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50 Best Websites for Paraphrasing in 2019

Today, you will learn about the best websites - including paraphrasing tool websites - that
are going to help you paraphrase your documents, blogs, and research papers, along with
other written content you may need for school or work. Let’s get started.

Best Websites for Paraphrasing

1. ​Rephraser

Reprhaser offers the best rewording tool you can find online. Their automatic machine can
reword different types of documents in a small frame of time. Plus, it has a great team of
professionals behind that ensures it is always up to date and ready to provide high-quality

And not only that, but Rephraser also provides writing help to assist you with your papers.
With an affordable rate starting at $8.39 per page, their professional team can rephrase your
document and deliver it in seven days or less - depending on when do you need it. They can
also work with urgent requests and deliver your order in six hours for only $25.18.

Rephraser offers more than paraphrasing services and a rewording tool. Check out the
services they provide:

● Rephrasing
● Summarizing
● Editing
● Writing

2. ​UMF

On this website, you can find a guide for rewriting. If you have just started paraphrasing and
you want to make yourself familiar and learn how to do it right, see this resource and learn
more about rephrasing.

This website will guide you to success through four simple steps. Make sure you read them
all, taken note of them, and apply them the next time you have to paraphrase a passage, a
sentence, or an entire page. They even have a Q & A section where you can solve your
plagiarism doubts.

3. ​Web Williams
Learn how to reword using the APA style with this source. Make sure you check it out before
you start paraphrasing in APA style. But there is more to this website. You can learn the
basics of paraphrasing, and they also give you simple tips to do it correctly and avoid
plagiarism on your paper.

There is no doubt this website is a useful resource. Besides providing helpful advice, it also
shows you, with an excellent example, how to paraphrase a paper effectively using the APA
citation style. They teach you how to reference a site correctly, and what details you should
include on your paraphrase. Make sure you add it to your bookmarks!

4. ​EasyBib
If you need paraphrasing help, you may want to use this website. Here you will be able to
find tips on how to do it correctly. EasyBib also has a useful blog where you can read the
differences between summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting. Something extremely helpful
for everyone who needs to write a paper.

They also provide helpful links that you can click to see what they are talking about. This site
is perfect for when you need quick advice, or when you do not have plenty of time to learn
about paraphrasing and all you are looking for are a few key points to help you with your

5. ​Brain Pop
This website is pretty popular among students who want to learn all about paraphrasing.
Check it out and get some ideas on how you can rewrite correctly. They provide an
interactive guide that will help you know all the ins and outs about rephrasing a text.

On this site, you can also find activities that will help you see if you have learned how to
paraphrase properly. No matter what your age is, we are sure you will have a great time
browsing this site. All you need to do to start using this brilliant interactive website is to
create an account, and you are ready to go!

6. ​UNSW
Here, you don’t only learn how to rewrite, but also how to quote and summarize a text.
Check out this resource if you need help to make the task easier and finish it faster. This
website first starts by introducing you, briefly, to the differences between paraphrasing,
summarizing, and quoting.

After you’ve read about them, you can start dipping your toes into paraphrasing. They will
guide you step by step on how to do it properly. Plus, you can also check their other writing
resources and make sure your paper is brilliantly written.

7. ​University of Toronto Paraphrasing and Summarizing

It is a useful resource for students who are trying to learn about summarizing and
paraphrasing - two important school tasks that every student will have to turn in. They
provide excellent examples from where you can learn and see how a professional writer
paraphrases a text.

To make the most of it, try paraphrasing the same text of the example and compare your
results with the ones provided by the site. See what things do you need to change, and what
sentences need a little tweak.

8. ​Online Paraphrase

Rewrite as many text documents as you need with help from this fast paraphrasing tool. To
use it, you will have to enter your email so they can send you your results directly to your
inbox. Bear in mind that you can use this online tool as many times as you wish.

Online Paraphrase also provides writing services. They are currently offering a discount so
they can rephrase your page for only $8.79. The final price they will charge you depends on
the type of paper and service you need, the turnaround time, and the word count.

If you need help with your writing task, they can help you through their wide range of
services. Take a look at them:

● Paraphrasing
● Summarizing
● Editing
● Proofreading
● Writing
9. ​Cheap Custom Writing Service

Get help from this site and achieve the best paraphrasing at cheap prices. With over 15
years of experience, they have managed to help students and professionals with their
paraphrasing tasks.

As the name states, their rates are designed to match everyone budgets. For a page, they
will charge you around $8.99. But the final price will vary depending on your deadline, the
type of service you need, and the total word count.

