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MISS -LOU MAGAZINE Jan. 2-15, 2019

Natchez, Mississippi

Local news Rinaldi

by Peter Rinaldi
City hurts its citizens
As you may remember, more than 50
Natchez residents (styled as appellants Rene
Adams et. al.) have joined to together and filed
Grand Gulf’s nuclear power plant has been a lawsuit in Adams County Circuit Court, ar-
running at reduced or no power for months at a time guing that the Natchez Mayor and Board of Al-
since 2016. Concerns over safety and reliability dermen acted illegally when it gave the
have prompted shutdowns. Unplanned outages have General Hospital property to Magnolia Med-
occurred on a regular basis, forcing the Nuclear ical Foundation for development of senior cit-
Regulatory Commission to lower the plant’s safety izen apartments. The group is suing the city
rating. Now the facility is running at 18 percent ca- (mayor and aldermen) as well as Magnolia
pacity, which makes its operation unprofitable. En-
tergy owns 90 percent of the plant. Entergy has
The Natchez Festival of Music and the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life present
invested several hundred million dollars and hired “Cabaret Under the Dome” Jan. 17 from 7- 9 p.m. at Temple B’nai Israel. The evening of Broadway For purposes of record, you should know
200 employees in recent years to try to improve the and opera classics will be performed by singers from across the South. The concert will be followed the brave citizens that have taken on the task
plant’s performance. Consumers should see higher by refreshments. Tickets are $15 and are available at natchezcabaret.brownpapertickets.com All pro- of fighting city hall. They include: Rene
electricity rates in the future, as the company strug- ceeds benefit the Temple B’Nai Israel Restoration and Preservation Fund. Adams, Robert Adams, Byron Aldridge, Linda
gles to keep the plant safe and efficient Bailey, Tom Bailey, Paul Benoist, Raymond

Single-payer health care

Bonnette, Larry Buckley, Barbara Colwell, Bill
Constable Michael Kelly of Ferriday tried to Dale, Cammie Dale, Mary de Benedetto,
deliver a legal eviction notice in Oct. 2017 on a Fer- Amanda Eidt, Jacob Eidt, Jacqueline Biggs-
riday woman who had not paid her rent, Instead, Eidt, Kate Ferguson, Kaylin Frederickson,
four Ferriday police officers, Corey Hall, Jolanda
by John Stossel health care; it’s because Sarah Freeman, Vicki Fowlkes, Ed Gaudet,
Grayson, John Hawkins and Clarence Hawkins ar-
rested him and charged him with battery, home in- America needs single-payer health care, say fewer of them are fat; Tom Geoghegan, Bridget Green, Carolyn
vasion, damage to property and resisting an officer progressives. That’s a system where govern- fewer crash cars; and they Guido, Gary Guido, Stephen Guido, Lorraine
with force. All charges were later dropped. Now ment pays doctors and hospitals, and no sick shoot each other less Hampton, Richard Hess, Edward Killelea,
Kelly has filed a federal suit against the officers, the person has to worry about having enough often. “Take out (obesity), Jerold Krouse, Cindy Meng, Cheryl Peter-
town and the Ferriday Police Department, saying the money to pay for care. After all, they say, car accidents and gun vi- mann, John Petermann, Maureen Radzewicz,
defendants are liable for damages since they vio- “Health care is a “right!” olence, the difference in Dorothy Ranier, Matthew Riggins, Fred St.
lated the constable’s constitutional rights. Kelly also “Who pays for it?” asks Chris Pope, “And life expectancy disappears Clair, Helena St. Clair, Jim Sanders, Tamara
seeks compensation for the several days he spent un- that’s really not a rights question.” entirely,” Pope says. Scales, Josiah William Seibert III, Martha
justifiably in jail as a result of his false imprison- Pope studies health care systems for the Also, government-run Seibert, Stella Sharp, Elizabeth Swalm, Fran
Manhattan Institute. In my newest video, Pope systems save money by freeloading off Amer- Trappey, James Wade and Tabitha Wroten.
Adams County Circuit Clerk Eddie Walker explains that although many Americans think ican innovation. American drug companies, This group has put up their own money to fight
plans to retire from his job at the end of 2019. He that Canada and most of Europe have single- funded by American customers, fund most of the good fight, trying to force the city to act
has served in the post since 2007. The following payer systems, that’s not really true. the world’s research and development of phar- legally and responsibly.
people are considering a run for his job next year: “In Germany, employers provide most of maceuticals. New drugs and devices are expen- The city allegedly did not follow its own
Eva Givens, Jennifer “Lady J.” Minor, Charlie Vess, the health care ... just as they do in the United sive, so oftentimes in Britain, says Pope, “Request For Proposal rules.” Magnolia Med-
Daye Dearing and Ricky Warren. States,” he says. France and Switzerland also “whenever a new drug comes on the market ical’s proposal was accepted after the timeline
HHH offer multiple options, public and private, and that can save lives, the government just doesn’t for such acceptance had already passed. Mag-
Adams County Tax Assessor Reynolds Atkins most people buy private health insurance. have the funds to pay for it.” nolia Medical did not submit a certified check
will not stand for re-election in 2019. Atkins said he Some of the Swiss government subsidies are Patients, accustomed to accepting whatever of deposit for $5,000 as required. The proposal
wants to spend more time with this family. Atkins is
similar to those of Obamacare. government hands out, don’t even know about was supposed to include a business plan and a
credited with modernizing his office and bringing
professional assessment techniques to the job. He But Canada, England, Norway, Cuba and a advances available elsewhere. detailed financial plan. None was submitted
was first elected in 1995. His chief deputy, Michael few other countries do have genuine single- Single-payer systems also save money by and no resources for development were docu-
Pace, will run for the position. payer. I’m constantly told that it works well — rationing care. Hence the long waiting times mented. Magnolia Medical asserted in its pro-
HHH people get good care and never have to worry for treatments declared “nonessential” in posal, that its commitment was not binding, if
An Adams County couple were found dead, about a bill. They spend less on health care and Canada, Britain and, for that matter, at Ameri- it could not secure funding or the cooperation
huddled together in the cold, in a storage building live longer. can veterans hospitals. The VA’s problems are of the local community. No commitment of
on Kudzu Lane. Alice Marie Thomas, 65, and Tippie Pope says that claim is naive. similar to what’s happened in Britain’s Na- funding was included and so far, the local input
Proby Jr., 61, probably died from carbon monoxide They do live longer in many of those coun- tional Health Service. from local residents has been negative. There-
See News, page 8 tries, but it’s not because they get superior See Stossel, page 7 See Rinaldi, page 3

