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Assess of the plant operating procedures and man

Reviewing completion
Decuments number Decuments discription statues %

IQ-SIBA-SPIE-080002 Gas intake system

Condensate stabilization and sour gas

IQ-SIBA-SPIE-080010 100%
compressor system

IQ-SIBA-SPIE-080011 Produced water treatment system 80%

IQ-SIBA-SPIE-080012 GTP utilities and thermal oxidizer 50%

IQ-SIBA-SPIE-080013 Dry gas export and metering system 55%
IQ-SIBA-SPIE-080014 LPG metering and export system
cedures and manual

Comments found

Sec. 7.5 table 15 remove tool box topic table copntents.

SD procedure for Siba 4 to be written separately.

Section 7.1.1 /Page 103 (ESD level 0 -02-ESD-700000B at the

exit of station the signal been disable from logic need to be
removed from decuments).
Section 5.10.2 Page-82 V-1415 setpoint is 9.95barg to be

1) Page 18, Paragraph 6 , for the 02-LIC-1471A, LAHH=79% and

LALL=7% have not been set in the DCS……………………………..
2) Page 21, Paragraph 3, the set pressure for 02-PIC-1471A on
DCS=7.3 but in the document it has mentioned13.8……………
3) Page 53, the S/D for fire/H2s-HC gas leak in fire zone 23 has
been over rided in ICSS