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A University with Potential for Excellence

NAAC Accredited at ‘A’ Grade


Department of Post Graduate Studies in Physics

A Brief Profile

UGC-Centre of Advanced Study-I

Karnatak University, Dharwad
The University strives towards excellence in teaching – learning with relevant curriculum and
innovative research, promoting good governance and inclusiveness by providing leadership
for a knowledge society.


1. To design and teach curriculum that is contemporary, competitive and content-rich to

make students creative, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial.
2. To encourage faculty to engage in relevant and globally competitive intermulti-
disciplinary research, consultancy and extension work.
3. To provide infrastructure resources to facilitate access, equity and harmony both for
students and faculty.
4. To create the best possible academic ambience for achieving advancement of students
and faculty to be leaders in their endeavours.
5. To make administration efficient, transparent and adaptable to e-governance.

Vision of the Department

The Department of Physics strives to be recognised as a responsive centre of higher
learning and world-class research, promoting excellence, fellowship, inclusiveness and
professional and community development.

Mission of the Department

To promote excellence in teaching and research in physical sciences and foster
development/learning through quality programs focused on student success and community

Science is a perception of the world

around us. Science is a place where what
you find in nature pleases you.
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

Chairman’s Desk.....

It is my immense pleasure to place before

you a brief profile of department of physics,
giving a glance focusing on the highlights
of physics department-Vision, Mission,
Infrastructure facilities and activities etc.
With the vision to become an
outstanding response centre of higher
learning and world class research and
having mission to promote excellence in teaching and research in physical sciences,
department is doing an excellent effort for achieving its objectives…..Dr. U. S. Raikar,
Professor &Chairman,
Dept of Physics, KUD


The Department of Physics, one of the major departments in the University, was established
in 1953 with the Late Dr. N.R. Tawade, a distinguished spectroscopist, as it’s first Head.
Many distinguished persons have since served on the faculty. Guided by a strong vision and
mission, the department has not only been serving the cause of higher education but also
contributing to the overall development of northern Karnataka. It has entered into its
diamond jubilee year 2013-14. In the last sixty years the faculty has produced around 141
PhDs and published more than 736 research papers in journals of international repute. The
Department is committed to achieve academic excellence, and all-round development of its
students. The department has produced many batches of students who have excelled in
research and teaching, with some having attained recognition both at the national and
international levels, winning Bhatnagar prizes and becoming Academy fellows. Some have
become Vice-Chancellors, administrators and entrepreneurs. In recognition of its high
academic and research standards, the UGC, DST and DRDO have funded major
programmes. The UGC has recognised the department as a Centre of Advanced Study in
the thrust areas of Condensed Matter Physics and Laser Physics. The department is
associated with major research programmes namely, UGC’s UPE and CPEPA and DST’s

Courses Offered: M.Sc, M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Courses Specialization Scheme/Program

Atomic & Molecular Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
CBCS, Two year (Four
M. Sc. Electronics
Semester )
Nuclear & Particle Physics

Atomic & Molecular Physics

Condensed Matter Physics By Course work +
M. Phil.
Electronics Research
Nuclear & Particle Physics
Atomic Molecular Physics
Condensed Matter Physics By Course work +
Ph. D.
Electronics Research
Nuclear & Particle Physics

Admission Criteria:
Seats under Seats under
Courses Eligibility Total Intake
Normal fees Enhanced Fees
B.Sc. with
Physics and
Mathematics as 64 45
M.Sc. optional subjects
+ Entrance Test+
M. Phil. M.Sc + Entrance test + roster+ Vacancies as declared by the department
Ph. D. M.Sc + Entrance test + roster+ Vacancies as declared by the department

Teaching Laboratories Digital Class rooms Computer Lab Internet/ Wi-Fi Sports &Cultural Library Research Labs

 Teaching Laboratories: There are four teaching laboratories.

i) Atomic & Molecular Physics ii) Condensed Matter Physics iii) Electronics and
iv) Nuclear & Particle Physics.
 Computer Lab: There is one central computer lab with internet facility.
 Library: Library is located at ground floor which caters the needs of students for
reading. Library is well equipped with back volumes covering all science disciplines. The
wide verity of books available caters to the requirements of all the students of different
specializations. Students are allowed to take the books to their homes to study. There
are about 1200 books apart from some academic journals.
 Seminar Hall: The two class rooms with LCD connectivity can be used as either
seminar hall or Auditorium.

