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Thinkorswim Scripts

I attended the Trader Expo this week and today (2/22) I watched and had a chance to speak with Cindy

Faber and learn so much from her. I've been using the TOS platform for nearly a decade and I learn some

great tips. She mentioned that all of the past swimlessons on scripts have been archived, so I email TOS

support to get a list of them all.

Here is the list. This is an incredible wealth of scripts. Enjoy all.

(To add the script or chart setup, copy the URL, select "Setup" on the upper right and select "Open shared


alert Relative Vol Std Dev: http://tos.mx/ozZx1u

alert price 10% or more lower than yesterday's close: http://tos.mx/xh6qx6

NOTE: automatic reset is already in this alert

but you need to click on tiny padlock to unlock it, and How to Notify to make desired selection

chart grid Pre-Market view: http://tos.mx/Ci0eVH

chart grid Weekend Routine: http://tos.mx/cG2W4T

chart setup Bierman Basic: http://tos.mx/Errsr8

chart setup Bierman Paralax View: http://tos.mx/khnxFi

chart setup Bierman Quad (Futures-Based Intraday): http://tos.mx/Cyjtr6

chart setup Bierman Quad: http://tos.mx/app4nE

chart setup Intraday Contrarian: http://tos.mx/R7A6kU

chart setup Intraday Momentum: http://tos.mx/jeYjiN

chart setup Intraday Support/Resistance: http://tos.mx/Cyjtr6

chart setup SPX with ImpVolatility study and VIX comparison: http://tos.mx/B5AKB2
chart strategy Donchian_Channel DOWNtrend: http://tos.mx/chn8QV

chart strategy Donchian_Channel UPtrend: http://tos.mx/ZR7BfU

chart study ADX with reminder labels: http://tos.mx/ZDjng8

chart study Binary Scan: http://tos.mx/5YNPNG

chart study Bollinger_Cloud: http://tos.mx/az0yT6

chart study CamarillaPoints cloud: http://tos.mx/BA4lre

chart study count times VIX over 26: http://tos.mx/d9slfB

chart study Daily_change_labels: http://tos.mx/JcO0Fu

chart study DMI with ADX line: http://tos.mx/XwtHSD

chart study DMI with ADX line and Alerts: http://tos.mx/5kaZG7

*updated* chart study earnings alert for your TOS chart (includes MMM in dollars, percent, and as a shaded

rectangle on the chart)

NOTE: use Edit Studies box to turn off vertical lines and arrows at past earnings dates


chart study (example of work around for being able to access Bid or Ask in a custom chart

study): http://tos.mx/yGUo11

chart study fib fans: http://tos.mx/X3JtZh

chart study fib retracements with alerts: http://tos.mx/pv4Iep

chart study fib time series: http://tos.mx/XBsqDr

chart study for monthly expiration Friday: http://tos.mx/hGGaN9

NOTE: setlement symbols in a label + settlement vs prior day close

chart study horizontal line between current price bar and price bubble on right side of the
chart: http://tos.mx/kGquYz

chart study Horizontal Line at current price: http://tos.mx/ZbnRy4

NOTE: default extends 60 bars into the past, Edit Study from 60 to 1 to only have it extend into the future

chart strategy Ichimoku cloud: http://tos.mx/0ZnlcN

chart study Ichimoku_with_alerts: http://tos.mx/Inwq67

chart study Ichimoku with arrows at bull/bear triggers: http://tos.mx/HatlSA

chart study Ichimoku with instructions and alerts: http://tos.mx/Inwq67

chart study Index Watch (4 indexes vs highs): http://tos.mx/GbX2JS

NOTE: This study works on any stock or ETF symbol to show how much each index has dropped from its 52-

week high

chart study ImpVolatility with horizontal line at 16: http://tos.mx/y7xP1x

NOTE: sq. root of 252 = 16 therefore IV of 16 implies a 1% 1-day expected move

*updated* chart study ImpVolatility for futures charts (includes IV percentile and IV percentile rank

