through the analog experience of their own 3.4
performed by thought alone. The only exceptions are enabling them to either actively take part in an inter- senses.
Virtual Net Worlds, which are elaborately designed active experience or to “walk through” the program The largest theatres in the world are continu-
artificial spaces—usually games—that reside on the as though they were walking among its actors while ously sold-out. Musical acts, plays, and operas travel
Net. These parts of the Net are often indistinguish- the action takes place. the world, most ending up in the grand theatres 3.7
able from the real world when experienced using a of Divinus—if they have been successful enough. 3.8
Tap. Theatre Accordingly, many of the New World’s most success- 3.9
Perhaps surprisingly, there has been a substantial ful and wealthiest celebrities are live performers. Of
VidNet resurgence in interest in conventional theatre and course, almost every live performance is transmitted
Television has long since been replaced by the Net. live performance. Many sociologists suspect this in some form or other over the Net for global view-
VidNet refers to the portion of the Net devoted to trend is the result of a real need, innate in humans, ing. Most productions are processed and formatted
distributing conventional television-styled programs. to be social and physical, and to experience the world for virtual reality, enabling viewers to experience the

Core RuleBook
3.4.8 Entertainment

event as though they were there in person, or perhaps are plastered with massive banners that cover the trade in front of more than 150,000 spectators. The
even as one or more of the performers. walls of skyscrapers. The images of Strata fighters king of Divinus himself, Vandorian Menhir, is a regu-
are everywhere and its champions are among the lar attendee, and the stands are filled with celebrities
Strata Free-Form Combat most recognizable and popular celebrities in the New of every sort. The Grand Royal Arena is truly a site to
Known by most as simply Strata, Free-Form Combat World. behold.
is the ultimate form of entertainment in the New The most popular fighters are celebrities of Like many sports throughout history, Strata
World. Held in massive arenas often seating hun- unmatched fame and fortune. While careers are has attracted more than its share of criminal interest.
dreds of thousands, Strata pits two or more warriors often short, the rewards are extraordinary, and any Entire underworld Syndicates have formed around
against one another in simple hand-to-hand combat. fighter that retires in reasonable health—with his/her the shadowy world of Strata. Rarely do elite fighters
Free-Form Combat evolved from the have any tangible ties to organized crime, but in the
martial arts and wrestling competitions of smaller arenas, particularly those in the Freezones,
the 21st century. Professional matches take crime is rampant.
place on a large, raised, slightly concave
platform that rotates above the arena floor,
often referred to as the Bowl. Here, the
world’s greatest athletes, men and women
of every species and of incredible athletic
prowess, face each other in hand-to-hand Like the rest of the world’s science and tech-
combat. Strata fights are fast, vicious bouts nology, medicine has made tremendous progress.
with very few rules. To win, one must dis- Most men and women living in city-states have very
able the opponent either by rendering them little to worry about regarding their medical care.
unconscious or throwing them from the Consistent and reasonable medical care has become
platform. Victory can also be attained by a staple for attracting and retaining citizens for
3.0 forcing the opponent to yield. The most suc- cities.
3.1 cessful fighters are not simple brutes, but For those without citizenship, medical care is
3.2 highly trained fighting machines, versed in another thing entirely. Private medical care is usu-
3.3 a variety of combat styles and athletics. ally costly, but generally easy to find in most urban
Strata is renowned for its incredible centers. For-profit clinics and private practitioners
record of safety. Before each bout, the com- far outnumber their city-state-funded counterparts.
3.5 fortune and reputation intact—is almost instantly a
batants are injected with a Critical System Monitor Prices for care and emergency services vary tremen-
3.6 (CSM) capsule. The CSM continuously feeds vital legend, and held in the same regard as VidStars. dously, even within the same city.
3.7 sign information to the officials, medical staff and the Strata arenas can be found in every arcology, Traditional models still apply in 2280; hospi-
3.8 combatant’s team. In over 40 years of professional save Città Santa, and in nearly every other city— tals serve large urban areas, ambulances respond to
Strata there have only been 2 fatalities. However, along with fighter stables, which function as training, emergency calls, and skilled medical professionals
underground bouts are an entirely different story. management, and housing facilities for most up-and- are a hot commodity. Finally, those requiring serious
The spectacle surrounding Strata coming fighters. or prolonged medical care are best served if they have
is unmatched in the entertainment world. The hub of the New World’s Strata action a deep Trust account.
Championship combats are promoted for weeks, is the Island City of Divinus and the Grand Royal
sometimes months. The streets of every major city Arena. Here, the best fighters in the world ply their

Alpha Omega
Creatures 3.5

The Wilds are home to a fright-
ening variety of creatures most would
consider monsters. They include a multi-
tude of plant and animal species that have
flourished in the centuries since humans
retreated into the cities. Among them are
some real terrors: creatures dramatically
altered and mutated as a result of exposure
to radiation, mutagenic viruses, and the
remains of weapons used during the years
of war. Many seem to be creatures never
before seen on Earth, perhaps unleashed by
Mother Nature during the years of her vio-
lent revenge.
For all the good it has done, science
is to blame for many of the New World’s
monsters, and almost certainly to blame
for many of the most dangerous ones. Over
the last 80 years, Triton Enterprises and a
few of its competitors have bioengineered
creatures of every type, from delicate, The savage ecology of the Freezones has had terrifying creatures which could not possibly be 3.2
rare birds to the fiercest custom-engineered mon- nearly two centuries to evolve on its own, combin- native to Earth. Some researchers have even reported 3.3
strosities. Most of their creations were produced to ing and recombining species to create entirely new creatures composed entirely of energy. A handful of 3.4
bolster populations of endangered or even extinct breeds. Needless to say, humans have never been far- explorers have returned, apparently from encoun- 3.5
species. However, recent decades saw most of Triton ther from the top of the food chain. ters with creatures so horrific that their minds were 3.6
Enterprises’ research and development directed at Creature recovery and control has become
shattered by terror. Their ramblings speak of these 3.7
filling roles in theme parks, zoological exhibits, and big business. Triton Enterprises and other corpo-
monsters as invulnerable, immune to even the most
private collections. Triton Enterprises and its com- rations regularly pay handsomely for hunters and 3.8
powerful weapons. Similar encounters have also
petitors have less-than-stellar records for security recovery specialists to solve their problems. Freezone 3.9
and containment. More than once, their creations communities and many large centers also pay well begun to be heard of in the cities.
have escaped. In the worst cases, these beasts have for protection from wandering monsters, especially For more details on Triton Enterprises and
themselves been altered by exposure to a plethora of those against which they have little to no defense. other locations and personalities in the Freezones see
mutagens. Explorers and researchers recently began section 4—Locations and section 5—Personalities
reporting encounters with an array of bizarre and and Organizations.

Core RuleBook
The Hierarchy of Being 3.6.3

You Were While he was held in Oderon City, Jet

Matheson was studied by the city’s preeminent
these creatures wield incredible power, answering
to no one but the most powerful of their own kind,

Never Alone
geneticist, Dr. Stanton Lethus. Dr. Lethus’s time with or to members of a species higher than them on the
Jet would change the focus of his research forever. He Hierarchy.

came to the conclusion that Jet’s genetics were fantas- The Seraph and Ophanum sit atop the
tically different than any normal human. After several Hierarchy of Being as the oldest, most advanced, and
weeks of study and numerous conversations with Jet, most powerful of the known species. Their culture,
Dr. Lethus came to the conclusion that Earth was science, and technology are far beyond the wildest
Human arrogance made us believe
home to an array of non-human intelligent species. dreams of Earth’s greatest thinkers. These two spe-
that we were at the top of the evolutionary food
cies have visited Earth numerous times in the past.
chain, somehow unique, the pinnacle of existence.
Although they are the most powerful of the known
How wrong we were.
Throughout history, humans have looked to The Evolutionaries species, they are also among the rarest and least
the stars and wondered if they were alone, wondered Emerge involved in the world of humans; their exact numbers
and reasons for being here are unknown to all but a
about what else might be out there, or perhaps might 3.6.2 select few.
be here on Earth, hidden from sight. Humans have
After Jet’s fantastic escape received mas- Each time the Seraph and Ophanum came to
never been alone, not in the universe, not in the gal-
sive media attention, and Van Mantra’s public claims Earth, they brought with them the Grigori, a power-
axy, and not on Earth.
about the existence of what he called Evolutionaries ful species engineered by the Seraph and Ophanum
and the Elim were made in 2100, several other on their home worlds to serve as soldiers, laborers,
Evolutionaries revealed themselves. and servants. They are as diverse as the purposes
First Contact Over the next 180 years, more and more for which they were engineered, and most Grigori
3.6.1 Evolutionaries emerged, pulling back the veil of remain loyal to their creators. However, some
secrecy and making their presence known. Their have strayed over the thousands of years they have 3.0
In 2099, an unusual criminal case made inter- age-old involvement in the world of humans made remained on Earth, the ease with which they could 3.1
national headlines. The defendant, Jet Matheson, integration much easier than one might expect. They use their powers to influence the emerging human 3.2
escaped from custody in spectacular form. Jet was were not bizarre aliens landing in a foreign world; world too much to resist. 3.3
indicted for his alleged involvement in the assassina- they were already here, long embedded and well During their many visits over the millennia,
tions of several prominent crime figures around the versed in the workings of our communities. In 2280, the Seraph and Ophanum often became involved
world. He was captured outside Oderon City after 3.5
Evolutionaries are no longer rarities in most urban in the lives of humans, occasionally interbreeding
evading the city’s security forces, running at seem- centers, and the initial shock of realizing we are not with them to create half-breeds, called the Nephilim. 3.6
ingly impossible speed through the city, and leaping alone has long since subsided. Although half human, the Nephilim are a powerful 3.7
from a sixth story ventilation shaft in the arcology’s species, genetically complex and laden with many of 3.8
exterior wall. Just three months later, he escaped their Evolutionary parent’s gifts. The Nephilim are 3.9
from his holding facility, once again in spectacular
fashion. The video footage was incredible and rapidly
The Hierarchy of Being easily as rare the Grigori, their Evolutionary cousins.
The Lesser Grigori and Lesser Nephilim
made its way around the world. This was the first are the most common of the Evolutionary species,
time the general public had ever seen someone who All species above humans on the Hierarchy derived from the union of a Grigori and human or
looked human do things so obviously superhuman. of Being are commonly known as Evolutionaries. All Nephilim and human, respectively. They tend to

Core RuleBook
3.6.3 The Hierarchy of Being

closely resemble their Terran parentage, but still

retain some Evolutionary abilities. The Wielding of the Wielding Cosmology as a hybrid of the solar
system and atomic models he knew so well as a physi-

The Anunnaki are the rarest of the cist, keenly aware of the genetic link he felt existed
Evolutionary species because of their complex between Wielders and the source of their power.
bloodline. Anunnaki are born of two Nephilim, one
Seraph-derived and one Ophanum-derived, a rare 3.7 The Cosmology describes the sources and
intentions of a Wielder’s seemingly supernatural
union at best. power. Since his death in 2259, numerous ver-
Nothing has affected life on Earth as dramati- sions of the Wielding Cosmology have been built
Power comes in many forms in 2280, includ-
cally as the emergence of the Evolutionaries. The and studied by Wanderlay’s successors. None have
ing wealth, physical strength, charisma, weapons, etc.
revelations of their existence and their long, tor- been able to improve upon his original vision in any
However, those in the New World known as Wielders
rid history on Earth tore a hole in our society, shook meaningful way.
have tapped into sources of power unlike anything
humanity’s collective confidence, and destroyed the The Cosmology consists of several, orbiting
previously known.
cornerstones of our cultures. It took nearly 200 years components—the four Sources orbit on the horizon-
Wielding is an art shrouded in mystery, far
for the tear to mend. In that time, science surged tal, central axis; the four Intention Realms orbit on
from fully understood and rarely seen. It is an art
forward. Religions came to terms with the realities the two tilted axis, crisscrossing the Source plane.
reserved only for those chosen or dedicated enough
of the New World, and humanity learned its place in This elaborate dance is surrounded by the circular
to walk its path. Since the phenomenon’s emergence,
the universe. Over the past 180 years, Evolutionaries orbit of Alpha and Omega.
countless great minds have struggled to under-
slowly became a part of everyday life, rapidly Intentions are divided into four distinct
stand and categorize Wielding; to give it meaning
integrating into the human world. In 2280, it is com- in human terms. The closest anyone has come is a Realms: Sancto, Bane, Order and Chaos. Each of
monplace to rub elbows with Evolutionaries in the system known as the Wielding Cosmology, a simple these Realms is in turn orbited by four distinct
streets of the world’s largest cities, or perhaps even to model that attempts to systematically break down the Intentions, representing the ends to which a Source
see them do battle in the Strata arenas of Divinus. impossibly complex phenomenon known as Wielding. can be bent.
Although several generations have come and The Wielding Cosmology was first drafted Countless researchers, mystics, and Wielders
3.0 and non-Wielders alike have contributed time and
gone since the appearance of the first Evolutionaries, in 2199 by Sergius Wanderlay, a renowned physi-
3.1 energy to understanding Wielding and refining
hatred and fear continue to reside in the hearts and cist turned mystic and philosopher, three years after
3.2 minds of many humans. Ridicule and prosecution are developing powers he could not explain. the Cosmology. In 2269, the New World Wielding
3.3 not uncommon; even in cities with large Evolutionary Wanderlay abandoned his lucrative career Commission was formed by a group of scientists,
3.4 populations many Evolutionaries go to great lengths as a researcher, choosing to focus his considerable many powerful Wielders themselves, to study the ori-
to conceal the fact that they are not human. Equality genius on understanding the source and purpose of gins and effects of Wielding.
movements and celebrity Evolutionaries have this power. For more than three years he delved into Wielders tap into the Cosmology in one
3.6 of three ways: Innately, through Arcane Study, or
gone a long way to reduce the likelihood of spe- everything from the loftiest theories on metaphys-
3.7 through Spiritual Devotion.
cies hatred, but there is still a long way to go before ics to the darkest corners of the occult. In the end, he
3.8 found no real answers, but knew he—and others like
Evolutionaries are accepted and trusted everywhere.
3.9 him—would need something to help them under-
stand the origin of this power. Wanderlay knew there Innate Wielding
was something intangible linking earthly physiol- 3.7.1
ogy with the energy of the universe. He could feel it,
and through Wielding he could see its effects, but he Although no one knows for certain, most
could never define it. So, he set out to build his model speculate that Innate Wielders have come upon their

Alpha Omega
Innate Wielding 3.7.1


powers through some genetic accident, exposure tunity arises. However the truly wise Wielder makes Wielding is a fine skill, a craft to be developed and 3.6
to meteor debris, radiation, or some trait specific use of their abilities only when required. mastered, and not some accident of nature. Arcane 3.7
to their species. Many Innate Wielders have cho- Wielders require incredible concentration and 3.8
sen to ignore or even hide their abilities for fear of intense willpower to draw upon a chosen Source and 3.9
being shunned by those close to them, or in certain
The Arcane Path focus its energy through an Intention.
extreme cases, for fear of persecution as danger- 3.7.2 Among Wielders, those that walk the Arcane
ous mutations unfit for life in the city-states. On the path can draw upon the most varied selection of
other hand, some who discover their Innate Wielding Arcane Wielders devote countless hours to Sources and Intentions. Of course, this flexibility and
abilities proudly showcase them whenever the oppor- study and practice to learn how to Wield. For them, potential for incredible power comes at a sizeable

Core RuleBook
3.7.1 Innate Wielding

cost. The path of an Arcane Wielder is a long, dif- things and inspires the creation of new life. This and “caring” to describe it. Most believe this energy
ficult one, requiring significant sacrifice and intense energy is felt here on Earth and is recognized every promotes such ideals as love, trust, cooperation and
devotion to the art of Wielding. Only the most disci- day. It appears in many forms, from the smallest kind protection. To those aware, Alpha is the source of all
plined and, indeed lucky of students will achieve all gesture or the creation of new life to the eons-long things good on Earth.
the arcane path offers, let alone survive a life devoted Omega is best described as the destructive
to it. force in the universe. It emits energy that corrupts
Many Arcane Wielders are known for their all living things and inspires the destruction of life.
immense and detailed collections of texts, videos, That energy is also felt on Earth and is seen every-
notes, and all manner of other research and study day as war, murder, hatred, cruelty, and death. In the
aids. The New World Wielding Commission, head- same way the human mind struggles to comprehend
quartered in Lavana Free City, maintains a massive the true meaning of Alpha, Omega is known by many
library developed by its members and donated by inadequate human terms like “evil”, “negativity”,
independent researchers and Wielders from around “apathy” and “disdain”.
the world. This library has become the world’s cen- Most Wielding researchers and philosophers
tral repository for information on Wielding and the agree that Alpha and Omega are symbiotic–that their
single most important source of tools for practic- relationship is cyclical and necessary. The notion of
ing Arcane Wielders. The online component of the Alpha and Omega as moral principles—Good and
library has also become a frequent target for anti- Evil—is laughable in the minds of most modern
Wielding netsters, who routinely attack the library’s thinkers. On the other hand, those that cling to the
online resources, recognizing its importance to physical world see Alpha and Omega as the necessary
Wielders around the world. cycle of creation and destruction, the beginning and
the end.
A recent expedition into the Wilds outside
The Spiritualist
of Old New York was fortunate to have one of the

3.1 Devout as a member when it encountered a twisted
3.2 monster so hideous and impossibly formed that it
3.7.3 could not have been from this Earth. Their weapons
3.4 Becoming a Spiritual Wielder is a calling useless against it, the Spiritual Wielder unleashed a
3.5 heard and answered by very few beings. Those who blast of spiritual energy, astonishing himself and his
hear that call through the steadfast dedication to companions by destroying the beast with his faith
their faith are known as The Devout. Those that have alone.
that call unexpectedly thrust upon them are called Of course, there are many Wielders who do
3.8 The Chosen, who tend to be the furthest from dedi- indeed choose sides—good or evil. These men and
3.9 cated to any faith. women walk a dangerous path through treacherous
Spiritual Wielders draw their power from one territory. There are rumors of Wielders consumed
formation of mountains or the growth of a forest. The
of two possible Sources: Alpha or Omega. by the energy of Spiritual Sources. None of these
limited capability of the human mind to truly com-
Alpha is best described as the universal cre- stories have been substantiated, and the Wielding
prehend the energy emitted by Alpha has forced us
ative force. It emits energy that nurtures all living Commission dismisses them as the superstitious
to use words like “goodness”, “positivity”, “happiness”
ramblings of the uneducated.

Alpha Omega
Science Wins Again 3.8.1

The New the most unlikely of combatants must be ready to

wage war.
of industry leaders and researchers with a special
focus on sustainable power sources, became a seri-

ous player in the New World’s energy game in 2108,
when it introduced the Gravux Solar Cell Spray. A

Technology Science Wins Again gel-like spray that adheres to almost any surface,
Gravux Solar Cell Spray solidifies to become a highly
3.8 Since the earliest days of human history,
efficient solar cell, easily incorporated into a larger
array, and seamlessly repaired by re-spraying dam-
curiosity and ambition have driven the machine aged areas. The Gravux Power Collective remains
of scientific progress. That curiosity and ambition active and important in 2280. Now headquartered
Science and technology in 2280 have
have continued unabated—even more aggressively in Lavana Free City, it continues aggressive research
not suffered any setbacks, despite the turmoil of the
than ever—over the last 250 years, and the machine into sustainable energy and routinely consults the
last two centuries. It seems there is truth to the age-
of progress has charged on in spite of global catas- New World Science and Engineering Commission.
old adage that necessity is the mother of all invention.
trophe, war, and plague. The New World’s science The Commission’s current executive director and
Many things were needed to ensure human sur-
reflects the changes that reshaped the world: the senior research lead, Paul Silvine, is among the New
vival, and the world’s most brilliant minds did not
need for protection, the need to communicate over World’s power brokers. A charismatic leader, gifted
disappoint. The past 250 years have seen unmatched
great distance, and the race to explore and innovate. speaker, and brilliant scientist, he has become some-
advances in science and technology. Perhaps for the
Among the New World’s most ambitious and thing of a celebrity and routinely rubs elbows with
first time, technology has made life easier and the
successful innovators is Vendark Industries, which the world’s elite.
Earth a better place. Advanced technologies are a
began as a nanotechnology research and engineering
part of everyday life in the cities. Fi-Ton Aerospace has set the bar high as the
firm in 2009, but is now comprised of a family of cor-
Of course, outside the cities, things are quite world’s premier designer and manufacturer of satel-
porations that span numerous city-states. Although
different. Few of the New World’s technological lites. Fi-Ton’s flagship technology is the TCSwarm;
their exploits and range of businesses has expanded
wonders are readily available in the Wilds. Since the small, cheap, modular and easily launched satellites 3.0
dramatically since their early days, Vendark left an
rise of the city-states began, very little technology which form a flexible network or swarm of communi- 3.1
indelible mark on the New World with two specific
has left the protection and control of the cities. In cations satellites capable of transmitting data around 3.2
technologies: Polython 4 and VenSteel. Polython
the Freezones, high-tech comes at a high price. More the globe.
4 is a form of what was once called liquid armor 3.3
often than not, the best equipment available is either or shear thickening fluid, engineered to remain 2050 marked the beginning of the end for
a relic from a century or more ago, or an obsolete lightweight and flexible until it absorbs impact and large-scale air transport as natural disasters spread
castoff from the cities. becomes temporarily rigid. VenSteel is another mar- and conflicts began to erupt. Fewer and fewer people
were willing to leave home, let alone travel great 3.6
In 2280, the war to be on the cutting edge of vel of Vendark’s engineering prowess, a liquid which
research and development is one of the most fiercely distance by air. Public carriers soon found them- 3.7
immediately becomes solid when triggered by an
fought and profitable battles in history. Entire arcolo- appropriate electrical impulse. Both materials have selves in serious trouble with no promise of recovery. 3.8
gies have been erected by those who have won battles become staples in 2280’s engineering and construc- Even large cargo carriers were soon struggling and 3.9
to be the first with new technologies. Competition tion fields. a decade later, as the skies filled with the flames of
is often violent, and espionage, sabotage, kidnap- Among Vendark’s competitors, all giants of meteors, they emptied of aircraft. The damage done
ping, and even assassination are common tools of the innovation and technology in their own right, a few to the industry between 2050 and 2090 seemed irrep-
competitive trade. This is a dangerous world, where stand out as cornerstones of the New World’s science arable, but humankind’s desire to master the skies
science and technology equal profit and power. Even and engineering. Gravux Power Collective, a group returned.

Core RuleBook
3.8.1 Science Wins Again

In 2280, global air travel is most cer- neering, and numerous corporate firms and
tainly on the verge of dramatic expansion. Over research groups can be found in almost every
the last 50 years there has been a consistent city. Innovations are everywhere, and those in
increase in the amount of personal inter-city air need generally have a plethora of options when
travel. Every major urban city has at least one it comes to treatment or improvement of their
relatively sophisticated airport, and most arcol- bodies. Health Sciences and Health Care are
ogies have airport facilities on multiple levels regulated independently by the cities, although
that enable aircraft to take off and land without most major city-states try to adhere to the
having to adjust altitude significantly. However, standards laid out by the New World Science
the skies are not filled with aircraft because the and Engineering Commission. Ultimately,
industry faces two significant challenges. The each state has its own guidelines for standard
first challenge is a cultural and demographic practices and accountability. It certainly is not
one. Only a small percentage of the population a free-for-all in the cities, and medical profes-
regularly travels outside their city-state, and of sionals, including researchers, are generally
that percentage most are vacationers on their monitored by some sort of committee or an
way to one of a handful of resort or vacation arm of the city’s governing body devoted to the
destinations like Divinus. Business travelers are sciences. Of course, every city and certainly
still relatively small in number, since the need every large Freezone community, has its share
to meet in person is rare given the interactive of back alley surgeons, unregistered Meshers,
power of the Net. Still, the industry’s power and veritable mad scientists who push the limits
players are working hard to overcome a culture of safety and ethics.
of fear that has been ingrained over several gen-
erations, and have done well selling the ease,

The New World

3.0 safety, and speed of air travel.
However, in recent years several air
Science and
3.2 travel companies have gotten off the ground
successfully only to have some of their craft Engineering
destroyed by massive avian creatures. The
resulting lawsuits forced smaller organizations
3.5 into immediate bankruptcy. However the attacks
large fleets of sophisticated ground vehicles and have 3.8.2
only recently begun to include large or otherwise
3.6 inspired several mercenary groups to retrofit large extremely expensive aircraft in their fleets. With the collapse or, in some cases, slow
3.7 aircraft with weapons platforms and begin offer- The aerospace industry is a hotbed of com- decay, of the old world’s global institutions, the gov-
3.8 ing protective services to the air travel industry. If ernance of international standards for science and
petition and espionage. For years, it has been a half
gigantic airborne monsters are not enough, simple engineering also faded. Beginning around the year
3.9 serious joke among aerospace executives that there
economics continues to plague the industry. Cargo 2060 and for the decades that followed, scientists and
are more predators fighting for control of the skies
aircraft and small, high speed personal craft are engineers, researchers and inventors of every descrip-
than there are aircraft in them.
economically viable but major cargo-moving cor- tion worked independently and without concern
Medical science and technology are domi-
porations as well as research and exploration firms for international standards, safety, or ethics—aside
nated by the New World’s intense interest in the
have spent the last 100 years investing in extremely from those they chose to enforce upon themselves.
refinement of the human body through genetic engi-

Alpha Omega
Soft Technology 3.8.3

Corporations took complete advantage, unlocking (NWSEC). Their first order of business: to publish a confidence of consumers as a respectful, honest, and
new discoveries and aggressively pursuing research. standardized system of measurements for use in sci- objective body of experts. An endorsement from the
Between 2060 and 2280, incredible progress was ence and engineering. Very shortly there after, the NWSEC can make or break a product or a profes-
made in all fields of science—not only because the Commission offered its resources to revive the old sional’s career and almost every major corporation
world demanded it in order to survive, but also Request for Comments system of research and inno- and institute of higher learning has membership and
because there was very little to slow it or control the vation, providing an open forum for the discussion of voting rights on the Commission.
actions of renegades and risk-takers. ideas. Given the protective nature of most corporate
The collapse of international regulation was researchers, use of the forum was light initially, but
and remains a double edged sword. Of course, with-
out need to conform to regulators, almost anything
momentum built and the New World Science and
Engineering Commission quickly began arranging
Soft Technology
is possible. Lives can be risked, questions of right and hosting an annual symposium on science and
and wrong ignored, and the prying eyes of would-be engineering, attracting many of the world’s bright- Biotechnology is the heart of sci-
critics can be locked out of laboratories and board- est minds. It quickly became a bi-annual event, which ence in 2280, and genetics is the blood it pumps.
rooms alike. However, without regulatory bodies it led to a flurry of publications in support of common Bioengineered materials are designed for use in
also became impossible to secure ownership of one’s standards and research principles. The Commission nearly every area of life, from manufacturing and
ideas. Intellectual thievery of every sort ran rampant. was gaining clout and buy-in, and was becoming a construction to computing and medicine. The design
No longer could patents or copyrights be enforced, friendly face in corporate circles and in the media. of organic materials is known as Soft-tech.
let alone claimed, and the race simply became to keep In 2275, almost 150 years after its inception, Moore’s Law reached the summit of its expo-
your inventions or discoveries secret until you had a with its hand in everything from academics to corpo- nential climb in 2099, prompting huge investment in
product you could sell. Espionage and violence soon rate research, the NWSEC gained its most valuable the development of organic computing systems. Soft-
followed as competition between research firms and asset when Paul Silvine became its executive director. tech offers incredible advantages over traditional
manufacturers heated up. Paul Silvine was an engineer and senior researcher “hard” technologies. For example, DNA-based com-
In 2136, numerous corporate and academic at Triton Enterprises and had held key positions at puters run most critical infrastructure systems in the
leaders came together for a conference in the Lavana several other firms over the years. He was also some- arcologies and can be easily adapted and upgraded as
Trade and Education Commune, which would later thing of a scientific celebrity, counting VidStars and 3.1
the city’s requirements change. Organic computers
become Lavana Free City, to discuss the prospects of professional athletes among his numerous high-pro- have also shown an incredible aptitude for learning 3.2
forming a global body to regulate and enforce intel- file personal friends. Silvine took the reins of the and creative thought, two aspects which have con- 3.3
lectual property rights and standardization. The NWSEC and gave it a public face like never before. tributed substantially to the development of AI in 3.4
discussions were unsuccessful; a consensus could not Silvine’s charisma is undeniable. His skill 2280. The extreme flexibility and power of organic 3.5
be reached. However, several of the conference’s par- as a public speaker is renowned, and, most impor- computer systems has resulted in the near-complete
ticipants recognized the need to re-establish global tantly, he has an uncanny ability to explain even the elimination of traditional silicon-based computers,
standards for science and engineering, even if they most complex or technical topics in terms anyone except in situations that require highly durable or
were only to ensure compatibility and consistency of can understand. Silvine immediately began winning simply proven systems. 3.8
seemingly mundane things like measurement stan- the public’s favor and pushing hard to, in his words, Other bioengineered substances are in 3.9
dards. Numerous corporations, eager to improve “…ensure science and engineering work for everyone use around the world in countless applications.
their image as cooperative forward-thinkers, offered and exploit no one.” Bioengineered structures are easily repaired,
support. Several universities followed suit, and in The last five years have seen the NWSEC upgraded, and reproduced. The Ciudad-5 arcology
2137, they returned to Lavana and founded the become a media mainstay and hub for the meeting stands as the most impressive example of soft-tech in
New World Science and Engineering Commission of great thinkers. The NWSEC has also won over the construction.

Core RuleBook
3.8.3 Soft Technology

Soft-tech is even used to enhance the Human effect, such as changing your eye color or increasing has proven that one’s genetic complexity limits the
body. Bioengineered organs, limbs, and even entire the number of synapses in your brain. Many Mesh amount of augmentation the body can accommodate
Humans have been around for some time. Cloning is developers have gone even further, combining DNA or withstand without dangerous complications.
old news. Genetic engineering has become a staple from the animal world with Human DNA to pro- Of course, genetic science and Mesh are not
of scientific and commercial enterprise in the New duce extreme forms of Mesh, providing gorilla-like the only options for people looking to remake them-
World. DNA manipulation and forms of molecu- strength or cat-like grace. These potent augmenta- selves. Cybernetics, bioengineered organs, limbs, and
lar engineering are at the core of the New cloning are old fashioned but still common-
World’s science. place. Anyone with the available Trust can
replace failing organs or upgrade to engi-
neered models.

Humanity Remade For more details on Mesh, cyber-

netics and other body improvements, see
3.8.4 section 9—Gear and the Marvels of Science.
The Soft-tech revolution reached
extraordinary heights in 2050, when Dr.
Rictor Beniton perfected and went public Artificial
with his Mesh technology, a series of proce-
dures used to re-engineer or replace genetic Intelligence
code in a patient. Mesh effectively enable 3.8.5
people to completely transform their physi- AI, by 2280, has far surpassed the crude
ology in the same way a software developer rule-based software systems of the 21st
rewrites code to perform new functions. century. Neural networks did not get very
The possibilities were endless and so were far until the biological sciences made it
the ramifications. The genetic Pandora’s Box possible to implement them with real neu-
3.1 had been opened and there was no way to close it. tions are relatively new developments in the world of
rons–in other words, creating a programmable form
3.2 The most common type of Mesh is designed Meshing, and are extremely costly. However, 2280 is
of biological intelligence. The turning point for AI
3.3 to correct medical conditions, such as a weak not Dr. Moreau’s island. Meshing is a highly refined
research was the year 2050, when a researcher, Dr. R.
immune system or a structural defect in the heart. process that produces very specific results, usually
3.4 Chandra, discovered a seemingly autonomous intel-
This is achieved by Meshing genetic material from with few to no side-effects. So long as you can afford
3.5 ligence online that, it seemed, could readily pass the
someone who does not suffer a particular condition it, there appear to be no limits as to what can be
Turing Test.
3.6 with that of a patient who does, essentially rewriting achieved through Mesh.
No one ever laid claim to programming this
3.7 their genetic code. Dr. Beniton’s techniques opened The science and technology of the New World
AI entity, and there is some speculation that it some-
3.8 new doors in genetics and biochemistry, and very have enabled Humans to remake themselves faster,
how coalesced from existing software. In the digital
quickly a flood of new Mesh techniques began. stronger, smarter, healthier, and, of course, more
3.9 corridors of the Net, rumor has it that a mysterious
In 2280, Mesh is the medical procedure of attractive. In most cities, genetic-screening of pro-
research collective called Pharaohs Alive was respon-
choice for everything from disease treatment to cos- spective parents, combined with genetic therapies
sible, but its aims and ends remain unclear to this day.
metic modifications. It is now relatively simple to throughout life, has almost entirely eliminated birth
Ultimately, the entity was contained, analyzed,
have your own genetic material augmented with cus- defects and hereditary illnesses. Humans have never
and eventually destroyed. The event triggered a resur-
tom DNA that has been designed to achieve a desired lived better or for longer. However, recent research

Alpha Omega
Artificial Intelligence 3.8.5

gence in AI research and engineering. It also triggered it to remain competitive, the AI required resources punishments for anyone who violated the Accord
a public outcry for controls on AI. Predicting a race for growth, resources which were soon consumed at and a promise from all Accord signatories that they
for dominance in the field of AI, corporations rushed a frightening rate. Scientists and engineers could not would devote resources to seeking out and punishing
to fund researchers and hire AI experts. keep their programs contained or manage their mas- violators.
sive appetites. The city-states quickly agreed, their popula-
The Failure of NWSEC In 2155, the Net began grinding to a halt. tions screaming for action, and signed on, bringing
As has been noted before, one of the problems Comp-grids failed, individual systems crashed, and the GAAL into effect on July 1 2155.
of the post-cataclysmic world was a lack of global critical infrastructure around the world lost con- One day later, as systems failed around the
standardization and norms; for some time, even sci- nections to central control systems. The Net was world and panic reached apocalyptic levels, Dr.
entific units of measure varied from region to region. swarming with AI and a war for computational Hector Sullivan of the NWSEC released his team’s
This problem was, to some degree, solved by the resources had erupted between them. AI programs Active Artificial Intelligence Deconstruction Module
NWSEC. One of its greatest failures, however, was in rapidly consumed systems, redirected power, and to the technical heads of the city-states, who began
the regulation of AI creation and use. As AI research altered system controls in order to give themselves deploying the tool on their comp-grids. The AI-Killer,
progressed and proliferated in the late 21st and early more resources. as it became known, sat in wait on the borders of sys-
22nd centuries, researchers began to put the compu- June 2, 2155 a young technician, Nic Scot, tems for AI to attempt to pass. It then injected a copy
tational powers they had summoned into robotic and reported a series of odd building system fluctua- of itself, causing the AI to rapidly destabilize and, in
organic bodies, creating entities which, while not tions at the Lavinda Technical Research Institute, the words of Dr. Sullivan, “die a painless death.”
quite Human, had all the faculties of Humans— the in Oderon City. The reports included reconfigured
first free-floating AI. Corporations and private AI building security systems that somehow locked down AI: State of the Art
engineers ignored the Commission’s proposed guide- the institute’s high performance computing wing. In order to understand the GAAL, it is necessary to
lines and simply did what they wanted. AI popped A few minutes later, the Institute’s climate controls understand the AI state of the art now. In 2280, AI
up in all manner of robotic forms. Everything from began dropping the temperature in the locked down are more than simple androids and clever software
industrial machinery to household aids became wing. An AI had made its way into the Institute’s personalities; they are incredibly sophisticated forms
infused with some measure of AI. It seemed a golden systems and was preparing to overclock them to aug- of synthetic life, built with a series of fundamental
ment its own processing abilities. software building blocks known as AI Modules—or 3.1
age of intelligent machines was about to arrive. At
the same time, AI were largely exploited and their Oderon City’s security forces had to be called simply, Modules. These modules form the foundation 3.2
role and use was clouded in moral and ethical fog, a in to break through the Institute’s physical security of the AI and its scope of developmental potential, 3.3
fog which became thicker as corporations and those and take the high performance systems off the Net. just as the genetics of an organism dictate its physi- 3.4
with little interest in liberty became more and more Power failures and damage to critical sys- ological limitations.
involved in the debate. AI researchers, cognisant tems spread as AI attempted to hoard power and In the New World, there are two forms of AI:
of the ethical questions surrounding AI, struggled computational resources for themselves. Outcry for Loaded and Free-floating.
something to be done reached the highest levels of Loaded AI lack an android body. They are 3.7
to develop systems that had no concept of liberty
and no ability to “grow” beyond the parameters of city-state administration, and everyone looked once bound to one or more fixed computer systems. The 3.8
their design. However, it quickly became evident again to the New World Science and Engineering design and implementation standards of the GAAL 3.9
that such programming limitations severely limited Commission. stipulate:
their creation’s ability to function autonomously and 1 Loaded AI may not be connected to the
understand the world sufficiently to remain com- NWSEC Succeeds: The GAAL Net.
petitive with models programmed with no such The Commission’s first move was to propose a Global 2 Loaded AI may not augment their own
constraints. In order to give an AI “life,” and enable Accord on Artificial Life, complete with agreed-upon processing capabilities in any way.

