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Baking Prowess in Constant Progress

PFNHS BPP steps up, heads to RFOT ’18


Being inspired is the key for creating delightful and quality pastries.

This was the usual reminder and later on, the winning statement of Bread and Pastry Production
(BPP) Adviser Lui Grace F. Paredes to her Senior High School (SHS) Technical-Vocational Livelihood
(TVL) Bread and Pastry students in Paradise Farms National High School as her three Grade 11-Home
Economics (HE) students reaped the championships in the Division Technolympics last November 6.


According to Paredes, she shares many tips to her students to be able to bake good products.

“First, follow whatever is in the procedure so that there will be no mistake in the output. Second, be
attentive because just one mistake in how you place your ingredient can already affect the taste of what
you bake. Third, you must be inspired so that the outcome of your product will be nice,” she explained.

Paredes adds that students can also learn many things from Bread and Pastry.

“They will develop organization skills as organization is done from ingredients up to the baking tools
that they will use. Creativity is also a key skill they’ll learn since you have to be creative especially in
decorating a cake, baking bread, cakes, pastries and other desserts,” she said.


In a separate interview with Paredes, she confirms that her forty-seven Home Economics (HE)
students have already stepped on higher grounds as they now gained the competencies necessary for their
upcoming work immersion in Bread and Pastry Production (BPP).

The recipes HE students can already bake include soft dinner roll, pizza with lots of different
toppings, cream puff, egg pie, lemon tart, Swiss roll cake, birthday cake and desserts.

“They can show off their creativity in decorating baked products and they show a lot of patience
particularly in waiting for the outcome of their output,” Paredes answered when asked about the strengths
of her TVL-HE students.

Last School Year 2017-2018, 12 TVL-HE students all passed the National Assessment for Bread
and Pastry Production, thereby receiving their respective National Certificates (NC-II). Meanwhile, for the
current School Year 2018-2019, 26 candidates are scheduled to take the National Assessment on January.


With the aim to make SHS students achieve the competencies in BPP efficiently, the school is now
almost complete with the equipment, materials and utensils the students need.

Aside from refrigerators, oven, range oven, bread slicer, dough roller and dough mixers, the BPP
lab was already provided with five pieces of brand new hand mixers which were delivered last July 2017.

All utensils such as knife, rubber spatula, rolling pin, sifter and metal spatula are in sets of 13 pieces
each while each equipment is composed of five pieces.
“Most of them are afraid in opening the deck oven at first. I am showing them the right thing to do
to avoid danger thus they won’t be afraid to open it the next time they try,” Paredes said.

The two parts of BPP laboratory which can accommodate a maximum of 50 TVL-HE students are
used by the students 8 hours a week for lecture and baking.


To assure that junior high school students are also aware on the nature of bread and pastries
production and to inform them that our school is already prepared and capable to offer such specialization,
Paredes continues to spearhead the in-school educational trip of students in the Baking and Pastries
laboratory (BPP).

Paredes showed and explained to junior high school students the different kinds of utensils,
processes, and finished products which serve as their income generating projects.

The said in-school educational trip makes the students interested in the said field.