labels): http://tos.mx/PHC0uy

*updated* chart study IV percentile vs. IV percentile rank and "normal" IV: http://tos.mx/efI2EX

chart study IV percentile rank with HINTS: http://tos.mx/X094cx

chart study IV percentile oscillator: http://tos.mx/TokDpV

chart study label $TICK at extremes: http://tos.mx/upLe4A

chart study label Change from Open: http://tos.mx/KzmR5E

chart study label Earnings Alert with MMM: http://tos.mx/GQkloD

*updated* chart study label Day Net and Percent Change: http://tos.mx/RKfPQW

chart study label Day volume: http://tos.mx/Is31p9

chart study label Index Watch (percent off 52-wk high): http://tos.mx/GbX2JS

chart study label Percent off High: http://tos.mx/OXyWGT

HINT: Try this custom study on chart of $DJSH Shanghi Index and on chart on new 52-wk high today to see

how it works on a symbol that is down and a symbol that hit new 52-week high today

chart study label for MMM expressed in dollars and percent (but invisible if no MMM top of Trade
tab): http://tos.mx/9GuAoP

chart study label MMM with bubbles and shaded MMM range: http://tos.mx/I4PNN5

chart study label new 52-wk high/low: http://tos.mx/7ZRmeB

chart study label $TICK at extremes: http://tos.mx/upLe4A

chart study label VIX all time low: http://tos.mx/SnACKr

chart study label VWAP: http://tos.mx/goEvi8

chart study label What Day is It? http://tos.mx/Uq76Vk

chart study label YTD-MTD-WTD percent returns: http://tos.mx/TTNql7

*updated* chart study label YTD-MTD-WTD percent returns: http://tos.mx/8ewB8Q

chart study label percent off 52-week high: http://tos.mx/OXyWGT

NOTE: Try this custom study on chart of $DJSH Shanghi Index and on chart of a symbol hitting new 52-week

high today to see how it works on a symbol that is down and a symbol that hit new 52-week high today

chart study LeBron James Index (switch symbols and shares to create your own custom

index): http://tos.mx/QNfOwj

chart study LinearReg with Channel based on ATR: http://tos.mx/QBPsN0

chart study MarketForecast with reversal levels: http://tos.mx/QGyhbj

chart study Market Forecast with labels: http://tos.mx/j0yiZy

chart study for monthly expiration Friday: http://tos.mx/hGGaN9

NOTE: setlement symbols in a label + settlement vs prior day close

*updated* chart study MMM label and horizontal lines at MMM: http://tos.mx/NOR22H

chart study OnBalanceVolume with ZeroLine: http://tos.mx/iXm5Zm

chart study percent_return labels: http://tos.mx/9P5nMg

chart study Projected SMA Price: http://tos.mx/gEAxhK

chart study PPO (from North V at TOS/TD): http://tos.mx/zQ6P90

chart study PSAR with Alerts: http://tos.mx/hT2e3M

chart study put call ratio: http://tos.mx/5yrvUw

chart study Single Period Percent Change: http://tos.mx/XVHcoo

chart study StochasticFull_with_BreakOuts: http://tos.mx/TOLooZ

chart study SwingThree1: http://tos.mx/ySGzE8

*updated* chart study for weekly expiry lines: http://tos.mx/vMQL1A

chart study Volume buying-vs-selling: http://tos.mx/X8DGDT

chart study World Trading Hours for intraday chart: http://tos.mx/GRsze1

chart study xx% Stop line vs SMA line with Alert: http://tos.mx/QZPp9E

chart study Sector/IndGroup chart label example: http://tos.mx/FTK84P

NOTE: open ThinkScript code and read the instructions to add YOUR symbols

chart study Volume-by-Price: http://tos.mx/vIRfvi

NOTE: change "Chart" to you desired time period to see net volume across the horizontal bars for your choice

of time periods [instead of net total volume for entire chart]

