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London experience. World impact.
Transform your global career
with the world’s most
customisable MBA 03

Prepare for a unique experience 04

A world of new perspectives 06

The MBA programme 08

Year One: a foundation for success 10

Year Two: our MBA your way 12

Global Business Experiences 14

Beyond the classroom 16

Career impact 18

The alumni view 20

Take the next step 22

02  The MBA

Transform your global
career with the world’s
most customisable MBA
It’s time to expand your horizons. No matter where your career is headed, London
Business School’s ultra-flexible and customisable MBA will inspire, challenge and
connect you. You’ll develop new skills, build lifelong relationships and learn from
some of the best faculty in the world.

Over the years, students have travelled from around the globe to take our world-
class MBA. Like them, you will gain the insights and expertise you’ll need to
prosper in an ever-changing business landscape. We’ll encourage you to apply your
learning in lectures, internships, projects and networking opportunities. And as you
grow, you’ll become part of something truly extraordinary – a dynamic community
of culturally aware professionals who demonstrate the exceptional global mobility
and leadership competencies that top recruiters want.

London showcases a complex, vibrant and demanding business environment,

attracting top global companies, entrepreneurs and professional talent. It
stimulates exceptional performance in all areas – just like our MBA. Consistently
ranked as one of the world’s best business schools, we combine outstanding
thought leadership in a global city with a customised, career-focused curriculum.

Customisable. Transformational. Join us and realise your true potential for success.

The MBA 03
Prepare for
a unique experience
Our MBA will transform not only your career, but also the way in
which you view the world and what you do in life. Flexible in length
and designed to be tailored specifically to suit your needs, it’s
a programme that’s as versatile as you are.
“When a man is tired
Shape our MBA your way
of London, he is tired of life;
Just as there is no one typical MBA student, we believe there is no ‘one-size-fits- for there is in London all
all’ MBA. That’s why we’ve designed our MBA to be flexible and accommodating,
allowing you to tailor your experience to your individual interests and career path.
that life can afford.”
Samuel Johnson,
Throughout our MBA, practical components are integrated with academic theory. essayist and lexicographer
We’re constantly leveraging our rich London network and connections with businesses (1709-1784)
worldwide to let you test what you know. Choose our LondonCAP module, for
example, and you’ll work on a ‘live’ project, developing and delivering business
solutions to exciting London-based organisations.

Flexible exit points – at 15, 18 and 21 months – help you to accelerate your career and
graduate early, or give you time to explore your options and fully develop your skills.
A London résumé
Your programme
In the first year of your programme, you’ll undertake various business fundamental 75% of top 500 global
courses, before having the opportunity to customise your studies through our tailored
core. Deepen a particular area of knowledge by focusing on existing career interests,
companies based in the city
or broaden your horizons through an expansive and current range of subjects including
Digital Strategy, Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Global Economic 100% of leading financial
Analysis. Then, choose from two summer routes: intern with some of the world’s best institutions represented
companies, or join our Entrepreneurship Summer School.

You can tailor your programme further still in Year Two. Our portfolio of more than 37% international population
70 electives reflects the extensive academic and research expertise of our faculty,
enabling you to add breadth to your studies, or focus on specific areas of interest that
complement your career search. Other options include adding more internships to
300+ languages spoken
increase your practical experience.
30m visitors each year
Achieve maximum career impact
Our MBA curriculum is underpinned by academic rigour and career-related impact. 1,000+ tech start-ups
A team of outstanding professors drives the former, and we also design our programme formed every month
around input from a wide range of world-class recruiters. What you learn, and how you
learn it, is fully aligned to your career path. 37% of global foreign
Crucially, you’ll enhance your practical experience, developing skills to compete and exchange market
succeed in the global career market.
264 foreign banks
80% of the world’s metal

4 UNESCO World Heritage sites

240+ museums and galleries
150+ public parks
60+ Michelin-starred

04  The MBA

Consistently ranked
among the best
international business
schools by Bloomberg
and the Financial Times

The London advantage Meet the world on our MBA

Confident, captivating, global – London is a cultural and financial capital, with 99% of
the world’s business activity in a time zone that overlaps with the city. Every leading
institution on the planet is here, as are a third of the world’s largest companies. London
is a shining beacon for the techology, media and creative industries, where new, flexible
organisations make an immediate impact.
students in the MBA2020 class
Our MBA reflects the strength and dynamism of this extraordinary city. Leveraging
our connections to a broad spectrum of businesses, you can make the most of
internships and full-time recruiting opportunities with global consulting firms, tech
start-ups, leading pharma companies, luxury retail giants and multinational banks.

London motivates, entertains and surprises. It has culture old and new, sport,
nightlife, exciting cuisine, festivals and parks. The city delivers on every level. international students in the
MBA2020 class
We’re global through and through
Being global is part of our DNA. Acclaimed professors and visiting speakers from
around the world offer cutting-edge thought leadership, and there are inspirational
opportunities to visit other global business hubs.

We’re constantly creating ways to integrate international experiences into our

curriculum. Our incredibly popular Global Business Experiences (GBEs) take you nationalities represented in the
out of your comfort zone to examine different business approaches in places such MBA2020 class
as Johannesburg, Yangon, Tel Aviv and Lima. You can participate in an International
Exchange to one of our top partner schools abroad. Let’s not forget the option to
study on our language programme or to immerse yourself in our Global Business
Perspectives cultural awareness courses, designed to help you learn the subtle
nuances of conducting business in different regions of the world.

