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What Islam Says?

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What Islam Says?

; 1-Islam asks for worshipping just one god "Allah" (the father in your religion) and
believing in the prophet Mohammed and all the prophets before him as Jesus and
Abraham. We believe that there aren't any sons to Allah or gods.
2- Islam doesn’t degrade other prophets, but respect them. It is a big sin to say
something rude about one of them or their good relatives as Maria (Mary).

3- Islam says that the one whose doles are more than his sins will enter paradise and
vice versa.
4- Islam say that we should build and work on earth not just pray. When we were
religious, we were more advanced than West. They took our culture and became more
advanced as we became less religious.
5-Islam ordered us to be just and fair in judging between people, and not to hurt or
offend any one. Even animals, we mustn't hurt or kill them except if they became
dangerous or harmful. There is a story says that there was a religious woman who
prisoned a cat till death, so went to hell, and another bad (did many sins) woman who
saved another cat from death so she enter paradise. Mercy is very important in our
6-Islam hate very much betrayal, lying (falsity), wantonness, oppression, cheating and
laziness. Islam like very much honesty, truthfulness, piety, justice, activity, patience,
forgiveness and mercy.
7- Islam want to achieve the welfare to all people. Islam urge us to give poor people
money as we can because these people must live and this money is from Allah, He gave
it to us to live and make others live also.
8- Islam urge us so much to vouch orphans i.e. to send them money or let them live in
this one's house in order that this money will let them live a normal life as if they have
their dads.
9- Islam urge us not to break promises, it is bad that one promise someone to do
something then he breaks this promise.
10-Islam urge us to be patient and forgiving, if someone blackguard us, it is preferable to
be patient and forgive him, not to get back the insult.
11-Islam ask us to be in touch with our relatives, not to leave them away, to help them if
they need us, because this will create a love atmosphere between the relatives who are
very near to one relation.
12-Islam hate very much killing people or animals without a legal reason. To kill someone

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What Islam Says?

is a very big sin, and this murderer must be killed. If someone kills someone by accident,
then he must pay money.
13-In Islam there is small sins and big ones. Big ones such as: to steal, to cheat [1] , to
lie or to take drugs because all these are very bad to society and to oneself.
14-In Islam, to be religious doesn’t mean not to marriage or leave life with its
technology, welfare or stick to old or very simple life. One can be religious and marry,
live a luxury life, pray and work and play some sports and so on.
15-In Islam, we enter paradise by our good deeds not by our money or position in life.
Islam don’t make a difference between people except in piety. We all equal except in
devotion. He better than me because he is more religious. When we go to make our
pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, we all wear nearly the same clothes, we do the same deeds,
in the same time, in the same places, no matter who is so and so and the other is so and
16-In Islam, we aren’t punished if we do something wrong by accident i.e. we don’t mean
it, but if this something destroy another one possessions, we must pay for what we
destroy. Or be punished because we forgot to do something we?to do it , e.g. if I am in
Ramadan (the month of fasting) and I forgot so and ate some food or drink some water,
I won?e punished or repeat this day just throw out the food from my mouth if there is
something in it and continue without any problem. Or be punished for doing something
wrong someone forced us to do it.
17-In Islam, we must knock at the door before entering someone house, and it is
preferable to knock just 3 times, because if he don’t to open the door, wouldn’t be
disturbed by many times knocks. Inside someone house we must ask for permission to
enter the other room in 3 times in the day: in dawn time, in noon time and at night,
because in these 3 times one may take off some of his clothes while sleeping. And it is
preferable to ask for permission to enter in all the times.
18-Islam have a Holly Book named "Quran", Quran is Allah's words, so it was protected
from distortion, it is just as God descend it from heaven about 1420 years ago. If any
one have a very old copy of it, he will find it exactly the same as nowadays. Nothing has
changed, added, deleted or replaced. God said in Quran:" We (God) have, without doubt,
send down the message (Quran); and We will assuredly protect it (from corruption)
quran can't be translated exactly because it is a miracle: no one can imitate it at all,
Many people tried so but they all failed. The last time I heard something like this was on
the Internet.

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