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The AFP operating through the area

CRIMINOLOGIST LICENSURE EXAMINATION commander is the one primarily responsible
============================= on matters involving insurgency and other
=========== serious treats to national security.
FINAL COACHING B. The PNP is relieved of the primary role
LAW ENFORCEMENT towards insurgency and other serious treats
to national security.
ADMINISTRATION C. The PNP shall provide assistance to the AFP
in insurgency-affected areas.
D. All of these
1. It refers to the field of management which
involves planning, and controlling the efforts of 5. The procedure which is intended to be used
a group of individuals toward achieving a in situations of all kinds and outlined as guide
common goal with maximum dispatch and and by men in the field operations relative to
minimum use of administrative resources. reporting, dispatching, raids, arrest and
A. Administation investigation refers to:
B. Personnel Management A. Field Procedure
C. Organization B. Standard Operating Procedure
D. Police Organization C. Problem oriented plan
D. Headquarters procedure
 Organization-a group of persons working
together for a common goal or objectives a  Headquarters Procedures - include the
form of human association for the procedures to be followed in the
attainment of a goal or objective. headquarters, usually reflected in the duty
 Police Organization- a group of trained manual
personnel in the field of public safety  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) -
administration engaged in the achievement procedures intended for specific operations
of goals and objectives. to ensure uniformity of action
 Administration- an organizational process
concerned with the implementation of 6. The term of office of the Chief PNP shall be for
objectives and plans and internal operating a period ______?
 Police Administration- the process A. Not exceeding four (5) years.
involved in ensuring strict compliance,
proper obedience of laws and related B. Not exceeding five (3) years.
statutes focuses on the policing process. C. Not exceeding six (4) years.

2. The national headquarters of the PNP is D. Not exceeding three (6) years.
located in Quezon City. It was named after the
1st Filipino Chief of the Philippine Constabulary.  Attrition by Attainment of Maximum
A. Antonio Torres
B. Cesar Nazareno
C. Rafael Crame Those who have reached the prescribed
maximum tenure corresponding to their position
D. Lamberto Javalera shall be retired from the service

 PDG Cesar Nazareno- the first chief of  Chief 4 years

the Philippine National Police  Deputy Chief 4 years
 Col Antonio Torres- the first Filipino chief  Director of Staff Services 4
of police of the Manila Police Department in years
1935  Regional Directors 6 years
 Col Lamberto Javalera- the first chief of  Provincial/District Directors 9 years
police of the Manila Police Department after  Other positions higher than
the Philippine Independence from the Provincial Director 6 years
United States of America in 1946

3. Eugene Sakuragi joined the PNP in 1996. She

was 29 years old then. What year can
Eugene retire if he wants to avail the 7. The law that empowered the police
mandatory retirement? commission to conduct entrance and
A. 2017 C. 2032 promotional examination for police members
B. 2031 D. 2023 refers to:

A. RA 6040 C. RA 5487
 Compulsory – upon reaching the age B. RA 157 D. PD 765
FIFTY-SIX (56), the age of retirement
 Optional – upon completion of TWENTY  R.A. 157- created the National Bureau of
(20) YEARS of active service Investigation, enacted June 19, 1947 and
later reorganized by R.A. 2678
4. The Role of the PNP on matters involving the  PD 765- otherwise known as the Integration
suppression of insurgency and serious treats to Act of 1975, enacted on August 8, 1975;
national security? established the Integrated National Police
 R.A. 5487 – Private Security Agency Law 12. He is known as the father of modern
policing system?
8. The theory of police service which states
those police officers are servants of the people A. August Vollmer C. Oliver Cromwell
or the community refers to: B. Robert Peel D. Cesare
A. Old Lombroso
B. Home rule  August Vollmer - recognized as the Father
C. Modern of Modern Law Enforcement
D. Continental  Oliver Cromwell- first commissioner of
Scotland Yard
 Continental - policemen are regarded as  Cesare Lombroso – Father of Modern
servants of the higher authorities Criminology.
o It exist in France, Italy and Spain-
countries with a decentralized form of 13. When responding to call for police
government assistance due to planted or found explosives,
 Old Concept - measurement of police what immediate actions should the patrol officer
competence is the increasing number of will do?
 Modern Concept - police efficiency is A. Scrutinize the item if it is an explosive or
measured by the decreasing number of not.
crimes B. Dispose the item immediately to avoid
further injury to happen.
9. Dr. XYY is a Doctor of Philosophy; he opted to C. Never attempt to handle, call for
join the Philippine National Police. What would Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team.
be his initial rank upon entry? D. Call to the Tactical Operation Center for
A. Senior Inspector C. Inspector proper procedure to be followed, after
investigating the item.
B. Chief Inspector D. NONE
14. Captain Matako is a commissioned officer of
 Inspector Rank: Dentists, optometrists, the Armed Forces of the Philippines. What is his
nurses, engineers, graduates of forensic equivalent rank in the PNP?
sciences, graduates of the PNPA and
A. Inspector C. Senior
licensed criminologists
 Senior Inspector Rank: Chaplains, B. Chief Inspector D. Superintendent
members of the bar and doctors of medicine
 Inspector – Captain
10. The following are functions in a police
 Chief Inspector – Major
organization, EXCEPT:
 Superintendent – Lieutenant Colonel
A. primary functions
15. How many Deputy Director General ranks
B. administrative functions
are there in the PNP?
C. secondary functions
A. 1 C. 3
D. auxiliary functions
B. 2 D. 4
 Primary or Line Functions- functions that
Deputy Director General ranks
carry out the major purposes of the
organization, Patrolling, traffic duties, and  DDG for Administration (2nd in Command)
crime investigation  DDG for Operation (3rd in Command)
 Staff/Administrative Functions- designed  Chief of the Directorial Staff (4th in
to support the line functions and assist in Command)
the performance of the line functions
examples of the staff functions of the police 16. The highest rank in the BJMP is __________.
are Planning, research, budgeting and legal
advice A. Four star general C. Director
 Auxiliary Functions- functions involving B. Chief Superintendent D. Director General
the logistical operations of the organization
examples are communication, maintenance,  Chief- highest position in the PNP, with the
records management, supplies and rank of DIRECTOR GENERAL
equipment management.
17. What is the minimum police-to-population
11. If the external patting of the suspect’s ratio?
clothing fails to disclose evidence of a weapon
the next procedure of the Patrol officer is: A. 1:000 C. 1:1500
B. 1:500 D. 1:7
A. Conduct a complete search.
B. The Patrol officer shall arrest the suspect. Sec. 27 of R.A. 6975 provides (police-to-
C. No further search may be made. population ratio)

D. Turnover the suspect to the immediate o 1:500 – nationwide average

18. What kind of force is needed during armed

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A. Reasonable force C. Logical Force e. Visual indications suggesting that the suspect
B. Rational Force D. Evenhanded is carrying a pyrotechnics.
Force A. b, c, d, C. a, c, d
B. b, e, a, d D. a, b, c, d,
19. The largest organic unit within a large e
A. Bureau C. Section 25. The provincial governor shall choose the
B. Division D. Unit provincial director from a list of _____ eligible’s
recommended by the PNP regional director:
 Division- The primary subdivision of a A. six C. five
bureau. B. Three D. four
 Section- Functional units within a particular
division. This is necessary for specialization.  MAYOR – Shall choose from the (5) FIVE
 Units- Functional group within a section eligible’s recommended by the PD.
where further specialization is needed.
26. The deployment of officers in a given
20. The word “police” was derived from the community, area or locality to prevent and deter
Greek word _______, which means government criminal activity and to provide day-to-day
of the city. services to the community.
A. politia C. politeia A. Patrol C. Beat Patrol
B. polis D. Policy B. Line Patrol D. Area Patrol

 Polis – Greek word which means “City- 27. The head of the IAS shall have a designation
State”. of ____________?
 Politia – Roman word which means A. Director General C. Solicitor
“condition of the state or the Government”. General
B. Inspector General D. IAS General
21. It is defined as the determination in advance
of how the objectives of the organization will be 28. As per the requirement of R.A. 6975, there
attained. should be how many PLEB for every 500 police
A. planning C. personnel?
Advancement A. one (1) C. more than one
B. police planning D. Development B. at least one D. less than one
 Police Planning - it is an attempt by police  there shall be at least one (1) PLEB for
administration to allocate anticipated every five hundred (500) city or municipal
resources to meet anticipated service police personnel
29. If you are the patrolman on beat, what
22. It is the premier educational institution for would be the immediate things to do when
the training, human resource development and accident occur?
continuing education of all personnel of the PNP, A. Cordon the area
BFP, and BJMP. B. Go away and call your superior
A. PPSC C. RTS C. Bring the victim to the nearest
B. PNPA D. NPC hospital
D. Chase the criminal and Arrest him
PNPA- created pursuant to Section 13 of PD
1184, premier educational institution for future 30. The following are the upgraded general
officers of the tri-bureaus. qualifications for appointment in the Philippine
National Police.
23. It is the central receiving entity for any a. Applicant must weigh more or less than five
citizen’s complaint against the police officers. (5) kilos;
A. IAS C. PNP b. Applicant shall not be below twenty (20) or
B. PLEB D. NAPOLCOM over thirty five (35) years of age;
c. Applicant must be person of good moral
 NAPOLCOM - shall exercise administrative character;
control and operational supervision over the d. Applicant must not have been dishonorably
PNP discharged from military services or civilian
 IAS - investigate complaints and gather position in the government; and
evidence in support of an open e. Applicant must be eligible.
investigation; conduct summary hearings on
PNP members facing administrative charges; A. e, c, d, b C. a, c, d, e
B. b, c, e D. c, d, e
24. The following are the grounds for Patrol
officers to execute spot checks. 31. All of the following are members of the
a. Questionable presence of the individual in the People’s Law Enforcement Board, EXCEPT:
area; A. Three (3) members chosen by the Peace
b. The suspect is a long time enemy of your and Order Council from among the
superior; respected members of the community
c. The individual flees at the sight of a police B. A bar member chosen by the
officer; Integrated Bar of the Philippines
d. The Patrol officer has knowledge of the
suspect’s prior criminal record; and
C. Any barangay captain of the 38. SPO1 Last and SPO2 First report to the same
city/municipality concerned chosen by the supervisor. This is the principle of __________:
association of barangay captains
D. Any member of the Sangguniang A. delegation of authority
Panglunsod B. span of control
C. unity of command
32. Two or more persons forming an D. chain of command
organization must identify first the reason for
establishing such organization. They must  Delegation of Authority- conferring of
identify the organization’s _________: certain specified authority by a superior to a
A. strategy C. Goal subordinate
B. Tactic D. objective  Chain of Command- the arrangement of
officers from top to bottom on the basis of
 Strategy – is a broad design, method; a rank or position and authority
major plan of action that needs a large  Span of Control- the maximum number of
amount of resources to attain a major goal subordinates that a superior can effectively
or objectives. supervise
 Goal- General Statement of intention  Command Responsibility- dictates that
normally with time perspective. It is immediate commanders shall be responsible
achievable end state that can be measured for the effective supervision and control of
and observed. their personnel and unit
 Tactic – it is a specific design, method or
course of action to attain a particular 39. Who has the authority to promote Insp Jhack
objective in consonance with strategy. T. Khole?
A. President C. Chief,
33. To improve delegation, the following must PNP
be done, EXCEPT: B.CA D. Regional
A. establish objectives and standards Director
B. count the number of supervisors
C. require completed work Promoting Authorities:
D. define authority and responsibility
Grade/Rank Promoting
34. The number of subordinates that can be Authorities
supervised directly by one person tends to:
A. Increase as the physical distance between  Director General President
supervisor and subordinate as well as  Sr. Supt. to Deputy Dir. Gen. President
between individual subordinate increases  Insp. To Supt. Chief, PNP
B. Decrease with an increase in the  PO1 to SPOIV RD/Chief, PNP
knowledge and experience of the
subordinate 40. In police parlance, “S.O.P.” stands for?
C. Increase as the level of supervision
progresses for the first line A. Standard operation procedures
supervisory level to the management B. Special operation procedures
level C. Standard operating procedures
D. All of the above D. Special operating procedures

41. The following are the characteristics of a

35. This means controlling the direction and flow
good plan, EXCEPT:
of decisions through unity of command from top
A. flexibility C. specific
to bottom of organization:
B. clear D. expensive
A. Audit C. Coordination
B. Monitoring D. Authority
42. If the annual quota for the year 2013 is
1200. How many of the annual quota is
36. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
allocated for women?
A. Performance evaluation measures
A. 10% C. 120
credibility of the police
B. 100 D. 200
B. Performance evaluation is not a basis for
salary increases or promotion
 The PNP shall reserve TEN PERCENT (10%)
C. Performance evaluation is done once a
of its annual recruitment, training and
year among police personnel
education quota for women
D. Performance evaluation is
implemented to determine the 43. Waivers for initial appointment in the PNP
quality of work performance of may be waived in the following order:
A. age, height, weight & education
37. The NAPOLCOM is an attached agency to B. age, weight, height & education
the DILG for _______: C. height, education, weight & age
D. in any order
A. Administrative control
B. Administration and control
C. Operational supervision  Applicants who possess the least
D. Policy and program coordination disqualification shall take precedence over
those who possess more disqualification;

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 The requirement shall be waived in the 49. The Philippine National Police will recruit 300
following order: Age, Height, Weight and new policemen on March 2012 to fill up its
Education. (AHWE) quota. Who among the following applicants is
qualified to apply?
44. It is the downsizing of PNP personnel on the
basis provided by law. A. Khyle who was born on April 24, 1978
A. attrition C. B. Tom who was born on November 22, 1980
Specialization C. Vince who was born on March 17, 1993
B. promotion D. retirement D. Migz who was born on August 10,
 Specialization- the assignment of
particular personnel to particular tasks
which are highly technical and require  For a new applicant, must not be less than
special skills and training twenty-one (21) nor more than thirty (30)
 Retirement - The separation of the police years of age
personnel from the service by reason of
reaching the age of retirement provided by 50. Inspector Bruno joined the Philippine
law, or upon completion of certain number National Police on October 5, 1988.
of years in active service. Nevertheless, he want to pursue his career as
 Promotion - It is a upgrading of ranks embalmer, he decided to file an optional
and/or advancement to a position of retirement so that he could enjoy benefits of the
leadership gratifying PNP which he served with extreme
commitment and loyalty. When does Bruno can
45. The age requirement for new PNP applicants retire?
must not be less than twenty-one (21) years of A. October 5, 1998 C. October 6, 1999
age. The Maximum age requirement for PNP B. September 5, 2010 D. September
applicants using the lateral entry program is 5, 2008
A. 35 years old C. 25 years old 51. Which of the following administrative
B. 30 years old D. 31 years old penalties is immediately executory?
A. Dismissal C. Forfeiture
of pay
46. A Field training Program for all PNP B. Suspension D. Death penalty
uniformed members is required for permanency
of their appointment. Who among the following 52. What is the Appropriate Training Course is
is exempted to undergo the Field Training needed to be promoted to SPOIV?
Program and issued a permanent appointment?
A. Officers Candidate Course
A. Pastor Jayson Lopez, who is appointed Sr.
Inspector via Lateral entry. B. Senior Leadership Course
B. Atty. Rose Camia, who is appointed Sr. C. Junior Leadership Course
Inspector via Lateral entry. D. Public Safety Basic Recruit Course
C. Ryan, A PNPA graduate who is
appointed Inspector after graduation.  SLC- SPOII to SPOIII
D. Bruno Sikatuna a Licensed Criminologist  JLC – POIII to SPOI
and First Place in the Examination.  PSBRC – POI to POII

 Field Training Program. – All uniformed 53. The head of the National Capital Regional
members of the PNP shall undergo a Field Police Office shall assume the position of NCR
Training Program for twelve (12) months director with the rank of:
involving actual experience and assignment A. Chief Superintendent C. Director
in patrol, traffic, and investigation as a B. Superintendent D.
requirement for permanency of their C/Inspector
 Regional Director -with the rank of Chief
47. Planning as a management function is to be Superintendent
done in the various levels of PNP organization.  Provincial Director -with the rank of
Broad policy based from laws directives, policies Senior Superintendent
and needs in general is the responsibility of:  NCR District Director -with the rank of
Chief Superintendent
A. Directorate for Plans  Chief of Police – with the rank of Chief
B. President of the Philippines Inspector
C. Chief, PNP
D. Dep. Dir. For Administration 54. Under the waiver program, who among the
following PNP applicants is the least priority for
48. What is the rank equivalent of PNP Deputy appointment?
Director General in the Armed Forces of the
Philippines? A. Jude who just earned 72 units in
A. Lt. General C. Major General college
B. Brigade General D. General B. Renz who is under height
C. Justine who is underweight
 Chief Superintendent – Brigade General D. Philip who is overage
 Director – Major General
 Director General - General
55. Republic Act 6975 is otherwise known  Motion for Reconsideration is only allowed
as____________. ONCE.

A. Department of Interior and Local 59. Who shall administer the entrance and
Government Act of 1990 promotional examinations for police officers on
B. Department of the Interior and Local the basis of the standards set by the
Government Act of 1990 Commission as amended by RA 8551?
C. Department of Interior and the Local A. PLEB C. CSC
Government Act of 1990 B.PRC D. NAPOLCOM
D. Department of the Interior and the Local
Government Act of 1990
 Police Entrance Examination – taken by
56. The following are the component agencies applicants of the PNP
that compose the Philippine National Police  Police Promotional Examinations – taken
(Sec. 23, RA 6975). by in-service police officers as part of the
a. NARCOM civilian personnel; mandatory requirements for promotion
b. Coast Guards;
c. Philippine Constabulary; NOTE: Police officers, who are Licensed
d. Philippine Air Force Security Command; and Criminologists, no longer need to take the
e. National Action Committee on Anti- Police Promotional Examinations as part of the
Hijacking. requirements for promotion. As PRC Board
A. a, c, d, e C. b, a, e, c Passers, they have already complied with the
B. e, b, a, d D. a, b, c, d, e eligibility requirement.

