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Known as "THE ANCIENT, MYSTICAL ORDER ROSAE CRUCIS" throughout the world
A non-sectarian fraternity devoted to the investigation and study of the higher principles of life
as found expressed in man and nature


Rosicrucian Parle » San Jose, California, U. S. A.

Stanton C. Phelps November 29, 1941

303 East University Parkway
Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Sir and Frater:

We have your letter petitioning aid for your personal problems.

It is always a pleasure to render our special service. We

feel that each case when brought to our attention is just one more
opportunity to apply the Rosicrucian teachings in a practical way.
The Council receives hundreds of requests for assistance monthly,
yet each receives personal consideration metaphysically. However,
to leave the Council more free to apply the principles by which it
renders this aid, letters of acknowledgment will at times be of a
formal nature. There are certain things which you must do' to
assist us in rendering you every possible help. They are set forth
below. Read them carefully and act accordingly at once.

a. Put the enclosed card, with the large lettering out,

somewhere in your room or in some part of your home,
or among your personal effects where it can be seen
daily. Read the instructions on the back of the card.

b. You are to write us a letter once every TEN days, be­

ginning with the date on the back of the card, report­
ing on your case. For particulars, read the booklet
enclosed, "Cosmic Guidance.”


it requests, for if you do not, you may fail to put
yourself in readiness to receive the help you have re­

I wish to impress upon you again the importance of reading the

enclosed booklet which explains how the Council of Solace functions
and what your part is in establishing the proper bond between them
and yourself.

Hoping that we can soon count you as one of the successful

cases of the Council, we are

Sincerely and. fraternally


When replying print your name and complete address at the top of yóur letter and give your Key Number and Degree.
Be certain to address your letters to the proper department so that they will receive prompt attention. To assure attention to all members’ letters, questions should
pertain only to the Rosicrucian studies, the practice of Rosicrucianism, the welfare of the student and the welfare or the progress of the organization.

Cosmic Law Fulfills

(The Rosy Cross is a mystical and philosophical symbol, and is not used as a
Read These Instructions
Very Carefully
HE FACE of this card, with the
large lettering, will help you to
realize whenever you see it that
mental contact is being established
and maintained between the
workers in the Council of Solace
and the person who is to be helped. The
Council of Solace is a special service
department conducted without fees of any
kind, and supported by the good will and
voluntary donations which have been
given by those who have enjoyed its
special benefits.
A report is to be sent to the Director of
the Council of Solace at AMORC Temple,
Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, California,
every ten days from the date written at
the bottom of this card. Any other form of
help that is being given to you by any
specialist or any system, school, or agency,
will not conflict with the work we are
doing, and what we do will not conflict
with any other help that you may have
arranged for or may be receiving. All of
our work is constructive and therefore
cannot conflict with any other constructive
May peace, happiness, health,
and prosperity be yours!
Help was started in your behalf beginning with:
>smic Guidant
An official publication, published What is the
with permission of the Supreme
Grand Lodge of the Ancient,
Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. Council of Solace?
VX 7TE ARE a group of men and women, not
▼ ▼ unlike yourself, who have pledged our­
selves to help humanity. It is our obligation to
put into practice for the benefit of others the
V knowledge of nature’s laws, which it has been
our privilege to receive through our membership
in the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. We ask
no personal compensation as individuals or as
a Council for our labor of love. The expenses
of this Council’s activities are partially met by
Communications should be addressed: contributions from those who have been bene­
fited by its aid. We operate at all times under
The Council of Solace the direction of the Supreme and Grand Lodges
of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae
ROSICRUCIAN PARK Crucis. W’e prefer that our good work not
SAN JOSE. CALIFORNIA. U. S. A. be hampered by stressing personalities. Thus,
every service which the Council can render will,
at nearly all times, be done in the name of this
Each man or woman who petitions this
Council for help and who is sincere in his or
her desires to follow such direction or advice
as we shall give him or her shall be aided to the
best of our ability, regardless of the petitioner’s
race, creed, or financial standing. At no time
will we consciously neglect a case or show
partiality. On the other hand, we are just mor­
tals, blessed though we may be with a knowl­
edge of the use of an exceptional power, and
therefore, our assistance cannot be infallible,
though we have been successful in thousands
of cases submitted to us over a period of many
years. Each member of this Council is in im­
Copyright by AMORC, February, 1937.
mediate touch with the others by various

