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09-CR-466 (BMC)


SOURCE INFORMATION: 2011-04-10-22_24_44-5216731306559-mexico-0434.wav

DATE: April 10, 2011

TIME: 10:24 p.m.


JGL: Joaquin Guzman Loera

CHOLO: Cholo Ivan

UM: Unidentified Male


[Brackets] Background/ Noise

[U/I] Unintelligible in English

[I/I] Unintelligible in Spanish

Italics Words spoken in English

[OV] Overlapping conversation

[ph] Phonetic rendering

2011-04-10-22_24_44-5216731306559-mexico-0434.wav [00:04:34]


[comienza la grabación] [recording begins]

1 CHOLO: ¿Bueno? Hello?

2 UM: Bueno, bueno. [UI] Hello, hello. [UI]

3 CHOLO: [UI] [UI]

4 UM: ¿Qué rollo, qué rollo? What's up, what's up?

5 CHOLO: [UI], ¿qué onda, güey? [UI], what's going on, dude?

6 UM: Eh, eh, ahí te comunico, güey. Uh, uh, let me put him on, dude.

7 CHOLO: Ya está, carnal. Sounds good, bro.

8 JGL: Cholo, ¿qué hay de nuevo? Cholo, what's new? How are you?
¿Cómo estás?

9 CHOLO: Señor, buenas tardes. ¿Cómo le Señor, good afternoon. How have you
ha ido? been?

10 JGL: Bien, bien. ¿Cómo te va? ¿Qué Fine, fine. How are you? What's new?
hay de nuevo?

11 CHOLO: Aquí, mire, todo tranquilón, todo Everything's quiet here, everything's
tranquilón aquí-- quiet here--

12 JGL: [OV] Ah. [OV] Oh.

13 CHOLO: --platicando con unas chavalonas. --just chit-chatting with some girls.
¿Cómo le ha ido? How's it going?

14 JGL: [OV] Que bueno, que bueno, que [OV] That's good, that's good, that's
bueno. good.

15 CHOLO: [OV] Oiga, [UI]-- [UI] Listen, [UI]--

16 JGL: [OV] [UI] [OV] [UI]

17 CHOLO: --ahora sí quieren entrar a estos --now they do want to bring these
cabrones pa' acá. bastards over here.

18 JGL: [ruido de fondo] [UI] ellos que [background noise] [UI] they come in
entran y tú que no te dejas. and you don’t let them.

19 CHOLO: No, no, pues, hijos de la No, no, well, sons of bitches, it's just
chingada, nomás que that [stutters] well, well, I got all the
[tartamudea] pues, pues llegué way over, over there to Guasavito [PH]
allá hasta, hasta Guasavito [PH] last night. I gave those damn bastards a
anoche. Les puse una roseada pa' good spray because those fuckers
allá a los pinches porque llegaron showed up and killed one of my police
y me mataron un, un policía—me by the entrance there last night. [pause]
mataron anoche aquí en la entrada Can you hear me? Hello? [noises]
estos vergas. [pausa] ¿Sí me
escucha? Bueno. [ruidos]

20 JGL: ¿Hay alguien-- Is there somebody--

21 CHOLO: [OV] ¿Sí me escucha? [OV] Can you hear me?

22 JGL: --[UI]. . . ¿Qué hay que hacer? -- [UI] . . . What can you do? Just keep
Pues pa' delante. going.

23 CHOLO: No, sí, sí, pero el detalle es que No, yes, yes, but the deal is that I sent
yo le mandé dos metros pa' two metros up front [UI] what happens
delante [UI] lo que pasa es que is that [UI] on this side took both cars.
parece [UI] pa’ este [UI] esos dos By the time I got there, well, they hit
carros. Ya cuando llegué yo, me [UI] friend we chased after them,
pues, me pegaron aquí [UI] but no [UI]—
amigo y los correteamos pero no

24 JGL: [OV] [UI] [OV] [UI]

25 CHOLO: ¿Mande? [UI] ¿Bueno? Excuse me? [UI] Hello. [UI]

26 JGL: [al lado] [UI] Espérame. [pausa] [aside] [UI] Hold on. [pause] [aside]
[al lado] Agarra la camioneta. [a Take the truck. [back to Cholo] Hello?
Cholo] ¿Bueno?

27 CHOLO: Dígame, Señor. Yes, Señor.

28 JGL: [pausa] Sí, este, [UI] casi no te [pause] Yes, well, [UI] I can barely
oigo. Voy a. . . Aquí me moví pa' hear you. I'm going to . . . I moved to
otro lado, este, dime, dime, ¿qué, the other side, so, tell me, tell me, what,
qué, qué los amigos [UI] que te what, that the friends [UI] they are
andan haciendo correr [UI] o making you run [UI] or what?

29 CHOLO: No, otra vez, yo le digo a su No, again, I'm telling you, they can't
chingada madre, ¿qué me van fucking make me run anywhere. [UI]
hacer correr a mí? [UI] correr shit run. [UI] I'd die on the line first
verga, [UI] primero en la raya me before I run.
muero que correr.

30 JGL: Ah, ah, ah entonces, entonces Oh, oh, oh, so then, so then [stutters]
[tartamudea] así, así, así está la like that, things are like, like, like that
cosa. then.

31 CHOLO: Nosotros los correteamos a ellos We chased them all the way to
hasta Guasavito. Fuimos anoche Guasavito. We went there last night.
pa’ allá del-del Burrión pa' From Burrión they ran further up.

