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Since May 2007

Volume 12 Issue 21 FREE January 18, 2019

a decade
of service
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

he Wellness Center turned 10
years old last December. Despite
its maturity, the philanthropy
is the youngest chapter of Our Lady of
Mercy Community Outreach Services,
an organization started by the Sisters of
Charity of Our Lady of Mercy in 1989. The
center’s team didn’t want to say anything
until after the holidays, but have scheduled
a birthday “bash” for Jan. 24 from 6-8 p.m.
at its 1684 Brownswood Rd. Johns Island

I-526 is back on the table location, and everyone’s invited.

The party will feature cake and ice
cream of course, hors d’oeuvres, drinks,
and a program highlighting updated
BY GREGG BRAGG statistics on the Wellness Center’s
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer contributions to underserved residents of
Johns, James, and Wadmalaw Islands.

he South Carolina Transportation Carolina, federal grants, loan interest, way back in 2015 three years ago. If the Centering on dental services, obstetrics,
Infrastructure Bank voted to and a “bonding capacity” to name a few. price of 526 increased from $489 million and gynecology, they presided over the
approve $420 million for the Money for projects like I-526 do not have to $750 million in the five years between birth of 18 babies, and 36 volunteer
completion of I-526 at their meeting in to be paid back, but the SIB typically 2010 and 2015, extrapolating that out dentists contributed $1.4 million in dental
Columbia on Jan. 10. wants recipients to buy-in by shouldering then … the cost of 526 now, even if it services to 4,353 patients in 2018 alone.
The funding has been offered and the additional expense of incidentals and could be built today, is $924 million… "We feel very privileged and honored to be
withdrawn multiple times, (2016, 2018) cost overruns. and SIB intends to sign a new contract able to provide ongoing health and wellness
starting with the initial allocation of the Delays in completing I-526 while with Charleston County for 526 without services to the Sea Island community for
same amount over a decade ago. The initial permits were secured, studies done, and bothering to ask SCDOT to prepare a over… 10 years in our Wellness Center,
$420 million amount was sufficient to plans drawn up gave inflation a chance to current cost estimate. It is reprehensible which is a testament to the dedication of
cover the cost of the entire project without kick in. Three-year-old estimates put the to me that [County Council] are prepared the community to create a space for those in
a direct cost to Lowcountry residents. cost of completing I-526 closer to $750 to sign taxpayers' name in blood to cover need," said Executive Director Ericka Plater.
SIB’s ability to pool money is the result million, and opponents of the project an unknown quantity of money… Since Anything the Wellness Center can’t provide,
of The South Carolina Transportation suspect the 2019 amount will inch closer there is absolutely zero chance Charleston is referred to their umbrella organization.
Infrastructure Bank Act passed in 1997. to the billion dollar mark before it’s all County can ever actually come up The broader OLMCOS organization
The funds are quilted together from one said and done. with this money, $420 million in state provides community members in need
cent/gallon of the gasoline tax, loans “The latest price estimate from infrastructure funds will be held hostage,” with access to food, clothing and financial
from the Department of Transportation, SCDOT says 526 would cost $750
federal monies made available to South million. But that estimate is from all the I-526 continues on page 4 Wellness House continues on page 3

Peer-To-Peer Learning Veteran’s Golf Outing Soul of the Lowcountry

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2 January 18, 2019

Seabrook Island Town Council

Lynn Pierotti
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

ublic hearings were on the agenda kitchen, etc.). Steps for getting help to the time; raising the road any further will be
Katy Calloway for the Town of Seabrook Island island and what to do until they arrive very expensive, and could possibly result
managing editor Town Council meeting of Dec. 18. will be incorporated into the Town’s in SITC instituting a tax. He went on to
katy@luckydognews.com The assembly got a fifteen-minute jump comprehensive emergency plan, Gregg say such an effort would be for naught,
on its usual 2:30 p.m. start time. said. given the presence of choke points along
Jennifer Tuohy SITC is calling for a 33.1% increase Gregg said the Town recently met Bohicket and River roads which the Town
in revenues/expenditures for fiscal 2019, twice with representatives of the Federal doesn’t control.
contributing editor
putting the budget in focus. The hearing Emergency Management Agency about The Mayor continued with an update
jennifer@luckydognews.com produced a variety of miscellaneous reimbursement for expenses incurred in of the encroachment permits along
questions from a medium sized group advance of hurricane Florence. One of Seabrook Island Rd., saying there really
Alejandro Ferreyros of residents before Council turned to its the requests (“projects” in FEMA-speak) wasn’t any news. Required mediation is
senior graphic designer normally scheduled broadcast. requires more documentation than the underway with a decision expected by Jan.
alejandro@luckydognews.com Mayor Ciancio said revenues of $75,000 award warranted, and was dropped by 24. If all parties agree with the resulting
during the month of November exceeded SITC. However, the remaining projects compromise, the measure will come back
estimates by $36,000, contributing to a continue wending their way through to Council for a vote. Otherwise, the
Lori McGee the approval process. This includes an matter will be the subject of litigation.
revenue surplus of $214,000 for the year
sales manager to date. SC Emergency Management Division Housekeeping measures made up the
lori@luckydognews.com Expenses were another matter as funding agreement for the payment of remainder of the Mayor’s remarks.
the bill for renovations along Seabrook federal funds, as well as state monies, if • The 2019 Town Council meeting
Island Rd. is coming due in increments, available. Gregg moved for allowing the schedule was approved
costing the town $248,000 more than agreement under the Mayor’s authority,
Senior Staff Writer • John Gregg was re-elected to
the anticipated monthly average, he which was met with unanimous approval.
Gregg Bragg another year as mayor pro tem
illustrated, before shifting to reports of He concluded his remarks with the
comment that the Department of Health • Steven Brown won another year as
standing committees. the Town’s attorney
Contributors and Environmental Control would be in
Councilmember John Gregg said the • SITC re-appointed their town
Erica Taylor town reviewing debris reduction sites on
club’s Long Range Planning Committee clerk/treasurer Faye Allbritton
Keely Laughlin
Jan. 9.
did not meet as predicted. The next
Councilmember Skip Crane reported • The town/zoning administrator
Norman Powers anticipated board election meeting will
completion of the purchase and Joe Cronin was re-affirmed
Kimberly Keelor be held in February 2019, at which time
councilmember Finke will be transitioned programming of the Town’s new HAM • Richard Finkelstein was approved
Alan Armstrong radios. The purchase was made using to fill Robert Quagliato’s
into place as SITC’s liaison to the group.
David M. Savard funds from 2018’s budget, he boasted. He unexpired term on the board of
Gregg said the Public Safety Committee
Maggie Carragher also announced SITC’s participation in zoning appeals, which is set to
met earlier in December, and is still
Sarah McKenna the Municipal Association of SC strategic expire at the end of 2022
focused on the issue of transporting staff
planning meeting scheduled for March of • Cathy Patterson and Ken Otstot
Dimi Matouchev to the island in the event of an emergency.
2019. were re-appointed to the Planning
He reminded everyone that last June’s
emergency preparedness exercise was Mayor Ciancio opened his remarks Commission, and will be joined by
based on an earthquake scenario. The take by saying SITC would look at the Stan Ullner for terms set to expire
away from that test left some question cost of raising Seabrook Island Rd. to on December 31, 2020
about what to do in the absence of outside county standards. G. Robert George and • The accommodations tax advisory
help; what if bridges are out, staff is at Associates will be tasked with scoping committee was reappointed
home and can’t get to the island etc. The the project for SITC. The matter was en-mass for terms to expire at the
committee is producing an inventory of broached during last month’s council end of 2020
residents willing and qualified to help meeting amidst questions on the Town Administrator Joe Cronin
(e.g. medical backgrounds, backhoe adequacy of current repair efforts, given received unanimous approval to renew
familiarity, experience in a commercial the evolving need to consider flood the Town’s contract with Island Beach
mitigation. Ciancio’s comment at the