means, and has access through the Council’s The Cathedral of the Soul
secretary to the particular facts of every case
under consideration. Regardless of our religious beliefs, we all be­
lieve that the Soul of man is a divine essence
which influences his psychic being and inner
V self. However, we may attune ourselves at
times directly with the source of this Soul power
in the Cosmic realm, and receive an influx of
The Mystical Principles It Employs added strength, inspiration, and Divine guid­
ance. The combined thoughts of men and
women throughout the world who are seeking
We believe, in fact we know, that there is a this Divine endowment, when projected into
Divine Intelligence, a moving, actuating mind the Cosmic, constitute a “Cathedral” of help­
in the universe. You may call it God, Divine fulness unsurpassed by any earthly means. The
Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Love, Cosmic, or as periods for contacting this “Cathedral of the
you will; yet it exists and functions according Soul” are set forth in the booklet entitled, “The
to the law of its being. We know that this gov­ Cathedral of the Soul, Liber 777,” which is sent
erning intelligence directs the order of the uni­ every member of the Rosicrucian Order early
verse, not according to whim and fancy, but in the studies. It is urged that you avail your­
according to a stupendous system of natural law self of the periods outlined in it for special
that is just, because it manifests equally for all mental contact, as well as following the in­
beings. We further know that these Cosmic structions of this Council.
laws can be used by man to further his proper
end in life. These laws can release and put into
effect marvelous powers for accomplishment and
good. We know that man’s mind, the Cosmic
part of his being, is the controlling factor in di­
recting the influences which these laws exert.
Man is more than the aggregate of his objective
faculties and attributes. He is also a com­
mander of universal, infinite powers which
await his command. Every human being can
léarn how to employ these Cosmic forces in his
own behalf if he desires, and it is the purpose
of the Rosicrucian studies to teach the method.
However, this Council assists by using its
knowledge of the teachings to solicit Cosmic
guidance and aid in behalf of the petitioner by
single and at times united <— mental contact,
until the petitioner is able to do so without its 1
In order that the greatest good may be ac­
Record is Kept complished in the shortest time, it is best that
i you report to us in the following manner:
Send us a report every TEN DAYS telling
A. N ANCIENT philosopher once said, "God
us how the conditions of your case have, or
* geometrizes”; others have said, “The uni­
have not, improved, or what changes have
verse is the pattern of order,” and “Chance has
taken place. THIS YOU MUST DO if you
no place in nature.” The sum total of these and
wish us to have at our finger tips all the de­
similar expressions is that nature is orderly and
velopments of your case. We have not the time
that nothing, no matter how strange or excep­
to meditate on the developments of each case.
tional it is, is an accident of nature.
We prefer to utilize such time in helping to
Consequently, in endeavoring to utilize the bring about a remedy, thus we need your report.
Cosmic powers, the Council of Solace has felt If you have been sufficiently benefited, kindly
the need of first systematizing its records of the let us know at once so that we may discontinue
cases of those who petition for aid. In other our service. On the other hand, if an emergency
words, copy in some degree nature’s orderly condition or crisis arises, you may communicate
methods. When your petition is received, there­ with us before the ten-day period.
fore, it is: Your reports, unless stated otherwise or else­ E
where, should begin ten days after the date on u
the “Cosmic Law Fulfills” card sent you. Mail <
a. Carefully read and analyzed. w
them to the address shown on the back of the I
b. Important relative facts are entered on an
card mentioned above, or to the address that
individual record card.
appears on the inside front cover of this booklet.
c. A copy of the needs of your case is given
to every member of the Council so they
may establish the proper mental contact. V
d. Your subsequent reports are entered on
this record card of your case, and when Be Brief
necessary, copies of them are given to the
members of the Council.
Make all your letters and communications to
e. Prompt letters of acknowledgment and this Council brief. Time taken in reading
mental advice are given when proper and voluminous letters of many pages is time taken
possible. away from a period of actual help. Be explicit.
Come to the point. Omit extraneous matters.
Every communication received by the Coun­ Give your complete name and address and your
