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Philippine Refining Co. v.

Francisco Jarque
G.R. No. L-41506
March 25, 1935
Malcolm, J.

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Facts: Philippine Refining Co.(PRC) and Jarque executed three chattel mortgages on the motor vessels G.R. No. (observe how it was written) G-dot-R-dot-space-
Pandan and Zaragoza which were recorded in the Records of Transfer and Encumbrance in the Port of No-dot
Date (spell out month please)
Cebu. The first two mortgages did not have an Affidavit of Good Faith. A fourth mortgage was executed Ponente (no need to write “Ponente”, WRITE ONLY THE
by Jarque and Ramon Aboitiz over the motor ship Zaragoza and was entered into the Chattel mortgage NAME OF THE PONENTE
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Jose Curminas filed a petition praying that Francisco Jarque be declared insolvent; this was granted.
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Jarque’s properties were then assigned to Curminas. The problem arose when Judge Hontiveros declined to
foreclose the mortgage and instead ruled that they were defective, because they did not have Affidavits of
Good Faith.

Issue: Whether or not the Chattel Mortgage Law governs vessels.

Ruling: Yes. Personal property includes vessels, thus, they are subject to the provisions of the Chattel
Mortgage Law. The Chattel Mortgage Law provides that absence of an Affidavit of Good Faith makes the
mortgage unenforceable against the creditors and subsequent encumbrance.

The Court also noted that although vessels are personal property, they partake to a certain extent of
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