Civic Calendar
K iawah Island Town H all
Published by 21 Beachwalker Drive
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of South Carolina, LLC Phone: 768-9166
P.O. Box 837 Town of Kiawah Arts & Events Council Town of Seabrook Fax: 768-4764
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482 Meeting
Ways & Means Feb. 7, 2 p.m. Town Council Seabrook Island Town H all
Committee Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Meeting 2001 Seabrook Island Road
Jan. 22, 2 p.m. Jan. 22, 2:30 p.m. Seabrook Island, SC 29455
Future submission deadline: Public Works
Kiawah Town Hall Seabrook Town Hall Phone: 768-9121
January 23 for the Committee Meeting
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necessarily reflect the opinion of Kiawah Town Hall Public Safety Seabrook Town Hall Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric
Lucky Dog News or its writers. Committee Meeting Co-op located at 3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns
Ways & Means
Planning Commission Feb. 13, 2 p.m. Island.
Committee Meeting
Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
Feb 19, 2:30 p.m.
The Island Feb. 6, 3 p.m.
Kiawah Town Hall
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January 18, 2019 3
Services. Added days/hours for 2019 same week as a holiday. Turns out, the
were the only source of an increase in the ordinance on file used the term “shall”
contract amount. move meeting dates for holidays, and
Cronin also won limited/temporary would have required such a move for any
approval to suspend the Town’s ordinance meeting/holiday conflict. The Mayor was
against the discharge of firearms. The very specific about the technical nature of
Town plans to kill 35 deer between the the affront, but moved to rectify the trifle
hours of 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. from Dec. 19 by using the word “can.” The measure
to Jan. 31. passed unanimously.
Asked if Seabrook’s piebald deer Ordinance 2018-13 was back for a
would be spared, Cronin grinned in the second reading. The measure is an effort
affirmative. to make Seabrook consistent with SC’s
The operating report for the Seabrook statutes. Seabrook determines the validity
Island Utility was surprise free, though of setback lines for three years, while the
similar to last month’s account. The state validates them for five. The measure
utility is down $75,000 for the year. confirms the five-year setback and passed
Consequently, there is a rate increase built unanimously.
in to next year’s budget, which roughly Ordinance 2018-14 is Seabrook’s
translates to $2.80/household/month, budget for next year. To summarize;
with emphasis on Seabrook’s rates being SITC will be building a garage next
among the lowest in the area. There is also year, buying new vehicles for the town,
a rate increase expected from Johns Island continuing with renovations to town hall,
Water of about $1.20/household/month. and increasing the employer contribution
Ordinance 2018-15 was on the agenda for staff health insurance from 50% to
for a first reading. Seems SITC was 100% to name a few.
technically out of compliance with its own There being no further business, the
laws. Seabrook often exercised what had meeting was adjourned. The next meeting
been considered the option of changing of the Seabrook Island Town Council will
dates when council meetings fell in the be Jan. 22 at 2:30 p.m.

