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Ontario’s climate change action plan:
Cap and Trade--> provides companies with action-plan
the flexibility ― such as multi-year
compliance periods ― to choose the Climate change policy: https://prod-
compliance path that aligns with their environmental-
business plans and investment decisions. registry.s3.amazonaws.com/2018-

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/fridays-for-

Greta’s story:

#Future for Friday’s information

https://www.centre4innovation.org/get- Kim Garcia
involved/join-us-on-future-fridays Democracy and Education

Follow Greta’s journey

Fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg has
Sweden actual emissions had gone up 3.6
per cent in the first quarter of this year.
Future Fridays
been protesting for more than a month.
Before the country’s parliamentary
In undertaking her school strike, she was
election on September 9th, she went on
inspired by the protests staged by American Twice a year, we also host
strike and sat on the steps of the
high-school students in response to the a FutureFriday+ series, during which we
parliament building, in Stockholm, every
Parkland shooting this year—Thunberg’s sit- invite thought leaders and experts in their
day during school hours for three weeks.
in is also a walkout. field to talk about new trends and
Since the election, she has returned to
technologies as well as showcase and test
school for four days a week; she now
their work. These talks are based around
spends her Fridays on the steps of
three overarching themes: innovating
parliament. She is demanding that the
digital learning, using tech to create social
government undertake a radical
impact and improving innovation skills for
response to climate change. She told me
professionals and students.
that several members of parliament have
Future Friday is also a platform where we
come out to the steps to express support
present and test Centre for Innovation's
for her position, although every one of
showcases and concepts, to encourage
them has said that she should really be at
discussion and participation
school. Her parents think so, too, she
Workshops will begin on 2 March 2018.
said—that she should really go to school,
The programme is as follows:
though she is right to protest.
2 March: Introducing Innovation Methods:
She began researching climate change change the way you work
and has stayed on the topic for six years. 9 March: The power of storytelling:
She has stopped eating meat and buying educational podcasts
anything that is not necessary. In 2015, 23 March: How do you prepare for jobs
she stopped flying on airplanes, and a that don’t exist yet?
year later, her mother followed suit, 6 April: Preparing for GDPR: how can we
giving up an international performing use data responsibly?
career. The family has installed solar 20 April: Reimagining learning: piloting
batteries and has started growing their 360 Virtual Reality
own vegetables on an allotment outside 18 May: Past the hype... Is blockchain
the city. To meet me in central relevant for humanitarians?
Stockholm, Thunberg and her father rode 25 May: How can organisations become
their bikes for about half an hour; the leaders through change?
family has an electric car that they use
only when necessary.
 Five-year plan to fight climate
The graph included shows the greenhouse gas
change, reduce greenhouse gas
emission levels for each sector in Ontario over 30
pollution and transition to a low-
years, with data from the years 1990 and 2012
carbon economy.
compared to forecasted emissions for the year
 climate change is real and is
2020. For the Transportation and Buildings
happening at an alarming rate
sectors, emission levels have continued to
 strong action by ending dirty coal
increase, while the Electricity sector shows a
emissions in our province for good,
decline over the time period. The Industry sector
making unprecedented investments
emissions were highest in 1990, with a decline in
in transit, building an innovative
2012, and is followed by a slight increase
clean-technology sector, introducing
projected for 2020. The Agriculture and Waste
a cap and trade program that will
sectors are shown to remain steady from 1990 to
further drive down emissions and
setting aggressive greenhouse gas
Note: 2020 forecasts are based on Ontario's
reduction targets
Climate Change Update Report 2014 and the
 Climate Summit of the Americas: 2014 National Inventory Report
pivotal meeting of provincial, state
and municipal leaders that focused
on turning the threat of climate 2014 6%
change into an incredible
opportunity through collaboration 2020 15%
and innovation 2030 37%
raising the cost of our food,
causing extreme weather that 2050 80%
damages property and
infrastructure, threatening
outdoor activities we love, and
five- year plan to fight climate
change, reduce greenhouse gas
pollution and transition to a low-
carbon economy.