cil is kept in the strictest confidence and not key number, if you are a member, and describe
read by any but the members of the Council concisely your problem and what you wish to
and its assistants. have done in your behalf. Omit, unless it is
absolutely essential, tbe comments, opinions
and remarks of others about your case. The What is Expected of You
Council of Solace will form its own opinions
in accord with its own methods of serving you.
You may solicit the aid of any other service 'THERE is one thing you must consider be-
in your behalf; it will not interfere with the fore you proceed further. There is a double
work of the Council of Solace. On the other duty to be borne in overcoming your difficulties.
hand, our work will not interfere with any First, we have the duty of rendering our unique
other reasonable method of assistance you may service in soliciting Cosmic aid in your behalf;
receive elsewhere. Do not describe the methods and second, you have a duty of cooperating
of other forms of assistance you may receive. with us to the fullest extent at all times during
Just briefly state what has or has not been done the period your case is being considered. You
for you to the present time. Remember, the cannot dismiss your problem from your mind
more brief your letter, and the more explicit you completely after petitioning us. You must pre­
are, the quicker we are able to arrange our pare yourself, make yourself ready for the forces
records and begin our help for you. which 'will be directed to, through, and around
you. No mystic influence is going to descend
upon you and lift you to any heights without
some effort on your part. This is not a magical
process we are exerting, but the invoking of
rational laws of the universe.
First, you must have faith that there exist
about you unseen, but NOT strange or super­
natural, forces which can be directed to aid you.
Second, you must stand ready to act according
to the direction of the Cosmic mind whenever
it instills in your consciousness new ideas, sug­
gestions, and plans for HELPING YOUR­
SELF. Third, you must leave no stone un­
turned to use the worldly methods at your dis­
posal to help yourself. Keep your mind clean.
Entertain no evil, mean, or sordid thoughts.
Remove jealousy, hatred, envy and lust from
your consciousness. You cannot expect Cosmic
guidance if you contaminate your own mind,
or if you dwell in a mental mire of your own
making. You will not be lifted upward if you
reveal by your conduct a desire to live in a
mental, moral, or physical depression. Do not
dwell too much within yourself while awaiting
Page Six Page Seven
personal aid. Turn to others who may be in be clearly discernible and not too small. No
distress and assist them to the best of your use will be made of this photograph by the
means. Don’t ash for unselfish service to your­ Council except as a matter of reference to help
self and, at the same time, live a selfish life. bring about a closer contact. Of course, if no
The Cosmic mind cannot be deceived by out­ photograph is available or obtainable, your case
ward conduct on your part. Your mind is an will receive the regular assistance nevertheless.
open book to the Infinite Intelligence. You must Photographs will be returned upon your request
either be sincere in your conduct and state­ at the conclusion of the case, if sufficient post­
ments, or all your entreaties will be of no avail. age is sent for that purpose. (Foreign postage
If you withhold from us any facts, whether to stamps are not acceptable in this country.) Send
your credit or not, which are relevant to your photograph to address that appears inside front
problem, you will not obtain the desired results; cover of this booklet.
not because of any failure on our part but be­
cause you have not made yourself ready Cos­
mically. For—by such an act—you would not Instructions for Non-Members
have shown good faith in your petition for
Cosmic blessings. The Council of Solace was organized pri­
marily for the purpose of aiding members of the
Rosicrucian Order, but it is willing to assist
V non-members who understand what the Coun­
cil of Solace is endeavoring to accomplish, and I
Use Your Reminder Card who are sympathetic with the principles applied.
Non-members, who are able to do so and wish w
With this booklet a card is sent to you en­
titled, “Cosmic Law Fulfills.” Read the instruc­ the assistance of this Council, must petition it
tions on the reverse side of it and place it, with in writing, personally and not through another.
the large letters out, wherever it can be seen by The first sign of sincerity is the personal letter
you daily as a reminder of the mental and Cos­ of request asking for help. One not willing to
mic contact established between you and this do that is not considered worthy of help by the
Council. Council. Non-members who are physically un­
able to communicate directly with the Council,
must request a member to do so for them.