letter to the editor

Thank you!
Our hearts are overflowing
With such gratitude and joy,
Your generous donations
Provided every girl and boy
A chance to believe in Christmas magic,
Oh how we’ d love to have seen their glee
When they woke up Christmas morning
To find what waited ‘neath their tree.
Over 120 children, in families big and small,
Received clothes, toys and books,
Tid e Char t
And food certificates, so they all
Could enjoy a special holiday meal
With their families gathered near. Date High Tide Low Tide
Without a doubt, because of YOU,
This has been their very best year! Jan 18 5:16am/5:42pm 11:41am/11:44pm
We thank you friends, so very much, Jan 19 6:14am/6:38pm 12:36pm
In all sincerity,
How blessed we are to be a part Jan 20 7:09am/7:33pm 12:39am/1:28pm
Of such a giving community! Jan 21 8:02am/8:27pm 1:33am/2:19pm
Jan 22 8:55am/9:20pm 2:26am/3:09pm
By The Mt. Zion Holiday Fund Committee
Jan 23 9:46am/10:14pm 3:19am/3:59pm
daily Jan 24 10:37am/11:10pm 4:13am/4:49pm
Jan 25 11:29am 5:08am/5:40pm
However, the reason “everyone’s invited”
Wellness House continues from cover to the party; it will also serve as an Jan 26 12:07am/12:23pm 6:06am/6:33pm
assistance to meet emergency needs, introduction to one of the most productive
charities in the Lowcountry, as well as Jan 27 1:07am/1:18pm 7:07am/7:29pm
hot lunches 5 days a week, afterschool
and summer camp programs, money the people who dedicated to it. If you’re Jan 28 2:07am/2:15pm 8:09am/8:26pm
management, GED, and ESL classes. Social looking for volunteer opportunities with
workers endeavor to find the root cause of an organization that has an established Jan 29 3:08am/3:13pm 9:12am/9:24pm
track record of making a difference, and
the problems faced by individual residents,
want to have a good time in the process, Jan 30 4:06am/4:10pm 10:11am/10:19pm
establish a set of goals, and develop an action
plan that leads to self-sufficiency. this may be the event for you. Jan 31 5:01am/5:04pm 11:06am/11:11pm
The Wellness Center/OLMCOS Time is short by the time you’re reading
leverages the expertise of 360 volunteers to this, and an RSVP is required. If you’re
interested in attending, registering is as
Hurricanes, storms, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.
deliver solutions to over 6,000 Lowcountry Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can be
residents on an annual basis. Their funding easy putting in a call to Kristin Raymond.
Her phone number is 843.559.4109
very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be
comes from a combination of individual wrong so use common sense.
donors and corporate sponsors. There’s no extension 112. You can also register for
denying the success of the program, and the event by emailing kristin.raymond@ Source: saltwatertides.com
the reason for celebrating is clear. olmoutreach.org.
Those same volunteers, donors, and Join friends and neighbors at the first
sponsors will get the lion’s share of big event of the New Year.
attention during the “bash” on the 24th.
4 January 18, 2019 January 18, 2019 5
daily daily
I-526 continues from cover
said James Island resident Robin Welch in
S.C. Transportation Infrastructure Bank
Board just approved a revised contract for
the extension of Interstate 526, without
concerns, there is a pelican sanctuary on
Johns Island, and a nature preserve near
James Island County Park once considered
trying to put four lanes on Bohicket. If
the 526 extension goes through, I think
the argument for the cross island parkway
Ambassador program fosters inclusion and
peer-to-peer learning
an email distributed to 500 “friends,” and input from the public or a clear idea sacrosanct in the project’s path. becomes even more compelling,” Ciancio
on the NIX526 blog. where the money will come from. The There is plenty of support for added.
If SIB’s withdrawing past approvals is 8-mile highway extension is a fiscally completing I-526, however. Flooding He is also keenly aware of the need for
any indication, they don’t like committing irresponsible project that will irreparably roads on Johns Island are notorious and an additional route off the island in the
funds, that aren’t used while projects in damage the environment on Johns and pose a real risk if impassable during a event of a hurricane. BY ERICA TAYLOR
the rest of the state go begging. hurricane evacuation. Seabrook Island “For Matthew I [experienced] a For The Island Connection
Charleston County officials Mayor Ron Ciancio explained, “At this nightmare. There was an accident on
acted quickly to deploy the latest point I think it's probably still too early Bohicket, and we sat there for an hour
for everybody to raise their hands and Ambassadors must keep records and create progress
and a half waiting for the accident to get
intergovernmental agreement with SIB. at this point declare victory. We are obviously a step cleared. God forbid we had a hurricane on
reports to provide Ambassador Program Faculty
In a series of special meetings held the Coordinators with documentation of goals, progress in
same day SIB inked the agreement, i think it’s closer and a very important step closer, our back. That would have been disastrous. English comprehension by their student, and overall
the County Finance Committee met, probably still but are still a lot of hurdles that have to I applaud County Council for moving in
be jumped over before this thing is a done academic achievement.
followed immediately by a special meeting the right direction, but I think it’s a little
of County Council. Public comments
too early for deal. I would hope that the county and too early for everyone to start lighting up Stephanie Becks is the Lead Teacher at AOES. She
said the program has fostered a sense of community at
were not allowed (there’s recording everybody state continue to work together and find a cigar and say ‘mission accomplished’
the school between the teachers, students, and parents.
a way to get this thing done. Certainly because I don’t think they’re quite there
of Councilmember Elliot Summey to raise from my perspective and I believe a yet,” concluded Ciancio. “It is amazing to see these high school students take a
eschewing a room full of “damned
residents”), and County Council decided their hands vast majority of the people on Seabrook Johns Island resident Rich Thomas leadership role in being responsible for helping to support
Island’s perspective, we think it's a good younger students,” said Becks. “They’re helping these
to use money from the recent half cent and declare thing. Anything that will serve to alleviate
agrees with Ciancio, at least in part.
kids and motivating them to be successful.”
sale tax increase. “There is no credible source for county
victory. traffic on Johns Island… is a good thing.” money. The SIB money has not passed The success stories are numerous, but one, in particular,
The 2016 vote to “complete the penny”
Ciancio didn’t recall how many times the Joint Bond Review Committee, there is of a 5-year-old non-English speaking student who had
was a close one as previously reported.
the SIB had withdrawn funding only to is no cost estimate, and no upper bound never been to school before.
Very close, and county officials pitched
the idea in every way possible. They even Mayor Ron Ciancio reinstate it, but is familiar with accounts on what taxpayers are being committed “He was scared,” she said. “But after working with
went to the trouble of developing and claiming the funds will be now be gleaned to. There are no permits and many other, his Ambassador, he felt understood. It also allowed us
James islands. from the half cent sales tax passed by to learn that he understood far more about the concepts
distributing a list of what the money would more pressing, road projects that will be
“Although the board did not state county council in 2016. “I know [that’s] displaced,” said Thomas before accusing he was being taught than we thought. Teachers want
be used for. Completing I-526 was not on specifically where money to cover the
the list. Measures to improve congestion controversial. [I-526] wasn’t on the list of the half-cent sales tax process, and students to have a voice. In most cases the students ‘get
project’s more than $300 million shortfall items to do when ½¢ tax was [pitched/ County Councilmembers Elliot Summey it,’ they just can’t speak the words.”
in Mount Pleasant, and initiatives to will come from, the board’s attorney
improve public transportation were on the approved]. However, I am confident that and Vic Rawls. Becks said that Duncan's idea is already paying
said the main source will be Charleston Britney Gonzalez is an 11th grader at SJHS.
list, for example, but not I-526. the county has done its legal homework, Clearly approving $420 million dividends and bearing fruit in this first semester.
County’s half-cent sales tax. Charleston Photos courtesy of CCSD. Josue Gonzalez, a 10th grader at SJHS, answering the
and would not be relying on those funds