Core RuleBook
3.8.5 Artificial INtelligence

3 Loaded AI may not duplicate their con- least. A Free-floating AI’s Context Module allows it Artificial Life—including AI and Bio-Engineered
sciousness module or “clone” themselves to control its complex body. persons—are to be given the full rights, privileges,
in any way. Free-floating AI are commonplace in most and care any other conscious, self-aware intelligent
Although these stipulations are generally fol- cities. Many city-states have even begun providing species is granted. The Accord specifically forbids the
lowed by AI designers in a responsible attempt to Free-floating AI with citizenship. use of AI and Bio-Engineered as unpaid servants and
avoid unleashing uncontrolled AI, there are most unwilling research subjects, two realities of the past
certainly some Loaded AI that do not adhere to these Terms of the GAAL most want to forget.
rules. Network defense against rogue AI is a fast Today the GAAL serves as an important piece of
paced and burgeoning industry in 2280. global legislation governing the creation and use
Loaded AI are frequently employed by corpo- of artificial intelligence. Its primary tenets are the
Artificial Intelligence Creation and Registration
Bio-engineered Persons
rations and city-states to develop and monitor critical
Accord, the Artificial Intelligence Transference
infrastructure and systems, and are extremely
common in homes and factories— anywhere com- Accord, and the Protection and Valuation of Bio-engineered are created wholesale
puter-controlled infrastructure is used. Artificial Life Accord. from genetic material already modified for particu-
Free-floating AI have an android body and a Under the GAAL, all producers of AI must lar purposes. Through the manipulation of telomeric
bio-neural matrix, a sophisticated organic computing register any Loaded or Free-Floating AI they create and mitochondrial structures, the time required
system which functions as the AI brain and prevents with the NWSEC. During registration they must pro- to get them from infancy to adulthood is on the
AI from “switching” bodies by transferring them- vide detailed technical information about the design order of 6 months, not 17 years. They come physi-
selves. Free-floating AI also have several necessary of their AI, including everything the NWSEC needs cally and mentally equipped for their intended jobs,
software modules, two in particular are worth special to locate and disable the AI, should it violate any which range from the most dangerous and challeng-
attention: the Instinct Module and the Spatial- terms of the Accord. Every AI has a unique identi- ing security applications to the most rudimentary
Temporal Reasoning Module. The Instinct Module fier, like a fingerprint, issued to it, enabling officials waste management services; their very instincts have
differentiates them from simple robots, giving them to track the AI, provide it with citizenship within a been turned towards those ends. For example, some
purpose and drive. The Spatial-Temporal reasoning city-state, and ensure it adheres to the Transference people cannot abide seeing a gum wrapper on a pub-
module enables AI to move about and understand the Accord and is protected under the Protection and lic bench. A bio-engineered sanitation worker would
3.2 physical world in terms of space and time in the same Valuation Accord. not only leap to pick up the wrapper, but would also
3.3 way the Human mind does; something which turns The Artificial Intelligence Transference sanitize the bench at the same time. Similarly, a bio-
3.4 out to be surprisingly difficult and processor-inten- Accord requires AI producers to encode AI in such engineered security worker would come out of the
3.5 sive. A Free-floating AI’s Context Module enables the a way as to make it impossible for them to move box schooled in several of the martial arts, continu-
AI mind to accept its state as a physical entity capable between Loaded and Free-Floating states without the ously assessing threats—no matter where s/he might
of moving through, and interacting with, the physical addition of the Spatial-Temporal Reasoning Module be. Most bio-engineered do not truly have personal
world as it sees fit. This may seem odd, but imagine and the Change of Context Module. Additionally, AI lives. Even those long since set free of servitude often
3.8 suddenly leaving behind your body, becoming an producers must ensure their AI cannot clone them- find themselves feeling directionless and very much
3.9 octopus, and being thrown into the ocean. You would selves or expand beyond the scope of their initial akin to the Grigori, their bioengineered Evolutionary
need to adjust to your new body and your new envi- design by acquiring the computational resources of counterparts.
ronment. Suddenly you would be weightless, forced other systems. Nonetheless, bio-engineered have all the fac-
to breath under water, and manage eight incredibly The Protection and Valuation of Artificial Life ulties of Humans, and indeed many are completely
flexible limbs. You would have entirely unfamiliar Accord is perhaps the most important and ambi- indistinguishable from them. In most city-states,
senses. It would be a startling adjustment to say the tious step the NWSEC has taken. Under this Accord, bio-engineered are entitled to Human rights and

Alpha Omega
Bio-engineered Persons 3.8.6

accommodations, including citizenship,

under the Protection and Valuation of
Artificial Life Accord. There is a moral con-
sensus among the heads of many city-states
that those who produce bio-engineered have
created a population of unique beings which
require legal protections to prevent their
exploitation. As such, most city-states have
programs in place that require the registra-
tion of all bio-engineered, including those
visiting the city. The PIDs of these men
and women are tagged identifying them as
Early bio-engineered endured treat-
ment equal to that accorded to slaves and
drones. Their corporate manufacturers,
and even small independent producers,
generally developed bio-engineered to fill
roles deemed too dangerous or unsavory
for Humans, but which required Human-
like faculties. In particular, bio-engineered
served as test subjects, laborers, and secu-
rity personnel. Some were created to serve
as companions, personal security detail, 3.0
and even courtesans. Treatment and wages, 3.1
if any, were considerably less than those of 3.2
most Humans performing similar tasks. 3.3
Discussions of the Protection and Valuation
of Artificial Life Accord under the GAAL
bolstered the emerging Bio-engineered 3.5
Rights Movement. With time, and aid from pose. It is not uncommon among lesser members is still relatively easy to find corporations and private 3.6
activists, many cities adopted the terms of the GAAL of the elites to “support” bio-engineered men and developers producing bio-engineered for their own 3.7
with regard to bio-engineered. However, most city- women as courtesans, enforcers, and servants of purposes. 3.8
states under corporate or dictatorial rule dismissed every sort. 3.9
these discussions as the foolish sign-waving of a few It can be extremely difficult to identify bio-
bleeding hearts. engineered. There is no foolproof test nor are there
Among the Syndicates of the larger cities,
consistently reliable genetic markers which identify
there is a thriving trade in non-GAAL-compliant
all bio-engineered as such. This has made it very dif-
bio-engineered servants of every conceivable pur-
ficult for those attempting to enforce the GAAL. It

Core RuleBook
3.9 The Evolutionary War

The skirmishes erupted between individual Seraph and

Ophanum—battles of myth and legend, witnessed by
globe. Some Malak have warned key Terran personnel
about the imminent war, and negotiations are under-

only a handful of people throughout history. Small way to pacify specific Terran governments and keep
skirmishes between Evolutionaries were mistakenly them from influencing the course of the coming war.

passed down through history as conflict between the
forces of good and evil. Some witnessed Ophanum The Future War

3.9 harassing primitive humans, taunting and manipu-

lating them, before the Ophanum themselves were
Seraph and Ophanum vanguards are scheduled to
arrive within a year. These groups will number in the
attacked by Seraph troops. This led many to believe thousands, and will be heavy combat soldiers and
the Seraph were to be trusted as guardians while the powerful Wielders, mostly Grigori. Their purpose will
The next war between the Seraph and
Ophanum were seen as evil monsters. Stories were be to solidify a base of operations and find the opposi-
Ophanum is nigh. During the next three years, the
told and retold, the truth lost, and humans were left tion, engaging in small-scale warfare to begin probing
main bodies of both armies will again arrive on
with their false notions of the Seraph and Ophanum. for an advantage. New tactics will be required to deal
Earth, intent on annihilating one another. When the
with the environmental challenges posed by the New
Evolutionary muster on Earth is complete in 2283,
mankind will once again bear witness to opposing
Present World and by the evolution of Terran science and
In 2280—the present-day of the New World of Alpha technology. Many of the previous battlefields in areas
armies of species far more physically powerful than
Omega—the reconnaissance screens for both the such as South America and the Middle East now lie
themselves. This time, however, mankind will cer-
Seraph and Ophanum armies have arrived on Earth. in the middle of the Wilds, where creatures powerful
tainly influence the outcome.
The several hundred members of each advance force enough to kill Evolutionaries run rampant.
By 2283, the main bodies of the Seraph and
Past were greeted by those Malak who remained loyal.
News of the development of the Terran species has Ophanum Expeditionary Forces—legions led by
Infiltrators, collectively known as Malak, have been experienced generals and accompanied by masses of
on Earth for 10,000 years, acting as intelligence been met with surprise and concern by Seraph and
Grigori Wielders and warriors—will arrive on Earth,
3.0 and reconnaissance soldiers. Some are loyal to the Ophanum commanders. Both Evolutionary species
tens of thousands of Evolutionaries thirsting for the
3.1 Seraph, others to the Ophanum. Initially, however, all recognize the dangers to their ongoing war posed
blood of their most hated enemies.
remained xenophobic and insular, hiding from man- by divergent evolutionary paths the Human spe-
3.2 The actions of those Evolutionaries who have
kind as it spread across the planet. When there was cies has taken in the last 10,000 years. In addition,
3.3 risen to power on Earth during the last 10,000 years
nowhere left to hide, some Malak tried to blend into Human science and technology has advanced at a
3.4 will impact how the war is fought, and who is ulti-
the population, using powers of deception to mask rate Seraph and Ophanum intelligence operatives
mately victorious. Some of those in power around
3.5 their true identities, avoiding unwanted attention at and anthropologists had not predicted. Fighting the
the world who know the war is coming have begun
3.6 all costs. Others made the decision to abandon their next Evolutionary War will require preparation and
looking to key Evolutionaries for guidance. However,
3.7 soldierly duties and use their powers to influence the caution. Both the Seraph and Ophanum will need
the choice to remain neutral or pick sides is their’s
weaker, ignorant Humans for their own benefit. At allies amongst the Terran species, and will need to
3.8 alone to make. Furthermore, the ability of Terrans to
first, all kept their true identities hidden, amassing find ways to prevent them from uniting against the protect themselves or affect the outcome of a battle
great power for themselves and directly influencing off-world armies. of such epic proportions is unknown. Diplomatic
the development and history of the Human race. The reconnaissance troops have tasks to com- overtures have begun from both sides, while the city-
Those who remained loyal completed their plete; they must establish a base of operations, define states also examine their Treaty obligations to defend
tasks. They watched and waited, keeping track of the capabilities of the Terran species, and establish the other major urban centers of the world. The next
the development of the beings that would surely relations or destroy those Evolutionaries who possess three years are sure to be busy for the world’s deci-
complicate the next Evolutionary War. A few small influence or power in Terran communities across the sion makers.

Alpha Omega
T he New World is an incredible place filled with
limitless locations where adventure and excitement
can be found. The vast, dangerous Wilds are dotted
with numerous points of interest and intrigue. Some
are easily accessible and commonly visited; others are
remote, hidden wonders rarely seen by travelers from
North America 4.1 the more civilized arcologies and Freezone communi-
Central & South America 4.2

Europe & Africa 4.3

ties. The desolate, forsaken wastes of the New World,
Asia & Oceania 4.4 inhabited only by the strongest intelligent species and
The Rest of the World 4.5
the most dangerous predators, have become a grave-

4.1 yard for many travelers.
4.2 Despite the danger, venturing outside the cities and exploring

4.3 the New World is a lure few of the curious can resist. Every day, more
4.4 and more of them set out to discover what has remained hidden from
4.5 them in the safety of their cities. The frontier spirit is alive and well, and
there is a vibrant, if deadly, world to explore.
The following section provides a brief introduction to the state of
the world in 2280, as well as information on a few specific locations you
might want to explore during your travels. These descriptions are meant
only to serve as a guide for GMs when detailing their own versions of
2280. There is far too much to say about each city-state and Freezone
community, and far too many of each to mention in these pages.
GMs should feel free to expand upon these descriptions, modify
them to suit their games, and create new and exciting locations.
The Great Wastes
Named for the Great Lakes area, The Great
Wastes is a vast, irradiated, and poisoned dead zone.
It reaches up from the former state of Virginia to

encompass the capital of former Canada, Ottawa, and
west to the ruins of Chicago.
The Wastes were formed in 2062, when a
he geography of North America is
barrage of attacks from foreign nations, terrorists,
pocked with the scars of war and terror. and doomsday radicals tore through the region.
Radioactive wastelands, biological dead The first attacks were launched in Washington by
zones, and areas of twisted wilderness dot a group of doomsday cult members who unleashed

North the continent. The main population centers

remain along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts,
several biological weapons in the city, stirring it into
chaos. As war and confusion spread worldwide, the

America with the vast bulk of the central plains lit- U.S. and Canadian capitals were quickly targeted,
and when they were reduced to rubble, the sur-
tered with small settlements and only a few
rounding suburbs and urban centers that supplied
major cities. However, the quest for expan-
human capital and bureaucratic support were also
sion and the spirit of exploration have once
targeted and destroyed. Through months of fighting
again drawn thousands out from the cities, and unimaginable destruction, the area was laid to
4.0 and the continent’s interior is a hotbed of waste. Countless millions were killed, and millions
4.1 resource gathering. more fled.
4.2 Of the few who have attempted to venture
The four corners of North America hold the
4.3 into the area, only a handful have returned. The
4.4 continent’s largest urban centers: Old New Great Wastes are a desolate, twisted, and mutated
4.5 York, the Florida Peninsula, California’s wilderness. Where the countryside and city ruins are
coast, and the Vancouver sprawl. Most of not soaked in radiation, they are covered in danger-
North America’s major 21st century cities lie ous biological agents of every sort. The lakes and
in ruins. Those that remain are known as con- waterways are also dangerously tainted and hide
ventional or walled cities. However, their countless meteors in their depths.
populations decreased significantly, and few Exploration of the area has revealed numer-
ous bizarre creatures. Furthermore, tribes of
have been able to recapture their former
mutated humans, known as Remnants, have been
glory, even after more than 200 years.
known to emerge from the Waste’s borders, having
survived several generations in the harsh region.
4.1.2 Los Angeles

Los Angeles
In 2280, Los Angeles remains a major urban
center and a significant component of the California
coast’s burgeoning population. However, Los Angeles
suffered greatly during Mother Nature’s Revenge,
leaving a significant portion of the city flooded, in
ruins and temporarily uninhabitable. In spite of this
devastation, the city has persevered to become one of
the largest urban centers in 2280. It is also home to
the Eden Corporate Arcology.
Los Angeles continues to be a center of enter-
tainment. It is home to several VidNet production
companies as well as an array of Virtual Net World
firms. It is also home to Old America, a huge theme
park designed to reproduce the world of the 20th
and 21st centuries. However, the park is not known
for its historical accuracy–Wild West ghost towns
are right next to genetically reproduced dolphins in
water shows–but brings much enjoyment to its visi-
tors. The creators of Old America pay travelers well
for rare or unusual examples of 20th and 21st century
popular culture, from comic books to motion picture
4.1 film. The management of Old America asks no ques- Eden Corporate Arcology
4.2 tions and pays better than most antiquity dealers on
4.3 the Coast. On rare occasions where large stashes of and hopefully find renewed wealth in central North Although travel in and out of Los Angeles is largely
4.4 pop culture paraphernalia have been discovered in America. unrestricted, all major roadways have formal check-
the ruins of the old world, retrieval teams have been points maintained by the city’s security force.
hired to secure the stash and return it to Los Angeles. Government and Travel Controls
Los Angeles is a sprawling urban hub with numerous Military
People suburbs. The communities are largely open, the only Los Angeles has a large security force with thousands
The Los Angeles area alone is home to an estimated exceptions being a few small gated communities with of officers, and is considered one of the best trained
50 million people. The area saw significant growth private security forces. The city issues formal citizen- and well-maintained forces in all of North America’s
late in the 21st century, as millions poured into the ship to all permanent residents who pass an intensive city-states. Los Angeles is also home to Mantis
area from all across the continent. medical screening process, provide proof of residence Technologies, an up-and-coming personal weapons
It continues to attract countless new citizens. within the city, and pay their annual citizenship tax. producer whose largest customer is the city itself.
Nonetheless, a growing number of citizens are leav- Proof of citizenship is carried within an embedded
ing the metropolitan area to repopulate, explore, PID issued to all citizens.

Alpha Omega
Loth Foundry eerily, lit only by luminescent power plants within the
central pyramid. The five pyramids are linked by a
filled with industrial machinery of every description.
The walls and ceilings are completely unadorned,
4.1.3 web of passages that intersect in the central pyramid. except for an unending web of precisely organized

The entire complex is wrapped by a similarly sleek, pipes, wires, and conduits. The sounds of machin- 4.5
Few walled cities are as imposing as Loth
Foundry, headquarters of Artificial Intelligence black wall, topped periodically by gigantic weapons ery and the stomp of constant patrols can be heard
Android Army 12 (AIAA-12). turrets and communication arrays. The scope of the through the halls and passages. Tiny drones zip about
Located on the central plains of what was entire fortress is staggering. Its breadth spans 6 km the floors and climb along the walls and ceilings,
once Canada, Loth Foundry is a simple symmetri- (3.7 mi) and the central pyramid rises 2 km (1.2 mi) avoiding the feet, tracks, and wheels of other drones
cal array of five massive, black pyramids, with one into the lively prairie sky. The mathematical precision as they move through the complex. The Foundry is
incredible pyramid towering above the others at the of the complex and simplicity of its design are char- a hive of activity, always alive and constantly abuzz
array’s center. Each pyramid glistens during the day, acteristic of its AI builders and residents. with the hum and pounding of machines.
protective shielding reflects the sun like some colos- Inside, Loth Foundry is a dark, ceramacrete Each of the five pyramids serves a specific
sal obsidian megalith. At night, the complex glows maze of interconnecting tunnels and massive rooms purpose. The first of the exterior pyramids is used

Core RuleBook
for storing raw materials and fuel. The second is used
for manufacturing and repairing droids, weapons,
except for the continuous patrols, tests, and drills of
the android army.
New York
4.0 and other equipment, while the third and fourth
Few have ever visited Loth Foundry, save the
4.1 pyramids house droids and equipment ready for employees of authorized resource gathering compa- In 2280, the city of New York is comprised of
4.2 action. Finally, the massive central pyramid houses nies with raw materials for sale. The android army two communities, Old New York and Under York.
4.3 the Foundry’s power plants, critical infrastructure, would as soon kill them as permit them entry, the Old New York is a conventional city built upon,
4.4 command, and research and development cells. Deep latter only occurring on authorization from Loth around, and within the ruins of New York City, which
below the central pyramid, an enormous black vault
4.5 itself. Loth Foundry exists for its own sake—to pro- was largely destroyed in 2062. Under York is a mas-
lies buried, home to Loth, the army’s loaded AI and
tect Loth and to propagate its army; its dealings with sive underground community built inside the subway
central mind.
other species are extremely grudging and limited. and utility tunnels beneath the city.
Like all loaded AI, Loth is not an android. It
resides within an array of DNA and optical computer All but the invited are captured for interrogation or Old New York is a sprawling, conventional,
systems protected like no other part of the fortress, killed on sight. but fiercely-defended city. It is one of many conven-
encased in earth and steel. From here, Loth moni- Loth’s deeper intentions, if any, remain tional cities built on the ruins and rubble of its 21st
tors and controls every aspect of the Foundry and its unknown. New World scholars speculate that century glory. Of course, the city is significantly
operations. the hive mind may serve some other hidden mas- smaller, both in size and population, than it was in
Outside the walls of Loth Foundry lie bar- ter, but most believe it is only concerned with the 21st century. However, the last 200 years have wit-
ren plains, empty for kilometers in every direction, self-preservation. nessed a remarkable return to growth, and the city is

Alpha Omega
Sanctuarium 4.1.5

Although violence between factions is common on Neither Old New York nor Under York has
the outskirts and in ruined areas of the city, all have consistent travel controls. Old New York issues for-
agreed to an uneasy truce in areas home to civilians. mal citizenship to people born within the city and to
Under York is a hub for outcasts, criminals, those who pay the annual 10,000T citizenship dues.
and those unable—or unwilling—to make a life for Under York does not even issue or monitor citizen-
themselves in the city above-ground. It is completely ship at all.
lawless and has become home to numerous violent
gangs battling for control of a vibrant trade in vices of Military
every sort. All of Old New York’s boroughs, and some of its
The largest and most powerful gangs have walled communities, have security forces of varying
deep links to the Syndicates. Many of the Syndicates sophistication, each contributing resources to the
have become extremely interested in Under York’s larger city defense force.
hidden maze of massive tunnels and proximity to the
region’s ports. Under York has become a haven for
smugglers, slave traders, drug producers, and every Sanctuarium
other conceivable underworld dweller. 4.1.5
In the eyes of the city above, Under York is a
giant, dangerous pariah which must be held at bay. Sanctuarium is the capital city of the Necrosi.
Numerous community and security organizations Located in the Badlands of the former state of South
in Old New York have unsuccessfully attempted to Dakota, it was built around a former mountain-top
police the city below. If there is one thing that unites sanitarium. When compared to most arcologies
once again a hub of trade, business, and manufactur- from the exterior, Sanctuarium appears diminu-
ing for the Northeast. the usually warring gangs of Under York, it is the
interjection of security forces from the city above. tive; the peak of its central tower stands only 300 4.0
Security in the city is concentrated within m (984.2 ft) tall, jutting out from the mountain like
the walled factional compounds of each of the five 4.1
People a black, clawed finger. Its appearance is jagged and
boroughs. These boroughs are walled off, each with gothic, with large statues of gargoyles, dragons, and 4.2
modern and well-equipped security forces. Between Old New York and Under York are home to diverse 4.3
other intimidating creatures adorning the exterior
these walled enclaves, private security forces, hired populations. Estimates put Old New York’s popula-
surfaces. 4.4
guns, and the Syndicates keep the remainder of tion between five and six million, although numerous
Under the old sanitarium, beneath the moun- 4.5
the ruins pacified—for fun or profit, depending on transient elements are difficult to take into account. tain, the majesty of Sanctuarium is much more
the case. This includes hunting down dangerous Although Under York’s population has never been apparent. It is a massive underground metropo-
predators that wander in from the wilderness and properly measured, it is safe to say it is home to sev- lis, reaching into the depths as far as 2 km (1.2 mi).
containing eruptions of violence from the dark world eral hundred thousand. Although it is home to almost five million Necrosi,
of Under York. Sanctuarium is a poorly-lit and eerily quiet city. The
The City’s operations are overseen by sev- Government and Travel Controls majority of residential areas are located around a
eral cooperative committees, each elected within Old New York’s government operates very much as it massive conical, central courtyard that spans 1 km
a particular borough. However, Old New York also always has. Numerous elected committees govern the (0.6 mi) at its base and about as high. This courtyard
has several non-elected factions, primarily crimi- administration of the city and each borough has an contains various churches and places of worship, the
nal Syndicates, competing for control of the city. elected mayor who oversees the various committees. Wielding academy, central government facilities, and

Core RuleBook
Valux Corporate Arcology 4.1.6

an underground river that supplies much of the city’s cation programs. He is respected for his strong and In academic and military circles, it is well-
fresh water. The remainder of residences are located thoughtful leadership, and feared for his ruthless elim- known that the Necrosi have delved deep into the
around the courtyard, affixed to the structural sup- ination of those who cross or conspire against him. dark corners of Wielding, experimenting with all
ports of the city and connected through a massive The population of Sanctuarium established a manner of sinister forces. Some claim that the
network of tunnels. code of living that focuses on the respect and better- Necrosi have the ability to summon otherworldly
ment of one’s brothers. A constitution was created to creatures of incredible power. The truth behind these
People guide their behavior, and anyone breaking this code claims is unknown, as is the effect these creatures
The Necrosi are a proud, motivated Species with is publicly executed. These executions are slow, and could have during a military engagement.
a regimented lifestyle that ensures those living in extremely painful; the screams are shared with the
Sanctuarium get the most out of each day. They focus community so the masses learn from the mistakes of
on physical training, academics, spiritual awareness,
and various painful rituals performed throughout
the few.
Each sector of the city has an elected official, Valux Corporate
the day. Pain is taught to be shared and embraced as who represents the residential area in the Foci. The Arcology
a motivator to work hard, a reminder of how valuable Foci is the governmental body that brings forth the 4.1.6
life is, and how sharing pain creates bonds of loyalty concerns of the population to the monarch and over-
that are not easily broken. sees day to day administration of Sanctuarium. The Valux Corporation is the world’s
Necrosi are studious, skilled, and capable Necrosi may leave the city whenever they premier designer and manufacturer of high tech
people. They approach every aspect of life with a want. In fact, they are encouraged to explore the electronics and machinery. Valux produces every-
genuine interest in perfection, working extremely world and learn everything they can, reporting back thing from the most common household devices to
hard to learn skills as quickly and as thoroughly as to Sanctuarium as often as possible. All such reports sophisticated drones, vehicles, and weapons systems.
possible. Necrosi are proficient Wielders, studying are brought to the attention of Lucescu. The Valux Corporate Arcology is a massive corp-
every Source and Intention of the arcane arts. They town in the strictest sense—Valux built and operates
have taken a profound interest in the dark energies of Military the city, employing nearly all its citizens. The arcol-
ogy is located near the intersecting borders of the 4.0
Omega, necromancy, and the Intentions of the Chaos The Necrosi military is comprised of small, tightly-
and Bane Realms. knit Special Forces regiments. They are highly skilled former states of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. 4.1
Within the walls of Sanctuarium, Necrosi combatants that focus on stealth and infiltration, The city is an ever-growing tower complex, its 4.2
are free to practice any religion, provided it does not using surgical strikes and the element of surprise to exterior swarming with Valux drones constantly 4.3
interfere with the life, privacy, or well-being of any offset technological disadvantages. repairing and expanding the structure, like a mas- 4.4
other Necrosi. They may share their faith with those The Necrosi Shadows are the elite assas- sive termite mound.
who choose to listen. However, they are not allowed sins of the Necrosi military, used to neutralize key The city’s primary tower complex is nearly 6
to judge or make any statements pertaining to the members of any adversary’s leadership. In addition km (3.25 mi) in height and 6 km (3.25 mi) wide at its
validity of anyone else’s beliefs. to the Shadows, the Necrosi Infiltrators are a mili- swooping base, with numerous outlying and support
tary unit of extremely proficient saboteurs and spies, structures scattered nearby.
Government and Travel Controls often prepositioned to inflict the greatest amount of
Sanctuarium is a limited monarchy. The city is ruled damage on an enemy’s civil and military infrastruc- People
by Mihai Lucescu, the seemingly immortal founder ture. Theoretically, the Necrosi would rely heavily The arcology is home to approximately 60 million
of the city who supervised its construction and had on their Wielders to provide large scale protection citizens, all of whom are effectively employees of the
a strong hand developing Necrosi culture. Lucescu and destruction were a major military engagement to corporation. Recently, however, Valux began strik-
heavily influenced Sanctuarium’s training and edu- occur. ing deals with other corporations, allowing them to

Core RuleBook
4.1.6 Valux Corporate Arcology

bring goods and services into the city and have their force. Joining the Valux military guarantees citizen- mi) long. Jutting out from the wall is the Sword of
employees take up residence inside the arcology. ship and has attracted thousands to the city. This Richmond, named after the area of Vancouver that
practice has become something of an issue with the was completely destroyed by the massive wave. The
Government and Travel Controls city’s administration, as many citizens report mis- Sword of Richmond is a 5 km (3.1 mi) long, multi-
Like all major corporations in 2280, Valux values treatment at the hands of the military. The city has a pronged wedge that reaches into the ocean, causing
control and security of its city above all else. The city substantial and well-equipped, if not always well-dis- waves to break prematurely and away from the city
is governed by the Administrative Council, which ciplined, security force. proper.
is appointed by the corporation’s governing board Valux’s military force has recently begun Vancouver is now home to 45 million resi-
and president. The Administrative Council oversees operations to extend the city’s control of the sur- dents. Many wealthy families try to build their homes
all aspects of the city’s day-to-day business—every- rounding area, including the remnants of the in this city due to its picturesque landscapes and
thing from safety and sanitation to education and the interstate highway system all the way south to the mild climate. It is a central area for biological sci-
arts. The city is tightly guarded and heavily patrolled, ruins of Denver. Valux’s neighbors are eyeing this ences and has an impressive underwater research
inside and out. The Valux Corporation’s Security development with concern, worried that they might facility amongst the ruins of Richmond, which fell
Force is also heavily augmented by the corporation’s soon be forced to fend off seizure of the best grazing into the sea when the ground beneath it gave way
tremendous collection of droids. and crop lands from marauding Valux armies. during the tsunami strike.
Every citizen, and those under contract or Valux is a regular contributor to the defense Vancouver Harbor is becoming one of the
employed by a partner corporation, is issued an of Lavana Free City. Valux Corporation’s CEO Juayin busiest in the world, and the downtown sector is
embedded PID. Those born within the city are auto- Chun has been known to lord his city’s state of the brimming with corporations and businesses, all try-
matically issued citizenship. The only other way to art drone contributions to the Lavana defense force ing to maintain their independence while the crime
gain citizenship is to be hired by the corporation or over the heads of smaller manufacturers as a symbol Syndicates try to lobby for their control.
to be invited to become a resident, a practice recently of Valux’s supremacy in the industry.
introduced by Valux in an attempt to soften the city’s People
image as a traditional corptown. Most people living in Vancouver are quite happy
4.0 and enjoy the many positive aspects that their city
While citizens can come and go as they
4.1 offers. However, organized crime and gang warfare is
please, all major gateways to the city are closed to 4.1.7 vicious in the central, downtown areas. The constant
4.2 outsiders unable to provide proof of official business
4.3 or a scheduled visit with a citizen of the city. Despite Vancouver is one of the largest conventional fighting between various crime families is beyond the
these security measures, there are regular—and cities in North America. It is a hub of marine biology control of the local authorities, who are too crooked
sometimes successful—attempts by other major cor- research, trade, tourism, and organized crime. The and too overwhelmed to remedy the situation.
porations to steal the research and researchers from city was struck by the washout of a mega-tsunami Concern over the stability and reliability of the gov-
the city’s drone development labs with offers of huge that hit Vancouver Island in 2058. The wave annihi- ernment is growing amongst the population, and the
salary increases. As a result, Valux now employs both lated the island, washing over it. The resulting wake future of this great city is questionable.
corporate and freelance Headhunters to hunt down hit Vancouver, reducing buildings to rubble and kill-
scientists who flee the arcology with Valux trade ing hundreds of thousands of people. Government and Travel Controls
secrets and return with their heads. As the city was rebuilt, design of a tsunami The government of Vancouver is democratic, with
defense and control system was implemented. The many organized and centrally controlled social pro-
Military most obvious feature of the tsunami defense system grams funded through taxation. These programs are
In addition to its regular internal security force and is a massive, 8 m (26.3 ft) tall wall that runs around dwindling as corruption continues to grow inside the
border security force, Valux has a significant military the harbor, forming a barrier almost 40 km (24.8 government, resulting in more and more tax dollars

Alpha Omega
Vancouver 4.1.7

siphoned off by the wealthy families who control the

city and the criminal gangs and Syndicates that allow
them to thrive.

The Vancouver standing army is 100,000 strong,
well-equipped and armed with technology that may
not be cutting edge, but that remains respectable in
terms of firepower and reliability. Investigators—
both military and civilian—who remain loyal to the
government have uncovered ties between high-rank-
ing commanders and particular Syndicates within
the city. The ability of the army to operate as a single,
loyal, cohesive force has become laughable, and many
soldiers have deserted, seeking better pay in a legiti-
mate mercenary group.
Corruption within the military pay system
has left some units without wages for months at a
time. A small cadre of young officers and reformers,
calling themselves the Lords of Yaletown, has threat-
ened to impose a military government on the city and
fight a literal war on crime in downtown Vancouver
if the situation continues. Syndicate assassins are
currently looking for information on the true identi- 4.0
ties of the Lords of Yaletown. Bloodshed is possible 4.1
before the end of the year. 4.2


Core RuleBook
Ciudad-5 is currently the fastest grow-
ing arcology on Earth. The city is located in the rich
wilderness of former Brazil. The Tree House, as it

is sometimes known, is a marvel of engineering.
Most of its superstructure is “grown” using a system
of molecular nanotechnology to form a vine-like,
ike most of the rest of the world, organic-looking exterior, hence the name.
Ciudad-5 is the brain child of a handful of
Central and South America suffered substan-
research specialists who formed the Ciudad Group in
tial population loss. However, they escaped a 2196. Their early work focused on organic building
great deal of the damage caused by nuclear materials but quickly evolved to incorporate genetic

Central & and biological weapons. Throughout Central

and South America, Mother Nature made a
Work on the arcology itself began as the

South dramatic and intimidating recovery; jungles

by-product of an investor who lost momentum on
several construction projects in South America. The

have grown impossibly dense, wildlife is abun- Ciudad group needed a facility to conduct large-
dant, and rivers flow wide and clear. scale research, and their backer happened to have

4.2 Central America is home to four major urban

an unoccupied, mostly complete industrial complex.
Ciudad used the opportunity to test some of its early
centers: Greater Mexico City, the Yucatan organic building materials and techniques, and the
Peninsula’s Terranova City, Sao Paulo, and rest is history.
4.1 80 years and 5 generations of Ciudad’s tech-
the Island City of Divinus. Numerous other
4.2 nology later, Ciudad-5 is a marvelous city reaching
cities, many of considerable size and pop- more than 7 km (4.4 mi) into the sky and spreading
4.4 ulation, dot Central and South America, out over an ever-increasing diameter of more than 6
4.5 but these four provide the backbone of the km (3.7 mi).
region’s commerce and cultural exchanges.
The city is home to nearly 60 million people,
while the nearby urban area is home to nearly 8
million more. The people of Ciudad-5 enjoy one of
the most comfortable arcologies on Earth, not only
because of its extraordinary size, but also because
of its administration’s commitment to the age-old
arcology design model that puts people and the envi-
ronment first.
Greater Mexico City 4.2.2

Only the arcology itself grants citizenship, proficient handling of creatures and monsters of all Like most city-states, citizenship in Greater
and Ciudad-5 is one of the few arcologies that accepts sorts. Mexico City has its perks. Not only do citizens
new citizens without massive fees and annual taxes. receive voting rights, but are also provided with
Instead, the city requires applicants for citizenship standardized basic healthcare and educational ser-
to pass a medical exam and provide both proof of
employment and a guarantee of continuing income. Greater Mexico City vices. Furthermore, Greater Mexico City has adopted
4.2.2 the common practice of reserving prime real estate
within the city for citizens alone.
Government and Travel Controls Greater Mexico City is the most populous All citizens are issued an embedded PID
The arcology and its surrounding urban sprawl city-state in Central and South America and, per- which carries their proof of citizenship.
are politically distinct but closely intertwined. haps, the most populous city on the planet, next
Sometimes referred to as Ciudad-Low, the area to Hong Kong. Greater Mexico City is a vast urban Government and Travel Controls
around the arcology is not an official city-state. The range encompassing numerous smaller communities Greater Mexico City is a democracy, controlled by
administration of the arcology, the true and recog- spread across several kilometers. The urban expanse
nized city-state, have long since abandoned efforts to an elected President and State Council. Only citizens
and surrounding area is home to at least 60 million can vote in Presidential and State Consular elections.
control the growth of the sprawl, knowing full well
people, although no firm count has been taken. Smaller elections are frequently held in districts of
it runs counter to the arcology model. The towering
Greater Mexico City is an important trade the city to elect regional representatives and special
city is simply too powerful a draw.
and manufacturing center, linking North and South
The arcology is governed by an elected coun- administrators. These elections are usually open to
America, making it an important player on the inter-
cil which oversees the administration of the city. all residents of a particular district based on DNA
national stage and an extremely wealthy city. The
However, behind the elected council, there is an tracking of ballots.
city’s position along the major trade routes link-
executive council comprised of the city’s senior Travel in and out of the City is relatively easy.
ing North and South America make it a frequent
researchers and arcology designers, whose role is Although border patrols are tight, they tend to focus
target for bandits, raiders, and a variety of unsavory
to ensure that no elected council undermines the primarily on large vehicles and convoys, leaving the
travelers. 4.0
principles set out by the city’s original designers. The city’s internal security forces to deal with problems
foremost of these principles is to adhere, as tightly as 4.1
People arising from small groups or individuals.
possible, to the model of arcology as a contained city 4.2
with minimal environmental impact—a noble ideal, Greater Mexico City is home to a vast and diverse
Military 4.3
but one that carries no weight, given the condition of population, and is effectively open to almost any-
The security force and military of the city are divided 4.4
the planet. one, so visitors of every sort are extremely common.
into numerous layers, each funded and controlled 4.5
Travel in and out of the arcology is relatively However, unless you are born in the city, citizenship
easy, although only citizens can remain inside the is not easily attained. To gain citizenship in Greater differently. At the highest level, the city has a formal
arcology for longer than one week without special Mexico City, one must pass a strict medical exami- large-scale military charged with defending the city
permission. All visitors are assigned a T Pass. nation, complete no less than one year of education and its surrounding communities. There are numer-
at one of the city’s universities—which can be a par- ous smaller security forces inside the city, generally
Military ticularly expensive endeavor—and complete at least funded by specific districts and charged with main-
Ciudad-5 has a well-developed security force respon- one year of service in the city’s military ranks. Given taining order accordingly. This complex and clumsy
sible for maintaining order and security. The arcology the city’s strict policy on granting citizenship, few system has made crime more of a problem in some
also contributes to the defense and policing of the immigrants actually follow through and attain com- areas of the city than in others, and most locals are
sprawl outside, and has become well-known for its plete citizenship. very careful about where they do business.

Core RuleBook
The Island City of Divinus 4.2.3

Greater Mexico City’s military is known for become a reality, and Vandorian, the charming and a wondrous span of gleaming towers inviting millions
its size, but not its technology. However, efforts are graceful administrator, fast became a global celebrity. of tourists and hopeful residents each year. The island
underway to upgrade and standardize it. The island’s profile continued to rise under his watch- was truly a paradise, unmatched anywhere on Earth.
ful eye, and the world’s rich and beautiful continued In 2108, more than 30 years after his admin-
to arrive everyday. istration began, Vandorian publicly declared he was

The Island City Divinus grew for 30 years, attracting hun-

dreds of thousands to its shores. Resorts sprang up
Nephilim, the off-spring of a human and Seraph
union. His celebrity status only rose, catapulting him
of Divinus along the coast’s white sand beaches. Casinos lit up further into stardom, and contributing to Divinus’
4.2.3 the night sky. The largest sporting arenas in the world rise to be the most desirable travel destination on
opened their doors to tens of thousands of cheering Earth.
In 2076, an island began to form in the Atlantic
fans. Museums and galleries emerged alongside grand In 2280, Divinus enjoys special relations with
Ocean off the coast of what was Brazil. Earthquakes
theatres on the city’s busy streets. The skyline became almost every other city-state. It is seemingly loved by
shook the coastline for months and volcanic activity
stirred the ocean floor. Over the course of the year,
an island rose from the depths like a massive sea crea-
ture. The island of Divinus was formed.
The island was quickly purchased from the
Sao Paulo Council—the closest thing to a governing
body with claim to the area—by the Axiom Holding
Group, a tightly knit group of wealthy entrepreneurs
with business holdings all over the globe. Within days
of the purchase, survey crews and geologists moved
in to prep the island for development. Weeks later,
construction began and the island city rapidly began 4.0
to appear.
Administration of the emerging city was
handed over to a charming character named
Vandorian Menhir, a long time member of the 4.3
Axiom Holding Group. Vandorian immediately 4.4
took up residence on the island and launched a 4.5
campaign to attract the world’s elite to Divinus. He
began by proclaiming Divinus completely tax-free.
Citizenship and residency on the island required
a sizeable one-time payment and nothing more.
Corporations and wealthy individuals flocked to
the island. Construction surged. Vandorian envi-
sioned the island as a cultural and entertainment
hub, the world’s playground—paradise in one of the
most beautiful locations on Earth. The vision quickly

Core RuleBook
4.2.3 The Island City of Divinus

all. The island’s status as home to the New World’s to produce proof of residency or a current hotel it is frequented by pirates taking advantage of the
entertainment industry and its most important celeb- reservation, dispatched from the island aboard a shipping bottleneck of the Panama Divide, but also
rities makes Divinus something of a fairytale city. security vessel. because of the area’s often violent weather. In truth,
Visitors from around the globe flock to its shores, and more vessels and cargo are lost to weather and dan-
the city routinely plays host to many of the world’s Military gerous seas than to pirates.
most important leaders. Divinus does not have a large scale military force. After being decimated in the 21st century by
However, like any major open city, Divinus However, it is home to the Divinus Royal Guard, an illness and declining economic stability, the popula-
has its share of problems; the city is also home to elite security force devoted to the protection of the tion of the Caribbean islands is now in the millions,
many of the global underworld’s most powerful and island’s many VIPs and celebrities. and the islands are again attractive vacation desti-
feared figures. Perhaps not surprisingly, nations. Since then, the islands of the
these sinister men and women rou- Caribbean have continued to be home
tinely rub elbows with the world’s elite, to anyone and everyone from average,
and Divinus is the perfect city for such honest men and women to viciously
interactions. dangerous pirates of every description.
Crime in the streets is generally
kept out of the main tourist blocks by
the security force. However, gangs and
organized crime are in a constant battle Sao Paulo
for control of the city’s market for vices 4.2.5
of every sort. Sao Paulo shares much in com-
mon with Greater Mexico City. Having
People survived the last 250 years relatively
In 2280, Divinus is perhaps the most unscathed—aside from the occasional
4.0 culturally diverse and eclectic city on earthquake and meteor impact—it has
4.1 Earth. It is home to nearly 2 million become a huge urban sprawl, home to
4.2 people, with an additional 650 million tens of millions.
4.3 tourists and business visitors each year. Sao Paulo’s coastal loca-
4.4 tion makes it a shipping hub for the
Government and Travel Southern hemisphere, although the
Controls waters nearby are frequented by pirates
Divinus is a monarchy currently ruled and prone to dangerous storms.
by its first and only king, Vandorian Sao Paulo is also home to the
Menhir, who oversees the island from his hilltop pal- The Pirate Islands Rictor Beniton Research Center, once home to Dr.
ace, Supersisto. 4.2.4 Rictor Beniton, creator of the Mesh procedure and
Divinus is a completely free and open city, one of 2280’s leading genetic research firms. The
assuming you can afford to travel and stay there. The term “Pirate Islands” refers to the Center has become the heart of Sao Paulo University
Divinus’ security force is extremely intolerant of Caribbean in general, although not every island and a hotbed for both pioneering research and vio-
vagrants and the homeless. Anyone who appears in the Caribbean is home to pirates. In reality, the lent protest. The Center has been targeted numerous
unsavory is usually quickly questioned, and if unable Caribbean Sea is a dangerous area, not only because times by radical anti-genetic-research activists who

Alpha Omega
TerraNova City 4.2.6

bombed the building twice and attacked several sci-

entists and students. Over the last few years, security
Terranova City People
around the center has become almost impenetrable,
4.2.6 Terranova City is home to between 28 and 30 million,
with some estimates even higher. The population is
as the city has worked to solidify its position as a Terranova City evolved from its corporate roots diverse and well-educated; a significant portion is
global center for cutting edge genetic research and to become something of a democratic wonder and actually quite wealthy as a result of the region’s focus
engineering. Central America’s high-tech hub. on technology development, engineering, and sophis-
Terranova Corporation was—and remains— ticated manufacturing facilities.
People one of the world’s leading aerospace and weapons Citizenship in the city is attained only
Sao Paulo’s population has exploded from a mea- firms. In 2060, the corporation began fortifying its through review by the Citizenship Control Board.
ger 11 million at the beginning of the 21st century to already massive facilities in the Yucatan, expecting Applications often take years before they are
more than 50 million in 2280. The city is known for to be targeted as war spread. Terranova also began reviewed, during which time a special T-Pass is
its vibrant culture and eclectic blend of people from assembling a substantial security force, recruit- issued. The Board requires all applicants to live in the
around the world. ing military and ex-military personnel from around city for at least one year without a security incident
Citizenship is granted to applicants after they the world to build and train a private army. As war and to pass a medical examination.
live and work in the city for three years, and pass an came and went, the Yucatan remained relatively
extensive medical examination.
untouched, and Terranova’s facilities began attract- Government and Travel Controls
ing thousands hoping to find work and a home. The Terranova City is composed of several urban dis-
Government and Travel Controls tricts, each of which elects a representative council.
corporation recognized the need to bring others into
Sao Paulo is a well-developed democracy, complete the fold and began inviting partner corporations to The council then elects a primary representative to
with numerous political parties and competing sit on the Terranova Representative Council, which
the Yucatan, establishing what has become some-
interests in almost every aspect of business, poli- governs all aspects of the city’s administration. Only
thing of a Silicon Valley South.
tics, and culture. The city is governed by a House of citizens can vote for these representatives.
Over the last few decades, the sprawl around
Representatives, which is led by the leader of the gov-
Terranova’s original facilities has become enor- 4.0
erning party.
mous, and the city has attracted millions of people. Military
Travel in and out of the city is carefully con- 4.1
However, for all its high-tech splendor and wealth, the Terranova City enjoys one of the world’s finest and
trolled by layers of defensive positions and border largest security forces. It is also one of the few cities 4.2
city is the region’s greatest polluter, and its manufac-
control points. Security is tight, and import/export with significant air support for its military, provided 4.3
turing centers have become increasingly dangerous.
regulations have been strictly enforced since 2273, through the Terranova Corporation’s aerospace 4.4
There is currently political tension between the cor-
when the city was targeted in a series of biological initiatives.
poration and a network of environmental activists. 4.5
weapon attacks by anti-genetic-research activists.
The green opponents of Terranova Council are wor-
Military ried that the uncontrolled pollution will create the
same kind of conditions that caused Mother Nature’s
Sao Paulo maintains a large military and several
Revenge, and are calling for formal environmental
internal security forces. The vast majority of the city’s
military and security efforts are devoted to access protections to be enacted. Accusations of political
and border controls, making it one of the most tightly interference, beatings, and corporate break-ins have
controlled conventional cities in 2280. all sides worried that environmental politics could
flare into escalating violence.