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Rinaldi cont’d. from page 1 their suit should be thrown out.

Filing to counter the motion for dismissal, Come In Now!
fore, by its own language, Magnolia Medical’s the appellant group cited Mississippi cases
application should be rejected by the city and
the court as well.
Additionally, the city’s deadlines for the
with similar circumstances, including one in
which the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled
that neighbors of the Natchez Pecan Factory
Pay 1 Month &
RFP do no match those advertised in the public could file suit and object to a transfer of the
notice. When the issue was brought up for a
vote in the aldermen’s meeting, it had not been
put on the agenda and lacked proper notice to
the public. The transfer of the property is not
property, since what happened to the factory
affected their lives, their properties and the
well-being of their neighborhood.
Judge Al Johnson ruled for the appellants,
Get 3 Months FREE!
actually a sale under the city’s RFP, but rather denying Latham’s request for dismissal. The Great Prices on XBox, Pads, PS4, Laptops & Stereos
an illegal gift or donation from the city taxpay- judge said that clearly the citizen group does
ers to a private organization, an act prohibited have standing upon which to file its case. The
by law. aldermen voted to accept Joyce Arceneaux-
The resident group has put forward a com- Mathis’ motion to give Magnolia Medicals the
pelling argument that the RFP was handled im- contract and the property. Johnson said it was
properly and illegally. The city did not handle not a motion to negotiate further but a firm
its RFP under its own stated terms and the sale business decision.
was actually a gift and therefore illegal. As Latham had tried the phony-baloney pitch
such, appellants make a good case that the and failed. The city cannot win its case on
city’s award to Magnolia Medical should be merit since it has none.
overturned and rescinded by the circuit court. Mayor Grennell and the Board of Aldermen
City hall has also taken the absurd position prefer to award a financially unqualified com-
that it is better to argue this matter out in court, pany an illegal contract and spend tens of thou-
earning City Attorney Bob Latham huge fees sands of your tax dollars on a series of
to supplement his income, even though our unjustifiable legal claims to help ole Bob. The
leaders know they acted illegally. It’s a win-win method is crafty and unethical, based on a false Best Time
for Mr. Latham, whose filings, counter-filings, premise, that Magnolia Medical followed the
hearings, settlement talks, appeals, etc., will be RFP and that city government did, too. to Buy!
funded by the taxpayer. Anyone who tells you that Mayor Darryl
Latham counter-argued that the appellant and his allies on the Board are sincerely inter-
group could legally appeal the city’s decision ested in the welfare of Natchezians and the fu-
to award a contract, because the actual terms ture of the city should read carefully the public
of the contract had not been settled as yet. The documents filed with the circuit clerk on this
city said none of the appellants had submitted case. The pages reveal the same style of polit-
a proposal for development or have the ability ical intrigue used in the revamping of the city’s
to say they’ve been discriminated or disadvan- waste contract, which when exposed, showed
taged by the working out of an agreement with a dark and sinister side to city hall politics.
Magnolia Medical. Latham said the circuit Those machinations also cost ratepayers more
court should dismiss the case against the city than a 30% increase in garbage fees.
because of these conditions. He argued that the This administration tries to surround itself
appellants do not have “standing” and therefore See NEWS, page 5

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Homestead Deadline: Screen Printing

April 1, 2019 Headquarters
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1) purchase a new home or trailer;
2) spouse deceased during 2018;
3) reached the age of 65 or became permanently
disabled on or before Jan. 1, 2019;
4) received ownership of property by will, divorce,
or any cause through court; and
5) if there are changes, be sure to provide the tax
assessor’s office with car tag number and proof of age.

