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Volume 52 - Issue 14

January 23, 2019

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Ont. government’s new policy leaves Here’s what

this actually
students, services and Rye admin in the dark means
By Raneem Alozzi tive for Fullerton’s office, said it will fee students are currently allowed they could have.”
be “up to the institutions to determine to opt-out of is the health and dental “We’re unsure about what this By Raneem Alozzi
The provincial government is man- what constitutes essential services.” plan which costs $323 per year. means because it could come down to and Sherina Harris
dating that post-secondary institu- “Students will choose the ser- The fees go toward the student the university or the college [dictat-
tions offer students the option to vices they wish to support through centre, Oakham House, Ryerson’s ing] what’s essential [or] it can come So you’ve probably heard that
choose which non-essential fees an on-line process, which would be athletic and recreational services, the from the province,” said Alideeb. the Ontario provincial govern-
they pay—but no one knows which required to be available at the time Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) and ment has made some sweeping
fees are deemed non-essential yet. students register and make arrange- equity service centres, among others. “[The ministry] had changes to student fees and the
In a press release from Jan. 17, ment to pay tuition and ancillary In an interview with The Eye, par- Ontario Student Assistance Pro-
the Ontario minister of training, fees,” she said. liamentary assistant to the premier no clue about the gram (OSAP). But what do all of
colleges and universities Merrilee Ryerson University president Stephen Lecce said the essential fees details” those changes entail?
Fullerton stated the added costs of Mohamed Lachemi said the minis- will definitely concern health and Tuition cut by 10 per cent
non-essential fees “can include a try had a meeting with university wellness programs, but he was un- Similarly, Ram Ganesh, the presi- The Ontario government cut
wide range of expenses such as stu- and college boards to collect ques- able to comment on the specifics of dent of the RSU, said they have been domestic tuition fees by 10 per
dent handbooks, non-student relat- tions based on the new framework. the opt-out option. in contact with their legal team to de- cent. The tuition cut is technically
ed organizations or club fees.” Ryerson’s legal counsel also said termine what their next steps will be. a framework for post-secondary
It also mentioned that campus- “We really need to figure they are awaiting further details “The way the student union came institutions to follow. However,
wide services contributing to stu- from the ministry regarding which into existence was the result of a if they don’t comply with the
dent health and safety, such as out how we’re going to move student fees will be mandatory and democratic referendum that took framework, they could risk losing
walksafe, counselling, athletics and forward” which ones will not. place and students voted for it to their core operating grant from
academic support programs, will be Nour Alideeb, chairperson of the happen,” Ganesh said. the government.
deemed essential. “[The ministry] had no clue about Ontario chapter of the Canadian Fed- As a result of the referendum, the Certain ancillary fees will be
It is unclear whether the stu- the details…I have no answers to eration of Students (CFS-O) said she RSU structure was put in place, Ga- optional
dent choice initiative will overrule many of the questions,” said Lachemi. was briefed on the government’s de- nesh said. Students can pay hundreds of
student-voted referendums and In the 2017-18 academic year, cisions the day of the announcement. “When the government makes dollars in ancillary fees towards
whether students can opt-in again Ryerson students paid $848.56 in She said when asking questions, it this adjustment, we really need their students’ unions and other
after opting out. ancillary fees excluding program felt like many of the staff members to figure out how we’re going to student groups. Under the gov-
Stephanie Rea, a media representa- and faculty-specific fees. The only didn’t have as “as many answers as move forward,” he added. ernment’s new rules, post-sec-
ondary institutions must provide
students the option to choose
‘We’re all being screwed over’: International students raise which “non-essential non-tu-
ition fees” they pay, according to
concerns about tuition hikes after cut to domestic student tuition a media backgrounder.
Free tuition scrapped
tional students into the Ontario of us don’t feel confident enough or The so-called “free tuition” was
Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and safe enough to speak up, because we also scrapped in the recent an-
better immigration policies for in- are here on a temporary permit.” nouncement. Now students who
ternational students. “If we speak up that permit gets come from a family with an in-
International students have had [put] in jeopardy,” they said. come of $50,000 or less must have
to sign up for private insurance Five per cent of Ryerson’s oper- a minimum of 10 per cent of their
instead of being covered by OHIP ating budget will be cut due to the assistance in the form of a loan.
since 1994, prior to which they were government’s framework for do- So who is eligible for OSAP?
covered by the province. mestic tuition fees, according to 82 per cent of grants will now
If international tuition fees are in- president Mohamed Lachemi. go to low-income students, a six
creased, students may choose to leave In the 2017-18 year, Ryerson had per cent increase from the previ-
| PHOTO: ALANNA RIZZA Ontario, said Nour Alideeb, chair- 1,588 international undergraduate ous 76 per cent.
person of CFS-Ontario. students, according to the Univer- According to parliamentary
By Sherina Harris tuition at Ryerson University can sity Planning Office. Lachemi noted assistant Stephen Lecce, all stu-
range from $25,926 to $29,219, ac- that other institutions have higher dents will need to receive a mini-
Following the news that domestic cording to Ryerson’s Office of the “I don’t think it’s reasonable to amounts of international students. mum of 10 per cent in loans that
post-secondary tuition fees will be Registrar website. Domestic tuition ask them to pay more” “It’s not fair to decide [to raise they will have to repay.
cut by 10 per cent, some interna- fees range from $7,639 to $12,241. international tuition fees] because Grace period scrapped
tional students are concerned their “There’s this assumption that all when they came here, they came with Based on the old framework,
tuition fees will increase. international students are rich or She added that if Premier Doug the idea that this is the type of tuition students graduating from post-
“International students are go- they come from great backgrounds,” Ford wants to make Ontario open fee they’re paying.” secondary institutions had six
ing to be the ones who get screwed said the former member, adding that for business, he needs to consider Ryerson’s International Student months to repay their loans be-
over,” said a former member of the there are various reasons students how international students contrib- Services declined to comment on the fore incurring interest. How-
international student constituency choose to pursue post-secondary ute to the economy. issue, but said they offer awards and ever, with the new framework,
(ISC) from the Canadian Federation education in another country. At a rally against the govern- emergency bursaries for students. students will begin incurring
of Students (CFS). The member re- The former member said CFS ment’s changes, a recent graduate Domestic students have a respon- interest as soon as they graduate.
quested to remain anonymous for Ontario will be re-launching a cam- of George Brown College said they sibility to talk about the impact of When will all of this happen?
their safety. paign called Fairness for Interna- would like to see a cap on interna- the tuition cut on international stu- The new policies are all set to
Currently, tuition fees for inter- tional Students. The campaign calls tional student fees, as well as “to dents, said the former ISC member. start in the 2019-20 academic
national students in Ontario are for the elimination of differential have international student voices “At the end of the day, we’re all being year. Tuition is set to be frozen
unregulated. International student fees, the reintegration of interna- out there, especially because most screwed over.” for the 2020-21 year.