 Internet facility: This facility is available to the students at teaching labs, computer
lab, and Class room and to all teachers at their rooms.
 Wi-Fi facility :This facility is available to students and teaching staff in the department.
 Digital Class Rooms: All class rooms are provided with LCD and Smart board
facilities. Two impressive bigger dimension Chandrashekar and Raman halls with LCD
connectivity provide video conferencing set-up.
 Sports and Cultural activities: Department is encouraging indoor and outdoor

sports and cultural activities under the - Student club with the focal objective
of overall personality development of the student.

Atomic and Molecular Laboratory Condensed matter Physics Laboratory

Nuclear and Particle Physics Laboratory Electronics Laboratory

Department Library
Faculty Profile

Area of Research : Condensed Matter Physics

Papers Published : International -12 National- 01
h- index- 10
Citation - 55
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 14
Ph. D.Guided (03) : Produced - 02
Working - 01
M. Phil. : 01
Foreign Laboratory Visits : 01
Books published / Chapters in Edited Books : 01
SAP- CAS-I : Coordinator (2009-2013)
Dr. S S Kubakaddi, Post-Doctoral Assignments : Technical University Dresden,
M.Sc. Ph.D. Germany
Professor Emeritus Awards :(i) DAAD fellowship (2009)
(ii) Award for research paper, VGST,
by DST, Govt. Karnataka (2011)
Special Lectures Delivered : 02
Administrative Assignments : 01

Area of Research : Condensed Matter Physics

Papers Published : International -09 National- 01
h- index- 6
Citation - 174
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 06
Ph. D.Guided (06) : Produced - 01
Working - 05
M. Phil. : 01
Foreign Laboratory Visits : 02
Research Projects : 02 (PI)
Dr. N S Sankeshwar 02 (Co-PI)
M.Sc. Ph.D. Books published / Chapters in Edited Books : 01
Professor Special Lectures Delivered : 05
Administrative Assignments : 01

Area of Research : Laser Spectroscopy

Papers Published : International -17
h- index- 12
Citation - 528
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 12
Ph. D.Guided (12) : Produced - 05
Working - 07
Research Projects : 04 (PI)
Dr. S R Inamdar Books published / Chapters in Edited Books : 01
M.Sc. Ph.D. Special Lectures Delivered : 05
Professor Administrative Assignments : 04

Area of Research : Energy transfer studies in liquids, Dye

sensitized solar cells and Electronics
Papers Published : International -08, National -01
h- index- 02
Citation - 78
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 03
Ph. D.Guided (04) : Produced - 02
Working - 02
Dr. J S Kadadevarmath M.Phil : 01
M.Sc. Ph.D. Special Lectures Delivered : 05
Professor Administrative Assignments : 02

Area of Research : Metal oxide thin films, Digital signal
processing and Condensed Matter
Physics (Theory)
Papers Published : International -08,
h- index- 05
Citation - 60
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 05
Ph. D.Guided (08) : Produced - 05
Dr. J S Bhat Working - 03
M.Sc. Ph.D. M.Phil : 06
Professor Foreign Laboratory Visits : 01
Research Projects : 01 (PI)
Special Lectures Delivered : 21
Administrative Assignments : 05 (Registrar (Eval):2010 - 12)
Awards : 01

Area of Research : Experimental & Theoretical

Papers Published : International -16, National- 01
h- index- 07
Citation - 67
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 04
Ph. D.Guided (06) : Produced - 02
Working - 04
M.Phil : 01
Dr. J R Tonannavar
Research Projects : 01 (PI)
M.Sc. Ph.D.
Special Lectures Delivered : 06
Administrative Assignments : 03 (Director, USIC: Coordinator, DST-
PURSE and Head,DST-SAIF Center)

Area of Research : Nuclear & Radiation Physics

Papers Published : International -21,
h- index- 09
Citation - 83
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 07
Ph. D.Guided (07) : Produced - 02
Working - 05
M.Phil : 01
Research Projects : 03 (PI)
Dr. N M Badiger Special Lectures Delivered : 11
M.Sc. Ph.D. Administrative Assignments : 01

