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Improving performance of Allplan

Technical Support FAQ

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What can slow down the performance of Allplan?


First check the following points:

1. Reboot the computer

Reboot the computer after the installation.

2. System requirements

- Hardware recommended for Allplan

- Allplan system requirements

2.a) Download and run the system test. Check the notes:

2.b) Check the Allplan system requirements:


2.c) Notes on graphics boards can be found at


3. Current version
Make sure you work with the current Allplan version.
To check this, do the following:
Open Allplan and click ? -> Update Allplan
Select 'Find now'. If an update is available, install it.

4. Virus scanner
Check whether an anti-virus program is running in the background of the computer or server.
If so, reduce protection to "programs only".
The process of scanning "all files" can take a long time, considerably slowing down performance when you
switch between projects or exit the program.

5. Name resolution on the network

If Allplan takes a long time to open (several minutes), name resolution on the network may not work.
To check this, click
Start -> type in cmd -> ENTER -> type in Nslookup -> ENTER.
Go to the line following the > character, type in the name of the Allplan data server ->ENTER.
The reply starts with the server that provides name resolution and its address.
The second group lists the Allplan data server and its address.
If problems occur, contact your network administrator and ask him or her to configure name resolution

6. Deactivate Aero desktop effects

Deactivate the Aero desktop effects of Windows 7 or Windows Vista as follows:
Control Panel -> Ease of Access Center -> Make the computer easier to see -> Make things on the screen
easier to see ->
Select the "Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)" check box.

7. Animation window
Check whether an animation window is open (select Window -> 1 Viewport).

If you have problems with the animation window, check whether this windows contains large textures
(consisting of more than 500 x 500 pixels). To do this, click Change ->Presentation ->Animation ->Set
Surface. These textures may affect the graphics card's memory negatively.
To identify these textures, open the Surfacepalette and select List redefined surfaces.
A texture is indicated by a symbol to the right of the color. To make changes, select the relevant color and
click the Modify... button.

Test the following:

Save the surface definition as a *.sur file. To do this, open the Set surfaces palette and click the icon with the
floppy disk. After this, get rid of the textures or reset all surfaces by clicking the blue circular arrow.

8. Dialog boxes
Read the following FAQ:



If the steps described do not solve your problems, send us the following data:

• Run the system test (step 2.a) and select 'View log'.
Save the result as a txt file and email this file to us.
• Send a Hotinfo
(Start -> (All) Programs -> Nemetschek -> Allplan [version number]-> Hotinfo [version number])
to the Allplan teamline(technical support) and choose question 01. General enquiry
Save the support request as an hxl file and email this file to us.
• Describe exactly where the program is slow and send us this information.
If possible, tell us how long it takes Allplan to do this.
For example:
Action in Allplan Note
Starting Allplan
Opening dialog boxes Do the dialog boxes open faster when you select them a
second time?
Opening drawing files
Opening building structure
Opening layout structure
Loading individual layouts Send us an NID file for analysis.
Carrying out individual Describe the command in detail.
Other points

Does this problem occur on all workstations on the network?

If there is an identical computer without performance problems in your office, send a Hotinfo from this
computer, too.

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