Copy Editor and

For the (rich) students Circulation Manager

Igor “Oozes cold” Magun

any savings, investments, or other at a bar and work until close at 2 Gabrielle “Future Eye EIC” Olano
By assets, working immediately prior to a.m. By the time I crawled into bed Maeve “The best Arthur you can
Katie starting each year and working dur- after 3 a.m., I’d been on my feet for Editor-in-Chief ask for” Bunga
Swyers ing the school year.” I already tried to over 20 hours. I always smelled like Jacob “I would like to know” Dubé Alexander “Gimme Gimme” Moore
do that, and it wasn’t enough. home fries and hollandaise sauce, Christopher “’Steadycam” Sarkar
I pay for my own education, so I with a note of vodka and beer on News
Dear minister of training, colleges chose to take time off before start- top. I wonder if you’ve ever had to Raneem “We Like Freshii” Alozzi General Manager
and universities Merrilee Fullerton, ing school and save as much as hu- wash discount Aunt Jemima out of Sherina “We Like Freshii” Harris Liane “Has had a WEEK” McLarty
Your 10 per cent tuition fee cut manly possible. Through two res- your hair, or mop up frozen vomit Emma “We Like Freshii” Sandri
will save me exactly $807, thank taurant jobs, 60-hour weeks, strict in front of a bar? Advertising Manager
you. But let me show you what ex- budgeting and probably not eating My $40,000 wasn’t enough; I will Photo Chris “Power outage” Roberts
actly your government’s changes enough, I managed to put away graduate with debt. School on its Alanna “Doug Ford is vegan” Rizza
to the Ontario Student Assistance nearly $40,000. own is expensive, and you have to Celina “Zombies want my money” Design Director
Program (OSAP) and tuition fees add in transit cost, rent, food, text- Gallardo J.D. “Ford hands” Mowat
will do to me personally. “You have to be able books, laptops and phone bills. You Elana “Event planner
I am one of the students who you have to be able to afford to live. extraordinaire” Emer Contributors
are taking money away from by cut-
to live” Receiving $8,302 in grants Eli “always” Savage
ting the free tuition program. You through OSAP meant I could make Online Cassy “dotdotdot” Morrison
are giving me $807, and in exchange I woke up at 5 a.m. to open the job and school decisions based on Skyler “Balloons” Ash Connor “infect me with ur poison”
I am losing $8,302. breakfast restaurant for 6:30 a.m. aiding my future career, not paying Bryan “it’s MY DESK” Meler Thomas
The OSAP guidelines state, and worked till 2 or 3. Then, if I down debt. Evan “nimble with the gimble” Yue
“You’re expected to help pay for your was doing a double, I’d wait three You said the six-month grace Features Khaled “Keto, Sis” Badawi
post-secondary education by: using hours before going to my other job period still exists, but if you are ac- Sarah “nnnndocqueen” Krichel Taylor “On the” Ball
cumulating debt through interest, it Adrian “Kinder” Bueno
Oakham House Choir is not a grace period. Now, when I
graduate, I won’t have that time to
Arts and Life
Tyler “Stylish Arthur” Griffin
Laura “Dad’s Birthday” Dalton
Hung “Loud” Le
At Ryerson since 1984
try and find a job in my field. Instead Joseph “Fest” Mastromatteo
We invite new members, especially Tenors and I’ll feel the pressure to go back to Sports Catherine “Draw Me Like Lachemi”
Basses to join us in our rehearsals for the 2019 smelling like hollandaise sauce. Peter “El Chapo” Ash Cha
Spring Concert: Mozart Requiem and excerpts But what about your “freedom Christian “Skibidi” Ryan Madi “Parker” Wong
from The Magic Flute of choice” program allowing me to Valerie “Wants the tea” Dittrich
(we perform with a Full Orchestra) opt-out of non-essential student Biz and Tech Jonathan “Bonjour” Bradley
fees? Any university student will Izabella “Quarantined” Balcerzak Zena “Dollarama delivers?!” Salem
Weekly Practices: Monday 7-9 pm at Oakham House tell you that you do not get jobs Emma “ENTHUSIASM” Buchanan
Registration & First Practice: from a degree alone—it is the extra- Communities Dhriti “First responder” Gupta
Monday, January 7th, 2019 at 6 pm curriculars you do that give you ex- Lidia “Garbage can..in...recycling Elizabeth “:)” Sargeant
(Registration Fee: Ryerson Students – Free; perience and land you jobs. That’s bin??” Abraha Kelly “Too many stories” Skjerven
what you’re deeming non-essential: Kiernan “Birthday boy” Green
Alumni, Staff and Faculty members: $10; Community: $70)
job opportunities and student sup- Fun Premila “Still sleeping in the copy
Conductor: Matthew Jaskiewicz
Jaskiewicz@sympatico.ca port. You’re also jeopardizing my Nathaniel “Is Lachemi hot now?” room” D’Sa
current source of income as a stu- Crouch Rhea “Lap dance” Singh
Concert Date: Saturday, April 27th 7:30 pm
dent journalist. Waverly “Buy fair trade or die”
You are adding to my debt. You Media Neufeld
For more information, please visit are not putting students first, your Parnika “*Sneezes*” Raj Brooklyn “Level-5 vegan” Johnson
www.oakhamchoir.ca or email math does not add up. And quite Katie “Aunt Jemima” Swyers Chelsey “don’t put that in the trash”
oakhamhousechoir1@gmail.com frankly, you’re failing me. Pernia “Great hair” Jamshed Gould
Cameron “frick bureaucracy “
Sofia “Dead Legs” Ramirez
Max “Mex” Lewis
Hayden “This is thrilling” Godfrey
Libaan “U SPORTS” Osman
Will “Anytime” Baldwin
Justin “No worries” Walters
Thomas “Gunners baby” Debost
Chris “Of course” Sanders
Adrian “Sherwin” Vallada
Heidi “Stan” Lee
Neil “Behr” Jonatan
Rabia “Glidden” Tahir
Sabhie “Moose” Qadeer
Lyba “Come to the office” Mansoor
Zachary “Try British Food” Roman

You know exactly what this week’s an-

noying talking coffee mug is.

