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Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistr
6th Edition in Print
3527-30385-5 2002 30080pp
with 22100 figs, 100 in color,
and 8500 tabs Cloth
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US$ 7790.00

“… fully international in “... contains over 800 articles Plus

scope and presentation with on the latest developments in Free Index CD ROM
articles of the highest qual- industrial chemistry ... nearly
ity. It deserves a place in 60% of the material has been Find and list all article files,
every library that aspires to updated or newly written...!” authors and subjects.
offer comprehensive refer- Journal of the American
ence material on industrial Chemical Society
chemistry. I can recommend
it without reservation.” “An indispensable reference
Angewandte Chemie work for applications scien-
tists of all persuasions. Every
“ULLMANN'S has a number of
library should have a copy.
plus features that distinguish
A publication of highest
it from competing material: its
quality and recommended
structure is the result of over
without any reservations.”
80 years of experience and
Dyes and Pigments
tradition; it is entirely interna-
tional in scope, concept, and
presentation; only the very best
and most authoritative refer-
ence material being presented
at the highest levels of authen-
ticity, each article is designed
with the reader in mind.”
Chemical Business
Industrial Toxicology Chemical Engineering Processes and
and Plant Design Process Engineering

Based on the latest online edi- Since the unabridged 40-volu- ULLMANN'S Processes and
tion of ULLMANN'S contain- me ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia Process Engineering is tailor-
ing articles never been before is inaccessible to many readers made for anyone interested in
in print, all the information – particularly individuals, smal- industrial chemical processes,
on industrial toxicology, eco- ler companies or institutes – all unit operations, process engi-
toxicology, process safety plus the information on chemical neering, reactor design and
occupational health and safety engineering and plant design optimization. The contents rep-
has been condensed into these has been condensed into this resent an up-to-date source of
handy two volumes. convenient two-volume set. information.

This ready reference provides This ready reference is the The three volumes provide cov-
practical information on apply- one-stop resource for the plant erage on all aspects of process-
ing the science of toxicology in design engineering community. es and process engineering.
both the occupational and envi- Starting with the quantitative
Separation Processes
ronmental setting, and explains treatment and fundamentals
of chemical engineering, it Separation
the fundamentals needed to and Classification
understand the effects of chemi- combines all aspects of process
development and reactor tech- 3527-31111-4 2004 1400pp Mixing
cal hazards on humans and with 663 figs and 102 tabs Hbk
nology, as well as detailing their Particle Technology
ecosystems. The detailed and
3527-31247-1 2005 1300pp € 399.00 /£ 280.00 /US$ 525.00
practical applications in sec- Heat Generation
meticulously edited articles with 650 figs and 100 tabs
have been written by renowned tions devoted to plant design, Processes under 3527-31096-7 2004 2319pp
scale-up and plant safety. The Special Conditions with 1975 figs and 294 tabs Hbk
experts from industry and aca- € 399.00 / £ 245.00 / US$ 475.00
€ 549.00 /£ 415.00 /US$ 699.00
demia. Top-quality illustrations, two volumes are rounded off by Principles of Process
clear diagrams and charts com- a keyword and an author index. Engineering
From the contents:
bined with an extensive use of Reactor Types
Throughout, readers benefit
tables enhance the presentation from the rigorous and cross- A keyword index and an author
Ecology and Ecotoxicology
and provide a unique level of indexed nature of the parent index complete the contents
Occupational Health
detail. Deeper insight into any reference, and will find both of this handbook. Top-quality
and Safety
given area of interest is offered broad introductory information illustrations, clear diagrams
Plant and Process Safety
by referenced contributions, as well as in-depth details of and charts combined with
Safety Regulations
while rapid access to a particular significance to industrial and the extensive use of tables
Legal Aspects
subject is enhanced by both a academic environments. enhance the presentation and
Carciogenic and
keyword and author index. provide a unique level of detail.
Mutagenic Agents
Food Additives Thus, this handbook is an
Antioxidants invaluable and convenient
Disinfectants source of information for
Nucleic and Amino Acids chemical engineers, chemists,
Cancer Chemotherapy patent attorneys, market-
Pharmaceuticals ing manager and all those
involved in the chemical pro-
cess industry.
Forthcoming Titles
Publication Date 2005

Modeling and Simulation
Approx 450pp Hbk
Due July 2006

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2 Volumes Approx 1250pp Hbk
Due October 2006
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