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How to use DVD Shrink to backup

a DVD movie

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DVD Shrink is free dvd burning software that most people use to make backups of their
favourite Dvd movie. The reason we need this program is because a regular dvd movie
doesn't fit on the average 4.7gig size dvd disc. Therefore we use Dvd Shrink to cut the
contents down to size as to fit on the disk.

What you will need:

1. A DVD burner
2. A DVD movie to backup
3. DVD Shrink Program. Free Download Here
4. Nero burning program (recommended)
5. A blank DVD. One that is compatible with your home dvd player. If you find one that
plays smoothly, stick to it.

Here's some basic steps to get you started:

1. Start the Dvd Shrink Program and choose Open Disc from the menu above.
2. A box will appear. Choose which dvd drive your disk is in. Mine is in F: drive. The
name of the disk will show up in brackets. In this case it is called NEW.
3. Press Ok. It will read the dvd
4. A breakdown of the movie will be displayed in the right hand column.
5. You cannot fit all this on your blank dvd so now press Re-author (From the top
6. In the right column there will be a heading called Main movie. There will be a file
under this heading. Drag this to the left column. The file size is usually more than
4,700mb and has to be compressed.

7. Then Choose Backup from the top menu.

8. If you have Nero Installed Dvd Shrink will read, shrink and burn your movie onto a
blank dvd. It will ask you to remove the original dvd disk and insert a blank dvd. If
you do not have Nero installed Dvd Shrink will create an image file of the disk for
you to burn later.
9. Select a backup target. This is where you want the end result to go. As you can
see in the picture above, I have Nero installed, and therefore I can choose the
burner as a target. If you do not have Nero choose a file location.
10. Then press ok. The process will start.


• There are other settings to use that are located on the tabs in the screenshot
above. However with the instructions I have given you, it will get the job done. It has
settings like shutdown the computer when finished
• It also has a setting on the Quality Settings tab which says perform deep
analysis. I usually tick this box as it will make a better dvd.
• In the screenshot with the red 123 under the menu items. This is the order in which
you will be pressing these buttons.
• If a dvd you want to copy is under 4.7gb of data you do not need to use DVD
Shrink. You simply do a straight copy of the disk with Nero. To find out how big
your dvd is, insert it in the drive and go to my computer and right click on the disk
and choose properties.
• sometimes if there is extra copyright protection on the disk you may have to try
using dvd decrypter. It will rip the dvd and then use dvd shrink to shrink it to fit on a

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