They can help you with everything related to written content. The services they provide are:

● Writing
● Paraphrasing
● Formatting
● Editing
● Proofreading

10. ​Cheap Custom Writing Services

Seek help from the pros at an affordable price. If you are struggling to write, paraphrase,
edit, or proofread your paper, Cheap Custom Writing Services can help you. Their rates start
at $11.50 for one page of an essay, and they increase depending on the turnaround time.

They offer a wide range of services. Check them out:

● Writing
● Formatting
● Paraphrasing
● Editing
● Proofreading

11. ​Caligonia
It is also a good tool for fast paraphrasing help. They are the only ones providing a human
controlled spin tool. When you use their online tool, you will have the option to modify the
results they provide so you can be sure the sentence fits coherently in your paper.

Caligonia is a great resource to have at hand and use whenever you need to write a paper,
an article, or a paragraph. By letting you decide the final result, this software provides
high-quality results in the blink of an eye.

12. ​Tools4Noobss
It is free to use this tool for paraphrasing. Check it out now! Tools4Nobs gives you the
possibility to decide the minimum sentence and word length when you use their automatic
online machine to paraphrase a text.

You can also select the option to highlight keywords and to see the best word options. To
use it you can paste the link directly, or the passage you want to rephrase. Since it is a free
online resource, you can use it several times until you are satisfied with the result.

13. ​Go Paraphrase

It is a free online rewriter that you can make use of when you need help to rewrite a text.
See how it does what it does in seconds! GoParaphrase has two textboxes next to each
other. On the first one, you will have to paste or write the text you want to paraphrase. And
on the second one, you will be able to read the results.

This can help you see if there are any plagiarised phrases on your results, or if you are
happy with the paraphrase the tool has made. They also have a useful link that you can use
to run a free plagiarism check.

14. ​Learning Lab at EMedia

Looking to rewrite? See this tutorial before doing so. Here you will be able to learn the
definition of paraphrasing, what it consists of, and why you may need to use it. You can also
learn about the basics of paraphrasing.

With their examples, you will be able to improve your paraphrasing skills. All you need to do
is to rewrite the text from the example and compare your results with the ones from the site!
Plus, you can also download this guide as a PDF file so you can take it with you wherever
you go.

15. ​Beacon Learning Center

This is a guide website that will help you learn how to rephrase easier and faster. Check it
out now. Through their colorful site, you can judge whether a paraphrase was done correctly
or if it is to close to the original text - this will mean that some plagiarised content has been
included in the text.

16. ​Indiana Edu

Looking for a good source on how to paraphrase? See some samples that this website has
prepared for you. Through their examples, you will be able to read and learn, how a wrong
paraphrase can lead to a plagiarized version.

Make sure you avoid the devastating effect of plagiarism by reading this guide. They will
even show you how to include a reference on your paraphrase.

17. ​Plagiarism
This is a guide on how to paraphrase properly. Visit it and see how it can help you with your
rewriting tasks. This site is a reference for everyone who needs to write a paper and has to
include a paraphrase.

They even have a dedicated section to plagiarism where you can learn all about it. If you do
not paraphrase properly, you may end including plagiarized phrases to your paper - which
will ruin your text.

18. ​Paraphrasing Tool

This is a website for free rewriting services. You can make use of this tool, without any
download or CAPTCHA required. See how it can help you paraphrase your papers today!

Using it is pretty simple. You will have to paste or manually write the text you want to
rephrase. Click the button and wait for a few seconds. After a short frame of time, you will be
able to read the results on the box at the bottom of the page. Compare them to the original
text and see if you are happy with them.

19. ​Purdue OWL

This is a leading guide to learn how to rewrite. In fact, you can learn how to paraphrase with
the easy steps it teaches you. Visit it and check out how it can assist you with your writing
tasks. It also has some examples that can help paraphrase properly.

On this website, you will find links to writing resources that you can keep at hand and use
them whenever you have to rewrite a text. If you want to take your writing to the next level,
make sure you save this site!

20. ​Your Dictionary

This is a resource where you can find examples on how to do the task correctly. See how it
can help you reword a text and avoid plagiarism today! Your Dictionary will teach you,
through their helpful examples, how to paraphrase a sentence or a paragraph, and how to
avoid plagiarism.

They will also give some useful tips that you can use when paraphrasing a text. Make sure
you add it to your bookmarks and refer to it every time you need to paraphrase. Well, at least
until you master this skill.

