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Houk 1

Shaun Houk

Mr. Taylor

English II Honors

23 October 2018

USMA West Point

The college I have chosen is the United States Military Academy, (West Point). I first

heard of the school in history class, learning about how it influenced the foundation of our

country. I even physically toured the campus, and boarded in the military barracks for a week at

a hockey camp there. However, I first became interested in West Point when I met my best

friend during my time living in Tampa, Florida. My friends dad was a West Point graduate, and

former military service member. His father, Col. Daniel, was a former soldier of the 75th Ranger

Regiment, and worked for the Joint Special Operations Command Center for many years. He

was also the First Captain of the cadets in his class at West Point. Through time of our

friendship, his dad shared many experiences with me, and we talked a lot about his time at West

Point and the privileges of attending the school. Ever since then, I have been interested in

attending West point, as I have also, from a young age, been interested in possibly going into the

military. My dad also served as a combat medic, and I have always considered following in his


Attending West point would benefit me in several ways. The first would be just to attend

one of the most historic colleges, known for the foundation of America, where only the finest

attended. Furthermore, West Points hockey program has drawn my interest, as I have played

hockey since I was three years old, and playing NCAA Division I hockey for the Army would be

a dream come true. This would benefit me by giving me the best of both worlds of hockey and
Houk 2

the military. Next, West Point would benefit me personally, by shaping me into a strong,

disciplined and decorated member of the United States army. USMA is one of the hardest

schools in the country to be accepted into, and only the best are selected to be a part of the

college. I would be surrounded by the best, and pushed and motivated to be my best to fit the

part. I would be benefited because I would be pushed to be the very best version of myself and

the best I can be. Also, West Point is tuition free, and would benefit myself and my family by not

having to pay the large college tuitions today. Lastly, USMA has a medical school which I have

heavily considered going into, which is also tuition free, “paid” for by residency.

Westpoint has a lot of history behind it, and has been around since the beginning of

America. It was founded on March 12, 1802. Dated back to the Revolutionary War, General

George Washington was responsible in designing the early fortifications in what was to be, a

strategic army position on the west bank of the Hudson River. According to USMA’s history

forum, “President Thomas Jefferson signed the official legislation establishing the United States

Military Academy in 1802”(“Brief History” 1). After gaining national recognition from the

victories of several wars, West Point graduates dominated the ranks of both sides of the civil

war, by generals such as Grant, Jackson and Sherman. There are many famous alumni, a list

including, Dwight E. Eisenhower, Robert E. Lee, Douglas MacArthur, Ulysses S. Grant, General

Patton, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis. In regards to the student life and course load,

West Point is among the most rigorous and most academically challenging colleges you can

attend. Course loads include: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, foreign language,

history, leadership, military history, philosophy and many more. I would be interested in joining

the Health Professions Scholarship program to attend USMA’S medical school for free.

However, in order to achieve any of this, you must first get into the school. West Points
Houk 3

admissions is a very difficult undertaking. PrepScholar outlined all the requirements for West

Point. The page showed, “The acceptance rate at West Point is 10 percent. This means of every

100 applicants, only 10 are admitted”(“West Point Requirements” 1). Furthermore, the article

displayed, “The average SAT composite at West Point is a 1340 on the 1600 scale, and the

average GPA is a 3.74”(“West Point Requirements” 1). At Westpoint, all cadets are pushed to

excellence, and are transformed into the brightest men and women, proud to serve their country.

This is ingrained into them through a rigorous daily schedule. A cadets daily life may look

something like; Breakfast formation, then breakfast. All classes begin, of 55 minutes each till

noon. At noon, lunch formation, then Dean’s hour of free time and study hall. Next, classes

continue until around four, then athletics/training/drill/workout time is started. After, comes

mandatory dinners on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. At the end of the day, cleanup duties,

small tasks and studies are performed before bed. This is the rigorous weekly schedule of a

cadet, or a “plebe”, and weekends are more relaxed. These are all the aspects of West Point. I

have heavily considered applying to this school, and if I do so, I sincerely hope that I have the

privilege to attend the United States Military Academy.

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Houk 4

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