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NIEL SEAL Gasket & Joint Sealing Compound for

Hydrogen Cooled Turbo-Generator End-Shields From


NIEL SEAL Gasket & Joint Sealing Compound

The generator rotor bearings, the hydrogen shaft seals, and oil passages supplying oils
to these parts, are contained and/or supported by the outer end shields. The End-
Shields are split on the horizontal center line facilitating their removal. The joints
between the shield halves and the joints between the shields and the stator frame are to
fitted and provided with grooves for the insertion of a sealing compound, to seal the
hydrogen gas in the generator casing.
The application requires a sealant to be pumped in through the channel by a air
dispensing equipment. This product is intended to remain in a putty-like state
indefinitely, and will swell slightly when in contact with most fuels, tightening the seal
in service.
NIEL-Seal® is a sealant material designed to be
injected into channels to form a watertight seal and
provide hydrogen sealing in the End-Shields. It is
designed to survive harsh environments where
most conventional sealants fail. It is highly
resistant to contact with solvents, fuels, oils, and
many industrial chemicals.
Available in two versions – Medium Weight and Light Weight in 5 lb cans under the
following part numbers N25-75 for Medium Weight and N20-75 for Light Weight.
This product was formerly marketed by RSC Brands as Tite-Seal®. RSC no longer markets
this product and it is now marketed under the Niel-Seal brand name by the manufacturer of the
Original Product.
Project Sales Corp is the Authorised Exclusive Distributor for the brand in India.


Medium Weight 5 lbs can N25-75 Rs. 9000 Each + GST 18% Extra
Light Weight 5 lbs can N20-75 Rs. 8000 Each + GST 18% Extra

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