21. ​WISC
This is a website that teaches you about paraphrasing and quoting. Check it out and make
yourself familiar with it. Through their Writer’s Handbook, you will be able to read the
differences between a correct and an incorrect paraphrase.

They also prove poorly written examples and explain to you why they are considered
plagiarism. Make sure you take note of those mistakes as it will help you avoid them. They
even go the extra mile and explain to you what phrases should be quoted, and which ones
you can copy from the original text without being cited.

22. ​EPCC

You can find many tips in this PDF file. You can download it on your PC or device and
familiarize yourself with paraphrasing. This will help you learn how to rewrite effectively.
They have some brief examples where you can judge by yourself if the paraphrase has been
properly or not.

We are sure their useful tips will help you solve more than one paraphrasing problem. Plus,
their accessible format makes it is easy to keep it on your device or print it if you prefer to
read on paper.

23. ​Ant Spinner

Use this tool for instant rewording results. You do not need to create an account to use it,
which is helpful, and you can read their results directly on their websites. With just one click,
you can paraphrase different types of text.

Its responsive layout means you can use it from any device you want - even from your
phone. So if you are at school or work, simply enter their site and paraphrase the text you

24. ​ContentProfessor
You can check out and use this site for professional paraphrasing help. You can use it for
free, or purchase a premium membership. This helpful software provides an online duplicate
content checker so you can be sure your text is 100% original.

With this tool, you can paraphrase effectively any text from your computer or phone, and use
it for any purpose you want. It also includes SEO statistics in case you want to upload your
text online and see how would it rank on Google.

25. ​Ginger Software's Sentence Rephraser

It is also a dependable tool for rewriting help. This software will provide alternative words to
the ones you have used and will point you the right use of idioms and phrases. Something
useful for both, native and non-native English speakers.

You can install their software on any device you have, as well as your phone. Make sure
your sentence is spotless and perfectly written by using this helpful online tool. You will not
find anything better online.

26. ​Writing Center

Check out this source and learn paraphrasing faster! It has a good guide where you can get
an idea on how to do the task effectively. It contains relevant information about
paraphrasing, as well as why you may need to paraphrase a text.

Plus, they provide an example with a successful and unsuccessful paraphrase. You can
compare them both, and see what thing you should avoid. It will also teach you how to
change sentences so that you can keep the meaning but explain it in other words.

27. ​ESL Writing

Check out this website and see how to paraphrase with the guides and tips you will learn
from this source. They have different lessons where you can practice your paraphrasing
skills until you have mastered the art of paraphrasing.

You can also download the working sheets and use them whenever you want. There is no
doubt that this site offers useful resources that can help students, professionals or anyone
who wants to learn how to rephrase properly.

28. ​Douglas College

This is one of the most reliable websites for rewriting. Check out how to do it correctly by
visiting this site now!

Their PDF file will guide you, step by step so you can learn everything there is to know about
paraphrasing. It has different examples that you can analyze and see why they are correct or
incorrect. Make sure you download it and keep it at hand. You never know when you may
need it.

29. ​UMICH
This is a very good website where you can find paraphrasing exercises. Learn to rewrite for
free using this site today! They provide useful exercises that you can do on your own. Once
you finished them, you can check your results with the answer key and see how you did.

30. ​Summarize Tool

This is a handy tool that can help you ensure your content is original. Uploading content to a
website or blog can be tricky. You have to be extremely careful not to include any plagiarised
phrases, or your content will be penalized by search engines.
All you need to do is paste or write your text into the tool and click the button. You will be
able to read the results within seconds. Check out this site now!

31. ​Article Rewrite Small SEO Tools

Use this tool and make sure your content is original prior to publication. To use it, you can
paste your content directly, upload it from your Dropbox, Google Drive, or computer, or write
it manually - there are no excuses to use this online tool.

Once you’ve entered the content, click the button, and read the automatic results. If you do
not like it, you can try it again. Do this as many times as you wish until you’ve found the
perfect text.

32. ​Essay Thinker

Do you need help with paraphrasing and are looking for cheap options? You may want to
check this out. They provide a 24/7 service to help you at any time. Their professional team
can help you with different documents.

As for their rates, they start at £4.79 - around $6.13 - and they go up depending on your
turnaround time. Thus, if you need them to paraphrase a page and deliver it in 24 hours, you
will have to pay £10.39 - around $13.30.