If you signed homestead exemption during 2018

or before and made none of the above changes, your
homestead exemption will be automatically renewed.
It is not necessary to come by the office. For answers
to your questions, call the tax assessor’s office
at 601-442-6732.

Reynolds Atkins 601-653-6924

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this country who don’t really know how or call the travel agent and book a European va- the bills after taxes. Let’s say, for example, you have to be stern and im-
when they will see another paycheck, chances cation! determine that amount is $4,000 a month. movable when it comes to
are you’re either unemployed or self-em- Does any of this sound familiar? You, the employer, need to take a long hard paying yourself. You, the
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ployed, except for an unemployment check. they can’t live according to a budget because (If not, you may be looking at more of a daycare from the business
If you are a freelancer or consultant, or you they never know how much money they’ll have hobby than a business, in which case you may account, and you certainly
work in commission sales, the arts or some to live on from one month to the next. need to keep your day job while getting your cannot expect a raise
other form of self-employment and you don’t If you have any hope of becoming success- business financially healthy so you can hire every month. Your salary is $4,000 (or the
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www.miss-loumagazine.com Miss-Lou Magazine January 2-15, 2019 Page 5
lessers that plagues us. You can argue both
Rinaldi cont’d. from page 3 sides or many sides of an argument, but dis-
in an atmosphere of kind words, prayers, har- cussing policy or practice with leaders who are
mony speeches and an “all-working-together- basically not honest is a waste of time and
philosophy” that is often undercut by a trail of money. So the legal fight is on.
subterfuge and falsehoods. It has a distinctly Natchez remains in peril.
sneaky and underhanded way to maneuvers.
Witness the myriad and unjustified firings and Robust democracy
disciplinary actions taken against city person- With the new Buz Craft reform administra-
nel. This is just more of the same. tion fully in charge, changing the way Vidalia’s
In a time of our present crisis (the crime government runs, voters and taxpayers have
outbreak), the mayor and aldermen seem un- benefitted. Nearly all dealings are open and
likely to lead us out of messes. They will in- above board, submitted to the aldermen for dis-
stead create more. You cannot get good and cussion, rather than just the normal rubber-
capable leadership from people who lack a stamping that occurred in the Copeland days.
sound moral base, persons who don’t exhibit So far, Sabrina Dore, Tron McCoy and Tommy
ethics or embrace legality. They move from Probst appear to have formed the Anti-Buz
failure to failure. Coalition, aldermen willing to challenge almost
It’s often said that voters only have the every move of the mayor and his staff.
lesser of evils to choose from when electing of- This has its rewards, too, as the debates
ficeholders. Perhaps it’s actually that evil of See RINALDI, page 6

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Rinaldi cont’d. from page 5 direction. This is the result of the work of
Mayor Craft, administrator Bill Murray and all
have been wide open, allowing voters to really the aldermen, both the loyalists and the oppo-
know what’s going on behind the scenes. Such nents. Budgeting is more careful and lawful.
debates have also revealed some of the foolish- Bookkeeping is more accurate and issues not
ness of the opposing actors, whose intellectual hidden. Personnel are required to be account-
skills are not quite what they should be to make able. Some cost savings have been made, the
a coherent and credible stand. Sometimes the issue of utility costs and revenues examined.
fights show the aldermen opponents as unnec- And the town has moved forward with Syrah
essarily confrontational and without a knowl- and Vidalia Denim, potential plusses for the en-
edge of the facts. tire Miss-Lou. How the new broadband-inter-
These wranglings have brought Mayor net center and Vidalia Port fit in the mix is still
Craft and the other aldermen to exasperation uncertain. These initiatives, started by the
and anger at times, pushing the mayor to speak Mayor Hyram Copeland and his allies on the
or act in haste. No matter whose side you’re on, former board, may result in advancement or
it’s good to see these arguments flare. Such is just more expense. The Craft administration re-
real democracy in action, something Vidalia mains committed to the projects.
residents haven’t had for awhile. Right now, most voters and taxpayers

Health Care
Despite the fireworks, it’s important to re- should like what they see in Vidalia city gov-
mind everyone on the Vidalia political stage ernment. Progress is being made. And democ-
that the city appears to be heading in the right racy is working.