57. SPO4 Nonito Pacquiao receives 27, 690.00 60. SPOIV Rudolf Tocsin is set to be promoted, if
base pay since he was promoted. After five he is promoted who has the appointing
years from promotion, what would be his authority?
monthly base pay after adding his longevity
pay? A. Regional Director or office of the PNP for
A. 32, 690.00 C. 37, the national headquarters personnel
690.00 attested by the Civil Service Commission.
B. 30, 459.00 D. 31, B. Chief PNP, recommended by
549.00 immediate superiors and attested
by the Civil Service Commission.
58. Decisions rendered by the national IAS shall C. President, upon recommendation of Chief
be appealed to the__________: PNP, endorsed by the Civil Service and
subject to confirmation by the
A. Regional Appellate Board Commission of Appointment.
B. National Appellate Board D. President from among the senior officers
C. People’s Law Enforcement Board down to the rank of Chief
D. National Police Commission Superintendent, subject to the
confirmation of the Commission on
 National Appellate Board - shall decide Appointment.
cases on appeal from decisions rendered by
the PNP Chief and the IAS. Appointment of uniformed PNP personnel
 Regional Appellate Board - shall decide
cases on appeal from decisions rendered by  PO1 TO SPO4 – appointed by the Regional
the RD, PD, COP, the city or municipal Director for regional personnel or by the
mayor and the PLEB except decision on Chief, PNP for the national headquarters
suspension.  INSP. TO SUPT. – appointed by the Chief,
NOTE:  SR. SUPT TO DDG – appointed by the
President upon recommendation of the
 The PLEB decision of the suspension is Chief, PNP, subject to confirmation by the
final and cannot be appealed. Commission on Appointments
 The decision of dismissal by either PLEB or  DIRECTOR GENERAL – appointed by the
Regional Director is final and executory but President from among the senior officers
subject to appeal to RAB. down to the rank of C/Supt, subject to the
 Decision of Chief of Police is appealable confirmation of the Commission on
within 10 days to Provincial Director, upon Appointments
receipt of decision.
 Decision of Provincial Director is appealable 61. It is known as the Professionalization act of
within 10 days to Regional Director, upon 1966.
receipt of decision. A. R.A. 4864 C. Act 255
 Decision of Regional Director is appealable B. Act 175 D. Act 183
within 10 days to Chief, PNP upon receipt of
decision.  Act No 175 - entitled “An Act Providing for
 The decisions of COP, PD, and RD are from the Organization and Government of an
those cases concerning internal discipline. Insular Constabulary”, enacted on July 18,
 Cases involving internal discipline filed 1901
with the Chief, PNP originally, the  Act No. 183 - created the Manila Police
decision is appealable to NAB which Department, enacted on July 31, 1901
decision is Final.

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 Act No 255 - The act that renamed the an Insular Constabulary”, enacted on
Insular Constabulary into Philippine July 18, 1901
Constabulary, enacted on October 3, 1901
67. The performance evaluation system is
62.________ is given to any PNP member who conducted:
has exhibited act of conspicuous and gallantry A. thrice a year C. Every 6
at the risk of his life above and beyond the call months
of duty. B. Every 2 years D. Quarterly

A. Promotion by virtue of Position  January to June Evaluation Report to be

B. Meritorious Promotion submitted 1st week of July
C. Regular Promotion  June to December Evaluation Report to be
D. On-the-Spot Promotion submitted 1st week of January of the
 Regular – promotion granted to police succeeding year.
officers meeting the mandatory
requirements for promotion 68. A PNP member who acquired permanent
 Promotion by virtue of Position- any PNP physical disability in the performance of his duty
personnel designated to any key position and unable to further perform his duty shall be
whose rank is lower than what is required for entitled to a lifetime pension equivalent to:
such position shall, after 6 months
occupying the same, be entitled to rank A. 50% of his last salary
adjustment corresponding to position.
B. 70% of his last salary
63. PNP members under the waiver program but C. 60% of his last salary
is dismissed for failure to comply with the
requirements can re-apply to the PNP? D. 80% of his last salary
A. Maybe Yes C. Maybe No
B. Absolutely Yes D.
Absolutely No Retirement due To Permanent Physical
 PNP members under the waiver program but
is dismissed for failure to comply with the
PNP uniformed personnel who are
requirements can RE-APPLY provided he now
permanently and totally disabled as a result of
have the minimum requirements.
injuries suffered or sickness contracted in the
performance of his duty shall be entitled to ONE
64. The reason why police officer appears in
court as a witness has to be in complete uniform
equivalent to EIGHTY PERCENT (80%) of his
is to show his respect to the court and to his:
last salary, in addition to other benefits.
A. Position/Rank C. Superior
B. Profession D.
Should such PNP personnel die within
FIVE (5) YEARS from his retirement due to
physical disability, his legal spouse or legitimate
65. One having supervisory responsibilities over
children shall be entitled to receive the pension
officers to the lower rank, whether temporary or
for the remainder of the five year-period.
A. None C. Superior
69. How many successive annual rating
periods before a police officer may be
B. Ranking officer D. Sworn officer
separated due to inefficiency or poor
 Sworn Officer- The term referring to performance?
personnel of the police department who has A. 2 C. 4
taken oath of office and possesses the B.3 D. 1
power to arrest.
 Ranking Officer-Refers to the officers Attrition by other Means
having the highest rank or grade according Those who have at least five (5) years of
to their date of appointment to that grade active service shall be separated based on any
of the following:
66. Law that created the Manila Police
Department, enacted on July 31.  inefficiency based on poor performance
A. RA 4864 C. ACT 183 during the last two (2) successive
B. ACT 255 D. ACT 175 annual rating periods;
 inefficiency based on poor performance
 RA 4864- otherwise known as the Police for three (3) cumulative annual rating
Professionalization Act of 1966, enacted periods;
on September 8, 1966; created the Police  physical and/or mental incapacity to
Commission (POLCOM); later POLCOM was perform police functions and duties; or
renamed in Act No 255 - The act that  failure to pass the required entrance
renamed the Insular Constabulary into examinations twice and/or finish the
Philippine Constabulary, enacted on required career courses except for
October 3, 1901 to National Police justifiable reasons
Commission (NAPOLCOM)
 Act No 175 - entitled “An Act Providing 70. Female detainees shall not be transported in
for the Organization and Government of handcuffs but only with necessary restraint and
proper escort, preferably aided by a police are reasonable grounds to believe that
woman. The statement is- he is guilty of the charges; and
A. Partially True C. Wholly True  when the respondent is guilty of a
B. Partially False D. Wholly False serious offense involving conduct
unbecoming of a police officer
71. In this theory, management assumes
employees may be ambitious and self- 75. If the offense is punishable for a period of
motivated and exercise self-control. It is not exceeding 30 days but not less than 16
believed that employees enjoy their mental and days, the citizen’s complaint against erring PNP
physical work duties. member shall be filed at the
A. Hawthorne Effect C. XYY Theory
B. X theory D. Y theory A. Office of the chief of police
 Hawthorne effect is a form of reactivity C. Mayor’s Office
whereby subjects improve or modify an
aspect of their behavior being D. any of them
experimentally measured simply in
response to the fact that they are being  Chief of Police - for a period not exceeding
studied, not in response to any particular FIFTEEN (15) DAYS
experimental manipulation.  PLEB - for a period exceeding THIRTY (30)
 X theory - management assumes DAYS, or by DISMISSAL
employees are inherently lazy and will
avoid work if they can and that they 76. Monthly retirement benefits or pay shall be
inherently dislike work. ___ of the base pay and longevity pay of the
retired grade in case of 20 years active service
72. The theory X and Y is a human motivation A. 50% C. 10%
created and developed by? B. 2.5% D. 55%
A. Giuseppe “Joe” Petrosino  Monthly retirement pay shall be FIFTY
B. John Edgar Hoover PERCENT (50%) of the base pay in case of
C. Henry A. Landsberger twenty years of active service, increasing by
D. Douglas McGregor for every year of active service rendered
beyond twenty years.
 Giuseppe “Joe” Petrosino - New York City
Police officer, who pioneer fighting 77. This type of plan is intended for specific
Organized Crime. purpose such as drug crackdown, crime
 Henry A. Landsberger – coined the word prevention program, or neighborhood clean-up
Hawthorne Effect campaign. It concludes when the objective is
 John Edgar Hoover - first Director of the accomplished or the problem is solved
Federal Bureau of Investigation; he was A. Strategic plan
instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935. B. Time Specific plan
C. Functional Plan
73. What is the Appropriate Training Course is D. time bound operational plan
needed to be promoted to Senior
Superintendent.  Functional Plan- includes the framework
A. Officers Senior Executive Course for the operation of the major functional unit
in the organization Such as patrol and
B. Officers Advance Course investigation.
C. Officers Basic Course  Strategic Plan - It relates to plans which
are strategic or long range in application, it
D. Bachelor of Science in Public Safety determine the organization’s original goals
and strategy.
 MNSA/Allied MA Degree – Chief
Superintendent - up. 78. This type of plan is intended to guide PNP
 OAC – Chief Inspector members on routine and field operations and
 OBC – Senior Inspector some special operations
 BSPS - Inspector A. Extra Departmental plan
B. Tactical Plan
74. Who among the following have summary C. Operational Plan
dismissal powers? D. policy or procedural plan
A. Chief, PNP C. RD
B. NAPOLCOM D. All of these  Extra-Departmental Plans - which require
actions or assistance from persons or
The NAPOLCOM, PNP Chief and Regional agencies outside of the department
Directors have summary dismissal powers in  Operational Plan - often called work plan;
any of the following cases: the work program of the field units
 Tactical Plans - concern methods of action
 when the charge is serious and the to be taken at a designated location and
evidence of guilt is strong under specific circumstances
 when the respondent is a recidivist or
79. What kind of appointment when the
has been repeatedly charged and there
applicant is under the waiver program due to

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weight requirements pending satisfaction of the 84. The organizational structure of the PNP is
requirement waived. __________.
A. Permanent C. Probationary A. Line C. Staff
B. Temporary D. Special B. Functional D. Line and
 Permanent – when an applicant possesses
the upgraded general qualifications for  Line – oldest and simplest kind; few
appointment in the PNP
 Probationary- All PNP members upon entry
level, before appointed to permanent status
 Functional – according to functions of the
shall undergo a mandatory 1 Year organization
probationary period.
85. It is the process of developing methods or
80. The institution of a criminal action or procedure or an arrangement of parts intended
complaint against a police officer is to facilitate the accomplishment of a definite
A. A ground for dismissal objective.
B. Not qualified for promotion A. Management C. Functioning
C. Automatically dismiss B. Budgeting D. Planning
D. Not a bar to promotion
86. Refers to any offense committed by a
 Pursuant to RA 9708, “…In addition, the member of the PNP involving and affecting
institution of a criminal action or complaint order and discipline within the police
against a police officer shall not be a bar to organization.
A. Breech of Internal Discipline
81. Refers to the utilization/use of units or B. Citizens Complaint
elements of the PNP for the purpose of C. Minor Offense
protection of lives and properties, enforcement D. Any of these
of laws, maintenance of peace and order,
prevention of crimes, arrest of criminals and  Minor Offense -shall refer to an act or
bringing the offenders to justice omission not involving moral turpitude but
A. Deployment C. Reinforcement affecting the internal discipline of the PNP
B. Reintegration D.  Citizen’s Complaints- pertains to any
Employment complaint initiated by a private citizen or his
duly authorized representative on account of
 Deployment- shall mean the orderly and an injury, damage or disturbance sustained
organized physical movement of elements due to an irregular or illegal act committed
or units of the PNP within the province, city by a member of the PNP.
or municipality for purposes of employment
87. Which of the following is NOT a function of
82. What is the first step in making a plan? police personnel unit?
A. Frame of reference A. Preparing policy statements and standard
B. Analyzing the Facts operating Procedures relating to all areas
C. Collecting all pertinent data of the administration of human resources
D. Selling the plan B. Serves as an adviser to the chief and other
line officials regarding personnel matters
83. It identify the role of police in the C. Conducts exits interviews with resigning
community and future condition in state officers to identify, and subsequently
A. Visionary Plans correct, unsatisfactory working conditions
B. Strategic Plans D. Establish a criteria for promotion to
C. Synoptic Planning the exclusive ranks
D. Incremental Planning
88. It refers to the process of screening out or
 STRATEGIC PLANS – are designed to meet eliminating undesirable applicants that do not
the long-range, overall goals of the meet the organization’s selection criteria
organization. A. Promotion C. Recruitment
 SYNOPTIC PLANNING (Rational B. Transfer D. Selection
comprehensive approach) – is the dominant
tradition in planning. It is also the point of
 Recruitment – it is the process of
departure for most other planning
attracting candidates who have the
approaches. It is base on “pure” or
maximum qualifications to be eligible for the
“objective” rationality and attempts to
selection procedure.
assure optimal achievement of desired goals
from a given situation. It relies heavily on 89. It is recognized as the best method of filing
the problem identification and analysis A. Pigeon Hole
phase of planning process. B. Retrieval operation
 INCREMENTAL PLANNING – this approach C. Records Management
disfavors the exclusive use of planners who D. Chain of custody
have not direct interest in the problems at
hand and favors a sort of decentralized 90. It is considered to be the heart of any
political bargaining that involves interested identification system; it provides positive
parties. identification of the criminal
A. Arrest and booking report
B. Miscellaneous Records 98. Imports an act of cruelty, severity, unlawful
C. Identification records exaction, domination, or excessive use of
D. Fingerprint Records authority:
A. Misconduct C. Dishonesty
91. The payment of Missing Uniformed B. Incompetency D. Oppression
Personnel’s monthly salary and allowances for
the heirs is for a maximum of how many  Misconduct generally mans wrongful,
months? improper, or unlawful conduct, motivated by
A. 1 year C. 2 months premeditated, obstinate or intentional
B. 30 Days D. 12 months purpose. It usually refers to transgressions
or some established and definite rule of
 Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL) action
- Failure to report for duty without official  Incompetency — is the manifest lack of
notice for a period of THIRTY (30) DAYS adequate ability and fitness for the
satisfactory performance, of police duties.
92. In Supervisory Training, a minimum of _____  Dishonesty — is the concealment or
number of hours of classroom training should be distortion of the truth in a matter or act
required for newly promoted supervisory relevant to one’s office, or connected with
personnel the performance of his duties.
A. 72 hours C. 80
hours 99. The operational support unit of the PNP shall
B. 75 hours D. 85 function as a mobile strike force or reaction unit
hours to augment police forces for civil disturbance
93. It should be proactive, people oriented, control, counter-insurgency, hostage taking,
based on individual need, and delivered in such rescue operations and other special operations:
a way as to motivate the experienced officer to A. NARCOM C. SAF
a higher degree of B. SWAT D. SOCO
A. Recruit Training 100. The primary objective of Philippine National
B. Specialized training Police:
C. In Service A. Law Enforcement C. Peace
D. Field Training and Order
B. Protect and Serve D. Crime
94. When an officer reaches the time-in-grade Prevention
possessing the entire mandatory and other
consideration in promotion, is what kind of 101. As a General Rule, High powered firearms
promotion? are not allowed to possess except when there is
A. Promotion by Virtue of Position an upsurge of lawlessness and criminality as
B. Regular Promotion determined by proper authority, but shall not
C. Meritorious Promotion exceed ______ of the total number of security
D. Promotion guards.
A. 50% C. 20%
95. It involves assistance and action by non B. 30% D. 10%
police agencies such as Local Safety Council for
Traffic Division, DSWD for Child/Juvenile 102. The vault door should be made of steel at
Delinquency, or Disaster Preparedness plans least __________ in thickness?
and Civil defense plans A. 7 inches C. 9 inches
A. Management Plans B. 6 inches D. 20 feet
B. Procedural plan or more
C. Tactical Plans
D. Extra departmental plan Specifications of Vault

 Doors should be 6 inches thick made of

96. Refers to the distinctive physical device of
metal and ribbon, which constitute the tangible
 Walls, ceilings and floor should be 12
evidence of an award:
inches thick
A. Medal C. Awards
 Floor should be elevated by 4 inches
B. Decorations D. Ribbons
 Not more than 5,000 cubic feet in size
 Award — anything tangible granted to an  Vault door must be fire-resistive up to 4 to
individual in recognition of acts of gallantry 6 hours
or heroism, meritorious service or skill and
103. An act or condition, which results in a
situation conducive to a breach of the protection
 Decoration — a piece of metal/material
system, or that, could result to loss.
representing an award.
A. Hazards C. Human Hazards
97. For every _______ letters of commendation, a B. Natural Hazards D. Security
medalya ng papuri may be awarded to nay PNP Hazards
member: Kinds of Security Hazard
A. Six C. Four
 Human Hazard – is the act or condition
B. Five D. Three
affecting the safe operation of the facility
caused by human action.

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 Natural Hazard – is the act or situation Classification and Duration Period of
caused by natural phenomenon, like training
floods, typhoons, earthquakes, etc.
 Basic Security Guard Course (Pre-Licensing
104. An inquiry into the character, reputation, Training Course)- 150 Hours
discretion, integrity, morals and loyalty of an  Re-Training Course- 48 Hours
individual in order to determines person  Security Officers Training Course- 300
suitability for appointment or access to Hours
classified matter.  Basic Supervisory Course- 48 Hours
 Security Supervisor Development Course
A. Local Agency check  Other Specialized Training Course
B. Background Investigation
C. National Agency Check 110. All EXCEPT one are the line leadership
D. Personnel Security Investigation staff:

 National Agency Check- It consists of LAC A. Detachment Commander

supplemented by investigation of the B. Chief Inspector
records and files of the following agencies: C. Post-in-Charge
PNP, ISAFP, NBI, CSC, Bureau of Immigration D. Security Supervisor 1
and Deportation and other agency.
Line Leadership Staff
 Local Agency Check- Refers to the
 Security Supervisor 3- Detachment
investigation of the records and files of
Commander- the field or area commander
agency in the area of principal residence of
of the agency.
the individual being investigated like Mayor,
 Security Supervisor 2- Chief Inspector-
Police, Fiscal, Judge.
responsible for inspecting the entire area
 Background Investigation – a check made
coverage by the detachment.
on an individual usually seeking employment
 Security Supervisor 1- Inspector-
through subjects records in the police files,
responsible for the area assigned by the
educational institutions, place of residence,
chief inspector or the detachment
and former employers.
105. The importance of the firm or installation
111. Barbed wire fences standard wire is
with reference to the national economy security.
twisted, double strand, 12 gauge wire with 4
A. Relative vulnerability C. Relative
point barbs spaces in an equal part. Barbed wire
fencing should not be less than ___ high
B. Relative criticality D. Relative
excluding the top guard.
A. 8 feet C. 9 feet
 Relative Vulnerability – is the B. 7 feet D. 6 feet
susceptibility of the plant or establishment
to damage, loss or disruption of operation
due to various hazards.
Barbed Wire Fences (Semi-Permanent)
106. Private security agencies have to be
registered with the: Specifications
B. PADPAO D. PNP, SAGSD  Standard barbed wire is twisted double
strand, 12 gauge wires, with 4 point barb
 Trade name of the Security Agencies must spaced on equal distant part.
be registered at the Department of Trade  Barbed wire fencing should not be less than
and Industry 7 feet high, excluding the top guard.
 Barbed wire fencing must be firmly affixed to
107. To deny outsiders from visual access in a post not more than 6 feet apart.
certain facility what must be constructed.  The distance between strands will not
A. Full view fence C. Solid fence exceed 6 inches and at least one wire will be
B. Chain link fence D. Multiple fences interlock vertical and midway between
 Full View Fence- This is a kind of fence
that provides visual access through the 112. Who exercises the power to remove, for
fence. cause, license issued to security guards.

