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Ccru- cybernetic culture research unit

 Cybernetic culture research unit

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  Twin System defined   Hyperstition

[Astronomical]. Conjunction (including Element of effective culture that makes itself
1. 1.
opposition). real.
[Anatomical]. Cranial nerve-couple. Fictional quantity functional as a time-
2. Proto-hemispheric brain-root 2.
travelling device.
3. Coincidence intensifier.
[Biological]. Binary-synthesis of biota
4. Call to the Old Ones.
3. without unification (e.g. - genus

[Poetics]. Dipody (2-step metrics). Nomo:

Catajungle: binary polyrhythm. the CD
[Mathematical]. Members of function- surge hold sink
group nullified by double contact.
murmerge overdoublings accurtzsss
[Gnostic Cosmogony]. Interconnective crabbe's last breath odd dub kataclysm
dyad, or complementary coupling (e.g. assault on the
6. aquapolis
dry run tik-n mu
of Aeons). In hermetic architectology, a
vault of
basic element of the pentazygous lore. hell of mirrors panikatak
[Cybergoth Polytics]. Convergent
7. twinning, diploid coincidence, or   K-OS
1.Distributed automutational mesh-processing
[Mesh-Engineering]. Neutral (or null- culture.
8. pitch) cross-tracked link, feeding a 2.Intrinsically multiplicitous insurgency against
current. the Microsoftware regime.
[Lemurian Time-Sorcery]. Demonic 3.Peculiarly insidious telecommunicative
9. implex, or involved distance (making an retrovirus (frequently attributed to
eddy in the maze). extraterrestrial sources).

  Hyperfiction   Mesh
Iris Carver The A-Death Phenomenon The spaces beneath and between the Net (-
  Cybergothic Hyperstition Œfinely meshed¹).
Maria de Apocalypse been in Effect
Rosario Interlock interval between biological and
Kathy 2. technical net-components (- Œmesh with
Zerok un Holes

Hacker machines¹).
3. Friction-generating divisional fabric.
4. Set of demonic interzones (Pandemonium).

  AxSys 5. Wormhole-space.

1. Axiomatic Systems (incorporated).

The ultimate capitalist entity (first (true   Spinal catastrophism

(meta)model) to realize perfect identity with
its own product), (autocommoditizing Culture interaction with the spine as a
2. 1.
(machine(-intelligence (that is always trauma record or time marking system.
incomplete (due to cataloguing problems 2. Bio-social critique of erect body posture.
Punctuated retrochronic voyage to the end
3. The first true Artificial Intelligence. 3.
of the river.
4. Ophidian transmutation.

Hidden, repressed, cursed, or denigrated
nonhuman communicative agency.
Component of distributed productive
2. apparatus (e.g. partially autonomous

software unit).
Electro-Occult hyperstition entity that traffics
between zones.

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Ccru- cybernetic culture research unit

K-OS element (assembling Pandemonium, as

the fully connective system of the demons).
5. Motive force, without final purpose.

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