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only independent student newspaper. It
is owned and operated by Rye Eye Pub-
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RSU executives’ credit cards break policies and bylaws

the board.” financial reports to the board.
The RSU bylaws state that “prop- Dewever said he has emailed the
erty and business” of the RSU is to RSU executive about seeing the
be “managed” by the BoD. Acccord- credit card statements, as well as the
ing to Dewever, the board’s job to quarterly financial reports, on mul-
oversee the RSU—including the ex- tiple occasions.
ecutives—cannot be done if they are Dewever said he was only shown
not kept up to date. a portion of the reports, and has yet
“The actual policy forbids having to see them in full.
those two credit cards,” said Dew- “It’s unfortunate that we haven’t
ever. “It’s important, in any organi- been seeing much financial state-
zation with a large budget, to ensure ments, because it’s impossible for
the financial policies are...followed.” the board to do its job,” he said.
Dewever has submitted motions
“The policy forbids for the upcoming board meeting re-
garding the RSU executive’s spend-
having those two credit ing. If passed, one of the motions
cards” would allow the BoD to meet with
| PHOTO: ELANA EMER or obtain documents from Jay.
Dewever said there is a risk to al- The same motion would also
By Emma Sandri the top permanent manager, during mitted to have their own corporate lowing students, like the executives, require the financial controller to
their first day in office. Naidu had credit cards. to have credit cards with large sums share information regarding the
Two Ryerson Students’ Union the ability to exercise authority in “As of January we are cancelling of money attached to them. union’s finances with the board.
(RSU) executives were issued credit the management of the union and both cards and streamlining it back “I personally don’t think it does Ganesh told The Eye the quarterly
cards despite it being against the oversaw all financial operations. to Dharshini, so there will only be [break policy],” said the RSU presi- financial statements are ready to
union’s financial policies. one credit card,” said Ganesh. dent. “We weren’t aware we had be presented to the board and that
RSU president Ram Ganesh and
“I still don’t think According to Maklane Dewever, to take this to the board, and I still Dewever has already seen them.
vice-president operations Savreen the student groups representative don’t think this is a board decision.” “They’re ready, we had a hiccup
Gosal were given credit cards fol- this is a board on the Board of Directors (BoD), According to Ganesh, the union on them but…we’ve let the board
lowing the firing of their general decision” any change to the union’s credit issued the two credit cards before of directors know,” said Ganesh.
manager, said Ganesh. cards should have been approved by the first board meeting. “We seem to be OK. We are in good
Previously, the RSU only had two According to Ganesh, the amount the board. Dewever said the union is in the standings for the end of the year.
credit cards—one held by the finan- allotted to the general manager’s card “It came up in a September board middle of their third quarter, but We’re going to balance the books, if
cial controller, Dharshini Jay, and was split between him and Gosal— meeting when Ram mentioned that no reports have been shown to the not have a huge surplus.”
the other by the general manager, each recieved $10,000 in credit. [the cards were] the reason for a de- board since the RSU executive start- The Eye reached out to Gosal and
Sid Naidu. According to the RSU’s financial lay in the reconciliation statement,” ed their term in May 2018. Jay but neither of them responded
The Eyeopener previously reported policy 4.1, only the general manager said Dewever. “A motion to allow The RSU’s vice-president opera- to a request for comment in time for
that the RSU executive fired Naidu, and the financial controller are per- them was never brought forward to tions is required to present quarterly publication.

CFS-O preparing for potential general student strike

By Sherina Harris cacy group whose goal is “to build a
TTC that works with and for transit
The 2019 Semi-Annual General riders,” according to their website.
Meeting (SAGM) of the Canadian The motion also asked CFS-O to is-
Federation Students-Ontario (CFS- sue a statement condemning the at-
O) fell at an almost auspicious time. tempt at privatization.
The opening plenary was held Measures in response to govern-
just hours after the Ontario minister ment’s OSAP changes—PASSED
of training, colleges and universi- This emergency motion involved
ties held a press conference detailing some of the ideas that were men-
changes to student post-secondary tioned over the weekend in response
tuition and student fees, as well as to the government’s announcement.
the Ontario Student Assistance Pro- It called for CFS-O to establish a
gram (OSAP). Here are some of the central coalition—including student
motions from the meeting. unions, labour unions, student or-
Statement against privatization ganizations, faculty associations and
of the TTC—PASSED community groups—to mobilize | PHOTO: SHERINA HARRIS
This was the first of three emer- against the changes. The coalition
gency motions presented at the clos- will focus on direct actions such on student union levies and other out announcement, and mention- to serve as mobilization agents.”
ing plenary. as toolkits for locals to lobby their student fees” after some discussion ing the impact of the changes on Mobilization agents will be pro-
The Ontario government is ex- campus administrations. around the fact that making cer- graduate students, asked CFS-O to vided with templates for docu-
pected to introduce legislation to tain student ancillary fees optional hire an Ontario-wide mobilization ments and emails to prepare for a
upload the Toronto Transit Com- would impact more student groups coordinator to help campuses pre- general assembly general strike on
mission (TTC) to the province. “I think people are trying to than only a school’s students’ union. pare for a potential unlimited gen- post-secondary campuses across
In other words, the province come up with a long-term The motion also includes a eral student strike. the province.
wants to take control of the TTC. strategy” clause for the CFS-O to investigate A clause also asked CFS-O to “I think people are trying to
The motion called this a “privatiza- a legal challenge against the pro- either discuss the possibility of es- come up with a long-term strat-
tion of public assets,” which could vincial government. tablishing a mobilization agent on egy and that’s why we saw motions
result in “less democratic control for Also included in the motion was a Hire a mobilization coordinator every campus, or to encourage lo- around...sort of creating a plan—
users” of the system. They cited the clause to create a petition calling on to prepare for a potential stu- cals to hire someone for this role on not necessarily wanting to go
privatization of Hydro One as an ex- the government to reverse the new- dent strike—PASSED their own campus. ahead with a strike, but exploring
ample of this. ly-announced policies, with an em- The third and final emergency In the meantime, CFS-O execu- the possibility of what that means
The motion asked CFS-O to do- phasis on student union levies. This motion, also in response to the tives and other member locals are for students,” said CFS-O chairper-
nate $1,500 to TTCRiders, an advo- was amended to say “an emphasis OSAP cuts and ancillary fee opt- “encouraged to...volunteer their time son Nour Alideeb.