108. A private security Guard who is escorting a A. Any of these

big amount of money or cash outside his area of B. Secretary, DILG
jurisdiction shall be issued with a- C. Chairman, NAPOLOCOM
A. Firearms C. Duty Detail D. C/PNP
B. Mission Order D. None of These 113. What type of alarm is best suited for doors
and windows?
109. What is the duration of the Basic Security A. Photoelectric C. Audio detection
Guard Course? B. Metallic foil D. Vibration
A. 150 Hours C. 48 Hours Detection
B. 72 Hours D. 300
Hours  Photoelectric or Electric Eye Device - A
light beam connected by a wire to control
station and when an intruder crosses the  Combination Locks - A lock that requires
beam he breaks the contact with the manipulation of dials according to a
photoelectric coil which thus activates the predetermined combination code of
alarm. numbers or letters
 Audio Detection Device - It is a
supersensitive microphone speaker sensor 117. A type of protective alarm system where
that is installed in walls, ceilings, and floors the protective alarm located outside the
of the protected area, Any sound caused by installation.
attempted forced entry is detected by file A. Local Alarm system C. Central
censor. Station System
 Vibration detection device - Any B. Auxiliary System D. Proprietary
vibration caused by attempted force entry is
detected by the sensor.  Local Alarm by chance System - This is a
local alarm in which a siren or bell is
114. Is the process of conducting physical sounded with no predicable Response.
examination to determine compliance with  Auxiliary System - In this system
establishment security policies and procedures? installation circuits are led into local police
A. Security Education C. Security or fire department by lease telephone line
Inspection  Proprietary System - It is the same as the
B. Security Planning D. Security Survey central station system except that it is
owned by, operated and located in the
Security Planning- Is a corporate and facility
executive responsibility. It involves knowing the
objectives of the security and the means and 118. In which the badge or pass coded for
the method to reach those objectives or goal authorization to enter specific areas issued to
must then evolve. an employees who keeps it in the possession
until his authorization is change or until he
 Security Survey- Is the process of terminates.
conducting an exhaustive physical A. Single Pass C. Pass exchange
examination and thorough inspection of all system
operation system and procedures of a B. Visitors pass system D. Multiple Pass
facility System
 Security Education - The basic goal is to
acquaint all the employees the justification  Pass Exchange System- Which he
behind the security measures and to insure exchange one-color coded pass at the
cooperation at all times. entrance to the controlled area is issued to
an employee who keeps it in his possession
115. What is the last phase of Security until his authorization or until he terminates.
Education?  Multiple Pass System- Multiple copies of
A. Initial Interview C. passes are issued to an individual with the
Conference same photograph. The individual exchange
B. Dissemination D. Security his badge for another color or markings at
promotion the entrance. Once inside, if he needs to
enter a restricted area, he exchanges it for
another color acceptable in that area.

Phases of Security Education 119. It is placed on the floor in such a position

that tellers may activate the alarm by placing
 Initial Interview the front of their foot to engage the activation
 Training Conference bar
 Refresher Conference A. Bill traps C. Knee or Thigh Buttons
 Security Reminders B. Foot Rail Activator D. Double Squeeze
 Security Promotion Button
 Special Interview
 Debriefing
 Bill Traps - It is also known as Currency
116. A mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or Activation, when currency is removed from
electronic device designed to prevent entry into the devices, the alarm is activated.
a building, room container, or hiding place, and  Knee or Thigh Buttons - It is installed
to prevent the removal of items without the inside the deck or teller station so they can
consent of the owner be activated by knee or thigh pressure.
A. Padlocks C. Code Operated  Double Squeeze Button - It requires
B. Locks D. Combination pressure on both side of the device and
Locks therefore the probability of accidental alarm
is reduced.
 Padlock- A portable and detachable lock
having or sliding hasp which passes through 120. These are wide beam units, used to extend
a staple ring or the like and is then made the illumination in long, horizontal strips to
fast or secured. protect the approaches to the perimeter barrier;
 Code-Operated Locks - They are open by it projected a narrow, horizontal and from 15 to
pressing a series of numbered buttons in the 30 degrees in the vertical plane
proper sequence. A. Fresnel Lights C.

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B. Street Lights D. Search lights 127. Vaults are storage devices which are
usually designed to be at least _______fire
 Floodlights - projects light in a resistant.
concentrated beam. Best used in A. 3 hours C. 6 hours
boundaries, building or fences. Otherwise B. 24 hours D. 12 hours
known as reflectorized or spotlight.
 Searchlights - highly focused incandescent 128. A lock which is commonly installed in safe
lamps used in pinpointing potential deposit boxes and is deemed pick proof since it
 Street Lights - produced diffused light is operated by utilizing combinations by means
rather than direction beam. of a dial.
A. None C. Card Operated
121. The following Firearms are allowed to be Locks
issued to a private security guard under normal B. Combination lock D. Disc Tumbler
condition: locks
I. Cal .50;
II. Cal .45;  Card-Operated Locks - Coded card
III. Cal .38; notched, embossed or containing an
IV. Magnum .22; and embedded pattern of copper flocks.
V. 12 Gauge Shotgun.  Disc Tumbler Locks - Also known as wafer
tumbler type, has flat metal tumblers with
A. II, III, IV C. III, IV, V open center fitted into lock case, commonly
B. II, III, IV, V D. I, II, III, used for Automobile Industry which affords
IV, V delay up to 7 to 10 minutes.

122. What is the required capital investment for 129. The maximum number of firearms allowed
organization of private security agency? to possess by a PSA should not exceed by___
A. P 500,000 C. P 1,000,000 units.
B. P 100,000 D. P 50,000 A. 30 C. 500
B. 70 D. 1000
New applicants to operate shall be required to
obtain a minimum capitalization of ONE Use of Firearms
MILLION (P1, 000, 000.00) pesos with a
minimum bank deposit of FIVE  Number of firearms shall not exceed one
HUNDRED THOUSAND (P500, 000.00) (1) for every two (2) Security Guard. (1:2)
pesos in order to start its business  For Temporary licensed, one hundred (100)
operations. guards, an initial of at least 30 licensed
123. One who steals with preconceived plans firearms.
and takes away any or all types of items or  For regular licensed two hundred guards
supplies for economic gain? (200), at least 70 pieces of licensed
A. Normal Pilferer C. Casual Pilferer firearms.
B. Regular Pilferer D. Systematic
pilferer 130. What type of gaseous discharge lamp
emits a blue- green color?
 Casual Pilferer – one who steals due to his
inability to resist the unexpected opportunity A. Sodium vapor lamp
and has little fear of detection. B. Mercury vapor lamp
C. Gaseous-Discharge Lamp
124. The metallic container used for securing D. Quartz lamp
documents or small items in an office or  Sodium Vapor Lamp- Type of Gaseous
installation refers to: Discharge lamp that emit Yellow Light.
A. Safe C. File room  Quarts Lamp- These lamps emits very
B. Vault D. None of these bright white light and instant on almost
as rapidly as the incandescent lamp.
125. Chain link fences must be constructed  Gaseous-Discharge Lamp- it is very
in______ material excluding the top guard? economical to use but for industrial
A. Seven feet C. Four feet security it is not acceptable due to long
B. Six feet D. Five feet time of lighting. It requires 2 to 5
minutes to light.
Chain Link Fences (Permanent Structure)  Incandescent Lamps- These are
Specifications common light bulbs that are found in
every home. They have the advantage of
 Must be constructed in 7 feet material providing instant illumination
excluding the top guard
 Must be of 9 gauge or heavier 131. What type of security deals with the
 Mesh opening must not be larger than 2 industrial plants and business enterprises where
inches personnel, processes, properties and operations
are safeguarded?
126. The following things are used as barrier, A. Personal security C. Operational
which serves as a deterrent to the possible security
intruder in an Industrial Complex, EXCEPT: B. industrial security D. bank
A. Human C. Doors security
B. Fences D. NONE
 Personal Security- Involves the A. It allows visual access to the installation
protection of top-ranking officials of the which aids the intruder in planning
government, visiting persons of B. It allows the intruder to become familiar
illustrious standing and foreign with the movements of persons in the
dignitaries. Also called VIP security. installation.
 Operational Security- This involves the C. It creates shadows which could
protection of processes, formulas, and prevent concealment of the intruder.
patents, industrial and manufacturing D. None of these
activities from espionage, infiltration,
loss, compromise or photocopying. 138. Every registered PSA are mandatory to
 School Security- Security involving not give surety bond which shall answer for any
only facilities but also the students or valid and legal claims against such agency filed
pupils. by aggrieved party. How much is the Surety
bond of PSA with 500-799 guards.
132. The following are principles of Physical A. 50, 000 C. 150, 000
Security, EXCEPT: B. 100, 000 D. 200, 000

A. There is impenetrable Barrier.  Surety Bond

B. Surreptitiously and non-surreptitiously o Agency with 1-199 guards – P 50,000.00
entry. o Agency with 200-499 guards –
C. Defense is depth - barrier after barrier. P100,000.00
D. Intelligence requires continuous o Agency with 500-799 guards –
security measures. P150,000.00
o Agency with 800-1000 guards –
133. For a Security agency, how much is the
registration fee for each security guard?
A. 2,000.00 Php C. 20.00 Php This bond shall answer for any valid and legal
B. 50.00 Php D. 100.oo claims against such agency filed by aggrieved
Php party.
Payment of fees and licenses 139. What type of investigation involves all
aspect and details about the circumstances of a
 For Agency
 The sum of two thousand pesos (P
2,000.00) as national license fee A. partial background investigation
payable to the National Treasurer.
B. personnel security investigation
 The sum of twenty pesos (P 20.00) as
payment for registration fee for each
C. complete background investigation
security guard employed.
 For Individual D. national agency check
 One hundred pesos (P 100.00) per year
for Security Consultant,Security Officer  Partial Background Investigation -
and Private Detectives investigation of the background of the
 Fifty (P 50.00) pesos per year for individual but limited only to some of the
Security Guard payable at the Chief circumstances of his personal life.
Finance Office, HQ PNP.

134. Security Clearance is a certification by a 140. The exposure and the teaching of
responsible authority that the person described employees on security and its relevance to their
is cleared to access and classify matters at work is:
appropriate levels. Interim clearance will remain A. Security Inspection C. Security
valid for a period of____ from the date of Education
issuance. B. Security Orientation D. Security
A. 1 year C. 4 years Survey
B. 2 years D. 5 years
141. It is under physical security which provides
 Final Clearance- Effectivity Five Years sufficient illumination to areas during hours of
135. The term used in England for lock pickers, A. Protective Lighting C. Standby
safecrackers and penetrators of restricted areas Lighting
or room. B. Emergency Lighting D. Moveable
A. Peterman C. Pick Lockers Lighting
B. Thug D. Peterpan
 Standby Lighting- This system is similar to
136. The tenure of a security guard is: continuous lighting but it is turn on manually
A. Six Months or by special device or other automatic
B. Co-terminus with the service contract means.
C. Two years  Moveable Lighting- This consist of
D. Contractual stationary or portable, manually operated
searchlights. The searchlights may be
137. Which among the following is not an lighted continuously during the hours of
advantage of a full-view fence, except: darkness nor only as needed, it is just a

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supplementary to other protective or
security Lighting.
 Emergency Lighting- This standby lighting
may be utilized in the event of electric
failure, either due to local equipment or
commercial failure. 149. The extension period for a license to
 Stationary Luminary- This is a common operate issued upon a PSA that lacks the
type consisting of series of fixed luminous required minimum number of guards is:
flood a given area continuously with overlap A. 1 month C. 6
142. In order to be qualified as a Security B. 2 years D. 1 year
Consultant, you must have ____ year/s
experience in the operation and management of 150. Which of the following types of lock is
security business. generally used in car doors?
A. At least 5 years C. At least 10 A. Warded lock C. Lever lock
years B. Disc tumbler lock D. Combination
B. At least 1 year D. At least 3 years lock

143. What is the ratio of the security guard to 151. Which among the following aspects of
their licensed firearm is needed after operating Security is the weakest of them all?
for six months. A. Physical security
A. 1:3 C. 1:2 B. Personnel security
B. 1:5 D. 1:1 C. Personal Security
D. Document and information security
144. What type of gaseous discharge lamp is
useful in areas where insects predominate? 152. “There is no impenetrable barrier”. The
statement is-
A. Mercury vapor lamp A. Partially Correct C. Partially
B. Sodium vapor Lamp Wrong
C. Quartz lamp B. Absolutely Correct D. Absolutely
D. Gaseous Discharge Lamp Wrong

 Amber color does not attract insects at 153. It refers to any structure or physical device
night. capable of restriction, deterring or delaying
illegal access to an installation.
145. What is an act governing the organization A. Animal Barrier C. Perimeter Barrier
and management of private security agency, B. Barrier D. Energy
company guard force and government Barrier
security forces?
A. RA 8574 C. RA 4587  Perimeter Barrier- A medium or structure
B. RA 5478 D. RA 5487 which defines the physical limits of an
installation or area to restrict or impeded
146. Wire fencing can be barbed wire, chain link access thereto
or concertina. Chain link are for ______.  Animal Barrier – Animals are used in
partially providing a guarding system like
A. Solid structure dogs and geese.
B. Permanent structure  Energy Barrier – It is the employment of
C. Least permanent structure mechanical, electrical, electronic energy
D. Semi- permanent structure imposes a deterrent to entry by the potential
 Barbed Wire Fences (Semi-Permanent)
 Concertina Wire Fences (Least 154. It is normally provided at main perimeter
Permanent) entrances to secure areas located out of doors,
and manned by guards on a full time basis.
147. It is more comprehensive investigation A. Guard Control Stations C. Tower
than the NAC & LAC since it includes thorough B. Tower Guard D. Control Stations
and complete investigation of all or some of the
circumstances or aspects of a person’s life is  Tower/Guard Tower – house-like
conducted? structures above the perimeter barriers.
It gives a psychological effect to
A. Personnel Security Investigation violators.
B. Background Investigation
155. Any officer or enlisted man of the AFP or
C. Partial Background Investigation uniform member of the PNP honorably
D. Complete Background Investigation discharged/separated or retired from the service
are exempted from the requirements of a
148. The unobstructed area maintained on both private detective. The statement is-
sides of a perimeter barrier on the exterior and A. False C. Absolutely
interior parallel area to afford better observation True
of the installation refers to: B. Partially True D. Maybe False
A. Clear zone C .Complimentary
zone 156. The following are the areas to be lighted:
B. Open zone D. Free zone a. Parking Areas;
b. Thoroughfare; 162. The removal of the security classification
c. Pedestrian Gates; from the classified matter.
d. Vehicular Gates; and A. Segregation C. Declassify
e. Susceptible Areas. B. Reclassify D. Exclusion

A. a, c, e C. a, b, c, d
B. a, c, d, e D. a, b, c,
d, e 163. The form of security that employs
cryptography to protect information refers to:
157. An additional overhead of barbed wire A. Document and information security
placed on vertical perimeter fences fencing
upwards and outward with a 45* angle with B. Operational security
three to four strands of barbed wires spread 6” C. Communication security
apart. D. Industrial security
A. Top guard C. Fence Top
B. Barbed Wire D. None of these 164. The following are exempted from Pre-
licensing training.
158. When are security guards deputized by the 1. Holder of a Degree of Bachelor of Laws
PNP Chief or local mayor to have police 2. Holder of Degree of Bachelor of Science
authority within their assigned area of in Criminology;
responsibility? 3. Graduate of CI Course offered by NBI or
any PNP training school;
A. When there is an employee’s strike 4. Veterans and retired military/police
B. When the company is in retrenchment personnel; and
C. During times of emergency 5. Honorably discharged military/police
D. When there is a crime committed inside the personnel.
A. 1, 2, 3, and 5 C. 1, 3, and 5
159. It refers to records that are irreplaceable; B. 1, 2, 3, and 4 D. 1, 2, 3, 4
reproduction of this record does not have the and 5
same value as the original.
165. The minimum age requirement for Security
A. Vital Documents Manager or Operator of a security agency is:
B. Important Documents A. 18 yrs. Old C. 25 yrs. Old
C. Useful Documents B. 50 yrs. Old D. 35 yrs. Old
D. Non- Essential Documents
 18 years Old- minimum age
Types of Documents qualification for SG.
 50 years Old – Maximum age
 Class II – Important Documents- This qualification for SG.
includes records, the reproduction of which
will close considerable expense and labor, or 166. The following are the categories of
considerable delay. automatic alarm system, EXCEPT:
 Class III – Useful Document- This include A. Photoelectric C. Electric Eye
records whose loss might cause Device
inconvenience but could b readily replaced B. Audio detection D. Bill Traps
and which would not in the meantime
present an insurmountable obstacle 167. Which of the following is NOT a false key?
 Class IV – Non-essential Documents- A. picklock or similar tool .
These records are daily files, routine in B. A duplicate key of the owner.
nature even if lost or destroyed, will not C. A genuine key stolen from the owner.
affect operation or administration. This class D. Any key other than those intended by
represents the bulk of the records which the owner.
should not be attempted to protect. 168. The Normal weight of a safe is at least:
A. 500 lbs. C. 750 lbs.
160. It is the importance of firm with reference B. 1000 lbs. D. 600
to the national economy and security. lbs.