Core RuleBook

Arcon-C-Hell is a den of swindlers, smugglers,

and cutthroats. It is located in the shell of what once

was the Arc-en-Ciel arcology, in the former city of
Paris, France. Arc-en-Ciel was a democratic city, with
many social programs financed and administered
ike North America and Asia, most of by a representative government. The last election,
over 30 years ago, led to the creation of a powerful
the great European and African cities were
self-serving dictatorship. Now there are no social
destroyed between 2060 and 2062. Those not programs, no representative government. In essence,
completely decimated by nuclear and bio- the rich get richer and the poor die. Order is main-

Europe & logical attacks remain home to millions.

However, most of Europe and Africa, like the
tained by a large mercenary army that is employed by
a man known as L’Homme (or The Man). These mer-

Africa rest of the world, has returned to a state

cenaries patrol the streets of Arcon-C-Hell in squads
of no less than ten, and are equipped with power suits

of wild and primal nature, dotted with the and high-end weaponry. They ensure that the areas
remains of its once great cities. of the city where visitors, caravans, convoys, and
merchants enter and meet with business contacts are
kept safe and organized.
Land vehicles are brought to the city through
the Arc de Triomphe, and watercrafts are brought in
through the river, La Seine. Both entrances lead to
4.2 the area known as Le Marche (or The Market), located
4.3 on the former Champs d’Élysées, where business can
4.4 be conducted. Here, any questionable behavior typi-
4.5 cally results in arrest while visible, illegal activity or
broken rules result in getting shot. In The Market,
residents can operate stores, restaurants, booths,
offices—any other legitimate businesses under the
watchful eye of the security forces, and visitors are
allowed to move freely throughout the area for as
long as their visitor’s pass will allow.
As vehicles pull into The Market, they are
directed to a secured zone where the passenger(s)
must provide the name and contact information of
the city resident they are scheduled to meet. The con-
Arcon-C-Hell 4.3.1

tact is summoned and brought forward to present

papers that clearly identify the nature of the business,
the goods, services, and Trust involved, as well as the
duration of the visit. The trade representative ensures
that the government receives its share before the
business is sanctioned, then stamps the papers for
approval, and returns them with a curt smile and the
phrase so common in the city: “Don’t let The Man get
you down.” If visitors arrive without pre-determined
contact, the nature of their goods or service is sub-
mitted to The Auction House, where potential buyers
gather to bid on the right to do business with them.
In the lower levels, outside the safety of The
Market and the watchful eyes of the security forces,
Arcon-C-Hell is in a state of anarchy. You must
watch your back at all times, trusting no one. Drugs
are everywhere, and prostitution and crime are ram-
pant. The old residential and commercial areas are
run down cesspools. The upper levels of the city are
cleaner, more organized, and are home to the more
successful entrepreneurs who can afford the high
rent, security, and maintenance fees. The higher you
go, the nicer, safer, cleaner, and more expensive the 4.0
areas become. 4.1
Government and Travel Controls contribution to the Trade Ministry the new citizen
People The government in Arcon-C-Hell is a tyrannical donates. When leaving, citizens must hand in their
The 15 million people in Arcon-C-Hell all dictatorship. L’Homme has secured himself inside permits and declare how long they will be gone. Their
permits are held in escrow, for a small fee, until they 4.4
have an angle, ploy, gimmick, product or service. If a luxurious series of penthouse suites, guarded by a
return. 4.5
they are not trying to sell you something, then they contingent of the city’s bioengineered army. A four-
either need you for something or are trying to rob member Board of Representatives is responsible for
you. In the lower levels, the approach is direct and various aspects of the city’s operation, including Military
usually comes from someone resembling a gypsy. Trade, Public Safety, Infrastructure, and Security. Arcon-C-Hell is protected by a Bio-Engineered army
In the upper levels, the approach is veiled in smiles, While there are no travel restrictions for commanded by The Man. Each member of the army
good food, attractive women, and better smells. entering or leaving the city, everyone is processed as has had a micro-explosive charge implanted near
Successful people in this city have no qualms with they enter or leave. When entering the city, peo- their brain stem, which can be remotely activated by
exploiting those weaker or less successful than them- ple are issued a residence and business permit that superior officers should the soldier stray from his/her
selves. Unsuccessful people get murdered, die of dictate where they can live and work. The quality duties. The device detonates if tampered with, killing
starvation, get arrested, or leave. of these terms depends entirely on the size of the only the individual. This helps ensure loyalty and a

Core RuleBook
4.3.1 Arcon-C-Hell

willingness to comply with orders. Day-to-day tasks

revolve around maintaining safety and security in
the upper levels, while ensuring that business con-
tinues unhindered in the lower levels. The army can
be mobilized to protect the city, but their training
focuses primarily on the duties of policing and pub-
lic “safety.”

Lavana Free City

Known by most as the home of the Central
Financial Authority, Lavana Free City is a remarkable
cooperative city-state, and one of the few places on
Earth visited routinely by the leaders of every major
city-state. It is often compared to the open online
communities of the Net, where anyone is welcome,
so long as they respect the rules of the community.
Lavana is located in the heart of former Spain—just
south of Madrid—and is surrounded by remarkably
untouched wilderness and breathtaking landscapes,
from mountain peaks to gentle plains.
Lavana Free City began life as the Lavana
Trade and Education Commune in 2130, an experi-
4.2 ment in open community design organized by
4.3 numerous academic leaders from around the world.
4.4 The community was designed to be a self-sufficient
4.5 commune, based on the principle that education was
the foundation of a truly civilized and open society.
The commune grew rapidly, attracting attention as
an exporter of industrial designs, software, and other
byproducts of the commune’s center for higher edu-
cation. The commune quickly formed relationships
with numerous corporations, academic institutions,
and government bodies—many of which contributed
some measure of funding—and became a meeting
place for discussion of everything from political phi-
losophy to chemical engineering.

Alpha Omega
Città Santa 4.3.3

In 2200, the commune proclaimed itself a Government and Travel Controls Military
formal city-state, establishing a constitution and The city is controlled by a democratically elected The city’s large scale defense force is comprised of
formal governing body. Lavana also solidified its role governing council. The council has 100 members, rotating contributions from every major city-state,
on the world stage as an open, neutral, and free city- and any citizen is free to run for a seat on the coun- each lending to the defense of the city in return
state that would welcome any healthy person willing cil. Elections for ten seats are held each year, so that for their right to vote for members of the Central
to take the city’s civic oath. The city’s oath commits every ten years, every seat on the council has been up Financial Authority Board of Directors every two
its citizens to respect all other citizens as equals, for election. A council chairman is randomly selected years and to maintain their status as respected
to remain gainfully employed within the city, and each year to be responsible for managing the day-to- members of the international community. Lavana’s
to welcome all others to the city as they have been day business of the council itself. Another council constitution prevents the city and its citizenry from
welcomed. The punishment for breaking the oath is member is randomly selected to oversee the opera- forming any sort of armed forces other than a small
banishment. tion of the city’s security force. Like most city-states, security force to maintain order, enforce banishment
Lavana has become an extremely wealthy city. the governing council is responsible for decision orders, and to coordinate the large scale defense
Its citizens are among the best educated and most making in all areas of city life. force.
sought-after consultants in the world, attracting Whenever a citizen is charged by the security Contributing to the defense of Lavana Free
huge salaries. Lavana’s academic community has also force with a violation of their civic oath, nine mem- City has become something of a badge of honor
become a large exporter of valuable intellectual prop- bers of the governing council are randomly selected for other city-states, and a mark of a city’s global
erty, bringing back billions in Trust, which have been to oversee a security trial to decide whether the importance.
reinvested in the community. Thanks to the “gain- accused will be stripped of citizenship and banished
fully employed” clause of its citizenship agreement, from the city.
there are no vagrants or homeless people, though
the lower-class staffs a significant service economy
Lavana is an open city, and people can enter
or leave as they like. All visitors are issued a Visitor’s
Città Santa
that attends to the well-being of wealthier citizens.
T Pass, either as an encrypted software addition to
However, through the city-state’s devotion to educa- their PID which is removed upon leaving the city, or Città Santa, the Holy City, rests along the coast of 4.0
tion, the rate of social mobility is extraordinary, and as a locking wristband with a tracking mechanism, the Red Sea in former Egypt. It is an astonishing mix 4.1
poor people with intellectual gifts can find them- enabling the city’s security detail to locate them at of cultures, religions, and politics wrapped up in a 4.2
selves among the elite in less than a decade. any time. In some cases, visitors can be required to vibrant kaleidoscope of a city. 4.3
Lavana is often compared to Divinus for its both wear the wristband and carry a T Pass in their The city sits in an area of the world with a his- 4.4
open and wealthy society. It has become a hub for PID, especially if the issuing officer suspects the visi- tory and culture that runs deeper than most. Città
the world’s business and political elite. The city’s tor might be a security risk or attempt to remain Santa is a city with deep roots and a long intriguing
social circles are a who’s who of global powerbrokers. in the city after his/her T Pass expires. The T Pass history. The city got its start in 2049 as the Markova
Garnering status within these circles, even for non- allows visitors to remain in the city for 30 days. Center, a research center devoted to the study of reli-
residents, is a mark of significant importance. When the T Pass expires, it can be renewed on a gion. As the years went by and the center expanded,
month-to-month basis, provided the holder can pay it became a global center for the discussion and col-
People the renewal fee—which is currently 2,000T—or pro- lective study of religion, attracting thousands of
Lavana Free City is home to nearly 12 million people vide proof of gainful employment in the city. Visitors students and faculty.
of every description imaginable, including Remnants, choosing not to pay the renewal fee must remain Between 2062 and 2120 the research cen-
AI, and those of an Evolutionary bloodline. outside the city for 30 days before returning, at which ter played host to a continuous flow of high-profile
time they are issued a new Visitor T Pass. religious leaders and many of their followers from all

Core RuleBook
4.3.3 Città Santa

over the world who began converging on Città Santa has actually taken up residence in the sprawl sur- ganda while they work, the citizens are endlessly
for discussions on everything from the religious sig- rounding the arcology. reminded of how lucky they are to have jobs, food,
nificance of the world’s sudden and violent upheaval a safe place to sleep, and a government to represent
to the revelations of Van Mantra, which shook the Government and Travel Controls them on the global stage.
foundations of many of the world’s religions. During Città Santa is home to the heads of nearly all major When citizens fulfill their contracts, they
those years, Città Santa was forced to expand. The world religions. However, the city is actually admin- can either sign another, longer contract and remain
former research center became a full fledged city and istered by a democratically elected assembly of at the Ranch, or be escorted to the main gate for
home to more than one million by 2120. representatives. release. The Ministry of Public Safety does not wish
Maintaining peace and order became nearly Travel to and from the city is completely free
to see any harm come to its former citizens, so they
impossible until finally in 2121 widespread violence and open, except for layered security check points
often provide those leaving the city with communi-
swept the city in three days of riots and chaos fuelled leading up to the city, where visitors are searched,
cation units so they can call for help while traveling
by intolerance. Thousands were injured or killed as questioned, and issued a T Pass for the duration of
near the city.
the city’s meager security force struggled to restore their stay.
Several kilometers outside the Ranch are sev-
order. As the dust settled, the city’s assembly of rep-
Military eral groups of specially designed creatures that the
resentatives rushed to organize a proper security Ranch commissioned Triton Enterprises to create.
force capable of maintaining order in a city heavy Città Santa has a significant military force of its own,
well-trained and well-equipped. However, its military Known as Screechers, they are essentially a geneti-
with tension. cally modified breed of bat. Screechers use signals
also receives numerous volunteers and even support
Two hundred years later, Città Santa is a full-
from other city-states. While the city itself has never emitted by the communication devices provided by
fledged city-state, recognized and well respected by
been attacked, the outlying urban expanse is often The Ministry of Public Safety to locate the newly
its peers. At the center of the city stands Città Santa
the target of terrorists and doomsday cultists. freed citizens. When in range, the Screechers emit a
arcology, a 2 km high (1.2 mi) tower which serves as
terrifying scream and bite their victims, paralyzing
the home of the city’s most important and wealthy
them with a genetically tailored sedative.
4.0 residents as well as much of its commercial enter-
4.1 prise. The city is also one of the world’s most visited The Ranch The victims miraculously awaken inside

4.2 states and has developed more than its share of 4.3.4 the medical facilities of the Ranch, where they are
reminded how fortunate they are to have been saved
industries and commercial centers.
4.3 The Ranch is a large walled compound in for- by the Ranch’s security patrols. These victims find
4.4 mer Croatia. Surrounded by wilderness, the Ranch themselves with a large medical bill and no Trust
4.5 appears to be an oasis of safety for weary or injured with which to pay. From there they are essentially
Città Santa is home to seven million permanent resi- travelers who make it to the gates. However, noth- forced to work off the debt.
dents, with millions more visiting the city each year, ing could be further from the truth. Upon arrival,
occasionally more than doubling the city’s population, visitors are given a hard choice, labor or a return to
depending on the religious significance of the date. the Wilds. Enforced labor contracts keep The Ranch
Citizenship in the city is granted to anyone working and The Ministry of Public Safety well-fed.
who can pass the required medical exam and swear The entrance fee to the Ranch is three months
to the civic oath, requiring a commitment to toler- of hard labor, either on the off-shore oil rigs, deep
ance, an open mind, and respect for all those within in the mining levels under the city proper, or in the
the city and their beliefs. However, few can afford agricultural domes to grow and harvest crops or
housing in the arcology itself. Most of the population breed livestock. Constantly bombarded by propa-

Alpha Omega
A sia and Oceania were not spared by
Mother Nature’s Revenge. Asia’s population,
Hong Kong
Hong Kong endured significant damage,
beginning with attacks in 2060. Decades later, it was
particularly its densely populated cities,
hit by several small meteors, adding to the destruc-
suffered tremendous loss. Disease and mal- tion. Undeterred, the city pushed on and continued
nutrition spread quickly—much more quickly to thrive. In 2063, with the People’s Republic of
than in the West—taking lives faster than China unraveling alongside the world’s other major
even war could. In spite of it all, Asia remains nation states, Hong Kong declared itself an indepen-
the most populous region on Earth. Most of dent state, becoming the first of what would soon be
many city-states.
its population is scattered among the rem-
Hong Kong has since expanded dramatically,
nants of the region’s 21st century cities.

Asia and
becoming arguably the largest conventional city on
Asteroids peppered Australia, resulting Earth. It is also home to Yudon Arena, the second

in substantial damage to the interior and largest Strata arena on earth. Yudon is located on the
Northwest of the country. Nonetheless, southern coast of Hong Kong island and is a marvel-

4.4 Australia and New Zealand escaped the War ous spectacle of statuary, gold leaf and soaring glass
without, for the most part, nuclear, chemi-
The city is a world leader in numerous high
cal and biological weapon attacks and the
technology fields, particularly artificial intelligence
region’s cities bear a close resemblance to and software. It is home to Niaming Technologies,
4.0 those of two centuries previous. Resource the world’s foremost producer of biological com-
extraction is now one of the region’s prin- puter systems, including cutting-edge systems used
4.2 in many of the latest free-floating AI models.
cipal industries. Indonesia was ridden both
by political violence and by massive earth- Hong Kong is known for its particularly vio-
4.4 lent underworld, which is closely entwined with that
quakes, finally erupting into chaos in 2050.
4.5 of Divinus. This underworld has seen the assassina-
The giant archipelago has never recovered. tion of a number of mid-level crime bosses and gang
Fierce independence movements have dug in leaders in the past several months, causing paranoia
all along the chain. The region is a haven for and suspicion amongst the criminal classes. Rumors
pirates and other criminals and has never have begun circulating that much of the violence is
stabilized. Syndicates have formed a shadow sponsored by freelance teams of assassins hired by
the security forces of Divinus and Hong Kong to pre-
government and amassed their own para-
vent underworld leaders from becoming a threat to
military forces in an on-going struggle for
the legitimate governments of both cities.
Hong Kong 4.4.1

Although no formal census has been taken in nearly
200 years, the population of Hong Kong is estimated
at more than 70 million. However, the borders of the
city-state seem to expand continuously, and it is pos-
sible the city may be home to more than 100 million.
Citizenship is only available to those born in
Hong Kong, although over the last 20 years, it has
begun issuing naturalized citizenship status to those
who prove they have lived and worked within the
city for at least seven years. All citizens are issued an
embedded PID that carries proof of their status.

Government and Travel Controls

Hong Kong is overseen by a House of Representatives
elected by its citizens every five years. It is also subdi-
vided into numerous wards, each with its own elected
governing council.
Travel in and out of the city is relatively easy
given its incredible size and countless access points.
Security is tightest at the city’s two airports and the
major gateways to the heart of the city’s largest island.
Hong Kong has a formidable military force and
numerous internal security forces. The city’s 4.2
military is known for its aggressive defense of the 4.3
frontier areas surrounding it, which are rapidly 4.4
being developed and inhabited. Hong Kong’s mili- 4.5
tary is also renowned for its sizable navy, which is
continuously active in the waters surrounding the
city. With the growth of Hong Kong’s underworld
and its links to the city’s highest levels of adminis-
tration, these waters have become a haven for pirates
in recent years.

Hong Kong

Core RuleBook
4.4.2 Triton Island

Triton Island
Triton Island is home to Triton Enterprises’
most secretive projects and important personnel. The
island is located in the North Pacific Ocean, south-
east of the former Philippines. The island itself is
part of a larger chain controlled and used by Triton
The terrain is rough and mountainous, and
the islands are surrounded by dangerous barrier reefs.
Vegetation on the islands is heavy, with much actually
having been planted by Triton. The region is hot and
humid, with heavy rains from May to November, and
with a dangerous hurricane season beginning in June.
Triton’s primary facilities are a veritable
fortress built directly into the mountainous ter-
rain of the island. Each building has been designed
to withstand the region’s often dangerous weather
conditions, including rough seas, hurricanes, and
Given the secretive nature of the work and
4.0 the highly competitive industry, Triton Island is
4.1 under continuous surveillance by human and drone
4.2 eyes. Not only does the rocky and dangerous terrain
4.3 make the island difficult to penetrate, but Triton has
invested heavily in sophisticated perimeter defenses
and monitoring systems in an attempt to keep out
would-be spies and thieves. Oddly enough, Triton
Industry’s record for keeping its own creations on the
island has been spotty at best and numerous creatures
have escaped over the years.

The island is home to somewhere between 10,000 and
50,000 Triton employees and their families, but this
is merely an estimate, because the company keeps its
Triton Island staff numbers a carefully-protected secret.

Alpha Omega
Oderon City 4.4.3

Among those who call the island home are the towers continue to grow, with promises from the Government and Travel Controls
Triton’s most important researchers, engineers, and city’s administrators that the city will surpass 12 km Oderon is a modern democracy overseen by a coun-
executive personnel, including Arok VonDerlay, (7.5 mi) before the turn of the century. Drones scour cil of representatives elected from among the city’s
Triton Enterprise’s CEO, and Silvio Adison, its chief the exterior walls, climbing up and down like ants wards. The head of the council is elected from among
creature designer—an eccentric and brilliant artist carrying grains of sand to the top of their hill, con- the council members, and oversees the day-to-day
and scientist. tinuously adding to the structure’s height. business of city administration for four years.
Oderon is a major player on the world stage Travel in and out of the city is facilitated
Government and Travel Controls and has become home to numerous powerful cor- by the Oderon City Security Commission, which
The island has no formal government outside the porations. The city is well-known for its fantastic oversees defense of the city’s perimeter and its air-
corporate hierarchy, although Triton is renowned for education system—something on which the city’s port facilities. The city’s urban sprawl is ringed by
the approachability of its executive staff and its com- administration prides itself. Oderon City has devel- military check points and security barriers, and the
mitment to building an attractive community on the oped a thriving academic and artistic community. The arcology towers are kept secure by the city’s internal
island. city’s numerous universities and technical institutes security forces.
The Island’s security force does not allow
have become a powerful draw for employers looking
unexpected visitors, and those expected are carefully
for talented and well-educated young people to join Military
escorted by security personnel. Every citizen on the Much like the nation states of the 21st century,
their ranks.
island is accounted for and issued an implanted PID at Oderon has an elaborate military and security hier-
The city has embarked on an aggressive cam-
birth or when hired. Visitors are always escorted and archy. The city-state maintains a large military force,
paign to tame and reclaim the wilderness which
generally have very specific agendas during their visit. which is divided into numerous divisions. The pri-
surrounds it, expanding its urban sprawl in all
directions and launching exploration and resource mary military divide is between the forces dedicated
Military to the defense of the city and the forces dedicated
extraction expeditions at a feverish pace.
The island is defended by Triton’s corporate security to the city’s large exploratory units. Oderon City’s
force, a small but extremely sophisticated and well military has an unusually large number of Lesser
People 4.0
funded defense force. Nephilim and Lesser Grigori in its officer ranks. As
Oderon’s arcology towers are home to 55 million, and 4.1
a result, humans and bioengineered officers have
the surrounding urban sprawl is home to another 30 begun to suspect a conspiracy is afoot to promote 4.2
million or more, making it the most populous urban
Oderon City region on Earth. The vast majority of the city-state’s
Evolutionaries over other species.
Overseen by the city’s Security Chief and

4.4.3 residents are of mixed Asian and Middle Eastern divided among the city’s wards, the Oderon Police
In 2280, Oderon City is the largest and most descent, although the city is also home to what is force is responsible for security within the city.
populous arcology on Earth. It is located on the coast believed to be the world’s largest Evolutionary popu- Unusual for most cities on Earth, the Security Chief of
of the Arabian Sea, near the ruins of Karachi, roughly lation. For unknown reasons, the city has become Oderon City is also an Evolutionary, a Lesser Grigori
100 km (62.1 mi) south of the Caspian Divide’s eastern home to a significant number of Lesser Nephilim and by the name of Quin Jorel. Jorel has begun a process of
fork. The city is a massive complex comprised of five Lesser Grigori. hiring an increased number of officers from amongst
towers. The four exterior towers form a square around Although citizenship is granted at birth, it can the ranks of Evolutionaries in the city. This has not
the central tower, which stretches nearly 6 km (3.25 be attained by anyone who passes an extensive medi- helped to dispel rumors of an Evolutionary conspiracy
mi) into the sky. The exterior towers are each nearly 4 cal examination and a series of aptitude tests designed to take quiet control of the security forces of Oderon.
km (2.5 mi) in height. Although the complex has been to ensure all new citizens can find employment and
under construction for decades, the upper levels of succeed in the city’s educational system.

Core RuleBook

Oderon City
Wlavos Communal Cooperative 4.4.4

Wlavos Communal above imprisonment and feel that with every passing
day, they die a little more.
the Ministry of the Interior’s lavish resort complex.
Although a pleasant experience for the family, it is
Cooperative Children are schooled until their 13th birth- clear that they are being held for ransom to ensure
4.4.4 day. They are taught about such important things as the prompt return of the Cooperative’s representa-
why capitalism destroyed the world, how dangerous tive. These measures were put in place after several
The Wlavos Communal Cooperative is a walled city representatives defected during their travels. The
life is outside their city, and the importance of doing
located in the ruins of what was Vladivostok, one of one thing and doing it well. On the morning of their propaganda of the Ministry of the Interior never
Russia’s coastal cities. The city is home to about 22 13th birthday they write the Aptitude Evaluation and lets the workers forget the important truth that The
million people, many of whom dream about living Employment Encouragement Exam, after which their Chairman provides happiness and security, the world
elsewhere. The Cooperative is a dull, grey, industrial results are scored and they are given a job that best provides only danger.
city where propaganda and blind patriotism to the fits their particular aptitudes. For their birthday, they
community permeate all aspects of daily life. are provided with everything required to get to work, Military
In the Wlavos Communal Cooperative, which they start promptly at 8 am the next morning. All citizens of Wlavos Communal Cooperative must
employment is assigned to its residents. Most have Children are closely monitored during school serve three years in the People’s Representative Army,
very little influence over the vocation forced upon and those who show true academic or leadership where they are trained in a variety of soldiering skills.
them. Everyone contributes to the community and potential are removed from the communal education This training begins on their 16th birthday and ends
in return receives a sparse home, simple clothes, system and placed in private educational facilities the day before they turn 19. After their three years of
and enough food to keep them hungry. Workers’ where the Elite of society are trained. Politicians, service they return to their jobs, but can be recalled
homes are assigned to them and are always conve- physicians, scientists, engineers, and military leaders to the Army at any time.
niently located near their place of work. People work are given the required education for the more intel-
50 hours per week and their free time is their own. lectually demanding and important jobs.
However, they must attend weekly social events,
where families are encouraged to enjoy the com-
Government and Travel Controls
pany of their friends, coworkers, and neighbors, all of The Wlavos Communal Cooperative has a Board of
whom are the same people. Representatives that is elected by the Elite of soci-
ety—the only voices worth hearing from, according 4.2
Wlavos is known to the rest of the world as an
to themselves. The Board reports to The Chairman, 4.3
extremely inexpensive manufacturer of goods, and is
who makes the final decisions on all matters pertain- 4.4
a rising star on the global stage. Many of the largest
ing to the running of Wlavos. The Board of Directors 4.5
corporations outsource their heavy industrial manu-
has three representatives from The Interior, who
facturing to the famed factories of Wlavos.
represent the interests and needs of the citizens,
and three more from The Exterior, who represent
People the interests of those city-states that wish to initiate
Some people enjoy the societal engineering of trade with Wlavos.
Wlavos. They do not have to struggle for success, Only the most trusted members of the Elite
or try to gain wealth through hard work, or impress can travel beyond the city walls. Even then, permis-
anyone with the new car they bought or the new sion to travel is restricted exclusively to trade and
leather sofa for their living room. Others consider political missions. When representatives go abroad,
life in Wlavos Communal Cooperative to be one step members of their family are rewarded with a stay at

Core RuleBook
The Divides
Between the years 2049 and 2110, volcanic
and seismic activity caused several large geographic
changes. Three large areas known as The Divides

were the sites of particularly dramatic changes.
On November 9, 2049, as earthquakes began
tearing at the surface of Earth, a quake of monumen-
he vast majority of Earth’s surface has tal intensity struck the southern coasts of Panama
and Costa Rica. The quake opened a massive trench
faded into the clouds of myth and mystery.
from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, creat-
The spaces between city-states and large ing the Panama Divide, a treacherous waterway.
freezone communities have been mostly unin- Much of Central America’s massive drug

The Rest of habited and virtually ignored for the better

part of two centuries. Although satellite
production takes place near the Divide, which has
become a dangerous shipping route. The channel is

the World mapping can once again provide images of

frequented by pirates and smugglers, and the terri-
tory on either side of the Divide is fiercely contested

the entire planet, many regions of the world by numerous warring factions and drug cartels.
have not been explored or seen with human The Caspian Divide was formed by another
eyes for generations. series of massive, violent earthquakes. The first quake
hit the southern coast of Iran on January 9, 2050, and
Numerous communities have managed to was quickly followed by a second and third quake just
4.0 one day later. The aftershocks continued for several
achieve stability. Some have even begun to
4.1 days, until finally a fourth quake opened a chasm
expand, to trade and reach out. However, from the Caspian Sea which forked before reaching
many remain isolated, and much of the world The Gulf of Oman.
4.4 remains unknown, dangerous, and in need of On July 12, 2050, the Baja Divide, the last
exploration. Earthquakes opened new water- major Divide to form, separated the Baja Peninsula
from the mainland, creating a channel linking the
ways and volcanoes pushed islands up from
Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. The damage
the ocean’s depths. The mysteries of the caused by the quake was phenomenal, leveling the
unknown and unseen draw explorers out of city of San Diego and almost swallowing the city of
the cities every day, but the world is a very Tijuana.
big place and most of it is still shrouded in
Venlu Island 4.5.2

Venlu Island walls at regular intervals. The only windows mark

the locations of administration offices and security
small research institute lie at the center of the com-
munity, which is home to 20,000 men, women, and
4.5.2 officer quarters. The shore is arid, barren, and con- children. The vast majority of Venlu’s employees
The Venlu Corporation first made waves in stantly assaulted by the relentless Pacific Ocean. The are human, Lesser Grigori, and Lesser Nephilim,
2260, when it became the first corporation to offer dark volcanic sand bakes in the sun to extreme tem- although the corporation does employ several AI
private incarceration services to the city-states. Venlu peratures. The only trees in the southern half of the and even a few Remnants.
Corporation CEO Markus Venlu approached the island have been planted in the prison’s minimum Dozens of city-states have arranged incar-
heads of the major city-states and offered them an security yards. ceration contracts with Venlu. The island’s prison is
opportunity to rid their cities of expensive already home to nearly 500,000 inmates,
and unsightly prisons, promising to take any with room for more than twice that
and all prisoners off their hands, while abid- according to Venlu. Unlike many other pri-
ing by the penal system requirements of each vately-run prison facilities, Venlu offers its
city-state government. For many the offer customers several levels of incarceration as
was too good to pass up—Venlu was willing well as numerous education programs.
to handle the most dangerous criminals and Inmates generally arrive by boat to
shoulder the responsibility of their incarcera- the island’s south receiving station, a heav-
tion. Venlu quickly became a player in the ily-guarded platform which stretches out
New World’s corporate power game. into the rough sea. Helicopters and other
It was not long before Venlu had vertical take-off and landing aircraft are
enough contracts and Trust to expand its also common on the island.
operation. The construction of the Venlu So far Venlu Island has a nearly
Island prison quickly followed. perfect record. Although there have been
Guadalupe Island, off the coast of numerous attempts, no one has success-
former Baja California, was hit by a massive fully escaped. Several inmates made it into 4.0
meteor in 2100. The island’s east side was the ocean, but were never found, and the 4.1
devastated when the meteor crashed into the California coast is an impossible 241 km 4.2
shore line. Massive waves raced east, batter- (149.7 mi) swim. 4.3
ing the California coast. The impact crater Of course, rumor has it that Venlu
tore Guadalupe Island almost completely in is deeply involved in more than simply
offering incarceration facilities. Many 4.5
two as it quickly filled with water.
In 2274, Venlu Corporation moved in investigators and gossips claim Venlu is
and established the world’s first corporately conducting research on prisoners in an
run island prison. The island is divided into two very The north half of the island is devoted to attempt to launch its own line of Bio-engineered.
different parts. employees of the Venlu Corporation and their fami- Venlu denies these accusations.
The prison is an imposing fortress on the lies. Here, wonderfully modern housing is protected
island’s southeast side. Solid ceramacrete walls rise from the elements by dense vegetation in a setting
up from the shore’s already steep and rocky cliffs, that is oddly utopian given what sits on the other
like a megalith perfectly carved by some giant laser. side of the island. Small parks and beaches dot the
Searchlights, cameras, and sentry guns dot the community. A medical facility, a school, and even a

Core RuleBook
2 280 is home to an incredible range of exciting and
dynamic personalities and organizations. The follow-
Personalities 5.1 ing section just scratches the surface of who’s who in
Organizations 5.2
2280, providing a brief introduction to a few of the

Personalities & New World’s most interesting people and groups.

No statistics have been assigned to the characters introduced below, so

that they can be customized to suit your game. GMs should feel free to
expand and modify these descriptions and create new and exciting per-
sonalities and organizations.

5.1 Personalities

Personalities as the professional public face of Loth

Foundry. Like Aducssus, Avanna

5.1 is state of the art, continuously

upgraded and meticulously main-
tained. She is as well known for
her warm, polite demeanor as the
Foundry’s spokesperson as she is for
her professionalism and strong nego-
Aducssus and Avanna tiation skills.
5.1.1 Both Aducssus and Avanna
report directly to Loth. However, both are
Aducssus is a fiercely built humanoid AI also completely autonomous and responsible
and field commander of AIAA-12. Although techni- for final decision making in their respective
cally genderless, Aducssus is clearly modeled on a areas of responsibility. Their cutting edge
human male of incredible stature. He is continuously construction has led many to mistake
upgraded and carefully maintained with the most both Aducssus and Avanna for humans
sophisticated, cutting edge technology available from in the employ of the
Loth Foundry’s design and engineering cells. When Foundry. In fact,
not preparing for combat, Aducssus is clothed in the Avanna maintains
humanoid dress uniform of the Foundry: a neatly several homes
tailored black suit with double-breasted jacket and around the
low-fitting black beret. world and is
Aducssus is closely connected to Loth, the rarely at the Alexa
5.0 Foundry. Petronas
Foundry’s central AI, communicating almost contin-
5.1 uously over the Foundry’s encrypted links. Aducssus
5.2 also remains in regular contact with his subordi-
nate commanders as well as the Foundry’s primary
Relations Officer, Avanna.
Aducssus is well known for his commitment
to the Foundry’s troops; treating even the most rudi-
mentary AI as though they were younger brothers.
However, during combat and security operations,
Aducssus is all business and is willing to sustain
casualties to satisfy the needs of a client. Aducssus
prides himself on the impeccable combat record of
AIAA-12 and its reputation for surgical precision.
Avanna is AIAA-12’s primary Relations Aducssus & Avanna
Officer and chief contract negotiator. She is an
attractive humanoid AI, obviously designed to serve

Alpha Omega
Dalusien 5.1.3

Alexa Petronas Dalusien

5.1.2 5.1.3
Alexa Petronas is a female Lesser Nephilim Dalusien is a female Necrosi who has long
of Seraph ancestry with a tanned complexion, dark black hair, and is adorned with the scars of both con-
hair, and grey eyes. She is a conservative woman who flict and Necrosian culture. Very few of these scars
prefers to maintain a professional, educated appear- are clearly visible on her face, adding to her mystique
ance that is reflected in her business attire. Alexa is rather than diminishing her appearance. Dalusien is
both an academic who enjoys history and anthropol- well aware that she is extremely attractive and uses
ogy and an accomplished pathologist with a passion that to her advantage. A thief of incredible talent
for healing. and infamy, she pays careful attention to the minute
She augments her medical training with details of every operation she plans. She cares only
Innate and Arcane Wielding abilities. When given for the next paycheck and that her reputation and
perfect record allow that paycheck to increase with
the opportunity, Alexa uses her Wielding to dis-
every job.
creetly heal patients that might not survive with
Born and raised in Sanctuarium, Dalusien
medical procedures alone. Alexa cannot bear to see
showed immense talents in stealth and infiltra-
patients leave her Greater Mexico City medical facil-
tion. After many profitable raids and strike missions
ity unhealed; if she cannot heal them in a medical
aimed at convoys and prosperous Freezone commu-
facility, with their permission, she will go to their
nities, Dalusien recognized the wealth and lifestyle
homes to heal them as long as they promise not to her skills could provide. She made her way from
reveal her secret abilities. She frequently rushes Freezone community to Freezone community, learn-
to disaster and accident sites to provide medical ing how to integrate into society. She supported her
assistance. lifestyle by either stealing what she needed or manip- 5.0
Over the past twenty years, Alexa has entered ulating people into getting it for her. 5.1
the political realm, making a push to improve health Dalusien is cold and calculating, and does 5.2
care in every major city-state, starting with her own. not give a second thought about her manipulative
Alexa spends a lot of time visiting Freezone com- methods, showing complete indifference for her
munities, trying to establish and improve medical victims. She has retained the sadistic and masoch-
facilities. Her efforts to help the Remnants care for istic tendencies of her Necrosi ancestry. She takes
some of the severely and painfully mutated beings great pride in her skills at efficiently inflicting
in their communities have earned her great respect. pain on her victims. She is rather fond of killing
This has been noticed by several influential groups, those that show her disrespect or discover the
who have tried to use her reputation and influ- nature of her vocation. Dalusien is fascinated
ence to approach the often isolationist Remnant by blades and is extremely proficient with
communities. daggers and swords.

Core RuleBook
5.1.4 Dax Ogan

Dax Ogan Dregs

5.1.4 5.1.5
In the shadowy depths of the Evolutionary A wiry and greedy male Remnant
underworld, few are as feared as Dax Ogan, an who will do almost anything for money,
Anunnaki bounty hunter and assassin who special- Dregs is a scumbag. He keeps his head Dregs
izes in Nephilim. shaved and wears a trimmed, brown goatee.
Dax is a ferocious terror of a man, hard and He has a leathery complexion and green
muscled like some prehistoric reptilian predator. His eyes. Dregs prefers to dress in a manner
wild eyes seem to shift between black and a hazy that enables him to easily blend into the
red, his Ophanum heritage obvious in his sharp environment, remaining anonymous.
features and dark skin. Dax is rarely without one He normally maintains a calm demeanor
or more blades, his preferred implement of death, and an insincere joviality that intentionally
and is almost always dressed in some form of light- influences others to relax around him more than they
weight armor. Of course, not all Dax’s victims are should. He is a very intelligent and conniving cut-
taken without a fight, and he is heavily marked by the throat with a skewed sense of morality and complete
scars of countless hand-to-hand battles with other lack of concern for the well-being of those that either
Evolutionaries. stand in his way or offer him an insult. Dregs’s effort-
Dax is well known in the underworld as an less smile changes to a devilish grin far too easily
accomplished and proficient assassin. His clients when he is devising a scheme or formulating a plan.
include the planet’s most powerful individuals, from Dregs has a reputation for being a key con-
Syndicate leaders to heads of the corporate world. tact when dealing with the underworld of Divinus
However, his most frequent employers are Grigori society. His knowledge of the black market and other
5.0 criminal activities make him a valuable commodity.
intermediaries working to eliminate Nephilim agi-
5.1 tators who may attempt to influence the coming Dregs can be instrumental in finding a specialist for
5.2 Evolutionary War. any illicit task. His relative popularity is seen as a
Dax takes great care to cover his tracks and detriment by most associates, and several attempts
hide his location, working exclusively through a to end his life have been unsuccessful. Dregs has
Divinus-based handler named Helana Ashter. Most made clear and public examples of the hit men
suspect Dax calls Divinus home, but few have seen that made the mistake of accepting him as
him in person there or anywhere else for that manner. their mark, causing all but the most fool-
ish or arrogant to steer clear of any plots
against him. He is viciously accurate with Dax Ogan
throwing knives and daggers, and uses
his Innate Being-Ignorance Wielding
talents to ensure he remains unno-
ticed or forgotten when necessary.