They can also help you through their different services. Take a look at them:

● Essay writing
● paraphrasing
● 24/7 proofreading assistance

33. ​Custom Essay Order

It can provide you with cheap rewriting services. Custom Essay Order is an online platform
where you can find assistance to your writing tasks. They promise to deliver original content
that is free of plagiarism.

Their affordable rates start at $12.71, but the overall price will depend on many factors. To
give you a final quote, they will take into account the turnaround time, the number of pages
you need, the word count, the type of paper and the service you want.

● Academic writing
● Paraphrasing
● Proofreading
● Editing

34. ​Paraphrasing Matters

For professional paraphrasing help, go to this site. They have affordable prices that will
match your budget. Their professional team will remove any plagiarised phrase from your
paper and deliver a successful paraphrase.

They provide very low rates since they do not conduct any research. Their prices start at $5
per page, but you have to give them all the information in advance. This may only work for
people who already have the information but do not know how to put it together.

As for their services, they provide:

● Paraphrasing
● Summarizing
● Other writing services

35.​ A One Papers

It offers affordable rewriting services. They provide a confidential service that guarantees to
deliver original papers free of plagiarism. They count with a team of professional writers to
do it.

Their rates start at $5.99 per page, if you want your order to be delivered in ten days, and go
all the way up to $12.99 per page if you need it in 24 hours. Thus, to ensure you make the
most out of their service, make sure you organize yourself and give them plenty of time to
write your assignment.

They also provide different services. Check them out:

● Writing
● Paraphrasing
● Proofreading
● Editing

36. ​Fast Paper Editing

Check out this site and get professional help on rewording. Their expert paraphrase writers
will rephrase your content quickly and make sure it does not contain any plagiarized
passages. They also ensure to deliver a high-quality paper on time.

Their rates start at $7.85 for one page of a college document delivered in seven days. And
they go all the way up to $25.60 for one page of a P.h.D paper deliver in three hours. Which
is not bad taking into account they will work really hard to meet your deadline.

The services they provide are:

● Paraphrasing
● Formatting
● Editing
● Proofreading

37. ​Professional Writing Services

Get the best results in paraphrasing with this good website to help. Professional Writing
Services can assist you with your written task. They can paraphrase different types of
content and deliver them when you ask them.

Their prices start at $9.59 for one page. They are currently offering a discount so you can
benefit from their low prices. Besides helping you to paraphrase, they also provide:

● Writing
● Paraphrasing
● Editing
● Proofreading
● Typing
● Formatting

38. ​You Paraphrase

This is a handy tool for writing best quality rewritten versions of an original text. After you
have pasted the text and clicked the button, the online tool will show you an automatic result.
If you like it, you can copy the fragment and use it on your paper. Plus, you can also run a
plagiarism check on this website.

39. ​QuillBot

Use this free tool and get instant results in rewording. QuillBot can paraphrase up top 300
characters at a time, so you can only use it to rephrase small fragments of text or short
sentences. With their two boxes, you can compare its results with the original text and see if
you like how it paraphrased your text.

But if you need to rephrase larger fragments of text, all you need to do is create an account!
You can also install their extension on Google Chrome for instant results.

40. ​Text Compactor

It is one of the most known paraphrasing websites. Use it to see how it works. This online
tool gives you the opportunity to select the percentage of the text you want to keep intact - in
other words, what you do not want the machine to paraphrase.

You can also use it as many times as you wish. If you do not like the results it provided, you
can repeat the process until you find the perfect version. The one that will fit your paper

41. ​Spinbot
Spin articles and rewrite content with this handy and tool for free. You can use it to
paraphrase up to 10,000 characters! Plus, if you want to get rid of ads, you can purchase a
monthly subscription.

Spinbot also offers you the opportunity to keep some words intact. Thus, if you want to
rewrite a text, but you want to keep some keywords, all you need to do is write them on the
“Ignore Any” section.

You can be sure that when using this online tool, your results will be displayed in a short
fragment of time. Spinbot allows you to control the synonyms and words of the final version,
you can select the most proper ones for your paper.

42. ​CS Generator

This is a complex sentence generator tool to help you reword a text faster. It uses words that
are not common, to provide a more complicated version of the original text. However, you
can be sure that the overall meaning will be the same. With this online tool, your paraphrase
will be more sophisticated as it will use a rich vocabulary.

43. ​CZ Training

If you want to ace the TOEFL essays’ part with paraphrasing, check out this good source
where you can find some excellent exercises. Learning how to paraphrase will help you
improve your writing skills - without any doubt.

