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DLGS 2018


2-5 April 2018
Bulwagang Mabini, DFA Main Office, Pasay City
V.04 (Draft as of 15 March 2018)

DAY ONE - Monday, April 2: 1300-1800


Speaking Topics:

1. Overview of DLGS2018 & Introduction to Universal & Volunteer Diplomacy

Ambassador Jesus S. Domingo
2. Introduction to the Diplomatic League
Mr. Christian Cardenas
3. Perspectives on Diplomacy
Undersecretary Enrique Manalo
4. University Diplomacy
Speaker from Comm. on Higher Education (CHED), University of the Philippines
5. Youth Diplomacy
Speaker from National Youth Commission (NYC)

Note: Wellington PE will invite CHED, UP and NYC Speakers

DAY TWO - Tuesday, April 3: 0900-1700

Morning: Preparing for a Career in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy

Speaking Topics:

1. The FSO Exam: Preparation & Content

2. Other Paths to DFA: Staff-level Entry, Specialists (ie Legal, Accountancy, etc.), FSI.
3. The Foreign Service Career
4. The Day-to-Day Work of Foreign Service Posts
5. Other Careers (Academe, International Organizations, Private Sector)

Speakers will discuss preparing for the DFA Foreign Service Exam and career options in the DFA and other organizations.
Note: OPD is requested to invite DFA Speakers for first three topics. Wellington PE will invite speakers for topic 5. The
topics may be split / consolidated as seen fit.

Afternoon: Model Embassy Crisis Simulation (MECS)

Participants will play the role of Foreign Service Officers and Staff of an Embassy in a Simulation of a Crisis . The students
will be divided into “Embassies” - groups of 10-15 or so. The Scenario will first be described for all, then students will
congregate into their Embassies. Then, the Embassies will go through the following indicated Exercises. Ideally there
would be one FSO / FSSO advising each group. OPD is requested to invite the indicated offices, and other offices such as
the FSI to assist. The offices are asked to assist with the fleshing out of the Scenario and Exercises and for them to provide
resource persons accordingly.
Scenario: You are the officers and staff of the Philippine Embassy to Country X. There are 100,000 Filipinos in X, evenly
divided between professionals, tradesmen, labourers and domestic helpers – but about 80,000 of them have only come to X
in the last 2 years Generally working conditions are good, and there are warm bilateral relations between PH & X. However,
there is a threat of armed invasion from neighbouring Country Y, although there is no immediate conflict between X and Y.
Also, there is a disturbing trend of men and women from X, Y and nearby Country Z of befriending (and even courting)
OFWs in X via social media (mainly Facebook), and later enticing them to join human trafficking and drug courier
operations. The Embassy is tasked to come up with the following:


1. Public Diplomacy (OPD): Come up with a Campaign to warn Filipinos of being lured to criminal activities
through social media-initiated relationships.
2. Crisis Management (OUMWA): Come up with a Contingency Preparedness Plan for the Evacuation of
Filipinos in the event of invasion, and how to engage the X FilCom.
3. Consular & Overseas Absentee Voting (OUCSCC): Prepare and test an Embassy Mission to provide
Consular and OAV Services to outer regions in X.

DAY THREE - Wednesday, April 4: 0900-1700

Morning: Diplomatic League General Assembly: Session One

Students will convene now by School Delegations. (Individual Delegates and High School Delegates will be grouped
together). Delegations will (A) Develop D-League University or Youth (High School) Diplomacy Programs for their schools,
and (B) undertake “Cooperation Treaties” with Other Delegations. The Secretariat will provide full briefings and draft
documents / toolkits.

Afternoon: Diplomatic League General Assembly: Session Two

After (A) and (B), Delegations now will (C) Develop Cooperation and Assistance Activities for the disaster-affected Pacific
Countries, using the Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Disaster Risk
Reduction & Management (DRRM) frameworks as references, and (D) Develop Programs for Entrepreneurship and
Tourism Promotion in cooperation with Overseas Filipinos (and other Migrant Communities) through the Diplomatic
Chamber Approach OUIER’s Cultural & Economic Diplomacy Units (CDU/EDU) & UNIO are requested to participate.

DAY FOUR - Thursday April 5: 0900-1300, 1700-2100

Morning: Diplomatic League General Assembly: Session Three - Plenary

Participants will share ideas, forge partnerships and develop activities for the D-League developed during Sessions 1&2.
Officers for DLGS 2019 will be appointed. This will also be the feedback and winding-up session for the Summit.

Evening: Diplomatic Ball & Fair

Participants will join the traditional “Diplomatic Ball” in formal attire. Manila IntOrgs, Embassies and Consulates will set-up
cultural and informational booths. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs will, hopefully, be the guest of honour and speaker. The
traditional “after dinner speech” contest will also be held.

EMCEEING & MODERATING: Ms. Stacy Alcantara, Mr. JP Mondejar, Mr. Christian Cardenas and Ms. Angelita
Bonsilao will share MC / Moderating Duties.