Send Us Your Photograph

A personal contact between members of the
Council and the petitioner, yourself, or the one
to be helped, is quite often better established
if the Council has a photograph of the peti­
tioner. It need not be a large or an expensive
one, but it should be recent, within one year of
date. A snapshot will suffice, but the face must
Remember, you will not be cured by Cosmic
Health aid in spite of yourself BUT because of your­
self; that is, because you wish to be, and co­
(Read pages 1 to 9 inclusive before beginning this section.)
operate in making it possible. Where it is pos­
sible for persons to learn or know of the con­
>UTIETZSCHE, a German philosopher, is
ditions which are causing their illness, and
credited with advising man to live danger­
they refuse to do so or to discontinue their
ously if he is to know life. Dangerous living
wrong practices, neither the Cosmic nor this
means conducting oneself in such a manner
Council can or will assist them. It is necessary
that he or she is constantly on the verge of vio­ that you sincerely believe you are doing nothing
lating some natural law of right living. This
voluntarily that contributes to your illness be­
border state of living takes its toll in later life
fore you can expect the Cosmic Intelligence to
in either deformity, insanity, or invalidism. No
act in your behalf through the intercession of
satiating pleasure is worth the payment of such
this Council.
a price. It is a fact, however, that many moderns
have adopted a philosophy similar to Nietz­
sche’s, who, incidentally, died insane. When V
nature demands her toll and they suffer incur­
able diseases and painful maladies, then sud­ Professional Diagnosis
denly they seek a miraculous cure by the very
laws of nature they defied. Obviously this can­ This Council does not diagnose, prescribe
not be accomplished and they are obliged to medicine, or recommend any one system of
pay their full penalty, which, though it is re­ therapeutics. It is impartial in advising every
grettable, is necessary to their understanding
patient, before applying for the aid we feel that
we can render Cosmically, to first have a thor­
and growth.
ough diagnosis by a competent therapeutic au­
Poor health may also result from heredity, thority. This may be your family physician or
ignorance, and neglect. A chronic ailment that a specialist. It matters not whether he is a
is hereditary cannot be cured as readily as de­ medical doctor, surgeon, chiropractor, naturo­
sired. The petitioner must realize this. The path, osteopath, or one of the many experts in
Biblical proverb, ’ Visiting iniquity of the fa­ electrical therapy.
thers upon the children even unto the third and First, know, insofar as science is able to de­
fourth generation,” still applies. On the other termine, the nature of your malady before you
seek to overcome it. There is no one better
hand, no health authority or expert in thera­
qualified to diagnose your case than a licensed
peutics, or this Council, can relieve or bring physician of any one of the schools of thera­
about a cure of a patient who refuses to ac­ peutics recognized by the government of your
quaint himself or herself with even the rudi­ country and community. Avoid diagnosis by
ments of hygiene, diet, and exercise. You must any such means as astro-diagnosis, which de­
follow a correct diet and a sane system of liv­ pends solely upon a system of astrology. In
ing, or nature will not start her rejuvenation petitioning the assistance of this Council or in
process in your behalf. making a later report on your case, state what
Page Ten Page Eleven
the diagnosis of your case was and by what
authority it was made. Such information is Financial - Business
very helpful to us. You are urged to continue (Read pages 1 to 9 inclusive before beginning tbis section.)
treatments under your regular physician while
being Cosmically aided through the Council
** T7INANCIAL arrangements and business
of Solace.
matters are man made. They are not within
the province of Cosmic law. One should not
V „ expect the Cosmic to put into effect its prin­
ciples of operation to manifest a business suc­
The Problem of Age cess when there ARE business principles which
will apply. If you enter a business or profes­
Every great thinker has sung the praises of sion WITHOUT the necessary experience or
death. This does not mean that we should seek training, and your venture is a failure, do not
death, but rather that we should realize that it expect Cosmic aid to rescue you from your own
is inevitable and that man cannot and will not folly. Until you have exhausted every business
live forever. Those who seek to prolong life in­ or financial resource at your disposal, you are
definitely are trying to oppose nature. Change not ready for the help the Cosmic can give
is inevitable. All things reach their zenith and because you have NOT helped yourself. The
then they begin again; first by the process of Cosmic does not condone indolence. You will
disintegration. Old age is a glorious stage of not find it easier to petition the Cosme to make
human life, especially if it is not hampered by you a business success than to strive to be one
serious illness and disease. It is a period of re­ yourself, for if you have not made a sincere
flection, of dwelling on revered memories and personal effort, your appeal to the Cosmic will
past accomplishment. One should not expect be of no avail.
Cosmic help to prevent such a natural process Consequently, this Council cannot Cosmic­
as the gradual slowing down of physical and ally assist you IF you have not assisted your­
mental powers and faculties. Neither should self. If, for example, you are a retail merchant
one feel disillusioned if the Council cannot pre­ and do not use every fair and progressive
vent natural death in old age. The glorious ad­ method, within your means, of advertising your
venture of death is God’s greatest gift to man, wares, of displaying them, and of giving the
especially when it comes after a full span on best service possible to your customers, you are
this earth plane. negligent, indifferent, indolent, and consequent­
ly unworthy of Cosmic support. Don’t expect
the Cosmic to do something you won’t do your­
self. Violation of business and financial laws
The booklet, “The Spiritual Property of Food," exacts a retribution just as does the violation of
is particularly recommended to those interested nature’s laws. If business and financial cus­
in the subject of diet. It may be purchased from toms demand certain things of you, you must
the Rosicrucian Supply Bureau, San Jose, Cali­ ' either meet their demands or fail. The Cosmic
fornia, for the nominal sum of 35c, postpaid. will not, regardless of your entreaties, make you
an exception to these man-made laws if they verse. All motion and change are the result of
are just. The Council can give its help to you definite causes, which causes repeat themselves
in these matters IF you have first conscientious­ and their effects. Man’s life, insofar as his
ly helped yourself in a business-like manner. moral, physical, or mental states are concerned,
is according to this same law — periods and
V cycles.
Selfish Demands Politics, business and economics are effects
Your motive plays a prominent part in ob­ of man’s thinking, planning, and reasoning.
taining for your business or financial ventures He is, therefore, their cause. As a cause, his
the aid of the Cosmic Intelligence. If you have conduct in business will engender at times
a progressive business rival who keeps abreast cycles of prosperity; and at other times mass
of the times and is constantly on the alert to extravagance and poor management will result
further his business, and is therefore rapidly in a cycle of depression which will adjust itself
succeeding to your detriment, you cannot ask only when the causes are changed.
the Cosmic to retard his progress or hold him The individual is as obliged to follow the
back. He has as much right Cosmically to suc­ cycles of a nation’s business and trends as the
cess as you have. All things being equal, the seas are forced to follow the earth in its path
Cosmic will not interfere in a fair race for per­ around the sun. A single individual may be
sonal achievement. Any requests for Cosmic rational and considerate in his business deal­
intervention in your behalf would be motivated, ings, but he will suffer if the nation of which
under such circumstances, by an unjust, selfish he is an integral part enters a cycle of depres­
motive, and would not be entertained by the sion, for which the majority is responsible. Con­
Cosmic. No one should expect the Cosmic to sequently, a man or woman must not expect
ever injure another or interfere with another’s that he or she as an individual can be affluent
welfare to further his selfish end. You have a during a time of national depression BE­
right to further yourself and to receive the sup­ CAUSE he or she petitions for Cosmic aid.
port of the Cosmic for that purpose, but not if The Cosmic may lessen the penalty of that in­
it is to interfere improperly with another’s wel­ dividual - the personal sufferings, but he is
fare. In the mind of the Cosmic all peoples are obliged to endure them because of the mass
equal who live within the limitations of good conduct of the nation, of which he is a part.
conduct as defined by the dictates of individual
conscience and Cosmic law.
For those who wish to peruse further the sub­
V jects discussed in this section, we recommend

