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A Cause for Hope

Past Growth Promises Future Growth

Jan Philemon series
Philemon 1-7

BACKGROUND: The Host Family of the church (v2b) had a run‐away

A Cause for Hope ‐ Past Growth
6 Philemon 1‐7 slave (v16) who became a Chris an through Paul (v10) and now Paul is
Promises Future Growth
sending him back home (v12)

1. Our Love for Christ and Chris ans and Our Faith in Both is
13 The Big Ask ‐ Release Your Slave Philemon 8‐10
Something that Gets No ced and Celebrated (v4‐5)
 I will thank God for the Chris ans He has surrounded me with.

Sound Reasoning ‐ We Should Be

20 Philemon 11‐16

Let's Fix the Past ‐ We Can Forgive and

27 Philemon 17‐20
Move Forward 2. There is Growing Effec veness to Our Witness as Christ Takes
Effect within Us (v6)
 “May God use every good thing that Christ put within me to affect others!”

Follow Up ‐ Make Sure there is Las ng

3 Philemon 21‐25
3. Our Love for the Brethren is Refreshing to Countless Hearts (v7)
 I will do away with any sourpuss a tudes and instead focus on refreshing others.

10 Gospel of John series begins

Whitehall Bible Fellowship Church Pastor Tim and Rachel Schmoyer

3300 Seventh Street 131 Cornerstone Place
Whitehall, PA 18052 Whitehall, PA 18052 4. As Growth Leads to Leadership, Leaders Can S ll Grow (v1‐3)
 I will thank the Lord for the distance He has brought me and I will humble myself
office 610-434-8661 pastor cell 610-739-8008 to follow Him for the journey He s ll wants to take me on.
rachel cell 484-557-8898

office@WhitehallBFC.org PastorTim@WhitehallBFC.org
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