A. Relative Operation 169. The minimum number of guards required

B. Relative Security for a company security force is:
C. Relative Vulnerability A. 1000 C. 30
D. Relative Criticality of Operation B. 100 D. 200

161. A new Private security agency that has  For PSAs – a minimum of two hundred
been issued a temporary license to operate is (200) and maximum of one thousand
good for how many years? (1,000).
A. One C. Two
B. Three D. Four 170. It refers to a system use in big installation
whereby keys can open a group of locks.
 PSAs with 200-1000 guards – a regular A. Key Control C. Master Keying
license to operate good for two (2) years B. Change Key D. Grand Master

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 Key control- is the management of keys in
a plant or business organization to prevent Types of Security Guard
unauthorized individual access to the keys.
 Change key - A key to single lock within a  Private Security- A security guard hired by
master keyed system. client belonging to private security agency.
 Sub-Master Key - A key that will open all  Government Security- A security guard
the locks within a particular area or recruited and employed by the government
grouping in a given facility.
 Master Key - A special key capable of
opening a series of locks.
 Grand Master Key - A key that will open 179. What type of controlled area requires
everything involving two or more master key highest degree of security?
groups. A. Limited C. Restricted
B. Special D. Exclusive
171. PADPAO stands for:
A. Philippine Association of Detective and  Restricted Area - It refers to an area in
Protective Agency Operators, Inc. which personnel or vehicles are controlled
B. Philippine Alliance of Detective and Protective for reasons of security.
Agency Operators, Inc.  Limited Area - It is a restricted area in
C. Philippine Association of Detective and which lesser degree of control is required
Protector Agency Operators, Inc. than in an exclusion area but which the
D. Philippine Agencies of Detective and security interest would be compromised by
Protective Associations Operators, Inc. uncontrolled movement.

172. It refers to a protection against any type of 180. File room is a cubicle in a building
crime to safeguard life and assets by various constructed a little lighter than a vault but
methods and device. bigger size. One of the specifications of file
A. Physical Security C. Perimeter room should be ___feet high.
Security A. 12 C. 36
B. Operational Security D. Security B. 24 D. 48

173. All EXCEPT one are the qualifications of a Specifications of File Room
security officer.
 Should be 12 feet high
A. Has graduated from a Security Officer  Interior cubage should not be more than
Training Course. 10,000 cubic feet
B. Holder of Masters Degree.  Water-tight door, fire-proof for 1 hour
C. Retired personnel of the PNP or AFP.
181. Concertina wire should be ______ feet long
D. Physically or mentally fit.
and 3 feet diameter.
A. 20 feet C. 40 feet
174. These provides access within the perimeter B. 30 feet D. 50 feet
barrier and should be locked and guarded.
182. What type of security lighting is focused to
A. Gates and Doors the intruder while the guard remains in the
B. Side-Walk Elevator comparative darkness?
C. Utilities Opening A. Controlled lighting C. Fresnel light
D. Clear Zones B. Emergency lighting D. Glare-
175. A fact finding probe to determine a plant
adequacy and deficiency in all aspects of  Controlled Lighting Type- The lighting
security, with the corresponding is focused on the pile of items, rather
recommendation is: than the back ground.
A. security inspection C. security
education 183. What is the system of natural or man-
B. security training D. security survey made barriers placed between the potential
intruder and the object, person and matter
176. What unit of PNP handles the processing being protected?
and issuances of license for private security
personnel? A. Communication security
A. PNP SOSIA C. PNP FED B. Document security
B. PADPAO D. PNP SAGSD C. Physical security
D. Barrier
177. What is the most common type of human
184. The following are the purposes of Security
Survey, EXCEPT:
A. Sabotage C. Pilferage
A. To ascertain the present economic
B. Theft D. Subversion
B. To determine the protection needed
178. What is the security force maintained and
C. To make recommendations to improve the
operated by any private company/ corporation
overall security
for its own security requirements?
D. None of these
185. License to Operate (LTO) is a License 190. A heavily constructed fire and burglar
Certificate document which is issued by resistance container usually a part of the
____________ authorizing a person to engage in building structure use to keep, and protect cash,
employing security guard or detective, or a documents and valuables materials.
juridical person to establish, engage, direct, A. Vault C. Safe
manage or operate a private detective agency. B. File Room D. None of
A. Secretary of DILG these
B. Chief, PNP
C. Security and Exchange Commission
D. President

186. One of the specifications of a barbed wire 191. Juan Esperanza is a security guard, after
fence is that the distances between strands will his Tour of Duty, what shall he do with his
not exceed _______and at least one wire will be Firearm?
interlock vertical and midway between posts.
A. 3 inches C. 6 A. Return the Firearm for safekeeping in the
inches company’s Vault.
B. 4 inches D. 7 inches B. Turnover to the next security guard
on duty.
187. Clear Zone of _______ must be established C. Bring home the firearms for easy
between the perimeter barrier and structure responses.
within the protected areas. D. Deposit the Firearm inside the drawer of
A. 20 feet or more C. 40 feet or the guards table.
B. 30 feet or more D. 50 feet 192. Any physical structure whether natural or
or more man-made capable of restricting, deterring or
delaying illegal or unauthorized access.
20 feet or more between the perimeter barrier A. Perimeter Fences C. Wire Fences
and exterior structure. (Outside) B. Moveable Barrier D. Barrier

188. Which among the following statements is 193. A company owned protective alarm with
FALSE? unit in a nearest police station of fire
A. Protective Lighting diminish A. Proprietary Alarm C. Auxiliary
visibility so that intruders can be Alarm
seen, identified or apprehend. B. Central Alarm D. Security Alarm
B. Protective Lighting makes easier for
guards to identify employees during 194. It is Lighting equipment which produced
night time. diffused light rather than direction beam. They
C. Protective Lighting gives Psychological are widely used in parking areas
fear, which serves as a deterrent. A. Street Lights C. Search Lights
D. Protective Lighting can reduce the B. Flood Lights D. Fresnel Lights
number of stationary guards.
195. PSAs with cancelled/revoked licenses shall
189. The highest rank in security agency cease to operate, and with ____ days after
organizational structure: having been duly notified of such cease
operation order, shall immediately deposit all its
A. Security Executive Director firearms with the FEO.
B. Chief Security Director A. 7 days C. 21 days
C. Security Staff Director B. 3 days D. 30 days

D. Security Staff Director 196. It is a test for safe’ to determine if the

sudden rise in temperature will not cause the
Security Management Staff safe to rupture. If the safe can withstand 2000
F for 30 minutes without cracking or opening
 Security Director (SD)-Agency then it has passed the test.
Manager/Chief Security officer-
responsible for the entire operation and A. Fire Endurance Test
administration/management of the security B. Fire and Impact Test
agency C. Burning Test
 Security Executive Director (SED) - D. Explain Hazard Test
Assistant agency manager/Assistant
chief security officer- automatically the Test for Fire Resistance
security executive director, assists the
agency security director and takes  Fire Endurance Test- A safe should not
operational and administrative management have any one time a temperature 350 0F.
when the manager is absent.  Fire and Impact Test- Its objective is to
 Security Staff Director (SSD) - Staff determine the strength of a safe to resist
director for operation and the collapse of a building during fire.
administration- He is also responsible for
197. Services of any security personnel shall be
the conduct of investigation and training.
terminated on the following grounds:

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1. Expiration of contract;  Target Oriented Patrol - It is patrol
2. Revocation of license to exercise strategy which is directed towards
profession; specific persons or places.
3. Conviction of crime involving moral
turpitude; 203. Barangay Tanod is included in what
4. Loss of trust and confidence; and component of Integrated Patrol System?
5. Physical and mental disability.
A. Fixed Component
A. 1, 2, 4, and 5 C. 1, 3, 4, and 5 B. Auxiliary Component
B. 1, 2, 3, and 4 D. 1, 2, 3, 4, and C. Secondary Component
5 D. Patrol Component

 Fixed Components - include the

198. For every security guard the basic load of different police station headquarters,
their Firearm is- PCP, police visibility points, and traffic
A. 50 rounds C. 30 rounds post.
B. 25 rounds D. Unlimited  Patrol Components - include the air
patrols; the line beat patrols, mobile
 50 rounds- basic load of a firearm patrols and detective repressive
199. The following are the specifications of a  Auxiliary Components - include the
Vault: security guards deployed in area, the
I. Walls, ceilings and floor should be 12 inches traffic enforcer, barangay tanods,
thick; volunteers and NGO’s.
II. Not more than 5,000 cubic feet in size;
III. Doors should be 1 1/2 inches thick made of 204. Report prepared by the patrol officer upon
steel; and reaching the end of the line beat, and before
IV. Floor should be elevated by 4 inches. returning to the point of origin.
A. Daily Patrol Report C. Situation
A. I, III, IV C. I, II, III Report
B. I, II, IV D. I, II, III, B. Investigation Report D. Incident Report
Daily Patrol Report – after the Tour of Duty
200. Practical Test or exercise of a plan or any
activities to test its validity. 205. The ideal police response time is:
A. Practice C. Dry run A. 3 minutes C. 5 minutes
B. Rehearsal D. Trial B. 7 minutes D. 10
201. A fixed point or location to which an officer
is assigned for duty: 206. Persons, Place, thing, situation or condition
A. Post C. Beat possessing a high potential for criminal attack
B. Area D. Route or for the creation of problem necessitating a
demand for immediate police service:
 Route - the length of street or streets, A. Hazard C. Opportunity
designated for patrol purposes also B. Perception of Hazard D. Police Hazard
referred to as line beat.
 Beat - an area designed for patrol  Hazard – it refers to any person, place,
purposes, whether foot or motorized. thing, situation, or condition which, if
 Sector - an area containing two or more allowed to exist may induce an accident or
beats, routes or posts. cause the commission of a crime.
 District - a geographical subdivision of a
city for patrol purposes, usually with its 207. The most expensive patrol method and
own station. gives the greatest opportunity to develop
 Area - A section or territorial division of sources of information is:
a large city. A. Foot Patrol C. Marine Patrol
B. Mobile Patrol D. Helicopter Patrol
202. The patrol strategy which employs bait or
distracter to in order to catch criminals is known 208. Walking closed to the building at night is a
as: tactic in patrol which makes the policemen less
A. High visibility patrol visible during the night. The primary purpose is:
C. Target Oriented patrol
B. Low visibility patrol A. To surprise criminals in the act of
D. Decoy patrol committing a crime
B. To have sufficient cover
 Low Visibility - This patrol tactic is C. To attract less attention
designed to increase the number of D. D, For safety of the Patrol officer
apprehension of law violator to engage in
certain types of crimes 209. The following are included in the cause and
 High Visibility – Marked police Car and effect of team policing.
Poilce inj Uniform. Primary objective is
Crime Prevention. a. Reduce public fear on crime;
b. lessen the crime rate;
c. Facilitate career development;
d. Diminish police morale; and
e. Improve police community relation. night-time, be prepared to use your service
firearm and Flashlight should be-
A. a, b, e C. a, b, d, e
B. a, c, d, e D. a, b, c, e A. Nearby the body, to have an easy
searching of a possible target.
210. This patrol tactic differs from traditional B. Tightly away from the body to avoid
patrol methods in that patrol methods; patrol making you a possible target.
officers perform specific predetermined C. Close at hand to your firearm to threaten
preventive functions on a planned systematic possible adversary.
basis: D. None of these

A. Target Oriented Patrol

B. High-Visibility Patrol
C. Low-Visibility Patrol
D. Directed deterrent Patrol 218. What is your priority as a Patrol officer
when responding to Calls for Police Assistance?
211. Small alleys like those in the squatter’s A. Arrest criminals C. Securing
area can be best penetrated by the police the area
through. B. Aiding the injured D. Extort Money
A. Foot patrol C. Bicycle patrol
B. Mobile patrol D. Helicopter 219. The following are the duties of Patrol
patrol Supervisors:

212. Integrated patrol system is the total Make a patrol plan;

system used to accomplish the police visibility Designate and select the members of the
program of the PNP. The Police officers in Police patrol team/s;
Community Precincts render 24 hours duty with Inspect the members of the patrol on the
prescribed divisions of: completeness;
A. 2 shifts C. 4 shifts Render hourly report of location and
B. 3 shifts D. every other situation; and
day shift. Resolve conflicts/differences between
213. The objective of this Patrol is to reduce or
totally prevent the desire of human being to A. II, III, IV, V C. II, III, IV
commit crime. B. I, II, III, IV D. I, II, III, IV,
A. Preventive C. Proactive
220. As a rule, moving vehicle shall not be fired
B. Reactive D. High Visibility
upon, except when its occupants pose imminent
 Proactive Patrol- Deployment of Patrol danger of causing death or injury to the police
personnel in their respective Area of officer or any other person, and that the use of
Responsibility with definite objectives. firearm does not create a danger to the public
 Reactive Patrol- An old concept in and outweighs the likely benefits of its non-use.
patrolling wherein officers and units drive In firing upon a moving vehicle, the following
around their area of responsibility waiting parameters should be considered EXCEPT:
for something to happen or waiting for a
call that they will respond. A. Accessibility or the proximity of the fleeing
suspect/s with the police officer and other
214. Bicycle patrol has the combined advantage persons.
of ________________ since they can be operated B. The capability of the fleeing suspect/s to
very quietly and without attracting attention. harm in certainty the police officer or other
A. Mobility and wide area coverage. C. The intent of the fleeing suspect/s to harm
B. Reduced speed and greater area the police officer or other p
covered. D. The kind of vehicle of the fleeing
C. Shorter travel time and faster response. suspect/s to avoid traffic accident.
D. Mobility and stealth
221. When Patrol officer visually observe a
215. What is the most excellent method of weapon during pat-down search, a more secure
Patrol in San Juanico Bridge? search position may be:
A. Foot Patrol C. K-9 Patrol
B. Automobile Patrol D. Bicycle Patrol A. Standing position
B. Lying Face down Position
216. When was the first automobile patrol C. Hands placed against a stationary object,
initiated in the Philippines and the First Chief of and feet spread apart.
the Mobile patrol bureau of Manila Police D. All of these
Department was Isaias Alma Jose?
A. May 7, 1954 C. May 17, 1954 222. All except one are the types of specialized
B. May 14, 1957 D. March 10, 1917 patrol method:
A. Marine Patrol C. Air Patrol
217. As a Patrol officer, when checking B. Canine Patrol D. Foot Patrol
suspicious persons, places, buildings/
establishments and vehicles especially during

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223. A uniformed patrol officers work in 230. The patrol pattern which is usually done at
generally judged by his- the last hour of duty to ascertain that nothing
happened in the area of responsibility of the
i. Knowledge of all problems in the community patrol officer is:
ii. Residents developed good public relations A. Clockwise pattern
iii. Ability B. Zigzag pattern
iv. His capability to solve crimes that happened C. Counter clockwise pattern
in his area

224. Can the Patrol officers disperse unlawful D. Crisscross pattern

A. True C. False  Clockwise Patrol Pattern -
B. Absolutely Yes D. Rectangular/square size of beat; done in the
Absolutely No start of 8 hours tour of duty.
 Zigzag/Free Wheeling Patrol Pattern -
Done by patrolling the streets within the
225. In Police Radio System, What frequency is
perimeter of the beat not at random but with
needed in the police department?
definite target location where he knows his
presence is necessary.
A. 300, 000 KM per Seconds
 Straightway and Criss-Cross Patrol
B. 30 – 300 MHz Pattern - Hazard oriented patrol; Easiest to
C. Above 30 MHz observe the movement of the patrol officer.
D. NONE  Cloverleaf Pattern - A highway
intersection designed to route traffic without
 Radio waves- The radio or electromagnetic interference, by means of a system of
waves travel as fast as the speed of light at curving ramps from one level to another, in
186, 000 miles per second or 300, 000 the form of a Four (4) leaf clover
kilometers per second.
 30 – 300 MHz – intended for short 231. The following are the advantages of Foot
distances transmission. Patrol. EXCEPT:
A. It involves larger number of personnel
226. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about B. It develops greater contact with the public
patrol? C. It insures familiarization of area
D. It promotes easier detection of crime
A. It is the backbone of the police department
B. It is the essence of police operation 232. Dogs are of great assistance in search and
C. It is the nucleus of the police department rescue as well as in smelling out drugs and
D. It is the single largest unit in the police bombs. What do you call the large dog with
department that can be eliminated drooping ears and sagging jaws and keenest
smell among all dogs, formerly used for tracking
227. It is usually used for traffic, surveillance, purposes?
parades and special events. A. German shepherd C.
A. Random Foot Patrol C. Fixed Foot Bloodhounds
Patrol B. Doberman pinscher D. WOLVES
B. Moving Foot Patrol D. Line Beat Patrol
 German Shepherd- the most frequently
 Moving Foot Patrol – It is used when then
used and high scoring dog for police work
there is considerable foot movement such
 WOLVES (Wireless Operational Link and
as business and shopping center, family
Video Exploration System) – It is the
dwellings and the like.
system of attaching miniature camera and
o Line beat patrol – it is used in
transmitter to a search dog which makes
securing certain portion of the road. the dogs the eyes and ears of his handler.
o Random foot Patrol – It is used in
checking residential buildings, business 233. The best method of patrol to be done in
establishments, dark alley, and parking sector is:
lots. A. Foot C. Automobile
B. Bicycle D. Helicopter
228. The following are patrol activities, except:
A. Arrest of alleged criminals 234. A supervisor’s span of control is usually
B. Responding to emergency calls computed in terms of number of:
C. Inspection services A. Superiors to whom he reports
D. Preparation of investigation reports
B. Superiors from whom he takes orders
C. Subordinates directly reporting to
229. This type of patrol maintains better
personal contact with the members of the
D. Any of these
community ideal in gaining the trust and
confidence of the people to the police: 235. Frequent beat changes prevent a police
A. Horse Patrol C. Bicycle Patrol officer from becoming _______ with people,
B. Automobile Patrol D. Foot Patrol hazards, and facilities on his beat.
A. Well Acquainted C. Sluggish
 Automobile Patrol - It separates public
B. Energetic D. Unfamiliar
from the Police.
236. The patrol pattern to be followed after the
clockwise and before the counter-clockwise?
A. Straightway C. Crisscross
B. Sector D. Zigzag 243. They are considered as the first to utilize
dogs for patrolling:
237. The two-man patrol became_________ due A. Egyptians C. English
to increase attack of police officer by militant, B. Chinese D. American
dangerous section to be patrolled and many
riots demonstration in the street. 244. Psychology of Omniprescense
A. Unnecessary C. Necessary means______.
B. Voluntary D. Redundant A. Low Visibility C. High
B . Reactive D. Proactive

245. X wanted to commit suicide by jumping in

238. A police strategy which aims to directly a 13th floor building. Which of the following
involve members of the community in the should be the first thing to do by the Patrol
maintenance of peace and order by police officer who first arrived at the scene?
officers. A. Urge no to jump
A. Integrated Police System B. Call nearest relative
C. Detective Beat System C. Clear the area
B. Comparative Police System D. Report immediately to Station
D. Community Oriented Policing
System 46. What is the most realistic advantage of the
motorcycle patrol over the other patrol
Integrated Patrol System methods?
A. Low cost C. Visibility
 Considered as the best way of immersing B. Speed D. Security
policemen in various activities of a
particular area and to demonstrate to 247. 1st Statement- The objectives of Patrol
the populace the commitment of the officers are different from ordinary Police
Police to serve and protect the Officer.
community. 2nd Statement- Patrol is the ears and eyes of
 It is response to the requirement of Police Organization.
Police Visibility. 3rd Statement- Patrol plays a major role in
determining the quality of justice to be served in
Detective Beat System - enhancing the a community.
efficiency and effectiveness of the PNP’s 4th Statement- All police function had been
investigation capability vested to the patrol division.