Area of Research : Fiber Optics, Nanoscience and
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Papers Published : International - 28
h- Index - 07
Citation - 187
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 38
Ph. D.Guided (11) : Produced - 04
Working - 07
M. Phil. : 03
Foreign laboratories Visit : 03
Research Projects : 03 (PI)
Books Published / Chapters Edited in Books : 01
Special Lectures Delivered : 51
Membership of Professional bodies : 33
Administrative Assignments : 05 (Chairman, Dept of Physics;
Director, Dharwad Regional Science
Dr. U S Raikar Centre;
M.Sc. M.Phil, Ph.D. Warden Nijalingappa Boys Hostel,
Professor & Chairman etc)

Awards : (i) Awarded State Best Science

Teacher by Govt of Karnataka.
(ii) Awarded Certificate of Merit as
Best Teacher by Rotary Club.
(iii) K.L.E. Society, honoured The
Achievement of excellence award.
(iv) Teacher fellow ship award by UGC, New Delhi.
(v) Leading professionals of the world, International Biographic centre, Cambridge,
(vi) Rashtriya Gaurav Award with certificate of excellence by International friendship
society, New Delhi.
(vii) Best Citizen of India by Best Citizen publishing house, New Delhi.
(viii) VGST Award in getting Karnataka fund for infrastructure strengthening in
Science & Technology Level-II (2013-14).

Area of Research : Material Science, Atomic & Molecular

Papers Published : International -36
h- index- 08
Citation - 174
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 35
Ph. D.Guided (08) : Produced - 04
Working - 04
M. Phil. : 04
Research Projects : 01 (PI)
Dr. L R Naik Books published / Chapters in Edited Books : 01
M.Sc. Ph.D. Special Lectures Delivered : 06
Professor Administrative Assignments : 04

Area of Research : Vibrational Spectroscopy

Papers Published : International -16, National- 01
h- index- 06
Citation - 65
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 29
Ph. D.Guided (03) : Produced - 02
Working - 01
M. Phil. : 02
Research Projects : 01 (PI)
Dr.(Smt) J V Yenagi Special Lectures Delivered : 01
M.Sc. Ph.D. Awards : 01 (VGST Best Research Paper
Professor Award 2013-14)

Area of Research : Nuclear & Condensed Matter Physics
Papers Published : International -18
h- index- 07
Citation - 189
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 47
Ph. D.Guided (06) : Working - 06
M. Phil. : 01
Dr.R F Bhajantri Research Projects : 04 (PI)
M.Sc. Ph.D. Special Lectures Delivered : 02

Area of Research : Condensed Matter Physics

M. Phil. : 02
Special Lectures Delivered : 02

S Y Amargolkar
Associate Professor

Area of Research : Condensed Matter Physics

Papers Published : International -17
h- index- 10
Citation - 458
Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop :10
Ph. D.Guided (10) :Produced - 03
Working - 07
M. Phil. : 02
Research Projects : 01 (PI)
Dr.M K Rabinal Special Lectures Delivered : 06
M.Sc. Ph.D. Administrative Assignments : 01
Professor Awards : 02

Area of Research : Electronics

Paper Presented at Conference/ Workshop : 02
Ph. D.Guided (02) : Working - 02
M. Phil. : 01
Special Lectures Delivered : 01
Administrative Assignments : 01

Dr. A H Sidrai
M.Sc. Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Nuclear Physics Research Laboratory Fiber Optics research Laboratory

Work stations for molecular modelling

Vibrational spectroscopy group
Lab funded under UGC-MRP Thin film research laboratory

Semiconductor Physics & Devices research laboratory Laser Spectroscopy Research Laboratory

“The principal requisite for success in scientific
research is not the maturity of knowledge associated
with age and experience, but the freshness of outlook
which is the natural attribute of youth".
Prof. C. V. Raman