And of course, where would you be without the opportunity to join our superb range
faculty from 31 countries
of international student-led career and social treks and events? At LBS you’re part
of a cosmopolitan student body, plugged into a first-class professional and personal
network that sharpens your competitive edge and provides a springboard to long-term

success. Take part in the Ghana Volunteer Trek, organise the Latin America Business
Forum or get involved with the Middle East Conference – broadening your global
perspective has never been easier.
alumni across 164 countries
“LBS is a truly unique school, which will allow you to discover
who you really are, what you really want and how to achieve it.”
João Paulo Alcántara (Brazilian) MBA2016, Data Science Manager, Itaú Unibanco

The MBA 05
A world of new
perspectives 22%
North America

London Business School’s position at the heart of a

global business centre makes it an unrivalled
destination for students from every continent.

Cross-cultural collaboration
Put a Spanish business development professional, a Canadian
finance analyst and a Kazakhstani public sector department
director together with a product development specialist for a luxury

Italian fashion house, a US consultant and a director of an Indian
cable manufacturing plant. Meet study group C10 from the class of
Latin America
Our study groups reflect the global talent that is an integral part of today’s
workplace. They’re tough, but transformational. Together, you’ll produce around
30% of your first-year grade, learning to create success in multicultural teams
anywhere in the world.

Wide-ranging career experience

The flexibility of our MBA attracts students from varied and wide-ranging career backgrounds,
including consulting, media, finance, tech, the military, sports, pharmaceuticals, aerospace,
luxury and retail, healthcare and not-for-profit sectors. Your experience may be in the
international corporate sector, or in a family business. Maybe you’re a career-changer
exploring new industries or you want to flex your entrepreneurial muscles and start a
successful venture.

Any and every scenario might motivate someone to do an MBA and everyone’s story is
different. Each of you will put in the hours, push your cognitive and creative limits and do what
it takes to redefine your career and life potential.

Harness your potential

At LBS we equip you with the skills to think globally. You’ll spend much of the first year of your
MBA working in the kind of study group mentioned above, learning to thrive in a challenging
multicultural environment that represents the modern global business world. Your ability to
■ 28% Consulting
achieve and act – both independently and as a member of a multicultural team – is what
will make you stand out. The investment you make in your MBA will reward you with a life-■ 25% Finance/Accounting
changing experience and untold career opportunities. Develop an international mindset, build ■ 7% IT&T/Electronics
a global network and enter a market eager for your skills and outlook.
■ 7% FMGC/Retail/Luxury goods
■ 6% Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology
Whatever your career trajectory, give yourself the best chance of success by capitalising on
LBS’s reputation and reach. ■ 5% Manufacturing/Engineering
■ 4% Energy/Power generation
Industry sector pre-MBA
■ 4% Public Sector/Not-for-profit/Education
Our students come from hugely diverse career backgrounds:
■ 3% Marketing/Publishing/Media
■ 28% 28% Consulting
■ Consulting ■ 3% Property/Real estate
■ 25% 25% Finance/Accounting
■ Finance/Accounting ■ 2% Automotive/Aerospace
■ 7% IT&T/Electronics ■ 2% Law/Legal service
■ 7% IT&T/Electronics
■ 7% FMGC/Retail/Luxury goods ■ 1% Agriculture/Environment service
■ 7% FMGC/Retail/Luxury goods
■ 6% Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology ■ 1% Construction/Building materials
■ 5% 6% Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology
■Manufacturing/Engineering ■ 1% Defence/Military
■ 4%
■Energy/Power generation
5% Manufacturing/Engineering ■ 1% Travel/Tourism
■ 4% Public Sector/Not-for-profit/Education ■ 1% Transportation/Distribution/Logistics
■ 4% Energy/Power generation
■ 3% Marketing/Publishing/Media
4% Publicestate
■ 3% Sector/Not-for-profit/Education
■ 2% 3% Marketing/Publishing/Media
■ 2% Law/Legal service
■ 3% Property/Real estate
06  The MBA ■ 1% Agriculture/Environment service
■ 2% Automotive/Aerospace
■ 1% Construction/Building materials
Where do you come from?

The class of MBA2020 intake is made up of 64 nationalities


(excluding UK)

7% 27%
Middle East
New Zealand

“Our cohort spans a tremendous range of nationalities, ethnicities, ages,

sexual orientations and professional backgrounds. Even in London, our
campus stands out for its head-spinning internationalism and inclusiveness.”
Aaron So (Australian) MBA2018

“My class was “I came to “Right from

an incredibly understand my Orientation Week
diverse group, own potential to I was fascinated
from all sorts of be a good leader by the diverse
backgrounds.” and manager geographical
and see how an and professional
MBA could play backgrounds of my
into that.” classmates.”

Tiiram Sunderland (Australian) Maëlle Chérubin (French) Prakriti Thapa (Nepalese)

MBA2017, Consultant, Bain & MBA2018, Enterprise Account MBA2017, Manager, EY-
Company Management - Team Lead, Parthenon
“I thought everyone would be more
UberEATS “I have a global background - I grew
knowledgeable than me and would “Sandhya Domah (MBA2013) really up in Nepal and had worked in finance
come from finance or corporates, but helped me grow into my role. Through and the social enterprise sector in the
my class was an incredibly diverse her insight, I came to understand my US, Kenya and Ghana. So diversity
group, from all sorts of backgrounds, own potential to be a good leader was a real prerequisite in choosing
with a rich range of experience and and manager and see how an MBA my MBA programme. Right from
perspectives. Being immersed in a place could play into that. I realised I wanted Orientation Week I was fascinated by the
where you can spend a couple of years to transition to a role that combined diverse geographical and professional
learning alongside people like that – management and operations – and the backgrounds of my classmates.”
both students and teachers - is the real people I knew who made that kind of
advantage of the LBS MBA.” move all had MBAs.”
The MBA 07
The MBA programme
Our programme will test your initiative, stimulate your creativity and demand your energy and intellect.
Here’s an overview of its structure and highlights.