239. Which among the following routine patrol A. The 1st and 4th statements are correct
duties, is the least likely to become completely B. The 2nd and 3rd statements are correct
a function of automobile patrol is the checking C. The 1st and 3rd statements are incorrect.
of- D. All statements are correct
A. Security of business establishment.
B. Street light outrages. 248. The basic purpose of patrol is most
C. Roadway defects and damaged traffic signs. effectively implemented by police activity
D. Illegal posting of signs and other which-
advertisement. A. Provides for many types of specialized patrol,
with less emphasis on routine.
240. It is the most disadvantage of fixed post for B. Minimize the prospective lawbreaker
patrolmen in areas where police hazards are aspiration to commit crime.C. Influences
serious is that, it usually- favorable individual and group attitudes in
A. Encourages laxness on the part of routine daily associations with the
Patrolman. police.
B. Lays the patrolman open to unwarranted D. Intensifies the potential offender’s
charges. expectation of apprehension.
C. Wasteful of manpower.D. Keeps the
patrolman out of sight or hearing when quick 249. What is the new concept, police strategy
mobilization is needed. which integrates the police and community
interests into a working relationship so as to
241. Patrol weaken the potential offenders belief produce the desired organizational objectives of
in the- peacemaking?
A. Opportunity for graft. A. Preventive patrol C. Community
B. Existence of an opportunity to Relation
effectively violate the law. B. Directed Patrol D. Team policing
C. Effectiveness of Police Administration.
D. Police bureau’s willingness to use specialized 250. What is the appropriate patrol method that
squads. is most ideally suited to evacuation and search-
and-rescue operations?
242. Team Policing is said to be originated A. Motorcycle C. Automobile
in________: B. Helicopter D. Horse
A. Aberdeen, Scotland C. Lyons, France
B. Vienna, Austria D. London, England

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 Automobile – To carry an Extra equipment B. III, IV, I D. I, II, III, IV
by the Patrol Officers
258. The Purpose of conducting de-briefing after
251. If the external patting of the suspect’s patrol is-
clothing fails to disclose evidence of a weapon A. To integrate the police and the community
the next procedure of the Patrol officer is: interest into a working relationship.B. To remind
the patrol on the strict observance of the PNP
A. Conduct a complete search. Operational Procedures.
B. The Patrol officer shall arrest the suspect. C. To assess its conduct and make
C. No further search may be made. necessary corrective measures on defects
D. Turnover the suspect to the immediate D. All of the Above
259. The members of the Patrol teams shall
252. During Civil Disturbances, what may be form and assemble at the police unit
utilized when demonstrators become unruly and headquarters at least _______ before the start of
aggressive forcing troops to fall back to their their shift for accounting-
secondary positions? A. 10 minutes C. 1 hour
A. Tear Gas C. Water Cannon B. 30 minutes D. 15
B. Truncheon D. Shield minutes
 Tear gas - may be utilized to break up
formations or groupings of
demonstrations who continue to be
aggressive and refused to disperse
260. The police must make an effort to ascertain
despite earlier efforts.
and amaze upon the law abiding citizens and
253. The factors to be considered in would be criminals alike that the police are
determining the number of patrol officers to be always existing to respond to any situation at a
deployed in an area are the following: moment’s notice and he will just around the
a. Size of the area; corner at all times. This statement refers to:
b. Topography;
A. Police Omnipresence
c. Crime rate and;
d. Possible problems to be encountered.
B. Police Patrol
A. a, c, d C. a, b, d C. Police Discretion
B. b, c, d D. a, b, c, d D. Integrated Patrol

261. A patrol beat refers to a:

254. The patrol strategy which is best on
populous areas such as markets, malls, and A. Number of crimes to be solved
ports is: B. Location of police headquarters
A. Blending patrol C. Reactive C. Number of residence to be protected
patrol D. Geographical area to be protected
B. Decoy patrol D. Plainclothes
patrol 262. Team members of the decoy may dress
themselves in a manner designed to help them
255. Going left while patrolling upon reaching blend the neighborhood where they are
every intersection until reaching the point of deployed.
origin is following what pattern? A. Absolutely False C. Absolutely
A. Clockwise C. Zigzag True
B. Counter clockwise D. Crisscross B. Absolutely Yes D. Absolutely No

256. All but one are the advantages of Bicycle 263. “Personality clash is reduced”, it is the
Patrol: advantage of:
A. Can report regularly to the command
center. A. One Man Patrol Car
B. Can operate quietly and without B. Two Man Patrol Car
attracting attention. C. Foot Patrol
C. C. It is inexpensive to operate . D. Canine Patrol

D. It can cover areas that are not accessible 264. The least desirable of all police shifts due
by patrol cars. to lack of activities:
A. Afternoon Shift C. Morning Shift
257. The following are advantages of the use of B. Night Shift D. None of these
Radio in Police Work:
265. Time between the call of the Police to
I. Simple Installation Process; arrival at the scene of an incident:
II. Cost of transceivers has relatively gone down; A. Response Time C. Call Time
III. The ease in the use of radio equipments; B. Duration Time D. Critical Time
IV. Availability of safeguards in the transmission
of classified operational information.  Response time - It refers to the running
time of the dispatched patrol car from his
position where the assignment was received to ascertain that nothing happened in the area
and the arrival at the scene. of responsibility of the patrol?
A. Straight C. Crisscross
266. The percentage of police officers assigned B. Clockwise D. Counter
in patrol is: clockwise
A. 20% C. 40%
B. 25% D. 50% 271. It is a “frisk” or external feeling of the outer
garments of an individual for weapons only.
 Criminal Investigation – 15% A. Frisking C. Search
 Traffic Function – 10% B. Spot Check D. Pat-down
 Vice and Juvenile Related Functions – Search
 Administrative Function – 10%  Spot Check/Accosting - is the brief
 Auxilliary Functions – 5% stopping of an individual, whether on foot or
in a vehicle, based on reasonable
267. Refers to the actual stopping or accosting suspicion/probable cause, for the purpose of
of armed and dangerous person or persons, determining the individual’s identity and
aboard a vehicle or on foot, including the power resolving the officer’s suspicion concerning
to use all necessary and legal means to criminal activity.
accomplish such end.
272. It is one by patrolling the streets within the
A. Dragnet Operation perimeter of the beat not at random but with
B. Hasty Checkpoint definite target location where he knows his
C. High-Risk Arrest presence is necessary.
A. Target Oriented C. Zigzag
D. High Risk Stop B. Clockwise D. Criss-Cross
 Dragnet Operation - is a police
operation purposely to seal-off the 273. Foot patrol is the oldest form of patrol; the
probable exit points of fleeing suspects following are the advantages of Foot patrol,
from the crime scene to prevent their EXCEPT:
escape. A. Easy to supervise and fix responsibility for
 High Risk Arrest - is the actual action taken.
restraint of armed persons following a B. It enables patrol officers to cover a
high-risk stop. considerable area
 Hasty Checkpoint - is an immediate C. Inspire more Public confidence.
response to block the escape of lawless D. The officer can actually get to know the
elements from a crime scene, and is also physical layout of his beat better.
established when nearby checkpoints are
ignored or during hot pursuit operations. 274. The word Patrol was derived from the
French word ________which means to go through
268. Which among the following activities paddles.
during post-patrol or post-deployment phase is A. Patroulier C. Patroul
not included? B. Politeia D. Politia
A. Formation & Accounting
275. The concept of Unity of command is:
B. Inspection & recall of Equipment
A. No one should have more than one
C. Debriefing/Report Submission
D. Briefing
B. Arrangement of officers from top to bottom.
269. It refers to a computer that is installed C. Number of subordinates that a Superior can
inside a patrol car which allows patrol officer to effectively supervise.
have an access from the Headquarters files and D. Conferring certain tasks, duties, and
other Law Enforcement Agencies which are used responsibilities to subordinates.
in order to expedite their operation.
276. Which among the following Patrol Method
A. Mobile Data Terminal is appropriate when responding to quick
emergency call?
B. Vehicle-Mounted TV A. Motorcycle Patrol C.
C. High Intensity Emergency Lighting Plan Automobile Patrol
D. CCTV B. Air Patrol D. Foot Patrol

 Vehicle-Mounted TV – It refers to a Video 277. The following are the advantages of

Camera which is attached and installed in a Regular post.
patrol car with a high-resolution and wide
I. Patrol officer becomes thoroughly
angle lens.
familiar with the various post
 High Intensity Emergency Lighting
Plan – It refers to a heavy duty light that
II. Patrol officer takes more pride and
can provide two (2) million candle power of
interest in improving the conditions on
his post resulting in better public
270. The first organized patrol for policing relations and cooperation from the
purposes was formed in London. This patrol residents;
pattern is usually done at the last hour of duty

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III. Favoritism will be lessened because of B. Ten thousand times D. Ten
transitory assignments; and million times
IV. The patrol officer moral is enhanced,
since a steady post is an indication of 285. Transfer of knowledge from one person to
public acceptance of his work. another through common medium and channel.
A. Information C.
A. I, II and III C. I, II, and IV Communication
B. II, III, and IV D. I, II, III, and B. Police Communication D. Radio
286. Refers to a location where the search,
278. Detective Beat System is one of the which is duly authorized by the PNP, is
concrete responses of the PNP in reinventing the conducted to deter/prevent the commission of
field of investigation. Who is the NCRPO Chief crimes, enforce the law, and for other legitimate
who introduces this DBS? purposes.
A. Dir. AlmaJose C. Dir. Romeo A. Hot Pursuit C. Public Place
Pena B. Police Checkpoint D. Pre-Determined
B. Dir. Sonny Razon D. Dir. Rene Area
 Hot Pursuit (Cross Jurisdictional
 Dir. Almajose – First Chief of Mobile Pursuit) - (also termed in the US as fresh
Patrol in Manila. pursuit) immediate, recent chase or follow-
up without material interval for the purpose
279. The type of Patrol which requires special of taking into custody any person wanted
skills and training: by virtue of a warrant, or one suspected to
A. TV C. Air have committed a recent offense while
B. Automobile D. Foot fleeing from one police jurisdictional
280. Traditional foot patrolling in the Philippines  Pre-Determined Area - is the specific or
was initiated on: projected spot where the armed and
A. August 10, 1917 C. August 7, dangerous person or persons would pass or
1901 likely to pass and so tactically located as to
B. November 22, 1901 D. March 17, gain calculated advantage against said
1901 person or persons.

287. The advisable cruising speed in automobile

281. In police communication, 10-74 means: patrol ranges from:
A. Negative C. Need A. 20-25 mph C. 60-80 kph
Assistance B. 20-25 kph D. 50 kph
B. Caution D. Unable to copy


288. It is the primary objective of police patrol
 10 – 0 Caution operations:
 10 – 1 Unable to copy/Change Location
 10 – 50 Accident A. Crime Prevention
 10 – 70 Fire Alarm B. Preservation of Peace and Order
 10 – 78 Need Assistance C. Law enforcement
 10 – 90 Bank Alarm D. All of these

282. This patrol tactic would result to  Preservation of peace and order - It
improvement of police omnipresence: is the fundamental obligation of the
Police and it is the most important
A. Target Oriented Patrol function performed by the patrol service
B. High-Visibility Patrol 289. Doubling the level of routine patrol is a
C. Low-Visibility Patrol patrol strategy called:
D. Directed deterrent Patrol A. Reactive Patrol C. Directed Patrol
B. Preventive Patrol D.
283. Police Community Precincts are Proactive Patrol
mandatorily led by an officer with the rank of
_______ with a minimum of 30 personnel 290. If a patrol officer needs to respond to a
including the commander divided into 3 shifts. crime incident faster but undetected, then the
best patrol method that he should employ is:
A. Sr. Inspector or Superintendent
A. Bicycle patrol C. Automobile
B. Supt. To Sr. Supt.
C. Sr. Supt. To C/Supt.
B. Motorcycle patrol D. Foot patrol
D. C/Insp. To Supt.

284. The smelling sense of dog is up to how 291. In the anatomy of crime, this refers to the
many times more sensitive than human’s sense act of a person that enables another to victimize
of smell? him:
A. One thousand times C. One hundred A. Instrumentality C.
times Opportunity
B. Motive D. Capability
 Motive - It is the basis why the people will A. Motorcycle Patrol C. CCTV
commit crime or it is what induces the B. Automobile Patrol D. Foot Patrol
people to act.
 Instrumentality - it is the means used in Motorcycle Patrol – mobility in wider area
executing the crime
298. Under the Integrated Patrol System, the
292. The factors to be considered in primary objective of patrol activity is:
determining the number of patrol officers to be A. To prevent commission of crime.
deployed in an area are the following, except: B. Integrate the police and the
A. Size of the area community
B. Topography C. Constant and Alert Patrolling.
C. Possible problems to be encountered D. Visibility and Omniprescence.
D. Neither of them
299. The following are benevolent services
293. The patrol strategy which brings the police performed by the Patrol officers:
and the people together in a cooperative I. Preventing the actual commission of crimes.
manner in order to prevent crime: II. Rendering first aid for accident victims;
A. Integrated Patrol C. Team policing III. Mediate in family quarrels; and
B. Reactive patrol D. Proactive patrol IV. Give relief assistance to disaster victims;

294. The theory in patrol which states that A. I, II, III C. II, III, IV
police officers should conduct overt police B. III, IV, I D. I, II, III, IV
operations in order to discourage people from
committing crime refers to: 300. All but one are the dogs best suited for
A. Theory of police omnipresence police work except:
B. Low police visibility theory A. Askals C. Chihuahua
C. Low profile theory B. Rottweiler D. All of these
D. Maximum deterrence theory
301. What law provides for the creation of the
295. The principle of patrol force organization National Intelligence Coordinating Agency?
which states that patrol officers should be under A. EO 389 C. EO 1012
the command of only one man refers to: B. EO 1040 D. EO 246
A. Span of control
B. Unity of command  EO 389- ordered that the Philippine
C. Chain of command Constabulary be one of the four services of
D. Command responsibility the Armed Forces of the Philippines, enacted
on December 23, 1940
 EO 1012- transferred to the city and
municipal government the operational
supervision and direction over all INP units
Organization Principles assigned within their locality; issued on July
10, 1985
 Span of Control - refers to the number  EO 1040- transferred the administrative
of officers or subordinates that a control and supervision of the INP from the
Superior supervises without regard to the Ministry of National Defense to the National
effectiveness or efficiency of the Police Commission
 Delegation of Authority - is the 302. A person who breaks intercepted codes.
assignment of tasks, duties, and A. Crypto Analyst C. Cryptographer
responsibilities to subordinates while at B. Cryptography D. Code breaker
the same time giving them the power or
right to control, command, make  Cryptography- It is defined as an art
decisions, or otherwise act in performing and science of codes and ciphers.
the delegated responsibilities.  Cryptographer- It refers to a person
 Chain of Command - the arrangement who is highly skilled in converting
of officers from top to bottom on the message from clear to unintelligible
basis of rank or position and authority forms by use of codes and cipher.
 Command Responsibility - dictates
that immediate commanders shall be 303. Agent who is a member of paramilitary
responsible for the effective supervision group organized to harass the enemy in a hot
and control of their personnel and unit. war situation.
A. Guerilla C.
296. The elimination of the opportunity of Propagandist
people to commit crime as a result of patrol. B. Provocateur D. Strong Arm
A. Crime prevention
B. Crime intervention Kinds of Action Agent
C. Crime suppression  Espionage Agent- Agent who
D. Crime deterrence clandestinely procure or collect
297. What type of Patrol method is appropriate  Propagandist- Agents who molds the
when mobility is needed in small alleys? attitudes, opinions, and actions of an
individual group or nation.