There are also environmental concerns spawns more questions than answers, but ilingual students at St. John’s High School “The Hispanic community is very influential on Johns
County voters were told in 2016 that unless it had a solid basis to do so. phones in the school’s front office.
associated with the project. this may be a case of 90% of any problem are setting the example for what a successful Island, and they make up a large part of our school,”
half-cent sales funds wouldn’t be used for “I think it’s a good thing. We have
Jason Crowley, Communities and is making a decision, and the other 10% is high school student looks like. They are taking said Becks. “The Ambassador Program has helped the Gonzalez has done everything from working with the
I-526.” long spoken about the need for relief
Transportation Program Director for making it work. ownership of their education by participating in the new Hispanic Community feel like their kids are being students to answering the phones in the front office. He’s
Although Crowley’s note did not from Bohicket and believe that the cross supported in our school.” put many parents at ease by translating for them.
the Coastal Conservation League said in elaborate on specific environmental island parkway is a viable alternative to Ambassador Program that pairs non-English speaking
a notification to CCL supporters, “The students with a Heritage speaking student. It counts as Earning a service hour credit, world language credit, “I am a graduate of Angel Oak Elementary School,
a course credit and is designed to support and foster the and limited ESOL certification/credit is incentive enough so I am appreciative of the opportunity and honored to
inclusion of non-English speaking students. according to the participating students, but gaining the help,” he said.
Bilingual ambassadors are transported to nearby leadership experience, cultural exchange opportunities, Britney Gonzalez is an 11th grader at SJHS. She’s
Angel Oak Elementary School to assist younger students and becoming invested in the success of their classmates always wanted to work with children, and as the oldest of
in the classroom and help staff and administrators where and the generation that will follow them to SJHS is the five siblings, she’s been doing that most of her life.
needed. Thirty percent of the school’s student population real prize. She hopes to be a pediatrician one day and being
is Hispanic, but nearly 10 percent receive English for Duncan explained that he’s trying to demonstrate bi-lingual will be a useful job skill. For now, being able
Speakers of Other Language instruction. to students that being bilingual can be a game-changer to help these young students is her focus.
The Ambassador program is the brainchild of Sam when it comes to securing a lucrative career. “I was working with a first grader who couldn’t learn
Duncan, a Spanish teacher and Director of Student Josue Gonzalez, a 10th grader at SJHS, described his numbers and after a week of me helping to translate
Activities at SJHS. Last year he noticed bi-lingual the program as a creative way to work with high school he was beginning to learn them,” Gonzalez said. “It
students helping their non-English speaking classmates. students to ready them for the workforce. makes me feel good because when you’re only Spanish
“Out of the kindness of their hearts they pitched in “Being bilingual will be beneficial to me when I go speaking, it makes you feel closed in and judged. When
to help because they had the ability to do so when their to apply for a job and perhaps allow me to earn better I am working with the students, they open up to me and
classmates did not,” said Duncan. “Since the district wages,” Gonzalez said. show me what they know. As they begin to learn English,
is willing to support creative ways to promote career Gonzalez said he wanted to participate in the program their education gets easier, and they’re better able to
readiness I came up with this initiative to provide a because when he was younger, he was fortunate enough to interact with others and make friends.”
Work/Service Learning Credit.” be able to speak English. But many of his peers could not. According to Duncan, this real-life experience is
Ambassadors are chosen based on several requirements. “Being able to speak both languages gives you showing his students that they have value if they are
For example, students must be in good academic standing confidence, and I want to encourage these young students bilingual. “They feel empowered and are motivated
and show proficiency in both English and the native to speak both because it will offer them better chances in because they’re representatives of not only the school but
language of their assigned students. life,” Gonzalez said. the community,” said Duncan.
6 January 18, 2019
arts & events arts & events

Kiawah Arts and Events SINHG program explores

Council update primate protection
For The Island Connection
BY KEELY LAUGHLIN The ACEC encourages those who

For The Island Connection obtained tickets but can no longer
use them to notify Keely Laughlin, r. Shirley McGreal, founder of the
klaughlin@kiawahisland.org. Summerville-based International
Arts & Cultural Events Ticket Policy Primate Protection League, will
Returned tickets may be made available be the guest speaker for the February
Release and Distribution for redistribution online at 9 a.m. two
All events are open to the public and SINHG Evening Program on Thursday
days prior to the event. Feb. 14 at the Lake House.
tickets for events are available at the Town Event Protocol
of Kiawah Island Municipal Center (4475 Born and raised in Britain, Dr. McGreal
Betsy Kerrison Parkway) and online on a Seating is general admission, and done received her doctorate in education in
first come, first served basis. on a first come, first served basis. India and had been living abroad when,
Ticket release dates are two weeks prior Have your tickets ready, either on your while in Thailand in the early 1970s, she
to the event date. Posters state Kiawah phone or printed when you arrive at the witnessed the cruelties of the commercial
and public release dates. Kiawah property door to ensure smooth entry for all guests. and mostly illegal traffic in gibbons
owners have a 3-day lead time on obtaining The ACEC recommends arriving 30 and macaques captured in the wild for
tickets for Arts Council events. These minutes prior to the event start. the exotic pet market or for laboratory
tickets are ONLY available in person at the research. She was inspired to form IPPL
Municipal Center M-F 8 a.m.–5 p.m. in 1973 to advocate for and protect
“plain monkeys” which were overlooked
All online tickets are made available on by other organizations dedicated to the
the public release date. Effective January 14, 2019 Dr. Shirley McGreal at her gibbons
• When an event sells out, the large apes like chimpanzees, gorillas and
Cultural Events only have one release orangutans. sanctuary in Summerville, SC.
date. Town will no longer maintain Photo provided.
a ticket waitlist for interested In 1977, Dr. McGreal settled on
Tickets are limited to 2 per household parties. Any tickets turned back Summerville as the United States base for Queen Elizabeth II in a Buckingham
except for events held at Holy Spirit where IPPL and as the site of a gibbon sanctuary Palace ceremony.
in will be rereleased online at
the limit is 4 per household. which presently houses thirty-six animals. All Seabrook Island residents and
9 a.m. two days prior to the
Tickets may not be picked up for corresponding event. Dr. McGreal has been listed on the their guests are welcome at February’s
friends or neighbors. Tickets will not be • The Town will no longer sell United Nations Environment Program’s program beginning with fellowship and
held for or mailed to patrons. The ACEC tickets at the door for paid events. Global Roll of Honor among many other refreshments at 7 p.m., followed by the
does not operate a “will call” list. honors, has been one of People magazine’s program at 7:30 p.m. There is a $5 charge
Sold Out Events People Of The Year, and in 2008 received for non-SINHG members. Pre-registration
The ACEC does not operate a waitlist. the Order Of The British Empire from is available at SINHG.org.
January 18, 2019 7

Dr. Sally Selden is Citadel’s provost

and dean of college
For The Island Connection

Selden is in her 18th year at University “It will be a great honor to serve provost since March. He delayed retiring
of Lynchburg in Virginia where she served The Citadel with Gen. Walters and the from his 42-year career at The Citadel to
in numerous leadership positions. Most college’s esteemed faculty and staff,” help lead the college during the search
recently, as provost and vice president for Selden said. “As I begin this new journey, following the departure of Connie Book,
academic affairs, Selden helped lead that I am eager to meet with faculty, staff, Ph.D., who left to be the president of Elon
institution’s strategic planning process cadets, students and alumni to learn more University.
alongside the board of trustees. Prior to about The Citadel’s tradition of excellence
The Citadel offers a classic military
that, she was a professor of management and the opportunities that lie ahead.”
college education for young men and
in the College of Business and Economics Selden earned a Ph.D. at the University women focused on leadership excellence and
at UL. of Georgia and a Master of Public academic distinction. The approximately
“Dr. Sally Selden brings with her a Administration and Bachelor of Arts 2,300 members of the S.C. Corps of Cadets
proven commitment to scholarship and to at the University of Virginia. Selden are not required to serve in the military,
leading high impact learning experiences. holds the Senior Professional in Human but about one-third of each class earn
Her expertise will help transform the Resources certification, and her primary commissions to become officers in every
lives of our cadets and students as they teaching and research interests are in the branch of U.S. military service. Citadel
prepare for the future,” said Gen. Glenn areas of management, human resource alumni have served the nation, their states
M. Walters, USMC (Ret.), president of management and leadership. She has and their communities as principled leaders
The Citadel. published more than 150 books, book since 1842. The Citadel Graduate College,
The provost is a vice presidential position chapters, articles, papers and technical founded 50 years ago, offers 25 graduate
responsible for all matters pertaining to publications. degree programs with 22 concentration
the academic functions of the college “It is my goal to continue to cultivate an options, 25 graduate certificate programs
and is the second-ranking official at The inclusive, student-centered environment and 10 evening undergraduate programs in
Dr. Sally Selden, newly appointed provost Citadel. As the college’s chief academic to fully support The Citadel’s mission to the evening or online. Named Best Public
and dean of college at The Citadel. officer, the provost provides leadership in educate and develop principled leaders,” College in the South by U.S. News & World
all academic areas, including curriculum Selden said. Report for eight consecutive years and No.