Mould treatment forces student groups out of offices

By Madison Wong

Student groups at Ryerson were

moved out of their offices due to on-
going mould treatment in a Student
Campus Centre (SCC) hallway.
The Sri Lankan Student Alliance
was the first group to notify the Ry-
erson Students’ Union (RSU) of the
issue in early December.
Jennifer Stacey, SCC general
manager, said in an email that Ry-
erson Facilities, Maintenance and
Development (FMD) discovered the
mould due to a “small leak in a steam
pipe which runs behind the wall of
the student group office.”
After further inspection, addi-
tional student groups including Ry-
erson Model United Nations (Rye-
MUN) and Socialist Fightback Club Student group offices in a SCC hallway were closed for ongoing mould treatment. Notices were placed asking students not to use them | PHOTO: ELANA EMER
were alerted that their offices would
also be shut down due to mould. that due to the holiday break, the this point I don’t know when the to return to their offices. Regard- threat...and they’re in the process of
“I thought we got robbed initial- mould treatment process would go offices will be reopened,” he added. ing the relocation, there has been a removing it,” the representative said
ly,” said Hermes Azam, president of into the second week of January. Azam said that Socialist Fightback “mismanagement, lack of commu- in an email.
Socialist Fightback. “They took all Aidan Messom, co-president of is struggling without an office as it nication and general inadequacy on RSU president Ram Ganesh said
our stuff and moved it all…every- RyeMUN, said the ongoing treat- was their primary storage space. the part of the RSU,” he said. his team is working closely with
body’s stuff [is] in the same room, ment has been an inconvenience. “[We have] all kinds of materi- the SCC to figure out what they
jumbled up.” “We don’t have a place to con- als that our comrades have to get “It was supposed to be done can do.
Printouts of an email from Dawn duct the meetings we usually do in in their backpacks and take it back Ganesh said the offices are the
Murray, RSU campus group coor- the office,” said Messom. “We can and forth everyday. We don’t even
already” only space student groups have and
dinator, are posted on the affected only access the stuff we had stored bring our big standing banners that the RSU has tried to help the
offices’ doors. In the email, Murray in there if we get someone from the because they’re way too heavy to The underlying source of the affected student groups by prioritiz-
told members to move their belong- RSU to open up the temporary stor- bring to campus on a weekly basis,” mould has been removed, according ing their room bookings and offer-
ings from their offices into a storage age room.” he said. to FMD’s media representative. ing their own conference room.
room on the third floor of the SCC. “It was supposed to be done al- Azam said there is no clear date “The mould has also been tested “This is an old building, can’t real-
Murray also stated in the email ready, but there were delays and at for when the groups will be able to ensure that it poses no health ly blame anyone for it,” said Ganesh.

Wellness Centre to re-open in February—but chaplains, partners out of the loop

By Emma Buchanan A chaplaincy was originally Muslim Chaplaincy at Ryerson (MC Ganesh said a special project as- external partners like [Gallivan Stu-
planned to be a part of the Wellness Ryerson), said he has not received sistant was working with multiple dent Health & Wellness] to bring
The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) Centre in 2017, but was not in place any formal update about the Well- chaplaincies through the Multifaith their resources,” he said.
is planning to re-open the Wellness by the centre’s opening in February ness Centre, other than “on-and-off Association at Ryerson (MFAAR) Brown confirmed he had one
Centre by the end of February with 2018. Then-RSU president Susanne conversations” with the RSU over this past summer. The assistant meeting with Ganesh and the ex-
a chaplaincy despite not reaching an Nyaga told The Eye it was not ready the course of a year and a half. The worked with MFAAR on a Memo- ecutive team in December 2018, but
agreement with Ryerson services. in time because of opening delays. chaplaincy was set to open in the randum of Understanding (MoU). said he didn’t know about any future
The Wellness Centre, which orig- Wellness Centre two years ago, but The MoU is an informal docu- plans for the Wellness Centre.
inally opened in February 2018 after “Our interest...is to have a relocated due to delays. ment outlining a set of rules about
being delayed three times, ceased safe, confidential space” “We really haven’t received a lot the role of the chaplaincies in the “We haven’t recieved a lot
operations at the end of the winter of clarity from the [RSU] concern- Wellness Centre, as well as their re- of clarity from the [RSU]
semester the same year. ing our role within the centre or if lationship to the university and the
The Eyeopener previously reported Current RSU president Ram Ga- that space...will even be used for a RSU, according to Ganesh.
concerning our role”
the space was being used as a stor- nesh said he hopes a chaplaincy will Wellness Centre,” Dwyer said. Dwyer said the MoU has been
age room and workspace for the be part of the re-opening of the The MC Ryerson is currently a working document between the Ganesh said the Wellness Cen-
students’ union. An RSU employee Wellness Centre. A chaplaincy is a based out of the First Evangelical chaplaincies and RSU since 2017. tre is going to have an entirely new
told The Eye the centre was also be- religious counselling service. Lutheran Church on Bond Street. Ganesh said a formal agreement framework. “Tuesday mornings
ing used as a “hang out” place. Yasin Dwyer, the chaplain for the Dwyer said they plan to stay there between the chaplancies and the are yoga mornings, Wednesday
until they are approached with a RSU was attempted two years ago. evenings are therapy dog sessions,
formal agreement from the RSU. “We couldn’t really bridge the gaps, Thursday mornings are chaplaincy
According to the chaplain, be- but now it seems we have a more sessions, and then Fridays are...fi-
tween 10-12 students per week concrete understanding, and they’re nancial literacy sessions,” he said.
use the MC Ryerson’s confidential more willing to work on our sched- According to the president, part
counselling sessions. ules,” Ganesh said. of the $16,250 budgeted for the
In addition to counselling, Dwyer According to Ganesh, the union Wellness Centre in the 2018-19
said MC Ryerson provides mentor- is also looking to hold training pro- RSU budget was used to pay a spe-
ship, spiritual study groups and ac- grams with Gallivan Student Health cial project assistant (SPA) during
commodation advocacy for religious & Wellness, the RSU partner for the summer. The remainder will be
students on campus. Dwyer said his health and dental insurance. used when programs start.
service is open to anyone regardless Ganesh said he was hoping to The SPA is working on partner-
of religious background. work with health and dental plan ing with Zone Learning so startups
“Primarily, our interest in the administrator Chris Brown for sim- can use the centre as a “co-working
Wellness Centre is to have a safe, ilar training sessions in the centre. space,” said Ganesh.
confidential space [where] students “Our hope was that, when we’re Zone Learning did not respond
at Ryerson could identify with our ready to launch, we could have him to a request for comment in time
PHOTO: LAURA DALTON service,” he said. run a few sessions and work with for publication.