August–December January–March April–June


Online preparation August–December
All students must take these courses January–March
Students April–June
choose from Tailored Core to fulfil their credits

All students must take these

Business courses
Fundamentals Students
Business choose from Tailored Tailored
Fundamentals Core to fulfil
and credits

Data Analytics The Science of People in Business Analytics

for Managers
Business Fundamentals Organisations
Business Fundamentals (terms two and
Tailored three)

Global Leadership Customer and Market

Finance Marketing
Assessment for Managers
Data Analytics Managing Organisational Insights
Business Analytics
for Managers Behaviour (terms two and three)
Managing Responsibly: Developing Entrepreneurial
Statistics Ethics in Work, Operations Management Opportunities
Global Leadership
Organisations and Society (terms two and
Assessment for Customer and three)
Finance Marketing
Managers Market Insights
Tailored Core Global Economic Analysis
General Management
Managing Responsibly: Operations
Statistics Ethics in Work, Digital Business
Business Analytics Marketing Planning Under
Organisations and
Society (terms two and three) Competition
Finance II Entrepreneurship
Strategic Economic
GeneralI Management
Finance Tailored Core
(terms two and three) Analysis

Analyticsfor Global Economic
Accounting for Today’s Economy
(terms two and three) Value Chain Management
Managers (terms two and three)

Microeconomics for Performance-Driven LondonCAP

Corporate Finance Capital Markets
Strategy Execution Marketing
and Valuation and Financing (terms two and three)
(terms two and three)
Macroeconomics Financial Strategy Execution
(terms two Reporting
and three) Strategic Economic
(terms two and three)
for Managers for Today’s Economy Analysis
Developing Entrepreneurial
Finance II
Management (terms two and three)
(terms two and Accounting
three) Value Chain
and Performance Management
Financial Reporting for
Digital Strategy
Today’s Economy
(terms two and three)
(terms two and three)
LondonCAP LondonCAP
(terms two and three) (termsStrategy
Digital two and three)
(terms two and three)

Electives Electives

Leadership Launch (Skills Development) Career Management

Leadership Launch (Skills Development) Career Management

Language Programme

08  The MBA

July–August September–July

Students spend their summer
July–August Year TwoSeptember–July
is entirely tailored by you
in one of two ways

Students spend their summer By this time the course will be most flexible
in one of three ways
Internships Electives Flexible exit points

Global Business Experience 15 months

Entrepreneurship Summer
School ¢¢ São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Internship Electives 18 monthsFlexible exit points
¢¢ Johannesburg
¢¢ Hong Kong 21 months
Lima Business Experience
¢¢Global 15 months
¢¢ Tel Aviv
Summer School ¢¢ Boston and New York City
¢¢ Mumbai 18 months
¢¢ Johannesburg Capstone
¢¢ Yangon
¢¢ Hong Kong and Shenzhen 21 months
Consulting Team ¢¢ Lima
International Exchange Congregation
¢¢ Tel Aviv
¢¢ Mumbai
Business Project

International Exchange
Internships Congregation

Business Project


Leadership Launch (Skills Development) Career Management

Leadership Launch (Skills Development) Career Management

Language Programme

The MBA 09
Year One:
a foundation
for success
Year One gives you a solid grounding
in business frameworks and analytical
skills – customised building blocks
for a successful and career-focused
learning journey.

Academic excellence The first year combines business Terms two and three –
Our MBA starts with a commitment to
fundamentals with tailored subjects Tailored Core
to enhance your learning. Experience
academic excellence – it’s the foundation Start to shape our MBA your way.
business simulations, case studies,
of every lecture, study group or real- As well as completing your remaining
lectures and group work while
time business situation we offer. You’ll Business Fundamentals courses,
collaborating with your study group,
experience outstanding and current term two sees the introduction of the
to make up around 30% of your first-
thought leadership that underpins Tailored Core curriculum. As your career
year grade. It’s a steep learning curve,
rigorous academic theory, and benefit path becomes clearer, the flexibility of
and invaluable preparation for today’s
from exciting opportunities for sustained our MBA really comes into its own,
global workplace.
practical application. Learn how to allowing you to map your future through
deliver results in today’s fast-changing your choice of subjects. Customised
and global business environment, Pre-term – online preparation classes allow you to increase your
developing your career path and Our three online pre-courses integrate knowledge of key areas like finance
showcasing your toolkit to recruiters seamlessly with our Business and marketing, or to try something new
both on and off campus. Fundamentals portfolio. Rigorous online – develop new skills in digital business
assessment tools ensure you’re ready or entrepreneurship.
Customisation to hit the ground running when term
starts. These modules are structured www.london.edu/mba/core
With a focus on customisation, choice
to allow students with prior knowledge
is central to our MBA. And it starts early,
and experience to complete their tests
right from your second term of study.
without taking the full course.
Different options abound. Choose from
12 tailored core subjects, identifying
specific classes that support your Terms one and two –
career track. Decide exactly how long Business Fundamentals
your programme is going to be, with Build the core knowledge, skills and
the flexibility to take different electives cultural sensitivities essential for leading
and multiple internships. Or raise your teams anywhere in the world – and more
game and add value to selected London immediately, for helping you secure
organisations in our optional LondonCAP a summer internship. Our Business The Sammy Ofer Centre, our cutting-edge teaching
and learning facility.
course. Whichever paths you choose, Fundamentals core offers an introduction
you have a unique opportunity to direct to management and global leadership
your MBA in line with your personal tools and techniques. It runs across the
career goals. first two terms and covers key subject
areas such as economics, operations,
Your first year strategy, marketing and finance.
Today’s business toolkit is more You may also start language studies in
complex than ever before. Global the second term, boosting your global
leaders are expected to be skilled in toolkit from one of a range of options
analytical frameworks and processes such as French, Portuguese, Spanish,
and adept at managing teams. Mandarin, German, Arabic, Russian,
Meanwhile, they must demonstrate Italian and Japanese.
a smart, strategic approach.