he president of The Citadel and instruction, research and scholarly The selection of Selden as provost 1 Best Public College for Veterans in the
has selected his new second in activity, program development and comes after national search that began South.
command. Sally Selden, Ph.D., accreditation, admissions and financial in April 2018. She will replace Mark
SPHR, will take over as provost and dean aid, and academic support services. Bebensee, Ph.D., who has been interim
of the college in June.
8 January 18, 2019
arts & events

Veteran’s Day charitable golf outing

Seabrook Island resident and WWII veteran Ed Gillen and Seabrook Island Club Golf Pro Brian Thelan welcome Wounded Warriors to the event. Photo provided.

BY ALAN ARMSTRONG Charleston and the Ralph Johnson Veterans Hospital in Among the honored guests attending the event were
For The Island Connection Charleston. 15 veterans from South Carolina who had been wounded
The annual event was sponsored by the Seabrook in Iraq or Afghanistan. Also honored was WWII veteran

Island Club and the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club. and Seabrook Island resident Ed Gillen.
n a beautiful Monday in late November,
Lowcountry golfers teed up in the 7th Annual The Seabrook Island Club course hosted 100 local golfers The Fisher Flight winning team was composed of
Seabrook Island Veteran’s Day Charitable Golf who showed their generous support for veterans of all eras John Halter, Joe Mangiulli, Nick Yaksich, and Carmine
Tournament to honor veterans for their service to our by raising $8,000 for the Fisher House and Charleston DeGennaro. The VA Flight champions were Bob
country and raise money to support the Fisher House Veterans Hospital. Applegate, Carson Applegate, and Ron Nelson.
January 18, 2019 9

The Charleston Symphony Orchestra League, Inc.

announces its 42nd annual Symphony
Designer Showhouse
be held at 6:00 p.m. on Mar. 13 during the The charming piazzas are accessed
evening’s Preview Party. The Showhouse via elegant double French doors from
will be open daily from Mar. 14 through the living and dining rooms and from
Apr. 14. We are pleased to introduce our the second floor bedrooms and study.
SCORE Pop-Up Shop to the Designer The house includes five bathrooms, and
Showhouse, featuring an exclusive gracious 10-foot ceilings and original
selection of specially curated items for sale. fireplaces enhance the beauty of the first
House and SCORE hours are 10 a.m.-4 two floors. Beautiful heart pine floors
p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1-4 bring warmth throughout the house.
p.m. on Sunday. The café is open Monday Sixteen Rutledge is a perfect canvas
through Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Be for our talented team of designers from
sure to check our website for details on Charleston and beyond including:
special events throughout the month. Audrey Wood, Creekside Interiors, Foyer,
Advance tickets will be available from Stairwells and Upstairs Hallways Lance
Jan. 14-Mar.13, online for $20 each at Griffith, CHD Interiors, Living Room
CSOLInc.org. Tickets at the door will Terri Baldwin, TCB Design Interiors,
be available beginning March 14 for $25 Living Room Allyson Kirkpatrick-Clark,
each. Tickets include access to all rooms. Allyson K Designs, Dining Room T.
SCORE and the café do not require a Phillips, Latitude Design Group LLC,
ticket. Children 10 and older are admitted Kitchen Sandy Ericksen, Sandra Ericksen
with a ticket when accompanied by an Design, 2nd Floor Front Bedroom Terry
adult. Tickets to the Mar. 13 Preview Stephenson, Juxtaposition Home &
Party will be available online. For more Garden, 2nd Floor Sitting Room and 2nd
information on the Charleston Symphony Floor Piazza Shannon Bogan, S Bogan
Orchestra League, Inc. Symphony Designs, 2nd Floor Master Bedroom
Designer Showhouse, visit CSOLInc.org. and 2nd Floor Piazza Heidi Huddleston,
The three-story frame Queen Anne Delicious Kitchens & Interiors, LLC,
generously provided by Wendy and Master Bath Kendall Cordina, Cordina
Allen Gibson and represented by Services LLC, 2nd Floor Bath Meredith
Margaret and Richard von Werssowetz Gale, Noble Lane Interiors, 3rd Floor
of Handsome Properties, is built in the Playroom Cecilia Murray, Cecil Byrne
traditional Charleston side hall design, Gallery, 3rd Floor Artist Studio and
with an entrance on the street, a long Gallery Molly Hamrick, Molly Hamrick
The designer showhouse at 16 Rutledge Ave., Charleston. Photo provided. stair hall, and living and dining rooms Interiors, 3rd Floor Sitting Room
to the side. Double entry doors and a Amandra Kelly and Margaret Lee Moniz,
two-story projecting bay give the house Indigo Alley Interiors, Main Floor Piazza
BY DAVID M. SAVARD mayor Wilson G. Harvey, later Lieutenant
Linda Greenberg, Linda Greenberg
For The Island Connection Governor and Governor of South a grand entrance. Numerous Queen
Carolina, who lived next door. The Anne features include intricate shingle Landscape & Design, Landscape.
Harveys are one of only three families to cladding, decorative hoods, cast iron trim The CSOL is a multi-talented group

n elegant 1903 high-style Queen own the house, which retains its dramatic and carved wood detailing. The beautiful of more than 250 dedicated volunteers
Anne Victorian on Charleston’s period exterior ornamentation and elegant double piazzas span both the first and whose purpose is to support the Charleston
beautiful Rutledge Avenue, South interior features. second floors of the south side of the Symphony, encourage talented young
of Broad, will be featured as the 42nd Kitty Reid, CSOL President notes, “We house, giving it the look of a traditional musicians and inspire classical music lovers
annual Charleston Symphony Orchestra are thrilled to present our 2019 Designer Charleston single house. The intricate for generations to come. The CSOL is the
League, Inc. (CSOL®) Symphony Designer Showhouse, where the focus is on our spindle work of the balustrade adds high largest institutional donor to the Symphony,
Showhouse. beautiful city, its exceptional architecture Victorian drama to this lovely home. providing over $210,000 last year. The
Opening Mar. 14, the house will display and our talented and wonderful designers. In addition to the foyer, living room and annual Symphony Designer Showhouse
three levels of exquisite spaces presented Springtime is so special in Charleston, dining room on the first floor, a kitchen, is the League’s largest fundraiser. For
by local interior designers. All proceeds and this most cherished event welcomes great room and laundry room complete more than 50 years the CSOL has actively
benefit the Charleston Symphony and thousands of visitors to Charleston each that level. There are two bedrooms, a supported music education and funding for
fund CSOL Music Scholarships. year. We’re so happy to be a part of study, and two baths on the second floor the arts, donating more than $33,000 last
The 2019 CSOL Symphony Designer presenting our city and all it has to offer above the principal first floor rooms. A year to music scholarships and grants in the
Showhouse sits on one of Charleston’s to the world.” third bedroom and bath are accessed by Lowcountry.
premiere residential streets near Colonial The CSOL Symphony Designer the back stairway at the rear of the first
Lake. The home was built by Charleston Showhouse ribbon-cutting ceremony will floor. The third floor has two additional
bedrooms, a bathroom and a loft.
10 January 18, 2019