(Areas of Research)
Research Projects (individuals) (2008-13)
Title Funding Grant Name of Completed/
Agency Sanctioned Principal Ongoing
(in Lakhs) Investigator
Electronic Properties of UGC 7.54 Completed
semiconductor nanostructures (2006-09)
Transport and optical properties of UGC 9.38 Dr. N S Sankeshwar Ongoing
Semiconductor and carbon-based (2012 -15)
Rotational dynamics of Laser dyes UGC 3.36 Completed
FRET in semiconductor quantum UGC 9.06 Dr. S R Inamdar Ongoing
dots (2010-13)
Development of FRET Biosensors BRNS, 25.06 Ongoing
DAE (2011-14)
Spectroscopic and Ab initio UGC 11.90 Dr. J R Tonannavar Ongoing
modelling studies of Hydrogen (2012-15)
bonding in some polyatomics
Studies in XRF BRNS 21.80 Completed
Nuclear fission hindrance IUAC 6.40 Dr. N M Badiger Completed
( 2007-10)
Measurement of ER spin distribution IUAC 6.40 Ongoing
using 4pi spin spectrometer (2012-15)
Structure Dependent Electric and UGC 6.93 Dr. L R Naik Completed
Magnetic Properties of Ni0.95-x (2009-12)
Cdx Cu0.05Fe2O4 +BaTiO3 ME
Experimental and DFT vibrational UGC 9.96 Dr. (Smt) J V Yenagi Completed
analysis of Chiral Bromo and Chloro (2010 -13)
substituted ethylphenyl isocyanates
and isothiocyanates
Picosecond time resolved studies UGC 4.53 Completed
and photophysical and (2007-10)
photochemical properties of
Coumarin and other higher size laser
Fiber grating sensors and BRNS, 33.00 Dr. U S Raikar Completed
applications of grating technology in DAE (2007-11)
chemical sensing and in nuclear
Green Nanotechnology Based Highly VGST 40.00 Ongoing
Sensitive Fiber Grating Chemical (2013-15)
Mechanical and Positron DAE-BRNS 22.19 Ongoing
Annihilation Studies on Electron (2010-13)
Irradiated Polymer
Positron Annihilation and DST-SERB 23.47 Ongoing
Dielectric Studies on Ion YOUNG
Conducting Polymers SCIENTIST
Preparation and Characterization DST-SERB 49.32 Dr.R F Ongoing
of Fluorescent Dye doped Bhajantri (2013-16)
Polymer Nanocomposites
Studies of Influence of organic DST 22.00 Dr. M K Completed
molecules on Semiconductor Rabinal (2009)
Surfaces & their Devices
UGC Special Assistance Programmes (Departmental)
Funding Completed/
Thrust Area Sanctioned Name of Coordinator
Agency Ongoing
(in Lakhs)
Condensed Matter UGC 68 Prof. S R Inamdar (2006-2009) Completed
Physics and Laser DSA-Phase (2005-2009)
Physics III
Condensed Matter UGC 132 Prof. S S Kubakaddi Ongoing
Physics and Laser CAS-Phase I (2009-2013); and (2009-2014)
Physics Prof. NSSankeshwar (2013-14)
Advanced Materials UGC-CPEPA 685 Prof. S.R. Inamdar (2011-16) Ongoing
Research Collaborations/Linkages
Name of Faculty Area of Research Name of Organization
Dr. S S Kubakaddi Condensed matter Physics University of Patras, Greece
(Professor emeritus ) (Theoretical) Technical University, Dr. Esden,
Technical University of Denmark,
Lyngby, Denmark
Dr. N S Sankeswar Condensed matter Physics University of Nottingham, UK
Dr. S R Inamdar Laser Spectroscopy BARC. Mumbai
Davanger University
N.C.U.F.P Chennai
JNCASR, Bangalore
Dr. J S Bhat Metal oxide Thin films Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
Mangalore University, Mangalore
Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Dr. N M Badiger Particle Physics IUAC, New Delhi

BARC, Mumbai
RRCAT, Indore
Dr. J R Tonannavar & Dr. (Ms) J V Vibrational Spectroscopy University of Helsinki, The Netherlands
Yenagi Syracuse University, USA
Dept of Chemistry, Tumkur University,
Dept of Chemistry KCD & KUD
Dr. M K Rabinal Condensed Matter Physics IISER. Pune
Dr. U S Raikar Fiber Optics and IISc, Bangalore
Fluorescence Spectroscopy RRCAT, Indore
BARC, Mumbai
CUSAT, Cochin
Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Missourie University, USA
Tumkur University
Dr,R F Bhajantri Nuclear & Condensed BARC Mumbai
matter Physics SINP Kolkata
Mangalore University

Work Shops/Seminars/etc. Organized (2008-13)
Title Date & Year Funding Support Convener/Coordinator
2-Day Seminar on Nanoscience & UGC-DSA Programme
March 7-8, 2008 Dr. S S Kubkaddi
Nanotechnology, (Phase-III)