32 JGL: [risa] Pues de su chingada madre, [laughs] Well, son of a bitch, and what
y ¿qué andaban haciendo ahí? were they doing there?

33 CHOLO: No, pos, se [UI] pa' allá pa' los No, uh, they [UI] over there towards
vergas, no le digo, hijos de su the fuckers, I'm telling you, sons of
pinche madres. [UI] me salieron bitches. [UI] They came out from an
por una brecha que. . . y ya opening there that … and before I knew
cuando menos pensé, ya, ya it, some cops had already come in, they
habían entrado una chinga unos were there checking some cars. They
cuicos ahí que me andaban screwed one of my cops--
checando yo unos carros. Me
chingaron un policía—

34 JGL: [OV] ¿Eh? [OV] Huh?

35 CHOLO: --siempre anoche, los vergas. --last night, the fucking sons of bitches.
Pero ahí le pusimos cola nosotros But we followed the sons of bitches.
a las vergas. Nomás que no le But we couldn't catch up to them. They
pudimos dar alcance. Agarrar-- put—put distance between us.
agarraron distancia, pues.

36 JGL: [UI] Oye, pónganse de acuerdo [UI] Listen, get together with the locals
en la plebada y entrar ahí a hacer and go in there and make yourself
presencia. Nomás, es que, la known. It’s just that the troops, the
huachada, la huachada—necesitas troops—you need to talk with, with,
hablar bien con, con, este, con el with, uh, with the Major so he can hook
Mayor pa' que te conecte porque you up because if you don't get hooked
si no te conecta, ¿cómo le vas a up, how are you going to do it?

37 CHOLO: No, no, los huachos no salieron No, no, the soldiers didn't come out at
pa' nada anoche. No más salieron all last night. No, they just came out
tantito y se lo devolvieron a for a second but went back in real fast.
guardar en caliente.

38 JGL: Por eso te digo, que, que That's why I'm telling you, that, that
necesitas ver eso bien-- you need to check into that--

39 CHOLO: [OV] [UI] Ahorita, le pasé el dato [OV] [UI] I just sent word to the Major
al Mayor lo que están 10 right now because they’re 10 trucks
camionetas allá en-en-en Casas over there in, in-in-in Casas Nuevas,
Nuevas, cerquita del rancho mío, close to my town and others farther up.
y otras más arriba. Ahí va el The old man is on his way right now to
viejo a caerles ahorita a ver qué show up there and see what's going on.
onda. [pausa] A ver qué sale. [pause] Let's see what happens.

40 JGL: [OV] Mira, mira, este, voy a, voy [OV] Look, look, well, I'm going,
a conseguir un teléfono de los going to get one of those other
otros porque éste, éste cabrón casi telephones because this one, this
no te escucho. Te voy a-a mandar fucking thing, I can barely hear you.
mañana un teléfono. I'm going to send you a-a telephone

41 CHOLO: Mire, ahorita voy a agarrar un Look, I'm going to get a telephone
teléfono [tartamudea] voy a [stutters] I'm going to send you the
mandar a dar la extensión porque extension because it doesn't seem to
no quiere agarrar. Pa’ hablar más work. [stutters] so we can talk in more
[tartamudea] ahí con detalle detail because I can't really talk here
porque aquí no puedo platicar about everything.
bien de todo, pues.

42 JGL: Sí, te mando mañana, te mando Yes, tomorrow I'll send you—I'll send
mañana eso. that to you tomorrow.

43 CHOLO: Sí, Señor, sí Señor y pos, aquí Yes, Señor, yes, Señor, and uh, we're
vamos a estar en uno a la verga, going to be here, son of a bitch, see if
ese hijo de su chingada madre, a I'm not going to beat the shit out of
ver si no le voy a partir su madre. him. [If] he doesn't support me, then
No me apoya y me va a ver. he'll find out the hard way.

44 JGL: Ahí háblale a-- Speak to--

45 CHOLO: [OV] [UI] [OV] [UI]

46 JGL: --tu mamá, cualquier cosa le --your mother, if anything comes up,
hablas a los demás. call the rest of them.

47 CHOLO: Pues ahí les hablo pero pues yo Well, I call them but you know that
que están dormidos, que ya no they're asleep, they don't answer.

48 JGL: Bueno, pues habla pa' acá Well, then call over here, call the
entonces, al Black. Black.

49 CHOLO: Sí, Señor. Si no, pues yo solo Yes, Señor. Otherwise, well, I'll take
aquí le atoro [UI] con unos 40 care of it here [UI] with some 40
cabrones ya aquí como quiera le bastards here. Anyway, we'll be fine
hacemos. Usted no se preocupe. here. You don't worry.

50 JGL: Ándale, pues-- Okay, then--

51 CHOLO: [OV] [UI] [OV] [UI]

52 JGL: --bien [UI]— --fine [UI]—

53 CHOLO: [UI] chingazos, le vamos a meter [UI] get fucked, then we will fuck them
chingazos. up.

54 JGL: Ei, ahí nos hablamos. Que estés Hey, we'll be talking. Be well.

55 CHOLO: Sí, Señor, gusto en saludarlo. Yes, Señor, nice talking to you.

56 JGL: Igualmente, [UI]. Same here, [UI].

[fin de la grabación] [end of recording]

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