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eDesignSYNC for NX

Complete Molding Simulation for Part and Mold Optimization

� Fully embedded in NX � Comprehensive Moldex3D

material databank

� Seamless workflow from

CAD design to simulation � High-speed parallel
computing technology

� Synchronous simulation
capabilities � Professional eDesign
analysis modules

� Automated 3D meshing
technology � Intuitive solutions for
best design
The Bridge to Smart Design

Easy-to-use interface Seamless workflow

for all aspects of users' from CAD design to
design process Fully embedded Flexible interface simulation

in NX interoperability Synchronous simulation

capabilities for design
changes encouragement

for NX

Complete analysis Smart technology Automated true 3D

capabilities for best design meshing technology
High-speed parallel
computing technology
Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp/Fiber HTML/PowerPoint
Multi-Component Molding (MCM) analysis report generator

Supported Platform
Windows 7 32/64bit, Intel® Core i7,
Platform Windows CPU
Windows Vista 32/64bit AMD Athlon or higher

Moldex3D Moldex3D eDesign R11.0 Recommended RAM 4GB RAM or higher

NX NX 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5 Hard disk 60GB or larger

Interface Language Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish

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