10  The MBA

Highlights of Year One
London Applied Module
As part of the London Core
Application Practicum
(LondonCAP), you will immerse
yourself in a live project and
experience the diversity and
dynamism of the London business
community. By tackling challenges
for leading and cutting-edge
companies in London, you’ll have
the invaluable opportunity to apply
the learning from your core courses
to develop solutions that have real-
world impact. Test your abilities to
work alongside your classmates in a
small group setting and to harness
your combined strengths to meet
some of the complex issues facing
today’s businesses. You’ll not only
enhance your practical experience
but, critically, you’ll also grow your
“The diverse mix of students at LBS gives me continued network and gain exposure to new
companies and sectors. Previous
exposure to a multicultural environment and is an ideal students have worked on projects
landscape to build a supportive global network in the unrivalled with organisations such as Amazon,
the Bank of England, Transport for
cultural and business centre that is London. I have learned as London and the British Fashion
much outside the classroom as I have inside.” Council, to name but a few.

Marcela Santacoloma Valencia (Colombian) MBA2014, Global Business Practice

Project Manager, Country Project Office
BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking Our optional Global Business
Practice courses form part of
our skills portfolio and harness
the enormous bank of cultural
knowledge that exists within
our MBA class. Up to half of
our students stay in the UK
for internships and full-time
placements, while the rest work
in different locations around the
world. Take the opportunity to
discover first-hand how business is
really done, both here and abroad.

Leadership Launch
Identify where to focus your
leadership development efforts right
from the outset. Leadership Launch
allows you to map your personal
and professional development
needs alongside relevant career
support, core courses and elective
opportunities. Inspirational business
leaders join us at orientation, and
you’ll start to hone your confidence
and skills through creative problem
solving and communication on our
Leadership Away Day. A dynamic
introduction to your MBA, the
Launch forms part of our leadership
competencies framework – skills
training that stretches across your
entire MBA journey.

The MBA 11
Year Two:
our MBA your way
In the second year, you’ll focus on applying your learning in different
global environments. Immerse yourself in a GBE, enjoy a term on
international exchange or source your business project from a
far-flung emerging market.
Highlights of Year Two International Exchange
The elective programme Take your new-found skills abroad for
a term by applying to take part in an
See the business world from all angles. outstanding International Exchange.
Choose from more than 70 electives Immerse yourself in a new culture and
(see opposite page) to broaden or grow your global network at one of
Your summer concentrate your sphere of knowledge. more than 30 partner schools around
How you spend these 8–12 The elective portfolio showcases the the world, from China to the US, Asia
weeks could define your career depth and quality of our faculty research, to Latin America. Your choice of school
– and lead to that prized post- and its diversity allows you to customise may be guided by location, language
graduation job offer. your degree and build foundations and elective availability, or your desire to
on which to build your future career. move your career to a particular country
Consolidate your skills and take Delivered in practical, strategic and after graduation.
an internship with big names such academic formats, you’ll complete www.london.edu/mba/exchange
as Amazon, Goldman Sachs, a minimum of 10 electives. We are
Google, Johnson & Johnson and constantly innovating in the portfolio.
Global Business Experiences
McKinsey & Company, or smaller, New electives include: Luxury Strategy,
more niche organisations. Many Managing a Digital Organisation, Data Our GBEs are week-long, intensive and
students take more than one Driven Decision Making, Elements hands-on learning experiences that
internship, in order to experience of Machine Learning for Business, will allow you to apply the frameworks
different sectors and roles. Employee Engagement and Positive you have studied to organisations and
Psychology, and Global Strategy. business challenges in emerging and
Learn how to innovate and dynamic markets around the world.
finance a new business venture Electives may be timetabled in intensive They are designed to further your global
at the Entrepreneurship Summer block weeks or spread across a term awareness and help you to flourish
School, discovering from the on weekdays, evenings and weekends. outside your comfort zone, by placing
mentoring process what it takes An elective bidding system is used for you in unfamiliar territory and testing
to innovate and finance your students to select their courses. This your knowledge and skills in real-
business. flexibility means you can plan them to fit world settings as you work alongside
with your completion date and any job faculty and classmates from different
www.london.edu/mba/summer offer you may have. Talk to us for advice cultures and industries. The current
on devising the most effective schedule. portfolio includes: São Paulo and Rio,
www.london.edu/mba/electives Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Yangon, Hong
Kong, Lima and Mumbai.