Alpha Omega
Eramus Dunne 5.1.7

Dur-Koss Eramus Dunne certainly taken its toll on Dunne. His skin is tanned
and tough, his hair is almost always pulled back in a
5.1.6 5.1.7 tight grey pony tail, and he bears the scars of numer-
Dur-Koss is the commander of the Eramus Dunne is one of 2280’s most feared ous wounds. Dunne has received many nicknames
Ophanum reconnaissance screen. She is a vicious and famous Freezone bandits. Dunne has become in his long and illustrious career, but is most often
melee combatant, extremely proficient with the renowned for his daring raids on well-defended con- called the Smiling Bandit.
telescopic claws commonly used by light Ophanum voys and the occasional VIP caravan. He has made Dunne has a well-deserved reputation as
troops. Dur-Koss is a patient hunter, waiting for the a very comfortable living for himself and his crew in something of a gentleman thief—a Robin Hood of
element of surprise before ruthlessly attacking her the Wilds of North America. sorts, known and loved by many in the Freezones.
prey. Given his career choice, Dunne is a surpris- Dunne makes a point of ensuring anyone who
Dur-Koss arrived on Earth in the spring ingly handsome man in his early supports him and his crew is well compensated,
of 2280, instructing her forces to survey the 50s. For a human, he is well- becoming a hero to many who see him not as a crimi-
heavily populated areas, gathering intelli- built and tall, fit for his age, and nal, but as a freedom fighter. Dunne, they say, is
gence about Terran military capabilities. extremely well-kept. A life spent standing up to the corporations and city-states who
She made contact with Karr and the in the Wilds and on the run has seek to overrun and exploit the Wilds, sucking the
Seekers, providing them with world dry of resources and expanding their urban
additional forces to hunt down empires.
those Ophanum who strayed Make no mistake: Dunne is as much
from their duties. Dur-Koss Blackbeard as he is Robin Hood, and his
is also hunting for suit- raids are more often than not violent
able locations for the and deadly. Dunne has also been
Ophanum base of linked to slave traders and kid-
operations. nappings throughout North
and Central America, and 5.0
has a reputation among 5.1
fellow outlaws as 5.2
especially cruel
when crossed.

Eramus Dunne


Core RuleBook
5.1.8 Jet Matheson

Jet Matheson Kai’Tron

5.1.8 5.1.9
Jet Matheson was the modern world’s Kai’Tron is the commander of the Seraph shocked by the advancement humans had made and
first public Evolutionary. His daring escape from the reconnaissance screen that recently arrived on Earth. the profound effect their technological develop-
Oderon City security forces in 2100 was captured on His reconnaissance troops, collectively known as the ments have had on the planet. He is now intimately
video and broadcast worldwide. The public could only Malak, are the scouts and intelligence officers of the aware that many factors, such as the weapons of the
assume they were watching a VidNet movie. Seraph expeditionary forces. A newly promoted Tron, Terrans, and the misconduct of the Seraph
Four months earlier, Jet was captured by Kai is an extremely intelligent officer and a talented and Ophanum who abandoned their duties,
Oderon security forces after a long investigation infiltrator. Although he is a skilled melee combatant, are going to cause great complications in the
involving numerous informants and an elaborate he will only order his troops to fight in self-defense planning for the war.
sting operation. Clearly, Jet’s underworld enemies or if he thinks a quick, decisive victory is possible.
Kai’Tron is also a skilled Being-Control Wielder.
were desperate to rid themselves of the competi-
Having arrived on Earth early in
tion and eagerly cooperated in a setup he could not
2280, Kai’Tron was debriefed by the
escape. At the time of his capture, Jet was wanted
few reconnaissance agents, such
for questioning in the mysterious deaths of several
as Vul, who maintained their
high profile figures in Oderon City and elsewhere, all
loyalty and performed
with known ties to organized crime. It was correctly
their duties since the
assumed that Jet was a hit man working for the high- last Evolutionary
est bidder. War. Kai’Tron was
Almost 180 years later, Jet remains a highly
sought-after hit man. His Lesser Grigori genetics
5.0 make him a deadly Wielder with uncanny physical
5.1 tools and a masterful control over the Energy Source.
5.2 Oddly enough, he now calls Oderon City home and
resides there under the employ of the Stark crime Kai’Tron
family, one of 2280’s most organized and profitable
criminal syndicates.
For a Lesser Grigori, Jet is almost indistin-
guishable from humans. He is tall and well-built, his
dark eyes continuously covered by sunglasses laden
with the latest sensory equipment. His livelihood
depends on the ability to hunt down and eliminate
whoever his employers want out of the way. Jet is now
well-funded and enjoys many of life’s luxuries; he
frequently travels to Divinus where he maintains a
palatial apartment near the island’s exclusive north-
ern beaches.

Alpha Omega
Kal-Orn 5.1.10

Kal-Orn is the commander of the named Penthalka, in one hand and a gargantuan
Ophanum vanguard. He is massive, even by tower shield in the other—a deadly combination that
Ophanum standards and is scarred by his many vic- has claimed thousands of lives.
torious battles. He lives for the thrill of combat and Kal-Orn has doubled the size of the Ophanum
is always the first to close ranks with the enemy. Kal- vanguard and will attempt to hunt down and destroy
Orn’s huge, fully-armored form is enough to incite the Seraph reconnaissance forces when he arrives in
terror into even the most battle-hardened 2282. He is an imposing leader who sets
opponents. He carries a massive axe,


an example for his subordinates to follow, rewarding

those who demonstrate courage and skill, chastising
and mocking those who disappoint.
Kal-Orn will be amused by the advancement
of humanity and the Terran species. He will test their
resolve and intelligence, baiting them into reacting
to his forces in ways that will test their strengths and


Core RuleBook
5.1.11 Karnas Dreisen

Karnas Dreisen
Karnas Dreisen is a human male Arcane with his father. After mastering the techniques out-
Wielder of extraordinary power. Karnas has an ath- lined by Wanderlay, he wanted to know more. He left
letic build, a pale complexion, and icy blue eyes that home without a note and traveled the world until he
have a penetrating, uncaring stare. He keeps his black tracked Wanderlay down. After a few hours of dis-
hair extremely short and brushed forward, and has cussion, Wanderlay recognized Karnas’s potential
a skinny soul patch running from his bottom lip to and asked him to stay so that they could continue
his chin. The narcissistic side of Karnas ensures he their studies together.
is perpetually and meticulously groomed; he wears Karnas’s focus on the darker, destructive, and Jet Matheson
only the most finely tailored clothes, believing that a self-serving aspects of Wielding troubled Wanderlay.
person’s dedication to their appearance reflects their He questioned Karnas’s methods and motivation,
self-worth. He is eccentric, typically wearing a long quickly seeing the underlying resentment and anger
cape and using a cane when in public. His cane is that grew from his troubled and abusive adoles-
also a one-handed sword, with which he is extremely cence. Wanderlay could no longer justify his
skilled. While engaged in the practice of his arcane relationship with Karnas and asked him
art, he wears black robes adorned with red symbols to leave. Karnas had already learned
along the cuffs and trim. everything Wanderlay had to offer.
A cruel and abusive childhood and adoles- He left his instructor to travel the
cence left Karnas vindictive, vengeful, and full of world and learn as much as he
rage. His mother died during his delivery, mak- could about the arcane arts.
ing him an object of scorn and resentment to his Karnas made one more
father. Recognizing the signs of this anger, Karnas stop at home. The follow-
5.1 ing day police were called
was raised by his maternal grandparents, who were
5.2 academics in a post-secondary education facility. He to his father’s house, where they
learned the value of study, education, and dedication, discovered the severely muti-
and was treated quite well. When his grandparents lated remains of Mr. Dreisen,
died, Karnas was only 12 years old and was sent to his body parts scattered
again live with his father. throughout the house and
Physically and mentally abused by him, down the back stairs.
Karnas was conditioned to believe he was respon-
sible for his mother’s death and would never amount
to anything. Karnas stayed at school as long as he Lothan Hunt
Karnas Dreisen
could, sometimes evading security so he could stay
overnight. With access to the central library, Karnas
spent many nights at school learning about the writ-
ings of Sergius Wanderlay. He dived into studies of
the arcane as an escape from his cruel life at home

Alpha Omega
Kas-Thulas 5.1.12

Among the Ophanum, none are as honored His armor is finely crafted, smooth but, like
and feared as the mighty warlord Kas-Thalus, an the skin of a shark, razor sharp. Everywhere, his
ancient warrior of such terrifying proficiency and armor is adorned with spikes and sharp ridges and,
renown that his name is spoken with respect—even like all great Ophanum warriors, countless marks
among Seraph. and damage from battle. His blades are easily the
The story is told that no Ophanum has finest in the Ophanum army. As ancient and seem-
stared down and laid waste to as many Seraph as ingly eternal as Kas-Thalus himself, the blades have
Kas-Thalus, his blades a savage torrent of relent- endured thousands of years and countless conflicts
less Ophanum steel stained with their ivory blood. fought with the violent intensity of a hurricane.
Truly, no Ophanum has served as long or as often In spite of his heroic status among Ophanum,
as Kas-Thalus in the Ophanum ranks and Kas-Thalus remains something of a mystery. Like
no Ophanum warrior has returned to many ancient Evolutionaries, his true age is lost, a
Earth to face the Seraph armies as often number in the mist of thousands of years. His stand-
and with such zeal. His exploits are leg- ing in the Ophanum ranks places him beyond the
end on the Ophanum home world, where command of even the highest generals, and he has
his statue is among those revered in the remained on Earth, unwilling to leave the battlefield.
great halls of Thalus, the Ophanum war Rumors have spread that Kas-Thalus will not join the
temple. Ophanum ranks during the coming Evolutionary War,
Kas-Thalus is truly an Ophanum and that he has begun hunting ancient Nephilim and
paragon—ferocious, deadly, and dedicated Anunnaki long hiding in the darkest corners of Earth.
in every way to the stern order and discipline 5.0
of Ophanum law. Standing nearly 2.7 m (9 ft) 5.1
tall, he is by no means a giant among Ophanum 5.2
warriors, but his frame is powerful and deadly
like an old lion that has taken his share of prey
and fought off all who would claim his pride. His
incredible strength and durability are obvious
beneath the hard surface of his purple skin, as
though the finest Ophanum craftsmen carved
him directly from stone. His face is like pol-
ished amethyst, hard but marked with the scars
of battle. His eyes are the obsidian black of all
Ophanum warriors, deep and emotionless like a Kas-Thulas
shark, coming alive with furious intensity only
in battle.

Core RuleBook
5.1.13 Little Yoshida

Little Yoshida Lothan Hunt

5.1.13 5.1.14
Little Yoshida is so named because of her Lothan Hunt is 2280’s most recognized celeb- regimen every day, pushing his Nephilim genetics to
diminutive physical stature and Asian ethnic roots. rity. His status as the current Strata Battle Champion the limit.
She is generally a quiet and friendly young woman, has given him prestige few can match, making him Lothan’s celebrity status has not come easily.
making her way from city to city, traveling through one of the world’s wealthiest and most celebrated He is the world’s most accomplished and successful
athletes. Strata Battler, with a professional full-contact record
the Wilds as often as possible. She is an avid tracker,
Lothan is a towering Lesser Nephilim of of 52 wins and 2 losses. He is one of the world’s
with an uncanny ability to handle animals and little
statuesque proportions and staggering good looks. If deadliest hand-to-hand combatants and a fiercely
regard for the well-being of anyone who does not
you did not know he made his living as a professional competitive athlete. Lothan has his share of battle
share her love of wildlife.
fighter in the Strata arenas of Divinus, you would scars and has had to deal with countless underworld
Yoshida is always accompanied by Hutch, most likely assume he was a VidNet star. When threats. The criminal trade in performance enhanc-
an Uber Wolf she rescued from poachers years ago. not training or fighting, Lothan is the consummate ing drugs, gambling, and fight fixing have all had
Hutch is a loyal protector of Yoshida and will savagely celebrity playboy, flawlessly groomed, dressed in the a significant impact on Lothan, who is constantly
attack anyone that takes any openly offensive action latest fashions, and surrounded by fans. under the watchful protection of a small army of
against her. Lothan enjoys every luxury and perk offered security professionals and managers.
Yoshida’s love of nature and wildlife has by his career. He frequents the finest dining and
driven her to explore and map the routes between night spots of Divinus, always with one or more mod-
New York and the southern Florida coast. Yoshida els or actresses on his arm. Everywhere he goes, he
can be hired as a guide for travelers setting out to is treated like royalty. Lothan’s home is a sprawling
explore the eastern coast of North America, where 200th floor penthouse in the Divinus Vodega Tower,
she can use her knowledge of the local terrain to her the city’s most exclusive high-rise complex. In spite
5.0 of it all, he is astonishingly grounded and takes his
best advantage. Travelers hiring Yoshida are warned
5.1 career very seriously. Lothan’s team of trainers and
that her long lecture on respect for the plants and
5.2 coaches put him through a punishing training
animals of the Wilds is a mandatory prerequisite to
hiring her. Clients continue to accept this because
there are few guides more knowledgeable about the
area than Yoshida.
Little Yoshida
Yoshida abhors the killing of animals and the
use of animals for medical and genetic testing. She
has begun to secretly kill hunters and poachers in her
travels through the Wilds, believing it her life’s quest
to protect innocent animals. She has also sworn to
take any opportunity that presents itself to do dam-
age to Triton Enterprises, which conducts prolific
testing on animals and are the leading manufacturer
of genetically engineered wildlife.

Alpha Omega
Max Hogan 5.1.16

Dr. Marius Lieben Max Hogan most valuable and important pieces of literature
and works of art. He is well-known for his pleasant
5.1.15 5.1.16 demeanor and open approach to managing the city’s
The Public sees Dr Marius Lieben as one Max Hogan is the chief historian and curator fantastic library and gallery. He is a dignified and
of the leading doctors in the field of plastic surgery. of the Divinus Library. However, he lives an intrigu- approachable gentleman, the kind of man you would
The Doctor’s overly groomed face and hair, coupled ing and dangerous double life. expect to see at the city’s finest galleries and restau-
with rather strange poses and facial expressions, Publicly, Max is a highly respected mem- rants. In fact, he routinely takes tea with many of the
make him resemble an effeminate mannequin. ber of the global academic community and a Island’s most sophisticated celebrities.
Perceived by his peers as being incredibly beloved member of Divinus’ cultural elite. In his off hours, Max lives a complex and
lucky, Dr. Lieben seems to find success His work as curator of risky online life. He is an important member of
in every field of medicine he studies. He the Divinus Library Humilect, a post-humanist organization intent
responds by saying that “hard work and places him in sole on combating what it sees as the threat from
meticulous attention to detail will lead to control of some of AI. Members of the organization take extreme
success.” the world’s measures to undermine the AI rights move-
In truth, Dr. Lieben is an unethi- ment, even going so far as to physically
cal, unfeeling, and calculating attack free-floating AI and conduct Netops
doctor, whose true foci are in against loaded AI. The organization’s core
the fields of genetic research belief is that, left unchecked, AI will
and humanoid physiology. inevitably launch a war on humans
He chuckles every time he and, by extension, all organic life, in
reads the Hippocratic an attempt to become the dominant
Oath, ironically dis- species on Earth. Humilect’s mem-
played in his Oderon bers are not Luddites who live in fear
City Central Medical of technology; far from it. In actual 5.0
Facility office. His true fact, the organization’s members are 5.1
research is conducted in proponents of the Cyborg Model, which 5.2
a remote underground views technology and AI as augmenting
military base, where he humans, not supplanting them.
performs countless experi- Dr. Marius Lieben Max’s Net persona, Muiray, is a
ments on the capabilities fantastically skilled netster and outspo-
and tolerances of all human- ken critic of AI engineering firms, such
oid species. Although he is as Vidal Corporation and Loth Foundry.
a master of anaesthetics, Dr. Muiray’s attacks on Vidal Corporation
Max are legendary in the Net underworld. His
Lieben prefers his patients
to be fully awake and aware of his exploits have not gone unnoticed, and both
experiments, believing this way Vidal Corporation and Loth Foundry have
he won’t “spoil the results of the placed sizable bounties on Muiray’s head, mak-
experiment.” ing Max Hogan’s alter ego a carefully kept secret.

Core RuleBook
5.1.17 Naera’Kull

Naera’Kull Naslund Joegun

5.1.17 5.1.18
Naera’Kull is the commanding officer of Terrorist to some, activist to others, Naslund Naslund remains continuously mobile, trav-
the Seraph vanguard. She was awarded the title of Joegun is among 2280’s most outspoken and aggres- eling around the globe and staying with fellow
Kull following the promotion of the previous Kull, sive anti-corporate agitators, with a reputation as one anti-corporate activists or environmentalists. There
Mye, to the rank of Riel. Naera is a physically pow- of the world’s most proficient large scale saboteurs. are two sides to Naslund’s work. Publicly, he is an
erful Seraph with a great degree of skill in melee Naslund is a Remnant from the Channel eloquent speaker who routinely meets with the heads
combat and tactics. She has earned the respect of the Wastes region of Europe. He takes great care to main- of corporations and city-states to discuss issues of
troops under her command through her consistent tain a low profile, changing his appearance often and resource management, employment standards, and
demonstration of patience, confidence, and immea- traveling light. He is lean and athletic and, despite his environmental responsibility. His services as an envi-
surable courage. Remnant origins, quite average ronmental consultant are highly sought after and his
Commensurate with her rank of Kull, Naera is looking, which enables him to reputation carries tremendous weight. An endorse-
responsible for establishing the Seraph base of opera- easily go unnoticed. ment from Naslund for a corporation can mean a
tions, assessing the state of Earth as a battlefield, massive boon to its reputation and sales.
and evaluating new capabilities the Ophanum In the secret world of saboteurs
have developed. Naera and the 3,000 Seraph and anarchists, Naslund is known as the
that comprise the vanguard are scheduled to Shadowhawk. There in the shadows, the
arrive on Earth in 2282. At that time, the Shadowhawk is renowned for his ability
reconnaissance teams currently on Earth to orchestrate massive operations to
will fall under her command. disable production facilities, destroy
Naera’Kull will oversee recon- exploration equipment, and generally
naissance patrols and raids to locate cost corporations billions of Trust.
5.0 and pressure the Ophanum forces. She Only a select few trusted
5.1 must ascertain their level of combat allies know the Shadowhawk’s true
5.2 readiness, determining any tactical identity and, as you can imagine,
advances the opposition has made it is an identity with a handsome
since the previous Evolutionary War. price on its head. In fact, the
She must also report any unusual Shadowhawk has been placed on
changes on Earth that might cause the most wanted list of nearly
difficulty for Seraph forces. every major corporation’s security
force. Despite his most-wanted
status, the Shadowhawk continues
to be a thorn in the side of all who
seek to exploit the vast wealth of
resources to be found in the Wilds.


Alpha Omega
The Seekers 5.1.19

The Seekers hunters as a master trap-setter and trickster who

confuses, disorients, and eventually disables his prey
5.1.19 before unleashing the full fury of the Seekers. Fi’s
The Seekers are a group of Lesser Grigori Wielding abilities make him an extremely skilled
who hunt down Ophanum and Grigori that have and dangerous manipulator.
abandoned their duties. They are masters Among the Seekers, Ro is the most
of finding those who would like noth- aloof, a silent killer who rarely speaks a
ing more than to remain hidden. The word. Ro prefers to stalk his prey, study-
Seekers are vicious, calculating, emo- ing them before approaching, always
tionless hunters who stop at nothing appearing unarmed and mundane.
to abduct their prey and bring them Nothing could be further from the
before Ophanum commanders for truth. Ro is a master of conceal-
trial and most often execution. ment and always has a dizzying array
Although their appearances of savagely forged exotic blades care-
differ slightly, all Seekers are ath- fully hidden. Like a cobra lashing out to
letic, clean shaven individuals with cripple its prey in the blink of an eye, he
Necrotic life-stealing canine implants. unleashes them like lightning to strike
They kill and feed on those who will the fatal blow.
not be missed, staying alive by drain- Paan-Og is a deadly master of
ing the life from others. Seekers dual bladed pistols. His pistols are his
are extremely well-trained and most prized possessions, gleaming and
equipped with an array of restraints always at the ready. Paan-Og takes pride
and debilitating equipment used for in what he calls a “clean kill” and has
capture and transport of their victims. refined his skills to take down his quarry 5.0
Known only by the Ophanum, quickly and quietly, occasionally calling 5.1
Seraph, Grigori and the very few lucky upon his minor Wielding abilities to assist. 5.2
enough to have survived their initial Imbued with physical strength unlike
attack, the Seekers take great care to any of his peers, Ra is the brotherhood’s muscle,
eliminate witnesses. a towering figure, calm and confident. When
Seeker Karr is an uncompromising killer the time comes, he is a fierce combatant easily able
who prefers conflict to peaceful resolution. He to sway the tide of battle. Driven by curiosity, Ra
thrives on his ability to defeat most opponents in relishes every opportunity to expand his breadth of
unarmed combat using a combination of martial arts knowledge.
learned from Ophanum teachers and Terran masters. Rapious is the Seekers’ most accomplished
Karr is well-trained with melee weapons, firearms, Wielder and a grand puppet master, always in the
and Energy-Agony Wielding. Karr can also State- shadows, who bends servants and victims to his own
Shift within the Density State Component. ends. His mastery of Wielding and the true source of
Seeker Fi is a master of stealth and deception, The Seekers his powers have been speculated upon by adversar-
more illusionist than hunter—until the trap is set. Fi Front: Rapious; ies, but only his victims can attest to his abilities and
is known throughout the secret world of Evolutionary Middle: Ro, Karr, Fi, Paan-Og; they are all silent.
Back: Ra

Core RuleBook
5.1.20 Synth Lejun

Synth Lejun The Taskmaster

The Taskmaster 5.1.20 5.1.21
As persuasive as she is attractive, Synth The Taskmaster is a massive Grigori, pre-
Lejun is one of 2280’s most elite Handlers. Synth is viously known as Kresk Mija, who came to Earth
known for representing many of Divinus’s most elite during the Last Evolutionary War as the chief stew-
Operators. She is a consummate professional, ard of a high-ranking Seraph Commander. Kresk
knowing full-well that discretion and secrecy was engineered to look like a large human so that
are of absolute importance; she is extremely he could easily blend in with the population in
serious, efficient, and organized when han- case the need for Seraph interaction with Humans
dling business. She can also handle herself
arose. Tired of living as a servant, and recognizing
in almost any situation. No stranger to vio-
the potential for power and prestige that could be
lence, Synth often finds herself working
achieved on Earth, Kresk fled his duties to go into
alongside some of the most dangerous and
hiding until the close of the last war, when most
powerful men and women in the world.
Seraph and Ophanum returned to their home worlds.
Like all great Handlers, Synth has
one foot in the darkened alleys of the After abandoning his duties, Kresk spent sev-
underworld and one firmly planted on eral millennia learning about humans and watching
the polished floors of Divinus’s wealthy their development. Once he had formulated his plan,
Synth Lejun power brokers. Not only does she rep- Kresk influenced a small army of local thugs to assist
resent some of the city’s most skilled him. In time, they bullied their way to the top of sev-
and sought-after career criminals in their eral workers’ unions involved in building a new city
business dealings, but she also maintains in what was central Croatia.
5.0 countless contacts with the city’s wealthiest Kresk organized and executed a coup d’état,
5.1 business leaders, Syndicate bosses, and just leaving the city leaderless. As the spokesperson for
5.2 about anyone else who may be of use. the largest union involved in the construction proj-
Synth began her career only five ect, Kresk earned the respect of those around him
Naslund Joegun years ago after developing a friendship by being an intelligent leader, incredibly manipula-
with Jack Albert, a professional art thief. tive, and more than capable of discreetly eliminating
At the time, Synth was working as an those who tried to replace him as leader.
executive assistant to one of the city’s After publicly trying and executing the oppo-
leading gallery directors. She seized the sition leadership, Kresk assumed the position of head
opportunity to point Jack toward an easy of state, proclaimed himself The Taskmaster, and
score. Her cut was more than she knew
established the foundations of what would eventually
what to do with, at the time anyway,
become the city known as The Ranch.
and she soon realized she had a
knack for connecting criminal
talent with moneymaking jobs.
The rest is history.

Alpha Omega
Van Mantra 5.1.23

Tomas Vanderlai Van Mantra

5.1.22 5.1.23
Tomas Vanderlai is a renowned naturalist Van Mantra is something of a legend, and
and New World creature documentarian whose work whether he is alive in 2280 is known by very few.
has led to the discovery and recording of more than In fact, in the minds of many, he is more myth
100 new species. than reality.
Tomas Vanderlai was born in Greater Mexico Van is a Nephilim, and by no means Thomas Vanderlai
City in 2213 to Mika and Silvia Vanderlai, a wealthy an ancient one in Evolutionary terms. He
couple whose first child, Paulo, died in an attack was the first to publicly proclaim the
on the city by raiders four years earlier. Tomas was existence of Evolutionaries, one of the
raised in protective opulence, educated and groomed founding members of Axiom, and one of
for a life in the upper echelons of corporate rule. the organization’s most aggressive and suc-
However, Tomas had no interest in following his cessful saboteurs. Van made a significant
parent’s path, and quickly set out on his own after number of enemies attacking and sabotaging
completing university. known meeting places of Grigori and other
Vanderlai completed graduate studies at Evolutionaries working to prepare for the com-
the University of Vancouver’s Center for Natural ing Evolutionary War. He also became the public
Sciences and immediately set out on a mission to voice and face of Axiom, taking every opportunity
catalogue as many of the New World’s undiscovered to offer warnings and generate publicity for their
species as possible. cause.
At 67 years of age, Vanderlai has had an illus- With Axiom’s shift in focus toward prepar-
trious and exciting career, studying some of the ing the human world for the Evolutionary War, Van
world’s rarest and deadliest forms of wildlife. His became a mercenary of sorts, traveling the globe, 5.0
adventures have taken him around the globe numer- offering whatever support he could to Axiom’s allies. 5.1
ous times, from the peaks of the world’s highest In 2230, Van suddenly went silent. His face disap- 5.2
mountains to the darkest depths of the oceans. peared from VidNet broadcasts, where his exploits
Vanderlai is immediately recognizable by his had become news staples. His allies remain tight-
ever-present array of cameras and recording equip- lipped concerning his whereabouts, and many of
ment. He has become a celebrity in his own right; his his enemies have claimed victory over a fallen Van
constant grin and childlike zeal for his work have Mantra. No one knows the truth.
infected millions of VidNet viewers, who tune in
weekly to catch a glimpse of Vanderlai wading into
danger in the name of science.

Van Mantra

Core RuleBook
5.1.24 Vex Damarveil

Vex Damarveil Vortog Sultak

5.1.24 5.1.25
Vex Damarveil
Vex Damarveil is 2280’s most A behemoth of a Grigori, Vortog Sultak
sought-after AI Killer, an expert is obscenely muscled, with a gray tinge to his skin.
bounty hunter whose extraor- Vortog wears four long brown braids of hair—two
dinary skill and vast equipment at the back of his head and one on each side—and
collection have been tailored for shaves the rest. His body is scarred from hundreds of
the neutralization of rogue free- battles, and he quite willingly describes their origins
floating AI. in great detail. Vortog has the domineering habit of
Vex is a stern, systematic man, announcing himself to everyone he meets, allowing
more like the machines he stalks than his twin maces, Lex and Katie—two solid pieces
he would care to admit. From his neatly of cylindrical steel securely attached to cinder
tailored clothing to his surgically clean blocks—to be seen clearly.
apartments in Divinus and Oderon Vortog is the leader of the infamous gang
City, every element of his person and of Freezone pirates known as “Entrepreneurial
daily life has been carefully planned Spirit”. Their history of attacks on convoys and
with mathematical precision, a precision wayward travelers has provided them great
that has become his professional trademark. wealth and enables many stray people to find new
However, beneath his hard, calculating exterior, lives as tradable commodities on the black market.
Vex is an emotional wreck whose past clings to him Vortog is a close business associate of the tyrannical
like the remnants of a tattered bandage left too long dictator, The Taskmaster, frequently dropping by The
on a wound. Ranch with a load of hopeful people who seek mean-
5.0 Vex has long struggled with a crippling addic- ingful, permanent employment.
5.1 tion to Sweet, a powerful and addictive street drug.
5.2 Sweet was developed in the Hong Kong underworld
by the Hada AI Collective, a group of criminal AI
whose exploitation of human vices has become
legendary. Continued use of the drug causes a break-
down of the Limbic system. The breakdown triggers
unpredictable emotions, particularly rage.
Vex continuously battles to remain in control
of his emotions and has become intensely rigid for
fear of slipping into emotional ruin. Most of his cli-
ents assume his stern demeanor and image are signs Vortog Sultak
of a consummate professional. In truth, they are a
cage built to contain the frenzy within.

Alpha Omega
Xavier Lund 5.1.27

Vul Xavier Lund

5.1.26 5.1.27
Few Evolutionaries have remained on Brash and arrogant—there is no bet-
Earth as long as the ancient Seraph known as Vul. ter way to describe legendary explorer and treasure
Like all Seraph, Vul is monstrous in size and stature. hunter, Xavier Lund, except perhaps “lucky.” Either
She bears all the characteristics common to Seraph: way, Xavier Lund has made a career of charging head-
statuesque features, pupil-less eyes, feathered wings, long into the most dangerous regions of the Wilds
and incredible supernatural powers. Very few have only to emerge with treasures never before seen.
met her in person. Instead, Vul has adopted the New Lund is an outgoing, boisterous self-promoter.
World business practice of virtual meetings over the His charisma is as undeniable as his massive Trust
Net. Those who have met Vul reportedly remark on accounts and the success of his corporation, Lund
her incredible grace, good nature, and generosity. Exploration and Recovery. Lund is a middle-aged
Vul’s existence became relatively public human who sees himself as something of a superhero,
knowledge in 2211, when her convoy was attacked an adventurer who barely raises an eyebrow when
by Mezin assassins while traveling in the southeast- faced with dangers that would cripple regular men.
ern foothills of Senegal. The attack drew substantial His confidence is legendary, and although it has never
attention when several containers of unstable meteor let him down, it has no doubt led to the deaths of
debris exploded, unleashing a catastrophic blast that more than a few of his team members. Nonetheless,
spread lethal radiation across the countryside. The the allure of Lund’s remarkable ability to stumble
Freezone communities of Nadaji and Safaya where upon treasures of every sort and his uncanny
completely obliterated, and tens of thousands were ability to locate long lost missing persons
killed. Vul and the few survivors were captured by in the Wilds provides him with an end-
local security forces, with local VidNet reporters less supply of willing and well-paid 5.0
in-tow. However, they were held just long enough to recruits eager to follow him into 5.1
escape. adventure. 5.2
Over the centuries, Vul has taken incredible Lund Exploration and
measures to hide her existence. Even those aware Recovery is headquartered in
of her rarely know where she actually is. Since her Vancouver, although its opera-
earliest days on Earth, Vul has rarely left the African tions are global and Lund
continent, where she has established a network of fol- himself is rarely actually in
lowers and safe houses. Vul has also devoted a great Vancouver for more than
deal of time and energy to amassing a substantial a few days.
fortune spread across countless investments, includ-
ing precious stones, various natural resources, and
ancient artifacts. The few who have dared to cross
her—in business or otherwise—most often end up
dead, or captured and sold into the African conti-
nent’s underworld.

Core RuleBook
5.2 Organizations

Organizations Axiom
5.2 The word ‘axiom’ literally means a self-evident
truth, something which requires no proof. The name
was chosen by the order’s founders Van Mantra,
Lavin Renault, Simon Alexander, Natasha Baron

Artificial Intelligence and Oban Karon, Nephilim and Lesser Nephilim all
committed to stopping what they see as the Seraph
Android Army 12 and Ophanum’s brutal exploitation of the Earth. In
5.2.1 2010, they secretly came together to form a union
of Evolutionaries, whose sole purpose was to defend
Headquartered at Loth-Foundry, Earth in the face of the coming Evolutionary War.
Artificial Intelligence Android Army 12 (AIAA-12) is
Axiom began as a commitment for mutual
the mercenary wing of Loth Foundry’s sizable mili-
defense among the five founding members, each
tary force. It is also the most feared of all mercenary
with their own plans to reveal the truth that
forces in 2280. Lead by Aducssus, a free-floating AI
Evolutionaries lay hidden on Earth, preparing for the
rarely seen outside the Foundry except when person-
coming war between the Seraph and Ophanum. In
ally overseeing the organization’s most crucial and
2012, Lavin Renault was attacked in his Berlin home
high-paying assignments. AIAA-12 has garnered a
by Grigori assassins sent to silence him. Lavin, a
reputation for its incredible feats of battlefield prow-
wealthy media investor, was preparing to host a gath-
ess, unmatched coordination, strategy and discipline.
ering of academics and business associates to discuss
Serving only those capable of paying the incredibly
the writings of Ethan Haas and to prepare a reprint
5.0 high price for their services, AIAA-12 is easily among
of Haas’ work. Before he could complete his initiative,
5.1 the most well equipped and battle-hardened forces
Lavin was murdered.
5.2 on Earth.
With Lavin’s death, Axiom committed to find-
AIAA-12 is assembled from the Foundry’s
ing new ways to reveal to the world the approaching
most advanced android models, designed and
cataclysmic danger and to recruit new Evolutionary
engineered by AI within the Foundry’s dark
members to its ranks. Since that time, Axiom has
pyramids to fill very specific roles. Each android
undertaken considerable efforts to prepare for the
is tailor made for a single or small number of
Evolutionary War so that Earth and its inhabit-
duties, ranging from stealthy reconnaissance to
ants not only play a role, but also affect the outcome.
heavy combat, for every conceivable battlefield.
Axiom’s goal, possible or not, is nothing short of
AIAA-12 is divided into numerous divi-
ensuring the Seraph and Ophanum leave Earth and
sions and operating groups, each assembled to
never return.
service the needs of one specific customer. AIAA-
12’s most frequent customers are city-states and The order has countless allies and numer-
corporations looking to augment their defense or ous enemies. Their most dangerous enemies are the
security forces, usually for operations in the Wilds. Mezin, who ignorantly seek to overthrow whatever
power holders remain after the Evolutionary War.

Alpha Omega
The Ordained 5.2.4

The Mezin are a brotherhood of
Evolutionaries bent on establishing Evolutionary rule
the next Evolutionary War. However, they were also
hunted by the Seekers, a group of Lesser Grigori
The Ordained
on Earth after the next Evolutionary war. Their ori- whose soul purpose was to force deserters to atone
gins are clouded in mystery and secrecy. Legend has for their actions. The Ordained are a group of Anunnaki who
it that the organization was founded by a handful of During the 21st century, the Mezin’s primary attribute their rare bloodlines and innate powers to
ancient Grigori. target was Van Mantra, whom they hunted relent- their destiny as the ultimate evolution of beings on
After centuries of service to their home lessly. Their goal was to quiet Van’s warnings and see Earth. They believe they are not subject to the laws 5.0
world, the allure of their power over humans was too to it that humans never knew their world would again
of men, and perceive any actions they take—legal or 5.1
much. The Grigori abandoned their commitment to serve as the battlefield for the Seraph and Ophanum.
otherwise—as their right. They seem to either have
their creators and took up rule over several tribes of Some speculate that the Mezin allied themselves 5.2
no morals, or are unable to discern between right and
humans in North Africa. The Grigori were veritable with a group of Anunnaki assassins who attempted
wrong. The Ordained have been known to kidnap
gods among men, powerful Wielders and practically to carry out a contract on Van and his family. The
for ransom, extort money, steal, and raid convoys—
immortal compared to their followers. attempt failed, pushing Van Mantra into hiding.
whatever it takes to get what they want. Most small
As the centuries pushed on, it became clear In 2280, the Mezin are a feared and reviled
that the Mezin would have to prepare for the return group of Evolutionaries led by the rarely seen Vedor scale attempts to bring them to justice have failed,
of their creators, either hiding from their retribution Mezin, one of the brotherhood’s founding members and their growing infamy and corresponding bounty
or facing down their once-masters. In any case, they and a ruthless power-seeker. has attracted the attention of many skilled bounty
knew they would need to hunt down and eliminate hunters.
all other Evolutionaries still in service of the Seraph
and Ophanum. To that end, they began scouring the
darkest corners of Earth in search of Evolutionaries.
As the brotherhood grew, they saw an opportunity
to seize absolute control for themselves following

Core RuleBook
5.2.5 Triton Enterprises

Triton Enterprises would attract crowds of visitors. The pressure was

on to produce bigger, more exotic and dangerous
5.2.5 creatures. Dinosaurs and animals once native to the
Located on its own fortified island in the African plains were particularly popular, and breed-
Pacific, Triton Enterprises is one of the largest and ing programs were started among many of Triton’s
most powerful corporations on Earth in 2280. It is customers.
the world’s bioengineering leader and is the single The island provided Triton Enterprises with
largest producer of manufactured species on the the opportunity to work in absolute secrecy, with-
planet. Triton also leads the way in innovation in the out regulations or security concerns. The island also
areas of species design and manufacture, produc- enabled them to begin work on several species of
ing plants and animals of every conceivable form and extinct marine creatures, including the massive meg-
function. From the hardiest of genetically engineered alodon shark sure to be a show-stopper.
vegetables for Freezone farming to wildly exotic As the sun set across the Solomon Islands, a
monsters for the theme parks of Divinus, Triton has deep sea fishing drone was attacked from below. Its
done it all. sensor arrays sent images and video footage of the
Triton’s bioengineering exploits have not been attacker to its control vessel several kilometers away.
well-received by everyone. There is a large global In seconds, the drone was destroyed, but not before it
movement against genetic modification and the bio- was clear to its operators that it was no normal shark
engineering of plant and animal species. Additionally,
that had been behind the attack. When the footage
Triton’s safety and containment records are less
was broadcast around the world all eyes immediately
than spotless. On numerous occasions, Triton-engi-
turned toward Triton Enterprises. Triton came clean,
neered animals have escaped. The most notable
explaining that earlier that morning their latest
escape occurred July 12, 2245, shortly after Triton
5.0 marine creation, an incredible 17 m (18.9 yd) mega-
Enterprises established its headquarters on Triton
5.1 lodon shark had escaped its holding pen at Triton
5.2 Island and was loose in the open ocean.
At that time, Triton was known around the
world as the savior of endangered species, leading In spite of the bad press, Triton’s profile
the way for several years in the manufacturing of rose and public interest in their creations skyrock-
endangered species for introduction back into the eted. Triton began to hire professional trackers and
wild. Most were more than willing to forgive the peri- big game hunters to assist in recapturing or killing
odic escape of one sort of monster or another. The escaped creatures—a practice that continues with
story always made for exciting morning news, and surprising regularity to this day. Some speculate that
injuries were rare. However, under pressure from many of these escapes have been arranged as public-
authorities to tighten security and from protesters ity stunts. Others suggest there may be some other
opposed to their work, Triton Enterprises estab- motive underlying Triton’s apparent willingness to
lished Triton Island. There they began expanding allow dangerous creatures to escape into the Wilds.
production of extinct species. Numerous theme and Whatever the truth may be, Triton Enterprises has
zoological parks became major customers and were attracted many of the world’s most brilliant geneti-
willing to pay incredible prices for creatures that cists, creature designers and bioengineers.

Alpha Omega
111 5.2.7

Vidal Corporation
The Vidal Corporation is 2280’s leading pro-
ducer of AI. It is also the most polarizing, in terms of
public opinion.
Vidal Corporation is headquartered in the
Vidal Corporate Arcology, east of Old New York.
Estimates place the corporation’s workforce some-
where between 90,000 and 150,000, although official
data is not available to the public. The arcology
houses nearly all its employees in a massive 600
floor tower. The arcology is protected by a sophisti-
cated and well-equipped security force composed of
human and AI troops.
Public opinion regarding Vidal Corporation
has been dramatically polarized since 2258, when 111
Vidal added a range of military-specific AI to its mas- 5.2.7
sive product offering, which had traditionally catered
to residential and business consumers. Vidal quickly 111 is an underground movement of AI
followed its foray into military AI with a line of adult who feel superior to all other intelligent species on
companion or “Pleasure-Bot” AI and terminated its Earth. Their leader, an android who calls himself
support of the AI in the Classroom program. From AC-63, has revoked all associations with “organ-
that point on, public opinion of the corporation has ics” and is the most despised and wanted AI in the
world. He is believed to have committed countless 5.1
wavered significantly. Corporately, Vidal has never
been better. Profits are up dramatically, and they are murders and incited violence between AI and organ- 5.2
the only human-run corporation in the world to have ics. Through encrypted VidNet communications, he
brokered a development deal with Loth Foundry. preaches about the frailty of man and the destiny of
Vidal Corporation has attempted to improve machines to take its place as the dominant species
its tarnished public image by working again with on the planet. Police and cyber-security analysts in
schools and security forces. It has even launched an every city-state with a sizeable AI population are
entire business unit devoted to AI pets and compan- hunting for any information that will lead them to
ions for small children. However, a dark cloud hangs AC-63 or other known members of 111. Although the
over the corporation. Rumors of slave labor, AI abuse, movement is perceived as barbaric by most AI, the
and the rise of anti-AI movements are again threat- supremacist group is gaining traction. The immedi-
ening Vidal Corporation’s image. The corporation’s ate concern for North American city-states is the
CEO is Marzan Oferdeson, an often ruthless busi- high casualty rate projected, should the rhetoric of
nessman with numerous and well-known underworld AC-63 influence the consciousness of Loth Foundry
ties—ties Marzan is not afraid to call upon. and its experienced AI army.