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 Saboteur- Agents who undertakes  Final Clearance – 5 years
positive actions against an unfriendly
power, resulting in the loss of use 311. How will you evaluate the intelligence
temporarily or permanently of an article or report of Agent Buanko with an evaluation
others. rating of D2?
 Strong Arm- Agent who is made to A. Completely reliable source – doubtfully true
provide special protection during information
dangerous phase of clandestine B. Unreliable source – probably true information
operations. C. Fairly reliable source – possibly true
 Provocateur- Agent who induces an information
opponent to act to his own detriment D. Not Usually reliable source – probably
true information
304. It is a type of Cover which alters the
background that will correspond to the 312. It is a process or method of obtaining
operation. information from a captured enemy who is
A. Multiple C. Natural reluctant to divulge information.
B. Artificial D. Unusual A. Wiretapping C. Bugging
B. Elicitation D. Tactical
 Multiple- Includes different cover Interrogation
 Natural- Actual or True Background.
 Elicitation - The process of extracting
305. Which of the following statements is TRUE? information from a person believes to be in
possession of vital information without his
i. Intelligence Officer can submit his knowledge or suspicion.
information report any time since it is to  Bugging - The use of an equipment or tool
processes. to listen and record discreetly conversations
ii. All intelligence information’s are collected by of other people.
clandestine method.  Wiretapping - A method of collecting
iii. Counter Intelligence is not much needed in a information thru interception of telephone
medium size police station. conversation.
iv. Patrol Officers can help collect
intelligence information by initiating 313. The term of office of the members of the
good public relations. PLEB is _______
A. 6 years
306. Wire tapping operations in our country is B. 3 years
strictly prohibited but it can be done at the C. 6 years without re-appointment
commander’s discretion since it tends to collect D. None of the above
intelligence information.
A. Partly True C. Partly False
B. Wholly True D. Wholly False
314. He directs the organization in conducting
307. If information comes with a low reliability the clandestine activity.
and doubtful accuracy, will this information be A. Target C. Sponsor
discarded or refused acceptance? B. Agent D. Support Agent
A. Maybe Yes C. Yes
B. No D. Maybe No  Target- Person, place or things against
which the clandestine activity is to be
308. In selection and recruitment of informers conducted.
the best factor to be considered is:  Agent- It refers to a person who conducts
A. Age C. Access the clandestine Operations to include
B. Educational AttainmentD. Body built Principal Agents, Action Agents, and Support
309. It is otherwise known as the “Anti-
Wiretapping Act” which prohibits wiretapping in 315. It refers to an associate of the subject who
our country. follows him to detect surveillance.
A. RA 1700 C. RA 4200 A. Convoy C. Decoy
B. RA 7610 B. Subjct D.
D. CA 616 Surveillant

 RA 1700 – Ant-Subversion Act  Decoy- A person or object used by the

 CA 616 - Act to punish espionage and subject in attempt to elude Surveillant
other Offenses against National Security  Surveillant – is the plainclothes
 RA 7610 - Special Protection of Children investigator assigned to make the
Against Abuse, Exploitation and observation.
Discrimination Act  Subject – is who or what is observed. It can
be a person, place, property, and vehicle,
310. Security Clearance is a certification by a group of people, organization or object.
responsible authority that the person described
is cleared to access and classify matters at 316. It is a type of Agent used in collecting
appropriate levels. Interim clearance will remain information who leaks false information to the
valid for a period of____ from the date of enemy.
issuance. A. Double Agent C. Expendable
A. 1 year C. 5 years Agent
B. 2 years D. 4 years
B. Agent of Influence D. Penetration  Confidential (BLUE)
Agent  Restricted (BLACK)

Types of Agent used in collecting of 321. What verse of the Holy Bible that includes
Information the biblical indication of the beginning of
 Agent of Influence- Agent who uses A. Number 13:17 C. Number
authority to gain information 3:17
 Agent in Place- Agent who has been B. Number 17:13 D. Number
recruited within a highly sensitive target 17:3
 Penetration Agent- Agent who have
reached to the enemy, gather 322. A certain locality is identified to be a major
information and able to get back without source of illicit drugs, to resolve this issue
being caught. intelligence officer was deployed to live in the
 Double Agent- An enemy agent, who area for a considerable amount of time to find
has been taken into custody, turned out the authenticity of such reports.
around and sent back where he came A. Social assignments
from as an agent of his captors. B. Work assignments
C. Organizational assignments
317. It is one of the Functional Classification of D. Residential assignments
Police Intelligence which refers to the
knowledge essential to the prevention of crimes  Work Assignment – getting employed
and the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of where the investigator can observe the
criminal offenders. activities of the subject at his place of work.
A. Internal Security Intelligence  Social Assignments – Frequent places of
B. Public Safety Intelligence entertainment and amusement habitually
C. Intelligence being visited by the subject.
D. Preventive Intelligence  Personal Contact Assignment – the
investigator required to develop the
 Internal Security Intelligence (INSINT) – friendship and trust of the subject.
refers to the knowledge essential to the  Multiple Assignment – The investigator is
maintenance of peace and order. tasked to cover two (2) or more of the above
 Public Safety Intelligence (PUSINT) – specific assignments simultaneously, it can
refers to the knowledge essential to ensure produce extensive information with
the protection of lives and properties minimum expenses but more prone to
318. Intelligence is the end product resulting
from the collection, evaluation, analysis, 323. It is a type of intelligence activity which
integration, and interpretation of all available deals with defending the organization against its
information. What is considered as the core of criminal enemies?
intelligence operations? A. Line Intelligence C. Counter-
A. Dissemination C. Analysis Intelligence
B. Mission D. Planning B. Strategic Intelligence D. Tactical
319. He is regarded as the "Father of Organized Intelligence
Military Espionage".
A. Alexander the Great  Line or Tactical Intelligence – it is the
B. Frederick the Great intelligence information which directly
C. Karl Schulmeister contributes to the accomplishment of
D. Arthur Wellesley specific objectives and immediate in
 Sir Arthur Wellesly- Regarded as the  Strategic Intelligence - This is
"Greatest Military Spymaster at All intelligence information which is not
Time". immediate operational but rather long
 Karl Schulmeister- famous as range.
"Napoleon's Eye". He was credited for
establishing counter intelligence 324. What is the evaluation of an intelligence
conducted against spies. report which is “usually from a reliable source
 Alexander the great - He was able to and improbable information”?
identify those disloyal ones by ordering A. C-5 C. B-5
the communication letters opened and B. B-3 D. C-3
was successful in curtailing the decline of
esprit de corps and morale of his men.

320. There are four categories of classified

matters; top secret, secret, confidential, and
restricted. To distinguish one against the other,
their folder consists of different colors. What will
be the color of the document which requires the
highest degree of protection?
A. Red C. Black
B. Blue D. Green

 Secret (RED)

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Accuracy of B. Shadowing D. surveillance
Reliability of Information Source of the Information
Informati CODE: CPPDIT  Surveillance – is the covert, discreet
on observation of people and places for the
CODE: CUFNUR purpose of obtaining information
concerning the identities or activities of
A – Completely Reliable 1 – Confirmed By T – Direct Observation by a subjects.
Other Sources commander or Unit  Moving Surveillance or Shadowing
or tailing – simply the act of following a
B – Usually Reliable 2 – Probably True U – Report by a penetration or person.
resident agent  Rough Shadowing – employed without
special precautions, the subject maybe
C - Fairly Reliable 3 – Possibly True V – Report by an AFP trooper or aware of the surveillance; employed
PNP personnel in operation also when the subject is a material
witness and must be protected from
D – Not Usually Reliable 4 – Doubtfully True W – Interrogation of a captured harm or other undesirable influences.
enemy or agent
330. In the Intelligence function, the black list
E – Unreliable 5 – Improbable X – Observation by a government includes ________ forces.
or civilian employee or official
A. Unwanted C. Friendly
B. Neutral D.
F – Reliability Cannot Be 6 – Truth Cannot Be Y – Observation by a member of Unfriendly
Judged Judged populace
331. They are responsible for foreign
Z - Documentary
intelligence of United Kingdom and it is also
referred as Box 850 because of its old post
office box number.
A. Security Service (MI-5)
HEART this Evaluation Guide
B. Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6)
C. Government Communication
325. It is a form of investigation in which the
operative assumes a cover in order to obtain
D. Defense Intelligence Staff
A. Overt operation C. Undercover
UK Intelligence Agency
B. Covert operation D. clandestine
•Security Service (MI-5 or Military
Intelligence Section 5) – Internal Counter-
Intelligence and Security agency also
326. What is evaluation of the intelligence
responsible for internal Security of United
report gathered by Agent Fukymo Mikuto which
is “Fairly Reliable and doubtfully true
• Government Communications
Headquarters (GCHQ) - responsible for
A. D C. C-4
providing signals intelligence (SIGINT) and
B. C-5 D. D-5
information assurance to the UK government
and armed forces.
327. The following must be observed during
•Defense Intelligence Staff (DIS) - is a
collector of intelligence through its Intelligence
a. Meet the subject eye to eye;
Collection Group (ICG)
b. Avoid contact on the subject;
c. Recognize fellow agent;
332. Known as the Prussia's "King of
d. If burnt out, drop subject and;
Sleuthhounds" as minister of police he studied
e. Adapt inconspicuous clothing.
the use of propaganda and censorship as well as
A. a, c, d C. b, d, e utilizing statistical intelligence accounting.
B. b, c, d, e D. a, b, c, e A. Napoleon Bonaparte C. Wilhem
328. In surveillance, the following are done to B. AKBAR D. Delilah
alter the appearance of the surveillance vehicle,
EXCEPT:  Napoleon Bonaparte- "One Spy in the
A. Changing license plates of surveillance right place is worth 20,000 men in the
vehicle field". He organized two Bureau of Interest.
B. Putting on and removing hats, coats  Akbar- The "Great Mogul" and wise
and sunglasses master of Hindustan employed more than
C. Change of seating arrangement within the 4,000 agents for the sole purpose of
surveillance vehicle bringing him the truth that his throne might
D. Keep the cars behind the subject car. rest upon it.
 Delilah- A biblical personality who was able
329. A _______ is usually for the purpose of to gain information by using her beauty and
waiting for the anticipated arrival of the suspect charm.
who is either wanted for investigation or who is
333. If the information or documents are
expected to commit a crime at a certain
procured openly without regard as to whether
the subject of the investigation becomes  Evaluation – is the determination of the
knowledgeable of the purpose or purposes for pertinence of the information to the
which it is being regarded. operation, reliability of the source of or
A. Overt Operation C. Surveillance agency and the accuracy of the
B. Covert Operation D. Analysis information.

 Covert Operation – Information are  Analysis- This is the stage in which the
procured clandestinely collected information is subjected to
review in order to satisfy significant facts
334. Investigation of the records and files of and derive conclusion there from.
agencies in the area and residence of the  Interpretation- Process of determining
individual being investigated. the significance of new information in the
A. CBI C. NAC possible alternatives.
338. It refers to the person who conducts the
 National Agency Check- It consists of LAC clandestine Operation.
supplemented by investigation of the A. Agent C. Support Agent
records and files of the following agencies: B. Action Agent D. Principal
PNP, ISAFP, NBI, CSC, Bureau of Agent
Immigration and Deportation and other
agency.  Principal Agent- Leader or
 Background Investigation – a check made management Agent in clandestine
on an individual usually seeking employment operation usually undertaken by the case
through subjects records in the police files, officer.
educational institutions, place of residence,  Support Agent- Agent who is engaged
and former employers. in activities which supports the
 Complete Background Investigation- it clandestine operations and or the action
is a type of BI which is more comprehensive, agent in his operations
that consist of detailed information
regarding the subject. 339. It is claimed that 99% of information is
obtained from conspicuous sources and 1% of
335. The end product resulting from the information is obtained from clandestine
collection, evaluation, analysis, integration, and sources. Clandestine means.
interpretation of all available information A. Observable C. Overt
regarding the activities of criminals and other B. Visible
law violators for the purpose of affecting their D. Covert
arrest, obtaining evidence, and forestalling plan 340. An E-3 intelligence report means:
to commit crimes. A. The information comes from
completely reliable sources and Improbable
A. Police Intelligence true.
B. National Intelligence B. The information comes from
C. Miltary Intelligence Unreliable sources and probably true.
D. Departmental Intelligence C. The information comes from Fairly
Reliable sources and doubtfully true.
 National Intelligence- integrated product D. The information comes from
of intelligence developed by all government Unreliable sources and possibly true.
departments concerning the broad aspect of 341. The following are methods of Surveillance
national policy and national security. Detection, EXCEPT:
 Department of Intelligence – the A. Use of Bait and Changing Pace
intelligence required by department or B. Convoy and Watching Procession
agencies of the government to execute its C. Entering Crowded buildings and
mission and discharge its responsibilities. concealment to movement
 Military Intelligence – refers to the D. Retracting the cause and Window
knowledge by the military institution Shopping
essential in the preparation and execution of 343. The process of assigning higher category of
military plans, policies and programs. document or information according to the
degree of security needed.
336. It is considered as the most secured A. Reclassify
method of disseminating the information to the C. Classify
user of classified matters is by means of: B. Upgrading
A. Debriefing C. Conference D. Declassify
B. Cryptographic method D. Seminar
337. It refers to the combination of all analyzed  Classify – Assigning of Information or
data to form a logical picture or theory. material to one of the four security
A. Integration C. Evaluation classification after determining that such
B. Recording D. Interpretation information requires security as
prescribed by PNP regulation 200-012.
 Recording – is the reduction of  Reclassify – The act of changing the
information into writing or some other assigned classification of a document or
form of graphical representation and the material.
arranging of this information into groups  Declassify – The removal of the security
related items. classification from classified document or

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 Compartmentation – The granting of A. Subversion C. Sabotage
access to classified document or B. Espionage D. None of
information only to properly cleared these
persons when such classified information
is required in the performance of their  Subversion - acts designed to destabilize
official duties, and restricting it to or overthrow the authority of a ruling
specific physical confines when feasible. power.

 Espionage - the secret collection of

345. The purpose of evaluation and analysis is information, or intelligence, that the
to determine if the information is true and- source of such information wishes to
A. Reliable C. protect from disclosure.
B. Correct D. Probably true 353. In order to secure the intelligence the
surveillance Operation center, the stationary
347. It refers to a place, building or enclosed surveillance must _________ before leaving.
area where police undercover men meet for A. Conduct Surveillance Detection
debriefing or reporting purposes. B. Conduct Debriefing
A. Safe house C. Log C. Conduct Post-Surveillance Operation
B. Live Drop D. Decoy D. Conduct Interrogation

 Log – chronological records of activities that 354. It deals with the demographic and
took place in the establishment under psychological aspects of groups of people.
surveillance. A. Sociological Intelligence
 Live Drop- Refers to a place where agents B. Economic Intelligence
or informants leave their messages to the C. Biographical Intelligence
other Agents. D. Political Intelligence

348. It is more comprehensive than the NAC or  Political Intelligence – deals with
LAC, which includes some or all of the Domestic and Foreign affairs and relation of
circumstances. government operations
A. National Agency Check
B. Background Investigation  Economic Intelligence – deals with the
C. Complete Background Investigation extent and utilization of Natural and Human
D. Personnel Security Investigation resources to the industrial potential of the
349. Greeting of Fellow Surveillant is  Biographical Intelligence – deals with
encouraged. The statement is – individual personalities who have actual
A. Yes C. NO possession of power
B. Absolutely Correct D. False  Geographical Intelligence – deals with
the natural as well as manmade features of
350. What specialist group of CIA that was the physical environment of man
established to research, create and manage considered from the point in view of military
technical collection discipline and equipment. operations
A. National Clandestine Service  Scientific Intelligence – deals with the
B. Directorate of Intelligence . progress of the research and development
C. Directorate of Support as it affects the economic and military
D. Directorate of Science and potential of a nation.
355. Which among the following principles of
 National clandestine Service intelligence deemed to be the most important?
(Formerly known as Directorate of A. Intelligence requires continuous security
Operations)- responsible for collecting measures
intelligence mainly from clandestine B. Intelligence and operation are interdependent
sources and covert action. C. Intelligence must be available on time
 Directorate of Intelligence (DI)- D. Intelligence must be flexible
Responsible for providing timely and
accurate all source of intelligence 356. It is the careful inspection of a place to
analysis. determine its suitability for a particular
 Directorate of Support- Provides operational purpose.
everything that the CIA needs to A. Casing C. Loose
accomplish its mission. Tail
B. Close Tail D. Stakeout
351. The persons listed in________ are allowed to
enter a certain establishment or building.  Loose tail – employed where a general
A. Access list C. Black impression of the subject’s habits and
List associates is required.
B. Blue Print D. Silver  Close tail – extreme precautions are
list taken against losing the subject is
employed where constant surveillance is
352. The deliberate destruction, disruption, or necessary.
damage of equipment, a public service, as by
enemy agent or dissatisfied employees. 357. In Foot Surveillance, “Call – Off” means
that –
A. Termination of Surveillance C. Public Safety Intelligence
B. Actual Surveillance D. Preventive Intelligence
C. Stake – out and Pick up of the Subject
D. On target Requirements and Instruction 364. If the information or documents are
procured openly without regard as to whether
358. It refers to the most dangerous type of the subject of the investigation becomes
informant. knowledgeable of the purpose or purposes for
A. Women C. Double which it is being regarded.
Crosser A. Overt Operation C.
B. False D. Anonymous Clandestine
B. Surveillance D. Covert Operation
 Anonymous-Unidentified or unknown
informants 365. Which of the following is the most common
 False Informant- reveals information of reason why an informer gives information to the
no consequences, value or stuff police?
connected within thin air. A. Monetary Reward C. Popularity
 Frightened Informants- weakest link in B. Revenge D. As a good citizen
criminal chain, motivated by anxiety.
 Self-Aggrandizing- moves around the 366. A method of collecting information thru
center of criminals delight in surprising interception of telephone conversation.
the police about bits of information. A. Bugging C. Wire
 Mercenary- Information for sale needed Tapping
something for exchange of information. B. Code name D. NONE
 Double-Crosser- He wants to get more
information from the police more than he 367. Is the condition, situation, and
gives. circumstance the enemy’s’ area of
 Legitimate- operators of business consideration that render the criminal groups
desire to give information for legitimate susceptible to damage, deception, or defeat by
reasons. the police organization.
A. Conclusion C. Capabilities
359. It is the transforming of coded message B. Vulnerabilities D.
into plain text. Evaluation
A. Coding C. Encrypting
B. Decoding D. Reclassify 368. It is the general statement describing the
current police internal defense, internal
 Coding-It is the changing of message development, psychological operation and
from plain clear text to unintelligible form responsibilities of the organization
also known as “Encrypting”. A. Area of operation
B. Capabilities of organized crime
360. After the planning on how intelligence is to C. the crime situation
be collected, the intelligence officer must have D. the mission
thorough knowledge of the __________.
A. The strength of the area where the 369. It is defined as evaluative and interpreted
information will be gathered information concerning organized crime and
B. Where they will be collecting the information other major police problems.
C. Available sources of information A. Military Intelligence C. Military
D The vulnerabilities of the possessor of Information
intelligence B. Police Intelligence D. Police
361. He often dresses as a beggar & went to the
street of Rome to gather first hand information, 370. The term appropriate for someone who
he is considered as the greatest military gives information in exchange for a reward is:
strategist. A. Informer C. Informant
A. Alexander the Great C. Hannibal B. Special informer D. Confidential
B. Frederick the Great D. Genghis Khan Informant

362. If information comes with a low reliability  Informants- Any person who hand over
and doubtful accuracy, will this information be information to the agents which is
discarded or refused acceptance? relevant to the subject. The informant
A. Yes C. True may openly give the information
B. No D. False clandestinely and choose to remain

371 Developing security consciousness among

policemen forms part of enhancing _______.
363. It is one of the Functional Classification of A. Line intelligence C. strategic
Police Intelligence which refers to the intelligence
knowledge essential to the prevention of crimes B. counter intelligence D. artificial
and the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of intelligence
criminal offenders.
A. Internal Security Intelligence
B. Criminal Intelligence

