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DOS 328 – Financial Management, Budgeting and Control

Guidelines for Financial Plan

Financial Planning involves analyzing the financial flows of a firm; forecasting the
consequences of various investment, financing, and dividend decisions; and considering the
effects of different alternatives.

Financial planning is a process that accomplishes the following:

a. Determining the firm’s financial goals; and
b. Providing a plan to achieve those goals.

Financial Plans serve as guide as to what actions to take. At the same time, it functions as a
control mechanism to which results of operations is measured.

For your course requirement, prepare a three-year Financial Plan for an organization of your
choice. The organization may be existing or yet to be established (new). If new, assume that
the firm has accomplished all registration and other pre-operating requirements and is ready to

The financial plan will include:

A. Executive Summary (10 points)
B. Brief profile of the organization (5 points)
C. Financial goals (10 points)
D. List of assumptions (10 points)
E. Pro-forma Financial Statements for three (3) years
Incorporate the financial analysis
E.1 Profit and Loss Statement (15 points)
E.2 Cash Budget (15 points)
E.3 Balance Sheet (15 points)
E.4 Cash Flow Statement (15 points)
F. Other Discussions/Summary (5 points)
In preparing the financial plan, you may follow this simple process:
1. Establish the organization’s financial goals.
2. Outline your assumptions.
3. Estimate revenues, costs and expenses and capital expenditures, etc.
4. Estimate cash receipts and disbursements.
5. Prepare the three-year financial statements using Microsoft Excel
(submit as Appendix; do not paste to a word/pdf document)

 Use Times New Roman, font size 12
 A4 bond paper
 Spacing 1.5
 Margins – 1” all sides
 The main paper shall be in word format while the financial statements are in excel
 Your output will be presented in class,seminar type
 Final manuscript of the course output will be submitted in both hard and soft copies
(compiled for the class) on May 19, 2018