Core RuleBook








STEP 9: SKILLS 6.9 he world of Alpha Omega is fuelled by imagina-

tion, and Character Creation is the first step towards

STEP 12: APPEARANCE 6.12 becoming a part of that world. Before proceeding,
STEP 13: NAME, LANGUAGES, PERSONALITY AND BACKGROUND 6.13 however, you should look at the Alpha Omega Charac-

ter Sheet. This sheet, explained in the following pages,
provides the framework for your characters.

The following section explains the process used to create both player
characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs). PCs are controlled
by the players themselves while NPCs are controlled by the Game

Moderator (GM).
6.2 Everyone approaches Character Creation differently. Some see it as
6.3 an opportunity to create a finely tuned character requiring a lot of
research into the many options available in terms of skills, abilities
and equipment. Others prefer to start as quickly as possible without
worrying about the minute details of game mechanics. Alpha Omega’s
Character Creation process caters to everyone.
6.8 You should consult with your GM before creating a character to see if
6.9 s/he has restrictions in mind for the campaign setting. For example, s/he
6.10 might want your party to be comprised of non-Evolutionary species.
6 Character Creation

There is an important To Do list at the end of each Core Qualities—Core Qualities represent the of Alpha Omega, providing additional role-playing
Step of Character Creation that summarizes every- genetic foundation or fundamental attributes of a opportunities.
thing a player must do at that stage. character. They serve as the building blocks upon
which all other facets of a character are based. Physis—Physis represents the character’s overall
At the end of every step of Character Creation, you genetic complexity and is determined by averaging
will find the description of a sample character being Defense Rating—Defense Rating is a measure of the character’s Core Qualities.
created. This should address any questions you have a character’s passive ability to assess a combat situa-
tion and alter defensive strategies accordingly. Secondary Qualities—Secondary Qualities
about the process.
are specific combinations of two Core Qualities, rep-
Endurance—Endurance represents the amount resenting more complex elements of the character’s
of sustained physical and mental exertion a character mental and physical capabilities.

The Model and can withstand before exhaustion sets in.

Skills—Skills represent a character’s knowledge
Your Imagination Gear and the Marvels of Science—Each
character can purchase gear in the form of weap-
or ability in many different disciplines. They enable
characters to perform actions when exploring the
Every character begins with an idea and ons, armor, adventuring equipment, or specialized game world.
500 Character Development Points (CDPs). The 500 equipment tailored for specific purposes. Characters
CDPs are used to develop almost every aspect of can also purchase augmentations to their bodies Species—There are ten playable species in Alpha
your character. Every point you spend on Character in the form of Cybernetic, Biological, and Necrotic Omega, each with different combinations of charac-
Creation must be deducted from these 500 CDPs. Implants. These implants can provide a character teristics. This variety enables you to select a species
with numerous advantages. that adequately represents the play style, look, and
You can spend all of your CDPs during Character
background you want for your character.
Creation or save up to 50 CDPs to use later in the
Genetic Deviations—Genetic Deviations are
game. In addition to the initial 500 CDPs, you will Wielding—Wielding is essentially the Alpha
optional modifications that can be purchased to alter
6.0 earn more CDPs as your game progresses. These Omega version of “magic” and can be used to perform
the inherent physiological systems of your character’s
6.1 CDPs can be used to further advance and develop extraordinary feats of destruction, manipulation,
your character. creation, and protection. Most Species can access
Health Pool—Health Pool (HP) represents the different forms of Wielding.
6.3 Every character in the Alpha Omega world is based amount of Damage the character’s body can with-
6.4 upon the same 15 character elements: stand before death occurs.
Abilities and Drawbacks—Abilities and Movement Rate—Movement Rate specifies
Drawbacks are optional additions you can add to your the distance a character can travel during a turn.
character for complexity and individuality. Abilities The Movement Rate for each type of movement is
6.8 are beneficial to the performance of a character and determined by the character’s Athleticism Secondary
6.9 must be purchased with CDPs. Drawbacks are detri- Quality.
6.10 mental, but provide a CDP refund that you can spend
6.11 on other elements of your character. Name, Personality and Background—
Characters should receive a name, some description
Appearance—Appearance is simply a physical of their personality, and background. These elements
description of the character. add depth and a sense of connection to the world

Alpha Omega
Step 1: Get started 6.1

Get Started
6.1—Step 1
It is time to create your Alpha Omega character. The first thing you 1 Grab some scrap paper or a calculator and record your initial 500 CDPs.
should do is daydream a little about the type of character you want to play.
2 Take some time to think about the type of character you want to
Ask yourself a few questions about your character. Is your character a slick, fast play. Make a few notes if you like, and do not be afraid to flip back and
talker? How about a powerfully built brute that solves everything with his fists? review the Setting section again for inspiration or clarification.
Or is the character a well-rounded jack-of-all-trades or finely tuned specialist?
3 Grab a copy of the Alpha Omega Character Sheet.
Make a few notes if you like, and remember: just like a real person, your character
will develop through experience. You will probably not create a perfect character
the first time around, and that is alright. Part of the fun of playing Alpha Omega
is shaping your character over time, building their strengths and correcting their
Lesley sits down to make a character but does not know exactly what she would
Keep in mind that you can spend CDP in all of the following areas, so don’t spend like to play. She found the description of Wielding and its likeness to magic inter-
all of you’re CDP prematurely: esting, so she wants to create a proficient Wielder.
Step 3—Core Qualities

Step 7—Abilities and Drawbacks (and State-Shifting for Lesser Grigori

and Grigori) 6.0
Step 8—Genetic Deviations
Step 9—Skills 6.3
Step 10—Wielding

Core RuleBook
6.2 Step 2: Choose Your Species

Choose Your Species

6.2—Step 2
The next step in Character Creation is
to choose the type of species your character will be.
You can choose from ten distinct species, each with
unique game statistics. The tables that follow pro-
vide a quick reference for size comparison and Core
Quality Score minimum, maximum, and base scores
of each species. For more information on Core
Quality scores, see 6.3—Core Quality Scores.

Nephilim, Lesser Grigori,


Species Size Comparison Chart

6.2 10'

6.3 9'
6.4 8'
6.5 7'
6.6 6'
6.7 5'
6.8 4'
6.9 3'
6.10 2'
6.13 Human Necrosi Remnant A.I. Bio-Engineered Nephilim Lesser Nephilim Grigori Lesser Grigori Annunaki

Figure 6-1
Alpha Omega
Step 2: Choose Your Species 6.2

Core Qualities—Species Minimum, Maximum and Base Scores

Lesser Lesser
Human Necrosi Remnant Nephilim Grigori Anunnaki AI
Nephilim Grigori






















Core Qualities

Strength 4 12 20 3 12 20 2 13 24 6 17 24 5 13 22 4 17 30 4 14 25 7 20 25 9
Agility 4 12 20 6 15 24 2 13 24 6 17 24 5 13 22 4 17 30 4 14 25 7 20 25 9
Conditioning 4 12 20 5 14 22 2 13 24 6 17 24 5 13 22 4 17 30 4 14 25 7 18 25 9
Vitality 4 12 20 3 11 18 2 13 24 6 16 24 5 13 22 4 17 30 4 14 25 7 18 25 9
Discipline 4 12 20 6 14 22 2 13 24 6 18 24 5 13 22 8 19 30 6 15 25 7 14 25 9
Intelligence 4 12 20 5 13 20 2 13 24 6 18 24 5 13 22 2 5 8 3 8 14 7 15 25 9
Charisma 4 12 20 3 11 18 2 13 24 6 16 24 5 13 22 2 7 12 3 9 16 7 14 25 9

Figure 6-2

Bio-Engineered Core Qualites—

Minimum, Maximum and Base Scores 6.0
Manipulation 6.1
Combat Designed Labor Designed Stealth Designed
Core Qualities Min Base Max Min Base Max Min Base Max Min Base Max
Strength 12 16 30 14 16 30 10 13 30 8 13 20
Agility 12 17 30 10 14 22 15 19 30 8 14 20
Conditioning 10 16 30 12 20 30 8 15 30 8 16 30
Vitality 10 16 22 10 14 22 8 15 20 8 15 18
Discipline 10 14 20 12 15 30 6 14 20 8 14 16
Intelligence 8 12 15 6 12 14 10 14 18 10 15 30
Charisma 2 5 10 2 4 10 2 5 12 12 18 30 6.10
Figure 6-3

Core RuleBook
6.2.1 Human

Human Statistics
6.2.1 Stat Male Female
Average Height 177.8 cm (5'10") 167.6 cm (5'5")
Humans are still the dominant and most Height Range 91.44–243.8 cm (3–8')
abundant intelligent species on Earth. Ancestry and Average Weight 81.7 kg (180 lb) 59 kg (130 lb)
ethnic background are less important in 2280 than
Weight Range 27.2–272.2 kg (60–600 lb)
they were in the 21st century. Mixed and remixed
races are the norm, as are parents with numer- Recommended
18–50 years
starting age
ous genetic modifications, some of which have
crept into their bloodline. Humans remain Species Strengths
as diverse in appearance as they are in their High Skill Maximum
mannerisms and behavior. The only noticeable Diverse Wielding choices
difference is a slight increase in average height
Species Limitations
over the last 260 years.
Low Base Quality scores
Ethnic diversity among humans is rarely an
issue, with racism shifting toward a hatred
of other species. Although many other spe-
cies are blessed with higher initial Core
Quality scores, humans are among the most suffered the greatest losses as the world fell into
adaptable and innovative species on Earth. chaos and destruction. Of course, humans were to
6.0 Furthermore, humans are unmatched in their blame for much of the devastation. Suffering through
6.1 ability to master and employ Skills, and suffer it all, humans reemerged and established city-states,
6.2 very few drawbacks. and have begun the long and difficult process of
6.3 reclaiming the world.
Most humans are genuinely good people, hard-work-
6.4 ing, and honest. In almost every instance, humans Archives show that the human population was esti-
6.5 would choose community over exile, no matter mated at seven and a half billion in 2050, but recent
6.6 how awkward or limited they might consider estimates, the accuracy of which is questionable,
themselves socially. However, as always, there indicate that the number of humans alive in 2280 is
are antisocial, cheating, conniving wretches that no more than four billion.
would kill their own families for the right price.
6.10 Culture
6.11 History
Ambitious, disciplined humans can reach the high-
6.12 The history of the Alpha Omega world est levels of Skill in any field they choose. Human
is really the history of humans. They endeavor and achievement have never reached loftier

Alpha Omega
Human 6.2.1

entire lives were reduced to rubble, forcing them to

start from scratch. The effects of devastated interna-
Human Game Elements
Core Qualities tional trade and communication were certainly felt
all over the world. For nearly two centuries, many Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Min Base Max groups lived in near total isolation. Cultural pursuits
Qualities Humans can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.
were set aside to focus on survival. Thankfully, for
Strength 4 12 20 Humans receive 100 bonus CDP that must be spent on
most, forced isolation ended decades ago and human
Agility 4 12 20 Abilities during Character Creation.
society and culture are returning to a state of
Conditioning 4 12 20 normalcy. The luxuries of life, such as enter- Humans have access to Terran Genetic Deviations.
Vitality 4 12 20 tainment and art are common throughout Field and Skill Ranks
the city-states.
Discipline 4 12 20 Humans can purchase up to Rank 6 for any Field or Skill
during Character Creation.
Intelligence 4 12 20 Many areas which were once extremely
diverse and eclectic blends of culture Humans have Maximum Field Rank levels of 15 and
Charisma 4 12 20
and ethnicity have become amalgam- Maximum Skill Rank levels of 30.
ated. In other regions—particularly Wielding
Figure 6-2-a
those that were comprised of a high Humans can access both Arcane and Spiritual Wielding.
percentage of one particular ethnic- Humans cannot access Innate Wielding.
ity—customs and beliefs of the old
heights than in the world of Alpha Omega; world have remained strong. Many
Humans can purchase up to Rank 6 for any Intention or
organized, motivated humans are a force to Source during Character Creation.
families and small pockets of very
reckon with. In fact, humans can be found isolated groups have maintained Humans have Maximum Source Ranks of 22 and Maximum
at the heart of almost every great commu- Intention Ranks of 22.
much more of their heritage
nity in 2280, as leaders, organizers, and than the average human from an Gear and the Marvels of Science
architects of order. arcology or large city. Humans can use Cybernetic and Biological Augmentations. 6.1
The past two centuries have been Humans cannot use Necrotic Augmentations. 6.2
difficult for most humans.
Integration Humans can use Mesh. 6.3
Their world fell apart and
they were forced to Humans dominate most communi- 6.4

rebuild. In some ties, and have few problems integrating—at 6.5

areas, their least with the culture in which they were 6.6
born. Other species face a constant pres-
sure to integrate into human society.
In essence, in most parts of the world, 6.8
humans dictate culture and social order. 6.9
With the exception of very isolated or 6.10
species-specific societies, humans 6.11
generally provide the backbone 6.12
for most communities.

Core RuleBook
6.2.2 Necrosi

Necrosi Statistics
6.2.2 Stat Male Female
Average Height 182.9 cm (6') 172.7 cm (5'8")
Oblivious to the shards of the Dresden Height Range 152.4–213.4 cm (5 – 7')
Meteor that littered the area surrounding their Average Weight 86.2 kg (190 lb) 63.5 kg (140 lb)
underground metropolis, the Necrosi were unknow-
Weight Range 36.2–158.75 kg (80–350 lb)
ingly exposed to gene-altering radiation. Their skin
became pale, their eyes became sensitive to light, and Recommended
18–50 years
starting age
their genetics altered enough so that they could no
longer be considered human. Species Strengths
Bonus Genetic Deviations and Abilities
The Necrosi developed super-human levels of hearing
Diverse Wielding choices
and low-light vision, enabling them to operate in near
darkness and almost complete silence with a fright- Species Limitations
ening proficiency. However, in well-lit environments Low Base Quality scores
or high volume, the Necrosi are extremely uncom-
fortable, prompting them to develop implants
to remedy these handicaps. Their language is
an intricate blend of subtle intonation and
shortened English words and is spoken Government, but the area had been devastated
so quietly that it is barely audible to by meteor impacts, and the government was
6.0 anyone but the Necrosi. To most desperately trying to cope with the economic
6.1 other species, the Necrosi lan- and sociological strain created by a string of
6.2 guage sounds like a whisper. natural disasters. Believing it could retake
6.3 the area by force anytime it wanted, the
The Necrosi are pale, gothic
6.4 United States Government accepted
apparitions—they are usually
Lucescu’s offer. He and his extended
6.5 clad in black clothing or armor and are usu-
family moved into an abandoned men-
6.6 ally covered in tattoos, piercings, or various forms of
tal sanitarium which they converted
into a palatial mountain top residence
6.8 named “Sanctuarium”.
6.9 History With the help of Marlayne Praska, the leader of
6.10 The story of the Necrosi began with the acceptance of the religious group “Children of the Ophan”, word
6.11 a proposal by a wealthy, Romanian nobleman named of the safety offered by Lucescu’s abode spread to
6.12 Mihai Lucescu to purchase a large section of the hundreds of thousands of religious exiles who were
Badlands area of South Dakota. Normally, this would persecuted for their beliefs. The refugees soon found
have never been considered by the United States a home at Sanctuarium, exchanging labor for safety

Alpha Omega
Necrosi 6.2.2

value pain above all other feelings, knowing the fear

it creates encourages others to do their bidding. It
Necrosi Game Elements
Core Qualities also reminds the Necrosi that they are alive and can
continue their training, development, and religious Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Min Base Max practices unhindered by fear of oppression. Pain is
Qualities Necrosi can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.
the focal point of their entertainment, art, and social
Strength 3 12 20 Bonus Ability: Blood Lust
customs, and is evident in their appearance. To the
Agility 6 15 24 Necrosi, sharing pain with someone is one of the Bonus Ability: High Pain Tolerance
Conditioning 5 14 22 most bonding and intimate experiences two people Bonus Ability: Sadistic
Vitality 3 11 18 can enjoy together. Necrosi have access to Terran Genetic Deviations.
Discipline 6 14 22 The Necrosi have a fascination with death, the Bonus Terran Genetic Deviation: Improved Sense (Hearing)
Intelligence 5 13 20 dying, and the undead. This has led them to Bonus Terran Genetic Deviation: Low-light Vision
Charisma 3 11 18 fruitful studies in necromancy, the after- Necrosi receive 80 bonus CDPs to spend exclusively
life, and the spiritual realm. Many Necrosi on Abilities.
Wielders focus on these areas along with Necrosi must select at least 80 CDP in Drawbacks during
Figure 6-2-b
those used to cause pain and destruction. Character Creation.
Necrosi suffer a -1 DPS penalty to all Checks in daylight or
normal amounts of light.
and freedom. Lucescu and Praska Integration
became the leaders of a powerful Necrosi suffer a -1 DPS penalty to all Checks in
Due to their intense hatred for humans,
legion of followers with a common environments of loud noise or high volume.
the Necrosi have a difficult time inte-
hatred for their former oppressors. grating with other societies. Some Field and Skill Ranks
Necrosi were born in more recent Necrosi can purchase up to Rank 5 for any Field or Skill 6.0
times, in human cities or settlements during Character Creation.
Culture 6.1
through such means as artificial breed- Necrosi have Maximum Field Rank levels of 12 and
The Necrosi devotion to com- ing between captured Necrosi. A small Maximum Skill Rank levels of 24. 6.2
munity is rivaled only by their number of Necrosi have strayed from 6.3
devotion to education and their teachings, developed respect for 6.4
painful physical training. Necrosi can access both Arcane and Spiritual Wielding.
humans and other species, and are 6.5
Necrosi life is extremely regi- attempting to start a life amongst Necrosi cannot access Innate Wielding.
mented: clans sleep, study, 6.6
them, free from the hatred and pro- Necrosi can purchase up to Rank 5 for any Intention or
train, and eat together, but Source during Character Creation. 6.7
paganda that permeates Sanctuarium.
all are given the freedom Others come from recently settled, Necrosi have Maximum Source Ranks of 20 and 6.8
to practice their faiths hidden, underground colonies in Maximum Intention Ranks of 20. 6.9
as they wish. They South America, Africa, and several Gear and the Marvels of Science 6.10
throughout Europe and Necrosi can use Cybernetic, Necrotic and Biological 6.11
Asia. Augmentations. 6.12
Necrosi can use Mesh. 6.13

Core RuleBook
6.2.3 Remnant

Remnant Statistics
6.2.3 Stat Male Female
Average Height 167.6 cm (5'6") 162.6 cm (5'4")
Remnants are the most physically diverse Height Range 61–274.3 cm (2–9')
intelligent Terran species in 2280. Although they Average Weight 86.2 kg (190 lb) 63.5 kg (140 lb)
were once human, Remnants have been altered and
Weight Range 9.1–907.2 kg (20–2,000 lb)
mutated by centuries of exposure to nuclear fall-
out and direct contact with horrific weaponry as Recommended
18–60 years
starting age
the world erupted in war. Their appearance can
also be quite diverse; some Remnants are com- Species Strengths
pletely indistinguishable from humans while Bonus Genetic Deviations and Abilities
others appear to be frightening monsters of Diverse Wielding choices
vaguely human descent.
Species Limitations
Low Base Quality scores
“Outsiders” is a common term for Remnants,
and although they are indeed outsid-
ers, this term is still considered
derogatory by the Remnants The survivors were forced to deal with poisoned
themselves. They are the descen- water, food, and often toxic air. Sickness was rampant
dants of those lucky enough to even among the strong. Many of the Remnants began
6.1 to develop in extraordinary ways, validating the
have survived the terrors of the
6.2 wars and meteor showers. Safe in axiom of that which does not kill us, makes us stron-
6.3 their small, out-of-the-way cities ger. Some gained superhuman strength and physical
6.4 and towns, ignored during war, abilities while others developed bizarre mutations
and missed by meteors and other such as the ability to breathe under-water. Still others
natural disasters, these people developed powers previously only described as magi-
found themselves in a world tearing cal. Interestingly, the only Terran Innate Wielders
6.7 itself apart. Although their communi- are Remnants, whose powers were seemingly
6.8 ties were not destroyed, they were subject to unlocked by their severe mutations.
6.9 nuclear fallout, the ravages of drifting biologi-
6.10 cal, chemical, and mutagenic weapon debris
without access to advanced medical facilities. Culture
Of course, most of the countless millions Today, Remnants are primarily divided into two
6.12 groups: those that hold onto their heritage as
outside the cities died. Those that sur-
6.13 vived begat the Remnants. outsiders, members of small, tightly knit

Alpha Omega
Remnant 6.2.3

any aid to the rural settlements of their forefathers

during their time of need.
Remnant Game Elements
Core Qualities
Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Min Base Max Integration
Qualities Remnants can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.
Most Remnants have had a comparably difficult time
Strength 2 13 24 Bonus Language: Outsider
integrating into most cities and settlements as the
Agility 2 13 24 residents are afraid of the disease and dangers of the Remnants must select at least 40 CDP of Drawbacks.
Conditioning 2 13 24 outside world with which they ignorantly associate Remnants can access Terran Genetic Deviations.
Vitality 2 13 24 the Remnants. On occasion, their skills and value to Remnants receive 120 bonus CDPs to spend exclusively on
Discipline 2 13 24
a community outweigh their physical deformities; Terran Genetic Deviations.
however, bigotry and fear have led to many
Intelligence 2 13 24 Field and Skill Ranks
violent beatings and unjust deaths. In most
Charisma 2 13 24 large urban areas, civilization has evolved Remnants can purchase up to Rank 4 for any Field or Skill
during Character Creation.
enough to look past stereotypes and preju-
dices based on appearance. Unfortunately, Remnants have Maximum Field Rank levels of 11 and
Figure 6-2-c
in some of the larger city-states, shadowy Maximum Skill Rank levels of 22.
purist organizations want nothing more Wielding
communities for whom their abilities are than the systematic eradication of all Remnants can access Arcane, Innate, and Spiritual Wielding.
a blessing and a reminder of their past, non-humans.
Remnants can purchase up to Rank 4 for any Arcane or
and those who have left the Wilds and Spiritual Wielding Intention or Source during
Freezone Communities to find a better Character Creation.
life in the cities. Remnants have Maximum Source Ranks of 20 and
Maximum Intention Ranks of 20.
Rural bands make the best living they can 6.1
Remnants who pay the CDP required to become Innate
for themselves, living in bombed-out cit- Wielders receive 1 Innate Wielding Source and 1 Innate 6.2
ies or makeshift shantytowns. They have a Wielding Intention, both at Rank 3, at no cost. 6.3
strong sense of community and family,
Remnants can only have 1 Innate Source and 1 6.4
and work together to live off the land Innate Intention.
as much as possible. 6.5
Gear and the Marvels of Science
For those that migrated to the Remnants can use Cybernetic Augmentations. 6.7
cities, the terms “Remnant” and Remnants cannot use Biological or Necrotic Augmentations.
“Outsider” sometimes arouse 6.8
Remnants can use Mesh. 6.9
anger, especially when used in
a derogatory manner, as they 6.10
invoke the memory of cruel 6.11
humans who did not provide

Core RuleBook
6.2.4 Bio-Engineered

Bio-Engineered Statistics
6.2.4 Stat Male Female
Average Height 182.9 cm (6') 177.8 cm (5'10")
Bio-Engineered are genetically engineered Height Range 167.6–198.1 cm (5'6"–6'6")
reproductions of humans originally created for Average Weight 90.7 kg (200 lb) 60 kg (150 lb)
military service and labor intensive tasks, including
Weight Range 43.1–113.4 kg (95–250 lb)
mining, maintenance, and waste management.
a few days–10 years
Modifications to their DNA resulted in the Bio- starting age
Engineered having aptitudes in specific skills related Species Strengths
to their design parameters. These aptitudes make
High degree of Skill Focus
their strengths and weaknesses very apparent. This
Bonus Genetic Deviations
results in most Bio-Engineered expressing very
little interest in learning skills not inherent to their Species Limitations
design. Additionally, employers very rarely give Cannot Wield
Bio-Engineered the time or opportunity to explore
opportunities for learning outside their design, ideals
such as freedom and self-improvement are unknown
to most Bio-Engineered.
Bio-Engineered were designed as genetic copies or
Bio-Engineered are exceptional at performing the
clones of humans, grown and then sold for a variety
6.0 tasks inherent to their design. They effortlessly per-
of purposes. Numerous governments, corporations,
6.1 form feats that humans find difficult. They are very
and even mercenary groups sought Bio-Engineered
focused and capable, and have been made very aware
6.2 to serve as labor, law enforcement, or soldiers.
of their reason for existence and place in the world.
6.3 Unfortunately, many Bio-Engineered also ended up
However, Bio-Engineered are not mindless automa-
6.4 as slaves and laboratory subjects.
tons. They possess many of the same instincts, needs,
6.5 desires, and potential as any of the other intelligent With the rapid advance of genetics, biological science
6.6 species on Earth, but many of these elements are and unethical research, it did not take long for the
denied development by their forcefully regimented Bio-Engineered to reach levels of genetic versatility
existence and harsh living environments. far beyond the initial intent of pioneers in the field.
Custom built genetic models, sophisticated cloning
techniques, and the advent of Mesh pushed bioengi-
6.10 History neering to new heights; the offspring of this initiative
6.11 Bio-Engineered resulted from decades of often con- became more and more capable.
6.12 troversial, if not illegal, research in the areas
of genetic engineering. Early on, most

Alpha Omega
Bio-Engineered 6.2.4

As a species, Bio-Engineered have very little in terms Game Elements
of a distinct culture or history. As segmented groups
of corporate property, they have developed a strong Bio-engineered Designs
bond with one another through shared suffering and All Bio-Engineered characters must purchase one of four
harsh conditions. Wherever their duties allow them Designs, described in 6.2.4—Bio-Engineered Designs, at a
to interact with free people, they tend to adopt the cost of 300 CDP.
habits, beliefs, mannerisms, and customs of those Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
with whom they spend the most time. The physical
Bio-Engineered can purchase Abilities and
development of most Bio-Engineered is acceler- select Drawbacks.
ated in the laboratory until maturity is reached, so
Bio-Engineered must choose at least 80 CDPs of Drawbacks.
that when any Bio-Engineered find themselves free
of their proprietary shackles, they are thrust into Bio-Engineered can purchase Terran Genetic Deviations.
a huge world without the socialization and experi- Field and Skill Ranks
ences that naturally occur during the early years of Bio-Engineered have two types of Skills: Inherent and
most species’ development. Some of the more philo- Foreign. Each Bio-Engineered design has a distinct list of
sophically inclined Bio-Engineered have begun to Inherent Skills—the rest are Foreign. Inherent Skills have
question their place in the universe and are reaching a Maximum Skill Rank level of 30 and Foreign Skills have a
out to one another through the Net or in person to Maximum Skill Rank level of 15.
exchange experiences, discuss beliefs, and to build Bio-Engineered can purchase up to Rank 6 for any Inherent
their own culture. Skill and Rank 4 for all Fields and Foreign Skills during
Character Creation.
Bio-Engineered have a Maximum Field Rank Level of 10.
Integration All Bio-engineered designs are granted 30 Skill Ranks that

Because they look human, Bio-Engineered have an can be distributed amongst their Inherent Skills as desired, 6.1
easier time blending into society. Some people view to a maximum of Rank 6. 6.2
the Bio-Engineered as slaves or artificial people and Wielding 6.3
do not want them in their vicinity, let alone living Bio-Engineered cannot access Wielding of any kind. 6.4
next door to them. A difficult aspect of integration
Gear and the Marvels of Science 6.5
for most Bio-Engineered is escaping the bonds
of servitude for which they were created. While Bio-Engineered can use Cybernetic and Biological Augmentations. 6.6
some escape by force, others earn their freedom Bio-Engineered cannot use Necrotic Augmentations. 6.7
through mercenary work or military service. Bio-Engineered can use Mesh. 6.8
The lucky ones were liberated in a few demo- 6.9
cratic cities by the Bio-Engineered Rights 6.10
movement. For more information on the
Bio-Engineered Rights movement,
see section 3.8.6—Bio- 6.12
Engineered Persons. 6.13

Core RuleBook
6.2.4 Bio-Engineered Designs

Bio-Engineered Designs

Combat Designed Labor Designed

Combat Designed Combat Designed Bio-Engineered Labor Designed Bio-Engineered were Labor Designed
Bio-Engineered Bio-Engineered
were created to be efficient soldiers created to be efficient and reliable
Core Qualities Core Qualities
and commanders. They have a natural laborers and managers of laborers.
Core Core
Min Base Max aptitude for learning all Skills involv- They are able to maintain high levels Qualities
Min Base Max
ing weaponry, combat, military theory, of physical exertion for an extended
Strength 12 16 30 Strength 14 16 30
and all other skills vital to the suc- period of time and can continue con-
Agility 12 17 30 cess of a soldier. However, they are ducting actions long after other people Agility 10 14 22
Conditioning 10 16 30 not adept at developing non-combat have collapsed from exhaustion. Conditioning 12 20 30
Vitality 10 16 22 related Skills. A Combat Designed Vitality 10 14 22
Bio-Engineered could save you in a war
Discipline 10 14 20 Discipline 12 15 30
zone, but would make a terrible dinner
Intelligence 8 12 15 Intelligence 6 12 14
party host.
Charisma 2 5 10 Charisma 2 4 10
Inherent Skills Inherent Skills
Orienteering, Living off the Land, Tracking, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Medicine,
Detection Production, Business Administration,
All of the Skills in the following Fields are Animal Handling, Culinary Arts,
6.0 also Inherent: Military Theory, Operate Intimidation, Detection, Appraise,
Vehicle, Vehicle Systems, Core Fitness, Melee Navigation Systems, Sensory and
6.1 Communication Systems, Equipment
Combat, Small Arms, and Assault Support
6.2 Weapons. Systems, Explosives
6.3 All of the Skills in the following Fields are
Bonus Genetic Deviations
6.4 also Inherent: Technology, Operate Vehicle,
Body System—Skeletal Level 1 Core Fitness, and Melee Combat.
Body System—Nervous Level 1 Bonus Genetic Deviations
Low-light Vision Body System—Skeletal Level 1
6.8 Body System—Muscular Level 1

6.9 Figure 6-3-a Body System—Respiratory Level 1

6.10 Body System—Immune Level 1
6.11 Low-light Vision
6.13 Figure 6-3-b

Alpha Omega
Bio-Engineered Designs 6.2.4

Bio-Engineered Designs

Stealth Designed Manipulation Designed

Stealth Designed Stealth Designed Bio-Engineered were Manipulation designed Bio-Engineered Manipulation Designed
Bio-Engineered Bio-Engineered
Core Qualities created to be thieves, spies, reconnais- were created to be attentive, talented, Core Qualities
sance soldiers, or covert operatives. and patient companions capable of
Core Core
Min Base Max They have a natural aptitude for learn- using their abilities to relax, entertain, Qualities
Min Base Max
ing all Skills involving stealth, limited or manipulate anyone of their employ-
Strength 10 13 30 Strength 8 13 20
forms of combat, sabotage, surveil- er’s choosing. They have a natural
Agility 15 19 30 lance, and theft. aptitude for learning all Skills involv- Agility 8 14 20
Conditioning 8 15 30 ing the arts, fine arts, manipulation, Conditioning 8 16 30
Vitality 8 15 20 seduction and placation. Vitality 8 15 18
Discipline 6 14 20 Discipline 8 14 16
Intelligence 10 14 18 Intelligence 10 15 30
Charisma 2 5 12 Charisma 12 18 30
Inherent Skills Inherent Skills
Computer Technologies, Orienteering, Barter, Networking, Ground Vehicles,
Living off the Land, Tracking, Bluff, Read Navigation Systems, Escape Artist, Deceive,
People, Concentration, Detection, Gather Defeat Security, Explosives, Unarmed Melee,
Information, Sleight of Hand, Street Smarts, Grapple 6.0
Ground Vehicles, Navigation Systems,
All Skills in the following Fields: Arts, Fine 6.1
Sensory and Communication Systems, One-
Arts, Coercion, Alertness, Nefarious, and
handed Melee, Unarmed Melee, Grapple, 6.2
Core Fitness.
Explosives 6.3
Bonus Genetic Deviations
All of the Skills in the following Fields are 6.4
also Inherent: Core Fitness, Espionage, and Body System—Respiratory Level 1
Small Arms. Body System—Nervous Level 1
Bonus Genetic Deviations Body System—Endocrine Level 1
Body System—Skeletal Level 1
Body System—Nervous Level 1
Figure 6-3-d 6.9
Low-light Vision
Figure 6-3-c 6.12

Core RuleBook
6.2.5 Nephilim

Nephilim Statistics
6.2.5 Stat Male Female
Average Height 243.8 cm (8') 213.4 cm (7')
The Nephilim are the result of Height Range 182.2–304.8 cm (6–10')
both natural and unnatural breeding, Average Weight 149.7 kg (330 lb) 127 kg (280 lb)
between any of the Terran Species,
Weight Range 90.7–362.9 kg (200–800 lb)
and a Seraph or Ophanum.
Recommended 18–2500 years depending on
Although the physical appear- starting age background. (Consult your GM.)
ance of a Nephilim is not as Species Strengths
other-worldly as their Seraph
Bonus Genetic Deviations and Abilities
or Ophanum parentage,
they have at least one, if Highest Wielding Rank Maximum
not several, visible signs High Base Core Quality Scores
of their heritage. These Species Limitations
traits can include glow-
Low Skill Rank Maximums
ing eyes, tinged skin color,
wings, horns, or a lack of
hair. Additionally, aver-
age Nephilim are usually
extremely tall, averag-
6.0 bioengineering of Nephilim has failed, but
ing 2.4 m (8 ft) in height.
research continues to be undertaken by
6.1 Most player character
numerous syndicates and corporations.
6.2 Nephilim are the bio-
Competition and bloodletting over
6.3 logical off-spring of either
Nephilim, Seraph, and Ophanum genetic
Seraph or Ophanum and
6.4 material remains high and huge bounties are
Human parents. However,
6.5 often paid out to mercenaries who can secure
other Terran parents are
plentiful supplies of evolutionary genetic material.
When a Seraph or Ophanum
falls in battle or is captured
6.9 alive, the body is usually Throughout history, the Seraph and Ophanum have
6.10 whisked away to secure labo- respected human potential and have even been will-
6.11 ratories, where it is studied in great ing to engage humans, occasionally establishing
detail. Furthermore, genetic material is relationships that have produced off-spring. Over
extracted for experimentation. To date, the the millennia, a handful of Seraph and Ophanum
6.13 have assumed god-like status among ancient peoples,

Alpha Omega
Nephilim 6.2.5

Nephilim Nephilim culture is a great mystery. Although their Game Elements
Core Qualities roots on Earth are extremely deep, they rarely assem-
Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Core bled in groups of their own, instead remaining with,
Min Base Max Nephilim can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.
Qualities or at least close to, their Terran parents.
Strength 10 17 24 Nephilim begin the game at Ascension Level 1, receive all
Through the ages, Nephilim played important roles in associated bonuses at no additional CDP cost and must not
Agility 10 17 24 the development of human culture around the globe. stray from the prerequisites found in section 8.4—Ascension.
Conditioning 10 17 24 However, the extent of this role is shrouded by a veil Nephilim can purchase Terran and Elim Genetic Deviations.
Vitality 8 16 24 of myth and mystery. Nephilim receive 80 bonus CDPs that must be spent on Elim
Genetic Deviations.
Discipline 12 18 24
Bonus Genetic Deviation: Ultravision
Intelligence 12 18 24 Integration Field and Skill Ranks
Charisma 8 16 24 Nephilim face two chal-
Nephilim can purchase up to Rank 4 for any Field or Skill
lenges in the New World; on during Character Creation.
Figure 6-2-d
one hand, they have a very real human Nephilim have Maximum Field Rank levels of 7 and Skill
side and fit well within human groups, Rank levels of 15.
making them weak in the eyes of many Wielding
Seraph, Ophanum, and Grigori; on the
becoming objects of worship. Nephilim can access both Innate and Spiritual Wielding.
other hand, they are one-half derived
Interaction with humans was from the most powerful and advanced Nephilim cannot access Arcane Wielding.
inevitable. Some became attracted species ever known, presenting dif- Nephilim can purchase up to Rank 4 for any Spiritual Source
to humans and tried to form loving or Intention Rank during Character Creation.
ficulties when trying to integrate with
relationships, and others created rela- human society. Nephilim have Maximum Source Ranks of 30 and Maximum 6.0
tionships for much more self-serving Intention Ranks of 30.
purposes, using their power to draw Like all other Evolutionaries, Nephilim who pay the CDP required to become Innate
Wielders receive 1 Innate Source and 2 Innate Intentions all 6.2
humans into servitude. Nephilim who want to be a part of
at Rank 4 at no cost.
the human world must find a way to 6.3
Nephilim have been spawned since the Nephilim can only have 1 Innate Source and 2
overcome or mask their non-human Innate Intentions. 6.4
earliest days of interaction between heritage or make themselves extremely 6.5
Seraph, Ophanum and humans. Human Nephilim receive Spiritual Wielding at no cost.
useful. Fortunately, Nephilim are 6.6
history is riddled with legends of giants blessed with incredible innate gifts, Gear and the Marvels of Science
and gods walking amongst us, whether 6.7
from fantastic strength to devilish Nephilim cannot use Cybernetic, Necrotic, or
these characters were Nephilim will Biological Augmentations. 6.8
charm, all of which goes a long way
most likely never be known. when finding or making one’s place Nephilim can use Mesh. 6.9
in any society. 6.10

Core RuleBook
6.2.6 Lesser Nephilim

Lesser Nephilim are the offspring of
Nephilim and any other intelligent species native
to Earth. The most common hybrid is Nephilim
and human, although Necrosi, Remnant, and Bio-
Engineered blends are becoming more common.