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372. It is a type of Support Agent who obtains
money when needed for operational use. 385. Factors to be considered in choosing a
A. Procurer of Funds C. Safe house “Safe House” EXCEPT:
Keeper A. Concealment, Utility, and Suitability
B. Communication Agent D. Surveillant B. Activity of the people in neighborhood and
location of Police Outpost
 Surveillant- Agent who observes persons C. Complete Description of Entrance, Exits and
and places of operations of interest. Escape Routes
 Safe house Keeper- Agents who manages D. Operational Technical Requirements
and maintains a safe house for clandestine
operations like meetings, safe heavens,
training, briefing, and debriefing. 386. Which of the following statement is FALSE?
 Communication Agent- Agent who is A. Classified information must not be
detailed as securing of clandestine discussed with friends and members of
communications. the family.
B. Classified information should be
373. What is the evaluation rating of Unreliable known only by one person.
and Possibly true? C. Cabinets with classified documents must
A. C-2 C. E-2 be secured with padlocks and security
B. E-3 D. C-3 measures at all times.
D. All classified documents must be
374. Phase of intelligence covering the activity safeguarded.
devoted in destroying the effectiveness of
hostile foreign activities and the protection of 387. It refers to the person who conducts the
information against espionage, subversion and surveillance.
sabotage. A. Surveillant C.
A. Passive Intelligence Subject
B. Counter Intelligence B. Interrogator D. Interviewee
C. Line Intelligence
D. Demographic Intelligence  Interrogator- person who conduct
379 All except one are interrelated to one
another. 388. The following are objectives of Casing
A. Fixed Surveillance EXCEPT:
B. Stakeout Surveillance A. Security of an Agent
C. Stationary Surveillance B. Planning for Surveillance and preparation of
D. Active Surveillance Search
C. Suitability of Sites for personal meeting
380. The agent will gain access to the subject D. Verification
by going to the different hang out places of the
subject. 389. The purpose of evaluation and analysis is
A. Social Assignment to determine if the information is true and-
B. Residential Assignment A. Reliable C.
C. Work Assignment Correct
D. None of these B. Probably true D. Accurate

381. A person who informs solely for the 390. It refers to those measures, which seek
pecuniary or other material gain he is to actively to block the enemies’ effort to gain
receive. information or engage in espionage, subversion,
A. Gratitude C. Repentance and sabotage.
B. Remuneration D. Vanity A. Counter Intelligence
B. Passive Counter Intelligence
382. National Intelligence Coordinating Agency C. Active Counter Intelligence
is led by a- D. Intelligence
A. Director C. General
B. President D.  Passive CI Measures – protection of
Director-General classified and sensitive information to the
unauthorized through secrecy,
383. Integrated product of intelligence communication security, and other various
developed by all government departments safeguards.
concerning the broad aspect of national policy
391. All EXCEPT one should be considered in
and national Security.
A. National Intelligence conducting stationary surveillance.
A. Preparation
B. Departmental Intelligence
C. International Intelligence B. Financial Requirement
C. Personnel, Supply/Equipment and Security
D. Social Intelligence
D. Coverage of Operation
384. In Foot Surveillance “Debriefing” means:
A. Actual Surveillance 392. Undercover operation is also known as;
A. Roping C. Bait
B. Collation of Report and Analysis of
Significant Observation B. Clandestine D. Loose
C. Preparation of reports and its submission
D. Observe time
393. It is defined as an art and science of codes  P/D Rodolfo A. Tor – First
and ciphers. Commissioned officer in UN Integral
A. Cryptography C. Mission
B. Decipher D. Coding 403. New York Police Department (NYPD) have
limited jurisdiction on _______:
394. The protection resulting from the A. USA C. New York
application of various measures which prevent B. None of these D. Los
or delay the enemy or unauthorized person in Angeles
gaining information through communication.
A. Communication Security 405. In the etymology of the word police the
B. Physical Security ancient word “Polisoos” referred to a person
C. Document Security who_____?
D. Internal Security A. Enforcing Law C. Civil Policy
B. Guarding a City D.
397. It is a certification by a responsible Citizenship
authority that the person described is cleared to
access and classify matters at appropriate 406. During the middle ages, there were two
levels. guard officer of the kingdom of France with
A. Security Clearance police responsibilities those are the Marshal of
B. Document Clearance France and ________:
C. Interim Clearance A. Constable of France C. Queens Royal
D. Nome of these Guard
B. Scotland Yard D. Constabulary
398. Refers to an attack amounting to actual or
eminent threat to the life, limb, or right of the 408. The typical number of Detectives roughly
person claiming self-defense. ________ of police service personnel:
A. Imminent Danger C. Unlawful A. 75% C. 5 to 10%
Aggression B. 15 to 25% D. 7 to 10%
B. Just Cause D. None of these
409. In USA, FBI only have jurisdiction over
399. The police officer may stop an individual federal crimes or those with an interstate
for the purpose of conducting a spot components. The statement is:
check/accosting only when- A. Correct C. Partially
A. Probable Cause Exist Correct
B . Notion to commit crime B. False D. partly False
C. Rational Grounds
D. Reasonable Suspicion 410. This pertains to all those forms of policing
that, in some sense transgress national borders:
399. X evaluates the information as usually A. International Policing
reliable and probably true. B. Global Policing
A. C-4 C. B-3 C. National Policing
B. B-2 D. C-5 D. Transnational Policing

400. Mossad is the National Intelligence agency 411. In US, he introduced police reforms to
of _____________. include educational requirement for police
A. Russia C. Philippines officer:
B. Israel D. Pakistan A. James Q. Wilson C. Sir Robert
 Russia - Federal Security Service of Russian B. August Volmer D. O.W.
Federation Wilson
 Philippines- National Intelligence
Coordinating Agency  Robert Peel – Father of Modern policing
 Pakistan - Inter-Services Intelligence System
 O.W. Wilson - responsible in reducing
corruption and introduced
401. Law enforcement in China was carried out professionalism in Winchita, Kansas and
by _______ which developed in both chu and jin Chicago Police Department
kingdom of the Spring and Autumn period.
A. Watch man C. Prefect 412. The motto of Hongkong Police force:
B. Gendemarie D. Constabulary A. Law and Order
B. Knowledge is Safety
402. First Female Filipino commissioned officer C. Serve and Protect
in a UN integral mission. D. We serve with pride and Care
A. P /D Rodolfo A. Tor C. Insp. Anrisa I.
Mitra 413. Where do you can find the so called Police
B. SPO2 Ester A. Marcidas Ombudsman? It’s outside review organization
D. None of these for police officer whose are changed of
committing any form of misconduct:
 SPO2 Ester A. Marcidas – First Non- A. Northern Ireland C. England
Commissioned officer in a UN integral B. China D. Japan

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414. Throughout the United Kingdom, the rank 425. The police rank in Japan that is called
structured of police force is identical up to the Keishi:
rank of? A. Policeman C. Chief
A. Chief Constable C. Chief Inspector Superintendent
B. Chief Superintendent D. Inspector B. Superintendent D. Senior
415. In USA, what state are among the first to
hire women and minorities as police officer. 426. It is the counterpart of Police Community
A. Massachusetts C. California Precinct in Japan:
B. New York D. A. Keishi C. Koban
Washington B. Omerta D. Keiban

416. In Taiwan police Agency, what is the 427. In Japan it is not considered as a rank but it
comparable rank to inspector or sub-lieutenant? is the highest position in Japan Police
A. Police Rank 4 Organization:
B. Police Supervisor Rank 4 A. Commissioner Secretariat
C. Police Officer Rank 1 B. Commissioner
D. Police Supervisor Rank 1 C. Chairman
D. Commissioner General
417. In Taiwan National Police Agency, what is
the lowest possible rank of its police personnel? 428. The Japan’s Police Organization is headed
A. Police Rank 1 C. Police Officer Rank by a Commissioner General who is appointed
1 by:
B. Investigator 1 D. Constable A. Japans Emperor
B. Prime Minister
418. It is being acknowledge by Federal Bureau C. National Public Safety Commission
Investigation and INTERPOL to be the “Asia’s D. Japan Commission
Finest” police force and in having, set up the
foundation for the social stability of Hong Kong 429. The lowest rank in Singapore Police Force:
and has won a good reputation as one of the A. Junsa C. Constable
safety cities in the world. B. Sergeant D. Police
A. Philippine National Police Officer
B. Hong Kong Police Force 430. Irish Police are called:
C. Japan Police Department A. Militsiya C.
D. National Police Agency Constable
B. Police Force D. Garda Socha
419. It is the highest possible rank in Australia
Police Force: 431. The following are the language of
A. Commissioner General C. Director communication used by the Gen. Secretariat:
General a. French;
B. Commissioner D. Director b. Mandarin;
c. English;
 Director General – Philippine National d. Arabic; and
Police e. Spanish.
 Director – BJMP and BFP
 Commissioner General - highest position A. b, c, d, e C. d, a, c, e
in Japan Police Organization B. c, d, e D. a, b, c, d, e

420. The code of secrecy of Mafia: 432. It States that the yardstick of police
A. Omerta C. Morse proficiency relies on the absence of crime.
B. Nostra Compra D. Cosa Nostra A. Home rule C. Continental
B. Old police service D. Modern police
421. INTERPOL stands for: service
A. International Police 433. The first secretary general of the Interpol.
B. International Organization of Police A. Oskar Dressler C. Ronald K.
C. International criminal Organization Noble
D. International Criminal Police B. Johann Schober D. Aberdeen
Organization Scotland
422. The supreme governing body of the
Johann Schober - The first president of the
INTERPOL is the:
A. Executive Assembly C. Major Assembly
B. National Assembly D. General
435. Group of highly specialized armed men
who inflict fear and uses violence to accomplish
their objectives with a usual international scope
423. The general Secretariat office of the
of activity.
INTERPOL is run by the:
A. Organized Crime
A. Director General C. Supervisor
B. Transnational Crime
B. Inspector General D. Secretary
C. Transnational Organized crime
D. Terrorist
 Organized Crime - Group activities of to an internet user when it connects to
three or more persons, with hierarchical the Internet
links or personal relationships, which  Dynamic IP Address – a type of IP
permits their leaders to earn profits or Address that changes every time the
control territories or markets, internal or internet user accesses his Internet
foreign, by means of violence, Service Provider. It is usually assigned to
intimidation or corruption, both in dial-up or base speed broadband service
furtherance of criminal activity and to subscribers
infiltrate the legitimate economy.  Static IP Address – a type of IP Address
 Transnational Crime - a continuing that is constant regardless of the time or
illegal activity of group of person which is number of attempts the internet user
primarily concerned with the generation accesses the internet. It is usually
of profits, irrespective of national assigned to High-Speed Internet Users.
boundaries as a result of globalization.  Website – a portfolio of a person /
 Transnational Organized crime - is a organization / entity / company which is
crime perpetuated by organized criminal posted on the Internet for accessibility
group which the aim of committing one worldwide.
or more serious crimes or offenses in
order to obtain directly or indirectly, a 440. It is the act of illegally accessing the
financial or other material benefits computer system or network of an individual,
committed through crossing of borders group or business enterprise without the
or jurisdictions consent of the party’s system:
A. Computer Fraud C. Hacking
436 Is the terrorist group which was founded by B. Cracking D. Theft
Osama Bin Laden in 1980?
A. Al Qaeda C. Jihad  Hacking - is the act of illegally
B. Mafia D. Nuestra Costra accessing the computer system/network
of an individual, group or business
 Mafia – is a term used to describe a enterprise without the consent or
number of criminal organizations approval of the owner of the system.
around the world.  Cracking - is a higher form of hacking in
 Jihad - refers to the holy war by which the unauthorized access
members of the Islamic religion against culminates with the process of defeating
the Jews the security system for the purpose of
acquiring money or information and/or
438. It is the category of terrorist organization availing of free services
which is aimed in achieving political autonomy
or religious freedom. 441. It refers to a Code written with the
A. Revolutionary C. Separalist intention of replicating itself.
B. Ethnocentric D. Political A. Trojan Horse
C. Worm
 Ethnocentric - is the category of B. Logic Bomb
terrorist organization which is aimed at D. Computer Virus
establishing a dominant or superior race
that will be looked upon by the entire  Worm spread itself to other computers
populace in the world. without needing to be transferred as part
 Revolutionary - is the category of of a host.
terrorist group which is dedicated to  Trojan horse - is a file that appears
overthrow an established order and harmless until executed. Trojan horses do
replacing it with a new political or social not insert their code into other computer
structure. files
 Political - is the category of terrorist  Logic bomb - a set of instructions
group which aims in restructuring the secretly inserted into a program that is
society. designed to execute if a particular
 Nationalistic - those who commit acts program is satisfied.
of violence due to their loyalty or
devotion to their country. 442. It is a center created by Executive Order
No. 62 to establish a shared database among
439. It is the anchor of the investigation of all concerned agencies for information on
crimes committed via the internet: criminals, methodologies, arrests and
A. Dynamic IP Address convictions on transnational crime
B. Internet Protocol Address
C. Static IP Address A. Philippine Center on Transnational
Crimes (PCTC)
D. Website B. National Commission on Anti Hijacking
 ISP – stands for Internet Service C. International Criminal Police Organization
Provider. It provides internet service to (ICPO)
internet users. D. Philippine National Police (PNP)
 IP Address – series of numbers
assigned by an Internet Service Provider 443. An order strengthening the operational,
administrative and information support system
of the PCTC. Under this EO, the centre shall

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exercise general supervision and control over A. Retirement in the next higher grade
NACAHT, ICPO, PNP or DILG B. Compulsory retirement
A. EO 100 C. EO 465 C. Early retirement program
B. EO 465 D. EO 789 D. Optional Retirement

444. Considered as the major concerns of the 452. It is a part of the PNP but enjoining an
PCTC, EXCEPT: independence from the PNP. It has an
investigative and adjudicatory power over PNP
A. Information Exchange members.
A. Internal Affairs Service
B. Strategic studies and capacity building B. National Police Commission
C. Law enforcement coordination C. People’s Law Enforcement Board
D. none of these D. National Appellate Board

445. A decree codifying the law on 453. In police operational planning the use of
Illegal/unlawful Possession, manufacture, the wedge, squad diagonal or deployed line
Dealing in, acquisition or disposition of firearms, would be probable used for:
ammunitions or explosions A. Arm confrontation C. Relief Operation
A. RA 9165 C. RA B. Civil Disturbance D. VIP Security
B. RA 8294 D. RA 453. Organized in 1712 for the purpose of
8792 carrying the regulations of the Department of
State; this was armed and considered as the
mounted police.
 RA 8792 - Electronic Commerce Act A. Carabineros De Seguridad Publica
 R.A. 9165 – Comprehensive Dangerous B. Guadrilleros
Drug Act of 2002 C. Guardia Civil
 RA 9372 - Human Security Act of 2007 D. Metropolitan Police Force
 PD 1866 as amended by RA 8294 -
Illegal Possession of Firearms and 454. What is the appropriate training course for
Explosive POIII to SPOI?
 RA 9745 - Anti-Torture Law of 2009 A. Officers Senior Executive Course
 RA 9995 - Anti-Photo and Video B. Officer Basic Course
Voyeurism Act of 2009 C. Senior Leadership Course
 RA 9775 - Anti-Child Pornography Act of D. Junior Leadership Course
 RA 10088 - Anti-Cam cording Act of 455. Reasons for suspension or withdrawal of
2010 deputation of local chief executives as
representative of the NAPOLCOM:
446. What is the highest rank of police officer in I. Repeated unauthorized absences;
Japan? II. Abuse of authority;
A. KEISHI SOKAN C. KEISHI SO III. Habitual tardiness;
B. KEISHI KAN D. KEIBU-HO IV. Providing material support to criminals; and
V. Engaging in acts inimical to national security.
447. The founder of the Texas Rangers and
known to be the “Father of Texas”. A. I, II, III, V C. II, V, IV, I
A. Stephen Austin C. Vernon B. I, II, IV, III D. I, II, III, IV,
Knell V
B. Dave Batista D. Johann Schober
449. The following have summary dismissal 456. Planning for emergencies of a specific
powers over errant police members. nature at known locations.
a. District Director; A. Functional Plan C. Time Specific
b. Chief of Police; Plans
c. Regional Director; B. Tactical Plans D.
d. Chief, PNP; Operational Plans
e. PLEB; and
f. NAPOLCOM. 457. A retired PNP uniformed personnel can get
the lump sum of his retirement benefits for the
A. a, b, d, f C. c, d, f period of the first _____.
B. b, d, e D. a, c, e, f A. 10 years C. 5 years
B. 6 years D. 2 years
450. Amado Perez joined the PNP in 1996. She
was 29 years old then. What year will Amado 458. Specific Qualifications may be waived like
will retire? Age, Height, Weight and Education, only when
A. 2016 C. 2023 the number of qualified applicants falls below
B. 2012 D. 2031 the minimum annual quota. Appointment status
under a waiver program is ________.
451. It refers to a kind of retirement where PNP A. Temporary C. Probationary
commissioned and non-commissioned officer B. Permanent D. Regular
may retire and be paid separation benefits
corresponding to a position two ranks higher 459. No officer who has retired or is retirable
than his/her rank: within _______ from his compulsory retirement
age be appointed as chief of the PNP.
A. Three months C. Six months B. Staff function D. Auxiliary
B. One year D. Two years function

460. __________ is given to any PNP member who 468. The planning responsibility of the PNP chief
has exhibited act of conspicuous and gallantry and other high ranking PNP officials is known as:
at the risk of his life above and beyond the call A. Broad external policy planning
of duty. B. Incremental planning
A. Meritorious Promotion C. Internal policy planning
B. Special Promotion D. Radical planning
C. Regular Promotion
D. On-the-Spot Promotion 469. Refers to the actual restraint of armed
persons following a high-risk stop.
461. Which among the following has no A. Dragnet Operation C. Hasty
promotional authority over the members of the Checkpoint
PNP? B. High -Risk Arrest D. High Risk
A. Deputy Director General Stop
B. Director General
C. President of the Philippines
D. Regional Director  Dragnet Operation - police operation
intentionally to seal-off the probable exit
462. The establishment of a formal structure of points of fleeing suspects from the crime
authority through which works and divisions are scene to prevent their escape.
arranged, defined and coordinated refers to:  Hasty Checkpoint - is an immediate
A. Planning C. response to block the escape of lawless
Organizing elements from a crime scene, and is also
B. Staffing D. Directing established when nearby checkpoints are
ignored or during hot pursuit operations.
463. In regard to the police planning function, it  High Risk Stop - actual stopping of
may be said that: armed and dangerous persons, aboard a
A. Planning is essentially order giving. vehicle or on foot, including the power to
B. Planning is essentially decision making use all necessary and legal means to
in advance of action. accomplish such end.
C. Policemen must plan carefully than their
supervisors. 470. Maximum period wherein a police officer
D. The higher the job in the organization, the may be suspended from service by the Chief
shorter the time-lag between planning PNP:
and execution. A. 180 days C. 60 days
B. 90 days D. 30 days
464. The National Bureau of Investigation, was
patterned by the Federal Bureau Investigation, it Disciplinary Authorities for Breach of
was organized by R.A. 157. What law Internal Discipline
reorganized the NBI?
A. R.A 9708 C. R.A  Chief of Police- NOT EXCEEDING
B. R.A. 2678 D. R.A.  Provincial Directors- NOT
 Regional Director- NOT EXCEEDING
465. The IAS can recommend promotion of the
members of the PNP or the assignment of PNP
471. The IAS can recommend promotion of the
personnel to any key position. The statement is: members of the PNP or the assignment of PNP
A. Partly True C. Partly False
personnel to any key position. The statement is-
B. Absolutely True D. A. YES C. NO
Absolutely False
B. Wholly Correct D. Wholly
466. The following are the offenses for which a
member of the PNP may be charged 472. Who has the disciplinary authority in
citizen’s complaint when the penalty imposed is
I. Oppression; not exceeding fifteen (15) days?
II. Misconduct;
A. City/Municipal Mayor C. Chief of Police
III. Neglect of Duty; B. Provincial Director D. PLEB
IV. Violation of law; and
V. Incompetence.  City/Municipality Mayors- not less
than SIXTEEN but not exceeding
B. V, II, III, I D. IV, III,  People’s Law Enforcement Board
IV, I, II (PLEB)- exceeding THIRTY (30)
467. The police function in which patrol belong
is: 473. The law that governs the Code of Conduct
A. Line function C. Administrative and Ethical Standards for officials and
function employees of the Government – National or