scan Aroon Bearish Cross: http://tos.mx/t8JtPh

scan Aroon Bullish: http://tos.mx/nkfr0F

scan Aroon Overbought: http://tos.mx/mK9L91

scan Aroon Oversold: http://tos.mx/NqVhAQ

scan Bollinger Bandwidth Bulge: http://tos.mx/RC7e2s

scan Bollinger Bandwidth Squeeze: http://tos.mx/sjeXSi

scan Bollinger Percent B Zero Line: http://tos.mx/2u6i2D

scan candle patterns bearish: http://tos.mx/w3VMTZ

scan candle patterns bullish: http://tos.mx/2crV3F

scan CMF Bearish Crossover: http://tos.mx/RHAMzC

scan CMF Bullish Crossover: http://tos.mx/WjwYHK

scan Darvas Box: http://tos.mx/Pw8NIs

scan Darvas Box Bullish: http://tos.mx/lIKuGK

scan DIPlus/DIMinus Bullish: http://tos.mx/baA0d5

scan DMI Bearish: http://tos.mx/iQ5KZR

scan DMI Bullish: http://tos.mx/v3TeR4

scan DMI Stoch Extreme Overbought Cross: http://tos.mx/5FyuTT

scan divergence MACD bearish: http://tos.mx/TEd14y

scan divergence RSI bearish: http://tos.mx/23UUr4

scan divergence Stochastic bearish: http://tos.mx/5RuNzL

scan divergence both Stochastic and MACD bearish: http://tos.mx/wWbj1c

scan Earnings: http://tos.mx/SmaiUB

scan Fisher Transform Bullish: http://tos.mx/rja4nu

scan Ichimoku bearish: http://tos.mx/T6uE46

scan Ichimoku bullish: http://tos.mx/spOXRc

scan LinearReg Bearish: http://tos.mx/gM0601

scan MACD and Stochastic overbought: http://tos.mx/u4qxV5

scan Market Forecast Bearish: http://tos.mx/4FJ6Zo

scan Market Forecast Bullish: http://tos.mx/4x5sK0

scan Marubozu Bearish (3 bars): http://tos.mx/GCWdme

scan MFI Overbought Crossover: http://tos.mx/5uF1L1

scan MFI Oversold Crossover: http://tos.mx/1mdwuR

scan Potential Breakout: http://tos.mx/B0nMQe

scan price within xx% of MA line (edit it to your desired % and your desired MA line): http://tos.mx/djMBV5

scan PSAR Crossover Bearish: http://tos.mx/Vc1Xqa

scan PSAR Crossover Bullish: http://tos.mx/9DgkEP

scan for range bound symbols (ADX < 20): http://tos.mx/7U02Se

scan RSI Wilder Overbought: http://tos.mx/EpsvVl

scan SMA Crossover: http://tos.mx/hUC0RP

scan StdDevChannel Lower Full Data: http://tos.mx/yziTzm

scan StdDevChannel Upper Full Data: http://tos.mx/ZUB7o9

scan SwingThree1: http://tos.mx/mlvNuD

scan up 100% YTD and near 52-wk high: http://tos.mx/aD6jjF

scan Vortex Bearish: http://tos.mx/tvESKH

scan Vortex Bullish: http://tos.mx/uuQWxB

scan for stocks with earnings and MMM of __ percent: http://tos.mx/9RgQPA

scan range bound with high IV percentile rank (Iron Condor candidates): http://tos.mx/Ny8YRA

scan range bound with low IV percentile rank (Double Diagonal candidates): http://tos.mx/amcl7O
scan short put or short OTM put vertical – stock near lower support (on stock above 200SMA with positive

earnings): http://tos.mx/04F555

IMPORTANT: after you import any Scan, go to Scan tab and click on top right menu icon to select the saved

query. Then edit the filters and add any extra filters, and select watchlist of symbols with liquid options top left

