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¡Hola a todos!

Welcome back from the long weekend. We hope you all took at advantage of the 
time indoors (brrr) to do some fun, family activities. I am grateful to have an extra 
day to recover from that Pats game - what a rollercoaster!  
Our pom pom jar was filled once again on Friday, “earning stuffed animal day” for 
students! We will celebrate on Wednesday, January 23rd. Please remember to only 
send students with stuffed animals that do not make noise, can fit in a backpack and 
are not irreplaceable.  
Other exciting news this week includes a visit from some middle school students 
this Friday for some math games!  
La contraseña secreta (secret password) to come into the classroom this week will 
be “hace frio” (It’s cold).  
A peek at our  In ​Spanish Language Arts​, students will work words with 
week  vowel “a” (paja, casa, taza, mamá, mapa, etc) in their small 
reading rotation groups. We will also be working on 
separating words into syllables - something you can also 
practice at home! Ca-sa (2) ca-la-ba-za (4) etc.  
We will continue working with the first “palabras de poder” 
are: q
​ uiero, ir, él, tiene, en​. 
In ​Math​, we will continue our new, two month long, addition 
and subtraction unit! We have been having fun with some 
interactive story problems and the students are catching on 
Key words: sumar (to add) restar (to subtract) más 
(more/plus) menos (less, minus)  
In ​Science​, as part of our “materiales y movimiento” FOSS 
unit we explored the effect of water on different wood 
samples. This week students will participate in a small group 
experiment where they will try to sink a “raft.”  
In ​Open Circle/Social Emotional learning​, we are going to 
talk about matching our reactions to the size of the problem.  

Updates  GERMS! They are here and we are working hard to keep 
students healthy and in school. Our clorox wipe supply is low 
- we are graciously accepting donations! Gracias.  
Many students are also coming to school with chapped lips. 
We have some cocoa butter (thank you to the Rowe) family 
that students can use for dry skin, but please send them with 
chapstick if your child has dry/cracked lips!   

Friendly  Don’t forget to check out our classroom instagram 

Reminders  (@davis103_kinder) and shutterfly accounts 
(​https://seoradaviskclass20182019.shutterfly.com/​ ). We wish 
we could capture every sweet moment, but this gives you a 
chance to peek into the daily lives of your children at school!  
Please make sure you switch out student’s extra clothes with 
weather appropriate options!​ THANK YOU for sending 
students with boots so that their feet stay warm and dry. 
Students are encouraged to come with hats, gloves, scarves, 
etc every day - ¡hace frío! 
If your child is sick or will be absent, please continue to email 
myself, Señora Ponce (federica_ponce@wayland.k12.ma.us) 
and the school (ch_attendance@wayland.k.12) so that 
everyone is in the loop!  

English Language  Every family should be reading for a minimum of 20 minutes 

Arts Resources  with their child nightly! Just two more weeks until we collect 
the star reading log sheets!  
In addition to Lexia, another online/app reading resource is 
Raz-kids.com. My username is kdavis377 and students should 
know their password information. All books under “level up” 
are in English and all books in the “reading room” are in 
Spanish. P​ lease remember that the best option is always 
reading with and to your child - no technology necessary!  

Incorporating  1. Play our version of “I spy” - “Veo veo” In class we have one 
more Spanish at  student come up and say the bolded text and the class 
home  chants the responses below.   
“Veo veo” - I see 
“¿Que ves?” - what do you see? 
“Una cosa” - something 
“¿De que color?” - what color is it? 
“De color…. rojo/amarillo/morado/azul/blanco/negro/etc” - 
the color of the object  
Next, students begin to guess what the child has “spied” - if 
they guess correctly, they get to be in charge the next round!  
2. Practice winter clothing vocabulary at home: guantes, 
mitones, abrigo/chaqueta, botas, bufanda, gorro, etc.  
3. Take advantage of any opportunity to count in Spanish! 
Many students are now naturally defaulting to Spanish 
numbers when counting - awesome to see! Practicing 
counting “up” 1-30 as well as “down” 30-1. Counting by tens is 
also an “end of year goal” for kindergarten: diez (10), veinte 
(30), treinta (30), cuarenta (40), cincuenta (50), sesenta (60), 
setenta (70), ochenta (80), noventa (90), cien (100).  
4. Encourage students to use the past “contraseñas secretas” 
with you at home! Previous contraseñas: Gracias, por favor, 
buenos días, puedo ir al baño, puedo tomar agua, permiso, 
buenas tardes, me gusta, no me gusta, feliz año nuevo, yo 
tengo hambre, tengo sed.  

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