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A. R.A. 7160 C. R.A. 7610 monthly base pay after adding his longevity
B. R.A. 6713 D. R.A. 9263 pay?
A. 21, 857.00 C. 19,
 RA 7160 – Local Government Code 970.00
 RA 7610 - Special Protection of Children B. 24, 870.00 D. 31,
against Abuse, Exploitation and 549.00
 RA 9263 – BFP and BJMP 481. If the police plan of Municipality X can
Professionalization Act of 2004 carry out the purpose or goal of the police
station then the plan is considered_______.
474. How vacancy filled up in the commission, A. Feasible C. Acceptable
except through expirations of term? B. Suitable D. Adaptable
A. It shall be filed up for the unexpired term only
with the capacity for regular appointment 482. The PNP Internal Affairs Service is headed
for another full term. by a police officer with the rank of __________
B. It shall be filed up for the unexpired and a designation as Inspector-General.
term only without re appointment. A. Deputy Director General C. General
C. It shall be filed up by another person with full B. Director D.
term C/Superintendent
D. None of these
483. The shift that receives most of the call of
the public which are directly related to police
function, it is considered as the busiest among
475. Under the police reform and reorganization them all.
law, a Field training Program for all PNP A. Afternoon shift C.
uniformed members is required for permanency Day shift
of their appointment consisting of 12 months. B. Midnight shifts D. Night Shift
Basic areas of actual experience and
assignment during this period shall be on:  Night Shift – Least Desirable shift
A. Patrol, traffic and investigation
B. Patrol, investigation and Intelligence 484. If we are seeking for an arrest of wanted
C. Patrol, Public Relations and auxiliary services person with a view to extradition.
D. Traffic, investigation and Intelligence A. Blue Notice
C. Red Notice
476. Based on NAPOLCOM MC# 95-013, the B. Black Notice
following are the factors considered in D. Purple Notice
a. Educational Attainment; Types of Notice by INTERPOL
b. Personality traits;  Yellow Notice- To help locate missing
c. Potential; persons, often minors, or to help identify
d. Service reputation; and persons who are unable to identify
e. Physical Fitness. themselves.
 Blue Notice- To locate, identify or obtain
A. a, c, d, e C. b, e, c, a information on a person of interest in a
B. d, b, c, a D. a, b, c, d, e criminal investigation.
 Black Notice- To seek information on
477. At 48 years old, Supt. Andres Matapang is unidentified bodies.
due to be promoted. Who has the authority to  Green Notice- To warn about a person's
promote him to his next rank? criminal activities if that person is
A. Chief, PNP C. CSC considered to be a possible threat to
B. Secretary, DILG D. President public safety.
 Orange Notice- To warn of an event, a
478. Fr. Bogart Roman was born on December person, an object or a process
11, 1964; He opted to join the Philippine representing an imminent threat and
National Police in March 1999. Is he qualified to danger to persons or property.
join the PNP?  Purple Notice- To provide information
A. Yes C. Wholly True on modi operandi, objects, devices and
B. No D. Wholly False concealment methods used by criminals.

479. In times of war or other national 484. What is the name of the acclaimed first
emergency declared by the Congress the formally organized modern police force in the
President may extend such term of office from world?
__________________depending on the gravity of A. Interpol C. Scotland
the situation. Yard
A. Six months to one year B. New York Police District D. Texas rangers
B. One year to two years
C. One to six months 485. The following are the law enforcement
D. Five months to one year principles enunciated by the Father of Modern
Policing System, except:
480. POIII Floyd Macanochie, receives 19, A. Prevention of crime is the basic mission of the
870.00 base pay since he was promoted. After police
five years from promotion, what would be his B. The police must have full respect of the
C. The police are the public and the public are a. Conduct home visitations when a
the police circumstance warrants, dialogues with the
D. No free man shall be imprisoned except by residents in their beat;
final judgment b. Report occurrences and conditions which
E. None of the above relate to crime, public peace, order and safety;
c. Observe and monitor public gatherings,
487. The period of time elapsed since the oath prevent disorders and disperse unlawful
of office was administered is termed assemblies;
A. Tour of duty C. Term of office d. Assist personnel of responsible agencies/unit
B. On duty D. Length of in facilitating the flow of traffic at busy
service intersections/roads within his Area of
Responsibility (AOR) and;
488. The NAPOLCOM shall affirm, reverse or e. Inspect and/or conduct surveillance in various
modify personnel disciplinary actions involving places of business establishments and other
demotion or dismissal from the service imposed installation and remove hazards to public safety.
upon members of the PNP by the Chief PNP
through the: A. b, c, d C. c, e, a, b
A.PLEB C. RAB B. e, b, d, c D. a, b, c, d, e
497. Which among the following is not included
in a Patrol Plan?
489. Promotion by virtue of position shall be
A. Organization Detail of Personnel
granted after:
C. Stand-by points
A. 6 months C. 2 years
B. Spot Report
B. 1 year D. 18 months
D. Area Coverage
490. Breach of internal discipline committed by
any member of the PNP shall be brought to the 498. The terrorist group Abu Sayyaf is formerly
office of the Chief of Police or equivalent included in what terrorist group?
supervisor if the penalty imposed covers the A. MILF C. MNLF
period of: B. Al Qaeda D. NPA
A. Not exceeding 15 days
B. Not exceeding 60 days 499. The Koban policing system is adopted in:
C. Not exceeding 30 days A. Japan C. Malaysia
D. Dismissal B. Korea D. Thailand

491. Any PNP member shall be dismissed 500. The word “Abu Sayyaf” in Arabic literally
immediately from the service after due notice means-
and summary hearings if it was proven that he A. The Sword Bearer C. The Base
went on AWOL for a continuous period of: B. Islamic Congregation D. Hezbollah
A. 30 days or more C. 15 days
or more  Jemaah Islamiyah - Islamic
B. 20 days or more D. 60 days or more Congregation
 Al Qaeda – The Base
492. The city or municipal mayor shall develop  Hezbollah – Party of God
an integrated community public safety plan  Ayman Al Zawahiri – 2011-Present
pursuant to: commander of Al Qaeda
A. E.O. 309 C. E.O. 903
B. RA No. 6975 D. RA No. 8551 501. PNP in-service training programs are under
the responsibility of the;
493. The Statute of Winchester introduced the A. PNP Directorate for Plans
system known as: B. PNP Directorate for Human Resource
A. Keepers of the peace C. Curfew and Doctrine Development
B. Watch and ward D. Justice of C. PNP Directorate for Personnel and Records
the peace Management
D. PNP Directorate for Comptrollership
494. Which of the following is a characteristic of It is the total number of police officers assigned
effective plan? in patrol duties.
A. give police department a clear direction
B. increase personnel involvement 502. Who is responsible in determining whether
C. clearly define objectives and goals there is a permit for the holding of the public
D. contain a degree of flexibility for the assembly?
unforeseen A. Immediate Superior C. Ground
495. As a general rule, a patrol officer on foot B. Commanding Officer D. Chief of Police
during day time should walk ____ the curb:
A. Outside C. Inside 503. The following are the things to be done
B. Near D. Far after armed confrontation, EXCEPT:
A. Check whether the situation still poses
496. The following are the duties and imminent danger
responsibilities of Patrol officers: B. Conduct debriefing on all involved PNP
C. Submit the fact-finding report

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D. Evacuate the wounded to the nearest d. To avoid failure in surveillance of the KFR
hospital activities inside the warehouse
E. None of these
501.Which among the following, is not a
504. The IAS shall also conduct, motu propio of applicable legal parameter during rallies,
the following cases: strikes, demonstrations or other public
assemblies, under the pertinent provisions of
I. incidents where a police personnel the Public Assembly Act of 1985 (Batas
discharges a firearm; Pambansa Bilang 880), the Labor Code of the
II. incidents where death, serious physical Philippines, as amended and other applicable
injury, or any violation of human rights laws.
occurred in the conduct of a police
operation; A. Exercising Maximum Tolerance
III. incidents where evidence was B. No arrest of any leader, organizer, or
compromised, tampered with, participant shall be made during the
obliterated, or lost while in the custody public assembly, unless he violates any
of police personnel; pertinent law as evidence warrants.
IV. incidents where a suspect in the custody C. In case of unlawful aggression, only
of the police was seriously injured; and reasonable force may be employed to
V. Incidents where the established rules of prevent or repel it.
engagement have been violated. D. Directly employment of tear gas and
water cannons.
A. I, II, IV and V C. II, III, IV, and
V 502. Which of the following is considered as the
B. I, II, III, and IV D. I, II, III, IV most important factor in formulating an
and V effective patrol strategy?
497. The nature of which, the police officer is A. training of station commander
free from specific routine duty is the definition B. rank of the patrol commander
of C. adequacy of resources of police station
A. “on duty” C. “Active Service” D. salary rates of police personnel
B. “Length of Service” D. “off duty”
503. The peace-keeping detail shall not be
 Length of Service- The period of time stationed in the picket line (or confrontation
elapsed since the oath of office was line) but should be stationed in such manner
administered. that their presence may deter the commission
 Active Service- shall refer to services of criminal acts or any untoward incident from
rendered as an officer and non-officer, either side. The members of the peace-keeping
cadet, trainee or draftee in the PNP detail shall stay outside a _______ radius from
the picket line.
498. The first step a dispatcher must take when A. 50 feet C. 50 meter
a felony-in-progress call has been received B. 100 feet D. 100 meter
through telephone or by direct alarm signal is
to? 504. Police officers are required to give the
A. assigns an investigator to investigate the suspect Miranda Warning, during Spot checks
witness and pat down searches. The statement is-
B. clears the air for emergency broadcast A. Partially C. Correct
C. call the investigators to report to crime scene B. Partially Wrong D. Wrong
D. sends augmentation force
505. The following are the circumstances which
499. How many years of non-promotion before may justify pat-down search, EXCEPT:
a PNP Member can be attrited? A. The appearance and demeanor of the
A. 5 years C. 2 years suspect
B. 10 years D. 18 Months B. The time of the day and the location
where the pat-down search took
 Attrition by Relief - Those who have
been relieved for just cause and have not
C. Where the police officer handles several
been given an assignment within TWO (2) suspects
YEARS after such relief shall be retired or D. None of these
506. Whenever possible, pat-down searches
 Attrition by Demotion in Position or
should be conducted by-
Rank - who shall not be assigned to a
position commensurate to his or her grade
A. Day time to avoid ambush or Surprise
within EIGHTEEN (18) MONTHS after such
demotion shall be retired or separated
B. At least two police officers, one to
500. What is the main purpose why police car or perform the search while the other
police officers are not allowed to be sent in the provides protective cover.
scene of a Kidnap for ransom? C. the aid of civilian to act as a witness
a. To avoid unnecessary actions for the during the search.
kidnappers D. Civilian to avoid any issue thereof.
b. To avoid disturbances in the negotiation
c. To avoid any indication that police have 507. Which of the following is not included in
been informed of the KFR incident the patrol function?
A. Respon.se for citizen calls for assistance
B. Investigation of crimes after this is
reported to the investigation section 515. In cases of armed confrontation wherein a
C. Routine preventive patrol suspect dies, the Team Leader of the operating
D. Inspection of identified hazards unit shall?

508. During police intervention operations, the A. He shall immediately undertake the
duty to issue a warning is not absolute before necessary investigation and processing
he could use force against an offender. of the scene of the encounter.
A. Correct C. Partially B. After the Investigation, He shall
Correct immediately request the SOCO team to
B. Wrong D. Partially Wrong conduct Crime Scene Processing.
C. He shall submit the incident for
inquest before the duty Inquest
Prosecutor prior to the removal of
the body from the scene.
509. In transporting Detention Prisoner, if D. He shall report immediately to his
transported by a patrol jeep, the subject must superior for the proper undertakings to
be- be done.

A. Seated on the left rear seat and a PNP 516. PNP personnel who will point/profile
escort shall sit at the rear on the Right side suspected vehicle subject for checkpoint:
facing the subject A. Search Sub-Team C. Security Sub-Team
B. Seated on the Right rear seat and a B. Spotter D. Investigation Sub-
PNP escort shall sit at the rear on the team
left side facing the subject
C. Seated on the Left rear seat and a PNP  Team Leader (TL) - shall lead and take
escort shall sit at the rear on the left side responsibility in the conduct of checkpoint
facing the subject preferably an officer with the rank of at
D. Seated on the Right rear seat and a PNP least Police Inspector;
escort shall sit at the rear on the Right side  Spokesperson - TL or member who is
facing the subject solely in charge of communicating with the
motorists subject for checkpoint;
510. Which among the following should be  Investigation Sub-team - in charge of
observed during the patrol operations? investigation and documentation of
A. Render after-patrol report possible incidents in the checkpoint to
B. Buddy System include issuance of Traffic Citation Ticket
C. Kabit System (TCT) or Traffic Violation Report (TVR);
D. Render Hourly Report  Search/Arresting Sub-Team - designated
to conduct search, seizure and arrest, if
511. During rallies, strikes, demonstrations or necessary;
other public assemblies, employment of tear  Security Sub-Team - tasked to provide
gas and water cannons shall be made under the security in the checkpoint area; and
control and supervision of the-  Blocking/Pursuing Sub-Team - team
A. Ground Commander C. Incident tasked to block/pursue fleeing
Commander suspects/vehicle.
B. Immediate Commander D. Superior Officer
517. During Checkpoints, who are allowed to
512. What should be the action of patrol display high-powered firearms and are
officers, when responding to Calls for Police positioned where they can best provide security
Assistance, except? to the Checkpoint team including themselves.
A. Security Sub-Team C. Search
A. Stop the car at some distance away from Sub-Team
the scene. B. Blocking/pursuing Sub-team D. A and B
B. Focus all efforts to arrest criminals
C. Determine the crime committed. 518. As much as practicable, who shall lead the
D. None of these PNP contingent detailed to assist the Sheriff
during the demolition activity.
513. Where should the patrol officer turnover A. Immediate Superior C. Ground
the information and pieces of evidence gathered Commander
at the crime scene? B. Commissioned Officer D. Chief of Police
A. SOCO team C. Immediate
Supervisor 519. Police officers shall, upon receipt of a
B. Responding unit D. Medico Legal Officer complaint or report or information that a child
has been or is being abused, maltreated,
514. Request for police assistance in the discriminated, exploited, neglected, or
implementation of final decisions or orders of abandoned, or is under imminent danger of
the court in civil cases and of administrative being abused or exploited, shall take immediate
bodies on controversies within their jurisdiction action thereon, but under no circumstance shall
shall be acted upon by the appropriate police be beyond____?
office. The request is filed at least _____ prior to A. 12 hours C. 36 hours
the actual implementation. B. 24 hours D. 48
A. 3 days C. 10 days hours
B. 5 days D. 15 days

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520. In designating a “safe” assembly area, well B. Incident Commander D. Immediate
away from the threatened structure, out of line- Superior
of-sight of the building and well clear of
windows. A minimum distance of is 528. Which of the following is not true about
recommended. patrol?
A. 200 meters C. 100 meters
B. 150 meters D. 300 meters A. It is the backbone of the police
521. Provides for methods of apprehending a B. It is the essence of police operation
criminal by an act of the complainant shout to C. It is the single largest unit in the
call all male residents to assemble and arrest police department that can be
the suspect. eliminated
A. Tun Policing C. Hue and Cry D. It is the nucleus of the police department
B. Statute of 1295 D. Courts of the Star E. It is the operational heart of the police
Chamber department
529. The low informers and unreliable
 Courts of the Star-Chamber (1487) - The renegades of value chiefly in spreading
room set-up is formed in a shape of a star false information to the enemy.
and judges were given great powers such A. Common Spies C. Double Spies
as the power to force testimony from a B. Spies of Consequences D. None
defendant leading to a great abuse of
power or brutality on the part of the judges. 530. Refers to utilization of units or elements of
 Statute of 1295 - the law that mark the the PNP for purpose of protection of lives and
beginning of the curfew hours, which properties, enforcement of laws, maintenance of
demanded the closing of the gates of peace and order, prevention of crimes, arrest of
London during sundown. criminal offenders and etc.
 Tun Policing System - A system of A. Deployment C. Operation
policing emerged during the Anglo-Saxon B. Service D. Employment
period whereby all male residents were
required to guard the town Deployment- shall mean the orderly and
522. Refers to a location where the search, organized physical movement of elements
which is duly authorized by the PNP, is or units of the PNP within the province, city
conducted to deter/prevent the commission of or municipality for purposes of employment
crimes, enforce the law, and for other legitimate
purposes. -END-
A. Clear Zone C. Public Place
B. Police Checkpoint D. Pre-Determined “In everything you do always put GOD first
Area and He will guide you and reward your
efforts with Success.”– NMK12
523. Electronic blotter is a computerized
system, which was accepted by the courts,
prosecutors’ office and the public in general.
What police office is using this kind of blotter?
A. Makati C. Cebu
B. Baguio D. Davao

524. Marcos is a robber who is looking at the

earrings of Josephine while Insp. Gonzales is
standing near Josephine, Marcos plan to rob is
not weaken by existence of Insp. Gonzales but
the ______ for successful robbery is prevented.
A. Ambition C. Intention
B. Motive D. Opportunity

525. Police personnel whose rank at the time of

his retirement is Superintendent shall retire with
the rank of __________:
A. Superintendent C.
B. Sr. Superintendent D. C/Inspector

526. Which among the following terms is not

related to each other?
A. Hot Pursuit C. Fresh Pursuit
B. Cross Jurisdictional Pursuit D. Bright

527. General rules on media relations, No

information regarding the incident shall be
released without clearance from the_________:
A. Chief of police C. Ground
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