We students often ask parents for help. But sometimes they ask us.
A Ryerson student writes of OSAP cuts, debt and being forced to buy a house for his parents
to a “moment to moment” way of living life. During the house hunt, we met a mort-
For the last year, I’ve been making those sac- gage broker at a coffee shop to talk about
rifices. I can no longer think of exchange pro- our options in the fall. At the meeting, I
grams I’ve previously fantasized about, or pri- brought up that I wanted to go on exchange and
oritize staying in school to pursue more studies. voiced my concerns near the end of the meeting
The debt hanging over my future keeps its about signing onto the mortgage. My dad said
n the summer, I begged my parents to go to tight grasp on me. It was one of the reasons I I could do both.
Wonderland. I counted down the days until chose not to put my name on this piece. I, and “How much will it be?” he responded. “It can’t
the end of school every June. But the inevita- presumably many of the students Zhang sees, be that bad.” When I told him it could be as
ble moment always arrived: my mom and dad don’t want to advertise precarious finances. high as $20,000, he lost it. He said he might as
would have a hushed conversation late at night, With the stigma of poverty still present, stu- well disown me for being ungrateful, in front of
poring over bills and notices. I sounded out the dents are left to deal with their own difficult a stranger. Luckily we weren’t speaking English
occasional mumbling of rent and how the fam- financial responsibilities in the dark. but the words buried deep inside of me. To this
ily business was struggling. Those nights were day, we don’t talk about that night.
often followed the next day by a speech to my Before December, when we were still Owning a home has been my parents’ obses-
brother and me about why we’d miss out on searching for a house, our dining table was sion for a long time. According to Ranajit Guha’s
everyone’s favourite theme park for another a mess. It was covered with listings and real es- book, A Rule of Property for Bengal: An Essay on
year. “Money’s tight right now, but we promise tate agent business cards. My mother was sift- the Idea of Permanent Settlement, it’s an idea that’s
we’ll take you there next year.” ing through the loose papers when she called me long been rooted in ideas of honour and pride,
By high school, my dad landed a full-time over. “Why are you moping around all day? You and is still regarded as the highest status symbol.
job and I was working at a grocery store. For should be happy, we’re finally getting a house To never have owned land in Canada, while the
a while, with no close calls, money didn’t seem and we’ll finally have our own place.” I guess she rest of my extended family has, ostracized my
short. But over time, my dad developed a dis- noticed my mood change since I found out about parents, according to them.
ability which kept him from working—money putting my name on the mortgage. The same culture that compelled my parents
was uncertain once again. I could no longer be She seemed to be genuinely concerned and to buy a house is the one that keeps me locked
an ignorant kid. The difference was that this asked me to sit and talk. Anxiously, I did—I into this promise. I’m afraid to seem selfish and
time, my family turned to me to keep us afloat. hadn’t told them the full extent of my stress. unwilling to be there for my family, so I oblige.
For years, my parents have been adamant I opened up hoping she would be somewhat They had threatened to disavow me, as a result
about moving out of our apartment and into a sympathetic. Instead she called me selfish. weaponizing the culture I grew up with.
house of our own. Back in December, they found I raised my voice to defend myself. It wasn’t
Illustration: Alanna Rizza

