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How To Make Bootable USB


Important notes :

(၁) Motherboard USB Stick boot board

(၂) ႕ USB Stick Format


(၃) USB Stick Windows ႕ ISO Image Size Size

(4) ႕ Memory Stick bootable USB Memory

Stick computer motherboard BIOS Setting Boot Order
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Windows 7 DVD USB Stick bootable usb stick windows 7

USB Stick

Step (1) computer USB Stick Plug in

Step (2) Third Windows ႕ Command Prompt

Windows Key + R Run Box cmd Enter Key

Start menu > All programs > Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and select Run as

Step (3) Computer USB Stick FAT32 NTFS

Format Command Prompt (commands
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Command (1) diskpart

commands list disk command list disk commands

computer disk ႕ USB Drive ႕ list no

List disk

USB Stick ႕ Disk no Disk 1

8 GB Memory Stick ႕ disk no USB
Stick ႕ Size

commands select disk 1 ႕ USB Stick

select disk 1
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Clean (USB Partition


Create partition primary (Primary Partition )

Select partition 1 ( partition operation focus select )

Active (Partition Disk Firmware )

Format fs=ntfs ( commands USB Stick ႕ FAT32 File System

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Assign (USB Drive Window volume Drive Letter

Drive Letter
M,G )


USB Stick NTFS Format USB Stick Windows CD/DVD


CD/DVD Drive My Computer

CD/DVD Drive USB Stick ႕ Drive Letter

Command Prompt E: command E ႕

G command
CD/DVD Drive

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cd boot command windows boot folder

bootsect.exe /nt60 F: command command

F: ႕ F:
G: G:

႕ USB Drive windows copy USB Stick

computer boot Windows

Thura (Yesagyo)