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Presenter Name Title Topic Affiliation

Abniel Rosario Interactive Classroom Learning Centers Learning Centers Floresville ISD
Adrian Mendoza Number Webs: Explore, Break, Create and Wonder Mathematics San Marcos ISD
Adrian Mendoza Math/Science Vocabulary, Gestures and Motion Math/Science San Marcos ISD
Adriana Bermea TELPAS Data: Making It Happen TELPAS Data Southside ISD
Alessandra Anchor Their Learning: Creating Purposeful Anchor Charts Spanish Language Arts and
Abraham for the Dual and Immersion Classrooms Reading La Vernia ISD
Applied Linguistics and the Language Learner:
Alexandra M. Understanding how the science of language can lead to
Bermea successful linguistic development. Linguistics/language development Northside ISD
Ana Marcela
Montenegro Bilingual Teacher's Perceptions Regarding the Sam Houston
Sanchez Incorporation of Technologies in the classroom Technology University
Anita Cisneros Culturally Relevant Lessons for Reading and Writing Culturally Relevant Literature Edgewood ISD
Aurelio MAS San Antonio: Giving new practitioner life to the Mexican American
Montemayor "bicultural" side of bilingual education Studies/Biculturalism IDRA
Blanca Chapa Descubre la lógica de los acentos ortográficos en español Writing Southside ISD
Blanca Infante Multicultural Children's Literature in the Classroom Multicultural Literacy East Central ISD
Texas Education
Carlene Thomas Additive Bilingualism Within ESL Programs ESL Programming Agency (TEA)
Carlos G. Perez How to Embed the Three Part TEKS Using Literature Literacy Southwest ISD
Cuauhtli Reyna San Anto Cultural Arts: Cultura, Arte y Poder Social Justice/Arts San Anto
Damaris Using Technology to Enhance Listening and Speaking and
Gutierrez English Learners Technology Northside ISD
Dr. Hsiao Ping Language Varieties and Language Teachers' Identities
Wu Development Language TAMUSA
Dr. Michael
Fleenor Teaching Science to ELLs Science Seidlitz Education
Technology for Our Digital Native English Language
Gabriela Aguayo Learners Technology San Antonio ISD
EL Strategies for Writing and
Idalia M. Cabrera Purposeful Talk and Writing Speaking Harlandale ISD
Ingrid Palacios Music is a Pathway to Learning Music and Learning Southside ISD
Designing Classroom Environments for Special Education
Joe A. Montalvo and Bilingual Students Special Education Edgewood ISD
Lectura en voz alta -Un camino hacia la cultura y la
Judith Higgins literatura Literacy East Central ISD
Edgewood ISD
Opportunity and Lost Hope: Supporting Our Social Justice/Undocumented
Karina Alvarez Undocumented Students Students
Maria Reyes Techniques for 4 Language
Mendoza Classroom Meetings: Sharing Leads to Learning Domains Harlandale ISD
Next Step For Biliteracy: Dual Language for Secondary Dual Language
Mario Ferron Schools (secondary)/Administrators San Antonio ISD
Mapping Out the Leadership Role for Dual Language and
Mary Steen ESL Programs Leadership East Central ISD
Michelle Medone Writing Toolkit Writing Judson ISD
Cardenas ESL Strategies for the Social Studies Classroom ESL Southwest ISD
Oralia Lara
Vargas Nonverbal and Bilingual: What Do I Do? Special Education MSI
Pamela Massey Digital Storytelling Technology TAMUSA
Pamela Massey Planning Linguistic Accommodated Content Lessons Language Proficiency TAMUSA
Engaging Literacy Centers that Promote Language
Victoria Rojo Development Literacy Centers Harlandale ISD