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Helping Families Design & Create

Stossel cont’d. from page 1 wonder whether this is more about spite than it
is about improving people’s health.”

Unique Works of Art Since 1953

“In England,” says Pope, “rarely a week All of this doesn’t mean the system in the
goes by without a crisis or another in the health U.S. should stay as it is.
care system being part of the news. This year, Government already does too much here.
there was a crisis in emergency room care — People say America has free-market health
people left in hallways for hours and hours.” care, but we don’t, and we haven’t since World
Critics of U.S. health care say waiting in War II. Government and government-subsi-
line is better than getting no care, which is what dized insurance companies currently spend
happens to Americans who cannot afford to most of America’s health dollars. If politicians
pay. here really want to improve things, they should
But is that true? Pope points out that Amer- try letting the market function.
ica already has “over a trillion dollars a year in Let hospitals compete. Right now, state laws
public spending, really, to provide health care won’t even allow new private hospitals unless
to people who don’t afford it.” Also, American a regional board — often made up of people af-
emergency rooms treat anyone who comes in. filiated with already-existing hospitals — de-
By contrast, single-payer means taxpayers’ clares a “need” for a new one and it registers
funds are spent on everyone — even people with the American Hospital Association.
who can afford to pay for their own care. That Let insurance companies compete for your
means there’s less left for the truly needy. The business. American tax laws push workers to
affluent often escape government’s waiting employer-funded coverage. Equalize the tax
lines and treatment limits by buying private law and more individuals would pick the cov-
health insurance. erage best suited for them.
In Britain, millions of people purchase pri- Pope says, “If we move towards a health

Since 1953, our company, Natchez Monument Company,

vate insurance, says Pope. care system where individuals were more re-
At least they still have that option. sponsible for shopping around ... people would
has proudly served the Miss-Lou and its families with
In America, Sen. Bernie Sanders says glee- choose a better system.”

the very important selection of memorialization, ensuring

fully that he wants to put private insurance John Stossel is author of “No They Can’t!

quality, service and affordability.

companies “out of business.” Why Government Fails — But Individuals Suc-
Hearing that, Pope replied, “makes you ceed.”

As owners, we too have lost loved ones and know all too well that
purchasing a monument should never be a contest between a
Hunt cont’d. from page 4 As one who has been self-employed for

salesman and a customer, but rather a consultation on beautiful,

many years, I can tell you there is little in life
cover your paychecks even during months that is more fulfilling, personally satisfying
unique and affordable choices that may best honor a love one.
when business is very slow. and, at the same time, challenging than being
As things go well and the business is con- both the employer and employee.

Our slogan is “tell a story of a life well-lived” and we take pride

sistently bringing in more than is going out, It’s all a matter of buckling up, holding on

in helping tell all those important stories.

you might consider sitting down with yourself tight and determining that no matter what, you
to negotiate a raise. But weigh the pros and will enjoy the ride!

601 Hwy. 61 North

cons. Move back and forth between being a Mary invites questions, comments and tips
prudent businessperson and a needy employee, at mary@everydaycheapskate.com, or c/o

erring on the side of keeping the business fi- Everyday Cheapskate, 12340 Seal Beach Blvd.,

nancially viable. Suite B-416, Seal Beach, CA 90740.

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Page 8 Miss-Lou Magazine January 2-15, 2019 www.miss-loumagazine.com
provide chauffeur and driver service for Mayor Dar- provide the service for about a month or month-and- out the fire quickly. The home suffered moderate
News cont’d. from page 1 ryl Grennell. a-half near the beginning of the mayor’s term. But fire, smoke and water damage. No one was injured.
poisoning. Their storage shelter did not have elec- The posts had questioned whether it was a good now officers do not provide such personal service. HHH
tricity, but the couple was using a portable generator idea for the mayor to take cops off the street to drive HHH Census estimates show the area’s population
to run a few appliances. him to and from the airport or out of town while he Firefighters fought a second-story blaze at 138 continues to decline. Here are the 2016 population
HHH traveled on city business. Frye said the officers did Homochitto Street in Natchez and were able to put See NEWS, page 10
Property tax collected in Concordia Parish for

More than 80 years of service...

2018 totaled just under $14 million, down $300,000
from the year before. The decrease in collections
was due to the shutdown of Fruit of the Loom.
An Adams County woman was attacked by two
put bulls at Plantation Mobile Home Park in
Natchez. Lindsay Barber, 26, suffered facial and
body injuries and is recovering from her wounds.
The dogs were turned over to the sheriff’s office, and
the district attorney will decide whether charges will
be filed against the owners. The dogs are expected
to be euthanized.

