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DISTRICT COURT OF MARYLAND FOR Baltimore City Located a TE. Patapce Ave, Baliore, Manian 21225.» case No, 0802386692, STATE OF MARYLAND VS. WEST, PHILLIP 3207 WESTMONT AVE 6 Q my 1 opt, ACTOR MD Coe 009 : Int citer tata iri Phone Prove = org | Sate | Art rare | Stn | Art MURDER ret Oconee oR 2201 meen secove occas |on225¢| Raroconinvencts fetems 1 BISSHAROING APRON 1995 | Date: 1272172018 ARREST WARRANT Warrant Control No. D180953662 STATE OF MARYLAND, Baltimore City ‘TO ANY PEACE OFFICER: ‘An Order ofthe Cour was entered on 12/21/2018, ordering the arest of WEST, PHILLIP to be brought before ‘his Cour for an Initial Appearance. ‘YOU ARE ORDERED to immediately arest the above named person who resides or rity be located a: 3209 WESTMONT AVE, BALTIMORE, MD 000000000, IF THE DEFENDANT IS NOT IN CUSTODY FOR ANOTHER OFFENSE, Initial appearance isto be held in county in whieh Warrant was issued. ‘YOU ARE FURTHER DIRECTED: to immediately take this person before a judicial officer ofthe District Court or ifthe Warrant so specifies, before sjudichl officer ofthe circuit court. An appearance by video satisfies the requirements ofthis directive Date: 12/21/2018 ‘Times :11 PM Race: | SexM He62" Wi:260 Hal Eyes: DESCRIPTION: Drives License # 23 oe: 12/7110 SID # 0001248391 S8N, CCompleson Tatoos, Maks, Sears other. Given o Law Enforcement Agency: BPD-CENTRAL DISTRICT RETURN OF SERVICE wry was LY QDME vt on Vioaed a __ 20 £ pledge oe executed this Arest Warrant by arestingthe person named above Tae ad deed copy ofthe Aes Wart hime. a copyof he Warn nd Charging Documenta dete forth continued detention ofthe pero named /. 0B wep.sa) i ra in a Slee Tie 7 Seem DISTRICT COURT OF MARYLAND FOR Baltimore City Loess 700, Paapso Ave,.Balimore, Mayland 21225 (Case No, 0802386692 STATE OF MARYLAND VS. WEST, PHILLIP conan 3208 WESTMONT AVE BALTIMORE, MD 000000000 DETECTIVE, ROBERT JORDAN 242 W. 29TH STREET ck: iei207182 iD: 0001248391, BALTIMORE, MD 21229, up: Ls: W2s0683777987 MD Races SacM He62"—WE260 Hale Byes DOB: 12/17/1970. Phone: Phooe( Wy STATEMENT OF CHARGES UPON THE FACTS CONTAINED INTHE APPLICATION OF DETECTIVE, ROBERT JORDAN IT IS FORMALLY CHARGED THAT WEST, PHILLIP at the date, times and locations specified below: NUM CHGICIT STATUTE PENALTY DESCRIPTION OF THE CHARGE oor 1009 Raa on ‘MURDER. FinsT DEGREE nor Abs 12722018" 12212018 SNS BROADWAY. i loa ify an of ebay premeied mic erebought itend more RODNEY BEAMON, ‘Asin he Peace, Goverment od Digit Ste 2 ni ena204 oy -MURDER.SECOND DEGREE nor Aba 172V2018~ 12212018 Sor BROADWAY. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND “Galas and wah le sfortooght il and mardr RODNEY ‘Ail the Peace, Governed Digit ofthe Sts. oo 15399 cRHae BY REAR USEFELOU CRIME for BROADWAY BALTIMORE, MARYLAND “ee enn nh commision of lay of kes, ‘ean Pese,Coveranet td Dia af be Sse cor 1822 oR Dyqirs2smoo —HANOGUNONFERSON BALTIMORE. MARYLAND hg weanarynspr sendin slsoutc eo. ‘erie Pease, Covered Dia a be Se 0s 10rrs rao 3 4/r$250000— HANDGUNIN VEHICLE nor Abou 12212018= 122172018, Sov BROADWAY. BALTIMORE MARYLAND esrcryovieg transport shanna ese upon te pbc ‘asdahiphwsytwaereysvayopuig lo genealy sdb he ae, ‘Agate Pec, Goreme, and Diy of eS 0s 1992 Lyaversioonco DISCHARGING AFIREARIL BALTIMORE, MARYLAND [Absit Peace, Goverment nd Dignity oft Se ee ants Tee Fh nie ones) lod a ‘Tracking No, 181002093801 Caures DISTRICT COURT 9" MARYLAND FOR 7 (02586682 Wet Pip APPLICATION FOR STATEMENT OF CHARGES (CONTINUED) Page 2 of _2_ raz218 aatmore Cy Foes Ofc ware ca shooting. Upon tara! ey ere dete feu ‘ot! investigation nae hath, Benen was involved pol game with an annawn mal auapet. Ato pot rng th post sme ey wt he a: ce outaie thy ae onto! ba an sfening nest fom aver Linus its unfoot, iss poet ch take ae betwen te supact aa ir Beara This shoving mate bnerved by Cy Veh mera 38 ands eas ‘Alon ant te suspects nen puting eomaing nto te venice bran sd ne pec than rar the bar nd ge back th oo abe. Approximate he uapet produces nt i hetenenendabot isin mutts, The npc ten ewes er Gt of eat ar an plete ote Leas ‘ners irom ther war ranaporte tothe homie cand inevewedon veo. scovore tom ha crime acon The Bary Stone) were 7 fincas nd? projets. Alo recovered wee tes gasses tha bot tr Bromon a ne apes aren ot nestgepr am anos teh Hains Hapa was is cal toe pear (any Beane) 288, Sev ea or cetera phone eltging te sebdod by hens Te reston reas torenare the nmber and check tt ter te deerpto lhe snpet nth ase, who wa ened (Lf ay ‘Tr 181002003601 DC-CR-BGLA Rev. 042015)