Optoelectronics and Photonics Sept 25, 2010 IEEE Dr. U.S.Raikar

Workshop on Recent Advances in Indian Academy of

April 17 & 18,
Spectroscopy: Theory, Sciences and National Dr. J R Tonannavar
Instrumentation & Applications Academy of Science.
One-day workshop on
Oct. 8, 2010 Dr. N S Sankeshwar
Optoelectronics & Photonics
Symposium on Atomic, Molecular
Feb 22-25, 2011 DAE-BRNS Dr. S R Inamdar
and Optical Physics,
Seminar on Frontier Areas of March 28, 29
UGC (CAS –I) Dr. S S Kubakaddi
Condensed Matter Physics 2011
Role of Nuclear Energy in the
08-02-2012 NPCIL- Kaiga Dr N M Badiger
Development of India
Karnataka Science &
Current Trends in Physics (3-day 21-23 February
Technology Academy, Dr. J S Kadadevarmath
Lecture Series) 2013
Seminar on laser science and
March 8,9 2013 UGC (CAS –I) Dr. S S Kubakaddi

Training / Outreach / Extension Programs (2008-13)

Title Date & Year Funding Support Convener

Special Lecture to biology, chemistry
and physics researchers and students Aug,11, 2008 KUD Dr. S S Kubakaddi
(Interdepartmental Program)
Indian Academy of
Sciences, Indian
Refresher Courses on Experimental
National Science Dr. N S
Physics for college Teachers and PG January 4-20, 2010
Academy, and Sankeshwar
National Academy of
2-Day State level Astronomy KSCST, Govt of
Oct. 8-9, 2010 Dr. S R Inamdar
Programme for UG students Karnatak
INSPIRE Internship Camp
(Objective is to
3-7 Aug, 2010 DST, New Delhi, Dr. J R Tonannavar
attract students to Basic science
education and research)

Refresher Course on Nanoscience 2010 UGC, New Delhi Dr. U S Raikar

2-day Workshop on UG Syllabus

revision for college teachers (Phy & March 11,12, 2011 Dr. S R Inamdar
Vision Group of
Faculty development program for UG
Science &
teachers on Emerging trends in March 24-26, 2011 Dr. S R Inamdar
Karnataka Govt.,

Vision Group on
3-Day Inter-University Subject Based
Science &
Conference for PG Teachers April, 2011 Dr. S R Inamdar
Technology, GoK,
Training to 100 KUMSBS
May 22 – 24, 2012 K U Dharwad Dr. S S Kubakaddi
Training to 100 KUMSBS
May28-30, 2013 K U Dharwad Dr. S S Kubakaddi

Special Lectures Organized (2008-13)

Name of Date & Funding

Institute/organization Title
Scientist/Professor Year Support
Head Protein
Dr. M.V. Hosur 27.03.2008 Physics
crystallography Section Physics in biology
BARC Mumbai
Dept of Physics
Prof. B.A.Kagali Physics
Bangalore University, C.V.Raman 15.3.2008
Head Nuclear Physics Recent trends in nuclear Physics
Dr. R.K.Choudhary 17.3.2008
Division BARC Mumbai physics Dept
Laser science and
Prof. B N Jagatap Physics
BARC Mumbai Technology past, 29.3.2008
present and future
Contribution of Physics
in the Advanced of
Dr. R Kodandapani, Director, 3D Proteomics 11.08.2008 Physics
Modern Biology:
Inc., San Diego, U S A Dept
Physical Techniques
and Biological Relations”
Group Leader Laser & Micro technologies and
Materials Processing, their applications in 27. 11.2008 Physics
Dr. S K Nikumb,
NRC-Industrial Materials Biomedical and Dept
Institute, CANADA. Engineering Sectors
The Fascinating
Prof. S V Bhat, Dept of Physics, I I Sc., 13.12. 2008 Physics
Magnetism of
Bangalore Dept
Optical absorption in
Dr. Anand Kulkarni Nano-silicon structures Physics
CANADA 19.2. 2009
and a review on Dept
Application Engineer
MEMs and its Physics
Dr. Sripadaraja K, BigTec. PVT Ltd, 20.2. 2009
applications Dept
UV Astronomy, TAUVEX
Indian Institute of Physics
Prof. Jayantmurthy, and The Diffuse UV 3.3. 2009
Astrophysics, Bangalore, Dept
Radiation field
Prof. & Chairman
Prof. B. A. Kagali, International year of Physics
Department of Physics, 7-10-2009
Astronomy Dept
Bangalore University

Solid State Structural Introduction to Hydrogen

Prof. Gautam R.
Chemistry Unit, Indian Bonding and the Weak Physics
Desiraju, 13-10-2009.
Institute of Science, Hydrogen Bond in Dept
Bangalore Crystal Engineering.