Young’s Funeral Home has been there

Adams County Sheriff’s deputies are investi-

for you and your family

gating the deaths of two dogs. The dogs were shot
and their bodies dumped in a ditch on Kingston

with caring service

Road. Investigators found one of the dog’s collars
covered in blood at a nearby hunting camp. But no
one was at the camp.

Honoring the memory

Ferriday Rotary Club member Billy Rucker
has been named a Paul Harris Fellow. The fellow-

of your loved one...

ship is awarded to Rotary members who have do-
nated $1,000 or more or had $1,000 donated in their
name to Rotary International’s educational pro-

Leo & Leah Young

The Vidalia Garden Club announced the win-
ners of its Christmas Lighting Contest. Homes hon-
ored for their decorations included those of Dr. and
Mrs. Kevin Ingram, Diana Rodriguez, Mr. and Mrs.
Ricky Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Dusty Oaks, Jolene
Kenney and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Strong.
Ferriday may hire a town school resource offi-
cer to work the schools. Principals report more dis-
cipline issues, including students frequently fighting.
The Natchez Preservation Commission ap-
proved the redesign of the courtyard at the Eola
Hotel. The wall facing Pearl Street and the fountain

609 E.E. Wallace Blvd., Ferriday, 318-757-3636

inside the wall will be removed and new planters and
lighting installed. The hotel is being remodeled to

Highway 84 West, Jonesville, 318-339-7950

include larger, luxury rooms by businessman-attor-
ney Robert Lubin in partnership with Magnolia

200 Carter St. Vidalia, 318-336-1300

Bluffs Casino. Lubin hopes the construction will be
finished and the hotel re-opened in late 2019.
4502 Front St., Hwy. 15, Winnsboro, 318-435-7007
Responding to Facebook posts, Natchez Police
Captain Scott Frye said police officers no longer

Need new furniture?

1598 Carter St., Vidalia, 318-336-8888, 318-336-4310

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www.miss-loumagazine.com Miss-Lou Magazine January 2-15, 2019 Page 9

Hand that rocks the ladle

by Amy Alkon newfound love of cooking
Dear Amy: I’m a 57-year-old twice-di- to bring a social circle to-
vorced man. Though I never wanted to get to a gether around your dining
point where romance wouldn’t be in my big room table. Invite friends
picture, I’m feeling done with it. I’ve replaced over every Friday or so to
dating and getting married again with gourmet dine or even help you
cooking for one. I’m really enjoying it, but it make dinner.
worries me. Is it okay to be done? — Single Dear Amy: I’m a 42-
And Culinary year-old woman, and I’ve
Dear Single: According to some research, been dating the guy in the
married people do live longer. However, that’s town house next door for two years. I love him,
sometimes just because they were unsuccessful and I’d like to get married, but he has always
at killing each other. taken me for granted. My friends say I’m too
There’s this notion that your life is pretty available. Yes, I’m always there for him, always
much a black chasm of nothingness if you’re picking up the phone or texting back right
without a “significant other.” Psychologist away, etc. Why is this a bad thing? I’m loyal
Bella DePaulo blames this thinking on what and caring. Also, I’m not sure how I could be
she calls “the cult of the couple.” DePaulo, who less “available” when he lives next door. —
researches the elements of being satisfyingly Undervalued
single, marvels at “the strange implication” (in Dear Undervalued: Being neighbors is so
a paper by noted marriage researchers) “that convenient: “Hi...could I just borrow your
people without a stable sexual relationship are stepladder and have a little sex for, like, an
wandering adrift with open wounds and shiv- hour?”
ering in their sleep.”
Though we humans evolved to be interde-
Unfortunately, being ready, willing, avail-
able and conveniently located is not exactly the
Dustin C. Rinaldi, CFP®, AWMA®, EA
pendent — people who need people — we launch pad to romantic longing. Consider that Founder & Wealth Advisor
don’t have to be sleeping with those people on the restaurant everybody wants to go to is the
the reg for them to count. In fact, having good one where getting a table requires Hollywood
Rinaldi Wealth Management
friends and close acquaintances you can rely connections plus selling two-thirds of your soul 27499 Riverview Center Blvd, Building 5, Suite 237
on is associated with a whole bunch of physical to bribe the maitre d’. The food there might not Bonita Springs, FL 34134
and mental health benefits, including better be substantially better than that of the bistro up
cardiovascular health, increased happiness, and the street. But exclusivity — how tough it is to Office: 239.444.6111 Fax: 239.444.6112
decreased stress and depression. book a table — elevates the apparent value of Email: Dustin@RWMadvisor.com
Interestingly, research increasingly suggests a place. Website: www.RWMadvisor.com
that providing social support may be even bet- There’s a related concept in relationships,
ter for you than getting it — psychologically “the principle of least interest.” The term was
and physically. A study co-authored by psychi- coined in the 1930s by a sociologist, Willard 10 Investment Mistakes to Avoid
atrist Randolph Nesse on elderly people who Waller, and it describes how the person who
1. Go with the herd. If everyone else is buying it, it must be good, right?
regularly did generous acts for others in their has the least interest in continuing a relation-
Wrong. Investors tend to do what everyone else is doing and are overly opti-
lives is one of a number that find an association ship has the most power over it. (Modern re-
mistic when the market goes up and overly pessimistic when the market goes
between being a “giver” and increased life ex- search by sociologist Susan Sprecher supports
down. For instance, in 2008, the largest monthly outflow of U.S. domestic eq-
pectancy. Conversely, Nesse theorizes that the Waller’s theory.)
uity funds occurred after the market had fallen over 25% from its peak. And in
rising tide of depression in our society has roots Sadly, your boyfriend most likely has a set
2011, the only time net inflows were recorded was before the market slid over
in how disconnected many of us are, leading to opinion of your value, so your chances of get-
a deficit in the level of kindness we evolved to ting more appreciation from him are probably
give and receive. blown.
2. Put all of your bets on one high-flying stock. If only you had invested all
Well, you’re set up perfectly to extend your- Ultimately, it’s important to work on your-
your money in Apple 10 years ago, you’d be a millionaire today. Perhaps, but
self for others — like by handing them a plate self so you’ll be worth any one’s time and effort
what if, instead, you had invested in Enron, Conseco, CIT, WorldCom, Wash-
of your gourmet chow. Consider using your to get.
ington Mutual, or Lehman Brothers? All were high flyers at one point, yet all
have since filed for bankruptcy, making them perfect candidates for the down-
wardly mobile investor.