Soul of the Lowcountry’s 4th oyster roast


The 2018 Soul of the Lowcountry Oyster Roast. Photos by Becky Woods.

For The Island Connection

n Saturday, Feb. 23 from 1-4 p.m., Lindsay and “Our Oyster Roast is a wonderful way to get families 843.410.0677. The cost is $40 and children 12 and under
Kate Nevin will host the 4th Annual Soul of immersed in the landscape,” says Ashley Demosthenes, are free. For sponsorship opportunities or questions
the Lowcountry Oyster Roast at their home at President & CEO. “Through the Soul of the Lowcountry regarding registration, contact Maggie Carragher at
Sunlean on Johns Island. Tickets include a catered oyster program, people get their hands dirty and come to know, mcarragher@lowcountrylandtrust.org.
roast, local brews and spirits, and live music. first-hand, why we all need to protect and conserve this
Lowcountry Land Trust is a local land conservation
This family-friendly event is a unique way to celebrate land that we love.”
organization and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on protecting
and honor the inextricable relationship between people Local sponsors of this event include Charleston Green, ecologically, agriculturally, and historically significant
and land. Join us for an oyster roast with a purpose Trident Construction, AgSouth, Anderson Insurance Lowcountry lands. For more information about Lowcountry
and support conservation in the Lowcountry. Proceeds Associates, Applegate Real Estate, Walker Gressette Land Trust and the mission of the organization, visit
from this event and the silent auction support Soul of Freeman Linton, AFM, Holy City Brewing, and Nature’s LowcountryLandTrust.org or find us on Facebook at
the Lowcountry, the education and outreach program of Calling, Inc. Facebook.com/lowcountrylandtrust.
Lowcountry Land Trust. This event draws a yearly crowd Tickets are available online through the Land Trust’s
of 150+ people. website at LowcountryLandTrust.org or by phone at
January 18, 2019 11

Audubon SC urges energy reform in 2019 State Legislature

For The Island Connection

state’s economy, while promoting the 20,000 members across the state are Habitat Act passed with unanimous
welfare of its birds and people, too,” said committed to working with legislators support in the state Senate. This legislation
Sharon Richardson, Executive Director of to ensure we expand solar energy access created voluntary incentive for developers
Audubon South Carolina. and make South Carolina a clean energy to choose indigenous plants over turf
The Clean Energy Access Act (S. 332) leader.” or gravel by which commercial solar
was introduced this week by Senator Tom In last year’s legislative session, developers can market their facilities as
Davis (R-Beaufort). Similar legislation is Audubon SC worked with partners to “pollinator and bird friendly,”—helping
expected to be introduced in the House of pass H.4727, a bill that reauthorized the set commercial the state’s growing solar
Representatives. The Clean Energy Access South Carolina Conservation Bank in industry on a bird and pollinator-friendly