12  The MBA

Our diverse elective
options include:

Mergers, MBOs and Other Corporate


Financing the Entrepreneurial


Advanced Marketing Strategy

Managing Change

Paths to Power

Strategy Lab

Pathways to Start-up Success

Capital Markets and Financing

Negotiation and Bargaining

Business Project
Source a real-world business issue and present a general management report
appropriate for a senior manager. Your commercial knowledge and skills will be on
display; you’ll challenge and explore concepts, focus in depth on an issue and, of Private Equity and Venture Capital
course, give back to the company you’re working with. Sectors covered previously
include luxury goods and real estate, private equity and not-for-profit projects, in
markets as far afield as Brazil and South Africa. Students choose a faculty member to
World Economy: Problems
supervise their report.
and Prospects
Capstone and Congregation
Having forged your individual path in the second year, Capstone now reunites you
with the classmates from your original streams and study groups for a lively two- Project Management
day conference. Celebrate and reflect on your successes as you transition to the
next stage of your career. Capture the wisdom of alumni and enjoy mind-expanding
talks from prominent thought leaders. Congregation is our annual graduation event
Corporate Strategy
for all graduates, held at the Royal Festival Hall and followed by a garden party at our
Regent’s Park campus.

Advanced Corporate Finance

“The MBA has given me a great toolkit – both the hard and soft
skills that are needed to have an impact, whether in business or
Managing Corporate Turnarounds
Barty Pleydell-Bouverie (British) MBA2017, Associate, McKinsey & Company
Entrepreneurship in Emerging

Topics in Asset Management

The MBA 13
Global Business Experiences
Whatever you’ve learnt in the classroom, nothing replaces the live business situation. Immerse yourself
in a real business environment to learn what makes it tick.
By Year Two, you’ll have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of global business management. But context is everything. Join
a faculty-led group and travel to one of seven global locations for an international experience that reflects that country’s unique
business profile.

A genuine MBA highlight, each GBE offers a 360-degree view of the country’s business culture via company visits, panels,
workshops and guest speakers. You’ll engage with business leaders and real-world challenges. Debate the risks of doing business in
a frontier market, support a micro-entrepreneur with a business plan or help a tech start up tackle a pressing business issue.

Where will your experience take you?

Johannesburg, South Africa Theme: Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: The Role of Micro-Businesses

Content: Work with a micro-entrepreneur on a challenge facing their business in an

important emerging market. Develop an understanding of the process of growth and
transformation, as well as the constraints and opportunities that surround them.

“It was life changing. Whether it was helping our township entrepreneur with the little
resources she had, or understanding the challenges of a developing economy with a
heavy past, it was a unique time of personal growth and reflection.”
Marie Milleron (French) MBA2015,
Director of CEO Office and Group Holdings, Thales

Mumbai, India Theme: Harnessing the Winds of Change

“I have been to India before, but the GBE exposed me to many more facets,
challenges and joys of the country. It was truly inspiring, from the kindness and
fun in the rural villages to the thriving economy in the slums and the errorless
operations of the DabbaWala food delivery. It was so impressive to me how more
than one billion people from different religions and a huge wealth disparity live
Content: Gain insight into the realities mostly peacefully with and next to each other. Thanks to my peers who made this
and intricacies of doing business an unforgettable experience.”
in dynamic India, and hear different
perspectives about how society and Yves Bauer (German) MBA2016, Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company
organisations are approaching change.

Hong Kong Theme: Innovation and Institutions in China

Content: Explore the impact of innovation and institutions across a diverse range of
sectors and businesses. Examine how Hong Kong is developing and the changing
nature of its relationship with mainland China.

“The GBE is surely the highlight of the MBA programme. Spending a week in
Hong Kong, immersed in social, political and economic issues, gave me an
instantly richer understanding of China than I could ever have developed from
outside of the region.”
Tristan Kaye (Australian) MBA2015, Trading Director, The Bread Factory

14  The MBA

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel Yangon, Myanmar
Theme: Contextualising the Theme: Frontier Markets: Opportunities and Challenges
Drivers of Innovation

Content: In 2016, funding in Israeli

start-ups grew to $4.2bn while the global
market experienced a decline. Why?
Explore environments that encourage
innovation, look at how start-ups generate Content: Engage with leading local companies and entrepreneurs to gain
revenue, discuss how future innovations an understanding of the opportunities and risks that Myanmar faces at this
might disrupt current business models stage of its development. Examine how these opportunities and risks can be
and much more. managed to ensure sustainable growth and the role that SMEs and early-
stage companies are playing in this development.
“Understanding the underlying factors
that trigger entrepreneurs to strive for “This was an incredible experience. It was an ideal balance of learning,
their ventures, allow venture capital discussion, and experiential learning. It is clear the GBE is set up to
funding to flourish and bring huge ensure students reap the maximum benefit, and it was apparent that the
corporations together to coach and organisers thought about this from the perspective of students. It was a
nourish new ideas was without doubt bonding experience with classmates to be in Yangon and be learning about
among the best experiences in my entire entrepreneurship in a context none of us had ever seen (regardless of our
MBA journey.” career experience).”
Oscar Zapata (Peruvian) MBA2016, Sofia Leo (Argentinian) MBA2018
Consultant, The Boston Consulting

Lima, Peru  heme: Reinvention in Turbulent Times

T São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Theme: The Emerging Giant: Understanding the Opportunities
and Challenges Facing Brazil Today

Content: Gain a first-hand look into the changes, Content: As the fifth largest country in the world by area and
challenges and opportunities faced by and within Lima population, with advanced industries, a host of world-beating
today. Explore the factors contributing to strong demand organisations and a vast domestic market, Brazil should be the
for new technologies, new business models and public– next continental player achieving global scale advantage. But
private partnerships, in addition to ongoing political and internal fragmentation, a challenging political environment, and
social challenges. critical skill and infrastructure deficits have long delayed Brazil’s
full emergence. Join us in exploring the question of how far
“The Lima GBE was a highlight of my MBA. We spent a
Brazil can go – and when?
week hearing from Peruvian business leaders, politicians,
entrepreneurs and alumni about Peru’s fascinating
journey through turbulent times. It forced me to think
deeply and sparked many interesting conversations
among my peers.”
Mollie Amkraut (American) MBA2016,
Business Design Lead, IDEO