the following very practical and helpful books:
The Law o£ Cycles "Rosicrucian Principles for the Home and
Just as the sun, moon, earth and planets are Business," price $2.25,
governed by a system of law and order which "Self Mastery and Fate with Cycles of Life,"
causes them to travel in definite orbits, so, price $2.25.
too, are the affairs of men governed by cycles. These books may be obtained from the Rosi­
Periodicity is a fundamental law of the uni­ crucian Supply Bureau, San Jose, California.
all the divine or natural supervision of mar­
Domestic - Legal riage. The laws which unite a man and a
(Read pages I to 9 inclusive before beginning this section.)
woman are man-made, and were legislated for
the motive of protecting the family, a unit of
society. Where two human beings are mis­
Domestic mated in intellect and temperament, the at­
tempt at a fulfillment of the marriage contract
TAOMESTIC tranquillity begins with self- will result only in a menace to society. A family
restraint. A family is one in name only. environment of hatred, jealousy, suspicion and
It is, in fact, an aggregate of separate interests, deception is poisonous to the consciousness of
temperaments, talents, and abilities. Any at­ children. It breaks down their faith in human­
tempt on the part of one member of a family ity at a tender age and mocks the very ideals
to compel the others to suppress their natural, of society itself. It is far better, under such cir­
wholesome inclinations is going to provoke in cumstances, that divorce be obtained even
them mental anguish and cause domestic in­ though it may conflict with religious or ecclesi­
harmony. You cannot stifle individualism to astical canons. Divorce should at all times be
further your ends, whether you believe you are the last and final resort, but should be readily
right or not, without eventually producing a accepted where incompatability exists to the
violent family eruption. You, as a member of a point of destroying self-respect and peace of
family, must withhold a degree of YOUR mind.
OWN personal desires. You should not exer­ The Council of Solace will not attempt to
cise them to the extent that they impose on pass on the merits of a case of this kind that is
parents, brothers, sisters, husband or wife. brought to its attention, nor will it decide as to
Study the extreme interests of yourself and the whether or not it warrants divorce proceedings.
others of your family, and take the middle We consider that such a decision is strictly a
course and you will preserve domestic felicity. personal one.
If you have been suffering family disagreement
because of an excessive aggression on your part,
unconsciously or consciously, change this con­ V
dition first, before asking for Cosmic aid, for Legal
the primary fault exists with you.
Someone said the ultimate end of law is
justice. This may be so in the ideal application
and enforcement of the law, but unfortunately