Head Dept of Materials The Glassy state: Novel
Prof. A. L. Greer, Science and Metallurgy, Properties and Physics
University of Cambridge applications exploiting Dept
UK non-crystallinity

Vice-Chancellor, Interfacing Physics with

Prof. Swamy
Ramakrishna Mission, philosophy with special Physics
Atmapriyananda, 6-02-2010.
Vivekananda University, reference to Quantum Dept
Howra, Kolkotta Physics & Relativity.

Professor in Physics, Computational Physics

Prof. D. G. Kanhere, Physics
Department of Physics, and the Ab initio 05-03-2010.
Pune University, Pune molecular dynamics

Prof. Kailash Rustagi, Department of Physics, I. Einstein made Physics

I. T Mumbai everything simple. Dept

Nanoscience &
Department of Physics, technology with
Prof. O. N. Srivatsava, Physics
Banaras Hindu University reference to 30-03-2010
Banaras nanomaterials synthesis
& some applications
the former staff of our
Prof. M.K.Ramaswamy department was University My life as a Physicist. 2-09-2010
of Indianapolis, USA,
Prof. & Chairman,
Introduction to Physics
Prof. B. A. Kagali, Department of Physics, 28-09-2010.
Cosmology Dept
Bangalore University,

Prof. N. V. V.J. Oklahoma State Modern Physics and Physics

Swamy, University, USA, Ancient Indian Culture. Dept

One and two

Hanyang University, Physics
Prof. Young Pak Lee dimensional spin- 25-10-2010.
Seoul, South Korea Dept
photonic crystals.
Prof. Narayana Introduction to
Crystal Growth Centre, Physics
Kalkura Nanoscience in 24-03-2011.
Anna University, Chennai Dept
Bangalore University, Introduction to our Physics
Prof. B A Kagali 25-03-2011
Bangalore Universe. Dept

Dr. C V Shet (Red Professor) Zambia Special Lecture Physics

University, Zambia Computational Physics Dept

Dr. Vipin Srivastava Professor, School of Special Lecture II on

. Physics, University of “What is Consciousness 27-3-2011
Hyderabad after all”

Prof. Mihir Baran Visiting Associate IUAC

Neutron Array Setup at 14.2.2012 Physics
Chatterjee Former Professor at SINP
IUAC, New Delhi Dept
Bangalore University, 21-23,
Dr. B A Kagali, Statistical Mechanics CAS-I
Bangalore. March 2013
Dr. Ravindracharya Mangalore University, Nuclear and particle 29-30 Physics
Mangalore Physics March 2013 Dept
Scientist F, IUAC New Charged Particle Physics
Dr. N Madhavan 15-04-2013
Delhi accelerator and their Dept


Nuclear Physics
Scientist F, IUAC New Physics
Dr. N Madhavan research at the fore-front 15-04-2013
Delhi Dept
using IUAC facilities.
Centre for Advanced Neutron Scattering
Prof. Geoffery R Physics
Microscopy, University of studies in Polymer 22-10-2013
Mitchell Dept
Reading UK Science

Achievements of Students

Name of Student Course Achievement Year

Narayan Gaonkar M Sc NET 2010

Kartik Hemadri M Sc NET 2011
Akshay Kulkarni M Sc GATE 2012
Rafiq Mulla M Sc NET 2013
Vinay Kulkarni M Sc JRF, NET, JEST 2013

Future Plan of the Department (2013 – 2018)

 To become autonomous status
 To get Centre of Advance Study –II
 Seek the funds for getting the facilities for
a) Ion Beam Accelerator to carry out research in the field of basic and applied
b) Establishing Astronomy-Astrophysics, remote sensing centres.
 To introduce approved courses- Diploma in nano science, and certificate in
 To popularizing the science and promoting the culture of science and technology by
Involving research students of the department in innovative scientific programmes
organised by Dharwad Regional Science Centre. Dharwad Regional Science Centre
is situated in the Karnatak University Campus.

Administration and Contact

Chairman Registrar
Dept of Post Garaduate Studies in Physics Karnatak University Dharwad
0836-2215316 ; physicskud@gmail.com 0836-2215252

Website : www.kud.ac.in