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val A Textron Company, Airplane Flight Manual Manual Citati vavon\’ FAA APPROVED MODEL 560 560-0260 THRU -0538 SUPPLEMENT 77 HONEYWELL GNS-X, /X g FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ) APPROVED BY_Z2?77 Sale F Wargart Kine, Manager Aircraft Certitcation Office Federal Aviation Administration Wrehita, Kansas DATE OF APPROVAL __6/2-7/07. COPYRIGHT © 2007, CCESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY WICHITA, KANSAS, USA 29 JUNE 2007 S0FMA-S77-00 us. S74 ‘SECTION V - SUPPLEMENTS MODEL 560 ‘SUPPLEMENT 77 SUPPLEMENT 77 HONEYWELL GNS-X, /X,_g FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Use the Log of Effective Pages to determine the current status of this supplement. Pages affected by the current revision are indicated by an asterisk (") preceding the page number. ‘Supplement Status Date Original 29 June 2007 LOG OF EFFECTIVE PAGES Page Page Revision ‘Configuration Number Status Number Code 77-1 thru S77-10 Original 0 ST7-AA FAA APPROVED 877-2 us. Configuration S77-AA S8FMA-S77-00 SECTION V- SUPPLEMENTS MODEL 560 ‘SUPPLEMENT 77 SERVICE BULLETIN CONFIGURATION LIST The following is a list of Service Bulletins that are applicable to the operation of the airplane, and have been incorporated into this supplement. This list contains only those Service Bulletins that are currently active. Airplane Serial Revi Incorporated Number Iie Effectivity Incorporated in Airplane FAA APPROVED. ‘56FMA-S77-00 Configuration $77-AA us. s77-3