3. Buy when the market is up. If the market is on a tear, how can you lose?
Just ask the hordes of investors who flocked to stocks in 1999 and early 2000
— and then lost their shirts in the ensuing bear market.

4. Sell when the market is down. The temptation to sell is always highest when
the market drops the furthest. And it’s what many inexperienced investors tend
to do, locking in losses and precluding future recoveries.

5. Stay on the sidelines until markets calm down. Since markets almost never
“calm down,” this is the perfect rationale to never get in. In today’s world, that
means settling for a miniscule return that may not even keep pace with infla-

6. Buy on tips from friends. Who needs professional advice when your new
buddy from the gym can give you some great tips? If his stock suggestions are
as good as his abs workout tips, you can’t go wrong.

7. Rely on the pundits for advice. With all the experts out there crowding the
Welcome to Walker Automotive in Alexandria airwaves with their recommendations, why not take their advice? But which

Walker Automotive brings an impressive selection of new

advice should you follow? Just remember that what pundits sell best is them-

and pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs to Louisiana

and Mississippi drivers. Our Mercedes-Benz dealership has
8. Go with your gut. Fundamental research may be OK for the pros, but it’s
much easier to buy or sell based on what your gut tells you. Had problems

worked hard to earn our reputation as a customer-first

with your laptop lately? Maybe you should sell that IBM stock. When it comes

business, and we strive to deliver sales and servicing

to hunches, irrationality rules.

experiences commensurate with the Mercedes-Benz brand. 9. React frequently to market volatility. Responding to the market’s daily ups

If you want to buy a new or used Mercedes-Benz,

and downs is a surefire way to lock in losses. Even professional traders have a

get maintenance for the luxury car you already own

poor track record of guessing the market’s bigger shifts, let alone daily fluctua-

or simply want to discuss your financing options,

Walker Automotive is here to help.
10. Set it and forget it. Ignoring your portfolio until you’re ready to cash it in
gives it the perfect opportunity to go completely out of balance, with past win-
ners dominating. It also makes for a major misalignment of original investing
goals and shifting life-stage priorities.

1 Sources: ICI; Standard & Poor’s. The stock market is represented by the S&P 500, an unmanaged
index considered representative of large-cap U.S. stocks. These hypothetical examples are for illus-
trative purposes only, and are not intended as investment advice.

© 2015 Wealth Management Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

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WALKER AUTOMOTIVE Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through In-
dependent Financial Partners, a registered investment advisor. Independent Financial Partners and Ri-
6655 Coliseum Blvd., Alexandria naldi Wealth Management are not owned or controlled by LPL Financial. Charles Schwab, Fidelity
Investments, and TD Ameritrade are separate entities from LPL Financial, Independent Financial Part-
Sales: 877-365-1756 Service: 888-677-6249 Parts: 888-649-5752 ners, and Rinaldi Wealth Management.
Page 10 Miss-Lou Magazine January 2-15, 2019 www.miss-loumagazine.com

