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Chapter: 131A TOWN PLANNING REGULATIONS Gazette Number Version Date

Empowering section 30/06/1997

(Cap 131, section 14)

[26 March 1954]

(Originally G.N.A. 35 of 1954)

Regulation: 1 Citation 30/06/1997

These regulations may be cited as the Town Planning Regulations.

Regulation: 2 Preparation of plans for Board 62 of 2000 01/07/1997

Adaptation amendments retroactively made - see 62 of 2000 s. 3

(1) The Chairman of the Board may require the Director of Planning to prepare any plan or sketch under the
direction of the Board which in the Chairman's opinion is required for the carrying out of the duties of the Board in
relation to any area which is subject to a direction of the Chief Executive under section 3. (62 of 2000 s. 3)
(2) The Director of Planning shall cause to be prepared all such plans and sketches as the Chairman of the
Board shall require under paragraph (1).
(L.N. 76 of 1982; L.N. 94 of 1986; L.N. 392 of 1989)