The MBA 15
Beyond the classroom
Bring together enterprising people with an array of passions, and the
results are electrifying. With clubs spanning professional, sporting and
social interests, here’s a taste of our community in action.
An action-packed MBA in a buzzing city from the Entrepreneurship Forum to the
is just the start of your student experience Global Healthcare Conference. Broader
at LBS. Our activities programme is largely summits cover the global scene, such as
student-generated, overseen by the Student the Africa Business Summit and the China
Association Executive Committee and Business Forum.
enthusiastically supported by our alumni.
TEDxLondonBusinessSchool is one of the
Student clubs premier innovation and thought-leadership
events in London, run by students of LBS.
These are the heart and soul of our Every year, LBS welcomes world leaders in
community. Joining a student club is business, technology, science, and the arts
a superb way to further your career to share their ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.
aspirations, enhance your communication
and organisational skills, and enrich
Career treks
your world view. The Latin America Club
is a great example, bringing together Meet your potential future employers on a
students from across the region and career trek. With the support of our Career
others interested to learn more about Centre team, students travel to business
it. Members meet for social events and hubs around the world.
conferences, such as the annual Latin
America Business Forum. A Singapore trek organised by the Asia
Club set up visits to Uber, MasterCard,
Whether you want to climb Everest, Microsoft and General Electric. In the US,
explore business in Qatar or perform the Tech & Media Club went to Silicon
Shakespeare, there’s a club for it. And if Valley and visited Google, LinkedIn and
there isn’t, why not start one? Airbnb.

Conferences Social trips On top of the world

Student-led conferences, events and Travel the world with the insider knowledge Adventurous and diverse
forums can have a significant positive of our international student body, on trips activities await (clockwise from
impact on your career. Hear from and that will stay with you for a lifetime. Annual above): trekking to Machu
debate with high-profile speakers and fixtures include skiing in the Alps, seeing Picchu; TEDx talks in London;
industry practitioners, and network with the cherry blossom in Japan, and Yatra, scale Everest if you dare;
our global alumni. our India trip. Every year new trips are students competing in the
added as students share the highlights MBAT tournament.
Key business conferences range in of their home countries.
themes from the Global Energy Summit
to the Women in Business Conference,

Some of our 80 student clubs

Technology and Asia Club

Sailing Club Running Club Energy Club
Media Club

Finance Club Healthcare Club Film Club
Leadership Club

Investment Military in
Social Impact Club Marketing Club Basketball Club
Management Club Business Club

Women in Entrepreneurship Retail & Luxury Latin America

Business Club Club Goods Club Club

16  The MBA

“Student-led conferences
Find out more at are one of the highlights of
www.london.edu/ the MBA. I was involved with
studentactivities the Global Energy Summit
and Africa Business Summit
in the first year of my MBA.
The experience helped
me connect with industry
leaders, put my organisation
and leadership skills to the
test and allowed me, in my
own small way, to give back
to the School community.”
Mehul Bhatt (Indian) MBA2015,
Managing Director,
Maersk Tankers

Competitions Families welcome

There’s no shortage of opportunity to The Partners Club welcomes students’
test your mettle against the brightest and partners and families into our supportive
best from around the world. The formats network. The club is run by partners
vary, so you can hone your skills in and organises a host of events including
different disciplines. Recent wins for LBS London walks, theatre nights, book
include: the SDA Bocconi International clubs, job-hunting workshops, pub
Finance Competition, the Rotterdam nights, language classes and children’s
School of Management Private Equity playgroups. It’s a perfect illustration
Case competition, and the MBA Impact of the LBS community spirit. Partners
Investing Networking and Training of MBA students can apply for a visa,
(MIINT) competition held at Wharton. which gives them full working rights.

We also hold our own competitions

such as the London HealthTech

The MBA 17
Career impact
Whether your goal is to accelerate your career within
Some of our MBA recruiters
your sector or function, or switch to another industry,
A.T. Kearney Goldman Sachs
take advantage of the resources and expertise available Accenture Google
from our Career Centre. Amazon H.J. Heinz
LBS graduates are highly sought after – a quick look at where our American Express HSBC
alumni are now proves that. Utilising links to major global recruiters Anheuser-Busch InBev Johnson & Johnson
such as Google, The Boston Consulting Group and Goldman Sachs, Apple KPMG
our exceptional Career Centre team is with you every step of your MBA
Bain & Company McKinsey & Company
journey. We’ll support you with one-to-one, group and online skills
training, strong recruiter relationships and labour market insight. Bank of America Merrill Microsoft
Lynch Morgan Stanley
Expertise includes: Barclays Group PIMCO
¢¢ Experienced sector recruitment advisors and career coaches to CDC Group
help you clarify your career goals and work towards them Roland Berger
Citi Royal Dutch Shell
¢¢ Advice on the application process: teasing out key points in your Credit Suisse Samsung
CV and constructing a powerful covering letter Deloitte Strategy&
Deutsche Bank The Boston
¢¢ Mock interview training
EY Consulting Group
¢¢ Opportunities to meet recruiters from finance, consulting, Facebook Thomson Reuters
technology and diversified sectors, plus on-campus employer Fidelity Vodafone
presentations, career fairs and interviews.