Nothing is
met in Harrisonburg with Enterprise Water Works
News cont’d. from page 8 board members. The water works is over $500,000
estimates by county and parish and the estimated in debt. The water supply for customers has a high

more precious
percentage of population loss since 2010: Adams content of lead, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and
32,248 (-3.2%), Franklin 7,782 (-4.1%), Wilkinson iron. Improvements needed include a new ground

than your
9,047 (-8.4%), Jefferson 7,297 (-.5.6%), Claiborne storage site, a booster pumps, a booster station and
9,139 (-4.8%), Amite 12,458 (-5.1%), Concordia elevation of the existing storage tank. The state is
19,920 (-4.3%), Catahoula 9,921 (-4.7%), and Ten- expected to provide some technical and engineering

sas 4,597 (-12.5%). help and spearhead a loan package for the water
HHH works for improvements. Customers’ rates may dou-
Natchez has suffered two murders in the last ble.
few weeks. Don Adams, 29, was shot dead on West HHH

That’s why you should have an eye exam now.

Stiers Lane. Makailius L. Johnson, 18, was shot and The Natchez National Park at Melrose and the
killed on East Stiers Lane and his friend, another 18- William Johnson House are closed temporarily due
year-old man, wounded. All three victims were from to the federal government shutdown.
Natchez. Police haven’t said if they have suspects. HHH

Treating children & adults

Officers investigating the crimes were led to several Natchez Mayor Darryl Grennell asked citizens
assault rifles hidden in a grassy area covered with to attend a community-wide prayer meeting at Zion

Full optical dispensary

leaves. At least one of the rifles had been stolen in a AME Chuch. Mayor Grennell, Sheriff Travis Patten

Comprehensive eye exams

break-in at the Sports Center earlier this year. and Police Chief Walter Armstrong held a press con-
Natchez had 12 murders in 2018. Rural Adams ference at city hall to discuss the city’s growing

Diagnosis & treatment of eye diseases

County, outside of the city limits, had two. crime problem and the run of murders in the com-
HHH munity. The city recently installed some surveillance

Specialty contact lens fittings

Officials from the Louisiana Governor’s office See NEWS, page 11

Sports goggles
Prescription sunglasses

Brand names include:

Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors
Tory Burch, Maui Jim, Costas, Coach

We accept: Bayou Health Plans

Louisiana Medicaid, VSP
Always Care, Eye Med, Superior Vision

EYE Center
Dr. Dick

210 Serio Blvd, Ferriday, 318-757-3440

TownePlace Suites by Marriott is an extended stay

hotel where you can balance work and life as you like,
Medical Scrubs
with the comfort, flexibility and affordability you require. Giant Selection! Women’s, Men’s
Relax and feel at home with a fully equipped kitchen Unisex, Latest Styles and Colors
and high-speed Internet access. Top Names: Grey’s Anatomy Smitten,
Cherokee, Urbane Landau, Dickies

School Uniforms for

All Area Schools
Free Logo with Shirt, Sweatshirt
or Jacket. In stock: Jumpers
Long Sleeve Shirts & Slacks

86 luxury rooms, 24-hour fitness center Dancewear

outdoor grilling space, outdoor fire pit Children’s Shoes
outdoor pool, putting green
FREE BREAKFAST, pet friendly Embroidery Available

You’re Invited to Our Businesspersons Evening Social

Tuesday, January 15 for Free Food & Refreshments

215 Front Street, Vidalia, La.

www.towneplacesuites.com 100 D’Evereux Dr., Natchez 601-446-7960
www.miss-loumagazine.com Miss-Lou Magazine January 2-15, 2019 Page 11

Locals & Tourists Love Our Food!

Debra Blackwell has been sworn in as the new
News cont’d. from page 10 circuit judge for the Sixth Judicial District. She will
cameras around town to help deter crime and catch serve along side Judge Lillie Blackmon Sanders.

Best in Natchez Open Mon-Sat 11a-2p, 5:30-9:30p

criminals. The three men pledged to work with the Blackwell fills the post held by Judge Al Johnson,
who is retiring.
community to help stop the shootings and lessen
crime. The mayor also held a series of radio broad-
casts with invited guests on WTYJ to talk about the TownePlace Suites on the Vidalia riverfront has
problem. opened for business. The 86-room luxury hotel of-
HHH fers single occupancy studio rooms and two-bed-
room suites.
Ridgecrest continues its plans to connect its
water system to Ferriday. Engineering studies are
underway and Ridgecrest is expect to ask the USDA Co-Lin Community College Natchez Campus
for a low-interest loan to accomplish the work. Spring Orientation and Registration will be Jan. 3
Town fathers met and also approved a revised 2018 beginning at 1 p.m. in the Redd/Watkins Career-
budget with $176,000 in expenses and $6,000 in net Technical Center, Nelson Multipurpose room. New
operating income. Aldermen also authorized a 2019 students hear about campus services meet with ad-
budget with $133,000 in expenses. visors, register for classes, meet with the business
HHH office and have their IDs made in preparation for
Circuit Judge Al Johnson gave drug dealer school. On-ground classes start Jan. 7. Co-Lin’s
Wilmer Howell “Dub” Rogers a 10-year suspended two-year academic programs can lead to an associ-
sentence for possession of $250,000 of marijuana. ate degree and are accepted by colleges in Missis-
Rogers served 90 days in jail and paid a $50,000 fine sippi and other states in preparation for a four-year
to earn his quick release. degree. The college also offers career-technical-vo-
HHH See NEWS, page 12