an idyllic house on a quiet street and decided to long until we were both shouting at each other, Trying to address the harm that these
go for it—financially, it was now or never. Be- tears streaming down my mother’s face. “You pressures bring can be hard. “A part of it is
cause my parents wouldn’t be first-time buyers, do this all the time. Every time I dream of sort of grief work because you’re losing yourself
they’d be hit with a “land transfer tax.” But I’d something you just have to crush it,” she yelled. in providing for your family, so you don’t have
never owned a house, so I was the key to avoid- I walked away, letting her words hang in the opportunities in your own mind to explore,”
ing it. I had to be the one to sign on the mort- air and locked myself in my room. Every time Zhang says. “A lot of it is coming to terms with
gage. In a few short months, I went from being my mother asks if I’m okay, it’s been easier to what you’ve lost.” Part of that exploration,
a student just trying to graduate to suddenly in- just lie. Zhang says, is to pull the focus away from your
heriting a $700,000 debt, and the burden of being My parents are insistent that I find a job im- responsibility to address your own needs.
the financial lifeline for my family. mediately out of school. There’s suddenly a On the financial side of things, understanding
On Jan. 17, the Ontario government an- pressure on me to graduate rather than pursue your limits is critical to staying afloat, according
nounced it will scrap free tuition for students further studies, and find a high-paying job. But to Richard Deklerk, a professor at Ryerson’s Ted
with a household income under $50,000. In- in the last 15 years, newspaper employment has Rogers School of Management and an expert in
stead, tuition fees are set to be cut 10 per cent shrunk by more than half in the U.S. with nu- financial and cost accounting. Deklerk estimates
with a six-month grace period to pay back On- merous Canadian publications also closing their about 75 per cent of students work part-time and
tario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP) loans, doors. I don’t know how to tell them about this 10 to 15 per cent work full-time while also going
during which the government will charge in- fear of not landing a full-time job out of school. to school. “If I were you,” he says, “you might just
terest. This means more debt for students al- And this fear shared by many students isn’t an want to just stay in university on a part-time ba-
ready in precarious financial situations. irrational one—it’s based in reality, according sis because honestly, you’re going to burn your-
Typically, one hears about students asking to Zhang. self out if you try to do five courses and work
for financial help. But when the roles are She says oftentimes, being optimistic about full-time.”
reversed and the student is the one helping landing a job out of school worsens mental While the advice I got can be true for
others, things like mental health issues and health issues if things don’t pan out. “They ac- many, it’s not across the board. The things I
strains on familial relationships can arise. tually come back with further depression and want clash directly with my responsibilities.
Vivian Zhang, registered social worker and anxiety.” But the toll of financial pressures on I haven’t accepted what I’ve lost yet. I’m not
therapist who specializes in life transitions, students goes beyond the mental impacts— sure how to come to terms with the fact that
says my situation—financially supporting there are also physical symptoms. Zhang sees I may lose all that I’ve earned and all I’ve been
family members—isn’t an uncommon one. a lot of student clients come in with reports of striving to accomplish.
Half her clients are students and about 60 insomnia, panic attacks, lack of focus, procras-
per cent of them have reported financial tination or a lack of motivation. Now, somehow, I feel like I’m a kid again,
responsibilities, including supporting The problem itself has been getting worse as if my parents keep promising to take me
parents, a spouse or other family members. over the years. A 2015 study by TD Ameritrade to the theme park but I know it’s not going
Zhang adds the stress of found that nearly 20 per cent of millennials are to happen. Many of my long-term goals don’t
having to financially support working to support their older parents, near- look like they’ll happen in the foreseeable future.
your family can lead to ly the same amount as the generation before Maybe not even at all.
anxiety and depression. them. Despite this, the report found out that The stigma around poverty and mental health
Oftentimes, says Zhang, the millennials were spending on average about in my situation makes it hard to make a conver-
financial burden on students can $18,000 annually on their parents, $6,000 more sation happen, but it needs to. I must not be the
mean letting go of goals for their compared to Gen X. only one going through something like this, but
futures to focus on providing for From the looks of it now, things are only get- the solutions aren’t going to present themselves
the family in the present, leading ting worse for students like me. so long as people aren’t talking about them.

Decolonizing the Fashion School

By Tyler Griffin The Australian
As a promising scholar of colour in Wine Society
of Toronto
the graduate fashion studies pro-
gram at Parsons School of Design
in New York, Kim Jenkins noticed a (A Non-Profit Membership Owned Wine Club)
shortage of resources that explored
fashion history and design practices
outside the Western canon—only AWS wishes to thank the Ted Rogers
a small part of what fashion looks
like internationally. She struggled School of Management students and
to find research critically examin- their staff advisor at Ryerson University
ing what influences the clothes we
wear, and how that connects to for doing a marketing plan for
our individual cultures and back-
grounds. Now a professor at Par- AWS relating to its membership.
sons and Pratt Institute in New
York, Jenkins has taken it upon her-
self to expand the narrative and de-
Those that worked on that plan under
centralize fashion education. Creat- Angela DeMontigny’s fall collection “Of The Stars” is written and embroidered in Cree the direction Dr. Kathryn Newton are:
ing resources for educators who are syllabic COURTESY ANGELA DEMONTIGNY
not fully equipped to teach fashion Austin Jones Megan Norris
outside of the Western lens was her ing left out. Just as fashion creates Ryerson appointed Angela De-
first objective. boundaries around race, sex and Montigny as the School of Fashion’s
Daniel Khadem Mushifique Ahmed
Jenkins announced her Fashion gender, Barry believes the industry designer-in-residence in October Janice Wang Toyo Ajibolade
and Race Database Project, an open- also holds the power to question, 2018 in an effort to decolonize their
source platform for research and disrupt and transcend them—and it fashion curriculum. DeMontigny is
tools that challenge misrepresena- starts with fashion students. an internationally renowned Cree-
tion in fashion. For example, it in- “Because [the industry] has done Métis designer who incorporates
We invite all those interested in learning
cludes a glossary that defines objects such harm, it’s also in the perfect aspects of her Indigenous heritage more about Australian wines to join us.
outside of the dominantly European position to remedy and rectify that,” into her designs. Her fall collec-
fashion canon. said Barry. “I think the next genera- tion, “Of The Stars,” is inspired by
The database is a project made tion of fashion creatives have such the relationship Indigenous people The Australian Wine Society
especially for fashion students and an important role in creating an in- have with constellations and the
enthusiasts that have been margin- dustry that is inclusive.” night sky. She will be working with can be found at www.aws.ca
alized, including fashion students
of colour, Jenkins said.
In Monica Miller’s book Slaves to
Fashion, she discusses the signifi-
Ryerson fashion students, encour-
aging them to pull inspiration from
or via email: info@aws.ca
Teachers and academics at Ryer- cance of clothes in relation to freed their own cultures.
son are following suit, working to Black slaves in the United States “If you’re coming from an ethnic
facilitate social change and find tan- who tried to wear fashionable gar- background that isn’t really cele-
gible solutions to the residual effects ments to emulate the dress of white brated or you’re being true to your-
of colonialism in fashion. They’ve slave masters. Miller writes about self, it’s a really hard road,” said De-
started by creating a fashion curricu- whites passing sumptuary laws that Montigny. “For some reason, if it’s
lum that better reflects the lived ex- “forbade Black extravagance,” de- truly authentic from that culture, it
periences of marginalized students. signed to create a social barrier to doesn’t seem to have much cache in
citizenship and belonging for Black the fashion world.”
people. If they violated such laws, “I’m happy to see it’s not just to-
Traditionally, fashion Black men were often punished by kenism,” she said. “I’m trying to ex-
curricula in Canada means of gender humiliation or plain to the students, this is where
have focused on sexual humiliation and forced to authenticity comes from.”
Eurocentric dress wear female clothing. Moving past empty gestures and
and design practices In her fashion and race class, Jen- meaningless equity statements is
kins teaches her students about illus- something Barry has been trying to
trations seen in gazettes in the 19th teach his students. He encourages
century which display Black people them to ask critical questions about
as animalistic, dressed up in West- how the clothing is made and to
“[They] have all been thinking ern garments. “It’s kind of saying, look not just at who is on the run-
about these issues or affected by ‘look at this ape-like creature try- way, but who is behind it.
these issues, but weren’t really see- ing to wear garments like us. They
ing someone trying to remedy the never will, it’s grotesque,’” Jenkins
“I’m happy to see it’s
issue,” said Jenkins. explained. “People knew that was a
Traditionally, fashion curricula in great way to try to hinder progress not just tokenism”
Canada have focused on Eurocentric for Black communities.”
dress and design practices, creating a Barry is also addressing issues of
fashion education landscape lacking equity in fashion by implementing a Jenkins said that regardless of
in diverse perspectives. Jenkins said course that centers around the sto- whether people are willingly en-
that, as they follow students into the ries and design practices of trans, gaging in the conversation or are
industry, these narratives contribute non-binary and gender non-con- feeling forced to, it’s a step in the
to a narrow-minded, Westernized forming people. right direction if the broader audi-
view of what is deemed fashionable. “The gender binary is a manifes- ence is acknowledging that we have
“Our representation in fashion is only tation of West-colonialism,” Barry issues with systemic oppression.
as good as our education, she added. said. “Many societies beyond white, “We can refine the conversation
Since his appointment as Chair of Western society believed in gender more moving forward, and address
Fashion at Ryerson, Ben Barry has that did not obey according to a bi- the nuances there,” said Jenkins.
made it his mandate to decentralize nary. Yet we have a fashion history “With scholars and other knowl-
Western perspectives in the cur- that reinforces that binary every edgeable figures there to help fa-
riculum by examining which stories day through the way it produces cilitate these things, I think we’ll be
are being taught, and which are be- markets and sells clothing.” moving in the right direction.”