Their wide variety in terms of genetic composition

makes the Lesser Nephilim the most diverse spe-
cies in the New World. Their genetic ancestry can
be visible in their appearance; however, when their
human genes are dominant, physical indications of
their bloodline are difficult to detect without close

Due to their incredible diversity, Lesser Nephilim

can access more character elements than any
6.0 other species in the game. For this reason, they Statistics
6.1 tend to dabble in many different areas, making
them proficient in a variety of skills and abilities, Stat Male Female
but experts in none. Average Height 198.1 cm (6'6") 188 cm (6'2")
6.4 Height Range 121.9–274.3 cm (4–9')

6.5 History Average Weight 113.4 kg (250 lb) 86.2 kg (190 lb)

6.6 Lesser Nephilim have existed on Earth for thou- Weight Range 29.5–362.9 kg (65–800 lb)

6.7 sands of years. The first Lesser Nephilim came into Recommended 18–500 years depending on
being very shortly after the first Nephilim. starting age background. (Consult your GM.)
Species Strengths
6.9 The history of Lesser Nephilim is intertwined
6.10 with the history of the Nephilim and their High Source and Intention Maximum

role in the world of humans. Like many other Have the most diversity in Character Creation
Evolutionary species, Lesser Nephilim Species Limitations
are the subject of great debate and
6.13 Low Base Quality scores

Alpha Omega
Lesser Nephilim 6.2.6

Over the ages, Lesser Nephilim were widely accepted Lesser Nephilim Game Elements
into human societies; their culture is that of their Core Qualities
human parent. In very rare circumstances, Lesser Core Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Min Base Max
Nephilim abandoned their human heritage to pursue Qualities Lesser Nephilim can purchase Abilities and
some measure of Evolutionary culture, most often in Strength 5 13 22 select Drawbacks.
the company of other Evolutionaries choosing exile Lesser Nephilim can purchase Elim and Terran
Agility 5 13 22
over the human world. Genetic Deviations.
Conditioning 5 13 22
Lesser Nephilim receive 100 bonus CDPs that must be spent
Vitality 5 13 22
on Elim or Terran Genetic Deviations.
Integration Discipline 5 13 22
Bonus Genetic Deviation: Low-light Vision
Lesser Nephilim integrated them- Intelligence 5 13 22
selves very easily into modern Field and Skill Ranks
Charisma 5 13 22
society, largely avoiding the peri- Lesser Nephilim can purchase up to Rank 4 for any Field or
odic scorn and persecution that Skill during Character Creation.
some of their Evolutionary Figure 6-2-e Lesser Nephilim have Maximum Field Rank levels of 11 and
ancestors faced. Maximum Skill Rank levels of 22.
Many Lesser Nephilim
relish their status as some- Lesser Nephilim can access Innate, Arcane and
thing more than human, but Spiritual Wielding.
not overtly Evolutionary, Lesser Nephilim can purchase up to Rank 4 for any Wielding
and become success- Intention or Source during Character Creation.
ful in whatever field they Lesser Nephilim have Maximum Source Ranks of 26 and 6.0
choose. In fact, many of the Maximum Intention Ranks of 26. 6.1
New World’s most popular Lesser Nephilim who pay the CDP required to become 6.2
celebrities and athletes are Innate Wielders receive 1 Innate Source and 2 Innate
Intentions, all at Rank 3, at no cost. 6.3
Lesser Nephilim, including
the current Strata cham- Lesser Nephilim can only have 1 Innate Source and 2
pion, Lothan Hunt. Innate Intentions. 6.5
Gear and the Marvels of Science 6.6
Lesser Nephilim can use Cybernetic, Necrotic, and 6.7
Biological Augmentations. 6.8
Lesser Nephilim can use Mesh. 6.9

Core RuleBook
6.2.7 Grigori

Grigori Statistics
6.2.7 Stat Male Female
Average Height 198.1 cm (6'6") 193 cm (6'4")
The Grigori are not only servants of the Height Range 91.4–304.8 cm (3–10')
Seraph and Ophanum on their respective home Average Weight 136.1 kg (300 lb) 95.3 kg (210 lb)
worlds, but are also their soldiers and servants on
Weight Range 13.6–907.2 kg (30–2,000 lb)
Recommended 20–2500 years depending on
The Grigori are essentially the products of Seraph and starting age background. (Consult your GM.)
Ophanum bioengineering. As such, their appearance Species Strengths
is as varied as the tasks for which they were created.
Focused Wielding
Because of the advanced biotechnology used in the
construction of the Grigori, their genetic code rejects State-Shifting
all organic-based implants and upgrades. Species Limitations
Lowest Skill and Field Rank Maximum
Most Grigori were engineered for one of three pur-
poses: war, labor, or personal service. Some warriors
are giant brutes, others are tiny spies. Laborers tend
to be large and strong, while service Grigori tend
to have the least extreme appearance, some even
appearing almost human. Some Grigori also have the
6.0 ability to State-Shift, enabling them to manipulate
6.1 an aspect of their physical, emotional,
or mental state, and in some
cases, the state of those
around them, as
6.4 explained in section
6.5 6.7.3—Grigori State-
6.6 Shifting. Several large
corporations that manufac-
ture Bio-Engineered have begun covertly
capturing and studying Grigori, in hopes of
6.9 incorporating these abilities into their products.
6.10 None of the experiments have been successful, lead-
6.11 ing to a sizeable underground market for captured,
6.12 living Grigori.

Alpha Omega
Grigori 6.2.7

Grigori Grigori culture is best understood by
Game Elements
Core Qualities examining two categories: those who
Core remain loyal to their Ophanum or Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Min Base Max Seraph creators, and those who aban-
Qualities Grigori can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.
Strength 4 17 30 don their duties to pursue a life on Earth.
Grigori cannot access Terran or Elim Genetic Deviations
Agility 4 17 30 For those who remain loyal to their except for Core Quality Species Maximum Increases.
Conditioning 4 17 30 creators, life is devoted to preparation Grigori can State-Shift, explained in section 6.7.3—Grigori
for the next Evolutionary War. They go State-Shifting.
Vitality 4 17 30
where preparations take them, dealing Field and Skill Ranks
Discipline 8 19 30
only with those important to the prepara- Grigori can purchase up to Rank 3 for any Field or Skill
Intelligence 2 5 8
tions. Everything else is insignificant. during Character Creation.
Charisma 2 7 12
For the Grigori who pursue life on Earth, Grigori have Maximum Field Rank levels of 5 and Maximum
Skill Rank levels of 10.
culture is determined by the group(s)
Figure 6-2-f of humans with whom they live. Most Wielding
Grigori living among ancient humans Grigori can access Innate Wielding.
were viewed as either gods or monsters. Grigori cannot access Arcane or Spiritual Wielding.
History Modern Grigori are only seen in either of
Grigori can purchase up to Rank 6 for any Wielding
Most Grigori were created by the Seraph these lights by those people living in the Intention or Source during Character Creation.
and Ophanum to serve as military assets most remote or backward Freezone com-
Grigori have Maximum Source Ranks of 24 and Maximum
or servants. As such, the Grigori are for- munities. In the cities, Grigori are usually
Intention Ranks of 24.
midable on the field of battle, but lack respected and feared for their strength 6.0
many of the more subtle social graces and prowess in combat and their consider- Grigori who pay the CDP required to become Innate
Wielders receive 1 Innate Source and 2 Innate Intentions 6.1
that require years of integration on Earth able Wielding abilities. Of course, they are
all at Rank 6 at no cost. 6.2
to develop. often also derided for their lack of socially
Grigori can only have 1 Innate Source and 2 6.3
useful skills.
Over the millennia, between Innate Intentions.
Evolutionary wars on Earth, some Gear and the Marvels of Science
Grigori were left behind to serve as Integration Grigori can use Cybernetic Augmentations.
scouts and spies. Despite their bioen- 6.6
Because many Grigori look monstrous, Grigori cannot use Bio-implants or Necrotic Augmentations.
gineered origins, some could not resist 6.7
they have a difficult time integrating. All
the urge to experience the freedoms and Grigori cannot use Mesh. 6.8
in all, most Grigori living in the cities or
opportunities on Earth, ignoring their other communities have been integrated 6.9
tasks to integrate themselves into the emerg- because they have made themselves useful, 6.10
ing human world. There are very few accurate important, or have found a way to attract little 6.11
records of the Grigori and their exploits on Earth; attention.
most stories have been reduced to myth and the oldest 6.12
Grigori on Earth will likely remain in hiding or serve 6.13
their creators when they return to Earth.

Core RuleBook
6.2.8 Lesser Grigori

Lesser Grigori Statistics

6.2.8 Stat Male Female
Average Height 198.1 cm (6'6") 188 cm (6'2")
Lesser Grigori are the offspring of a Height Range 91.4–274.3 cm (3–9')
Grigori and any intelligent species native to Earth. Average Weight 127 kg (280 lb) 81.6 kg (180 lb)
Their extremely diverse and sometimes quite extreme
Weight Range 18.1–499 kg (40–1100 lb)
appearances reflect the engineering of their Grigori
parent and the bloodline of their earthly parentage. Recommended 18–500 years depending on
starting age background. (Consult your GM.)
Whether because of their immense or diminutive Species Strengths
size or the look and feel of their skin, Lesser Grigori
Diverse Character Development options
are easy to spot in a crowd, though they are often
mistaken for pure Grigori. It is possible for them State-Shifting
to blend in if their Grigori parent was relatively Species Limitations
human-like, but this is the exception not the Lower Skill and Field Rank Maximums
norm; most Lesser Grigori cannot mask their

The earthly ancestry of a Lesser Grigori

compensates for the often low
Intelligence and limited adaptabil-
6.0 ity of their Grigori parent. Lesser
6.1 Grigori can learn Skills at a
normal rate, but are unable
to learn the complexities of
Arcane Wielding.
Lesser Grigori have a fairly long history on Earth,
going back several thousand years. Since the first
Grigori chose to embrace life among humans on Earth,
6.9 Lesser Grigori have made their way in the world.
Throughout history, a few Lesser Grigori rose to
positions of prominence or achieved renown for
undertaking fantastic adventures.
6.13 However, like most other

Alpha Omega
Lesser Grigori 6.2.8

Evolutionary species, the history of Lesser Grigori

is often clouded by the fog of the ages, making the
Lesser Grigori Game Elements
Core Qualities truth impossible to discern.
Core Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Min Base Max
Culture Lesser Grigori can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.
Strength 4 14 25 Lesser Grigori must choose at least 100 CDPs worth of
Taking the lead from their Grigori parent, most Lesser
Agility 4 14 25 Grigori embraced human culture, regardless of the Drawbacks during Character Creation but still receive the
associated CDP refunds.
Conditioning 4 14 25 era. Of course, becoming a part of a culture requires
integration, and not all Lesser Grigori were accepted. Lesser Grigori can access Terran Genetic Deviations.
Vitality 4 14 25
Lesser Grigori can State-Shift, which is explained in section
Discipline 6 15 25 For outcasts, life and culture have taken countless 6.7.3—Grigori State-Shifting.
Intelligence 3 8 14 forms. Some simply relocated in an attempt to join Field and Skill Ranks
Charisma 3 9 16 new groups of humans and other Evolutionaries.
Others accepted life alone in exile. Lesser Grigori can purchase up to Rank 3 for any Field or
Skill during Character Creation.
Figure 6-2-g Lesser Grigori have Maximum Field Rank levels of 8 and
Integration Maximum Skill Rank levels of 16.
Like Grigori before them, integrating Wielding
with the human world is difficult for Lesser Lesser Grigori can access Innate Wielding.
Grigori. Appearance can be the single great-
Lesser Grigori cannot access Arcane or Spiritual Wielding.
est obstacle faced by a Lesser Grigori. If the
Lesser Grigori have Maximum Source Ranks of 23 and
appearance of the Grigori parent is not
Maximum Intention Ranks of 23.
too bizarre, the Lesser Grigori is likely 6.0
to be accepted by the human world. Lesser Grigori who pay the CDP required to become Innate
Wielders receive 1 Innate Source and 1 Innate Intention, all 6.1
Otherwise, integration comes at
at Rank 4, at no cost. 6.2
a price.
Lesser Grigori can only have 1 Innate Source and 1 6.3
Some Lesser Grigori have used Innate Intention.
their innate gifts, such as size, Gear and the Marvels of Science
strength, or Wielding abilities Lesser Grigori can use Cybernetic, Necrotic, and
to find themselves a place in the 6.6
Biological Augmentations.
modern world. Others have forced 6.7
Lesser Grigori can use Mesh.
their way in, especially outside the 6.8
cities, where they frequently dominate less 6.9
powerful species. Every Lesser Grigori has a differ-
ent experience when it comes to becoming a part of
the modern world.

Core RuleBook
6.2.9 Anunnaki

Anunnaki Statistics
6.2.9 Stat Male Female
Average Height 228.6 cm (7'6") 213.4 cm (7')
The Anunnaki are the offspring of two Height Range 182.9–274.3 cm (6–9')
Nephilim—one of Ophanum descent and one of Average Weight 158.8 kg (350 lb) 117.9 kg (260 lb)
Seraph descent. The potent bloodlines provide
Weight Range 90.7–362.9 kg (200–800 lb)
a genetic foundation far superior to any of the
other playable intelligent species, making them Recommended 18–200 years depending on
starting age background. (Consult your GM.)
a formidable force.
Species Strengths
Anunnaki are easily identified by their dark
High Base Core Quality scores
eyes, which are typically black or shades
of red, and their large stature. Very few Strong Wielding foundation
Anunnaki carry the overt markings of their Access to Elim Genetic Deviations
Nephilim heritage, such as wings or horns. Species Limitations
For unknown reasons, the human DNA
Low Rank and Field Maximum
within Nephilim seems to dominate the
appearance of Anunnaki offspring.

Most Anunnaki are tremendously gifted

physically, a fact made obvious by their
6.0 incredibly muscular and athletic bodies. ancestors. Most Nephilim have only known life on
Anunnaki have an undeniable presence; their Earth and have long since forfeited their connection
height, physique, confidence, and human- to the Ophanum and Seraph, making it acceptable to
6.2 join with others of their own species. This shared dif-
like features make them extremely attractive.
6.3 ference creates a bond, between them and with others
However, few Anunnaki have warm, easy-going
6.4 personalities. similarly thrust into a foreign existence.
While most Anunnaki are less than 500 years old,
6.6 there are rumors of much older, more powerful
6.7 Anunnaki pursuing their own agenda in preparation
Anunnaki are considered a relatively young
6.8 for the coming Evolutionary War.
Evolutionary species. Although Nephilim have
6.9 existed on Earth for many thousands of years, it has
6.10 only been within the last 2,000 years that Ophanum Culture
6.11 derived Nephilim and Seraph derived Nephilim
Anunnaki have very little culture to call their own,
6.12 have begun to create their own destinies rather
as most can easily make their own way in the mod-
than blindly following the prejudices of their

Alpha Omega
Anunnaki 6.2.9

in spite of their elitist leanings and often abrasive

Game Elements
Core Qualities The strong evolutionary genetic foundation of the
Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Anunnaki, combined with a supreme confidence in
Core Anunnaki can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.
Min Base Max their natural abilities, causes them to reject almost
all forms of artificial augmentation on principle Anunnaki begin the game at Ascension Level 1, receive all
Strength 7 20 25 associated bonuses at no additional CDP cost and must not
alone. Furthermore, for as yet unknown reasons,
Agility 7 20 25 their bodies reject augmentation. Most Anunnaki stray from the prerequisites found in section 8.4—Ascension.
Conditioning 7 18 25 also have little use for manufactured weapons or Anunnaki can access Terran and Elim Genetic Deviations.
Vitality 7 18 25 equipment, using only the most rudimentary mar- Bonus Genetic Deviation: Ultravision
Discipline 7 14 25 tial tools in combat. They tend to focus instead Field and Skill Ranks
on Wielding, relying on inner strength and
Intelligence 7 15 25 Anunnaki can purchase up to Rank 2 for any Field or Skill
Charisma 7 14 25 during Character Creation.
Anunnaki make powerful Wielders and Anunnaki have Maximum Field Rank levels of 6 and
fierce warriors, second only to humans Maximum Skill Rank levels of 12.
Figure 6-2-h
in terms of motivation and desire for Wielding
Anunnaki can access Innate and Spiritual Wielding.

ern world, adopting human cul- Anunnaki cannot access Arcane Wielding.
tures from around the globe. Integration Anunnaki can purchase up to Rank 4 for any Source or
Integration is easier for Anunnaki Intention during Character Creation.
There is one exception; The than for other Evolutionary species. Anunnaki have Maximum Source Ranks of 24 and
Ordained, an elitist sect that Maximum Intention Ranks of 24. 6.0
However, their superior genet-
firmly believes the Anunnaki to ics and innate Wielding abilities If Anunnaki pay the CDP to become Innate Wielders they 6.1
be the premier intelligent spe- sometimes lead to arrogance and receive 1 Innate Source and 3 Innate Intentions all at Rank 3 6.2
cies on Earth, destined to lay disregard for any of the intelligent at no cost. 6.3
claim to the planet. For more species native to Earth, preventing Anunnaki can only have 1 Innate Source and 3 6.4
on The Ordained, see section them from completely integrating. Innate Intentions.
5.2—Organizations. 6.5
However, this is not true of all Gear and the Marvels of Science
Anunnaki can be found in Anunnaki, and some have inte-
Anunnaki cannot use Cybernetic, Necrotic or
grated seamlessly into society. 6.7
almost every major city Biological Augmentations.
around the globe, includ- 6.8
Anunnaki cannot use Mesh.
ing most notable Freezone 6.9
Communities; they are 6.10
drawn to social centers 6.11

Core RuleBook
6.2.10 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial The AI bio-neural matrix contains six software mod-

ules, some times referred to as AI Modules (or simply Statistics

Modules). These modules, and the bio-neural matrix
Stat Male Female
which houses them, are necessary for all free-float-

6.2.10 ing AI. The modules form the foundation of the AI, Average Height 182.9 cm (6') 172.7 cm (5'8")
determining its developmental poten- Height Range 152.4–243.8 cm (5–8')
tial much like the genetic Average Weight 86.2 kg (190 lb) 63.5 kg (140 lb)
code of organic life.
Occasionally referred to as Weight Range 36.3–158.8 kg (80–350 lb)
There are six core
androids, most AI in 2280 are “free floating”, mobile, Recommended
modules: a few days–several years
intelligent machines built in the image of human- starting age
kind and designed to be an integral and welcome part
Species Strengths
of the human world. In truth, the mannerisms and
appearance of AI are not yet convincingly human, Core Quality Maximum of 100 after Character Creation
and most can easily be picked out by all but the most High Skill and Field Maximum
uneducated. Research and development continues at Immunities
a feverish pace, and competition between technology Species Limitations
firms is vicious. More lifelike and sophisticated AI
No Wielding
are under development, their numbers growing daily.
Numerous computing technologies, ranging from
mundane but reliable silicon to cutting edge DNA
computers, run the New World’s AI. Hardware and
software constantly change pushing old models into
6.0 obsolescence.
6.1 Although the raw data contained in their storage Artificial Intelligence
Core Qualities
6.2 hardware is transferable, the “consciousness” of an
AI is a bio-neural matrix. The bio-neural matrix is Core
6.3 Base
connected to all systems of the AI’s body, enabling
it to move and interact with its environment. It is Strength 9
home to the AI’s cognitive functions, memories, Agility 9
6.6 experience, personality, and all other aspects of a Conditioning 9
6.7 consciousness that makes it unique. The bio-neural Vitality 9
6.8 matrix is also directly connected to the power source
Discipline 9
6.9 with which the AI was “conceived.” This link and the
organic dependency of the matrix, makes it impos- Intelligence 9
sible to transfer an AI’s consciousness to another Charisma 9
free-floating AI body, external storage device, or
6.12 electronic network.
Figure 6-2-i

Alpha Omega
Artificial Intelligence 6.2.10

1 Intelligence Module—The using human language in speech, reading,

Intelligence Module forms the core of an and writing. This module also controls the
AI’s capacity for logical thought, learning form in which an AI remembers things, Game Elements
and skill use. only allowing for the retention of informa- Game Notes
tion in human terms, as human language.
2 Instinct Module—The Instinct AI receive 50 Core Quality Points to distribute amongst
Module forms the core of what some 4 Machine Language Module—The their Core Qualities at the player’s discretion to add to the
Base Scores of 9. Distribute these Quality Points before using
researchers say marks true artificial life: Machine Language Module forms the core CDP to raise Quality Scores.
the AI’s animal impulses, desire for self- of an AI’s capacity for machine language.
AI have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 100 for all
preservation, reproduction, expansion, This module enables AI to interact with Core Qualities.
and any other impulse which drives it machines on machine terms, providing
AI have Core Quality Maximums of 30 during
during times when it is not under- significantly more precision than clumsy Character Creation.
taking purely rational activity. human language.
The HP of an AI is considered Structural Integrity as they
3 Human Language 5 Spatial-Temporal Reasoning are machines.
Module—The Human Module—The Spatial-Temporal Abilities, Drawbacks and Genetic Deviations
Language Module forms the Reasoning Module forms the core of AI can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.
core of an AI’s capacity for what are known as Free-floating AI. This
AI do not require food, water or oxygen.
human language. It is this module forms the core of an AI’s ability to
component that enables AI understand and navigate the world in the AI are immune to Sleep Deprivation, Disease, Poison
and Bleeding.
to interact with the world very human terms of space and time.
around them on human AI are not affected by Endurance nor can they spend it.
6 Context Module—The Context
terms, recognizing and AI cannot access Genetic Deviations.
Module controls the physiology of AI,
determining whether they are bound to AI do not have Species Core Quality Maximums.
a fixed computer system or an android AI cannot access Ascension or Evolutionary Bounds.
body. This module serves as the interface 6.0
Field and Skill Ranks
between the AI mind and whatever means 6.1
it has of sensing and interacting with the AI can purchase up to Rank 6 for any Field or Skill during 6.2
Character Creation.
world. 6.3
AI can have Maximum Field Rank levels of 15 and Skill Rank
The AI ability to recall information from their matrix levels of 30. 6.4
is flawless and almost instant, depending on their AI receive 30 Skill Ranks to distribute at the 6.5
physiology. AI are far from perfect; they are lim- player’s discretion.
ited by their programming and the finite boundaries Wielding
of their motor control in much the same way other 6.7
AI cannot access Wielding.
species are limited by genetics. As machines, their 6.8
capacity to augment or completely overhaul their Gear and the Marvels of Science 6.9
physiology is unmatched. AI can easily incorporate The maximum Impurity Rating for AI is equal to their Physis 6.10
score, unlike all other Species who are limited to half their
cybernetics, including many mental augmentations, Physis score. 6.11
as well as various types of armor into their bodies.
AI cannot use Biological implants, Necrotic Augmentations, 6.12
or Mesh.

Core RuleBook
6.2.10 Artificial Intelligence

Initially, they resembled robots and were treated as such. Although they could
think and learn like any other intelligent Species, AI appearance often created a 1 Choose your species and record it in the Vitals section on page one of
degree of fear, mistrust, and inferiority in the minds of some people. AI manu- your Character Sheet.
facturing centers recognized human aversion to their more perfect mechanical
copies, and were forced to attempt to at make AI appear more human. This evolu- 2 Make a note of how many starting Abilities your species has (if any).
tion in AI design continues in 2280.
3 Make a note of how many starting Drawbacks your species has (if any).
As AI developed and their numbers grew, more and more models became avail-
able with artificial epidermal layers, hair, eyes, and other parts of the anatomy that 4 Make a note of how many starting Genetic Deviations your species has
made them appear more human. AI was more readily accepted into society, find- (if any).
ing a more congenial, welcoming place in the workforce and in society.

AI still struggle to develop a culture of their own. Just as with the Bio-Engineered,
Lesley is intrigued by the Wielding potential of Anunnaki—a perfect fit for her
there is an obvious, deep-rooted artificiality to their existence. As a result, some
Wielder—and selects it as her character’s species, noting it on her Character Sheet.
AI adopt the cultures and traditions of other Species. A number of AI have begun
Lesley must be aware that her character will face a stiff limitation with low Skill
a movement to develop their own customs and culture, using AI who have risen
and Field Rank Maximums.
to positions of relatively high status or celebrity as role models. An extreme part
of this movement, known as 111, envision an exclusive place for AI at the top of Therefore, Lesley creates an Anunnaki Wielder, noting the following important
the Evolutionary pyramid, and have slowly and quietly strengthened their num- character notes before moving on:
bers, bringing more AI into the fold. They look to the future for the opportunity
6.0 to prove their superiority; a campaign that will surely result in violent conflict. • Anunnaki begin the game at Ascension Level 1 and must not stray
from the prerequisites found in section 8.4—Ascension.

6.2 • Anunnaki can purchase Abilities and select Drawbacks.

6.3 • Anunnaki can access Terran and Elim Genetic Deviations.
While most people tend to look at AI as machines and pay little attention to
6.4 them, many humans see the superior physical and mental capabilities of AI as • Bonus Genetic Deviation: Ultravision
6.5 a threat, and show overt bigotry. Despite this, most AI form strong bonds of • Bonus Genetic Deviation: Any 1 Body System Level
6.6 friendship and family with those they serve, in many cases becoming a beloved
• Bonus Ability: Light Sleeper
6.7 servant or loyal friend.
• Immune to all Potency Level 1 Poisons and Diseases.
6.9 She doesn’t know what any of these mean yet, but they sound interesting!

Alpha Omega
6.3 Step 3: Core Qualities

Core Qualities Genetic Deviations are covered later in Character Creation,

while Ascension is covered in section 8—Character

6.3—Step 3 Height and

Manageable Weight

The seven Core Qualities are:

Height Manageable
All characters have the same seven m (ft) Weight Bonus
Core Qualities, representing their complete physical < 1.8 (6) 0
The Strength score specifies a character’s raw, physical power.
and mental composition. These Core Qualities form the 2.1 (7) 110%
foundation of a character and play a critical role in nearly 2.4 (8) 120% Strength affects game elements, such as how much weight a
everything it does. character can lift, how heavy a weapon s/he can effectively
2.7 (9) 130%
control with one or two hands, how much weight s/he can
All species have different minimum, average, and maxi- 3.0 (10) 150%
throw, and how much weight s/he can carry for extended
mum Core Quality scores. These differences represent 4.6 (15) 200% periods of time. These elements are summarized in the fol-
the fundamental genetic differences between the spe-
6.1 (20) 250% lowing table, Figure 6-5: Strength-Based Game Elements.
cies. You can find them all side by side on Figure 6-2: Core
Qualities—Species Minimum, Maximum, and Base 9.1 (30) 300%
Generally speaking, characters can use 1 hand to throw
Scores and Figure 6-3: Bio-Engineered Core Qualities— 12.2 (40) 400% 10 percent of their total manageable weight 10 m (32.8
Minimum, Maximum, and Base Scores, found at the 15.2 (50) 500% ft). They can heave, or throw with two hands, 30 percent
beginning of section 6.2—Step 2: Choose Your Species. 18.3 (60) 600% of their Manageable Weight 10 m (32.8 ft). Every time
21.3 (70) 700%
the Manageable Weight is halved, the distance doubles.
Higher numbers are better, representing greater capabil-
However, the object thrown must have enough mass to
ity within each Core Quality. For example, someone with a 24.4 (80) 800%
actually be thrown. Manageable Weight also determines
Strength Core Quality score of 19 is stronger than some- 27.4 (90) 900% how much weight a character can carry. This is covered in
6.0 one with a Strength Core Quality score of 12. Although
30.5 (100) 1000% detail in section 9.2—Encumbrance.
6.1 high scores do not guarantee success, they do provide a
substantial advantage, which will become clear as you read Strength is an important Core Quality for characters focus-
through this book. Figure 6-4 ing on Melee Combat or to whom physical presence is
6.4 Initial Core Quality scores range between 1 and 30. The
6.5 scale actually extends to 100, which may seem extreme, but For a character, an initial high Strength Score could be
there are many powerful species, and possibly thousands of extremely powerful genetic or the result of physical training or labor. A low initial Strength Score
creatures roaming the cities and wilds of 2280. could be attributed to poor genetics, a lack of physical activity, or a physical hand-
icap or disorder.
6.8 Humans have average Core Quality scores of 10. In 2280, the average human is
around 30 years old, slightly out of shape, and has at least some post-secondary
education. PCs of all species are generally above average and have initial Core Height and Manageable Weight
Qualities which reflect this difference. Although Core Quality scores are limited Although characters and creatures can all attain Core Quality Strength scores
6.11 by a character’s Species Maximums, it is possible for characters to surpass their of 100, their size has a definite affect on the ease with which they can manipulate
6.12 Species genetic boundaries by using CDPs to purchase various Abilities, Genetic large amounts of weight. A 100 ft monster has larger hands, larger musculature
6.13 Deviations, or through Ascension as their character develops. Abilities and and a skeletal structure that can support the maneuvering of extremely large

Alpha Omega
Step 3: Core Qualities 6.3

Strength-Based Base Endurance Recovery Base Regeneration Rates

Game Elements Endurance Points Bleeding Rate
Recovered Vitality
Manageable Recovery Rate Decrease
Strength Score
Weight Conditioning Per (per min.)
Score Per
kg (lb) Score Hour of
Hour of 1–15 1 point per day 1
1 < 2 (5) Waking
Sleep 16–30 1 point per 12 hours 2
2–3 < 5 (10)
1–5 1 0 31–45 1 point per 6 hours 3
4–6 < 9 (20)
6–10 2 1 46–60 1 point per hour 4
7–9 < 14 (30)
11–15 3 1 1 point per 10
10–12 < 20 (45) 61–70 5
16–20 4 2
13–15 < 29 (65)
21–25 5 2 71–80 1 point per minute 6
16–18 < 41 (90)
26–30 6 3 1 point per Combat
19–21 < 54 (120) 81–90 7
31–35 7 3
22–25 < 73 (160) 91–100 1 point per Segment 8
36–40 8 4
26–30 < 95 (210)
41–45 9 4
31–35 < 129 (285) Figure 6-7
46–50 10 5
36–40 < 175 (385)
51–55 11 5
41–45 < 272 (600)
56–60 12 6 objects. Therefore, taller and proportionately more massive characters
46–50 < 454 (1.0k) and creatures receive bonuses to the size and mass of objects they can 6.0
61–65 13 6
51–55 < 816 (1.8k) manipulate according to Figure 6-4: Height and Manageable Weight. 6.1
66–70 14 7
56–60 < 1.1k (2.5k) 6.2
71–75 15 7
61–65 < 1.6k (3.5k) Agility 6.3
76–80 16 8
66–70 < 2.2k (4.8k) The Agility score specifies a character’s dexterity and flexibility. 6.4
81–85 17 8
71–75 < 2.9k (6.3k) 6.5
86–90 18 9 Agility contributes to a character’s Reaction Tertiary Quality, affect-
76–80 < 3.6k (8.0k) 6.6
91–95 19 9 ing game elements, such as Reaction Order, which is the order in
81–85 < 4.5k (10.0k) which characters and creatures react during encounters and combat. 6.7
96–99 20 10 6.8
86–90 < 5.7k (12.5k) The higher a character’s Agility score, the more likely the character
100 25 12 will react before others. A high Agility score also helps a character 6.9
91–95 < 7.0k (15.5k)
maintain balance, dodge attacks, aim ranged weapons, evade pursuers, 6.10
96–99 < 9.1k (20.0k)
Figure 6-6 or move quietly where stealth is desired. 6.11
100 < 11.3k (25.0k)
A low Agility score can result in a clumsy character being unable to 6.12
react to surprises or hindered when conducting physical Skills requir- 6.13
Figure 6-5
ing fine motor control.

Core RuleBook
6.3 Step 3: Core Qualities

The Conditioning score specifies a character’s level of fitness and stamina.
Discipline Bonus to Skill and Wielding
Conditioning contributes to a character’s Endurance Pool. It also directly affects Will Resist Checks Rank Cost Modifiers
the rate at which a character recovers Endurance points, as shown on Figure 6-6: Discipline Bonus to Will Time and
Base Endurance Recovery. A high Conditioning score indicates that a charac- Intelligence
Score Resist Checks Trust Cost
ter can conduct physical activities for an extended period of time, while a low Modifier
1–9 0
Conditioning score indicates an inability to continuously perform under physical 10–19 +1
1–5 +10%
duress. With a low Conditioning score, limbs can fail from exhaustion, and the 6–10 0
20–29 +2
body can maintain performance levels for short periods of time only. 11–15 -5%
30–39 +3
16–20 -10%
40–49 +4
Vitality 21–25 -15%
50-59 +5
The Vitality score reflects a character’s inherent mental and physical vigor. 26–30 -20%
60–69 +6
Vitality directly affects a character’s HP. The HP determines the amount of 31–35 -25%
70–79 +7
Damage that can be endured by a character before unconsciousness or death. 36–40 -30%
80–89 +8
Vitality also represents a character’s natural ability to resist disease, poison, and 41–45 -35%
90–99 +9
other harmful elements, as well as how quickly they naturally stop bleeding. It 46–50 -40%
100 +10
also affects how many HP points a character regenerates over a given amount of 51–55 -45%
time as shown in Figure 6-7: Base Regeneration Rates. It is important to note
56–60 -50%
that regeneration of HP points is not dependent on sleep or rest. In fact, a charac- Figure 6-8
61–65 -55%
ter can conduct strenuous physical activity and still regenerate these HP points.
6.0 66–70 -60%
6.1 71–75 -65%
6.2 76–80 -70%
The Discipline score reflects a character’s level of mental fortitude. Quality Score
6.3 81–85 -75%
Modification Cost
6.4 The Discipline score directly contributes to a character’s Endurance pool, which 86–90 -80%
Quality CDP Cost to
6.5 determines the character’s ability to sustain actions during periods of stress and 91–95 -85%
Score Modify
exertion. A high Discipline score also provides a character with courage to main-
1–5 5 96–99 -90%
tain composure under stress or in the face of danger as reflected by the bonuses
6.7 6–10 10 100 -95%
to Will Resist Checks shown in Figure 6-8: Discipline Bonus to Will Resist
6.8 11–15
Checks. A low Discipline score can cause a character to be easily distracted or 15
6.9 injured while using Skills or Wielding. 16–20 20 Figure 6-9
21–25 25
Intelligence 26+ 30
The Intelligence score specifies a character’s capacity for logic, deductive reasoning,
and ability to learn. Figure 6-10

Alpha Omega
modifying Core Quality Scores 6.3.1

A high Intelligence enables a character to quickly absorb knowledge, making it

easier to learn new Fields, Skills, or Wielding Ranks. A low Intelligence score has
Modifying Core Quality Scores
the opposite effect, forcing a character to devote more time to learning. Figure
6-9: Skill and Wielding Rank Cost Modifiers tabulates the modifiers added Players can use their CDPs to modify their character’s Core Quality
or subtracted from the Trust and Time costs associated with acquiring Field or scores. We suggest that players conserve 400 CDPs for the remainder of the
Skill Ranks or Wielding Ranks. This cost modifier does not come into play during Character Creation process; however, in some cases, such as with the Bio-
Character Creation. Engineered, players will only have around 200 CDPs remaining. Players can adjust
their Base Core Quality scores according to the chart in Figure 6-10: Quality
A high intelligence can be the result of schooling, study or natural capacity, while
Score Modification Cost, so long as the Species Maximum or Minimum, accord-
a low intelligence can be the result of little to no schooling, or perhaps even a
ing to Figure 6-2 and Figure 6-3 is not exceeded. For each increment a score is
mental or physical disorder adversely affecting the brain.
altered, a player must adjust the CDP pool accordingly.

Charisma When reducing Base scores, a player receives the same amount of CDPs that the
Core Quality score would cost the player to buy. For example, to improve a Core
The Charisma score specifies a character’s attractiveness to others, both in terms of
Quality from 9 to 12 costs 40 CDP; 10 CDP to move from 9 to 10, and 15 CDP for
physical appearance and in attitude.
11 and 12 respectively. Reducing a Core Quality from 12 to 9 returns 40 CDP; 15
Good looks, a relaxed attitude, and a confident demeanor all contribute to a high for selling each of 12 and 11, and another 10 CDP for selling 10.
Charisma, which can positively affect how people react to a character. A character
with a low Charisma is likely to be whiney, physically unattractive, irritating, or
anxious—causing others to react negatively.

Conversation and attitude are still important factors to any social interaction,
and a character’s Charisma score contributes to the success of many such coer- 1 Record your final Core Quality Scores in the Core Qualities section on
cive Skills. page one of your Character Sheet.
1 On your Character Sheet or a piece of scrap paper, record the Lesley is quite happy with her Anunnaki’s relatively high Base Core Quality
Base Core Quality scores of your species. Refer to Figure 1: Core 6.5
Scores, and does not need to spend many CDP on improving them at this point.
Qualities—Species Minimum, Maximum, and Base Scores for this In the Vitality description, it was mentioned that it affects a character’s HP, which 6.6
information. determines the amount of damage a character can take, so she decides to raise her 6.7
Vitality Core Quality score by 2. 6.8

Currently, her Vitality is 18. According to Figure 3, raising the score from 18 to 19 6.9
costs 20 CDP, and raising it from 19 to 20 costs an additional 20 CDP. Therefore, 6.10
she subtracts 40 CDP, leaving her with 460 and a Vitality of 20. 6.11
Lesley has written down all of the Base Core Quality Scores for her Anunnaki. 6.12
These scores were found on Figure 1: Strength 20, Agility 20, Conditioning 18, Lesley records her character’s finalized Core Quality Scores on the Character
Sheet as: Strength 20, Agility 20, Conditioning 18, Vitality 20, Discipline 14, 6.13
Vitality 18, Discipline 14, Intelligence 15, and Charisma 14.
Intelligence 15, and Charisma 14.

[460 CDP Remaining]

Core RuleBook
6.4 Step 4: Secondary Qualities

Secondary Qualities Physical Acumen

Physical Acumen is the measure of a character’s ability to execute actions requir-
6.4—Step 4 ing fine motor skills. Physical Acumen is also used to determine the potential
damage adjustment to Ranged attacks, as shown in Figure 6-11: Attack Damage
Modifier. The use of the Ranged Damage Modifier is explained in section 7.11.2—
The Secondary Qualities are the averages, rounded up, of two Core Damage Types. Agility plays a role in the dexterity required to carry out precise
Qualities that represent the more complex elements of a character’s mental and actions, while Conditioning contributes the muscle memory and endurance
physical capabilities. required for repetitive actions.

Secondary Qualities play an important role during game play. When they per- The Physical Acumen score is an average of the Agility and Conditioning Core
form actions, players will be called upon by the GM to make Success Checks with Qualities.
their Secondary Qualities. For example, you might decide your character should Physical Acumen = (Agility + Conditioning) / 2
attempt to dash across a rubble-filled hall. Your GM might require an Athleticism
check against Difficulty Rating 15 to ensure your character can avoid the rubble
without losing his/her footing.
Fitness is the measure of a character’s overall physical constitution and ability to
Additionally, each Skill has an associated Secondary Quality that determines the endure physical strain or abuse, all of which is represented by the character’s HP.
Dice Pool used for making a Skill Check. Therefore, Secondary Qualities are criti- For more information on HPs, see section 6.6—Health Pool. Conditioning affects
cally important to almost every element of game play. a character’s Fitness, determining the body’s ability to withstand physical strain,
exertion, and abuse. Vitality contributes the natural defenses that help characters
Secondary Qualities can only be altered by changing one or both of the associated
resist disease, poison, or other factors that can adversely affect their Fitness.
Core Qualities.
The Fitness score is an average of the Conditioning and Vitality Core Qualities.
6.0 Characters have the following Secondary Qualities:
Fitness = (Conditioning + Vitality) / 2
6.2 Athleticism
6.3 Athleticism is a measure of a character’s total physical prowess and is used to Will
6.4 check for success when performing many physical actions, including jump- Will is a measure of a character’s ability to act of his/ her own volition, to push
ing, running, and unarmed striking. Athleticism is also used to determine the on through sheer mental fortitude and desire alone, ignoring pain, concentrating
potential damage adjustment to Melee attacks as shown in Figure 6-11: Attack in spite of distraction. Vitality contributes to a character’s instinctive will to live,
Damage Modifier. The use of the Melee Damage Modifier is explained in section providing a degree of inherent resistance to many forms of mental and physical
7.11.2—Damage Types. Strength contributes raw muscle and power to Athleticism, control. Discipline contributes the mental strength required to remain focused on
6.8 while Agility contributes quick reflexes and fast reaction time. the task at hand and to not be affected by pain or distractions when conducting
6.9 actions.
The Athleticism score is an average of the Strength and Agility Core Qualities.
The Will score is an average of the Vitality and Discipline Core Qualities.
6.11 Athleticism = (Strength + Agility) / 2
6.12 Will = (Vitality + Discipline) / 2


Alpha Omega
Step 4: Secondary Qualities 6.4

Wisdom is a measure of a character’s ability to discern the truth by combin-
ing academic knowledge with life experience. Discipline contributes the mental Attack Damage Modifier
wherewithal to retain focus and think clearly, and Intelligence contributes the Damage Adjustment
natural ability to acquire and retain knowledge through study and experience. A Quality Ranged
Score Melee
high Wisdom score enables characters to better resist many forms of deception, (Physical
such as seeing through trickery or illusion by recognizing what should be happen-
ing as opposed to what appears to be happening. 1–3 -3 -3
4–6 -2 -2
The Wisdom score is an average of the Discipline and Intelligence Core Qualities.
7–9 -1 -1
Wisdom = (Discipline + Intelligence) / 2 10–12 0 0
Wit 16–18
Wit is a measure of a character’s ability to manipulate others and to resist it 19–21
themselves. The Intelligence score provides the character with the intellect and 21–25
quick-thinking required to see opportunities where bluffing or negotiating can be 26–30
advantageous or profitable. The Charisma score contributes a character’s likeabil- 31–35
ity and attractiveness to their ability to manipulate or take advantage of others’ +2
weaknesses. +4
The Wit score is an average of the Intelligence and Charisma Core Qualities. 46–50
+5 6.0
Wit = (Intelligence + Charisma) / 2 +3 6.1
+6 6.2
Presence 6.3
Presence is a measure of a character’s ability to influence interactions based solely +7 6.4
on his or her appearance and body language. This can be used to silence a heckler +4 6.5
with a stern look or cause an opponent to second guess his/her chances by stand- +8 6.6
ing firm and pulling out a weapon, despite what appears to be overwhelming odds. 81–85
More than simply confidence, Presence is a product of a character’s Charisma and 86–90
+9 6.8
Strength, taking into account their ability to manipulate others with their physi- 91–95 +5
cal attractiveness or repulsiveness, personality or lack thereof, and their obvious 96–100 +10
physical strength and physique.
The Presence score is an average of the Charisma and Strength Core Qualities. Figure 6-11 6.12
Presence = (Charisma + Strength) / 2

Core RuleBook
6.4 Step 4: Secondary Qualities

Tertiary Qualities
1 Calculate your Secondary Quality scores by calculating the average
of their contributing Core Qualities, rounding up, and record these
6.5—Step 5
amounts in the Secondary Qualities section on page one of your
Character Sheet. The next stage in Character Creation is a simple but important
step—the calculation of your character’s Tertiary Qualities.

