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ASCA National Model School

Counseling Program SMART Goals Worksheet


Specific Issue Behavior Goal: Over the past 2 years we have had
What is the specific significant below the line reports from our K and 1st grade
issue based on our groups. In 15-16 our K group (graduating class of 2029)
school’s data? had a total of 55 BTL slips (or 40% of all slips), in 16-17
class of 2029 had 41 reports (29% of all below the line
slips). In 16-17 our Kindergarten class (class of 2030) had
38 BTL slips (30% of BTL reports). The most referrals came
from the areas of disruption, defiance/disrespect, and
contact/phys agg. Our 17-18 Kindergarten group can be
added to the goal due to a traditional trend of Kindergarten
BTL reports being higher and requests of Kindergarten
teachers to add additional counselor classroom lessons. See
table on p.2 for information on areas of concern in each
grade cohort.

Attainable The number of Below the Line slips regarding phys

What outcome would aggr/contact, defiance/disrespect, disruption decreased in
stretch us but is still the 2029 cohort by 8% from 15-16 to 16-17 and overall BTL
attainable? referrals were down by 11%.

We would like to see a continued decrease in all referrals in

grades K,1,2 by 20% (from 79 reports in 16-17 to 63
reports in 17-18).

Time Bound The goal will be attained by the end of the 17-18 school
When will our goal year.
be accomplished?

Measurable SWISS data reports will be monitored monthly. Pre and

How will we measure post-tests during classroom lessons in the content areas of
the effectiveness of empathy, coping skills, and problem solving will be
our interventions? administered to measure knowledge, attitudes, and skills.
Small groups will also be conducted for the identified K,1,2
students. Data will be compared from 16-17 to 17-18.
Results-Oriented Process Data: the number of students in grades K,1,2 (203)
Is the goal reported in Perception Data: Pre/Post tests on Empathy, problem
results-oriented data solving, and Coping skills.
(process, perception Outcome Results: SWISS data from the end of 16-17 year to
and outcome)? the end of the year 17-18.

Based on the information above, write a single goal statement sentence

Example: By the end of the year, the number of discipline referrals will decrease
by 20 percent.

By June 2018 the number of physical aggression/contact, defiance/disrespect, and

disruption in grades K,1,2 will decrease by 20% (from 79 reports at the end of 16-17
school year to 63 reports by the end of the 17-18 school year). SWISS Data

Kindergarten 15-16 1st Grade 16-17 Kindergarten 16-17

Defiance/Disrespec Defiance/Disrespec Defiance/Disrespect

t t 5

17 13
Disruption Disruption Disruption

13 8 4
Phys Cont/Agg Phys Cont/Agg Phys Cont/Agg

12 11 17
Total = 42/137 Total = 32/141 Total 26/141 (18%)

(31%) (23%) Total for this year =

Total for K this year Total for this year 38/141 (30%)

= 55/137 (40%) = 41/141 (29%)