To paraphrase effectively a text, you will need to have a rich vocabulary and good writing
skills. Those are essential characteristics to get a good mark on the TOEFL exam.
Paraphrasing can help you excel and improve your average grade. By doing these simple
paraphrasing exercises, you will be taking your writing to the next level.

44. ​UBD English

Looking for the best ways on how to paraphrase? Check out this PDF file and answer some
of the exercises. It will ask you to judge the quality of the paraphrase so you can decide if it
has been done properly or not. This will also help you to identify plagiarism - since it is
defined as stealing, you should be aware not to include it on your paper.

But you can do a lot more with those exercises. Before providing that answer, why do not
you try to paraphrase the original text on your own? This way, you can compare your results
with the ones provided on the file and see what differences they have. Once you’ve done
that, proceed to answer the exercise.

45. ​UEFAP
Practice paraphrasing using this website with its many exercises to choose from and
answers to get yourself familiar with rewriting. It is a very helpful website where you can
develop your paraphrasing skills. Its many exercises will even help you improve your

You can try to answer them many times but choose different words. Analyze the different
versions you’ve written, and see which one you’ve done better. Discard the ones that are too
similar to the original. This will prevent you from plagiarising the content. Make sure you
save this website and refer to it in your free time. You can practice every day and master the
art of paraphrasing quickly.

46. ​SDSU
This tutorial is your source to learn about rewording. Read it and refer to it to learn about the
task. To make the most of it, make sure you start from the beginning. Start by reading the
“What is Paraphrasing?” section to get a general idea about it.

Continue by doing a pre-test, and reading about using direct quotes. After you’ve acquired a
general knowledge about paraphrasing, you can start reading some examples. Analyze
them, and judge if they are successful or not.

Finish by taking the paraphrasing activity and a quiz. This will help you evaluate yourself and
see if you are ready to paraphrase on your own or not.

47. ​WilmU
You can find some paraphrasing exercises in this source. Check it out and learn how to do it
properly! They provide different resources where you can learn all about paraphrasing. If you
like to learn with videos, select the video option, but if you prefer to read, there is a chapter
on paraphrasing that you can check.

Once you’ve gone through the different links, and you feel confident about the knowledge
that you’ve acquired, you can continue with the exercises. There is no better way to learn
than to try it by yourself.

Answer a few exercises and see how you feel. If your paraphrase is completely different
from the original source, but it has the same meaning, it means you are ready to go and
paraphrase on your own!

48. ​Article Rewriter Tool

This is a free rephrasing tool that you can use to rewrite all types of documents. See how it
can help you to rephrase your content. With this online tool, you can make sure that the
words you want to keep are not paraphrased. Something vital for bloggers and content

It will provide the results next to the original text so you can see if you like what it provided. If
you are not satisfied with them, click the button again. Repeat this process until you’ve found
the most suitable version for your paper. But bear in mind that you may need to make a few
changes so it can fit perfectly in your text.

49. ​Paraphrasing Tool

You can avoid plagiarism with the help you can get from this website. Check it out and see
how it can help you come up with excellent results today! Their paraphrasing tool can help
you rephrase short sentences in the blink of an eye. However, its results would not be 100%

If you are looking for an impeccable paraphrase, you will have to contact their services. They
provide a professional paraphrasing service to help you with your paper. They can
paraphrase a page from $12.76 and deliver it in seven days. However, the final price will
depend on your request. It will be modified by the type of service you want, the number of
words you need, and the turnaround time.

Paraphrasing Tool is more than an online automatic rephrasing tool. They also provide
different writing services. They offer:

● Paraphrasing
● Editing
● Proofreading
● Summarizing
● Writing

50. ​Plagiarisma
It is not only a paraphrasing service, but it is also a website where you can find their
anti-plagiarism tool. Plagiarisma provides all the resources you need to make sure your text
has been properly paraphrased. Their online tool can rephrase different types of content
within seconds, and you can use their results and edit them to take your writing to the next

Plagiarisma is more than an online tool. It also provides academic writing services to help
you with your tasks. With a rate starting at $9 for one page, their professional team can help
you with your paper. Bear in mind that you will need to ask for a quote before you request
their services. The overall price may vary depending on your requests.

As part of their wide range of writing services, they can help you to:

● Write different academic papers

● Homework assignments
● Editing
● Proofreading
● Typing
● Dissertations
● Admission papers
● And more!

There you have a guide of the best sites for rewording. Check them out, familiarize yourself
with paraphrasing and get the help you need.

Refer to this list of paraphrasing websites, guides, and resources for help today!