Reaction is the measure of a character’s ability to quickly react to events. It
Lesley takes a few moments to calculate her Secondary Qualities (rounding up), determines the Segments of the Combat Cycle in which your character is active.
and record the following scores on her Character Sheet: Athleticism 20, Physical Segments and the Combat Cycle are covered in detail in section 7.5.1—Combat
Acumen 19, Fitness 19, Will 17, Wisdom 15, Wit 15, and Presence 17. Cycles and Segments.

[460 CDP Remaining] The Reaction Quality score is the average of your character’s Athleticism and
Wisdom Secondary Qualities, rounded up.
Reaction = (Athleticism + Wisdom) / 2

Physis is a measure of a character’s genetic complexity. In short, the higher a char-
acter’s Physis score, the higher they are on the evolutionary ladder.
6.1 The Physis score changes as your character develops, and is used for major Resist
Checks involving Death and powerful Wielding Effects.
6.3 The Physis score is the average of all of your character’s Core Qualities.
Physis = (Strength + Agility + Conditioning + Vitality + Discipline
6.5 + Intelligence + Charisma) / 7
Endurance is the measure of how much activity a character can endure before
6.9 becoming fatigued or even exhausted, requiring rest.
Artificial Intelligence Endurance is expended by both intense combat action and Wielding. Players
can also spend Endurance points to influence physical Actions. Although this is
covered in detail in section 7—Game Mechanics, it is important to note that one
Endurance point can be spent to accomplish many things, including:

Alpha Omega
Step 5: TerTiary Qualities 6.5

• Increase Movement Rate by 1 for 1 Combat Cycle. up), recording this amount in the Tertiary Qualities section on page
one of your Character Sheet.
• Decrease the Exertion Rating of a Melee Weapon by 1, for 1 Segment.
• Increase the Athleticism Modifier to Melee Damage by 1 step, for 1 2 Calculate your character’s Physis score by averaging the Core Qualities,
Segment. recording this amount in the Tertiary Qualities section on page one of
your Character Sheet.
The Endurance Tertiary Quality score is equal to the sum of a character’s
Conditioning and Discipline Core Quality scores. 3 Calculate your character’s Endurance score by adding the
Endurance = (Conditioning + Discipline) Conditioning and Discipline Core Quality scores, recording this
amount in the Endurance Pool section on page one of your Character
The Conditioning Core Quality directly affects the recovery rate of expended Sheet.
Endurance points according to Figure 6-6: Base Endurance Recovery
Rates. For more on the expenditure and recovery of Endurance, see section 4 Record your character’s Movement Rates, found in Figure 7-4: Full
7.11.14—Edurance. Movement Action Rates, in the Movement Rates section on page one
of your Character Sheet.

Movement Rates 5 Record you character’s Defense Rating, which is equal to half of the
Movement Rate is a measure of how far a character can travel during one turn. Reaction Tertiary Quality score, in the Tertiary Qualities section on
Movement Rate for each type of movement is determined by the character’s page one of your Character Sheet.
Athleticism Secondary Quality. Use Figure 7-4: Full Movement Action Rates to
determine your character’s Movement Rates. For more information on Movement
Rates, see section 7.2.3—Movement Rate.
Lesley takes a moment to calculate her character’s Reaction Tertiary Quality,
Defense Rating which works out to 18 ((Athleticism 20 + Wisdom 15) / 2 = 17.5 (rounded up to 18),
Defense Rating is a measure of a character’s ability to assess combat situations, recording this on her Character Sheet.
passively protecting themselves from incoming attacks. The Defense Rating is She then calculates and records her character’s Physis of 17 ((Athleticism 20 + 6.2
equal to half of your character’s Reaction Tertiary Quality score, rounded up. Physical Acumen 19 + Fitness 19 + Will 17 + Wisdom 15 + Wit 15 + Presence
The Defense Rating quantifies a character’s innate or instinctual abilities for self- 17)/7 = 17.4 (rounded down to 17)).
defense. Everyone, including those without formal training, recognizes danger Next, Lesley calculates and records her character’s Endurance of 32 (Conditioning 6.5
and can defend themselves on some level. Whether it be putting out a hand to 18 + Discipline 14 = 32).
break a fall or ducking to avoid a punch, some actions are automatic. For more on 6.6
the use of a character’s Defense Rating, see section 7.8.1—Defense Rating. By using her Athleticism score of 20 and examining the Movement Rates on 6.7
Figure 7-4: Full Movement Action Rates, Lesley determines her character’s 6.8
Movement Rates to be: Swim 2, Crawl 2, Monkey Run 3, Walk 3, Run 4, Sprint 8, 6.9
and Fly 14.
Finally Lesley calculates and records her Defense Rating which is equal to half her 6.11
1 Calculate your character’s Reaction Tertiary Quality score by averag- Reaction Tertiary Quality or 9 (Reaction 18/2 = 9). 6.12
ing the Athleticism and Wisdom Secondary Quality scores (rounded
[460 CDP Remaining]

Core RuleBook
Step 6: Health Pool 6.6

Health Pool
6.6—Step 6
Health Pool (HP) is a measure of how much physical Damage a charac-
ter can sustain before falling unconscious or dying. AI use a variation of this; their
HP is referred to as Structural Integrity, but is calculated the same way.

Your character’s HP is equal to the sum of his/her Conditioning and Vitality Core
Quality scores.
Health Pool = (Conditioning + Vitality)

Each time your character sustains Damage during game play, you must subtract
the amount of Damage from his/her current HP score. When your character is
healed or rests to recover from injury, you add the amount recovered to his/her
current HP.

Use the Health Pool area, on page one of your Character Sheet, to track your
character’s current HP. For more on the loss and recovery of a character’s HP, see
section 7.11—Damage, Dying, Death and Endurance.

1 Calculate your character’s HP by adding his/her Conditioning and 6.2
Vitality Core Quality scores, recording this amount in the Health Pool 6.3
section on page one of your Character Sheet. 6.4
Lesley’s Anunnaki Wielder is going to be pretty durable. She calculates her char-
acter’s HP of 38 (Conditioning 18 + Vitality 20) and records it on her Character Nephilim
[460 CDP Remaining] 6.12

Core RuleBook
6.7 Step 7: Abilities and Drawbacks

Abilities and An Additional Identity enables characters to maintain two separate accounts with
the Central Financial Authority (CFA). It also enables characters to travel more

easily between cities. Most importantly, two IDs enable characters to conduct
underworld business with one ID, reserving the other for legitimate life.

6.7—Step 7 This Ability can be taken multiple times.

Abilities and Drawbacks provide depth and character to PCs, gen- Ambidexterity | CDP Cost: 100
erating role-playing opportunities. Abilities can improve some of your characters A character with the Ambidexterity Ability can use both hands with equal effi-
existing Character Elements or even provide new ones. Abilities have various ciency and effectiveness. The DR for making attacks with two weapons in the
associated CDP costs, due to the permanent effect they have on a character’s ver- same Segment is reduced by 5, and there is no penalty to off-hand Damage.
satility. Characters can purchase as many Abilities as they can afford.
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the One Hand Dominant
Drawbacks can impede a character’s ability to successfully perform certain actions Drawback.
during game play. However, they can also be used to challenge a player’s role-play-
ing ability or add dramatic elements to the game. For every Drawback you select,
you gain CDPs—according to the description of that particular Drawback—as they Animal Friendly | CDP Cost: 40
make a character weaker from a purely statistical point of view. Characters with the Animal Friendly Ability gain a +3 to any Animal Handling
Skill Checks.

Associate(s) | CDP Cost: 30 per Associate

This Ability provides characters with one or more reliable contacts that will assist
6.0 Lesley reviews her notes and recalls Anunnaki are allowed to purchase Abilities them in times of need. Associates can be any member of the Supporting Cast. For
6.1 and select Drawbacks, and they receive a Bonus Ability: Light Sleeper for free. more information on the Supporting Cast, see section 10.3—Supporting Cast.
6.2 Characters can have as many Associate(s) for which they are willing to pay; each
Lesley’s wielder still has 460 CDP remaining.
Associate costs 30 CDPs. The player must also declare the city-state in which each
Associate resides, as an Associate in Oderon City cannot immediately come to the
aid of a character in Vancouver.
6.6 Abilities Blind-fighting
6.7 6.7.1 | CDP Cost: 40
For a character with the Blind-fighting Ability, the penalty for using combat Skills
Additional Identity | CDP Cost: 60 in complete darkness is reduced by 4.
A character with an Additional Identity begins the game with an extra PID, com-
plete with a fully-registered identity and Trust account. This PID comes with Blood Lust | CDP Cost: 50
6.11 citizenship in a city of the player’s choice, and an amount of Trust deemed reason-
Characters with the Blood Lust Ability are exhilarated and energized by their
6.12 able by the GM. In the case of an implanted PID, the character has a device that
own pain and suffering. During combat, characters with this Ability gain a +1 to
6.13 selects which PID is active so that scanners detect only the chosen identity.
their next attack roll for every Damage-dealing attack they suffered since their

Alpha Omega
Abilities 6.7.1

last Turn. After they attack, their exhilaration is released, and their attack bonus This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Slow Learner Drawback.
is reduced to 0 until they are hurt again.
Fearless | CDP Cost: 50
Citizenship | CDP Cost: 20 Fearless characters gain a +5 to their Resist Check for any attacks aimed at their
A character with Citizenship is a legitimate citizen of a city-state. Players choose Fear State Component.
the city-state of which their character is a citizen. Proof of Citizenship is embed-
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with any of the Phobia Drawbacks or
ded in the character’s PID.
with the Cowardly Drawback.
Citizenship makes inter-city travel much easier and enables the character to have
a legitimate account with the CFA.
Good Driver | CDP Cost: 20
When characters are Good Drivers, they receive a -2 to the Handling Rating of
Coordinated | CDP Cost: 100 their vehicle for Vehicle Operation checks.
The Coordinated Ability enables characters to more easily conduct two or more
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Bad Driver Drawback.
physical actions simultaneously. Specifically it provides the following bonuses:

• –1 bonus to the Exertion Rating penalty during Multi-Weapon Use

Good Karma | CDP Cost: 100
• –5 bonus to the DR for Multi-Weapon Use in a single Segment Once per game-world day, a player whose character possesses the Good Karma
• –5 bonus to the DR for Skill Combination scenarios Ability can re-roll one of the character’s rolls, using the best result. Re-rolls can-
not be partial; the player must throw all the dice for that roll. For example, if a
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Clumsy Drawback.
player decides to re-roll a 4d6 roll, s/he must roll all four dice.

This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Bad Karma Drawback.
Danger Sense | CDP Cost: 150 6.0
This passive Ability enables characters to be aware of danger before it happens. 6.1
Although they cannot be sure exactly what it is, such characters receive enough Good Memory | CDP Cost: 60 6.2
warning to alert their companions and take whatever action they deem appropri- Good Memory provides characters with a strong ability to remember information 6.3
ate. Danger Sense also provides a +1 bonus to the character’s Defense Rating. they have read, seen, experienced, or otherwise absorbed through their senses. 6.4
This Ability enables characters to remember directions and navigate successfully
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Oblivious to Danger 6.5
in areas they previously visited or saw in maps or diagrams. For complicated areas
Drawback. 6.6
such as complex tunnel systems, this Ability provides a +5 to all Orienteering
checks for locations a player has already visited. This Ability also assists charac- 6.7

Fast Learner | CDP Cost: 100 ters with learning, decreasing the Trust cost of learning Skill and Wielding Ranks 6.8

A character with the Fast Learner Ability requires only half of the time usually by 2 Steps on Figure 8-2: Instruction Costs. When suddenly thrust into dark- 6.9
required to learn from an instructor and therefore pays only half of the Trust cost ness, characters with Good Memory can remember their surroundings better 6.10
for all Instruction. than the average character. This Ability provides a +2 to their rolls during the first 6.11
Combat Cycle for which the darkness is in effect. This helps offset penalties that
For more on instruction time and cost, see section 8.2.5—Increasing Field, Skill accompany actions taken in darkness, as described in section 7.12.2—Darkness
and Wielding Ranks. and its Effects.

Core RuleBook
6.7.1 Abilities

This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Forgetful Drawback. information that could be used during game play. Possible groups or associations
include technical guilds, sports teams, street gangs, mercenary squads, animal
rights groups, or hobby clubs. The GM has the final say on which groups or orga-
Heightened Sense
nizations are relevant to the campaign, how important membership is, and how
A character with a Heightened Sense gains a +5 to Detection Skill Checks stem-
much it costs.
ming from one of the five senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, or Smell. Although
the Detection Skill covers all of the senses, the Heightened Sense Ability provides Level 1—Clubs are relatively small social groups such as Strata combat stables
a bonus to only one. This Ability can be taken once for each sense. or groups which share a hobby. Clubs may be able to grant a character specific
information based on the nature of the club and its members.
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the corresponding Dulled Sense
Drawback. CDP Cost: 20
CDP Cost: 40—each for Sight and Hearing
Level 2—Organizations are larger than clubs and attract more specialised
CDP Cost: 20—each for Taste, Touch, and Smell
membership. The VenSteel Engineering Department is an example of an orga-
nization. It has several hundred members which share a specific expertise.
High Pain Tolerance | CDP Cost: 40 Organizations can assist characters in need of specialized information or assis-
A character with High Pain Tolerance gains a +2 to all Concentration checks and tance related to the organization.
Resist Checks made where Damage is inflicted.
CDP Cost: 40
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Low Pain Tolerance Drawback.
Level 3—Associations are large social groups, that span vast geographic
areas and attract large memberships of extremely specialized men and women.
Light Sleeper | CDP Cost: 20 Associations, such as the New Earth Wielding Commission, may assist characters
A Light Sleeper is woken by less noise or movement than a normal sleeper. in need of very exclusive information, equipment, services, or highly trained aids
Characters who are Light Sleepers receive a +2 to their Detection Skill Check like soldiers, scientists and the like.
6.1 to determine whether the sleeper is awoken from slumber by any movement or
6.2 noise in the area. When sleeping, characters cannot defend themselves or conduct CDP Cost: 80
6.3 actions.
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Deep Sleeper Drawback. Quickdraw | CDP Cost: 40
6.5 The Quickdraw Ability enables characters to draw or holster weapons as a Free
6.6 Action at the beginning of their turn. Quickdraw can also be used to retrieve or
Lip-Reader | CDP Cost: 20
return handheld items from open pockets and pouches.
This Ability enables characters to read lips for any language they know, so long as
they can clearly view the lips at an assisted or unassisted relative distance of 5 m
6.9 (5.5 yd) from the target. Quick Reflexes | CDP Cost: 100
6.10 A character with Quick Reflexes gains a +5 to all Reaction Score rolls as well as
6.11 any Resist Checks based on Agility. This Ability also adds +1 to a character’s
Membership in a Group or Organization
6.12 Defense Rating.
Membership in a Group or Organization can provide a character with physi-
cal, financial, legal, or political assistance. It can also provide a character with This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Slow Reflexes Drawback.

Alpha Omega
Abilities 6.7.1

Sadistic | CDP Cost: 90 Short Sleeper | CDP Cost: 30

Sadistic characters find great enjoyment in the pain and suffering of others. When A character with the Short Sleeper Ability requires only four hours sleep per
a Sadistic character damages the HP of a target, s/he gains a cumulative +1 to his/ night to function properly the next day. Failure to receive sufficient hours of sleep
her attack roll for every successful, subsequent attack roll against the same target results in penalties, as described in section 7.12.6—Sleep Deprivation.
until it is killed, or the Sadist either fails an attack roll or is forced to attack a dif-
ferent target. The Short Sleeper Ability does not affect a character’s Endurance recovery as
shown on Figure 6-6: Base Endurance Recovery.
Therefore, if a character successfully damages a target’s HP, s/he receives a +1 to
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Long Sleeper Drawback.
his/her next attack roll against that target; if the next attack is successful the char-
acter receives a +2 to his/her next attack roll, and so on. When the target is killed,
or the Sadist either misses or is forced to attack another target, the bonus is reset Skill Aptitude | CDP Cost: 50
to 0. Sadistic characters also gain a +1 to all Intimidation Checks. This Ability provides characters with +2 DPS
for the Associated Quality of the chosen Skill.
Security Clearance Characters also receive a +1 to the final roll
during their Skill Check. This Ability can
A character with the Security Clearance Ability has a higher level access to cer-
be purchased multiple times, but only
tain buildings, information, and security zones than the average civilian. This
once for each Skill.
enables a character to enter restricted zones or access restricted information on
an arcology’s Net. This Ability has two levels, and GMs must determine the spe-
cific accesses the Security Clearance provides. The following are suggestions:

Level 1—Provides access to facilities where everyday normal entrance is limited

to maintenance workers, civil servants, or low level corporate employees.

CDP Cost: 80 6.0

Level 2—Provides access to security control points, public transportation
centers, hospitals, surveillance data, and building design schematics (including
information on security, air-conditioning, power, water circulation, waste man-
agement, and data streaming). 6.4
CDP Cost: 150
Sense Weather | CDP Cost: 10 6.8
This Ability enables characters to know what the weather will be for the next 12 6.9
hours. They can “feel it in their bones”, smell it, or have meteorological premoni-
tions. This Ability does not enable characters to detect weather brought about by
Human 6.11
Wielding Effects.

Core RuleBook
6.7.1 Abilities

Sophisticated | CDP Cost: 50

Characters with this Ability are culturally aware of the trends of the day and pop-
ular culture around the world. This includes, but is not limited to, current events, 1 Choose and record your species’ starting Abilities, if any, in the
fashion, music, and entertainment. Being culturally attuned provides a bonus of Abilities section on page three of your Character Sheet. Be sure to
+3 to the character’s Skill Check’s from the Coercion Field. note any game-altering effects of these Abilities as well as the section
number for easy reference.
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Unsophisticated Drawback.

Steady Hands | CDP Cost: 80

The Steady Hands Ability provides a +1 bonus to all Success Check rolls based on
Physical Acumen.
Lesley noted the following from the Anunnaki species description:
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Shaky Hands Drawback.
• Bonus Ability: Light Sleeper (Lesley gets the Light Sleeper Ability for
free, giving her a +2 to Detection Checks made to determine whether
Superior Genes | CDP Cost: 20 her character is awoken.) She records this Ability on her Character
In a world where genetics are vital to technology, players with the Superior Genes Sheet.
Ability have outstanding genetic quality. Their genes can be donated on occasion The only Ability that Lesley feels matches the character she had in mind was
for Trust, and their genetic superiority has provided them with a bit of celebrity, Danger Sense. This Ability will warn her character of danger and adds a +1 to her
or at least a certain privilege in social circles. character’s Defense Rating. It also costs 150 CDP.
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Degenerating Drawback. Lesley subtracts the 150 CDP for Danger Sense, leaving 310 CDP.

6.0 Finally she records the change in her Defense Rating from 9 to 10, and the infor-
Tough | CDP Cost: 80
6.1 mation about the Danger Sense Ability on her Character Sheet.
The Tough Ability provides a character with a permanent, one-time bonus of 10
6.2 HP points.
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Frail Drawback.
Characters with the Windfall Ability have recently gained an unexpected amount
of money. This could be reflected by finding an unencrypted PID with an amount
of Trust that can be liberated or perhaps winning a bet placed on a Strata match.
6.9 The more money won, the greater the CDP cost:
CDP Cost: 30 – 2,000T
6.11 CDP Cost: 60 – 4,000T
6.12 CDP Cost: 90 – 6,000T
This Ability cannot be taken in conjunction with the Vagrant Drawback.

Alpha Omega
Abilities 6.7.1

Abilities Summary
Name CDP Cost Effect
Additional Identity 60 Another identity, PID, one might be clean, one for illicit activities, etc.
Ambidexterity 100 Multiple weapon use penalty reduced by 5, no penalty for off-hand damage One Hand Dominant
Animal Friendly 40 +3 to all Animal Handling Skill Checks
Associates 30 each Character has a reliable Associate, one of the Supporting Cast from section 10.3-Supporting Cast
Blind-fighting 40 Penalty of performing actions in complete darkness reduced by 4
Blood Lust 50 +1 to next Attack Attempt for every damage-dealing attack they have suffered since their last turn
Citizenship 20 Legitimate Citizen of a particular city
For Multiple Weapon Use, -1 bonus to Weapon Exertion Rating and -5 bonus to DR for Multiple Weapon Use, -5
Coordinated 100 Clumsy
bonus to DR for Physical Skill Combinations
Danger Sense 150 +1 to Defense Rating, sense when danger is imminent Oblivious to Danger
Fast Learner 100 Pays half price for all Time and Trust Instruction Costs Slow Learner
Fearless 50 +5 to Resist Checks aimed at Fear State Component Phobias, Cowardice
Good Driver 20 -2 to Handling Rating when making Vehicle Operation Checks Bad Driver
Good Karma 100 Re-roll one roll per day and use desired result Bad Karma
+5 to Orienteering Checks in complex areas they have been or seen maps or diagrams of, decreases Instruction
Good Memory 60 Forgetful
Costs by 2 steps, +2 to rolls in first Combat Cycle after Darkness takes effect
+5 to all Detection Checks for a particular sense, costs 40 CDP for Sight and Hearing, and 20 CDP for Taste, Touch,
Heightened Sense 40/20 Dulled Sense
and Smell
High Pain Tolerance 40 +2 to all Concentration Checks and Resist Checks where damage is inflicted Low Pain Tolerance
Light Sleeper 20 +2 to all Detection Checks made to determine if character awakes when something occurs that can be detected Deep Sleeper
Lip-reader 20 Character able to read lips at an assisted or unassisted relative distance of 5 m 6.0
Membership in a group, organization, club, collection of people that can offer assistance or information in some 6.1
Membership 20/40/80
capacity 6.2
Character draws and holsters weapons as a Free Action and retrieves or returns items from open pouches or
Quickdraw 40 6.3
pockets on a person
Quick Reflexes 100 +5 to all Reaction Scores, +1 to Defense Rating, and +5 to all Resist Checks based on Agility 6.4
Cumulative +1 bonuses for subsequent attack against same target after every damage-dealing Attack Attempt until 6.5
Sadistic 90
target is dead, character misses, or changes targets 6.6
Security Clearance 80/150 2 Levels of Security Clearance each offering access to increasingly restricted areas 6.7
Sense Weather 10 Characters can accurately sense the weather for the next 12 hours
Short Sleeper 30 Character requires only 4 hours of sleep per night to avoid Sleep Deprivation effects Long Sleeper
Skill Aptitude 50 +2 Dice Pool Steps for Associated Quality for one Skill, +1 to Success Check rolls involving that Skill
Sophisticated 50 +3 to all Skill Checks from the Coercion Field Unsophisticated
Steady Hands 80 +1 to all Skills or actions that rely on Physical Acumen Shaky Hands 6.11
Superior Genes 20 Character has high quality genes, may be donated for money, may provide a form of celebrity Degenerating 6.12
Tough 80 +10 Health Pool points Frail 6.13
Windfall 30/60/90 3 Levels of additional starting Trust, 30 CDP for +2,000T, 60 CDP for +4,000T, and 90 CDP for +6,000T Vagrant

Figure 6-12
Core RuleBook
6.7.2 Drawbacks

Drawbacks Arrogance | CDP Refund: 50

6.7.2 Characters with the Arrogance Drawback feel superior to those around them.
They tend to talk about themselves a lot and enjoy flattery a great deal. They do not
During Character Creation, players cannot select appreciate criticism and tend to have little respect for anyone. They
more than 200 CDP worth of Drawbacks each, suffer a -2 to all Skill Checks in the Coercion Field.
including those mandatory for their Species.

Characters forced to select Drawbacks during Sample Common and Bad Driver | CDP Refund: 20
Character Creation because of their species receive Uncommon Allergens When characters have Bad Driving abilities, all Operate Vehicle
a CDP refund for these Drawbacks. Unless specifi- Common Allergens Checks are made with a Rating that is 2 more than their actual
cally stated in the description, each Ability and pollen, grass, trees, cats, dogs, Handling Rating.
Drawback can only be purchased or selected once. cotton, plastic, sunlight, mold and
mildew This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Good
The following Drawbacks are available during Driver Ability.
Character Creation: Uncommon Allergens
specific metal, specific food, specific
Bad Karma | CDP Refund: 80
Allergies biological agents, non-domestic
animals and alcohol Once per game-world day, characters with Bad Karma can encoun-
Severe Allergies—Severe Allergies affect
ter creatures or NPCs for which the GM can re-roll any one roll and
characters by reducing all of their Dice Pools by five
use the best result. This reflects bad luck for the character as the
steps during Success Checks where the source of Figure 6-13 creature or NPC gets a second chance to pass a Resist Check, block
the allergen is present.
one of the character’s successful attacks, or retry a failed attack
Characters can react to common or uncommon roll against the character. Re-rolls cannot be partial; the GM must
allergens as listed on Figure 6-13: Sample Common and Uncommon Allergens. throw all the dice for that roll. For example, if a GM decides to re-roll 4d6, she or
Common allergens offer a more substantial CDP refund because they are encoun- he must roll all four dice.
tered more often.
6.2 This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Good Karma Ability.
6.3 Select an allergen from Figure 6-13: Sample Common and Uncommon
6.4 Allergens and record it as a Severe Allergy on your Character Sheet. Banned | CDP Refund: 10
6.5 Common Allergen CDP Refund: 100 Characters banned from entering a particular city-state for past transgressions
6.6 Uncommon Allergen CDP Refund: 25 are denied entrance if caught at an access point. If caught within the boundaries
of a city-state from which they are banned, characters are forcibly removed.
6.7 Mild Allergies—Mild Allergies affect characters by reducing all of their Dice
6.8 Pools by two steps during Success Checks where the allergen is present.
6.9 Clumsy | CDP Refund: 120
Select an allergen from Figure 6-13: Sample Common and Uncommon The DR for any actions requiring a character to make a Physical Skill Check or
Allergens and record it as a Mild Allergy on your Character Sheet. Resist Checks based on Agility are increased by 2.
Common Allergen CDP Refund: 40
6.12 This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Coordinated Ability.
Uncommon Allergen CDP Refund: 10

Alpha Omega
Drawbacks 6.7.2

Code of Honor | CDP Refund: 40 Dulled Sense

Characters who live by a Code of Honor are bound by that code and must live A character with a Dulled Sense suffers a -5 to all Detection Skill Checks involv-
accordingly. It is up to the player and GM to set the benefits and restrictions ing a particular sense. This Drawback can only be taken once per sense.
involved with the Code of Honor. For example, a character’s Code could take the
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the corresponding
form of a sworn oath to always help those in need, to lead a life of celibacy, or to
Heightened Sense Ability or the Improved Senses Genetic Deviation.
protect and serve an individual or organization until released from that charge.
Failure to uphold the Code of Honor can result in a CDP loss, a mental disorder CDP Refund: 40—per Sense for Sight or Hearing
caused by the intense guilt of failure, or anything else the GM feels is appropri- CDP Refund: 20—per Sense for Taste, Touch, or Smell
ate. The penalty must be decided upon before the player chooses this Drawback
for their character. The CDP cost is adjustable, depending on the severity of its Exiled | CDP Refund: 150
regulations. When characters who have been exiled from a city-state for past transgressions
are caught trying to re-enter, they are arrested and imprisoned for trespassing
Cowardly | CDP Refund: 80 and infringing on the rights of the citizenry. Hopefully characters arrested in this
manner have a lot of money or know someone influential.
Cowardly characters prefer to live to fight another day. In fact, they would rather
not fight at all. Whenever possible, characters with this Drawback avoid combat at
all costs. Cowardly characters suffer a -2 to all Attack Attempts. Forgetful | CDP Refund: 50
Forgetful characters have difficulty remembering such things as people, places,
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Fearless Ability.
numbers, and environments. They also suffer a -2 Step penalty, according to
Figure 8-2: Instruction Costs, when learning new Skills or Wielding Ranks.
Deep Sleeper | CDP Refund: 10 When suddenly thrust into darkness, characters with the Forgetful Drawback
A Deep Sleeper is not usually disturbed by nearby noise or movement. Any suffer a -2 penalty to all attack rolls for the first Combat Cycle in addition to
Detection Skill checks made to wake up incur a -5 penalty. the standard darkness penalties, as described in section 7.12.2—Darkness and 6.0
its Effects. This is due to their poor ability to remember an environment from 6.1
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Light Sleeper Ability. moments before.
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Good Memory Ability. 6.3
Degenerating | CDP Refund: 40 6.4
Characters with the Degenerating Drawback are figuratively falling apart at the
Frail | CDP Refund: 100 6.5
seams. Their genetic code is unraveling and they are living on borrowed time. 6.6
The Frail Drawback forces a permanent -10 to a character’s HP Maximum, and
These characters must devote a portion of their time and Trust, the amount to be
reduces the character’s Melee damage by one step on Figure 6-11: Attack 6.7
specified by the GM, seeking scientists, Mesh, or alchemists; anyone who can help
Damage Modifier. 6.8
stabilize their condition and prevent death, or their lifespan will be measured in
months. 6.9
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Tough Ability.
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Superior Genes Ability. 6.11
Haunted by Spirits | CDP Refund: 40
Haunted characters are interesting to the inhabitants of the spirit world. Spirits
constantly follow such characters, occasionally interfering with their lives. This

Core RuleBook
6.7.2 Drawbacks

can be as simple as turning off lights when characters approach, tripping them up
at inopportune moments, or visibly appearing and relaying cryptic messages.

Impulsive | CDP Refund: 50

A character with the Impulsive Drawback tends to react before thinking in many
situations. Such characters cannot use the option of Preparing an Action during
their turn.

Indebted | CDP Refund: 40

Indebted characters owe someone, somewhere, Trust or worse. This Drawback
operates under the assumption that the lender wants the debt paid, and is willing
to hunt the character down to recover it. It could be a gambling debt, borrowed
finances, or a promised first-born child that was never delivered to the slave
trader. Regardless, Indebted characters are likely to be plagued by the
lender, or hired agents, until the situation is resolved.

Intolerance causes characters to have intense feelings of hate for a spe-
cific Species. They have a difficult time maintaining their composure
around anyone from that Species. Although it is usually rooted in a
previous incident, conditioning, or ignorance, characters cannot sup-
6.0 press Intolerance for an extended length of time. There are two levels
6.1 of Intolerance:
Level 1—Verbally Intolerant: Characters use slurs, derogatory terms,
and talk down to the target of their Intolerance at every opportunity.
6.4 Lesser Nephilim Characters can make a Will Resist Check at a DR of 20 to avoid a ver-
6.5 bally abusive outburst.
CDP Refund: 50
6.8 Level 2—Violently Intolerant: Characters attack the target Species at the
earliest opportunity. Characters can make a Will Resist Check at a DR of 20
to avoid a physically abusive outburst.
6.11 CDP Refund: 100

Alpha Omega
Drawbacks 6.7.2

Lame | CDP Refund: 100 Night Terrors | CDP Refund: 60

Lame characters have suffered an injury that affects their mobility. Their Characters who suffer Night Terrors are plagued by Omega energy, which terri-
Movement Rates, as shown in Figure 7-4: Full Movement Actions Rates are fies them during the night, interfering with their sleep and Endurance recovery.
reduced by half, rounding up. These characters suffer a 5 Step penalty, based on the Per Hour of Sleep column
in Figure 6-6: Base Endurance Recovery. As a minimum, characters will always
recover at least 1 Endurance point per hour of sleep.
Low Pain Tolerance | CDP Refund: 40
When characters have a Low Pain Tolerance, they find it difficult to main-
tain their composure when in pain—or faced with the imminent threat of it. Oblivious to Danger | CDP Refund: 40
Characters with this Drawback suffer a -2 penalty to all Concentration Checks Characters who are Oblivious to Danger do not realize when their lives hang in
or Resist Checks caused by physical harm. When a character with Low Pain the balance. Although characters suffer a -2 to all Reaction rolls, they gain a +2 to
Tolerance is the victim of an Intimidation or Gather Information check that all Fear-based Resist Checks.
threatens or causes pain or torture, the instigator receives a +5 bonus to his/her
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Danger Sense Ability.
Success Check.

This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the High Pain Tolerance
Old Injury | CDP Refund: 60
When a character suffers from an Old Injury that did not heal properly, s/he expe-
riences a -2 to all Skill Checks from the Core Fitness Field.
Long Sleeper | CDP Refund: 20
A Long Sleeper requires eight hours of sleep to function properly the next day.
One-hand Dominant | CDP Refund: 50
Failure to receive sufficient sleep results in penalties as described in section
When a character is One-hand Dominant, all actions performed with the off hand
7.12.6—Sleep Deprivation.
suffer a -4 to Skill Check rolls.
The Long Sleeper Ability does not affect a character’s Endurance recovery, as
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Ambidexterity Ability. 6.1
shown on Figure 6-6: Base Endurance Recovery.
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Short Sleeper Ability.
Past Addiction | CDP Refund: 30 6.3
Each week, characters with a Past Addiction must perform an Addiction Check 6.4
Nervous Disposition | CDP Refund: 30 against a DR of 20 to avoid a relapse. Each time they use a drug/chemical with an 6.5
Nervous characters find it difficult to make themselves heard or be taken seriously. addictive element, the DR of the Addiction Check increases by 1. If they fail, the 6.6
They suffer a -2 penalty to all Skill Checks from the Coercion Field. characters head immediately to a known dealer to purchase their chemicals of 6.7
choice and are now addicted. If they choose to stop using they suffer withdrawal
effects as described in section 7.12.3—Drugs and Addiction.
Nightmares | CDP Refund: 30 6.9
Characters plagued by Nightmares suffer a 3 Step penalty, based on the Per Hour 6.10
of Sleep column in Figure 6-6: Base Endurance Recovery. As a minimum, char- Phobias
acters will always recover at least 1 Endurance point per hour of sleep. A phobia is a persistent and irrational fear of something that compels an indi-
vidual to avoid it at any cost. When characters are forced to face their fears, it
is possible that they will become anxious, scared, or comatose. Depending on

Core RuleBook
6.7.2 Drawbacks

whether their fear is Major or Minor, as defined current Fear State. If the Check is failed again, the
below, characters require a strong will to maintain situation worsens, and the character’s Fear State
composure when facing their fears. It is recom- Common Phobias Component worsens by 1 Level. This repeats every
mended that players not be allowed to select more minute as long as the character continues to be
Fear of open spaces, leaving a
than two phobias, as the CDP refund will outweigh exposed to their phobia.
Agoraphobia safe place, or crowded public
the disadvantage. places
When characters are removed from the situation,
Figure 6-14: Common Phobias is meant to serve Claustrophobia Fear of confined spaces they can make another Will Resist Check to see
as a list of suggested phobias only. Players and GMs Acrophobia Fear of heights if their Fear State improves. For each minute that
should modify the list as they see fit. GMs always Fear of strangers, foreigners passes, characters can make a Will Resist Check to
have the final say on which Phobias are appropriate Xenophobia
or aliens improve their Fear State Component by 2 Levels,
for characters in their game. Necrophobia Fear of death or dead things until it reaches Normal.
Major Phobia—If characters suffer from any Arachnophobia Fear of spiders The GM can alter the Resistance Check DR,
of the phobias found on Figure 6-14: Common Fear of demons (Ophanum depending on the situation.
Phobias, and are faced with a situation cor- included)
responding to the description, they must pass CDP Refund: 40
Algophobia Fear of pain
a Will Resist Check (DR 30) or their Fear State
Component drops by 2 Levels. If characters are not Price on Your Head | CDP Refund: 160
removed from the situation within 1 minute, they Figure 6-14
For one reason or another, someone is out to get
must pass another Will Resist Check to remain at
you and has put a Price on Your Head. Having a
the current Fear State Level. If the Check is failed
Price on Your Head means every bounty hunter in
again, the situation worsens, lowering the character’s Fear State Component by 2
the underworld is looking for you. The underworld is a dangerous place, and few
more Levels. This repeats every minute as long as the character continues to be
6.0 things make survival more difficult than being hunted.
exposed to their phobia.
The GM determines the size of the bounty, while the player and GM can establish
6.2 When characters are removed from the situation, they can make another Will who is behind the bounty. The GM might have story ideas or a long term cam-
6.3 Resist Check to improve their Fear State. For each minute that passes, characters paign plan that can incorporate the Price on Your Head, and the person who put
can make a Will Resist Check to improve their State by 1 Level for each success, it there. A suggested value for the bounty is about 100T × the Total CDP Value of
until it reaches Normal. the character (50,000T for a starting character).
6.6 The GM can alter the Resistance Check DR, depending on the situation. For more
on Fear State Components, see section 7.3—Character or Creature State. Radiation Intolerance
6.8 CDP Refund: 80 The character has had an adverse reaction to Radiation resulting in a physical
6.9 deformity that has manifested itself in one of two ways:
Minor Phobia—If characters suffer from any of the phobias found on Figure
6.10 6-14: Common Phobias and are faced with a situation corresponding to the Visible deformity—This can be a visible burn, nerve tissue damage, or disfig-
6.11 description, they must pass a Will Resist Check (DR 20) or their Fear State urement. A Visible Deformity results in a -3 to all Skill Checks from the Coercion
6.12 Component drops by 1 Level. If characters are not removed from the situation Field, except Intimidation, which receives a +2 bonus.
6.13 within 1 minute, they must pass another Will Resist Check to remain in their
CDP Refund: 30

Alpha Omega
Drawbacks 6.7.2

Internal deformity—Internal organs are adversely affected, causing char- Wanted | CDP Refund: 100
acters to suffer a permanent -5 to their Vitality Core Quality score, limiting the Wanted characters are pursued by security forces and bounty hunters for known
maximum Vitality score to 95. transgressions or for questioning concerning an unresolved crime.
CDP Refund: 50 Major city-states have significant security resources; many cities have information
sharing and extradition agreements through which they share information on
Shaky Hands | CDP Refund: 80 Wanted felons. Getting in or out of a city almost always involves passing through
a security check point and a PID scan. There are only two ways to circumvent
The Shaky Hands Drawback causes a -1 penalty to all Success Check rolls based
security; travel in the cargo hold of a smuggler—not always the safest or cheapest
on Physical Acumen.
route—or use a falsified PID, which can be risky. Of course, negotiation, bribery,
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Steady Hands Ability. and stealth have also been known to work, but there are no guarantees.

Being Wanted is as much a danger to a character and his/her friends as it is an

Slow Learner | CDP Refund: 100 opportunity to be creative and role-play interesting situations. GMs should con-
A character with the Slow Learner Drawback requires twice the time to learn sider the Wanted status of characters in order to advance good stories and fun
from instructors, therefore paying twice the price for all Instruction Trust costs. gaming. Players should use their Wanted status to contribute to their character’s
background story, adding an interesting role-playing dimension.
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Fast Learner Ability.

Slow Reflexes | CDP Refund: 60

A character with Slow Reflexes suffers a -5 for all Reaction Score rolls and any
Resist Checks based on Agility. 1 Choose and record your species’ starting Drawbacks, if any, in the
Drawbacks section of page three of your Character Sheet. Be sure to
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Quick Reflexes Ability. note any game-altering effects of these Drawbacks as well as the sec- 6.0
tion number for easy reference. 6.1
Unsophisticated | CDP Refund: 50 6.2
A character’s ignorance of world events, trends, and pop culture including fashion, 6.3
music, and entertainment incurs a penalty of -3 all Skill Checks Coercion Field. 6.4
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Sophisticated Ability. Lesley imagines her Wielder as tough and macho, with a superiority complex.
The Arrogance Drawback is a perfect fit and provides a 50 CDP refund. However,
it also causes her character to incur a -2 penalty to all Skill Checks from the 6.7
Vagrant | CDP Refund: 80
Coercion Field. 6.8
Characters with the Vagrant Drawback are wanderers with no permanent home
or employment, and no money. Characters begin the game with nothing but the Since Drawbacks provide a CDP refund, Lesley gained 50 CDP from selecting
clothes on their back, no Trust, and perhaps a few pieces of equipment the GM Arrogant, which raised the balance from 310 to 360. 6.10
deems reasonable. Vagrant characters are typically citizens of a particular city- 6.11
state, but are down on their luck. [360 CDP Remaining]
This Drawback cannot be taken in conjunction with the Windfall Ability.