Act will: perpetuity. Both legislative chambers had
udubon South Carolina is urging overwhelmingly approved a compromised Audubon supports pragmatic,
the South Carolina General • Eliminate the net metering cap
that limits home solar projects; version of the bill, thereby reaffirming bipartisan solutions to advance clean
Assembly to pass an innovative, their commitment to continue South energy policies that help birds and people.
comprehensive energy modernization • Allow large energy consumers that
create jobs to contract directly Carolina’s policy of land conservation In 2014, Audubon released its Birds and
bill that expands access to solar energy providing the opportunity to leverage Climate Change Report, which showed
for consumers and businesses. Adopting with energy suppliers to save on
energy costs; private and federal investments for the more than half of the bird species in
responsible solar energy benefits birds and public benefit. Since 2002, the South North America at risk of disappearing by
people by preserving the quality of South • Establish a “Consumer Bill
Carolina Conservation Bank has protected 2080 due to shifting and shrinking ranges
Carolina’s natural resources, stimulating of Rights” to ensure South
nearly 300,000 acres of South Carolina’s as a result of a changing climate. Included
job creation and the economy, and Carolinians receive fair and
most critical conservation lands and in the list of 314 were many found in
providing consumers and businesses with transparent energy rates;
iconic landscapes, including Audubon’s South Carolina, including the American
more energy choices. • Encourage large-scale solar Beidler Forest Sanctuary in Harleyville, Oystercatcher, the Black Skimmer and
“This energy reform bill is a win-win facilities through increased and Silver Bluff sanctuary near Aiken. the Clapper Rail.
for people and birds. Our legislature has transparency and streamlining; Protecting landscapes like Audubon’s As part of a grassroots effort to urge
an opportunity to diversify the playing and Beidler Forest and Silver Bluff Sanctuary legislators to adopt the bill, Audubon
field by increasing options within South • Create a neighborhood community is necessary to safeguarding public health South Carolina will be working with a
Carolina’s energy market. We look solar program to expand solar and wellbeing, attracting tourism and broad coalition of industry, conservation
forward to supporting House and Senate access to low-income customers. investment to our state and preserving organizations, and clean energy advocates
leaders on tackling energy reform that “Audubon South Carolina thanks the South Carolinian heritage and natural to pass comprehensive energy reform in
reduces energy costs for consumers and Senator Tom Davis for leading clean resource based economic drivers. the first 100 Days of the 2019 legislative
businesses and positively supports our energy reform,” said Richardson. “Our In addition, the Audubon-driven Solar session that began this week.
January 18 Island Connection Calendar February 15
ONGOING MORE INFO: Local, mixed community WHAT: Block-In Art Class one of our field trip classes, a chance to TUESDAY, JAN. 22 rescue flights, overnight foster care or THURSDAY, FEB. 7 couturier Hubert de Givenchy. Hosted by
WHAT: Southbound: Photographs of and chorus, open for membership. Season runs WHERE: Todd & Huff Art Center, go through the Museum, and an activity. shelter, and all other related animal rescue the Historic Charleston Foundation. Visit
about the New South October through March. For information Bohicket marina Free with paid admission. To register visit WHAT: Martha Graham Dance activities. For info about the Seabrook Dog WHAT: Julian Gargiulo: Direct from HistoricCharleston.org for tickets.
WHERE: Halsey Institute of contact Director of Music, Van McCollum at WHEN: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. CharlestonMuseum.org. Company Owners Group visit SIDogs.org. Carnegie Hall
WHERE: Gaillard Center WHERE: Seabrook Island House
Contemporary Art 404.401.0678 or vanmccollum@bellsouth.net. MORE INFO: Class covers line drawing, THURSDAY, FEB. 14
Saturday WHEN: 7:30 p.m. WHEN: 7:30 p.m.
WHEN: Oct. 19 - March 2 drawing with a brush, transparent WEDNESDAY, JAN. 30
MORE INFO: An unprecedented Tuesdays wash, alla prima, monochrome value WHAT: Johns Island Farmers Market MORE INFO: Founded in 1926, MGDC MORE INFO: Critically acclaimed WHAT: SINHG Meeting
exhibition co-curated by Mark Sloan, WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and underpaintings, toning a canvas, WHERE: Charleston Collegiate SChool, is known for being the oldest American WHAT: Adult CPR/AED Safety Training Steinway Artist Julian Gargiulo comes WHERE: The Lake House
director and chief curator of the Halsey Activities working wet into wet, and glazing. See 2024 Academy Rd. dance company and a world leader in the WHERE: The Lake House to Kiawah fresh from Carnegie Hall. A WHEN: Fellowship at 7 p.m., program at
Institute of Contemporary Art, and WHERE: Nathaniel Russell House PatriciaRHuff.com or ToddHuffCenter. WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. evolving development of contemporary, WHEN: 9 a.m.-noon dynamic classical pianist, his multimedia 7:30 p.m.
Mark Long, professor of political science, WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. com for details. MORE INFO: Charleston’s only year- innovative dance. One night only. For MORE INFO: An expert Red Cross performances are interactive and MORE INFO: Dr. Shirley McGreal
both of whom are on the faculty of the MORE INFO: Family tours start on the half- round farmers market, highlighting tickets visit gaillardcenter.org. Instructor will teach when – and how – to humorous. Sponsored by Kiawah Arts from the International Primate Protection
College of Charleston. For info visit hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Docent- Thursdays produce and locally produced goods use an automated external defibrillator & Cultural Events Council, tickets are League in Summerville will speak on the
SouthboundProject.org. led scavenger hunt tours, historic games and WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and and foods. Live music, kids activities. THURSDAY, JAN. 24 (AED), as well as CPR. Preregistration complimentary and will be available to lifelong work she has done to save and
toys in the garden. HistoricCharleston.org for Activities JohnsIslandFarmersMarket.com for details. required, limited to 12 participants. There residents Jan. 21 and nonresidents Jan. protect gibbons. $5 charge for non-SINHG
WHAT: MS Excel 2016, Basics are no refunds. To register, please email 24. On-line at KiawahIsland.org or at the members. For details visit SINHG.org.
Mondays information and to purchase tickets for the date WHERE: Aiken-Rhett House
WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
WHAT: Family Trees and museum house you would like to attend. WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Third Saturday of your name and Property Owner/Club Kiawah Municipal Center.
WHEN: 1:30-3:30 p.m.
WHERE: Walton Hall at St. John’s Parish, MORE INFO: Family tours start on the half- the Month Member account to jmogus@sipoa.org. FRIDAY, FEB. 15
MORE INFO Create a workbook with FRIDAY, FEB. 8
3673 Maybank Hwy. First and Third hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Docent- WHAT: Sea Islands Cars & Coffee
formatted text, simple formulas and
Tuesdays led scavenger hunt tours, historic games and WHERE: Freshfields Village, Kiawah THURSDAY, JAN. 31 WHAT: Fashion For Feathers
WHEN: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
multiple sheets. Completion of MS Word WHAT: Luncheon with Garden WHERE: Hotel Bennett, 404 King St.
MORE INFO: Begin exploring the WHAT: The Charleston County Public toys in the garden. HistoricCharleston.org for WHEN: 9-11 a.m.
2016, Basic (or previous experience) is WHAT: Dominick Farinacci with Shenel Historian Linda Holder WHEN: 12-2 p.m.
process of clearing title for heirs’ property Library Bookmobile information and to purchase tickets for the date MORE INFO: This free event will feature
expected. Call 843.805.6885 to register. Johns WHERE: Capt. James Mission House, 40 MORE INFO: Audubon South Carolina’s
by defining the family tree. For more WHERE: Parking lot behind Hege’s and museum house you would like to attend. antiques, classics, exotics, concepts and any
WHERE: Seabrook Island House East Bay St. inaugural fashion show luncheon at
information or to make an appointment WHEN: 10-11 a.m. other cool cars. Coffee and other refreshments
for an initial assessment call 843.810.1036 MORE INFO: Bookmobile is back the first and WHAT: Live Music at The Andell Inn available for purchase by Java Java Coffee THURSDAY, JAN. 24-27 WHEN: 7:30 p.m. WHEN: 11:30-2 p.m. SEWE. Celebrate the beauty of birds and
MORE INFO: Hailed as “a trumpeter of MORE INFO: White House garden take in a runway of trendsetting looks
third Tuesdays of the month. The schedule for the WHERE: The Andell Inn Hotel, House. If you have any specific questions WHAT: Charleston Jazz Festival abundant poise” in The New York Times, historian Linda Holden, will provide an from Beckett Boutique, Brackish Bowties,
WHAT: Farmer’s Market summer is June 19, July 3 & 17, August 7 & 21. Freshfields Village about the event, please contact Bruce WHERE: Throughout Charleston Dominick Farinacci will bring his soulful jazz intimate look at Rachel “Bunny” Mellon’s Croghan’s Jewel Box, M. Dumas and Sons
WHERE: Freshfields Village WHEN: 6-8 p.m. Stemerman at bstemerman@gmail.com. WHEN: Various times to South Carolina with rising star vocalist horticultural legacy. Bunny and her and IBU, while enjoying fine wine and
WHEN: 4 - 8 p.m. Wednesdays MORE INFO: Relax with cool jazz every MORE INFO: 5th Annual Charleston husband, Paul Mellon, one of the wealthiest
Shenel Johns. Tickets are complimentary and delicious food prepared by “Top Chef”
MORE INFO: Shop locally grown organic WHAT: English Conversation Club Thursday evening in the lounge of the Andell FRIDAY, JAN. 18 Jazz Festival will feature jazz legends and available at the Kiawah Municipal Center or men in America, maintained homes in New alum Michael Sichel. Tickets $125/person,
produce along with specialty food products, WHERE: John’s Island Regional Library Inn Hotel. Drinks and food available. No emerging artists. Artists perform a wide
WHAT: Art Film Series online at KiawahIsland.org. York, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Antigua, and $1,000/Table of 8. Visit SCAudubon.org
delicious treats, fresh seafood and Lowcountry WHEN: 2 p.m. cover charge. 843.793.6050. AndellInn.com. range of styles including Swing, Salsa, Blues,
WHERE: The Sandcastle at Kiawah Upperville, Virginia, and she designed the for details.
crafts. Or come hungry and enjoy BBQ, take- MORE INFO: Practice speaking English Brazilian, the American Songbook and more.
WHEN: 3-5 p.m. FRIDAY, FEB. 1 gardens at all of them. She also designed
away dinners, sweets and more. with a small group. Beginners to advanced WHAT: Beginning Oil Painting For full lineup visit CharlestonJazz.com.
MORE INFO: The Kiawah Arts Council the Rose Garden and the East Garden
learners welcome. A children’s program WHERE: Todd & Huff Art Center, WHAT: Art Film Series: The General
presents The Music Instinct: Science and at the White House, at the request of
WHAT: Charleston Coastal Choir and/or craft will be provided during the Bohicket marina
club meeting. Registration is not required; WHEN: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Song. Documentary explores connections FRIDAY, JAN. 25 WHERE: The Sandcastle President Kennedy, and the gardens at
WHERE: Church of Our Savior WHEN: 3-5 p.m.
between music and the human mind and both the Paris home and the château of
WHEN: 1 p.m. call 843.559.1945 for more information. MORE INFO: Class includes drawing, WHAT: Book Club Discussion: The MORE INFO: Presented with live piano by
composition, color theory and painting body, the natural world and the cosmos. Death of Vishnu: A Novel
No tickets required. Visit KiawahIsland. Glenn Brown, this revered silent film, starring
techniques. See PatriciaRHuff.com or WHERE: Gibbes Museum of Art Buster Keaton, is considered one of the best
ToddHuffCenter.com for details. org for details. WHEN: 1-2:30 p.m. comedies of all time. Sponsored by the Kiawah
MORE INFO: In collaboration with the Arts & Cultural Events Council, no tickets
Thursdays & Sundays SATURDAY, JAN. 19 Charleston County Public Library, the discussion required. Visit KiawahIsland.org. for info.
WHAT: Live Music compliments the current exhibit featuring
WHERE: 48 A Wine Bar WHAT: Human Library Series: Get to
selections from a major private collection of
WHEN: 6:30-8:30 p.m. know an immigrant SATURDAY, FEB. 2
South Asian art in Charleston. Contact Becca
MORE INFO: Featuring 48 wines WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
Hiester with questions at 843.722.2706 x237 or WHAT: Save the Light Half Marathon & 5K
by the glass every day. For details visit WHEN: 2 p.m.
rhiester@gibbesmuseum.org. WHERE: Folly Beach Pier
FortyEightWineBar.com. MORE INFO: Members of the community
are invited to gather in a safe space and WHEN: 8:30 a.m.
converse with an immigrant about personal TUESDAY, JAN. 29 MORE INFO: Save the Light, Inc.
Third Friday of the partners with CCPRC for second annual
Month experience. Cinelle Barnes is a local WHAT: SEADogs Annual Meeting
Filipino author and educator who came to race benefitting Morris Island Lighthouse.
WHAT: Homeschool History Days WHERE: TBD Both USATF-certified races begin and
WHERE: Charleston Museum, 360 the US as an unaccompanied minor and WHEN: TBD
teenage adoptee. This acclaimed series at end near the Folly Beach Pier. Half
Meeting St. MORE INFO: Speaker from Pilots N Paws marathon is a run-only event; the 5K is
WHEN: 10-11 a.m. the Johns Island Library has brought a will address the group. Pilots N Paws runs
clearer understanding of diversity in our open to runners and walkers. To register
MORE INFO: A special program for an online meeting place where volunteers visit CharlestonCountyParks.com or call
homeschooling families. Programs feature community. Visit CCPL.org for details. can come together and arrange or schedule 843.795.4386.
14 January 18, 2019
financial focus