it does not hold good in a great many actual
Divorce cases. In theory it should apply, but in practice
many persons are injured by the course of the
Marriages are not made in heaven, contrary very laws they depend upon for help. The law
to the old adage which states that they are. The is conscienceless. It operates upon its theory of
instincts which arouse connubial associations perfection, and consequently even when it is
are inherent in human beings, but there ceases apparent at times that an injustice will be done

a litigant, it cannot deviate from its routine
system. The laws of the land are enacted and Social
executed by man for man, thus they are con­ (Read pages t to 9 inclusive before beginning this section.)
stantly subject to human weaknesses of char­
acter. It is better to resort, whenever possible, TN OUR social sphere, in whatever walk of
to personal arbitrations or even minor losses life we may be, we confront many agencies
than appeal to law. At times, however, litiga­ of inffuence^-'the principal ones being religion,
tion is necessary, becomes unavoidable: then politics, and the conventions. We should either
only should one enter into it. unite with them or avoid them, but never ag­
gressively oppose them, unless our liberty or
personal welfare is at stake, if we desire social
V happiness. If an existing religion is not in ac­
cord with your personal convictions, ignore it.
Professional Advice Do not set yourself up as a reformer, unless, we
repeat, your personal life and freedom is jeop­
ardized. If the conventions of society seem un­
If you have stated the facts of your legal
problem honestly and completely in the opinion reasonable to you, work through the properly
established channels to bring about a trans­
of this Council, it will endeavor to assist you
Cosmically. However, it cannot pass upon the formation. Do not become an independent,
conspicuous crusader. Many persons have per­
technical points of your case, nor offer you
legal services. The technical advice must be petual social headaches because they are con­
acquired by you from a competent legal adviser tinually, of their own volition, running their
in your community. This Council may at times heads against a stone wall in someone else’s
put you in direct touch with such a competent front yard. Be neighborly, but do not become
legal adviser. your neighbor’s judge and self-appointed ad­
viser. If you conduct yourself in a proper man­
ner, the Council can often assist with your
social problems. If you do not, then the Coun­
cil cannot help you and you must suffer the
Your Personality
Many individuals bemoan the fact that so­
ciety seems to ostracize them. Persons they meet
are hostile to them. The members of society,
as a whole, psychologically speaking, are in­
different toward each other. They neither like
nor dislike another person unless something or
someone gives them what they believe to be
sufficient reason to do so. Obviously, therefore,

if you are disliked by many persons, or if almost
everyone seems to avoid you, you have pro­
voked this feeling toward yourself by something
you do or have done.
The first thing to do is to analyze yourself^-
not, “What is wrong with society?’’, but
“What is wrong with me?”. Start with your
personality. Do you radiate happiness ? Are
you glum? despondent? suspicious? arrogant?
conceited? phlegmatic? or selfish? Then work
outward. Study your objective appearance.
Are you neat, clean and orderly? Physical at­
tractiveness is not very important. Some of the
world’s greatest political, screen, and stage per­
sonalities were actually homely, but they radi­
ated an inner beauty of character.

Keeping Abreast of the Times

No one likes dull or stupid company the
kind that invites yawns instead of open ad­
miration and respect. A scintillating mind
draws to itself worth while friends, just as a
magnet attracts iron filings. The kind of friends
everyone should have are those who can add
to our quailties by their association and con­
versation. Never a truer statement was made
than, “We make friends.” Friends are never
given to us, nor do we pick them up. We
MAKE them by how we act, what we do, and
what we say. If we do not like our friends, or
if we do not prosper through our association
with them, we have ourselves alone to thank,
for we made them. Read good books. Cultivate
your mind. See good plays, become interested
in some art or some cultural activity. Keep
abreast of the world’s happenings. Don’t let
yourself stagnate and you will sweep along
with the flow of progressive minds. You will
fortify yourself with noble friends able men
and women of sterling character.

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