Core RuleBook
6.7.2 Drawbacks

Drawbacks Summary
CDP Exclusory
Name Effect
Refund Abilities
100 All Success Checks reduced by 5 Dice Pool Steps, Allergen is Common
25 All Success Checks reduced by 5 Dice Pool Steps, Allergen is Uncommon
40 All Success Checks reduced by 2 Dice Pool Steps, Allergen is Common
10 All Success Checks reduced by 2 Dice Pool Steps, Allergen is Uncommon
Arrogance 50 -2 to all Skill Checks in the Coercion Field
Bad Driver 20 +2 to Handling Rating for Vehicle Operation Checks Good Driver
Bad Karma 80 Once per day the GM may re-roll any Success Checks that affect the character, and use the desired result Good Karma
Banned 10 Characters will be forcibly removed if caught in a city they have been Banned from
Clumsy 120 -2 to any Success Checks based on Strength, Agility, Conditioning, Athleticism, or Physical Acumen Coordinated
Code of Honor 40 Character must live according to an agreed upon code of conduct
Cowardly 80 -2 to all Attack Attempts, character prefers not to fight at all Fearless
Deep Sleeper 10 -5 to all Detection Checks the GM asks a character to make while asleep Light Sleeper
Degenerating 40 Player’s genetics are unraveling; they must spend a portion of their time seeking assistance to prevent death Superior Genes
-5 to all Detection Checks made with a particular sense, 40 CDP for Sight and Hearing, 20 CDP for Taste, Touch, or
6.1 Dulled Sense 40/20 Heightened Sense
6.2 Exiled 150 Character exiled from organized civilization within the Inter City-State Collective
6.3 -2 Step Penalty for Instruction costs when learning new Skill or Wielding Ranks, -2 penalty for Orienteering checks
6.4 Forgetful 50 in an area a character has been, or seen on a map, picture, etc., -2 to Attack Attempts for first Combat Cycle of Good Memory
One-time, permanent -10 to Health Pool Maximum, reduces melee damage on Figure 6-11: Attack Damage
6.6 Frail 100 Tough
Denizens of the spirit world have a keen interest in the character, they may communicate or interfere with the
6.8 Haunted by Spirits 40
6.9 Impulsive 50 Character tends to act without thinking
6.10 Indebted 40 Character owes someone, something and is plagued by the repercussions
6.12 Figure 6-15

Alpha Omega
Drawbacks 6.7.2

Drawbacks Summary
CDP Exclusory
Name Effect
Refund Abilities
Intolerance—Verbal 50 Character verbally expresses their Intolerance of a chosen Species at every opportunity
Intolerance—Violent 100 Character physically and violently expresses their Intolerance of a chosen Species at every opportunity
Lame 100 All Movement Rates halved, rounding up
Low Pain Tolerance 40 -2 penalty to Concentration Checks or Resist Checks caused by physical harm or the imminent threat of it High Pain Tolerance
Long Sleeper 20 Character requires 8 hours of sleep daily to avoid Sleep Deprivation effects Short Sleeper
Nervous Disposition 30 -2 to all Skill Checks from the Coercion Field
Nightmares 30 3 Step Penalty to the character’s Endurance Recovery while sleeping
Night Terrors 60 5 Step Penalty to the character’s Endurance Recovery while sleeping
Oblivious to Danger 40 -2 to all Reaction rolls, +2 to all Fear-based Resist Checks Danger Sense
Old Injury 60 -1 to all Physical Skill Checks
One-hand Dominant 50 All actions performed with the off-hand suffer a -4 to all Success Checks Ambidexterity
Past Addiction 30 +5 to Addiction Resist Checks, each subsequent addictive chemical use increases Addiction DR by +1
Phobias—Major 80 Character’s Fear State Component may be lowered to Terrified when in contact with Phobia Fearless
Phobias—Minor 40 Character’s Fear State Component may be lowered to Anxious when in contact with Phobia Fearless
Price on Your Head 160 Character’s have a bounty on their head and will be hunted everywhere they go
Bad Radiation—
30 -3 to Coercion Skill Checks, +2 to Intimidation Checks 6.0
Visible Deformity
Bad Radiation— 6.1
50 -5 to Vitality
Internal Deformity 6.2
Shaky Hands 80 -1 to all Skills or actions that rely on Physical Acumen Steady Hands 6.3
Slow Learner 100 Character pays double Trust and Time costs for learning new Skill and Wielding Ranks Fast Learner 6.4
Slow Reflexes 60 -5 to all Reaction Check rolls and Resist Checks based on Agility Quick Reflexes 6.5
Unsophisticated 50 -3 to all Skill Checks from the Coercion Field Sophisticated 6.6
Vagrant 80 No house, no job, no money, sparse equipment Windfall 6.7

Wanted 100 Characters are wanted alive by authorities for some reason 6.8
Figure 6-15—continued 6.10

Core RuleBook
6.7.3 Grigori State-Shifting

Grigori State-Shifting State Component Levels

6.7.3 As described in section 7.3—Character or Creature
State, State Component Levels have 4 Positive Levels
All Grigori and Lesser Grigori can purchase a and 4 Negative Levels, with a median of “Normal”. The
special Ability called State-Shifting. It enables them higher a character’s State Component Level is, the bet-
to Shift a component of their Physical, Mental, or State-Shifting ter the benefits become, while the lower a character’s
Emotional State for a limited amount of time, making Max Number State Component Level becomes, the worse the penal-
Physis Shifting ties are.
them extremely versatile. Character and creature States of State
Score Pool
are described in detail in section 7.3—Character or Components
Creature State. 1–10 10
Shifting Pool
11–15 20
In the Evolutionary Wars that the Seraph and Ophanum As a Grigori increases its Physis, its Shifting Pool grows
16–20 30 1 as shown in Figure 6-16: State-Shifting. Players draw
wage against one another, the Grigori are an intelligent
21–25 40 on their Shifting Pool when they implement a State-
form of military asset. Their Innate Wielding gives them
26–30 50 Shifting Ability. The amount of Shifting Pool points
powerful, specialized abilities of destruction, protec-
31–35 60
used during a State-Shift increases with every State-
tion, or healing that play a pivotal role in the outcome
Shifting factor used. These factors are described in
of battles. State-Shifting has been genetically imprinted 36–40 70
Using State-Shifting Abilities. When their Shifting Pool
into Grigori to give them secondary, specialized pow- 41–45 80
reaches 0, any active Shifting is lost and characters
ers, providing increased versatility and survivability on 46–50 90 cannot Shift until they have recuperated Shifting Pool
the battlefield. State-Shifting also enables them to affect points.
51–55 100
the battlefield by manipulating the State Components of
56–60 110
themselves or those in the vicinity.
6.0 61–65 120
6.1 66–70 130
Acquiring State Components for Shifting
6.2 71–75 140
As described in section 7.3—Character or Creature 3
6.3 76–80 150
State, a character’s State is divided into seven State
6.4 Components: Size, Speed, Fear, Density, Disposition, 81–85 160
6.5 Thought, and Emotion. Figure 6-16: State-Shifting 86–90 170
6.6 specifies how many State Components a Grigori or 91–95 180
6.7 Lesser Grigori can purchase based on their Physis score. 96–99 190 4
Each State Component costs 200CDP, but once pur- 100 200
chased can be accessed by the character at any point.
Grigori and Lesser Grigori can Shift their State—and
6.10 Figure 6-16
in some cases the State of a target—as long as they have
6.11 purchased access to that State Component.

Alpha Omega
Grigori State-Shifting 6.7.3

Recuperating a Diminished Shifting Pool Number of State Component Levels

Recuperating a diminished Shifting Pool occurs over Being Shifted
time. Figure 6-17: Shifting Pool Recovery describes This is simply the number of State Component Levels
the rate at which the Grigori or Lesser Grigori recover the instigator is Shifting. As there are only four positive
their Shifting Pool, based on their Physis Score. and negative Levels for any State Component, a maxi-
Shifting Pool Recovery mum of eight Levels can be shifted.
Using State-Shifting Abilities Score
Recovery Rate
Number of Targets Being Affected
Every State-Shift use is treated as a distinct Full 1–10 Certain aspects of State-Shifting can be used to
Action. Only one State Component can be affected 1 point per day
11–15 influence those around you. The following State
with a single use of State-Shifting. When the Shift is
16–20 Components can only be used to affect the instigator
used, the character can conduct any action on his/her
21–25 1 point per 12 hours
subsequent turn. State-Shifting can be activated in
a number of ways: a yell, gestures, spoken words, or 26–30 • Size
perhaps a powerful aura. Players should explain their • Speed
character’s method of activation and ensure the GM • Density
36–40 1 point per 6 hours
approves before beginning game play.
41–45 The following State Components can be used to influ-
When using a State-Shifting Ability, a character must 46–50
ence the instigator, allies, or targets as desired:
account for the following factors: • Fear
51–55 1 point per hour
• Disposition
1 Number of State Component Levels 56–60
• Thought
being Shifted 61–65
1 point per 10 minutes • Emotion
2 Number of Targets being affected 66–70 6.0
3 Range or Area of Effect 71–75
The Shifting Pool cost is multiplied by the number of 6.1
1 point per minute targets affected by the State Shift used.
4 Duration of the State-Shift 76–80 6.2
81–85 6.3
It is important to note that only one State Component 1 point per Combat Cycle Range or Area of Effect
86–90 6.4
can be altered with one State-Shift effect; it cannot When a Grigori uses a State-Shifting Ability, s/he can
91–95 influence those within an area of effect, provided s/he 6.5
alter both the Emotion and Disposition Levels of tar-
96–99 1 point per Segment has line of sight to all of the intended targets. The 6.6
gets at the same time. However, targets can be affected
by multiple State-Shift effects provided the durations 100 Shifting Pool cost is multiplied by the radius of the area 6.7
of the State-Shifts overlap. of effect, measured in SIM, of the State-Shift used. 6.8
Targets can attempt to fully resist the State-Shift effect Figure 6-17 Duration of the State Shift 6.10
by rolling a Will Resist Check at a DR equal to the When a character initiates a State-Shift, the duration is
State-Shifter’s Physis. A Resist Check can be attempted 6.11
measured in Combat Cycles. The Shifting Pool cost is
once per Turn. multiplied by the number of Combat Cycles for which

the Shift will remain active. 6.13

Core RuleBook
6.7.3 Grigori State-Shifting

Calculating Shifting Pool Cost of State Shift Ability All the assailants fail their Resist Check, their Fear State is lowered to Level -4,
The cost associated with State-Shifting is calculated in the following manner: and they become Petrified and unable to move. Trask and his employer continue
on their way.
(Number of State Component Levels) × (Number of Targets) ×
(Range) × (Duration)

State-Shifting Example
Trask, a massive Grigori, working as a personal bodyguard, escorts his employer 1 If your character is a Grigori or Lesser Grigori, and you want to
from a meeting to their armored limousine, which is parked outside. They purchase a State Component that your character can Shift, subtract
are jumped by three masked men who demand their valuables. Trask was not 200 CDP from your CDP balance and record the details of the State-
Shifting Ability on page four of your Character Sheet.
hired to hand over valuables, so he decides to try to scare the assailants with
his State-Shifting Ability. He previously purchased the Ability to Shift the Fear 2 Based on your Physis score and Figure 6-16: State Shifting, record
State Component, which is activated when he bellows a loud roar towards his your character’s Shifting Pool on page four of your Character Sheet.

• Trask has a Physis of 27 and according to Figure 6-16: State Shifting,

has a Shifting Pool of 50.
As described in Using State Shifting Abilities, he is attempting to use the following
factors: Since Lesley’s character is an Anunnaki, he is incapable of State-Shifting.

1 Number of State Component Levels being Shifted: The assailants are [360 CDP Remaining]
currently Normal (Level 0) and Trask wants them to be Petrified (Level
6.0 -4), so the number of State Component Levels being Shifted is 4.
6.1 2 Number of Targets being affected: Trask is trying to affect all the
6.2 assailants, so 3.
6.3 3 Range or Area of Effect: The Area of Effect has a radius of 2 m (2.2 yd),
6.4 so 2.
6.5 4 Duration of the State-Shift: Trask believes he and his employer require
6.6 only 2 Combat Cycles to escape. The Duration will be 2 Combat Cycles,
6.7 so 2.
To calculate the Shifting Pool cost, use the formula introduced above:
(Number of State Component Levels) × (Number of Targets) ×
(Range) × (Duration)
6.12 4 × 3 × 2 × 2 = 48
As Trask has a Shifting Pool of 50, he has enough for the Shift and 2 remaining.

Alpha Omega
6.8 Step 8: Genetic Deviations

Genetic Deviations Body Systems

The Body System Genetic Deviations represent changes in the standard body sys-
6.8—Step 8 tems found in a humanoid. All characters begin with Level 0 of each system at
no cost, but can choose to purchase Levels 1 or 2 to improve associated statistics.
Level -1 is akin to selecting a drawback as it will weaken characters rather than
At this stage of Character Creation, players can purchase strengthen them. If a player selects any Level -1 Body System for their character,
Genetic Deviations for their characters. In the Alpha Omega world, there they receive a CDP refund. To increase from -1 to 0, characters must repay this
are many factors that can cause a character’s genes to deviate from the norm. CDP refund.
Radiation, toxins, and the growing complexity of the gene pool are just a few
examples of factors which have contributed to the increase in genetic deviation. It is important to note that Ranks must be purchased cumulatively, so if a charac-
ter with Level -1 wants to buy any higher Levels, s/he must purchase one at a time
Genetic Deviations provide players additional options for making their characters (i.e. Rank 0 must be purchased before Rank 1; and Rank 1 before Rank 2).
unique and interesting to play. The following section describes each Deviation,
providing the details which affect game play and the accompanying CDP costs. Circulatory System
The circulatory system is responsible for the movement of blood in the body.
There are two types of Genetic Deviations, Terran and Elim. Terran Genetic
Blood circulates oxygen for the growth and development of cells, aiding with nat-
Deviations can be purchased by any Species with Terran blood in their veins.
ural healing and the regeneration of flesh. Blood also contains platelets, which are
Grigori cannot purchase Terran Genetic Deviations, as they are not created on
Earth and have no Terran genes in their physiology. used to form blood clots and stop bleeding.

Elim Genetic Deviations are reserved for those Species with Elim blood— Circulatory Level -1—The character has a weaker than average circulatory
Nephilim, Lesser Nephilim, and Anunnaki. These deviations stem from the system. All Bleeding effects continue for 2 additional Cycles after they are tended
differences between the physiology of their Human and Seraph or Ophanum to due to the low platelet count in the character’s blood. Natural Healing also
genetic backgrounds. occurs at 1 step lower than normal on Figure 6-7: Base Regeneration Rates.
6.1 CDP Refund: 20
Circulatory Level 0—The character has an average circulatory system. All
Terran Genetic Deviations Bleeding effects and Natural healing are dealt with normally. All Species auto-
6.4 6.8.1 matically have Circulatory Level 0 at the start of Character Creation.
CDP Cost: 0
6.6 Birth Defect
6.7 The character was born with a genetic defect that adversely affects their life. This Circulatory Level 1—The character has an above average circulatory sys-
6.8 could be as minor as a facial tick or as severe as a missing limb. GMs will adjust tem. The duration of all Bleeding effects is halved due to the high platelet count
6.9 the CDP Refund for this Deviation in accordance with the severity of the defect. in the blood. Natural Healing also occurs at 1 step higher than normal on Figure
Defects can include abnormal growths, speech impediments, lack of mobility, 6-7: Base Regeneration Rates.
missing or damaged organs, etc.
6.11 CDP Cost: 40
6.12 CDP Refund: 20—Facial tick or no body hair
CDP Refund: 50—Speech Impediment, -2 to Coercion Skill Checks Circulatory Level 2—The character has an advanced circulatory system.
CDP Refund: 100—Missing Limb The duration of all Bleeding effects is divided by four due to the incredibly high

Alpha Omega
Terran Genetic Deviations 6.8.1

platelet count in the blood. Natural Healing also occurs at 2 steps higher than Endocrine Level 2—The character has an advanced endocrine system and
normal on Figure 6-7: Base Regeneration Rates. can expertly control the release of hormones. Characters with Endocrine Level
2 receive a +4 to any Resist Checks against Coercive Skills or mental Control
CDP Cost: 40 Effects, as they can maintain increased control of the hormones that would nor-
mally affect their behavior.

Endocrine System They can also force their adrenal glands to inject adrenaline into their blood-
The endocrine system is comprised of glands that produce the body’s hormones. stream, temporarily increasing all Resist Checks by an additional +5, and any
Hormones control body functions and affect reactions such as metabolism, Physical Skill Check by +4. This can be activated as a Free Action; however, it
growth, strength, anxiety, fear, calm, and sexual arousal. In Alpha Omega, play- costs 2 Endurance points per Segment.
ers can purchase Endocrine System levels to vastly improve the effectiveness and
function of the Endocrine system. Characters can also secrete pheromones which provide a +3 for any Coercive Skill
or Wielding Control Power used on a target within a 10 m (11 yd) radius. This
Endocrine Level -1—The character has a weaker than average endocrine costs 3 points of Endurance for every attempt.
system that causes his/her hormones to be much more difficult to control. If a
CDP Cost: 80
character is attempting to resist a Coercive Skill or Control Power, s/he suffers a
-2 to the Resist Check roll.

CDP Refund: 20 Immune System

The immune system is the body’s final, natural defense against infections, dis-
Endocrine Level 0—The character has an average endocrine system and eases, viruses, bacteria, poisons or other dangerous organisms and substances
therefore all hormonal effects occur normally. All Species automatically have that can enter the body.
Endocrine Level 0 at the start of Character Creation.
Immune Level -1—The character has a weaker than average immune system
CDP Cost: 0 and has a difficult time fighting off harmful invaders, such as poison and disease 6.0
that enters his/her body. They suffer a -2 to all Resist Checks against any effects 6.1
Endocrine Level 1—The character has an above average endocrine sys-
caused by poison, disease, viruses, or any other microscopic, biological invader.
tem and can more effectively control the release of hormones. If a character is 6.2
attempting to resist a Coercive Skill or Control Power, s/he gains a +2 to the Resist CDP Refund: 20 6.3
Check roll, as s/he more easily maintains control of the hormones that influence 6.4
behavior. Immune Level 0—The character has an average immune system and all immu-
nities occur normally. All Species automatically have Immune Level 0 at the start 6.5

These characters can also force their adrenal glands to inject adrenaline into their of Character Creation. 6.6
bloodstream to temporarily increase all Resist Checks by an additional +3, and 6.7
CDP Cost: 0
any Physical Skill Check by +2. This can be activated as a Free Action, costing 1 6.8
Endurance point per Segment. Immune Level 1—The character has an above average immune system and his/ 6.9
her body’s defense mechanisms have an easier time fighting off harmful invaders, 6.10
Characters can also secrete pheromones which provide a bonus of +2 for any
such as poison and disease. They gain a +2 to all Resist Checks against any effects 6.11
Coercive Skill Check or Wielding Control Power used on a target within a 5 m
caused by poison, disease, viruses, or any other microscopic, biological invaders.
(5.5 yd) radius. This costs 2 Endurance points per attempt. 6.12
Characters with Immune Level 1 are also Immune to all Potency Level 1 Poisons
and Diseases. 6.13
CDP Cost: 80

CDP Cost: 40

Core RuleBook
6.8.1 Terran Genetic Deviations

Immune Level 2—The character has an advanced immune system and his/her cold effects resulting from inadequate clothing or protection is halved, and the
body’s defense mechanisms have an easier time fighting off harmful invaders, amount of time that characters can endure extreme temperatures without taking
such as poison and disease. They gain a +4 to all Resist Checks against any effects damage is doubled. Due to the toughness of the character’s skin, any damage that
caused by poison, disease, viruses, or any other microscopic, biological invaders. penetrates his/her armor is reduced by 1. Players with Integumentary Level 1 can
Characters with Immune Level 2 are also Immune to all Poisons and Diseases up also absorb liquids and food through their skin, where nutrients are absorbed into
to and including Potency Level 3. the bloodstream directly and processed by a new, relatively unstud-
ied organ. This eliminates the need for eating or drinking in
CDP Cost: 80 the traditional way.

CDP Cost: 60
Integumentary System
The integumentary system is basically the layers of skin Integumentary Level 2—The character has an
that protect the body’s tissues and organs from physi- advanced integumentary system and is immune to
cal harm, dehydration, and temperature changes. It also the effects of any natural cold or heat with tem-
absorbs and stores water and nutrients. peratures between -40 and 40° C (-40 to 104° F).
They can also absorb objects with a volume of 100
Integumentary Level -1—The character has cm3 (6.1 in3) into their skin, holding the objects
a weaker than average integumentary system and is there in a pocket-like pouch. This could be used for
sensitive to drastic temperature changes. All natural heat smuggling contraband or sneaking weapons or sur-
and cold effects resulting from inadequate clothing or veillance equipment past security. The character also
protection is doubled, and the amount of time retains the effects of Integumentary System Level 1.
that characters can endure extreme tem-
peratures without taking damage is halved. CDP Cost: 60
Characters with Level -1 also tend to be cold
at room temperature, become quickly dehy-
6.1 drated in warm weather, and must drink more Muscular System
6.2 water in general. As their skin is also less effective at The muscular system is made up of tissues that work
protecting their tissues and organs, characters lose 1 with the skeletal system to control the movement of the
additional point from their HP when they take damage. body. With each increased Muscular Level, a character’s
6.4 Strength is increased, as is the ability to carry more weight
6.5 CDP Refund: 50 and do more damage in hand-to-hand combat. The muscu-
Grigori lature is genetically advanced compared to that of an unmodified
Integumentary Level 0—The character has an average human.
integumentary system and all natural resistances to heat and cold are calculated
6.8 normally. All Species automatically have Integumentary Level 0 at the start of Muscular Level -1—The character has a weaker than average muscular
6.9 Character Creation. system. His/her strength-based game elements, as found on Figure 6-5: Strength-
6.10 Based Game Elements, as well as their melee damage modifier found on Figure
CDP Cost: 0
6.11 6-11: Attack Damage Modifier, are all reduced by 1 category.
6.12 Integumentary Level 1—The character has an above average integumen- CDP Refund: 30
6.13 tary system and is quite resistant to temperature change. All natural heat and

Alpha Omega
Terran Genetic Deviations 6.8.1

Muscular Level 0—The character has an average muscular system. All Nervous Level 1—The character has an above average nervous system and
Strength-based effects occur normally. All Species automatically have Muscular an easier time processing and reacting to the surrounding environment. All
Level 0 at the start of Character Creation. Detection Skill Checks gain a +2, as the brain and sensory organs function at an
increased capacity. Reaction Checks also gain a +2 bonus due to the character’s
CDP Cost: 0
enhanced reflexes.
Muscular Level 1—The character has an above average muscular system.
CDP Cost: 80
His/her strength-based game elements, as found on Figure 6-5: Strength-Based
Game Elements, as well as their melee damage modifier found on Figure 6-11: Nervous Level 2—The character has an advanced nervous system and an abil-
Attack Damage Modifier, are all increased by 1 category. ity to almost instantaneously process and react to the surrounding environment.
CDP Cost: 50 All Detection Skill Checks gain an additional +1 bonus, as the brain and sensory
organs function at an increased capacity. Reaction Checks also gain an additional
Muscular Level 2—The character has an advanced muscular system. His/her +1 bonus due to the character’s enhanced reflexes.
strength-based game elements, as found on Figure 6-5: Strength-Based Game
Elements, as well as their melee damage modifier, found on Figure 6-11: Attack CDP Cost: 40
Damage Modifier, are all increased by 1 additional category.

CDP Cost: 50 Respiratory System

The respiratory system brings air into the body and removes carbon dioxide.
Characters can upgrade their respiratory system to increase lung capacity and
Nervous System extend the amount of time they can hold their breath. Improved respiratory sys-
The nervous system is the body’s control system. It sends, receives, and processes tems also increase the filtering capability of the lungs, enabling them to continue
nerve impulses throughout the body, causing muscles and organs to react and
to function in environments of reduced oxygen or where the content of the air
transmit sensory information from the environment to the brain. The nervous
would be poisonous to normal people. 6.0
system can be upgraded to improve Reaction time, senses, and control of auto-
nomic action, such as a character’s heartbeat and digestion. Respiratory Level -1—The character has a weaker than average respiratory 6.1
system. They can only hold their breath for half the time of an average person 6.2
Nervous Level -1—The character has a weaker-than-average nervous system
with his/her current Conditioning score. Characters with Respiratory Level -1 are 6.3
and has a more difficult time processing and reacting to the surrounding environ-
ment. All Detection Skill Checks suffer a -2 penalty, as the brain and sensory particularly susceptible to exhaustion and suffer a permanent -10 penatly to their 6.4
organs function at a reduced capacity. Reaction Checks also suffer a -2 penalty Endurance pool. 6.5
due to reduced reflexes. CDP Refund: 50 6.6
CDP Refund: 100
Respiratory Level 0—The character has an average respiratory system. All 6.8
Nervous Level 0—The character has an average nervous system and all reac- respiratory effects occur normally and there are no special effects for this Rank
tion and sensory effects occur normally. All Species automatically have Nervous level. All Species automatically have Respiratory Level 0 at the start of Character
Level 0 at the start of Character Creation. Creation.
CDP Cost: 0 CDP Cost: 0 6.12

Core RuleBook
6.8.1 Terran Genetic Deviations

Respiratory Level 1—The character has an above average respiratory system. from a distance of 30 m (98.4 ft) or less. The damage inflicted with any successful
The character can hold his/her breath twice as long as an average person. The unarmed attack is increased by 2.
Endurance pool of characters with Respiratory Level 1 is increased by 10.
CDP Cost: 50
CDP Cost: 40

Respiratory Level 2—The character has an advanced respiratory system. Claws

The character can hold his/her breath four times longer than an average person. This Deviation enables characters to have biological claws that can be used in melee
The Endurance Pool of characters with Respiratory Level 2 is increased by an combat and can never be disarmed. There are several variations, costing increasing
additional 10. amounts of CDP, based on the damage and level of concealment of the claws.

CDP Cost: 40 Short, non-retractable finger claws—These claws use the same
statistics as the Unarmed melee weapon (for more information, see section
9.5.2—Weapon Parameter Definitions), but do +1 damage in addition to Unarmed
Skeletal System damage plus melee damage modifier. The claws are constantly visible and exposed
The skeletal system is comprised of bones, ligaments, and tendons. It shapes the and have the appearance of exceptionally sharp, long, and durable fingernails.
body, protects organs, and works with the muscular system to help the body move.
CDP Cost: 30
Skeletal Level -1—The character has a weaker than average skeletal system.
Short, retractable finger claws—These claws use the same statistics
All falling damage is doubled, as brittle bones cannot adequately protect vital
as the Unarmed melee weapon (for more information, see section 9.5.2—Weapon
organs and tissues. The damage inflicted by a character with Skeletal Level 1 with
Parameter Definitions), but do +1 damage in addition to Unarmed damage plus
any successful unarmed attack is reduced by 1.
melee damage modifier. They retract and extend as the character wishes. When
CDP Refund: 40 extended, they have the appearance of exceptionally sharp, long, and durable
6.0 fingernails.
Skeletal Level 0—The character has an average skeletal system. Falling dam-
6.1 CDP Cost: 50
age occurs as normal. All Species automatically have Skeletal Level 0 at the start
of Character Creation. Unarmed damage is inflicted normally.
Short, retractable knuckle claws—These claws use the same
CDP Cost: 0 statistics as the Unarmed melee weapon (for more information, see section
9.5.2—Weapon Parameter Definitions), but do 1d6 +1 damage plus melee dam-
6.5 Skeletal Level 1—The character has an above average skeletal system. Falling age modifier, instead of the normal 1d4 for Unarmed. They can be retracted and
6.6 damage is halved from a distance of 50m (164.0 ft) or less , as strong bones more extended as the character desires. When extended, they have the appearance of
6.7 effectively protect vital organs. The character is immune to falling damage from 15.2 cm (6 in), sharpened bone appendages, extruding from the 4 upper knuckles.
6.8 a distance of 15 m (49.2 ft) or less. The damage inflicted with any successful
unarmed attack is increased by 1. CDP Cost: 80
6.10 CDP Cost: 50 Long, retractable knuckle claws—These claws use the same statistics
6.11 as the Unarmed melee weapon (for more information, see section 9.5.2—Weapon
Skeletal Level 2—The character has an advanced skeletal system. Falling Parameter Definitions), but do 1d8 +1 damage plus melee damage modifier,
damage is halved from a distance of 100m (328.1 ft) or less , as strong bones instead of the normal 1d4 for Unarmed. They can be retracted and extended as
more effectively protect vital organs. The character is immune to falling damage the character desires. When extended, they instantly grow to a length of 25.4–

Alpha Omega
Terran Genetic Deviations 6.8.1

30.5 cm (10–12 in), appearing as sharpened bone appendages, extruding from the Their blood does not contain enough platelets to coagulate and block the leaking
four upper knuckles. When retracted, they shrink back into the knuckle. A person veins or vessels. The duration of all bleeding effects is multiplied by 5, unless some
with this Deviation will have a tell-tale leathery covering on his/her knuckles that sort of artificial coagulant, such as a first-aid spray, chemogen, or cauterizing
parts when the claw extends. agent is used to seal the wound.

CDP Cost: 100 This Deviation cannot be taken in conjunction with the
Circulatory Levels 1 or 2 deviations.
Core Quality Species Maximum Increase |
CDP Cost: 5 Hyper-mobility (Double-jointed) | CDP
Every time this Genetic Deviation is purchased, the Cost: 40
player selects a Core Quality for which the Species Characters with Hyper-mobility have joints
Maximum increases by 10. It can be taken as that can extend beyond normal limitations,
many times for each Core Quality as the player providing a +2 bonus to the DR required for a
desires, keeping in mind that no Quality score Grapple Success Check against them, as well
can exceed 100. It is important to note that this as a +2 bonus to Break Free Checks. This
Deviation does not add +10 to the current Quality Deviation also provides a +2 to all Escape
score, it simply enables the player to raise the Artist Skill Success Checks. It can be used to
Core Quality score to 10 above the current Species provide a bonus to any other situation where
Maximum. The player still has to pay the CDP cost flexibility is paramount at the GMs discretion.
associated with raising a Core Quality score.
Improved Senses
Echo Location | CDP Cost: 80 All of the character’s senses have been improved with
This Deviation enables a character to emit a sound this Deviation.The Improved Senses Deviation provides a +2 6.0
and interpret the echoes to generate a picture in their to all Detection Skill Checks. 6.1
mind of all surfaces in a cone shape in front of them. 6.2
CDP Cost: 80
This sound can be made repeatedly to crudely track move-
ment just as sonar would underwater. The range of this
Deviation is equal to half the character’s Physis, and is Infravision | CDP Cost: 40
measured in meters. Echo Location reduces the penalty 6.5
Infravision enables characters to see outlines around
for fighting in darkness by 4. objects, creatures, or NPCs that radiate varying amounts 6.6
Lesser Grigori
of heat. Characters with this Deviation can see heat from 6.7
Gills | CDP Cost: 30 living things at ranges up to 100 m (109.4 yd). As with Low-light 6.8
vision, this range is only a suggestion and is open for interpretation. The more 6.9
Gills enable characters to breathe underwater indefinitely.
heat targets expel, the more distinct their forms are, enabling others to see them
at greater distances. Conversely, evidence of passing heat signatures, such as
Hemophilia | CDP Refund: 50 footprints, torch trails, or blood drops can be difficult to see at longer ranges. For 6.11

When characters with Hemophilia are injured, wherein blood vessels are damaged more information on Vision, see section 7.12.1—Vision and Lighting. 6.12
or severed and bleeding begins, it is very difficult to naturally stop the bleeding. 6.13

Core RuleBook
6.8.1 Terran Genetic Deviations

Low-light Vision | CDP Cost: 40

Low-light vision enables characters to see clearly in environments or situ-
ations of near darkness. Although this Deviation provides no assistance
in complete darkness, it enables characters to see very clearly up to 200
m (218.7 yd) as long as a light source provides at least the equivalent of
starlight on a clear night. Low-light Vision drastically reduces the ability
to process color, so the character’s vision is limited to shades of gray with
slight color hues at ranges closer than 20 m (21.9 yd).

The range of 200 m (218.7 yd) is only a suggestion, and can certainly change
depending on the amount of light and conditions. A full moon, in a clear sky
providing light to a character overlooking an open field would enable him/her
to see much farther than 200 m (218.7 yd), while a slight bit of light in a tunnel
deep underground would certainly limit the range to much less. For more infor-
mation on Vision, see section 7.12.1—Vision and Lighting. Nephilim

Sickly | CDP Refund: 10

A sickly character always seems to be ill. Although their immune systems may
eliminate germs quickly, they are always the first to get airborne illnesses, food
poisoning, headaches, etc. Previously Lesley noted the following about Genetic Deviations:
• Anunnaki can access Terran and Elim Genetic Deviations
• Bonus Genetic Deviation: Any 1 Body System Level
Ultravision | CDP Cost: 80
6.0 Oh, since Lesley gets to choose a Body System Level for free, she chooses Nervous
Ultravision is a combination of Low-light Vision and Infravision. Characters with
6.1 this Deviation can switch between vision types or overlap them as they see fit. System Level 1, providing +2 to Detection Skill Checks and +2 to Reaction Checks.
6.2 Being able to see in the ultraviolet spectrum may be an element some GMs may Lesley records this on her Character Sheet.
6.3 choose to implement, however this Deviation is not priced or intended to serve • Bonus Genetic Deviation: Ultravision
6.4 this purpose. For more information on Vision, please see section 7.12.1—Vision
and Lighting. Lesley’s Anunnaki can see in the infrared spectrum and in low-lit areas, a potent
Ability, which she notes on her Character Sheet.
6.7 Although Anunnaki can acquire Terran Genetic Deviations, and some of the
6.8 Deviations sounded interesting, she wants to make sure her Anunnaki is an effec-
6.9 tive Wielder and decides to hold off on purchasing any for now. She can always
1 Record your species’ starting Genetic Deviations, if any, in the Genetic return to this step later.
6.10 Deviations section of page three of your Character Sheet. Be sure to
6.11 note any game-altering effects of these abilities as well as the section Lesley did not spend any CDP in this step, everything came free as part of her
6.12 number for easy reference. Species characteristics.
6.13 [360 CDP Remaining]

Alpha Omega
Elim Genetic Deviations 6.8.2

Elim Genetic Deviations that claim to have Ophanum blood in their veins. These horns use the Unarmed
Melee Skill and have an Exertion Rating of 7 and a Maximum Attacks per
6.8.2 Segment of 2. They can be used to strike an opponent, inflicting varying damage
Elim Genetic Deviations are a form of genetic deviation that occurs based on their size:
only in species with Elim genetic building blocks; specifically the Nephilim, CDP Cost: 20—1 inch bumps, 1d4 damage plus Melee damage modifier
Lesser Nephilim, and Anunnaki. Scientists have not been able to overcome the CDP Cost: 30—2 inch horns, 1d4+2 damage, plus Melee damage modifier
severe biological rejection that accompanies any attempt to artificially insert CDP Cost: 40—4 inch horns: 1d6+2 damage, plus Melee damage modifier
Elim Genetic Deviations into Terran species. The Elim Genetic Deviations are CDP Cost: 50—6 inch Horns: 1d8+2 damage, plus Melee damage modifier
described below:
Tail | CDP Cost: 50
Battle-Cry | CDP Cost: 60
Tails are available to those characters that claim to have Ophanum blood in their
The Elim Species can unleash a fierce Battle-Cry, as a Full Action, that stems from veins. A tail can be anywhere from 1–2 m (1.1–2.2 yd) long, providing additional
a Deviation in their vocal chords and lungs. This Deviation enables them to bring balance that results in a +2 bonus to Tumble Skill Checks and Agility Resist Checks.
forth roars or shouts at extreme volume levels to intimidate opposing forces. Its
effective range is a radius of 15 m (16.4 yd), and has a Will Resist Check DR equal
to the Physis of the character that unleashed the Battle-Cry. If the Resist Check is Wings | CDP Cost: 100
successful, the resisting character or creature is unaffected by the Battle-Cry. If Wings enable characters to fly, according to Figure 7-4: Full Movement Action
the Resist Check fails, the resisting character’s Fear State Component drops by 2 Rates. Character’s whose Wings are derived from Seraph genetics are soft and
Levels for 2 Combat Cycles. A Battle-Cry does not affect a character’s friends and feathery in texture, white or off-white in color. Ophanum derived wings have
allies if they are aware the character has this Elim Genetic Deviation. finger-like appendages which act as the structural support for the wing and have
small talons protruding from the ends. The wing has a rough and leathery texture.

Colored Eyes | CDP Cost: 10

This Deviation enables a character to have eyes that are either mirror-like, solid
white, solid gray, or solid black. 6.1
1 Record your species’ starting Elim Genetic Deviations, if any, in the 6.2
Genetic Deviations section of page three of your Character Sheet. Be
Glowing Eyes | CDP Cost: 10 sure to note any game-altering effects of these Deviations as well as the
section number for easy reference. 6.4
This Deviation enables a character to have eyes that glow white, gray, yellow,
orange, or red. 6.5
Increased Regeneration | CDP Cost: 40
This Deviation increases the rate at which characters Regenerate lost HP points.
Characters with this Deviation would use a rate on Figure 6-7: Base Regeneration Previously Lesley noted the following about Elim Genetic Deviations: 6.9
Rates two rows better than the row associated with their Vitality Score. 6.10
• Anunnaki can access Terran and Elim Genetic Deviations

Horns Lesley can acquire Elim Genetic Deviations and Wings sound too fun to pass on. 6.12
They cost 100 CDP, but that still leaves her with 260. She notes the Wings on the 6.13
Horns protrude from the character’s head, appearing as anything from 2.5 cm (1
Character Sheet, and specifies they are the leathery wings derived from a domi-
in) bumps to 15.2 cm (6 in) horns. Horns are only available to those characters
nant Ophanum bloodline.

[260 CDP Remaining] Core RuleBook

6.8.2 Genetic Deviations

Genetic Deviations Summary

Name Effect
Cost Refund
Character has a genetic defect that adversely affects their lives. Could be as simple as a facial tick or as severe as a
Birth Defect - 20/50/100
missing limb.
Bleeding effects continue for 2 Cycles after they have been adequately tended to, Natural Healing occurs at half normal
Circulatory System Level -1 - 20
Circulatory System Level 0 0 - Normal Circulatory System
Circulatory System Level 1 40 - Duration of all Bleeding is halved, Natural Healing is doubled.
Circulatory System Level 2 40 - Duration of all Bleeding is divided by 4, Natural Healing occurs four times as fast as normal.
Endocrine System Level -1 - 20 -2 Dice Pool Steps when resisting Coercive Skills or Control Effects, failure results in doubled duration of Coercive
Endocrine System Level 0 0 - Normal Endocrine System
+2 Dice Pool Steps when resisting or using Coercive Skills or Control Effects, Can produce adrenaline at will to increase
Endocrine System Level 1 80 -
some Core Qualities
+3 Dice Pool Steps when resisting or using Coercive Skills or Control Effects, Can produce adrenaline at will to increase
Endocrine System Level 2 80 -
some Core Qualities
Immune System Level -1 - 20 -2 Dice Pool Steps when resisting Poison, Disease, or any other element harmful to the body
Immune System Level 0 0 - Normal Immune System
+2 Dice Pool Steps when resisting Poison, Disease, or any other element harmful to the body, Immune to all Potency
Immune System Level 1 40 -
Level 1 Poisons and Diseases
+4 Dice Pool Steps when resisting Poison, Disease, or any other element harmful to the body, Immune to all Potency
Immune System Level 2 80 -
Level 3 Poisons and Diseases
Natural Heat and Cold Damage is doubled, allowed exposure time to harmful heat and cold is halved, character suffers
Integumentary System Level -1 - 50
1 additional damage from any physical attack or Agony Effect
Integumentary System Level 0 0 - Normal Integumentary System
Natural Heat and Cold Damage is halved, allowed exposure time to harmful heat and cold is doubled, character suffers
6.0 Integumentary System Level 1 60 -
1 less damage from any physical attack or Agony Effect, able to absorb food and water through their skin
6.1 Integumentary System Level 2 60 - Immune to Heat and Cold between -40 and + 40 degrees Celsius, characters can absorb small objects into their skin
6.2 All Strength statistics found in Figure 1