MBA2017 graduate stats Job location post-MBA

■ 50% UK

■ 16% Europe (excl. UK)
■ 10% Asia
■ 9% USA/Canada
■ 7% Latin America
accepted an offer (incl. Caribbean)
■ 4% Oceania
within three months of ■ 2% Middle East
graduation ■ 1% Africa

Job sector post-MBA

mean salary
■ 41% Consulting
■ 26% Finance
■ 20% Technology

£34,894 58 & 40 ■ 13% Diversified

other guaranteed our MBA students are

* Other guaranteed compensation includes sign-on and end-of-year bonus where
compensation* working in 58 cities we have sufficient data.

and 40 countries
around the world

18  The MBA

“I had tailored
support that
enabled me to
move into the
role that I’m in

The alumni view

Tara Reddy (British) MBA2016
Co-Founder CEO, Loveshark
“Career Centre helped me a lot. Coming
from an atypical background I needed
some help to work out how to translate
my skill set so that employers could
see my full potential. The mixture of
workshops, one-on-one coaching and
interview prep meant I had tailored
support that ultimately enabled me to
move into the role that I’m in today.”

“Our primary role

at Career Centre
is to act as a
bridge between
students and

Career Centre view

Lara Berkowitz
Executive Director,
Career Centre, LBS
“Our primary role at Career Centre is to
act as a bridge between students and
employers. We are passionate about
helping students to develop lifelong
career management skills. We also
develop strong and lasting relationships
with our global and diverse network
of recruiters.”

“LBS is a key recruiting

partner for Amazon, helping
us to find top leadership talent
across all of our European
locations. The LBS students
who join the Amazon
Leadership Development
programme combine long-
term strategic thinking with
great execution skills.”

The MBA 19
The alumni view “I established my company
soon after graduation. Being
Where does a London Business School MBA lead? We’ll let
surrounded by people who
some of our graduates tell you…
are willing to take risks
gave me confidence and
“The MBA “If you want motivation. With so much
gave me an a really global
opportunity MBA to help you inspiration and an effective
to redirect my start a business, range of technical skills, the
career from this is the place
banking into for you.” MBA was a fast track for me.”

Prabha Rathinasabapathy Nigel Morris (British)

(British) MBA2015 MSc1985
Founder, SoMo Managing Partner, QED
Investors and Co-founder,
At the start of her second year of
the MBA, Prabha kick-started the Capital One Financial Services
#WhyILoveLBS social media campaign,
prompting a surge of student posts and “My LBS experience was a great
photos across Twitter and Facebook. springboard for my entrepreneurial
interests and gave me a sound
“It started off as something just for grounding in business fundamentals.
new students joining the School, but it I graduated in 1985, and co-founded
became something much bigger”, she Capital One Financial Services in 1994.
says. “I was asked to speak at Orientation I started my own venture capital firm,
Day, and I was moved to share the high QED Investors, which focuses on
that friends and I felt when we graduated leveraging data to gain a competitive
just two months before. We had so advantage across business sectors.
much to say about why we loved our
time at LBS. It was great to see that so “The strong sense of community at Connie Nam
many others in the community did too.” LBS has ensured I’ve stayed involved (South Korean)
with my alma mater. I am a school MBA2011
After moving to Berlin, followed by governor, and visit regularly for
Lisbon, to get her company up and guest lectures. If you’re interested in Founder
running, Prabha – a Londoner at heart starting your own business, and want and CEO,
– is missing her city. For her, it’s more a really global MBA to help you do Astrid & Miyu
than a home: it’s where the world comes it, then this is the place for you.”
together to do things with global impact.

“I’d been working for five years as an

associate and an analyst in investment
banking, in Seoul and then in Hong
Kong, and wanted a career change.
When I applied for the MBA I was
hoping to follow my passion and find
a role in a luxury fashion conglomerate
and then, perhaps, to set up my own
business. To do this I knew I needed to
improve my general management skills
and learn from different disciplines.
Both of these aspects are at the heart
of the MBA, and the flexibility of its
courses and its practical teaching style
really appealed to me.

“The diversity of LBS attracted me,

too. My classmates came from all
corners of the world. Fashion is an
international business and I was

20  The MBA

Removing ‘cast’ and add more depth
and contrast

unify all colour shots by removing

‘casts’ warming up skin tones, adding
more depth and contrast, cleaning
up specks and smoothing creases on
Reduce flare and glare.

excited to gain inspiration from the different industries and “I got going on Astrid & Miyu immediately upon graduation,
cultures represented by my peers. This was important to and everything is going fantastically. The brand has been
me not only because I grew up in a multicultural environment, featured in all major UK fashion publications – including
but also because I knew I wanted to set up and lead a Grazia, Vogue, InStyle and Marie Claire – and we are currently
global business. stocked in select Fenwick and House of Fraser stores, as
well as high-end independent boutiques around the UK. In
“I was a member of the Retail & Luxury Goods Club, which 2014, I was voted as ‘One to Watch’ by Management Today,
was not only great socially, with lots of events and talks, but and I was the Smarta100 winner in the Female Entrepreneur
also extremely helpful on a practical level. It was through the category. The MBA has more than repaid the time and money
club that I found my first internship, having made contact with I invested; I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
the CEO of LVMH Asia Pacific when he came to do a talk. I
ended up doing two internships with LVMH, working in luxury
branding firstly for Moët Hennessy Asia Pacific and then for
Thomas Pink in London. What I learned from this, not least
when it came to marketing strategy, was invaluable when I
came to establish my own jewellery brand, Astrid & Miyu,
soon after graduation.