Scan In. Now click on top right menu icon and Save Query to save your changes

scan Retail Buying: http://tos.mx/V56YWM

NOTE: change price Increasing to Decreasing to create Retail Selling scan

*updated* scan Rising IV (in absence of earnings) – NEED to add either bullish or bearish filters if using to find

potential breakouts: http://tos.mx/IlokCg

scan for stocks consolidating (ADX < 20) with ImpVolatility rising ... aka potential breakout

trades: http://tos.mx/SKhesv

watchlist column BidAskSpread: http://tos.mx/991uyR

NOTE: you cannot scan for tight Bid Ask spread, but you can create a scan and Save Query ... then open the

saved query as a watchlist and sort that watchlist by this custom Bid Ask spread column

watchlist column Down 20% or more (BearTerritory): http://tos.mx/xqVPc9

NOTE: add to watchlist of an index to see what percent of the stocks in an index are now in bear territory

watchlist column below 50 sma: http://tos.mx/ydBCyJ

watchlist column below 200 sma: http://tos.mx/rYEown

HINT: apply below 50sma and below 200sma to watchlist of Public-- >>S&P500 or other index and sort by that

column to quickly see how many stocks in that index are currently above/below the 50 or 200 day moving

average line

watchlist column Bull Bear: http://tos.mx/1XyUB2

watchlist column Extended Hours Last trade price: http://tos.mx/uWbicV

watchlist column IV percentile (current IV vs. "normal" IV): http://tos.mx/6IlMBw

watchlist column IV percentile rank (same number as bottom of Trade tab): http://tos.mx/CqIAZd

watchlist column MACD: http://tos.mx/tMAOzA

watchlist column MMM: http://tos.mx/QNMRSp

watchlist column MMM percent: http://tos.mx/VeyoaT

watchlist column Moving Avg Crossover: http://tos.mx/xNe8Ls

watchlist column new 52-wk high or new low: http://tos.mx/GQr3sV

watchlist column Next day before x-div: http://tos.mx/YGnP40

watchlist column Next earnings date: http://tos.mx/cnIcIW

watchlist column percent change MTD: http://tos.mx/I7pq6i

watchlist column percent change WTD: http://tos.mx/2Zf5nY

watchlist column percent change YTD: http://tos.mx/oSOAg5

watchlist column PSAR bullish or bearish: http://tos.mx/fp6vKQ

watchlist column RSI Wilder: http://tos.mx/LO9Zsi

watchlist column StockSizzle (unusual underlying volume): http://tos.mx/43abXO

watchlist column (meant to be used on Trade tab option chain - turns red when volume > OI at that

strike): http://tos.mx/lqD8d0

HINT: add OpenInt, Volume, and this custom column to your option chain to see how it works

Watch List symbols Market Relationships: http://tos.mx/Y19CxH

Watch List symbols Market Relationships (updated): http://tos.mx/cr4gD8

Watch List symbols Morning Radar indices overview: http://tos.mx/s4dE1f

Watch List symbols New World: http://tos.mx/dh4WE4

Watch List symbols optionable sector ETFs: http://tos.mx/MY2OOA

example of how to add a horizontal line(s) to any chart study: http://tos.mx/iXm5Zm

example of how to add a moving average line to any chart study: http://tos.mx/uP6AfE

NOTE: When in a grid you lose the far top right of chart Last trade, Day change, and Percent change label

Use this custom study to have that information on every chart in your grid.

chart study label Day Net and Percent Change with Day volume: http://tos.mx/lZdFsj

chart study line chart of quarterly EPS changes: http://tos.mx/nKN9il

HINT: try this study on a 5-year weekly chart

chart study futures cheat sheet labels: http://tos.mx/3hrCFl

NOTE: this chart study shows tick size, P/L for a 1 tick move, shares equivalent, and risk per contract(futures


chart study label $TICK at extremes: http://tos.mx/upLe4A

chart study futures and forex cheat sheet labels: http://tos.mx/mEVIqF

NOTE: this chart study shows tick size, P/L for a 1 tick move, shares equivalent, and risk per contract (futures

or forex