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Downloaded From www.rejinpaul.com Question Paper Code : 40337 M.B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION, APRIL/MAY 2015. Second Semester ‘ BA 7203 — MARKETING MANAGEMENT ” oO (Regulation 2013) \ J ‘Time : Three hours Makjmumg 100 marks 'y Answer ALL questions, PART A— (10 «2=20 maski). 1. Whats a marketing plan? = , 2 Define the term human need. AN oA Y B What are Credence attribuigs? yy AY 4, Define brand equity. = ‘ 5. What is Positioning? YY 6. What are the chro acy purposes of advertising objectives? 7. What are sgeial clases? 8 Whois Atiegiten in Organizations] Buying? 9. Whiat.j§ Social Marketing? 10 Whyis niching profitable? ow on \ PART B— (6 x 16 = 80 marks) 11. @ Name and deseribe the elements of a company's microenvironment and give an example illustrating why each is important. Or (b) _ Explain how a company designs a customer-driven es strategy. ‘ ran eS Grow With 13, 14. (a) 0) fa) () @ () (a) () What is a Product Life Cycle? List the various stages of the ree Downloaded From www.rejinpaul.com Explain the unique characteristies of servic#s with suitable examples. Or Describe the stages in the organizational buying process that ultimately lead to a purchase. Discuss in detail the various product pricing strategies Or eyele and describe the characteristics of each stage with illustratio: ‘ § © Discuss the strategies available to market leaders. € or € Explain the stages of the consumer buyer decisioi ae nd describe how you or your family went through thie proces@to ‘make a recent purchase. a Describe the most commonly-used akon Mor setting advertising budgets What are the major Foci’ lg Research and briefly describe the steps in the mariseting < Ny ae a . re or Grow With Us