“The alumni network is excellent, too. I’ve reached out to

people in different fields and everyone’s been very willing
to share. When I started Astrid & Miyu I had help from
an alumnus with experience in online luxury retail. His
entrepreneurial perspectives and generosity were invaluable.

“I brainstormed business ideas while on the MBA, thought

about options, looked at competitors, but I didn’t expect to
start up so soon. Being surrounded by people who were
willing to take risks and talk about starting businesses or had
done so already gave me confidence and motivation. With
so much support and inspiration, and with such a range of
technical skills, the MBA ended up being a fast track for me.

The MBA 21
Take the next step Financing your MBA
We recognise that undertaking
a life-changing global MBA is a big
investment of time and money. It
LBS offers you an extraordinary MBA experience in one of the finest is essential that your finance is in
cities in the world. Here’s a guide to finding out more about the place before you start your studies.
School, your financing options and the application process Most funding sources have strict
deadlines, so begin your research
as early as possible. Living
expenses should be budgeted for
1 Explore our website Programme summary well in advance, too. We can advise
on what these are likely to include.
Visit our website to learn more www.london.edu/financialaid
about our MBA programme, the
application requirements and our
faculty and alumni community.
August London Business School
We offer a growing number of
start date
scholarships in an extensive and
2 Meet us around the world diverse portfolio to help offset fees.
Attend an event hosted at our London The majority of our awards are open

15, 18 or 21
campus or internationally to connect to all students and do not require
with us and our alumni. See our website an application.
for the latest information on dates and www.london.edu/financialaid
location. duration in months (excluding summer
www.london.edu/events Regional scholarships
We offer regional scholarships for
3 Read our blog students from every part of the
world, with a growing number for
Get updates, tips and useful information

those from developing regions.
on the applications process from our
Recruitment and Admissions teams, and
read about the programme experience of Scholarships by
our students. format employment sector
admissionsblog.london.edu We have a range of scholarships
to attract professionals from key
4  onnect with an
C employment sectors. A number of
There is no better way to understand
the benefit of something than to ask
5.5 years awards are available for students
with finance, consulting, military,
social enterprise, healthcare,
average work experience prior to energy, engineering and technology,
someone who has gone before you. programme (range 2–11 years) and luxury and retail backgrounds.
Our student ambassadors are happy to
We have dedicated scholarships for
answer your questions.
entrepreneurs and have just added
a new ‘Tech Disrupt and Transform
All admissions decisions are taken
5 Information for partners in accordance with best equal
opportunities practice. Scholarships for women
Visit the Partners Club website:
www.london.edu/clubs/partners or
email: partners_club@london.edu We are dedicated to increasing the
number of women applying to and
joining our programmes. To signal
this we are growing our portfolio of
scholarships for women, including
Forté Foundation Fellowships, 30%
Apply now and start Club Scholarships and corporate
the journey: scholarships.
For information on scholarships
funding your MBA: Our scholarship portfolio offers
some outstanding corporate and
www.london.edu/mba/ foundation awards. Companies
financing awarding scholarships include
Vodafone Group Foundation and
Nestlé. Awards are also donated
by many of our generous alumni
classes and individuals.

22  The MBA

Our programmes
Our programmes
London Business School can boost your capabilities and potential at every stage of your career.
London Business School can boost
Early your capabilities and potential at
Career Midevery
Careerstage of your career
Leadership (Senior)
Years of experience 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20+
Masters in Management
Global Masters in Management
Masters in Analytics and Management
Masters in Financial Analysis
Masters in Finance (Full-time)
Masters in Finance (Part-time)
Executive MBA
EMBA-Global Americas and Europe
EMBA-Global Asia
LBS Sloan Masters
Executive Education
Years of experience 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Range of work experience in class Key target range of work experience Average class work experience

Masters in Management MBA Executive MBA

12–16 months | Full-time | London 15–21 months | Full-time | London 20 months | Part-time | London
For recent graduates with up to two For individuals who are looking or Dubai
years of full-time postgraduate work to make a vertical shift in their Designed for those who want to
experience who want to kick-start a career path, change industry accelerate their career into general
career in business. or job function, or develop an management or move beyond their
entrepreneurial toolkit. technical or functional specialism.
Global Masters in Management
24 months | Full-time | London and Masters in Finance (Full-time) EMBA-Global Americas and Europe
Shanghai 10–16 months Full-time | London 20 months | Part-time | London
For recent graduates with up to two For experienced financial and New York
years’ full-time postgraduate work professionals wishing to advance For dynamic, mid-career managers
experience. Strong interest in Asia their career or change their area and professionals who are highly
and knowledge of Mandarin highly within finance. ambitious and have, or aspire to
recommended, but not mandatory. have, transnational responsibilities.
Masters in Finance (Part-time)
Masters in Analytics 22 months | Part-time | London EMBA-Global Asia
and Management 20 months | Part-time |
For experienced financial
12–16 months | Full-time | London Hong Kong, London and New York
professionals looking to further their
For recent graduates with up to career whilst still working. For dynamic, globally-focused
two years’ postgraduate work executives and managers wishing
experience, who are targeting to deepen their understanding
a career in business and data of western and eastern business
analytics. practices.
Masters in Financial Analysis LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership
12–16 months | Full-time | London and Strategy
For recent graduates with up to 12 months | Full-time | London
two years of full-time postgraduate Designed to prepare experienced
work experience who are looking to senior managers for their next career
embark on a career in finance. challenge.

Find out more Masters Programmes Executive Education

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