A student-friendly guide to going waste-free Ryerson Eats, Starbucks, Balzac’s

and Tim Hortons offer beverage
when I feel the most accomplished.”
Last year, Ryerson started offering
discounts when you bring a cup. dine-in dishes at the two residence
By Chelsey Gould According to a CBC investigation meal halls—meaning that the dishes
from 2015, Canadians used over stay there to be washed. Meanwhile,
Nearly 25 million tonnes of waste 1.5 billion disposable coffee cups the Hub Café only has disposable
were disposed across Canada in in 2010, which currently aren’t re- take-out options. So, if you’re look-
2016, according to the Recycling cycled in Toronto. ing for a meal, consider eating from
Council of Ontario (RCO). Second-year business manage- the residences if you can.
Today, many institutions, com- ment student Hania Strzechowska Rethink your clothing
panies and individuals are finding said her biggest struggle is being Sort out what clothing you ac-
ways to reduce their waste impact. prepared. “You have to bring your tually want to wear. The rest can
However, going waste-free does stuff and plan everything,” she said. be donated or repurposed—sheer
not happen overnight—especially Changing habits might seem clothing is great material for sewing
if you’re a student. awkward, but it sets an example for produce bags.
Here are some ideas from Ry- others. Sofía Ontiveros, a second- “I never buy [things] that I can’t
erson students practicing minimal year performance dance student, is wear in seven different situations,”
waste habits to get you started. a regular at the Ram in the Rye, and said Amelia Rose Ritthaler, a third-
Plan what you need she said one waiter stopped giving year media production student. She
You can save money by packing her straws after noticing she was follows the infamous Netflix series,
Living waste-free is a satisfying way to go green | PHOTO: DEVIN JONES lunch, a bottle and utensils. Some always declining them. “A personal Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, when
places such as the Hub Café by benefit is people noticing, that’s cleaning her closet. “You are so happy
all the time because you have these
things that you care and love about.”

RSU ELECTION “I never buy [things]