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Homemade Cakes & Desserts, Italian Gelato

Full Beverage Service for Lunch or Dinner

Enjoy the Bird Cage, our after-hours bar at the back of our
building. Actual address is #1 Parker Alley. See you there!

Vascular Access Team

Sheila James, RN ER, Gina Johansson, RN ER Supervisor Owners Guy Bass & David Browning welcome you!
Whitney Bradford, RN Surgery, Ashley White, RN Surgery 208 Main St., Downtown Natchez, 601-442-7452
Across from the Convention Center, Reservations not necessary
Parties & Large Groups Welcome
Riverland Medical Center’s
Vascular Access Team
is highly trained in vascular access insertion, utilizing
ultra-sound guidance. The team members’ knowledge
infusion therapy ensures the highest quality care &
positive outcomes for patients requiring IV lines.

Placement & Management of PICC, Midline
& other IV lines
Venous Access Device education
provided to patients & families
24/7 availability 365 days per year

Long-Term Antibiotic Treatment
Hydration Therapy


Treatment for Chronic Anemia
& Osteoporosis (Reclast/Prolia injections)
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27180 Hwy. 15, Ferriday, 318-437-7111
1700 E.E. Wallace Blvd., Ferriday Randy Morace, owner David Johnese, manager
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Free public service announcements are available for non-profits to advertise their special activities and events. We will place
your announcement in print and/or online at miss-loumagazine.com. Email your info to missloumagazine@peoplepc.com.
News cont’d. from page 11
cational courses, in two years or less, careers in air
conditioning and hearing, automation and control,
business and marketing, culinary arts, diesel equip-
ment, early childhood education, emergency med-
ical technology, health data, hotel and restaurant
management, respiratory care and welding. For
more info about day, evening and online classes, go
to colin.edu or call the admissions office at 601-442-
Nicholas Dunnigan, 22, of Natchez, and a ju-
venile from Concordia Parish, were arrested by
Adams County deputies after the pair allegedly stole
two pickup trucks. The young men were captured
near Glenwood subdivision. Dunnigan remains in
jail and the juvenile was transferred to Concordia
Parish, where he faces other charges..
Concordia Parish School Board members and
administrators recognized outgoing board members
during a reception following their December meet-
ing. Marilyn Campbell was honored for her 20 years
and service and Cheryl Probst for eight years of
service. Absent from the meeting but still recog-
nized where outgoing board members Jeffrey Good-
man and Ronnie Bradford, each with four years.
Bradford’s wife, Carolyn, completed his term.
Law enforcement and fire crews received re-
ports of a boat circling somewhat out of control near
the Vidalia side of the Mississippi River. Emer-
gency responders put their boats into the water to
find that a couple was simply enjoying themselves
boating on the river, despite the cold and drizzly
In the Dist. 3 Jonesville runoff in December, in-
cumbent Josie Bullitts beat Curtis Lewis Johnson
115 votes to 64 votes for the town council seat.
Jordan Johnson, 22, of Natchez, is being held
on a second-degree murder charge in the Catahoula
Parish Jail. Johnson is accused of shooting and
killing DaJohn Mitchell of Clayton at the Sugar
Shack club in Jonesville. Mitchell was shot multiple
times. Johnson was captured in Natchez by Adams
County deputies and was also charged with posses-
sion of marijuana with intent to distribute. He was
extradited to Catahoula Parish.
Catahoula Parish deputies reported a break-in
at the Dollar General in Jonesville. A undetermined
amount of cash was stolen from the safe.
Congressman Ralph Abraham, who repre-
sents Concordia, Catahoula and other east central
and northeast Louisiana parishes, said he plans to
run for Governor next year.
The Natchez Garden Club will hold its
monthly luncheon meeting Jan. 3 at 11:30 a.m. at
Ellicott Hall. Cost is $15 and includes lunch. Olga
Longoria. Please make a reservation to attend by
calling 601-443-9065.
Layne Taylor has resigned as director of
Natchez Little Theatre. The board of directors no
longer has the funds to pay a salary for the director
of artistic productions.

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videos of local government meetings, visitor infor-
mation and more!

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