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FIDH awards its prize to


by Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar

FIDH, the International Federation for Human Rights, is delighted to award its 2018 prize to "The silence of others".
This documentary, filmed over 6 years, shows the tireless struggle of the victims under General Franco who demand
truth, justice and reparation yet face a political wall of silence and the "pact of oblivion" imposed by the amnesty law
passed after the death of the dictator Franco in 1977. Forgotten, the more than 100,000 people thrown into mass
graves. Forgotten, the nearly 300,000 "stolen babies" who were "adopted" by families adhering to Franco’s rule.
Forgotten, the tortured political opponents.... These victims are not acting out of a thirst for revenge against their
former torturers, whose names are still on hundreds of streets across Spain, but are legitimately asking for justice to
be done. However, the Spanish judiciary refuses to hear them, taking refuge behind this amnesty law that prevents
wounds from healing. In a Spain divided on this question of memory, these citizens then seize the justice system in
Argentina to convict those guilty of crimes that offend the conscience of humanity. This documentary shows with
accuracy and sensitivity how a well-established democracy in the heart of Europe is pursued by its old demons when it
does not dare face its past, refuses to acknowledge victims and fails to establish responsibilities. However, silence
heals nothing. Without justice, there can be no mourning. And justice must be done in the name of all the victims
under Franco who continue to suffer daily in the depths of their hearts from this indifference and contempt from the
Spanish state.

The jury : The film:

Catherine Absalom FIDH The Silence of Others
Gaelle Dusepulchre FIDH
Ingvild Jenssen NGO Shipbreaking Platform FIDH www.fidh.org
Julie Majerczak Reporters Without Borders
Vincent Metten International Campaign for Tibet The Festival des Libertés http://www.festivaldeslibertes.be