that I can’t wear

Nominations Open in seven different


Friday, Feb. 1 DIRECTOR OF

BUSINESS In North America, 9.5 million

for the following positions DEVELOPMENT tonnes of textiles end up in waste

fields, according to the RCO. There
are not any used clothing stores in
Where do you stand in your current career? Are you fine the immediate area around Ryerson,
EXECUTIVE with status quo, or do you want an opportunity to make but the Fashion Zone and the Social
• President • Vice-President Marketing
an impact? At Chandos, it’s about alliances and ideas not Ventures Zone will occasionally
• Vice-President Education • Vice-President Operations host clothing swaps on campus.
• Vice-President Equity • Vice-President Student Life & Events
egos or agendas. We are a leading Canadian builder that Buy food in bulk
seeks a new graduate for regional sales opportunities. Through a bring-your-own
container program, people can
• Arts • Ted Rogers School of Management
WORKING CLOSELY WITH THE WHO’S WHO OF they add in bulk food so that the
• Community Services • Engineering & Architecture weight is deducted from the final
• Communication & Design • Science THE DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY? IT’S NOT ENOUGH purchase. The only store offering
IF YOU’RE AMBITIOUS, TENACIOUS, DRIVEN, this near Ryerson is Bulk Barn at
Church and Carlton streets. Com-
• Chairperson • Deputy Chairperson Finance ALSO HAVE A MIND FOR BUSINESS, TALENT tage of programs at places such as
• Deputy Chairperson Education • Deputy Chairperson Student Life
tion and the soon-to-open Un-
HAVE AN AMAZING CAREER FOR YOU. boxed Market at Dovercourt Road
and Dundas Street West.
• International Student Representative Our unique culture attracts a high caliber employee, Reusable bags can also be used for
whether it’s in the field or in the office. Those who thrive produce and bulk at supermarkets
Nomination packages are available at Chandos do so because they understand that their such as Metro and Loblaws.
starting Friday, Feb. 1 success is dependent on the collective effort. That’s Invest in different cleaning and
• online at RSUONLINE.CA hygiene products
because every Chandos employee has an opportunity to These might seem expensive up-
• in person (RSU main office, SCC311)
own a stake in the company and it shows. front, but because of their durability
they will save money in the long run.
Packages are due by 5pm Are you inspired by mutual respect and solid relationships? Lush in the Eaton Centre sells sham-
on Tuesday, Feb. 5 Do you have a desire to learn and to share what you’ve poo bars that equate to three regular
shampoo bottles—which could save
at the RSU main office, SCC311 learned? Want to be part of something bigger than yourself? you money long-term. Also consider
The office is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm If you’re looking for the opportunity to make your mark, we items such as biodegradable bamboo
should talk. Because opportunity is one thing we’re very big toothbrushes, safety razors and soap
Questions? Contact the Chief Returning Officer at cro@rsuonline.ca
without wrapping.
*Seat numbers subject to confirmation by the Chief Returning Officer on at Chandos. Those who experience periods
The Ryerson Students’ Union represents over 30,000 full time
can consider menstrual cups, re-
undergraduate students and alll graduate students. Each year a usable pads or period underwear.
Board of Directors is elected by the membership to represent
and advocate for all RSU members. You must be a full time SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY Cups capture flow inside the vagi-
undergraduate or full/part-time graduate student to run. na and should be emptied once ev-
rsuonline.ca/elections ery 12 hours, while the other two
Apply to TIM COLDWELL, President absorb liquid to be washed out.
tcoldwell@chandos.com The average tampon user will use
THE ELECTION WILL BE HELD FEB. 12, 13, 14 11,000 in a lifetime—a lot of waste
and money.

British student creates alter ego to avoid ‘Brexit’ talk

By Zachary Roman Now all they care to hear about is With these preparations, I was
my hot take on May’s latest nation- ready for the first day of my new life.
Brexit. The word, a combination of alist undertaking. On the first day of class, I almost
‘Britain’ and ‘exit’, is the term com- Every time I strike up a con- got caught checking the Daily Mail
monly used to describe Theresa May’s versation with someone new, to see if the Queen is still alive.
plan to leave the European Union. It’s they’ve already asked me about Thanks to my quick reflexes, I
also the reason I’m going insane. how I think Brexit will affect the was able to switch tabs to the You-
At first an exchange to Canada economy faster than you can say Tube video I had prepared earlier,
seemed like a brilliant idea: the “extremely negatively”. “Top 10 Goals from the 2017-18
weed is legal, my accent is a hit That’s why I’ve devised a plan. It’s NHL season”.
in the dating scene and anything a new semester with new courses You won’t believe what goal num-
is better than British food. You’d and I don’t intend on letting anyone ber one is,” said a voice from behind
think I’m exaggerating but ‘spotted know that I’m British. Admittedly, me. “I’m Dave, nice to meet you!”
dick’ is a real dessert that people eat it will be tough to fake a Canadian Fighting back the tears in my eyes, I
and its recipe involves dried fruit accent, but I feel as though I have no replied, “I know, eh, what a beauty!”
and custard. other option. It wasn’t much and it wasn’t even
My fatal mistake was not consid- My morning tea will become Tim authentic, but it was the first hu-
ering just how much my classmates Hortons coffee, as much as it pains man interaction I’d had in months PHOTO: ELANA EMER
would care about an issue that has me to drink that disgusting bean that didn’t involve the words ‘Euro-
zero impact on their daily lives. juice. I’ve spent my winter break pean’ or ‘Union’. A single teardrop
I used to love meeting new peo- memorizing the assist totals of the escaped my eye and fell into my
ple. It’s one of the main reasons I de- Toronto Maple Leafs’ offence. I lukewarm double-double, sending
cided to do an exchange in the first switched the family photo on my ripples across the cup.
place. People used to care about my bedside table with a shirtless picture Maybe I wouldn’t have to Brexit
hobbies and aspirations, and I theirs. of Justin Trudeau. this life after all.

head IntO
IntO the
the Lachemi-verse
A new film set on campus swings into a classroom video where autoplay is still on. Nathaniel
Crouch breaks down everything about Ryerson’s Superhero extraordinaire

From the studio that brought you

Ram Ganesh’s Day Off and The Wiz-
ard of Ossington, comes an all-new
animated film starring classic char-
acters from Ryerson University. Bit-
ten by a radioactive rat from Gould
Street, Ryerson president Mohamed
Lachemi rapidly develops incred-
ible powers, turning him into the
one and only Ryerson-Man. When
he meets previous Ryerson presi-
dent Sheldon Levy, he soon realizes
there are others around who share
his new web-slinging, wall-stick-
ing abilities.
Lachemi must now use his new-
found skills to fight hulking mad
man Doug Ford and his team of vil-
lains, who’ve begun tearing holes in
OSAP throughout the multiverse
and pulling different versions of Ry-
erson-Man into our campus. Guest
stars include; A version of Lachemi
that is the exact same except the
Brampton campus still exists, and
Mohamed LacHAMi, a version of
our president with the same powers
but from a universe where everyone
is a ham sandwich.

Greetings Ryerson! Congratulations on making it to the sec-

ond full week of classes. On the topic of survival, this week’s
contest is more of the same; Sudoku, made simply to waste
your time while you wait for something you don’t like to be
over. This week’s prize has a lot to do about survival; us stu-
dents run on coffee and nothing makes us happier than FREE
coffee. Throw this completed Sudoku in our Box of Destiny
in front of our office (SCC 207) and you’ll be entered in for a
chance to win a $25 Tim Hortons gift card.
Best of luck on your third week, Rye!


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