Insurance can protect your aspirations

For The Island Connection

potential tax consequences beneficiaries expensive and public process of probate.

might face.) And, among other benefits, a living trust
Provide charitable gifts – You can use allows you to distribute your financial
life insurance in various ways to support assets over time, and in amounts that you
charitable organizations. One option is to specify, which may be quite appealing, if,
donate a policy you may no longer need. for example, you’d rather not give your
Either you or the charity would continue children a large amount of money at once.
paying the premiums, but the charity Life insurance can help fund your living
would become both the owner and trust, you just need to name the trustee
beneficiary of your policy. Alternatively, (which may well be yourself while you’re
you could purchase a permanent life alive) as the owner and beneficiary of the
insurance policy and donate it to the policy. However, you will need to consult
charity, which could then use the policy’s with your legal advisor before creating and
cash value when you’re alive and receive funding a living trust.
the death benefit when you die. Help cover long-term care costs
– You may never need any type of long-
term care, but if you do, you’ll find it
quite expensive. It now costs, on average,
a revocable more than $100,000 per year for a private
room in a nursing home, according to
living trust the 2018 Cost of Care Survey, produced
helps you by Genworth, an insurance company.
avoid the time- Medicare typically pays little of these
costs, so the burden will fall on you.
consuming, To avoid using up your financial assets

ou probably already know that life The proceeds of a life insurance policy can expensive and or, even worse, having to rely on your
adult children for help, you may want to
insurance can protect your family if provide immediate funds at the time of public process purchase insurance. Some life insurance
something were to happen to you. your death to pay for your funeral costs,
But you might not realize the many ways your debts and your final income taxes.
of probate. plans offer long-term care coverage, either
in which insurance can help you preserve through a special “rider” or by accelerating
Transfer wealth (with potential your death benefit, but you might also
your plans for the future, whether for tax advantages) – Some wealth
yourself, the next generation, or those want to consider a traditional long-term
transfer vehicles carry significant tax care insurance policy.
charitable groups you support. consequences. But the proceeds from life Help fund a revocable living trust –
Specifically, life insurance can insurance are typically free of income Depending on your situation, you might As you can see, one of the most flexible
potentially help you address several areas, tax, so if your death benefit is $1 million, want to establish a revocable living trust as tools you have is life insurance. Start
including the following: your heirs will receive the full $1 million. part of your estate plans. A revocable living thinking soon about how you can put it
(Consult with your tax advisor about all trust helps you avoid the time-consuming, to work.
Help in covering final expenses –
Ask us about cash-flowing real estate investment
opportunities in the Charleston market.

Alejandro J. Ferreyros Chuck Mimms

(843) 202-9226 (843) 224-9507
alejandro@sanddollarsc.com mimms@sanddollarsc.com

Commercial Brokerage
Sanddollarsc.com • (843) 530-8100
2205 Middle Stree Suite 203 • Sullivan’s Island, SC • 29482

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